INSANE FAME GAIN from Satchels and Credits - Albion Online

INSANE FAME GAIN from Satchels and Credits - Albion Online

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today i'm going to show you just how fast and  crazy you can progress in albion online once   you've played through the game you have an 8.3  set with high spec you have an 8.3 satchel and   you have millions of silver to spend i'm going  to show you how it compares to being a new   player with none of these things all right so this  one's a little bit of a weird different video it's   mostly talking but i've got a lot of examples  to show you alright so in the last seven days   i have played five of those days and in those five  days i played 30 minutes at a time fame farming   either through open world mobs or dungeons or  static mobs or static dungeon mobs or soloing   group dungeons you name it i've done it  and let me show you what that looks like   so if we go to the little rankings area right up  here at the top of the screen and click that okay   we click the fame drop down menu we're going  to go ahead and click last week because it just   refreshed all right today i'm filming on the 11th  of july and you can see here this button rank too   low to be listed and you can see here the lowest  rank the 10 000 person farmed 14.6 million fame   last week okay but here's the kicker right i have  a guild called soul bing 300 chat gamers and i am   the only member in the guild all right very cool  right not really it's kind of sad but if i click   the the fame rankings here and i click this tab  that says guilds suddenly that button lights up   and we could see just how much fame that i farmed  in the school bendy 300 chad gamers rank 4.8 000 i  

farmed 6.7 million this this is raw fame okay i'm  going to talk to you about what this is what it   means and how we're going to just dramatically  increase that number to a ton all right it's   really surprising how much six point million raw  fame actually converts into okay so with that said   i only played 30 minutes five out of the seven  days it's been seven days since this rankings you   know for for the previous week because it resets  on monday my time at least and so 30 minutes a   day fame farming 6.7 million that may not sound  like much but let me let me show you that it's   actually quite a bit all right but before i do  that i want to show you just a few things okay so   uh on the 4th of july 2022 at 2 29 in the morning  i filmed a video called the the best the secret   to farming static mom's now been online right so  that is the day that i recorded this okay and the   day that i put it out well not not put it out  i think it releases tomorrow actually hold on   so you can see this video isn't available to  the public yet it's listed as private no views   of course july 4th 2022 that's its upload date  all right that day will change when it goes live   anyway in this video i'm looking at my fame my  combat fame credits and you can see here at the   top of the screen my learning points are at 190  for my character and i have 44.5 million combat   fame credits okay that number is kind of important  all right so here you can see now that i have 402   learning points and here's the thing i was like  well that doesn't add up because with premium   you get 20 learning points a day how do i have 10  days worth of learning points that makes no sense   because today is the 11th i couldn't understand  it but when i hover my mouse hovered my mouse over   this learning points you see that pop-up it says  premium characters get 30 learning points per day   that's uh that that's interesting i didn't  know that it jumped up to that amount but   here's the the whole kicker you see this number at  the top it is 69 million combat fame credits so i   went from what was it 44 45 million to 69 million  combat fame credits playing two and a half hours   that's it and how did i do that obviously i have  premium active but um sometimes you know you have   the activities here like right now it's open it's  15 additional fame and static open world dungeons   now i i wasn't the the 30 minutes a day thing  i was doing completely random activities   tier 5 yellow zone dungeons open world moms  static dungeons group soloing group dungeons   tier four tier five alright so i wasn't being  hyper efficient with my fame i wasn't farming   red zones i was not farming black zones none  of that so let me show you with the tier 8.3   what is this excellent satchel i gained 95  increased combat fame at the cost of 1.13   silver alright so let me tell you in that two  and a half hours that i played i burned probably   i don't know how much silver but i i started  i think 10 days ago i had 50 something million   on this character and now i'm down to  9.6 million and i don't think i bought  

anything i don't think i made any major purchases  i think all of that went into combat fame credits   all right i can't tell you exactly how much from  from well actually we can let's look at the video   and this is the cool thing about being a youtubers  i can just look at my old videos so in this same   video i had 42.9 million silver and i burned  through all of that all right including all this   i'm going to get to the silver that i picked up  for the week because that's another 900 000 okay   but essentially i burned through uh when it was  almost 30 something million silver in two and a   half hours so this is definitely not something you  can also in this video my satchel wasn't even um   you know upgraded i i was still on the outstanding  satchel as you could see so it's pretty wild how   uh how much silver we burn through but how much  combat theme credits we farmed in just a very   short amount of time now real quick before i show  you the silver i collected this is this is so   weird to me okay if i go to silver collected for  last week i don't i'm too low on the ranking okay   the the 10 000th person picked up 2.4 million  silver worth but somehow and look he's unguilted   of course there's so many ungilded accounts on  here and i'm gonna tell you right now that's a   little weird it's very weird for collecting that  much silver to be unguilded okay but if i click on   the guilds and i go to mine well i ranked about  5200 and i picked up 931 000 silver okay so the   lowest person only picked up 240 000 silver but  the highest single person picked up 2.4 million  

that is a huge amount of bots okay and i'm gonna  talk more about bots later in the video but um   the fact that there are so many guildless like  this morgana one person right like what are they   even doing they just kill mobs uh well no this  person killed players so it's probably a real   person what about this one um that's probably a  real player too like you could you could spend   a lot of time on here trying to figure out  which ones are bots and which one aren't um   but it's a little smuggest that um an individual  player has 2.4 million at the lowest and   entire guilds all right uh are only  at 240 000. what about alliances   okay well alliances um let's see that's this  week last week doesn't show for alliances for   some reason and all time uh looks like my alliance  is way up there on the on the money collection so   that's pretty cool but anyway so uh as you can see  here silver collected last week i picked up 931   000 silver from that's just killing mobs that's  just killing whatever right and i'm down to 9.68   million now also i'm selling all the gear that  i pick up too and that that's a lot of sales   because every every 30 minutes i would pick up  a few hundred thousand silver and sell that so   um that's another one to three i don't know the  math but that that's multiple million so we spent   a ton of silver on combat fame credits okay now  what's the whole point of this video what am i   getting at what am i talking about okay so if  we go back to the rankings here and then we go   to fame and we go to this or not this week but  last week uh you can see that just by myself   if i had no satchel no premium no nothing  to boost it i would have farmed 6.7 million   fame and that would be distributed between  my four or five pieces of gear the helmet   the chest the boots the weapon and the  offhand they would all get 6.7 million fame  

now here's how much fame it takes to to  max out a weapon for those that don't know   just for those that are still new here um let  me find a weapon where i have like almost no   points into okay um a weapon not an offhand  not an armor those have different values   all right so let's go with uh the pike i have  a level one pike it's uh it's got a little bit   of a notch there but to level the pike to 100  which is where it's most economical it's 16.919   million combat fame credits okay so that means it  is a it's around if you round up it's 34 million   fame 34 million fame to max out a specialty okay  so 34 million let's get our little display capture   back up here okay we have 34 million fame and  we're going to divide that by what is it 6.4   is how much i earned playing two  and a half hours so it would take me 13.28 hours of farming yellow zone  content essentially as a new player well   here's the here's the thing with that  i'm gonna i'm talking about that too   okay it's a little weird but essentially if  i if i was if i just wore a set that i didn't   have maxed out stuff in it would take me 13.28  hours to max out a specialty of grinding just   getting open world mobs you know  static mobs now here's the thing too as   new players aren't going to have access  to 8.3 gear new players can't solo group   dungeons new players can't just slap on an  8.3 axe and go to town they can't step on  

the 83 hellion jacket and survive indefinitely  against like 10 mobs okay they can't do that   you know it's actually going to be a little bit  more time than that all right uh until they get   there but here's the thing too is uh for as far as  weapon goes your your fighter isn't nearly as hard   to max out so we're gonna go to a weapon tree that  i barely have any points in like uh warlock no   ah here we go arcanist i have level one arcanist  because that's a support to level that to 100 is   only 7.359 million fame not nothing well  the fame credits so 14 14 and a half 14.7   14.7 fame right so that would only be 7.5 to 8  hours okay to get there to be able to even use the   8.3 so as a new player your first couple of days  okay assuming you're playing eight hours a day   would be spent getting your h3 and to a four like  this is a four million weapon okay if you make   uh with your three day premium start you  would be making you know anywhere from 200   to hopefully 800k an hour depending on luck  depending on jackpots and so on and so forth   you can easily afford your 83 on your first couple  days all right and then from there you know the   farming is a little bit slow uh like i said but  interesting enough what was the combating bird 69   and there was like 44 or 45 million something like  that right let's get that calculator back up so 69   and it's like minus we're gonna go 45 i think it  was 44 i don't remember so that means i farmed 24   million fame credits in two and a half hours  now let's take that number what what if what   what if um i played 40 hours this week instead  of two and a half okay what if i did that okay   so 40 hours we're going to divide that by two and  a half hours that's 16 times the amount hold on 40   uh we're gonna do what is this divided by 2.5  hours that's how much we played si is 16. we're   going to take 16 and multiply that number by  the 24 million fame credits that we farmed   in that amount of time so that means i could  effective if i played 40 hours a week i could   effectively farm 384 million fame credits we're  going to divide that by 17 and what that means is   that i can max out 22 weapon master 22 and a half  masteries okay so if we divide that by seven now   which is the amount of nodes on a single  weapon let me show you what that means okay   so if you go here to like the warlock tree you got  one two three four five six seven nodes okay if   we did that if we divided by seven nodes that  means i can max out three entire weapon trees   okay three entire weapon trees a week 3.2 actually  weapon trees with in assuming you have infinite  

silver assuming you have the a3 satchel and the 83  farming set okay faming up is not that bad in this   game that's just a 100 okay obviously going from  100 to 120 is a whopping 50 million fame credits   absolutely not worth the investment for the  little piddly amount of damage that you get   i mean i even like i've been i've been putting  videos on my channel that show this stuff right   let me show you what i'm talking about here uh  and that's if you haven't seen my other videos   i'm just gonna pull some up real quick for you  okay so uh like as far as permafrost prism goes   let's let's take a look at those numbers all  right here they are on the screen i know it's   a little hard to read if you're on a cell phone  but okay so at 840 spec the permafrost prism's e   on my favorite build does 1071. but if i buff it  1316 okay but at just 100 spec it's 956 or 1174.   so all you know instead of just whoa didn't  mean to do that i didn't mean to blow that   up and make that really big but you get the  point right okay so here you go what is the   damage difference between just level 100  uh permafrost prism which you can see here   i have permafrost prism at level 100 everything  else is level one i think these are level 11 for   some reason um but you can see here now we're  gonna get that calculator right back out okay   and so we are going to check out the buffed amount  one one seven four and we're gonna minus that by   the buffed amount of max spec one three one six  making sure my mic's not muted it's 142 damage   for how for how much 51 52 53 50 uh like how much  from 1 to 120 okay it's 67 so that would be 67 120   you know 190 something and then oh it's just like  that's another yeah 67 so 67 times 6 what is that   67 times 6 402 okay so essentially instead of  mastering multiple trees at 100 we can master one   entire weapon node to 120 in a week assuming we  play 40 hours and have infinite silver to pay for   all the the combat fame credit because here again  combat feeding credits cost silver to convert okay   uh the satchel costs silver to convert fame and  it gets quite quite expensive like look here um   can i show oh yeah here it is okay yeah yeah  so uh you can see auto respec active that's uh   that's how you get combat fame credits is 90  silver per fame credit okay uh so if i farmed   20 something million fame credits then i'm paying  90 of that which is like 30 million plus something   you get the point it's insane it's an insane  amount and that's per gear piece that's your   weapon your chest your helmet so the chest and  helmets aren't nearly as much like the helmets   here um obviously well let me find one that's  a hundred you can see here that the silver cost   on this one is um well it's still 90 but it's  only 10 fame converted whereas for the weapon   the fame converted is 40 so it's like three times  more than your helmet anyway uh so as you can see   essentially if i can farm 384 million combat fame  credits okay let's get that calculator back out   384 million fame credits in a 40-hour work week  of sorts we're gonna multiply that by two because   here's why i'm multiplying it by two all right  and now this is just this is getting out of   control the reason why is because the combat  fame credits when you pour it into a weapon   it costs to fame okay so this 67 million combat  fame credits is 134 million fame if you farmed   it raw okay which you can't farm over 100 anyway  so it's moot but the point you get what i'm saying   right hopefully maybe i don't know if you are  or not because this is not a live stream that   is the wrong thing okay back to the calculator so  384 we're gonna multiply that by two 768 okay so   we're gonna take we're gonna save that number  we're gonna look we're gonna copy that number   now back to back to newbie mode okay back to you  know go back in time we're a newbie once again   and uh you know 6.7 million 40 40 hours  divided by the 2.5 that we farm that in   16 okay so 16 times 6.7 is 107 well million fame  right okay we're gonna i'm sorry my mic cut out   for a sec because i want to hit the minus  key it cuts out anyway as you can see here   this is the ultimate fame farming difference  for a player that fame farms for 40 hours   compared to a newbie and that's the whole point  of the video that i'm trying to like build   this up for i know i'm just ranting and it's  hard to follow maybe i don't know but for   me it makes perfect sense okay what i'm trying  to say is the whole point of this entire video   is that as a new player who plays 40 hours  who has an 8.37 is blasting through monsters   but does not have max spec and does not  have a satchel and does not have premium this is the fame in millions in 660 million fame  difference compared to a player that does have   max spec in all their armor that does have the  8.3 satchel and that does have premium all right  

660 million fame difference now we're going to  divide 660.8 divided by 40. so what this means   is per hour i can farm 16.52 more million fame  essentially than than a new player can with   the same gear who isn't max to spec and this  is the difference this is a 16.52 difference   i i am fame farming 16.52 times faster than  a new player can and that that's the power   scaling again of premium having premium having  these little golden little stars these little   combat specialties of 100 on all of your pieces  of equipment and having the 83 satchel now if   this thing was masterpiece and not excellent  quality then it would be another five percent   so that increases the number even more and also  but let's you can push this further okay later in   july i think july 17th actually if i'm right  i might i may be wrong july 17th is albion's   anniversary and during that week you get a 20  combat a 20 fame boost on everything it's not   just combat fame it's gathering fame it's farming  fame on your on your on your on your farms okay   it's 20 boost across the board you could also  get another boost by doing avalonian raids which   i don't know anything about because that's group  content i don't do content people don't like me   i don't get to do it and then if for whatever  reason you're in like a guild in the black   zone and you do the what is it the conquerors  challenge well like there's another the knights   foul that's another like two percent okay but  if you really go crazy and get the biggest vow   you know that's another what 10 fame so you got 20  you got another 10 another 10 here that's another   40 percent that you could stack up um if you get  a yellow fame buff that's a 400 percent which   you can you're not gonna have that all the time  you can't you can't count on that one all right   but i'm just saying you can you can push these  numbers further you can absolutely make this 16.52   times advantage even further beyond all right  it's it's nuts it's crazy uh anyway that that's   all i've got i just wonder oh let's talk about  the bots let's talk about bots um so okay maybe   this isn't the best way to gauge bots but  um if you go to what is it faction pvp kos   all right so you can see here last week how  many k's did i get i got 31 and i only made one   i only dived like blobs for for what 15  minutes i don't know how long that video was   but i i got 31 kos out of it apparently uh so you  can see here if you compare like kos in the yellow   zone there's only 6816 for bridge watch um these  numbers could be wrong seven thousand for lemhurst   a big difference of a thousand eight thousand four  hundred for fort sterling a lot of people in fort   sterling apparently marlock isn't working i don't  know why marlock's not working or well fedford's   working now 6.7 k people care leone there is  no knockouts in care leone it's full of pvp  

and then you can actually can you can change the  change to kills you see there's way less killers   only 2 200 killers in bridge watch compared to ko  peoples which is 6800 okay so not everyone in this   game is obviously doing the faction content some  people are in the black zone little block zone   stuff right that's where you go to kill value fame  silver collected all that kind of fun stuff right   uh so if you if you really really dig deep  on the player counts and the numbers and   just looking through the rankings which would be a  whole separate video anyway a big analysis and you   look at the actual player counts of the game it's  uh there's there's a decent amount of boughters   okay and now i know i've always been kind of like  oh bots rmt cheats hacks esp oh speed hackers   little program that they use in discord to map  out the avalonian roads and stuff like that right   it's yeah it's bad it sucks that it's there but  have you have you seen new world have you seen   a lost ark have you seen world of warcraft lately  it's like 100 million times worse on those games   it's it's actually not so bad when you compare  it to every other game on the market right now um   like almost every game that i've played besides  star citizen is just full of bots and hackers   completely and utterly alright i don't know why  star citizen is untouched by it but who knows it's   it's weird it's crazy anyway guys uh hopefully  you enjoyed my little rant video about fame and   how much you can actually scale it up with you  know max spec premium uh the satchel all being   converted to combat fame credits and so on and so  forth it's nuts it's crazy it's a really really   it's absolutely absurd and you could actually  if for whatever reason if you were brave enough   to bring an a3 satchel out to like a black zone  and do solo group dungeons out there with like   you know a healer or something that just heals  you and doesn't get anything then you would be   let me show you the top farmers in the entire damn  game okay for fame okay because i'm not the top   farmer but um one thing i did wanted to show you  too is remember we calculated it i i farmed what   is it go to guild i farmed 6.7 million in two  and a half hours so again we're going to take   6.7 multiply that by what was it 16 107 million  so if we look at the individuals 107 million fame   if i if i played for 40 hours would put me in  the top 50 i believe let me see 107 million   fame is how much i would effectively farm raw  um yeah it puts me in the top 50 in the world   um for well for that week okay um so as a solo  player with no guild and no assistance by anybody   not doing any group content if i were to just farm  the yellow zone for 40 hours a week i could be in   the top 50 fame earners i'm telling you you don't  need the black zone you don't need the red zone   you don't need them you can just fame farm for 40  hours in the yellow zone and um there you go um   it's that simple now this guy he's  doing uh he's doing what was it uh   hardcore expeditions uh this guy down here  he is doing uh solo solar group dungeons   uh in the black zone obviously i know what he does  uh so so you know if you were to do that kind of   stuff yeah you get tons you get so much right  i don't know if these guys are playing 40 hours   a week when i've i've analyzed all their profiles  they're doing a lot of pvp and corrupted dungeons   doing a lot of zerg versus dessert and guild stuff  too uh so they're not just fame farming right but   if you fame farm 40 hours a week in the yellow  zone you could be top 50 in fame earning per week   it is that simple it is that easy it is it  is not complicated it is it really isn't the   yellow zone is completely fine for characters to  progress without ever losing anything of course in   in this sense you know i do have the satchel  rolling and i you know did burn through   so much silver okay my crafters make me about  two million a day and um i burned through what   what 30 30 in a week so yeah i'm a little bit  in the hole but that's okay i have these skins   i can sell i've already sold um i already sold  all my siphon energy that i got back in the day   i bought it for like 2 000 per and i sold it for  12 000. so that's that's a nice little flip you   know had to wait a year and a half i think to do  that flip but it's still good all right guys that   really i'm just ranting at this point i i know you  i don't know you just use me like a podcast i get   it there's nothing going on on the screen i don't  have 50 little edits in little little slide shows   for you to to to glock at and stuff i'm sorry it's  whatever guys i'm so benji thanks for watching   as always be a bro stay swole and make sure you're  subscribed because videos every day if this video   helped you understand fame let me know if it just  made you more confused let me know if you want to   financially support me um because food prices  are getting really expensive um chicken tenders   are like ten dollars now for a four pack and  since uh like like a cup of tea is two dollars   for a medium tea that's so expensive i i have to  like eat beans and rice every day because i can't   afford to eat chicken tendees so if you want  to if you want to buy me some chicken candies   click the thanks button down below and leave a  monetary donation it'll show up in the comments   it will show up in that comment section it's very  cool and if you want to support me monthly and get   access to private personal videos you can become  a channel member by clicking the join button   down below it's like you subscribing to someone  on twitch except instead of supporting twitch   uh you support me on youtube and it's way  way better because you get access to those   private videos you get access to youtube  like emojis that you can use in youtube   chats and stuff and it's really cool you get a  little icon next to your name whenever you leave   comments i don't know if everyone can see it or  just me but uh it's pretty cool thank you so much   and one of those videos there's go to the pin  comment on this video right now go to the comment   section there will be a pinned comment and in  that comment that's pinned there is a link to   the members only playlist if one of those videos  interests you become a channel members five bucks   a month you get access to all those videos  one of those videos is how to be a youtuber   it is everything that i do for search engine  optimization that the programs i used to record   the settings i used to record the program i  used to edit how i edit how i edit quickly   and how i upload videos you know do the tag title  thumbnail all that fun stuff all in 40 minutes   i think it's worth five bucks thank you so  much for watching make sure you are subscribed   don't forget to subscribe because videos every day  you don't want to miss tomorrow's video take care

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