i built a farm wedding venue in the sims

i built a farm wedding venue in the sims

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Today is actually me and Dan's one year  wedding anniversary which is kind of   weird to think about, but obviously last  year we didn't do like, a whole big thing. He had literally just moved here and we were kind  of on a time crunch to get paperwork filed for   the visa and stuff, there was a travel ban  so his parents couldn't come from the UK,   so we just like, went to the  courthouse, signed some papers,   and then went back and had  pizza at my parents house. It was actually a really nice day, but it  wasn't like, big or fancy or anything like that.

I'd still like to have like, a wedding-wedding  at some point in the next couple of years,   but let's be honest, that's  just not in the cards right now. Like, I just bought a house, we gotta  take this one step at a time, okay? But I'm still feeling a little bit inspired and I  kind of want to build a wedding venue in The Sims. I was thinking about building some sort of like,  countryside, sort of farm-like wedding setup. To be honest, this is not something I would ever  want in real life, this is just not my vibes. Like, I'm planning on putting hay  bales as the seating for this and I   just don't want that in real life. I'm sorry, but it's not the vibe.

However, in The Sims, I think it'll be cute. So I was sort of picturing having like, a  smallish barn over here on this side of the lot,   and then we'd have like, the reception area  and like the tables and things inside of it. And then outside I want to have like, some  crops, I honestly might even put like,   a cow or something, and then like, a  wedding arch and chairs and things. I've seen a lot of pictures of barns that kind of  look like this, like, they've sort of got wings.

I have been looking at pictures  before I started building this   'cause I was trying to get some inspiration. I don't really know how wide it should be? Okay, well, I guess we're gonna need to  have bathrooms, or at least one bathroom. And then we'll wanna have like, some proper  tables, maybe a dance floor, a bar...

Oh, this is a little bit small, isn't it? Okay, my cat was in here and she  just left, we've been abandoned. She was helping though, she'd been laying  on my keyboard for hours this morning. Apparently the hay bales have scared  her away too and I won't blame her. Okay, I'm sorry, let's think about this. I might actually put the  bathrooms on this side because   then we can have windows that  have like, a view of the farm. And I might even just have one bathroom  over here, like, maybe there'll be an   archway into it and then there'd just be a door  or something, I don't know, something like that.

We do have like, a sort of cottage-y  Cottage Living bar that we could use   which might be kind of fun because it's got like,  a chicken on it, so that might be a nice touch. So we can have the bar over here, I want to have  a banquet table because then you can put like,   the food on it and stuff for the wedding. This is the problem, right, because  in real life, you might have like,   a table for the couple right  at the front, and then like,   a bunch of guest tables kind of spread out, but in  The Sims, you don't really need that many tables   because The Sims don't usually sit at them or  anything, but then I also want to have like,   a dance floor and I want to have some music,  and all of a sudden this room is very small. Oh, look at the pretty light purple. Oh,  this room is very small, this is not good. You know what, I'm just gonna  not think about that for a sec   and I'm gonna work on the exterior  because this part is easier for me,   and maybe once we've figured out the  exterior, it'll come together better. The problem that I have every time building venues   in The Sims is that I always want them  to be like, more realistic looking.

It's just more fun that way, but like,   for gameplay, it's probably better if it's  a little bit smaller and less realistic   because your couple isn't gonna sit  at the head table, they just won't. In fact, you'd be lucky if  anybody sat at any table. And like, these tables are gonna seat six Sims, do  I need more than 12 chairs inside? Probably not,   no one's gonna actually use them  anyway so it doesn't matter. All right, well, here's what I was  thinking for the shape of the barn.

This is a picture that I saw  online, I just googled like,   farm wedding venue and this one came up,  but I kind of liked how this barn was like,   all white, so I think I might try and do  something similar to that for our little barn. I'm also only using the base game, Cottage Living,   and the wedding pack for this so I'm not really  sure about like, the window and door situation. We do have some pretty doors, but they're not  really like, barn doors, if that makes sense. I don't know, that's very much like, a church.

I wonder if I made this taller and  then tried to sneak in this one   because this actually is going to -- okay. Wait, bb.MoveObjects on, okay, that's gonna clip,   but it all just depends  whether or not we care, right? Because -- oh, that's an annoying kind  of clipping because you can see it. It's still gonna work, like, these doors,   they do work when you put them on bigger walls  like this, it just depends if we care or not. And I'm not sure if I care, I  need to think about it more. Oh, and then in a similar  sense, should I use like,   these with the shutters, or is it  odd to have shutters on a barn? I won't lie, I don't spend a lot of time in barns  or at wedding venues so I'm not really sure.

You know, I don't care if that's  off center on this side to be   honest because then it kind of looks better  from the inside and then we can have like,   a fancy spot for this banquet table, and  then this bathroom door can kind of be like,   out of the way, hidden a little because it  doesn't need to be like, a fancy bathroom. It just needs to have a toilet and a sink. You know, I feel like that looks  really pretty from the inside,   I'm just not sure about  this door from the outside. That's like, story of our life though,   isn't it? I'm never sure about what I want  to do with the exterior of these things. I think this one looks really small and kind of  sad, but I don't really know what the alternative   would be, aside from like, if we just opened it  up, but then the lighting gets ugly and that's   kind of the main problem that I have with it  because I like how this looks from the exterior. I don't like how it looks from the  interior, the lighting is just weird   in there and then you can't get good screenshots.

No, we should not prioritize  the exterior over the interior,   the entire point of this is to  have a functional wedding venue. Speaking of which, I don't like any of this,  this is not what I want it to look like. Oh, this little blueberry wreath is cute,   it's kind of like the picture  with the blueberry fields,   except it's a little wreath in The Sims with  absolutely massive berries because I sized it up. I'm just gonna put a bunch of little things  that I want to use outside around the place. Oh my god, a fireplace would have been beautiful.

Oh, we probably shouldn't do that. I kind of want it to be like, sort of cozy  and like, fairy-lit inside of this place. Because look, these are beautiful, these  lanterns are like, the vibe completely. I just need to figure out how many of them I  should put and like, where I should put them.

But I feel like if we had a bunch of those  on the walls, it would be really nice. It'd also be nice if we had a door,  but that's a problem for future Simsie. I need to figure out how farm-y I'm trying  to go with this because I feel like I've got   this very beautiful like, white vision in my  head, but then I also want to use this like,   more rustic looking stuff  which makes this not match. Oh, we could use these little  benches! That would be cute. And we could always have like, a -- oh no. I was gonna say we could have a fake dance floor,   but I don't think I like how  the rug looks so maybe not.

Okay, new question:   can I get away with using these adorable  little chairs, or is that not the vibe? What is the vibe? I don't think it's gonna work. I don't think those are the  vibe. We could probably use   the wedding chairs though with the flowers.

Except all of the flowers don't match the  purple, so do we wanna go pink or blue? I think I like the blue better  because we have the blueberries,   so maybe the colors of the  wedding are like, purple and blue. Do I want to use all six chairs? I always feel  like the six chairs look like a lot, like, when   I try and place them, it seems like it's really  busy when there's all six chairs on something. Oh, I can't even put the pretty piano. There's  no space for anything in this stupid build!

Why did I do this? I could probably use it in the corner. Okay, thoughts on these  lanterns as the centerpiece. I really, really need to be stopped  because right now I want to use this table   in the back just as like, an extra table, and  that's probably a bad idea, but I don't know.

I just -- I want like, something back  there, and I want to put like, this on it,   we could probably get some flowers on it. And then it also makes everything  kind of cut into the bar. Oh, this is so much harder than  I thought it was gonna be. Okay,   do you think this is too big? Is that too much? I think it might be too much. It  might be too much even for us. Okay, so I was thinking about painting  the barn to be this like, sort of white   paneling and then maybe I could  put some columns around the edges. I feel like the roof probably needs to change  too because I don't really like the color of it.

Maybe like, the more rustic-looking  one with the shingles? Okay, the archway doesn't ruin the lighting  completely which is maybe a good idea. I just -- I don't know, I still feel  like the scale is off, but then like,   what are you gonna do, put like, three of them? That's ugly, it doesn't look good.  What I want is like, a big rectangle. Can I just try for a second what it  would look like if we did it like this? Because I know it looks horrible on the inside,  but to me, this is probably the best that I can   do on the exterior because nothing else is  this size, like, nothing else fits that way.

It's so annoying, I don't know what else to do,   but it totally ruins the vibes of the  interior, like, it's so dark in there now. When it's nighttime, it's okay, 'cause  at night -- it actually looks bad. Why does it look bad at night?  I need to bring a sim here. No, it looks so bad. I know that  it's only eight in the morning,  

but it actually looks so bad in here. I just can't, I can't. And I don't  have -- ugh, and I don't have UI   cheats installed so I can't cheat the time. Oh my god, today my patience is being so tested. I won't lie to you, I did have to stop  recording for a second in the middle of   this video to go cry, not about the  build, I'm just very overwhelmed. We're moving soon, there's a  lot going on, but like, come on.

Why is The Sims doing this to me? No,  it's horrible, it's actually so ugly. Forget it, I'm just gonna landscape  it like it's not happening. It's my wedding anniversary, I'll do what I  want, I don't care if it looks good or not. I'll just do what I want. Okay, but  we actually need to get a few trees  

kind of around the place to fill it in a little. And then I was thinking about putting a barn. I know that might be silly, but like, genuinely  my original goal was, let's have a cow. That was the whole vision initially  for this build and so I don't know. If I'm gonna have like, a real barn,   maybe I shouldn't have the cow  barn, that was what I wanted.

Maybe we could just like, put some cows?  Oh, no, I can't just put some cows, cool. Yeah, I'm gonna put some fences now  because I know I can put fences. I think that I'd like to have maybe  like, some farm behind the wedding arch. Like, kind of the thought in my head is  that maybe we could have like -- all right,   that's probably a bit too close, but  maybe we could have like, some seating   kind of leading up to the wedding arch and  then behind it, I wanted to have some crops. Like, maybe something like that because  I did want this to be very farm-like,   like I kind of wanted it to feel like you were  visiting a farm when you came to get married here.

Although now I'm kind of thinking that maybe  I should have a fence around the crops,   so let me rethink this a little. Like, is that nice or is it extremely ugly? This is the kind of thing that I'm not sure about.   This is what I need help with because  I don't know the answer. Maybe we get   a different tree and then we could have  like, a more proper entrance into this.

And look, we could stack up like,  some hay bales and stuff over here. Like, I'll literally stack them, watch.  See? We'll get some hay bales in the corner. We'll fill this with crops. My cat is back by  the way, and she is like, fascinated by this. She's totally staring at the screen as I move  it. I feel like what I'm looking at is like,   two completely different ideas.

Like, this is very like, oh, white, pretty,  updated modern farmhouse, and then we've got like,   this more rustic stuff over here, and so  I'm kind of struggling to meld the two. Ooh, a tractor, we could put that in  the front. That could be fun to like,   take photos with, you know what I mean? It feels kind of gimmicky, but  it feels right for the wedding. I have no idea what I'm  doing. Absolutely not a clue,   not a single clue what I'm trying to do right now.

Our little guest is back, have you  come to help us figure out what to do? I'm not naming any names, but some of  us are really struggling right now. Some of us have no clue what to do. Should I plant my own crops too? Like, should  I go through and just put my own debug crops in   so that they look a little bit more  like, uniform and stuff for the pictures? I mean, they don't all have to be uniform, but  like, for example, it'd be nice if we had like,   our own little custom sort of stuff going on,  but I don't know if this looks silly or not. Would it be -- I don't know, I don't know. That's the whole point of the video,  I don't know, I don't know what to do.

Okay, I do think that maybe if we had the wedding  arch kind of angled like this maybe, and then if   we had -- oh, the only problem is it's gonna be  really annoying to try and get the chairs right. But we could line up the chairs, like,   six of them kind of this way, and we  sort of change it around a little. And then we can have like, another  big tree in the corner or something. Let me just try and get these  -- oh, do they not place nicely? Is that not possible? Can I not place them  nicely because they're on a weird diagonal? That's cool. Oh, I'm so glad.

All right, we have to try and like custom line  these up a little. Just don't look too closely   at it, that's again, the moral of this video is  we don't know what we're doing and don't look that   close because it'll probably look fine as long  as you're not like, staring at it or anything. And that does look nice, it's  not perfect, but it's nice. Oh my god, okay, she hit me  right in the face with her tail. Okay, I have to alt place  this wedding aisle too so   let me just try and figure that out really fast.

Although -- you're caught in  the headphones! Oh my god, Snap. Although, if we have this wedding aisle placed,  that might actually help us with the placement   of these because we can like, kind of  try and line them up around it a little. So maybe that's for the best. Okay, and  then what color? Do I make them wood?

There's a lot of wood, but also a lot of   white going on out here so I need to  find a way to like, meld that better. I think these could be white though,  I think we can do white benches. Am I gonna have them stand on like,  some terrain paint or something maybe? Okay, because then we can kind of  have this come down and we can like,   sort of marry it? Get it, haha,  because it's a wedding venue.

We can kind of marry it like, in the  middle over here, as like, an entrance. If we think it looks okay,  which I'm not sure about. We're gonna have to figure that out, but I think  that this sort of thing makes the most sense. Again, this is assuming that we  do keep that as the entrance.

'Cause then we can sort of landscape like,   around it a little, like, we can  have plants sort of all in this area. Ooh, you know what, this might be kind of cool. Maybe I could put this over here  instead, in like, that empty space. And then we get like, a bunch  of flowers all through here. We could probably even have a couple more  flowers kind of at the end of this over here,   I'm just not sure how much layering is too much. We could probably even have a couple more  flowers right here, but then I also wanted   to put some kind of in the front here so I don't  know like, at what point it would become too much.

If we have any terrain paint glitches and  it deletes my terrain paint, I will cry. I've already cried once during the filming  of this video, I'm not afraid to do it again. But I don't think we will, I haven't  had many terrain pain glitches recently.

Oh, this kind of thing could be  a fun little addition, right? Because it kind of tells you like, oh,   the ceremony is this way and then we  have the like, reception that way. I sort of like that idea. And then we have  this little sign too to show the seating. Although, it might make more sense on the inside.

All right, I'm kind of jumping around a lot,  there's a lot of like, things happening over   here which makes me feel like, maybe it's a  little too busy, but it's also kind of cute. That's probably not the right vibes for  the wedding, right? That like, llama thing. This one makes a lot more sense  because this could have like,   the couple's name on it, although  I suppose it actually has pastries. I didn't look that closely at it. That might be  better because that could be the couple's name. Or we could have a bread basket. Yeah,  we'll do that one. I'll pick that one.

All right, so I've done a lot  of landscaping to try and fill   in the space and we've got a lot of  flowers, but I like how this looks   from this angle and I think it'll be  pretty in your Sims screenshots too. There's still a lot of space to fill in, like,   there's so many empty walls and places that  I feel like kind of need some more bushes,   especially now that I've moved that like,  tractor -- what is this? Hay bale thing. There's still a lot of space to fill in  so I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do   about that, but we'll get there, it's fine. We can just put some hay bales around  the place and it'll work eventually. I think I'll just put some  more flowers on this side   kind of to fill in that empty space  where that like, hay bale thing was. And then I kind of wonder if we should get  like, one more little farm section over here? I realize it's very tight, this  place is like, very, very full.

Maybe we could put a tree there. Oh,  this one's got little white flowers,   that would be really good for this I think. We could probably put some more  hay bales just in front of it. I'm putting so many of these  hay bales around the place,   they're everywhere, but I think it looks good. There's actually some base game debug like,   crop looking things although I might  have scrolled past them at this point. I don't know where they  are, but I know they exist.

I did scroll past them, okay,  cool. Maybe I won't use them then. I am gonna go around and put some of  these little mushrooms like, everywhere. I'm so sorry. I have a real problem when it  comes to these mushrooms because I use them  

so much in my builds like this. I will put these things literally everywhere,  but it's okay because they're beautiful. And like, look how cute that is, the  mushrooms make such a difference.

Isn't that just so nice?   Oh no, there's so many different pieces  of this, I don't know what size to use. I really like how this looks, but I'm not  sure if I should like, vary the size a little? Like, that makes more sense obviously in  real life, but the same kind of goes for   the pumpkins because I have this like, dream  of -- oh my god, that is a giant pumpkin. All right, maybe not.

But I have this like, dream, this vision, of  there being like, some varying sized pumpkins   kind of growing, but I don't know how to  make them look like they're actually growing. There is of course the option of just having this  guy plant some 'cause then we could have like,   all of the things, like, he can come  plant some watermelon over here -- wait,   let me think about this more, hang on. Yeah, you can come plant -- no,  oh no, okay, plant some mushrooms. Do that first. Oh, and there's  all these people here now,   why are you here! There's  not even a wedding happening.

Okay, plant some eggplant. They're just  walking around, honestly what are you doing? They're all just walking in  circles, look at them. What is this? Did I miss the memo for something? Okay,   I don't even know how to cheat to  make these bigger so maybe never mind.

Maybe I will just, as I said before, figure out  my own because I think it looks better that way. I don't know how eggplants grow. I'm trying to  figure out how to lay these out in a better way,   and I legitimately have no clue  what they're supposed to look like. Eggplants grow on vines just like  the pumpkins and everything do,   but whenever I see people growing eggplants like,  at farms and stuff, they've got them hanging.

So I feel like trying to place them down  on the ground like this is just silly.   Like, it looks weird, I don't know how to do it. Oh, we could put some fake plants,   like, fake-fake plants, we could just put like,  some lavender or something growing over here. Oh, that would really help. I feel like  that's a pretty good way to split it up,  

maybe I could get like, one other fake-fake plant. Oh, what if we did sunflowers, is this  really ugly or does that kind of make sense? I feel like that's pretty in the  background. Maybe that would be good. I kind of feel like this could be the exterior  setup all done, like, this to me is perfect.

It's just the inside now that we have to  worry about because I ruined the door. The door looks silly. Okay, now hang  on, what if we did it like this,   and then we had the door kind of like, inset a  little bit because that still makes the front   look a little bit more interesting, but then  it doesn't ruin the entire interior lighting. And that gives us like, a little bit of  a nook that we can put some things in.

I do think that the dance  floor is probably too big,   although we didn't like how the dance  floor looked anyway so maybe it's okay. We can get these pretty little  lights on either side of the door. I think I'll paint the whole place  with that paneling on the inside.

I would like to let it be known  that if I was using other packs,   I would put like, a million fairy lights  everywhere both inside, outside, like,   just lights all over the place, but  I wanted to just use the base game,   obviously Cottage Living, and the wedding pack  so I don't have my beloved Toddler Stuff lights. Oh, that's more yellow-y. Okay, that's good to   know actually because that means this  should be -- oh, that looks terrible.

Oh no, the windows are a different color.  I didn't really think about that part. Do I care how the back looks? Do I care how  the back windows blend in to the front window? Not really? I feel like I probably  prefer it all just to make sense   in its own context as opposed to  like, every window being the same   color everywhere although that would be nice if  the windows were all the same color everywhere. I mean, that is ideal, but um,   it's The Sims and sometimes we can't get  our way and you know what, that's all right. I wonder if we kind of tried  to make our own dance floor,   like, by putting down a  different kind of flooring. I don't really know what that flooring  would be because it all looks weird. We could use this one. No,  I'm just kidding, I'm sorry.

Stone, like, tile? I don't know.  This one's just kind of white.   I feel like that's ugly though, like, that doesn't  feel like the beautiful dance floor of my dreams. I need to find some sort of  in-between of like a pretty,   nice, like, rustic-looking texture, but also  something that can pretend to be a dance floor. Also I feel like this wallpaper is kind of  silly, it doesn't look as good as I thought   it would and that is difficult for me to accept. I'm just hoping that the more like, little   pieces we add in, the better it will look and  the closer it will get to feeling complete.

Maybe if I change the lighting too to  make all the lights more of a yellow   tone because they were turning  kind of white and that was gross. Oh, there's a barrel. Barrel is good,  we should just use that somewhere. We could get like, a combo of a couple of  barrels sort of lined up in the corner. What color did I use out here? The third one. See, like, something like  this could be kind of nice.  

I feel like I need to put something behind  it, even like a bookshelf, I don't know. Does that have the right like, rustic feel  to it or is that just weird and random? It's kind of weird and random, maybe not. Oh, what if we like, sized up  these beautiful little lights? Maybe that would be okay, I know they're very  large, but maybe that would be a nice touch. Also I'm pretty sure that by doing this it's   made that toasting item not  functional, but it looks cute.

We could always get another one. I guess I  sort of have this table right here with the   intention of it being a spot that you could put  the wedding cake so we'll use this as the filler. There's like, you know, a wedding cake right  here on the table, hopefully something big. Oh, hang on, hang on, I might actually have   this random guy buy us one just so  that we can have it for the vibes. There we go, see? Imagine that. Imagine your  wedding cake is there on this beautiful table.

Suddenly this feels out of place.  Maybe we should just have the cake. I mean, we could probably put a couple lanterns  on either side of it. They're a bit big,   but you can't really size them  down because the flame floats. Oh, don't size it up either, yikes.

I don't know, I just want  something sort of cute there. That might be okay. Maybe if there  were just less lights like, in general,   if it was a bit more cozy vibes inside. So we could put some more of  these fairy lights behind the bar. Oh, this little bar menu thing could  be kind of cute because they could have   like -- you know how some couples for their  wedding they'll have like, special drinks.

I guess maybe that's the wrong spot for it  because it's kind of just off to the side,   but they'll have like, ooh, our wedding cocktail. We can have that right there, and they  can display the wedding cocktails. This thing as the dance floor is actually kind of  growing on me, but maybe it needs to be different. That's like, solid white. There's also blue. Dirt, um, kids play mat,   grass, sand, literally stone, a different  kind of wood in a different color? I'm sorry, that looks horrible, maybe I  should just put a rug or something down.

We had originally talked about that, about just  like, using a rug to pretend it's the dance floor. Maybe we should go back to that moment,  maybe that was our finest moment. It's just -- I don't -- um, I don't love them. Like, the red roses are not the vibes  in here. I guess this one's okay,   but it almost feels a little bit too formal. We need to get a stereo too,  but I'm not really sure which   one we should use because ideally I  want the people to dance over here,   so should we just get like, a romance venue wall  speaker and stick it up in the side or something? They won't dance over here, will  they? They're not very smart.

This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Oh, I don't know, I really don't know. You know what, I think for me this  is good. I'm kind of toeing the line  

right now between like, should I  add more to the inside or should   I just leave it be so that it's  easier to move around in there. Because I would like to add in  some more decorations and stuff,   but I'm also worried about like, putting  too much and then making it so your Sims   can't get around and I would like for there  to be space for The Sims to get around still,   so I'm just not sure where that line is and  I feel like maybe I should just call it. I do actually love how it looks on the outside,   I think this is so cute and I would  like to have my Sims get married here. Again, I don't know if I personally  would get married here, like I said,   the hay bales are just not really my thing, but  if your Sims so desire, they are welcome to.

I've really only built a bunch of like, beachy   sort of wedding venues so it's kind of fun  to do something a little bit different. And you know what, building this is just  making me feel stressed about the thought   of planning a real-life wedding because  I would like to do that, but also, ah! Do I really want to do that? I  don't know, it's kind of scary. But I hope that you enjoyed this video,  I'm sorry if it was all over the place,   this literally took me like, three  hours to film which is a lot longer   than a build this small usually takes me, so  um, it's not my finest work, but I did try.

Have the best rest of your day and I'm gonna  catch you all tomorrow, okay, bye everybody. Oh, the lighting on this lot at other  times that is not evening is so ugly. I don't know if you saw at the  end of the video just then,   like, the morning light, but it's so bad. It's so shadowy and just horrible.


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