Karlae | Growing Up In The Music Business, Current Relationship With Young Thug & More!

Karlae | Growing Up In The Music Business, Current Relationship With Young Thug & More!

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And you responded. Yeah. From your point of view. Yeah. Because I seen the video and then I seen a video was like, Oh, they turn it up. It was on his boat. Having a good time. And I was like, No, we need a girl version.

Mm hmm. So I just wanted a studio like the women... All right, everybody, this is Maiwand here at Dash Radio with the queen. Do I say the Queen Of slime or the slime queen? I don't know. Some people say queen slime. Queen slime.

Okay. I'm here with Queen slime. How are you doing today? I'm great. I feel good. I'm happy to be here. We are happy to have. We're super happy to have you. You know, I'm like a music.

I'm like a music head. To the core. And when I listen to your last two songs, they are the last two that I had checked out. Did That & Blind. Yes. Both had a common thread in them that I wanted to give you. I wanted to tie this in with my gift.

So I gift every artist I speak to the album from my CD collection. Okay. So I was going to give you something from Atlanta, but then I said, you know, I was like, she's from North Carolina.

I thought about giving you P.T. Pablo. The album that has North Carolina. Come on, erase. But listening to did that and listening to Blind, I was like, You know what? I'm going to give her P Diddy in the family.

No way out. Oh, that is, you know, I'm going to put this in. I want to do it. Like, the reason being like, oh, yeah.

Well, I thought, you know, it's so dope is I don't know if you realize your last two singles Flip Badboy records. Yeah. So don't know. And also so there's there's two things I want to speak about. You know, the word P Diddy and the family. Right. You're part of two music families, right? First, your actual biological family. Right.

If I'm correct, your mom and pops are both in music. Yeah. Yes. Pops was a R is or was a manager yes. And he's a club owner as well, like a very prominent club in North Carolina.

And my mom, this artist management to have done. So you've been around music since you were on the lifestyle a long, long time. Okay. I wanted to start with that because I feel like woman in this industry especially like women of color. Yes. You have so many hurdles and you have so many people saying that like, yo, she's not a musician.

Oh, she's young thug's girlfriend. Says this and that. So I wanted to begin this interview by identifying that music's been a part of your life, like since you were a child. Thank you.

You've written really, like, forever Yeah. And so that that's going to be the basis of everything we speak on because I don't want to I feel like you're going to have, you know, you're still going to have this such a tough time with people accepting that you're a musician. People and people just want to.

I know. And you got to convince them, so. And I'm going to do that with my music. So I'm just saying honestly, but thank you because this is well thought out, and I appreciate that. I know sometimes you get gigs and it's just like, whatever. But this is well, oh, of course.

It was between that and Usher my way, but I felt like Usher my way was just me forcing the Atlanta label on. You know, I'm definitely like, I'm a sure thing. Okay, okay.

Two more songs, 7:00 that they got the drive to say, well, you, you actually travel really well between R&B and rap. Thank you. Really well, like I did, that was straight rap thing, right? Right. Now you're in a bar with no Auto-Tune.

What was so dope is you flipped. I don't remember with Badboy record, but you flip the Badboy record feels so good. Feel so good. Shout out to me. But then you still you actually delivered the record in that, like, nineties hip hop, right? I think so, too. Was that my contention? It was so. I mean, because I feel like it was like the vibe, like a sample, the original record anyways.

But I said the same thing, and you're the first person to tell me that and confirm me because I felt like there, like when I heard the song after I did it, I was like, this was me. Like in that era, like, like even the video. Know who did the video? Was that Sam Midnight? Okay. Did you have any say in the, like, artistic direction you could treat me like I got a few treatments and I picked it.

And what stood out to me most was the similarities with, like, the, the flavoring here. Yeah. Would know what the feels so good video me? Oh, I didn't, I didn't pick that up. I picked up the anyway, the. Yeah. Like the the challenge kind of. Yeah, yeah.

I love that. So the shiny latex and then just like far the era just more so blind hair none of that little Kim. Yeah and you know what actually so if you watched there's a video for flavor in your ear the original video a lot of it's the same with the two black couches and the white backdrop I'm going to watch in just the eighties. I think maybe with the treatment they might have like kind of okay. No so there's another video right now push it's diet coke he he specifically copy that flavor in your video he like went out and said it like we literally did that to a tee.

So there's a lot of similarities in YouTube videos. No, I got to check that out. I just thought that was such good taste. No, you put me on the songs and I got to go check it out. I'm gonna tell you. No.

And you killed it with that, like, because you cause you on blind blind. Yea, I would say you're making music more in like today's fashion. Yeah. Line auto tune. Heavy, right? Very melodic. Yes. Less like rap bars, right? More like melodies. Yeah. And then it's like the hook is super yeah.

Like you say, melodies and stuff in Auto-Tune. And then I go into rap. I feel like I wanted to have, like, a contrast there. Yeah, well, all your songs are real different. One thing I would say is I don't I don't want to put you into any box. Even if I, even if I tried, I don't know, a box I would put you in, right? I don't know either.

People ask me that all the time, and I'm like, I'm not being funny. I really don't know, because I feel like I'm attracted to I'm attracted to so many different sounds. So I don't know and I think you're so young in your artistry.

There's no need to. Yeah. And just just have fun and create. Yeah. She asked him, like, the goal, and that's how it all began for you. What I love about your story is, if I'm correct, you began by on your own limb, you did a remix, The Young Thug and Future Relationship and you responded.

Yeah, from your point of view. Yeah. Because I seen the video and then I seen a video. I was like, Oh, they turn it up.

It was on his bow having a good time. And I was like, No, we need a girl version. So I just wanted a studio.

I like the image frames or whatever. And I did, and I was just like, I'm in a relationship, like, you know, and I like leaked on lies and somebody put it on YouTube and I got like good reviews or whatever. He was like, drop dead.

Yeah, real serious. Like, this is just some for me, just like playing around and then that's how I feel, like my start of music. Absolutely. And I think that's so beautiful because, I mean, from everything I read, even from you, you confirming like that was a spur of the moment, right? It was. It wasn't like manufactured, right? Thug didn't call you Kevin Lauzon.

And coincidentally, it wasn't like, okay, this is a plan. To be an artist. It really was just happening at MoMA. I wanted to go with it and you're really on it. That's what I actually want to give you a lot of props.

You are working your ass off. Thank you. You've done, if I'm correct, three videos in the last year. Yes. Like big budget video. Yeah. No, I have you have been grinding. Thank you.

So before you were an artist, I'm always gonna say, like, if I'm correct, I do a lot of research. Let me know if I'm wrong. Yeah.

Around 20, 14 to 20, 16. You launch it somewhere online. Yeah, I did. On your damn own. Right.

This was before things really became like you were in the media for being with young thug, right? That was like, yeah, like I just had a passion for, like, I love Ashley anyways. And I don't know, I got into designing because of mutual friends I had, well, you know, with me and this other female, and I was like, I want to do something, like, different. I chose swimwear and alliance, and I was like, right before actually, I mean in 2006 was like my first run selling stuff. I made a good coin you know? So I was like, I feel like I was addicted to the hustle.

I kept going and I was like, brand ambassador for other companies. And so I was just making my own dollar at the time. I was just trying to get some traction.

And now here I am doing music. And so amazing because to me, no matter what people like you already know, you're going to get tons of just naysayers, a, because you're a woman. B, because you know, the fact that, you know, you dated or are dating one of the biggest artists of our generation. Right. But what I think is so beautiful is you can always be like, look at the track record.

You would get in it on your own, right? Prior to that. And I wanted to ask, do you feel like you having your swimwear and all your stuff together impacted you? And third, kind of like working out and being so cool, right? Um, actually a saw sorry, not a do you feel like, like the fact that you created your own kind of foundation on your own? Yeah, no. Like, did it contribute to that? Was he, like, attracted to that by chance? I think so. And I think more so.

It was like my job to do something on my own, like when I first met him. Um, we didn't talk about like, Oh, I wish your goals. What are you trying to do? I told him about, like, my swimwear line I started, and basically, I mean, he just was like, I want to, like, invest, and I want to help you, like, make it bigger.

And I was like, always. I create a similar thinking about, like, a, another business I could do. I have like a company called Fargo where I sell for faux furs and like, he was like down for that.

He just like, whatever you want to do. Like, I'm just happy to them, like, you're trying to make your own money and yeah, and I feel like me personally in my relationships, I've always dated women who kind of like, are on their own, too, right? Not, not as, like, insecurity. Like, I don't want to have to provide more of like, I get inspired by that, right? When I wake up. I remember I dated one girl who would wake up before me for work and I couldn't sleep after that because in my head, on, my gosh, she's on her way to work at 6 a.m.. Right, right.

And it makes you be like, okay, by the time she gets back or she comes like, what am I doing? I what I've done today? Absolutely. Yes. That's definitely my vibe. Like, sometimes, like, I have days, of course, where I know I need to get rice and stuff, but lately this energy that's been coming over me is like, I can't sleep, like I can't sleep and or I can't feel like I'm not doing anything. It bothers me unless I really feel like, bro, you need a break. Isn't right? Yeah.

Not on saying, but I feel like for right now, I'm, like, really on a grind now. You really are like multiple LLC. So you got businesses, you're running, you're doing music, you're still doing the fashion, right? Yeah. You really grind. Thank you. You really grind. And you said something once. I don't know if it was on Twitter or somewhere else, but are you still waking up at ten every day? You said you wake up at ten, like no matter.

No look. So lately I go through these, like, spurts. Okay, so this morning I woke up at 6 a.m., and I guess because of the time difference, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I feel like I love it because I'm here.

Like, I love the time difference that I feel like I was like, I woke up this is like, even though I'm getting a little cheat, like, I'm cheating a little bit. But, yeah, like, it's like sometimes I go through phases where I just feel like I just can't sleep being, like, my body. Just get it. Yeah. And but. But you have long nights in the studio.

No, I do. I see you, like, how many days a week you go to the studio. So now I've been going at least, like, I want one. I was going four days out of the week, and now it's I like I finalized my next project. I kind of I've been taking a break. Good.

Just because I have, like, a crazy creative block. And it was more so because I just wanted to, like, figure out, like, my project and what I wanted on air. So it's like, I just only could think about it. Yeah. And I'm like, I need to get a spark of creativity. Yeah. So I like, I don't know, I love being in L.A.

I feel like I guess I absolutely. And I think for you, music and fashion go hand-in-hand. Yeah. I don't think it's like a coincidence that, you know, you have such a close relationship with one of the fashion icons and hip hop. Right.

The first dude to wear a dress. I know. That's so crazy.

Is it? To me, that's not a coincidence, right? I think for you, even being in L.A. R fashion, right. Is so much bigger than Atlanta's. Right. Our music scene in Atlanta is are like neck and neck, right? It's fashion wise.

Like, I think you can get a lot of inspiration right now for sure. Um, yeah, that's amazing. So what are some so did that is out now? Blinds been out so many good records feel like they're also different.

Yeah, well, thank you. I appreciate that for you to even notice that means them. No, of course. Of course.

I'm just over here, you know, I'm like, yes, look, anybody who puts so much into the music? You know, having worked this side of the industry for years, it's not easy. And I think a lot of people at home will see you on WorldStar and assume, oh, she's good. Oh, no. I think it's like a piece of cake. Like, Oh, you just woke up. You said, you wanna do this? I'm like, no. I guess some days I'm crying because I'm like, I want this, I want this, I want that.

Like, far as, like, my music. And I put a lot of time in, like, just even I'm so tedious like, my music is getting mixed down. I'm so tedious. Like, I have so much respect for myself. She's jumping into this line of music just because it's like, I take my time just to find home everything. Even when expect that, I think because they feel like what you know about music, a lot of, you know, you're going to have to deal with that for some time now.

But with so great is the team you have around, you know? Yeah, I love them. No matter what anyone can say. You have a record with the you have a record really. You have a record with Dirk. Right? Exactly. If I'm correct, you got a record with guns, too. Yes.

Jesus on my already have when I would gun and thug. But the record I'm going to put on my project niggas me and gunna is insane. Okay. And the record I have with Dirk is actually it was trippy. Well, I work, it was originally me and Trippie Redd and then Dirk got on it so and I hate Trippie.

He's like cool as far back. He support me too. He was talking Islam or whatever he was just like, go put a verse on your leg. And as you sit in a ball and it's like two and a half years old, you got these cold records, you got in the vault I can't count. I'm not going die. So you got like, yeah, no, I really do have a lot in my some of them are unfinished. I can just go back in like, you know. Yeah, but okay.

And what can we expect as far as the sound of the project? Is it going to be just like everything you dropped? Kind of a little bit of everything. Are you honing in to one sound? It's a little bit of everything. Oh, I like that. Like and I love it because it's like I finally like I feel like I have a record, for example, was called Wishful Thinking on Air and is really like the name Wishful Thinking. It basically is for women. He talks about your ideal guy who is a sneaky Lincoln. And I feel like people never really got this out of me.

And I feel like there's something people want to know, like what's on Carly's heart and her mind? Yeah, I was I want to get real personal over her. So and I gave them that on this particular record. But then you have a record on your, like, it's called chit chat. And I go off the gate, like talking to like, okay, I'm like going in like, I'm Cardi B. Yeah, like, right.

So this like, I feel like it's, you know, a little bit everything. Okay, so having having been in and you're still in the public eye so much, you know what I mean? Like, if you for example, if I go to Target tonight anywhere in America with the girl holding the hand, it's not going to matter, right? If, God forbid, you walk into Target with some dude holding a hand oh, is that right? So do you do you ever or does it ever drain you being in the public eye so much? Yeah, because I feel like sometimes you're just being cool. Like, sometimes you're just like which now I don't I'm more so at a place where it's like my friends are my friends, but you'll just be going out and.

Mm. It's like, you know, Disney and, like, Hollywood. All that stuff is like, you have to be people want you to be super mindful so it's like you go somewhere is like always there is, is something going on like, you know, and honestly, like, I never been tied to anybody in the music industry. I said, the one person you know, that I was with. So I was just kind of like, you know, I've got to be mindful about certain things. Yeah.

And I, I'm now in a vibe towards like, I'm living my life good. And I have so many friends in the industry that's like rappers. They support me male and female. So I'm out. Okay, good.

That just because I feel like that that's not an easy thing to deal with being in the spotlight as a romantic, but then being in the spotlight as an artist. Yeah. And you guys, you and Doug are still really close. Yeah. And you guys still talk, like, every day. Every other day. Yeah. No, we're good friends.

Yeah. We, like, maintain a good understanding that's a beautiful thing. I could tell. I could just see, you know, even from like 300, the label reaching out to me directly, like, they never reach out to me.

Right now, like, yo, Carly's in town right before I even looked you up for, like, 300 to reach out directly, right? They could have told me their mom was in town. We were going to be doing this. You know, but I could tell that the label and more of, like, the family. Right? I feel like thrown back to I gave you that album.

300 is like a family no, it really is. Like, really even me reading and researching, like, how little baby got on, how gun I got on. It's really like a family. No. And that's important to your success or any artist. Yeah, but I really feel like they got me. I'm always like, I know everybody at the label.

Like, 100%, like, believe in me. 100%. And honestly, you been like, you might be hard on yourself, but you've been doing a great job. Thank you. Great.

Job like you have in Cut Corners videos. I love artists who put a lot into their videos because music videos is not like the MTV days where it's like on TV all day. Right? But you still put a lot into your videos.

I know I do. I'm like so over the top with I love it. And the thing is, like, now I'm getting into just like thinking my more ideas. Like, before I was like when you could treat me. Now I'm like, I got this idea, write it down so I could do it next time, you know? Yeah, and it's fun to like as well.

I love doing music. Like, I feel like every song I get a chance to just like let my alter ego show or just whatever I'm feeling at the moment come out. Did that I was given like that. It was like little cam, like, you know, like, oh, those felt like that little kid. Like, I was really like, like that.

After I left, I was like, oh, yeah, I need a pat on the back. Like, I could be like, so it's, I don't know, like, it makes me feel good. Yeah, well, you're definitely like a creative to the core, but also, you were educated, like, in the sense you graduated, right? Yes. At college. That's. No, I didn't graduate I thought.

I thought I read Google. Fuck me up. Oh, no, I did. I went to the Art Institute. Yeah. Or you know, you did it in graduate. No, you did.

You think that I was I was still, you know, I was doing my business stuff, so I was on the road with those. But you were you were in school. I'll see you. Yeah. Educated like. Yes, yeah. I felt like you had a good grades in high school. Oh, no, I had terrible.

What? Oh, yes. I don't know why I felt like. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry to cut you off. Let me tell you what's funny. So when I first, like, second year, I was with the post, me and somebody from my high school class and it was like she was always cute, but she filled algebra. So I clicked because this was this.

So I went on there, and there was a guy in my algebra class, and I was like, I remembered him. And there was a guy who should be like, give me, like, you going to help me. He will come in. I'm like, You're a hater. I blocked him but I mean, in school and more so was like, I'm super smart and I'm super, you know, streets for all of that. But school wasn't it wasn't I don't I've been like a rebel on my not a rebel, but I'm I like my own.

Yeah, absolutely. Honestly, like people always say like, I know you made straight A's and I'm like, I got to be real with you, you know? But I always was eager to stay in school. Never quit, you know? Yeah.

And I feel like if you wanted straight A's, you wouldn't go, oh, no, for sure what that's like. But, I mean, you're smart. Yeah, but it's like. Yeah. So your parents being so ingrained in music, did you know as a kid, like, eventually you were going to be an artist? I would say I wanted to do something. I would say I wanted to do something in music. Okay, because my mom was at the time working with Keyshia Cole when I was younger. That's what I was gonna ask. Who? Your parents manager. Who is? Yeah.

So you should be working with Keyshia Cole and as a manager. Yeah. No, she, like, co-manage her with someone else. So you know her. That's so dope. She was working alongside her manager was like she knew them myself in. I feel like she was, like, seeing her um, it was just like a big, I don't know, like, I look up at her in so many ways, like, she just lived this, like, like for our new pink rooms.

Like, you know, I'm seeing, like, I. And so when I was young, I seen it up close, and I was like, I want to be like, what do you mean? Like, up close where you like ass? Yeah. Sessions and video. She picked me up from school before her roles were Kesha. Yes. Like, Take me, hold on you this exclusive with like, a lot of people don't know.

Oh, my God, this is special. You had Keyshia Cole pick you up in a black Rolls-Royce or pink grass? Well, it wasn't it. No, no, no. Her Ferrari was black. Okay, okay, okay.

A Rolls Royce was I think it was like silver at the time. Okay. So long ago that still.

But, yeah, she's in Atlanta and north in L.A.. Wow. You must have been the talk of the town street middle school people on Peachtree must have been tripping, right? Because if I if I'm doing math. Correct, that that's around the time that she dropped, like, let it go. You don't what exactly was it? Let it go. I changed my mind. Yeah.

Yeah. No, it was wrong like that. I changed my my dad. Oh, yeah? What about Pops? Who was any artist say he worked with other notable? Um, no, he more so does like my dad is in the general business, and he's also into he owns a club, so. And he like the bookings and stuff for several artists.

Like for young thug. Oh, okay. For him. So like different artists. Okay. Besides Keyshia Cole, do you have any other childhood memories of the game or artists? Yeah. Like, um, I mean, I do. Um, my mom was working with a futures close friend, kind of like labelmate type thing.

Young scooter oh. You know, I was around then just seeing them, like, in a studio real hard, like making different music. I got to see that up close.

So they must be so proud. All these people. Yeah, I know. I think they are. They like, they're rooting for me. Yeah. And they seen you as a kid.

Have you ran into Kesha since you've been on? I like, will speak through, like, Instagram and stuff. I seen her, like, a few years ago, like at a club, but when her mom passed, I reached out to her and stuff like that, but I know she's part. Yeah, well, that's still so beautiful. I think one day full circle, like, maybe it'll be when her kids, like, you go pick them up from school. Oh, really? Like, I think and I don't.

I don't even think she knows, like, how influential she was on me. Like, even back dancing in her closet. I used to be like, I'm going to be like this. Like, wow. I knew I wanted the thing. You were that close with her.

Like, you're in the room. In the closet. Yeah. No, like, very close. Wow. Keisha, I hope Keisha gets to see this week.

I'm gonna try to tag Keesha and everything just so she understands. Like that. Impact, Because I feel like a lot of artists are given their flowers, and this is a moment she can understand it. A life that. Yeah, no, really be like I want it to be like her. So I was trying to look up who who your mom or dad had to manage because I wanted to go and get you that that album right now.

I know next time you come, I'll give you the Keisha call debut. Oh, yeah, yeah. Wow. Wow. Okay, so I got one more music question, and then I'll pull up five recent tweets you've done that I think are really dope and operational and I want to analyze them with you. So last music question I have.

Is your process going into a studio? You because you do music you might sing, you might write rap, you might do a little bit of both, right? Do you go into the studio knowing what you want to do? No, unless like so honestly, like when I first started doing music, I was a little bit more structure and I'm getting back to that now. But like I was at home the night before and pick a beat and right like literally physically. Right. I know you already have. Yeah. Yeah, I will have like an idea and then more. So now I go in the studio some time because it's so much pressure and I'm like, what am I going to do? What I want to do? How do I feel? I'm feeling like a no, no, no. That's right.

I feel sad, you know, and I'll go from there. And then, like I said, sometimes I might just go near like lay melodies and stuff in and, you know, and then whatever. And then sometimes I have a creative team there with me to give me ideas and bounce off of them. So it that is hilarious. Sorry. But yeah, it, it is hilarious.

Everyone knows there's a car with a top down with two dogs. No, I was like, dogs are driving the car. No, it's like dogs are driving a car. This is crazy.

It was crazy. I love Hollywood. All right. So so you let the kind of you're whatever you're going through at that time. Yeah, exactly. Because I imagine that well, one, knowing that you had done poetry, I was going to ask you and you just answered it.

So you write. You actually write. Yeah. Like, but most of my poetry was like real a real, like, personal to me. I just stuff like, I'd be going through and thinking about or if I wanted to write that a little better to you.

You ever get worried that people decipher your lyrics like Young Thug? You know what I mean? Do people ever make your love songs and be like, oh, this is she's adding young, right? Or sometimes they'll if it's something bad, like, I think I went on higher, higher. I did a song and I was like, I was like, no, I'm not. No, I'm not. I said, I can't remember, but I said, I'll become a cheater. Like, but I was saying like, it was like, yeah, guess that's on his dream called like a fucking cheater. And then I was just saying, like, I'm not playing until I become a cheater, but it wasn't mean.

And literally, we had people talking like, girl empowerment. Like, that's going to happen to the rest of your people, like, whatever. But I don't know. I just like his music. And even though social media, he was like, buys music, like, he got songs. He's a crazy shit. No, of course.

Well, that's good that you too have the understanding, because us fans like weird fans are stupid as they are like, we are the dumbest people in this entire equation. And we're always going to read your lines, try to find subliminal thug or read his lines, trying to find things he used when he said, I told my bitch, no more air shots. Do you know how many people edit me? And was like antagonizing me and when I tell you, I was like, Hey guys, it's fine for me dropping me like this crazy.

But now when I'm in a club, I'll be like, I told my bitch. Like, I just, you know, cause it's like, doesn't mean you talk about something. This is music. And it was a memorable bar. I thought it matters. Like, we have a fun. No, I absolutely.

Well, Jay-Z is, you know, Blueprint, who was called a gift and a curse. Do you feel like your your I don't mean relationship, like dating, just your overall relationship. You have a young thug as a friend and as a close friend of yours.

You feel like it's more a gift or a curse. I would say 50 50. Yeah, right. Because I feel like it in real life. It's a gift.

But I feel like from the outside looking in from the media, it's a curse because they're always going to they're always just like, you know, they're trying they're trying to drag you down exactly. And they're always trying to put me with this and then like is, is crazy or I don't know if like I have to be super, super calculated if I ever was to get my another Prince Charming or some because it's just like with, you know, absolute. But for the most part and I feel like people always also like, oh, we only know you because it is. And I'm like, what else somebody knows me, you know? It's only so it doesn't matter.

But it's also I mean, the, the beauty and it is, is it is a gift. So, yeah. And like, I like, you know, having records, we're going to have records with Yadi Dirt. I think that's part of the gift. So I would say it's more so a gift, but I think in the public eye, it's going to look like a curse because you already know a girl you like.

You're already trained for this. People are going to be on your ass. And also someone told me before, good price or bad press at least talking about you all press and good press, you know? So I was like, look, like, all I can do is roll with the punches. Exactly. And I think you're doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

I think I think you've done an incredible job. I even researching you, there wasn't a lot of negatives. It was it was just people making shit up. Yeah. No fake headlines. Clickbait.

Yeah, like that's it. But I mean, I feel like I'm definitely going to give them something to talk about when I drop into my project. So have you have you given out the name of your project for.

So this would kind of be like my second time. Okay, I'm in the name is Inter Enter yeah. Okay. Because it's like entering into my world and so like my music world, I like it's like finally when you press enter on a computer, you're going into some financial answer.

So I like that. And so guess what? Treasure helped me come up with that name. Shout out to Treasure. Treasure.

I use your interview to get info on Carl, so shout out to that. Well, we end this is some of your tweets, so I'm going to pull up, uh, five of your tweets that I thought were inspirational. And when we put the video together, people will be able to see these on the screen. So hopefully they're not, you know, I don't think they're too crazy. Well, I mean, I can give you.

Okay, what I'm saying is you tweet a lot, which I love. So I was only able to really go back like six months because you have so much tweeting. So I love this one.

I don't seek validation from people I don't spend my days with. That's why on me, right? If you clarify like are you talking to you don't care what people say online. Yeah. Like, I mean, online or just like, yeah, really? Online. Really? That's really what I'm saying. Basically, like, I'm not looking for you to set me in love.

Mean, I don't spend my days with you. You know, I love that. I feel like you can't really come up with like, you can't judge me you're not with me every day, so why should I care about you validating me? Like, I think she's this you how you like, who the fuck are you? Yeah, like, and I think that should go for any living beings. Yes. Especially people in the spotlight, like fame.

As Jay Z once said, like, fame is the worst drug. I wouldn't wish it on my best. Like, my worst enemy. No series. Fame is a motherfucker. It is so good. I'm glad that you don't see validation from people you don't know, right? Yeah. Thank you. A beautiful thing oh, of course.

Can't wait to have babies. You said this a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. I can't wait to have babies.

Are you crazy? I want. But I want babies. A few babies. So busy.

How are you going to take care of those little things? I don't know. I feel like God is going to give me babies when it's like the right time and. And I'm going to find a way.

I'll be doing it. Look at 100%. 100%. Beyonce say, yeah, she's Beyonce. Eight, whatever. So let's still on my. I could figure it out.

I feel like you have that mother. Absolutely. You're still so young, though. I know. That's why I'm not rushing. But seeing I know this is like I felt like this is like a mating call. Nope. Right.

I mean, like, I'm ready. That's so funny. No, it is so mean.

If somebody is, like, really ready. Geoffrey, hop on the phone. If I ran right, I would say he I think he would be a great father.

I don't know if you'd agree. No, I think so, too. He's such from when I met him, I've only been able to sit or stand this close to him once.

It's felt like he's a he had a really big heart. No, he has a huge. And you mentioned it once.

A lot of the times we see him on camera, he's overexaggerating him being high or drunk. Yeah. Yeah. No, he's not. Like, people think he's, like, so checked out.

And I'm just like, I had to let people know my that's not him. Like, he's not. I feel like people are had certain moments see him and then plaster it everywhere. He's not that. So I just want to let them know, like, he's very, very intelligent. Absolutely.

I mean, look at the one time we saw him in a dress versus the 1000 times he dressed normal. Right? Exact you always bring up the dress. He's very smart. Yeah, very, very smart. So this next one, I really just want peace. I was saying, yeah, that's what I want.

Like I want to be like, oh, sorry. No, no. You know, some days, like, I just feel like just like the highs and lows of being an artist, it gets kind of tricky. And some days I just, like, want, like, more. I want to be in certain places. And some days I don't feel like doing anything.

I just want to, like, chill. And then it's like, I got work to do. Um, I have a lot of people that's, like, looking to me and dependent on me, so I want to make them happy, certainly.

And also when I say peace is just like, no drama. Yeah, well, do you feel like. So you said this February 17th of this year, so about like six weeks ago.

Right? Would you say now you have peace at least today, I had a crazy day today day. But I'm still at peace. Like, Mom, my, um. Yeah, I have peace. Okay. And also my project is done in turn.

Being so. Oh, you turn it in. Yeah. So I feel like I was like Alpha. Everybody enter and enter. You entered that motherfucker, right? So yeah, congrats on that.

I just try to tweet, like, whatever I'm feeling now, I love it. You're so active on Twitter. I was telling Alex Ah, cameraman that, like, I literally scroll for hours trying to get to your last year tweets.

Right? And I ended up in February, right? Yeah. She's active on Twitter. So yeah. And I have like my own, like, role of like fans and supporters on air is crazy, like more so than Instagram or anything.

Like Gross really love the stuff that I say. They absolutely fuck with you. I love it. You know, I felt the same way, you know, we got another one that I love. Got to stand on your got to stand on your business.

Are they going to stand on you? Right. So when I said that, I feel like if you don't really just, like, dictate your moves in business, I feel like people are just going to, like, walk you like a dog, but they're going to make decisions for you. Which isn't always bad. But I'm saying, like, if you don't still know your business, they go on like, you know, you like you have to speak up. I need this done. I need this and this.

Because if you just like not on your you know, your best food is like I'm gonna do whatever where she don't take you series. I don't that's how it is for myself that I love it because that's how artistic is screwed over. Yeah. Left, right.

You're not watching your money or you're not watching what's happening, right? So I love that. I think that's great for you to clarify that we got the last one here. I'm good at finding balance through unpredicted circumstances. That's why I'm a boss bitch.

What it looks like at a time when you were able to find balance because I know this means when shit hits the fan, right? You're kind of able to hold everything together, right? You got an example? Um, I was saying when people were like, I'm not completely names, but when people were hit me up, just like, about, like, the situation with me and Thug, and he felt like, oh, he was seen with this person, that person, like, and I was just like, all these people are right. Me and just driving me crazy. Like, I just had to find, like, a peaceful moment just to be like, none of these matters, like, the real world right now is so like, the media and Internet. Is it your world like? Absolutely. And I feel like that. And then

because that was like a crazy time for me. Like, I felt like everybody was just coming up with things and I had people that were like trolling me like like want me to be heard or feel the way. And I'm just like, you don't even know. Like, you're putting stuff on me. There's not even year.

Yeah. Um, I feel like I about balance then and then just like, even in my everyday life, like, anything is unexpected. Like, I might go through it, but I'll get my shit together quick. Like, I find that balance, like, I'll snap some time and be mad and be upset, but it's like I just came back to be in, like, okay, hold it in the roll.

Yeah, yeah. Well, you got a lot of pressure on you. I want to.

I want to say before we and this, no matter what people ever say about you, you are a self-made boss. Thank you. Just from the research I did, and I don't even have the opportunity to say this to everybody, but you really were self-made. And I think meeting Doug was such a beautiful thing for your life and your career. And it catapulted you to the spotlight so fast that I think you would have hit regardless. Right, exactly. So with being catapulted there that quick, you starting to get a lot of hate, that quaking in a lot of naysayers that quick, but motherfucking clean slate.

I appreciate you. They're fine. And it's all about just I got to keep going like people going, hey, some people already have their mind. Maybe we can't change it.

So I will say to anybody, like just off of like, I want that to be like the message I keep going in. You can happen any lane in the Bowery because that's what I'm doing. Like, I don't know about music.

I really just took a lane and now I have all these features and it's not all off of just like low. So I would that would be like my message. Not only did you for CNN. Of course. Of course. Well, if anybody is still a naysayer after this interview, go watch the video for did that you're going to see a real a musician, someone who's loves the art.

Right. Dedicated to those things and then go listen to blind and you realize the versatility on the that is crazy. Just give me a chance and check my shit out because it's hard. Okay. I love that. So Enter will be out soon, I hope.

Yes. In a few weeks. A few. Whoa. That's exciting. All righty.

Winter is coming Kayleigh, I want to congratulate you on all your success on the project. Getting it turned in. That's so dope. We're going to enter.

Hey, we're going to enter on that motherfucker. And, you know, I really want to just wish you luck with the rest of your career, because the bigger you get, the more hurdles you're going to get. But I feel like like Kanye said, like, God, don't give me nothing I can't handle.

No, seriously. Like, it's like, you know, a grain of salt. You just got to be small. All the problems.

So where can we find you? Online socials and everything on Twitter. Okay, Cali. Okay, why are a E Instagram is the same thing. Let me do. Okay. Like a R a.

I love that. So saucy. Yeah. Because, you know, people like, okay, is it okay? And then yeah, but yeah. Okay, everybody go check out you.

You did that. Yes, I did that. And blind. Yes. And by the time most people will see this interview, the album answer will be out. Yes. I'm excited to see the public reaction. And we'll have you back here when I know next person to see you again for the album. I wanna talk about some even more. She is really diving.

Next time we'll do the drink champs version 34. Our talk about your life and everything go read everybody. My one here at Dash Radio in Hollywood with Queen Slim herself. Yes. Carly played chicken then. Yes.

Yes. Go check out. Did that enter be out soon things. Oh, perfect. Thank you so much. No, thank you. Oh, I thought they did a great.

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