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Such amazing rocks... Just have a look at these shapes. As soon as you finish the trail, you find yourself in front of these beautiful cafes.

Finally we have reached the elephant rock. It's right behind me. Other than that, another interesting thing here is... They have dug these holes in the ground and set up sofas inside. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Al-Ula.

This is our second vlog here. I hope all of you must have enjoyed the first one. We couldn't cover everything in the previous vlog. Today, we are gonna visit them all and share with you. There's a place here called the Elephant Rock.

We couldn't go there yesterday because we got late. That's one of our targets for today. Beside that, there's a canyon sort of place here. Based on the images that we've seen of the place, we can hope for it to be actually good. We are in the park where we got the bus to go to Madain Saleh. You can get a ticket of all the places of Al-Ula Experience from here.

Let's go to the canyons. There's a nice cafe there as well. Hopefully the route is also going to be awesome. Would be great if we could capture all the nature of this landscape.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* Allah, please make this a wonderful day for us as well as our viewers. Let's hope we can visit at least two places today. The sign board says the place is called Al-Shallal. It's a small village and that's where we are headed.

You can search the place on the maps by typing Shallal Cafe. That's our first point for the day. It's almost 30 km from here.

We expect to get there in half an hour. What an awesome place. The shapes on these mountains suggest... that these were made by people who lived here. It doesn't look like it's naturally made.

But it looks amazing for sure. That's the best part.... As soon as you get out of Al-Ula city, you get to see all these amazing views. The city is not bad itself but the real nature exists outside the city.

Awesome I mean... these holes don't appear natural to me. These are definitely man made. Probably made by locals who used to live here. I literally don't have enough words to appreciate this wonder. Despite the fact that I've been roaming in this region for two days now. It really amazes me.

There are some view points... that make you praise the Lord as soon as you lay your eyes on them. Too good. Nature has unparalleled beauty here.

The desert here has white sand .... And this makes things even better. What a curious looking rock is this... Just look at its shape. We have these rocks on one side and dates plantation on the other.

What a beautiful contrast. We can see a cafe now. They have really decorated it with flowers. Is it the one? I can see Shallal Cafe written there. I think this is the way to get in. There it is.

The entrance to this cafe is really beautiful. A cute little swimming pool in the front. There are rooms available if you want to spend the night here.

As you can see, this narrow path between rocks leads towards the cafe. Let's go. Such wonderful rocks... Just have a look at these shapes.

These are huge rocks. Must be at least 200-250 meters tall. Well... it has to be around a 100 meters. It's a direct vertical ascent.

If you look here, the spacing between the rocks will hardly be 1 meter. At certain points, it gets even narrower. I can see a family taking pictures.

We'll keep some distance so as not to disturb them. And let them keep taking their pictures. I've seen such sites at other places in the world such as Jordan. But this looks like the narrowest path of them all. Just see how narrow it gets here. Take a look.

Another narrow path comes from this side as well. Let me give you another view of this path. Looks like this rock has fallen to its side. There's hardly any room here. One can't go through this path without having to stoop down a little.

Otherwise you may get your head banged against this rock. The light at the end of this path is where the cafe is. So the path is almost 300 meters in length.

There's no heat here at all as the rays from the sun can't get down here. Must be around 23 degrees Celsius. A rather pleasant walk indeed.

Doesn't feel like you are at a really hot place. It's quite sandy here though. But it doesn't make walking here too difficult. No problems if you are wearing appropriate shoes.

The lady in front of me is wearing sandals... And they are making the sand fly in all directions. That's why I'm walking with some distance. Take a look.

I think this is the second narrowest section of this path. You might get stuck here if you are a little oversized. All in all... this is a really great place. I've been to similar places... But they were not nearly as narrow and beautiful as this one. As soon as you come out of this trail, you find yourself in front of this amazing cafe.

I'm gonna order something for myself. And lets just sit here and enjoy this environment. It's quite pleasant out here as well.

One can comfortably sit out here. Such a nice place. Yasir is bringing mochito for us. And he especially borrowed this cap from someone in the staff. Place it here.

I think my mochito is pomegranate flavor. What's your flavor, Yasir? It's Blueberry. But the best thing is that Yasir is wearing our brand T-shirt.. 'Wild Lens by Abrar'. Isn't that nice...

If you haven't got one for yourself yet... then please go and get it. Come sit. Thanks very much Yasir.

One minute.. please... Take your time. Please... One minute, please. Well, our visit to the cafe was fun.

We are now on our way to the elephant rock. The best time to visit it is about half an hour before the sunset. And half an hour is what we need to get there. So it will be about time when we get there. And we hope to find a slot there...

It's a bit crowded today because of the weekend. That's the reason of seeing more tourists than usual. A group of tourists just came to the cafe.

They told us that they were from Medina. There's a resort over there by the name of Shaden Resort. There were similar resorts at few other places. Why is he slowing down? Is he signaling me? No idea. Wa alekum Salaam I'm good. Praise be to Allah.

I'm Pakistani. Join us for qahwa? Jabal Al-Feel... (The Elephant Rock) Thanks If we sat down with them for qahwa, we would miss our sunset. This area looks really impressive at sunset. The whole window of time around sunset. From 4:30 pm ... Or may be from 5:00 pm till late at night.

You won't find a better location anywhere else. There are some recently constructed resorts in this area... While some are still under construction...

So, if you happen to visit this place in next 4 to 5 years... You'll find so many resorts here. I can see one of the resorts being constructed towards my right.... Can you see that even these big cars are moving slowly. I think...

It's about their driving skills. Nothing seems to be wrong with the car. This patch is a bit tricky. Where shall we park the motorcycle... I was about to fall down.

Previously, people used to park it over there. Yasir told me that now they have made this parking here. Can you see that people have taken their personal vehicles up there.. in the distance. Let's park it close to the police guys.

There's a camera here as well. Finally we have reached the Elephant Rock. It's right behind me. We have taken some close up shots.

It's a natural rock and it looks really beautiful. Not just this rock, but some other rocks around it are also quite impressive looking. There are some other things worth mentioning here but more about them in some time. They have dug up holes in the ground and set up sofas in them.

People can sit inside and enjoy the views. It's sunset time. And that was our target to get here at sunset and have a good time. We are gonna enjoy it through and through... And give you a feeling as well. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the evening in Al-Ula.

It gets much more pleasant here in the evening. And a cool breeze keeps flowing in the desert around this time. This lighting looks truly amazing at night. One may come here around half an hour before sunset. And spend next 3 to 4 hours here. We have got this juice from here.

But you can get fruit juices and coffee too. Just the light stuff.. You won't find a proper meal here. However, the prices here are double the ones that you get in the city. We would have gotten this juice from the city in 10 SAR. Here we got it at 22 SAR.

That's the price difference here. Nevertheless, witnessing such a place is an amazing experience. Ever since I saw its pictures... I mean it's one of those must visit places... So, these high prices are not important.

We are gonna sit here and enjoy ourselves. I hope you must have enjoyed this footage. We'll see how long we spend here. Nothing planned yet. For now... let's just sit here and relax. We have come back to the city to have our dinner. There's a Yemeni restaurant here but I don't know if it's open.

And there it is... We have come to a Yemeni restaurant for dinner. The size of this bread can give you an idea. I've tried it once before.

You can get a similar sized bread in the breakfast too. Be it lunch or dinner, you get such huge bread here. Fresh out of the oven.. Looks delicious. And... This right here is meat.

It has .... lots of tomatoes and onions in it. Similar to how we make egg omelette in Pakistan. And these are kidney beans. We are gonna try out these two dishes.

Lets start by saying the name of Allah.. Taking a piece of this giant bread. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... It's a little dry. But hopefully it's gonna taste good.

Trying kidney beans now... It's been a long time since we tried vegetables or beans. I like the beans more.

It's a little spicy... and that's good. Suits our taste buds. We have got something else... and I don't know if it's healthy...

It's erega. Have to try it first. Let me show you... it has honey poured over...

I think it's cream.. and there's cheese too. I've tried it once before but I've sort of forgotten its taste. It's like choori. Yeah. What do you call it? Choori.

Like they make it from paratha. So, it's choori and cream. It's half past 12 in the night. And the city has gradually fallen asleep.

Shops get closed around midnight. Lets finish this vlog at this point. Remember us in your prayers. See you in the next one.

We'll then move to the next city. Allah Hafiz

2022-08-16 05:31

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