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thank you absolutely hello hey everyone wow again  i'm only i'm not used to this there's usually   like 20.5 people maybe 30 on this calls and i  only started doing them like a few months ago   so thanks a lot for joining okay so i guess we can start again this  is all recorded i didn't want to   record in the beginning but a  lot of people asked so why not so again you can see the disclaimer on the screen  first right and um so that's you know the usual   stuff and actually notice they have a typo here  could be no discussion level content so before   i even begin uh and i just wanted to say thank  you for joining everybody um you know when i made   this uh the video i shared about my results and i  tagged michael you know i was hoping to get like   a comment from him which i did but i i had no idea  that he's going to share me uh you know share the   video on his community fab uh knowing how picky  he is so while i'm extremely honored i'm also   overwhelmed by so many people and then you know  joining my telegram youtube asking questions and   well so obviously i can't spend my time to find  everyone like i can possibly apply everybody   to everyone but this is my way of trying to  help you guys right um trying to show you what   i'm going to show you today is how i look at the  market using michael's information like what i've   studied from michael and i'll show you my personal  model that is different from michael's and maybe   i hope that some of you will find it interesting  for yourself maybe something will click for you   but for others it might be not beneficial at all  it might not resonate with you at all and that's   totally fine there's so many ways to look at the  markets and it really depends on your your person   well the traders personality as to what type of  trader you want to be and how you want to trade   or let's say maybe some people are better with  uh imbalances some people like for the blocks   you know like whatever tools are available you  can pick and choose which one you like the most so that's the beauty of it wait can can you guys  hear me just someone just one person please say in   the chat can you hear me i can see my screen yes  okay okay okay i was just using this okay okay   cool thank you all right great all right so we saw  this disclaimer so again let's get straight to it so uh you have to understand that the game and  my notes here let me see what i want to talk   about okay so the trading is really a business of  probabilities right you want to put your money at   risk if you're trading live funds um or even while  while you're learning you want to take a trade   that had and that has a high probability of being  a you know playing out in your favor based on what   you understand the markets so there are times  in different markets when these probabilities   are very like any kind of like the probability  of the market going like up and down is you   know it's very it's basically 50 50 it's hard to  determine and i'll show you what that means and on   the other hand there are times when it's like you  can anticipate the market you know turning around   uh and the probability of it will be higher so  let's just start looking by and this will be   this information will be useful for not just  for scalpers like me this is just for me you   know people who they trade and maybe hold  positions for a few days so let's look at   an example of the euro dollar here this is what  i would call like low probability conditions so   we see we have been while we had this huge decline  we also recently the last week or so we have been   consolidating right and if you uh if you're new  you can just use the fibonacci tool and look like   from again from this wind low to the swing  high let's actually go to the one hour chart um   so you see that euro has really been pretty  much just consolidating and look at where   um well the market closed pretty much at  the 50 percent right literally like not   premium not this time or pretty much right  in the middle so as a day trader this means   that any kind of like potential analysis  uh has low probability of playing planning you know you want to go short i mean it's  pretty much a 50 50 chance you know you're   going to go low saying the same thing so uh and  look how difficult it is let me just remove this   look at it if you try to hold trades let's say  you buy here market comes back takes you out   by here market you know company market comes  back takes you out you want to sell it comes   back takes you out you want to sell comes back  takes you out so for day traders it's difficult   but guess what for scalpers like me it doesn't  really matter it does not matter if like probably   and i'll you know i'll explain that in a moment  because i go on the one minute chart and i can   always usually find something to trade using  my model so you might add so this is again just   to for you to understand again consolidation right  the market literally closer to 50 it can go either   way plus we are also during the weekend right now  you know so anything can happen on the weekend   you know i have i'm going to share even though i  just said that probabilities are low for any kind   of short-term direction i do have my preferred  bias what i think it might do but you have to   understand also where you are in the week and  you have so this is the weekend right now right   so anything can happen in the world any kind of  global event that can you know shake the markets   markets can you know get up get down easily you  know anything we still have code going on maybe   some kind of bad news about it or whatever  or you know if i don't know maybe the queen   of england you know let's say she went for a walk  and you know she sleeps and fell and you know the   pound dollar is gonna just collapse something like  that but uh you get the idea but let's you might   ask then what's uh what is a high probability  condition right so let's go let's say to um us 30. so obviously let's say if you want  to go short right you want to be   shortened at the discount and let's  look at this price right here um you see the market traded lower took out  these lows right and started retracing   and you have two fair value gaps  right here right in this section and let's say again using that  okay market is facing to keep going   low this one here and this one here so you have  two fair value gaps so you might think okay so   my uh why not this one well like why shouldn't  i short here like why should i wait here well   the reason is because again it's pretty much too  close to the equilibrium and with experience again   you don't need the fields you can just see it  right away but um if you're a new trader it's   it's very beneficial so what i would use uh what i  would do is like stretch your fifth from this high   to this low and why this high not this one  is because this high started this run down   this is the most like the energetic move that  started well they had it started the energetic   move okay and you can see that this uh fair  value gap which is still it's a very strong   level on the date it's the daily chart  right there's going to be a lot of um   you know liquidity so you can see that actually  it was very also there's a lot of price actually   happening here but it's pretty much just a little  bit a little bit above the equilibrium but this   fair value gap is right in between what icc calls  the sweet spot right the uh premium it's in the   premium market so you want to be selling obviously  at the premium right so this is the different   difference between low probability conditions  when price starts getting in here you're like okay   it's more likely to go short and you just don't  go short right away just because it went into   you know the gap you start looking and  you start looking for confirmation so   going down if you are a swing trader you go down  maybe on the floor four hour one hour chart um and   if you look closely let me remove this this  actually is a perfect example of michael's   um youtube model but we had a sling low broken  and why this one low because this one located   the highest high that you know broke this highs  market broke down broke the swing low again we   have your fair value gap you can so short you  know like on the daily chart so i'm not going   to go into details about it because i don't think  i can explain this model any better than michael   would uh but i'm just going to say that i use  his youtube model a lot on the one minute chart   i like it it's very simple to me but the focus  today is to show you guys my own model okay maybe some of you will find it useful so actually  since we're here so i hope this makes sense   um and since we're here actually let me so  this is how i approach the market right from   scalpies perspective again my view of the market  might be different from yours or someone else's   and that's totally fine so i just look for like  first thing the easiest thing that stands out is   to look for obvious like daily or one hour  like highs and lows this stands out stands   out to me and this right here also right now  basically this whole area would have so many lows   so i have a preferred direction usually um i think  that we should punch below these lows and you know   like below this load and then maybe we'll see  some kind of replacement up and then go lower but   in general i think we should see lower prices  because it's just too obvious that you can draw   a trendline here also you know trendline traders  will be here so uh looking for a bounce so i'm   thinking the market should go low okay i haven't  preferred direction um but at the same time if   we go on the one hour chart this is actually  very only very obvious um it could too i think   this oh if you go on the one hour chart again this  is my daily routine kind of i mean not even daily   i just like whenever i want to trade i just like  sit down maybe half an hour before i start looking   for trades on an hour uh and you know so looking  for something like that what did the market do   or in the weekend i can mark some snow so i see  a lot of also this is basically your exist uh   support yes i know resistance  right your textbook resistance so   it could i would like it to do what i would  like you to do first is to first you know i   would like to punch through to take out by  side liquidity you know and then go lower   that's my preferred idea uh of  the market but again you have to   um you have to consider that where we are in the  week if this was let's say if this price actually   was on monday and we were going into tuesday's  trading right i would be more confident this   samsung this will pay out market will go up right  like take out by side and then you know go lower   uh i'll be more confident with this but because we  are in um on the weekend right now right anything   can happen again the market can literally just get  down without even going you know you're taking out   this guys uh or i could be completely wrong and  just fire like this and you know what i honestly   don't care i mean i have my if my bias is wrong  i just adapt to what the market gives me i'm not   afraid to be wrong and again i have a whole like  i have seven or eight months worth of history in   my telegram chat backing me uh i've been sharing  analysis and you can see that most of the times   it plays out or not so i know what i'm doing but  if i'm wrong i'm you know i'll i'm not afraid of   being wrong let's just say that i'm just adapting  because again once you get into the scalping um i'll talk more about scalping you know  you'll see that i don't really care too much   if my analysis plays out great i'll just  ride along with it if it's wrong and the   market will go ballistic well i'll  adapt and find something to go wrong   um it all depends on really like how monday  or tuesday let's see if i want to trade uh   like what the market gives me i'll see i'll wake  up i only trade you know the morning session and   the pm session i don't trade london so i'll see  what the market gives me uh like what the market   has already done and now for my idea correctly  i'll adjust my idea if i need to uh right before   i want to trade sometime in the morning maybe  around 8 a.m in the morning um so okay this was  

your 30 right and then let's go back then for the  euro dollar again i went i told you that any kind   of like potential short term analysis is kind of  has low probability of cleaning out but i still   have my preferred idea what i want to see i think  again that we still should see lower prices um   and i'm sorry i kind of i'm just i have like  uh i'm not really looking at questions in the   chat so i don't distract myself i'm just going  with you know what i wanted to discuss today so   i'm trying to um answer the questions people  asked so anyway i'm thinking we should go lower   right but this again this looks very clean to me  i would like if the market does go higher uh i   mean uh it may be just to take out this height  and then go over yeah but again i would like   it to stay below this high why because this  high basically was going a one-hour chart um   you know this move up cleared out all this buy  side from you know the previous week basically   and then started dropping lower so i think as long  as we stay below this level we should be fine and   see lower prices but even let's say if i'm wrong  and the market completely you know it goes higher   and it will just go a little bit higher  and i still think we'll go lower in the end   um but this is what i prefer seeing right now  okay my preferred idea is just maybe spike above   the size and go lower without breaking this high  uh but again 50 50 chance so this is what i want   to see but i will just play along with what the  market gives i'm just giving you out my ideas and   trying to show you what happens in my  brain when i look at price all right so   with that being said uh i wanted to share with  you my model right um and it's really just   you utilizing the fair value gaps and i shared  with you let's start with the example on nasdaq   that i shared with you um in the telegram channel  i showed you that there was the only trade that i   took after i shared that video uh they made me an  extra four percent and i even went an extra mile   to show you the broker statement for the day so i  don't know how many people do that so this was a   third day trade like uh the market collapsed and i  saw that a lot of people i know were trying to buy   to buy the dip so to speak right like  because market broke below previous days low um but i was i shorted this why because if you  go on the five minute chart this is what i saw   and i believe michael talks  about it in one of his recent uh   videos i don't remember which one but i think  he mentioned it so and this is what comes with   experience you have to understand i saw this  price kind of just uh stumbling not breaking   um you know like so this up candles this uh  up closing candles they kind of serve as a   stop sign uh for price to move higher you  see like the rejection here rejection here   so from i believe that we still should see lower  prices for my black scalp and another reason is   because and this is like that's why i don't really  care what happens in the market like uh you know   because i can frame a setup within you know a few  if i see just price action over the last few hours   so this was this high and low this high and low  here this was the low and high of the lunch hour   right i see based on ict um time frame so from 12  to um let me just put a line here to one hour um   one p.m eastern time this is line travel right  so this was the london um the lunch hour high   and um price took it out for me that's  enough to start looking if price wants   to go short especially since we're kind  of rejecting this area here doesn't let   the price to go higher um you can see  there was a fair value gap also right there so this is another so this is what i outlined on  the one minute chart this candle right here   broke down created fair value gap and i sold here  after price at the rejecting plan um someone here i saw here my target was basically  the uh near clan shower low um i saw this fair value gap and already price  also rejected this fair value gap like from   the five-minute chart the surprise so previously  right and even everything i told you previously um   i believe that we're still going lower then i  went on the 30-second chart this is how i scale several times throughout the day but right now i  just want to take a break from trading so i'm not   going to trade as much for i i just need to break  so this is my last trade for the week and also   look so we have a fair value gap and one minute  chart and we have a gap uh what happened on the   one-minute chart uh on the 30-second chart sorry  all right so we have two overlapping fair value   gaps imbalances however you want to call it  actually i sold it somewhere here so i saw the   price started rejecting it this was so overlapping  gaps will serve as a strong usually if you arrive   in the direction right you'll see that they  served as a sort of um also barrier for price to   um you know for price to go any higher  so i saw i i saw this rejection i saw   and uh again my my target was just this  frequency right here so this is how i uh this   is one of my it's the simplest model because  it only really utilizes the fair value gap   uh concept and it's very powerful like  many overlapping fair value gaps like   a bearish time frame also in play this is why  so uh it happens almost every day in the market   and this might be this example might be a  little bit still too much for you because   it's a 30 second chart so i can show you how  uh and it's not even the highest probability   trade i'll show you what i was like a trade that  i actually missed i only saw it after it happened   it's something that i would prefer taking like  if i uh man that was such a beautiful trade on   the euro dollar so i hope this kind of makes  sense again overlapping fair value gaps while   we took out this high again high probability  trades usually occur when a previous high or low   is taken out and you start looking see if price  wants to reverse okay or if there's some kind of   maybe one hour imbalance the price trades inside  of it and then you go into lower time frames and   look for either an icc youtube model idea or  what i'm showing you here okay that's the idea um and no consider i did not sell at the style  level we said this is a premium compared to this   price fractal right here again you have  to consider the price fractal speed um let me remove this   so this and this swing high started this energetic  move here that also took out this low so i sold   actually at the premium so from this range you see  how it all um kind of um combines it makes sense but again this example is i'm going to show you  something that probably will be easier to see   and uh will appeal to more people because  this is again 30 second chart i know most   people cannot trade on the 30 second  chart so let's go to the euro dollar okay this is the trade that man i saw it  after it happened and oh my god i like   i wish i saw it like while i would it was  this is something absolutely beautiful so   people uh another probably a tip for you a useful  tip is that let's see okay this was the fair value   gap i was looking at on the one hour chart and  as you can see here again the higher the time   frame the stronger the zone you can see another  fairground gap on the one-hour chart right here   so you might ask like why how like why do i still  keep down this you don't want to discredit an   imbalance just because the price straight traded  to it like once or twice especially if it's like   only a one hour chart and balance you can stretch  it out for the you know for the next for the whole   week or even like week and a half so you can it's  really just if you do back testing you'll see how   many times and price can potentially come back and  reject the imbalance and at some point it will of   course if it comes back it will blast through it  so it's just a matter of experience i allow for it   to usually come back two times late and look for  shorts and on the third time it can potentially   uh bless through his own you know but not always  so keeping in mind these imbalances just kind of   throughout the week is very important because as  you can see there's so much price action so much   price action in this area right here so again we  have two overlapping imbalances from the one hour   chart right it is extremely it is an extremely  um hold on a second okay extremely powerful zone   and um this okay so let's drop down to the  15-minute plan again it's all about time   and price we have new york session right  new new session from uh basically 7-10 we have price trader lower we have this imbalance right here price rejected and we have an imbalance on the 50 minute  right here so you see how many already   imbalances we have like in this zone with  a very strong one hour and 50 minute chart   so um let me go to the five-minute chart there was nothing there was no imbalances  on the five-minute chart so what do you do   you go on the one-minute chart look look how many um okay one minute short  we have an imbalance here it rejected it here we have you know the chart becomes ugly we have  another imbalance right here so you see we have   basically two one-hour imbalances one fifteen  minutes in balance we have so many one minute   imbalances so uh we also have a breaking structure  here and the price came back so this is your kind   of ict model uh this high broke above these highs  on the one minute chart breaking structures so   many overlapping imbalances so uh i would uh  i would if i were to take this trade you could   take this one but i prefer this one after this  imbalances got established like look at it how   beautiful this is how the one minute chart closed  right here um that one on the one minute candle   sorry so you can sell uh this requires maybe a  little bit more experience also but where i mean   you can trust that the zone is so strong because  you have so so many confirmations that this would   be hypothetical let's say even if you don't like  maybe you wait for a rejection let's say you don't   get the best and you started saying here you  stop us it will make sense if you want to be   aggressive your stop-loss can be above this  high but that's too you know you have to be   experienced i personally would not place my stuff  here to be safe i would place my stop here again   above this high let's say 11 pip stop plus um you  know 11 and a half whatever and i go you know i   usually stealth anywhere between two two and three  hour trades so look pretty quickly you get your   three to one risk to reward me personally even  if the price went lower out this would be enough   i'll close out so this is what i'm still  struggling kind of because a lot of   my trades do go you know more like for like  five six seven are in profit and uh i keep   telling myself that i should keep it on like a  small partial to you know you know for running   but it's just me i like to i guess be in and out  of the market quickly so um i'm still developing   on that part i'm trying to teach myself to  leave at least a small runner running for   more but the idea is for you to target let's  say even even if i know that price is most   likely going to target liquidity lower so why did  the price break down lower because you have your   relatively equal high um lows right here this  is your low resistance equity surrounding that   teaches it right this is your well you can draw  a trendline probably here so it makes sense for   price price is already dropping again we  have we have a rejection of one imbalance   so many overlapping imbalances here so it will  make sense for it to keep going lower and even   though i see the price is most likely going to  tackle this liquidity first it's also kind of a   little bit late in the day for me it's like it's  london closed so if it gives me 3r i'm done but   you can totally if you want just make sure that  pay yourself and you know in between let's say you   want to take partials at 203r take it and then  let it ride out and you can see that you know   nice delivery price did in fact go lower um and  bounce back up right so the idea is hopefully   um at this point i think this example is better  right because it also deals with you know higher   time frames so maybe more people can be on the  charts looking for it look listen let me just   remove all this this is kind of ugly so you have  a fair value gap inside of another fair value   i mean i even made the mean for this  if you've seen the reception movie uh   what if i told you there's an effigy  inside of a refugee inside of another   okay so this is the idea i hope this is like an  easy way to kind of memorize it and again you   know i'll share this video this is how i trade  it happens a lot a lot a lot throughout the days uh could you please go in this is i mean that's i  just i just did i just showed you the nasdaq trade   okay and um so yeah i think those two examples  were pretty good in my opinion um you have to   and again what a lot of people don't  understand it's what you need is experience   uh even just because let's assume all right  let's assume that whoever created the algorithm   all of a sudden comes to you and tells you hey i'm  gonna sit down with you and give you a model that   has a hundred percent winner right um and he  teaches you that he has he says okay good luck   guess what you are still going to fail  why because you lack experience anything   worth having in life takes a lot of practice  and sacrifice and there is no way around it   you need to have experience thousands of  hours on the charts testing your model out   and with time you will be able to filter  out that trades you'll be out you'll see   where the price is most likely going to reverse  and again strong probably the probabilities are   very strong when the market uh takes out let's  say an hourly high low and then you can start   looking for potential reverses and lower time  frames and uh again you just need experience to   you know oh i can see all these things happening  in real time and that's why i don't really like   i mean back testing is good but i think that it's  better if you see things develop real time if you   just sit on the front of the charts and see price  action and you think okay even if you don't place   a trade on a demo whatever you just think okay  this looks like a potential reversal i'm going to   anticipate price reverse and this is where i'll  probably sell and that's how you develop your mind um how do you establish your daily bias i just went  over it at the beginning of the video guys i just   told you like how i like i believe like again i  just told you i go on the daily and i see stuff   and i think that i just mark out the obvious highs  and lows in this case let's say you're 30 wherever   the lows so i think the market will go lower um  i'll look at i drop down to the one hour chart   i always keep the flower chart always skip it i  don't like it i look for also obvious like highs   and lows like imbalances things like that i just  mark them down uh price does not always have to   come to them but this is something i just keep  an eye for and then when the time in price if i   trade during new york session i just see what the  price gave me already for the day and the price   does come back to my balance and i want to sell  short i'm going so short because my ideas will be   going short because there's so much liquidity  here i think we should see lower prices um and then again the drill down is like when you can  go down to the 50-minute chart finding the chart   one minute chart for entries uh that's the idea  uh let's see and let's just look for let's say   i know food futures just again give you an example  i never trade two futures but let me see what it   is you go on the daily chart what sends out you  have to see what stands out immediately you see   highs and you see lows okay um there's an  imbalance right here on the daily chart too so you see actually price came in and started  rejecting uh again this is just consolidation   kind of a low probability scenario but i  think that fundamentally we're still not   done with higher prices so this is soybean  um in my opinion i would like the market to   trade first below these lows to take out any  sell stops or and induce people to go short   and then reverse and go higher because i know  there's so many things going on in the world that   uh i don't think we're done with higher prices  this is how i would say you know this is just an   example of again i'm just you know looking at  it because a completely different asset class   that i've never traded but this is like a good  example of a consolidation what you would mark   down highs and lows liquidity will be there and  uh again certain things will come with experience   my idea is dropping down going higher  can i be wrong absolutely but so what and   whatever the market gives me during the  killdown times i'll go and look for setups again if you think about it the market was ranging  up and down really still being on the daily chart   consolidation but you can see how you can frame a  setup based on what it did throughout the day and   you don't even need the whole day really i just  showed you so many confirmations here very strong   known for potential continuation lower so you can  as a scalper you don't always have to worry about   the daily bias in my opinion and you might  disagree with me and that's totally okay   you might completely think that you know  doesn't make any sense but i think that for   some people if you go and uh back that's what  i just showed you overlapping fair value gaps   uh just go on the one-hour charts look for  imbalances straight amounts throughout the week   and look how price reacts at them on the 15-minute  chart on the five-minute chart one minute short   in the more imbalances you have overlapping  and if you see some kind of clear liquidity   arriving at lows clear lows high high low uh this  is where most likely the daylight on the market is   going to go for the day and we're talking about  a game of probabilities you have to be able to   see where the market is going to go that comes  with experience there's no other way around it   uh and i hope that i try to the best of my ability  to kind of bring those bridges together and   explain you my personal model only utilizing the  free content from uh michael okay so lung tells   me that we have a few minutes left so at this  point i mean i've covered most of the things   let me see um yeah so again daily chart the  drill down is simple that a daily chart one   hour chart liquidity polls and then you go  to for 15 minute final chart to frame a setup   um during new york i don't trade i see some  questions about a london session unfortunately   i i don't really trade london session again i'm a  new york trader or a trading pm session so i would   not be you know i don't have much experience  trading it i like the new york session i think   it's easier because you can see what the  price has already done for the day and um   and especially for new traders i think  it's easier to frame a trade there   okay let's see nasdaq yeah there's so many so one last thing before we go again there is nothing you have to submit to time  you might not really understand understand what   i'm telling you right now or my what michael shows  in his videos right now but don't get frustrated   it comes with time as long as you don't  quit you have to suffer blown accounts   you have to suffer once you maybe you get funded  you lose a funded account you know you have to   suffer the fact that friends and family might not  always support you but it's all worth it in the   end as long as you don't quit with experience  you will see the market doing same things over   and over again and you will be able to filter  out bad trades based on your model your   strike rate will increase there's no way around  it only experience that is your secret sauce   okay that's really i see so many people trying  to go deep in the rabbit hole asking for   you know in 2436 whatever i don't  know that stuff i don't need it   i try to eventually your trading becomes simple  like i just showed you this model is one of my   its most simple model but i love it it's one of  my favorite i have more advanced model models but   this i've been using it especially recently i know  if you go back test there's so many setups like   that so submit to time okay there's the journey  is hard it is very difficult it is very very   difficult but with time your trading will become  simpler it can sound like as an oxymoron but   that's the way it is i just broke it down based  on my almost five years experience four and a half   years of experience two of them studying ict  how i use only one concept of fair value gaps   no order blocks no smt nothing just if you want  if you know how to use smt great use it like for   confirmations but it's not always required again  overlapping fair value gaps are very very powerful   just going back to see for yourself see if you  can find setups uh when the market opens this   week uh see for yourself okay and if you go back  through some of my youtube videos you'll see that   that is exactly what i'm doing overlapping  fair value gaps and i usually like to short   for some reason i'm much better shortened than uh  buying i know that's just me personally okay so yes i use this model uh along with other models  to get my 201 piece i did i i mean i use it on   all of my accounts okay so whatever i see in the  market i do it so we have less than a minute left   on that note i hope you learned something useful  please let me know uh what you think and um i'll   talk to you guys at some other time and when  i have time i'll upload the video also okay so everyone have a great day  talk to you next time be safe

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