Je TESTE un VOL PREMIÈRE CLASSE (mdr j’ai détruis le caviar)

Je TESTE un VOL PREMIÈRE CLASSE (mdr j’ai détruis le caviar)

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In an effort to discover ❤️ by the craziest experiences on the planet together, I've always wondered what it would be like to fly first class. So, in this video, we'll test the world's highest rated first class, the Emirates "Game Changer." Generally, you have to count twice the price for a business ticket and ten times the price for a first class ticket. But, what really happens when you pay so much for your flight? Is it possible to make the ticket price profitable, and is it worth it? I don't know, but as usual, we'll find out together.

Welcome to this new experience. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I hope you are well, that you are in good shape.

We just shot a ten minute intro in the car, but the mic wasn't on. For the first time in my life, I will experience a flight other than in economy. As a result, this video is composed of two parts: the first one, we fly in "business" and the second one, we fly in "business." You see, all this is so far away for me that at that moment, I don't even understand that both words mean the same in English. For a guy who was a scholarship student, and […] max, until a few years ago, and who never had any money, I must admit that it made me feel very, very, very, very, very, very weird for a video to send so much money in a ticket, but as usual, since we want to experience everything, well, one day, we have to send it. This video, it might be a little different than usual.

I'm going in vlogging mode, I have no one with me. It's going to be you and me in love. I'm a fan of the spontaneity of videos, and when I discover sports or whatever, I purposely don't try them beforehand or at least stay as far away from the thing as possible to have my first reactions with you and discover the thing with you. And here, it's exactly the same, I have no idea what we're getting into. Wait, I'm going to do something, I've always dreamed of doing in my entire life.

"Go before everyone else at the boarding.." There's a line at the boarding gate, you see. I would have been well, it is there. - Hi Tristan.

Can we take pictures please? - How are you doing friend? - Yeah, it's fine. - Have a good day, guys. It's business class and first class, and there's an express line for the "first." - You have access to the Lounge which is between Louis Vuitton and Hermès. - It's really the stereotype.

Have a nice day. D***, we have the "first" ticket, I have never seen that in my life. A suitcase at 28 kilos while the classic suitcases are 25.

No problem! D***, life must be good when you're rich. We're not going to say that you're happy with it. Let's just say that there is a way to relax a little more on the boring situations of everyday life. I think it's been two or three times that we've blocked stuff, but as soon as I show the ticket, it unblocks. First flight or not, you still go through the classic passport control. So, I still find myself in line with everyone else.

I actually thought there was a boarding or something different. You have this ticket number, I was thinking, you… You get on the plane, you see, there's not all that there. Hello. I'm sorry, there was a myth that when you are in first class, you don't go through passport control and stuff like that. - What do you mean by "first-class"? - Am I just a jerk and I just came back here or did I normally have another escort? - I don't want to disrespect you. you're a bit of an idiot, yes.

- Okay, that's fine. - Go to access number one, you tell them that I'm the one who's going to… - Okay, thank you. I thought there was a problem. - Hello, is this your bag? - I always get random control.

First or not, it doesn't change anything. Hermès, Louis Vuitton, it is in the middle, there is something. Let's go and discover a new world.

- Hello. - Welcome to the lounge. - Thank you. Ah yes, okay. Oh yeah, right, okay. People who travel in first class clearly don't have the same life.

So don't let them notice you and make them think you are one of them. I reiterate, we clearly don't have the same life. I speak quietly, so that I don't get noticed by the upper class of human beings who have too much money.

But moreover, it's F****** good. Me, who is always late, it would give me a reason to be early. Anyway, I mustn't overindulge because there's lots and lots of food on the plane too, and I think it's unlimited caviar. So, even though I don't like caviar, as I promised earlier, I do like caviar. I have to make it worth my while, guys. "6,000 bucks."

How much more time do we have for this boarding? It will not be necessary to delay. - At some point, it will come for you. - Ah Okay, we're being picked up, all right. The plane doesn't leave without you. They come and get you in the lounge.

Do like the lady, subscribe. Lets'go. Thank you, Good-bye. Have a good day. Well then, in first, well, you don't take the same aisle as people in economics.

- Hello. - Hello, here you go. - How are you? - So you'll stay here. Calm down, buddy. Here, I'll voluntarily reverse the order of the flights in the video to save the best for last. So, before we see this, this, this and this, we're going to go up gradually and start with my second flight in business class.

So, straight off the first flight. Okay, someone is checking me out, buddy. - Hello! - Hello! - There is the gentleman who picked me up, and now I think he is escorting me.

Unbelievable. We are in the lounge of the Emirates cost of business. We have access to a whole thing that is unknown to me. I've always been used to waiting in street mode, next to the bathroom door, plugging my phone into a socket downstairs. Here, you have seats, you have TV, you have unlimited food, you have drinks, you have ice cream.

We're going to go get some ice cream. It's amazing. I saw that there was a gym. We will even take a small shower. So, it's part of the ticket price.

You serve yourself, you eat what you want when you want. My flight is in six hours. Hi! Since the lounge is all-you-can-eat, and there are lots and lots and lots of different choices, I try to calm down, because it's all too good. But, we still have two flights, then in the two flights that come, well, there are the "hardcore" dishes. There's supposed to be caviar and stuff you only see on flights that cost that much. The flight is in two hours, so a little nap on this pseudo couch, which is ultra-well designed.

Hi, I just got up from my nap. I'm going to do a little muscular awakening before going to the checking. I have like half an hour. After, we will go to shower and then, we will embark for the first flight in business. Everything you need.

You have a shower, you have soap, water. Not much more is needed. It's amazing to be able to take a shower in the airport. It's not YouTube, it's crazy.

It really makes us test on purpose and ride lots and lots and lots of stuff. If you ever come across this channel or it's the first time you see what I do, basically we learn and experiment more in physical areas, even if sometimes there are also more mental stuff. But, the principle of the chain is really about learning and experience in general. So don't hesitate to subscribe to make sure you don't miss out on any of the upcoming videos and help me reach my goal of one million subscribers.

Thank you. The first thing to note is that there is a separate gate for the economic and for the business and the first. Let's go, travel on business! Since I have a stopover, I have two flights and 1 flight out of 2 is in first class. And this is my suite. The good news is that we have space for the legs. I imagine that there are small buttons there.

That's cool. But, for the price of the ticket, I was expecting a little more space anyway. Now, I discover that there are two different types of Boeing at Emirates.

In the first one, the business class, it looks like this. But, in mine, it looks more like this. It kind of reminds me of the difference between the Big Mac in pictures and in reality. while everyone is in the lobby and there is a lot of noise, I offer to put my stuff away, I introduce you to the sponsor of the video, thanks to whom all this is possible. This video is therefore sponsoredby "Babbel."

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- "Air mineral." - "Air mineral." And if you're wondering, the lessons are created by more than 150 native teachers and there are lessons for all levels.

"From day one to speak english, for example, to fluent english, like someone who really unterstood that practice makes perfect." "Ini adalah penempatan produk." And what's stylish is that they've created a whole ecosystem to never bore you while you're learning. You can learn on your phone, on a computer, from live online courses, podcasts, articles. And the last point I like is that you decide how much time you want to give yourself. If, like buddy, you don't have much time in your day, you can just put in little 10 minute sessions daily.

Personally, I advise you to do small sessions a little more regularly in your week, rather than putting in big sessions, but less regularly. If you're interested, just click on the first link in the description and you'll get 30% off your six-month, one-year and lifetime subscriptions. So, "jangan ragu-ragu." It means "don't hesitate" in Indonesian. - Hello! I'm really P***** that we got on a plane that doesn't have first class.

- Exactly. Marc, next to me, told me that he often takes firsts and business. This is the worst business you could have ever done in your life. I hope the flight in first class will be more interesting. I have just been given a toiletry kit, deodorant, there is enough to shave the B****, tissues, so we can make a cut, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razor, a little perfume. I feel like a beauty youtuber guys, it's unbearable.

Okay, it's taking off. There is a lot of noise. So, I'll explain in voice-over.

We won't lie, it looks better than the classic economy, but I still expected better. There's a bit of a luxury feel to a lot of details that, between us, don't serve much purpose, but option-wise, there's nothing that changes too much. You have the same TV, you have access to the same movies and the same features. In fact, the only thing that really makes the difference is this little automatic seat that you can tweak a bit depending on your mood.

Are you in the mood to read, to sleep, to watch your favorite movie? Hop, hop, hop, you stop thinking about it. You're not alone in the luxury suite yet, calm down. Good morning. I slept for six and a half hours straight.

There are a lot less options and stuff than I thought. But, it does the job, you know. I typed a real night, actually.

Someone came to offer me a drink while I was sleeping. It's cool though. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, although it was obviously much better than an economy seat.

I hope that the first one will save my expectations a bit, because I confess that, considering the price of the ticket, I find that this is a scam. Finally, let's go straight to the first. - After having discovered together the most overrated business of the game, we are honored and pleased to invite your favorite youtuber to come and discover the best of Emirates first class, AKA, the Game Changer. - Here you have the classic economic approach that we know so well. As soon as you move up a bit, you get the premium economy. Then you have the business, which as you can see, is 600 times better than the one we had just before.

And finally, we have my room for the next seven hours. The first class, mother F******. - Welcome.

- WOW! Thank you so much, Prince. Sparkling water with ice and lemon. Perfect.

I C**** my skull. Appreciate it. I was just given slippers and pajamas.

I don't know what to tell you actually, I'm really shocked. I'm not going to lie to you, I'm as comfortable as I am uncomfortable, because it's not my world at all. I feel like I'm in a hotel room, for real. I take the lead right away. You start to say: "Yeah look, Tristan is in first place, YouTube is paying and everything".

Calm down. This is an investment to make you a quality video, right? I must admit that I am also very happy. In fact, it's so good that I don't want to mess it up. I don't feel like sitting and everything, it's too weird, I'm going to do the base. The base is that you have to put this thing away.

Okay, you got it. I was putting my stuff away, and someone came up to me and offered me a date and some maple coffee. - I'm sure you gonna love this, this is called Game Changer. - I don't know, it's not the same vibe. People are relaxed, actually.

Yes buddy, now you are just discovering that in first class, the staff is really handpicked and that they really treat the customers like kings. So of course, they smile more and they are much more pleasant than Karen, the stewardess in economy, who hears babies crying every day for hours, a few meters behind you in the plane. - Like I don't know, I'll take one of each. - One of each? - Okay.

Thank you! I think, never has anyone in first class come in with just one cap and done that. Oh, dear. It's so soft. I'm really shocked, especially since you in the video, it's afterwards, but this is the first seat I've experienced.

I don't know it yet, but I've just been told that this seat was designed by NASA and there is a position called zero gravity. It's meant to make you feel weightless, no less. And honestly, of all the positions I've tested in my life, after the upside down lotus, this is my favorite. - I'll leave it to the editors, but don't complain if the monetization goes haywire bro.

- Téma, I press here. Oh yeah, it becomes a bed, oh, that's crazy. I propose a very symbolic gesture.

Now we're getting close to… but Tema, since when can you get so comfortable in a seat? He just took it all away from me. He said, "I'll bring everything back to you once we take off. There is Kate who came to offer me a photo. Well, of course, since we're making money, I took two. Buddy, happy. There's a lot of openings and they come, we create… They ask "Do you want this? Do you need something, do you want coffee? A Polaroid to remember that 6,000 euro trip?" Oh, my God.

Even your ex-girlfriend, she wasn't as sweet there. First step validated. There is Wifi. Now we are at the take-off. I have airpods. "First Class," we are really in the mood.

Go ahead, I'll put you with me for a few seconds. There's so much stuff, I don't know where to start. So, just now, they brought me plenty of food. Here, I'm […]. - Hello prince, is this the request? So you can order whenever you feel like. - I can eat all that want? - All that you want.

- My dear prince, you don't know it yet, but you just made a big mistake. Here, I have the cabin really for myself. The menu is incredible, there is everything in fact. There is caviar, there is grilled beef, there is chicken, there is fish, there are pizzas, there are Risottos, there are canapés, there is duck, there is all possible alcohol, there is truffle. But here, everything is good. I think we're going to change the video and I'm going to eat it all.

I don't drink W*** but I'll at least taste everything. Go ahead and bring me everything that is expensive. The normal people, we are tight behind, we are… There, there is the air conditioning which is too strong, it hurts our nose, there, there are babies who cry. Next door and not far away, there are people, they have good cabins, quiet and if they feel like sleeping or eating, they just have to do this or that, it switches to sleep mode. One virjin mojito, a seasonal fruit, an affogato, caviar. - We recommend shot of Belvedere Vodka with the caviar, if you like.

- I follow you. - Do you like Dom Pérignon, the champagne? - Maybe just a little, just a taste, I think it's a good first order. It's not human, brother. I will taste caviar for the first time in my life. But it's really worth it. I suggest you push, literally, every button.

There's this thing that rises up. It's both a mirror and a little compartment and this, I think, is full of goodies, a sort of mini toiletry bag. Facial toner, eye cream pillow mist, it's a pillow mist and we have an oil for sleeping. No! It is an essential oil. I suggest I put on my face.

Oh! It's fresh. Really, I feel like I'm doing a "chit-chat make up." This video makes no sense. What is this? This is the last thing, it's for sleeping so it's not for me. Hop, it's gone!. We have a small pen, perfect to learn how to do pen spinning.

The only thing I've learned so far is to do this thing. - Bless you. - Thank you.

He said to me "I'll take you some Dom Pérignon? " I tell him, "Yes, I don't drink champagne." But when it offers you Dom Pérignon 2012, you drink. - I was 14, when It came. On my life I prefer Champomy. All right, we'll do it like the guys who know how.

Oh yes, it was in the summer monsoon that. Ah, it's noble vines, Southeast France, yeah. This is not a 2016 one. I think that… Oh, it moves, it moves, it moves, it moves.

We are in the plane. It's both good and not good at the same time. It's like soy. The truth is, I don't like it. So, on my right, it's like an iPad. This is linked to that.

You have all the flight information. It shows you how to connect to the Wifi. This is if you want to share your screen to the TV. You can plug in USB. There are all the films there.

You can customize everything. If you do that, it makes you FaceTime a crew member. So you say, "Hey, I want a sautéed roast duck on a bed of foie gras and caviar and they bring it to you. Small air conditioner, USB-C, the TV remote control.

On my left there, there are lots of buttons. They are lights. It's like in the "Yakuza." They impress me a lot. You can also manage your temperature. - Perfect, thank you so much.

- I will let you enjoy it… - Thank you. I don't know what it is, but it's very good. All the fruits, they are hardcore. It's kind of like potatoes, but I don't know how to tell you. It's too good. That's curry and beef.

I wasn't too confident, because I'm not a fan of raw shrimp like that. My brother, it's so good. I'm going to open the door and tell them I'm done.

A sorbet, I'm adorably shocked, actually. - What is the average price of the caviar? - For 30 grams, it can be about 1,000 dollars. How much? - 1 000? -Premium, yes.

It's made from mother of pearl. - Pearl? -Yes. - Like this? - Yes, exactly. Brother, that means that if I order caviar six times, I'll make this flight worthwhile. This is to keep the taste of the caviar the same. Marcellino, he just explained it to me, in the price of the ticket, it actually includes that.

We want your maximum satisfaction. This is 1,000 euros brother. 1000 euros It smells nothing. How do I eat this? I take his spoon in pearls. Here guys, there are 100 euros.

It's clear. Wait, I'm not sure. I eat it like a yogurt. "Discover chocolate vanilla and coffee flavor." Wait, I'm going back one more time to be sure. It might be controversial, but I don't understand the hype.

No, it's okay. In real life, it's good. It's sweet and it's salty.

I have a good feeling how we're going to make it worthwhile, buddy. I think we're doing it like this. It's not bad.

It's not as good as Leon's tacos, but it's not bad. Tell me you're exaggerating without telling me you're exaggerating. I have to be rich. I take that back. Leon's tacos are very good and are the base. But now I just made a little mix.

Marcelino, bring me one more, brother. Look at his face when I tell him: "Bring me one more, brother." I can't believe I'm burning through a thousand dollars like this. There is not a single egg left.

- It's my first time ever trying caviar, and I love it. Can I have again? - One more? - Yes, one more please. This mushroom soup, I'm not going to lie to you, I'm forgetting the fact that I'm on a plane. I just feel like I'm in one of the best culinary restaurants in Paris, you know.

Round two. No idea what it is, but it's really good. Sorry, I don't think it's the most entertaining video in the world. But right now, I'm just in the mood where I'm enjoying my life. Your mother.

Why did I drop 500 euros? S***, I'm out of caviar. If I'm going to ask then… Technically, I paid for it. That's it.

Just one last please. It's gonna be perfect. Now, I just used the "I have to finish the bread" card.

- Okay. - The real reason, you know it. - You have to be profitable. - To be honest, it's really good. But I wouldn't have taken three in a row like that.

- Today, you are lucky, we do have an extra one. If you're flying in first class and my colleagues on the next fly, they want up. But today, it's mine to be.

It's your day. - Awesome, thank you. Really appreciate it. He just told me: "Brother, nobody takes three caviars in the first class."

But, there is me. Let me finish the 3,000 euros here. He said, "Just enjoy, this is the last one we have. We don't have any more. You ate it all. He just wants to see me happy and all that.

That makes my day, you know. Go ahead, enjoy it. Marcellino the best.

Look at this 500 euros slice of bread. practice makes perfect. He gave me some vodka too. My father, when he is going to see the video, will insult me. He taught me how to eat well, with good manners and all.

He'll insult me. I put on my little slippers and I'm going to wash my hands. I didn't show you the bathroom. The idea is that it's like a regular toilet, except that everything is better quality. Like, you have perfumes.

You have unlimited towels. You have something to brush your teeth with. The toilet is worth more than my house. I'm telling you it's stylish. You can choose whether you want cold or hot water. I pressed on bed-lounge.

As a result, I'm fully lying down. Guys, I think I'll take a little nap. She is so sweet, look.

It's really for the benefits of this video that I'm doing this. Frankly, I'll do anything for you. So, I must take a nap on this seat.

See you. So, after validating this extremely difficult task, which consisted of having my best nap at 40,000 m altitude in a NASA-designed seat, I had two hours of flight time left. I had pressed all the buttons and tested all the features. So I thought, go do something I never do.

Be ready, drum roll. Watch a movie! Yes, I know that for most people this is normal. But I never allow myself to do that. So a little golden hour while we're on the end of the movie. This moment is really precious.

What did I do to deserve this. There are only a few minutes left before we land. I asked them for the early craziness, the little benders.

- All good so far? -Yes, it's okay, perfect They are really sweet Like this, we are ending this premiere about Arnold winning. Dubai So that's where all those people I met on reality TV dodge French taxes. It's going to be a bubble. Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo, quality of the meal: bravo.

Courtesy, very good. I don't know what you think. I don't know what you would have done in my place. Don't hesitate to tell me. I have the impression that I have exploited all the potential of the cabin.

I'm leaving with the pajamas, with the slippers. Anything I can tax them. - It's time to say good bye. - Thank you so much Marcellino. -It's a pleasure. - Appreciate it.

-Nice to meet you. - Thank you so much Prince. -Tchao, see you.. Well, one more box checked. We will not have succeeded in making it profitable. And this is probably my first and last first class.

But, it was a truly out of the ordinary experience that had to be experienced. Feel free to tell me in comments what you thought of it. And I say, ladies and gentlemen, good bye. ❤️ by

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