How we started Online Business | Step-by-Step | Easy Website Creation | Malayalam

How we  started Online Business | Step-by-Step | Easy Website Creation | Malayalam

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yes yes right now okay okay YouTube channel is completely comfortable in front of the cameras because that's what this business is all about you need to have a social media presence so uh is watching us thank you for tuning in uh so um okay um okay so Francine students so now he is a part of he's a permanent resident in the country and now he's he's working full-time also you are having your own job and uh plus you are doing this online business so uh first question at the end of very first your curiosity why did you feel uh your online business what you think what made you come into this online space okay uh first of all um foreign [Music] foreign foreign [Music] thank you so uh then I know fancy fancy very uh businesses foreign [Music] so doing a business is very easy um [Music] good it's beautiful yeah and I know you did some research on this business day uh you knew this is a legit businesses opportunity so yes I know you did some research because you you already was curious you asked me about it and um and I'm that that's the difference between our business model and other businesses out there there are a lot of online businesses out there as you told we don't bug any family and friends you don't even have to tell them that you are doing an online space yes if they see you in the online space and they will come and ask you what are you doing your online businesses and that's what we teach you in this business we will teach you how to leverage the social media platforms exactly billions and millions of people are in the social media every single day billions of people globally social media activated it's either in Facebook or YouTube or any other channel like uh Pinterest I am sure everybody is active whether whatever your age is whether you are young middle aged or a older person so why don't you leverage that social media platform so that is what we teach in this business so fancy already have a YouTube channel and now and you didn't even have a Facebook but now you are in Facebook now I have in Facebook okay so you are only active in YouTube and that's how you saw me there uh but see now you you have two channels now you are actually in Facebook YouTube your Tick Tock insta you are almost everywhere so that's what we teach you in this social media to leverage the social media platforms which is amazing we have a system already in place we will give you all the system to set up your online space because uh or your traditional businesses how can you find how do you find the training are you finding time to do do the training exactly um [Music] I love this business um every trainings are one by one by one another time um it's there just look go through it so that's all yeah very easy everything is in cases of course so I'm very comfortable doing this business and moreover I love this business because that's the one of the other perks in business because but in this business you you when you have a doubt you are not stuck anywhere you have a mentor you have a coach and you have a whole big Community ready to help anything uh if you're if you are in a different time zone there are people doing business in that time zone in our business we have a separate um you know Community Communication channel and you can have a big Community there is somebody is going to give you an answer even if your Mentor or coach is sleeping in a different time zone so that's the amazing part of this business to have that uh constant support lifelong not one day two day or six months it's for lifelong you are given the support our training is all updated because Tick Tock summit mean foreign so uh what else you have to share uh um because of the previous experiences that is a proven system there is everything is there everything literally everything is there you only have to do your part yes absolutely foreign but your part of artwork is surely included in this business if this is not a get rich quick scheme um that is absolutely unnecessary yeah there is a higher registry so um and uh you you came into the trial version information and you were convinced after coming with trial version right of course of course yes everything explained so yeah so I was really convinced yeah I was really convinced so that is why we kept the trial version for you to come and experience our business opportunity we want you to experience I have that experience in our community in our business no in and out of this business and then only you become a business owner don't become a business owner without knowing anything that that is why we are giving you the 30-day trial period to know us to experience our business uh opportunity to see how people are doing in this business foreign because that will help you so much in your personal life because in the end of the day your your personal life is much more important than anything else right um um we are happy to help everyone each and every people yeah so whoever uh allowed who are enjoyed they are already a witness you know that's uh that's how I would like to consider them yeah yeah so um so I think we have covered almost everything mostly all topics The Next Step I would say is if anyone is interested to be a part of a business Journey or you want to start an online business in your own flexibility timings and uh everything you can always connect with us if you're watching through Francis uh page you can connect with him he has his own website uh and if you are connected with me I have my own website which I'll be putting in my page so you can connect with me uh type your name and email address and registered you have to make that decision whether you want to try it or not so we are always welcome we are always happy to help you all and let's all grow together right now the number let's all build a good relationship with everyone and help each other so thank you fancy anything else you want to add um totally changed because of the proven system because of its legitimate business in Canada so uh welcome foreign [Music] and everybody have a wonderful weekend and bye bye God bless you all thank you bye everyone have a wonderful weekend thank you Melina thank you very much for your time

2022-12-09 06:30

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