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I'm already crying. Marriage just had to be the first question. That's the one topic that I said, "I hope it doesn't get asked." It's because I'm pregnant, and it doesn't look good.

Just a little more. In just a little while more we'll get to meet Kidlat. It's so exciting So that's that, ma'am.

You'll be the godmother, ma'am. Forced. She has no choice, guys. Don't cut this out, We won't cut this out. She is the CEO of her own skin care and make up line.

She is an entrepreneur, a vlogger, and a soon to be mother. Joining us today, Viy Cortez. Hello. Which one is the main camera here, ma'am? - Oh! It's this one. - There are so many. In our vlogs, one iPhone is enough. Upon waking up, just one camera.

Here, there's a lot. - Hi Ma'am Toni. - Hello. It's a good thing we were able to make this happen.

We're always talking about doing this, didn't we? I think we started last year? Yes. It's a good thing that it's finally happening, isn't it? - Yes ma'am. - Thank you. You weren't even pregnant back then.

Yes, I was not. I was actually wondering about this interview so I asked Cong. I said, "Oh no! Ma'am Toni wants to interview me."

"I wonder why? " It was Alex that introduced you to me. "Sis, watch this, Viy and Cong." Then she told me of your love story. She also told me how Cong started.

Miss Alex, thank you so much - but I met Ma'am Toni first - She's my researcher. but I met Ma'am Toni first because she's really my idol. Joke only though.

Have you and Alex met? We were supposed to meet up, but then I got pregnant and I was very sensitive then. So I said to Miss Alex, that maybe we could meet up if Kidlat is secured in my womb. You were the first to contact us, Ma'am Toni, and I really wanted to meet you Ma'am Toni. The name is cute, Kidlat.

Who thought of that? The person who nicknamed Junie's son, Cong's brother, is Cong. The name "Egg". Now, Jun made up for it.

He said, "I'll come up with a nickname for your son." So he said, Kidlat. Now, that's what we used. Even with my first baby.

Also nicknamed Kidlat. Because I feel like, he came back to us. That's why his nickname is still Kidlat. Did you get depressed when you lost him? With your very first baby. I was sad.

So sad that Cong and I couldn't talk about it. When we lost him, we didn't talk about it upon our return from the hospital. No. We slept it off. We cried. We didn't talk about it.

I was able to bear it. I was able to survive it because I trusted the Lord that he'll be back. Maybe, I had a different mission at that time. That's why the Lord didn't give me a child yet. Because when I got pregnant last year, it was also the time I was starting my business.

That's why I had a miscarriage because I was also stressed. I started my business. So maybe the Lord said during that time, that is your mission for now. Don't worry, I will return him at the perfect time. And, here he is.

So when he came back? Wow, Cong and I were so happy because... Isn't this episode amazing Ms. Toni because when you're pregnant, even if there's no sense, you end up crying. You're emotional.

Even when I'm taking a bath, I cry. Me too, I also cried when I was taking a bath. I was 4 months pregnant then.

Me too. You also cry? I also have an experience. I couldn't find any food that I like.

I hated everything. So I just cried about it instead. Something like that. It's because I was emotional, hormones. Aside from that ma'am-- You were so happy.

And there's also this ma'am, I'm going to share you something. During our last anniversary, June of last year-- You even went to Amanpulo. We went to Amanpulo.

That's where we talked about Kidlat. That we lost a baby. We cried. There were a lot of stars there, am I right Ma'am Toni? I opened up to Cong and I said, "What if our son is one of those stars?" Right? So we cried. And then our anniversary this coming June, I am pregnant now and Kidlat is here. - It's a blessing, right? - Yes.

Your love story with Cong is also beautiful. Because you started out as a fan. I was a fan.

You were a fan, right? Then you messaged him. And he said, he said "I love you" to you upon seeing you. He was entranced by your beauty.

He said "I love you" so quickly but when we've been dating for long I said, "Why did you immediately say I love you?" Apparently he said "I love you" to a lot of women at that time He said "I love you" to almost everyone who messaged him at the same time. I was the only persistent one that kept replying. He immediately said "I love you" to you. Then? Ma'am the story about that is, I had chickenpox-- This story doesn't really sound good. Alright, we'll start with the chickenpox. We'll start with the chickenpox.

Okay, she had chickenpox. When you get a flu it lasts for 2 weeks, right? So then I was sad. I only stayed at home. Someone was courting me back then. He said, "To make you happy, you should watch this."

Then he sent me the link. Of Cong TV? The link to Cong's vlogs. It was my first time seeing Cong from that link.

So then I watched all of his videos. I finished it all. When I had nothing else to watch, I messaged him. I said, "When are you going to make a new vlog again?" Because I finished all of Cong's videos.

What was the funniest video you watched? The one where he was washing the dishes then throwing them. I think the title of it was Dishwasher. But that was the first video I watched that -- - Made you laugh so much. - It made me laugh so much.

But there was no significance to it, ma'am. If you watched it. Because he was just washing the dishes.

You'll probably think, "Is he the one that Viy likes?" I understand you, you had chickenpox then. Yes. That was fine. You needed to be happy. You had a lot of scars.

Yes. So you messaged him. Did he reply? He replied. What did he say? "Hello, Viy."

I posted my entire conversation with Cong. It's a good thing I was able to save it. I was able to screenshot our first conversations. So you got excited when he replied? Yes ma'am.

It's like all of my chickenpox just popped. Just a joke though. It just all just started popping. Was Cong famous then? He was on his way to becoming famous? He was just doing Vines then. Because if you and Cong have been together for 7 years, you're 26 now, you were 19 or 18 when you were watching him? I just turned 18 then from what I remember. After he replied, it was all smooth sailing? It was all smooth sailing.

We didn't meet up for 2 months -- Of course, I let my wounds heal first before we met. I told him that my parents were strict. You didn't tell him you had chickenpox? I didn't tell him. I should ask Cong if I told him. Oh wait, I think I did because he used to call me, whenever someone interviews him and asks what his first impression of me is, it's "the girl with the chickenpox".

Because when we met up, I still had a few scars. So that's what he called you, the girl with the chickenpox? Yes. I said, I was so entranced by you and that's how you remembered me by? Because there were still some scars left. It just so happened that Cong was saving up for our date then. So it was a good thing that we were just messaging each other. 2 months passed before we were able to meet up.

He was able to save up. Where did you have your date? We met up at ATC (Alabang Town Center), in 7-eleven. Then we ate in a restaurant around that area. You got excited that day? You know ma'am, that's when I've proven when that slow-mo thing you see in movies happened.

Why? It's like time slowed down when I saw him. I get teased by people that I tell. That maybe it's simply because I'm pregnant or something but-- It was like a movie? It was really like a movie when I saw him, you know like it was in slow-mo then you find out he's so handsome in person. Tom Cruise. Guys... He was turning into him.

It's like you met Brad Pitt. It's really different when you're pregnant. You're so in love with your husband. Apparently that's true. I experienced it for the first time with him, I don't know if it's just me or if I'm just over reacting, but I stand with what I claimed that time slowed down for me. Love at first sight? Yes, I fell in love at first sight with Cong, but when I asked him if he fell in love at first sight with me He said no.

Maybe when my scars healed totally. Around our second-- Was he already funny during your date? Cong is different when you speak with him in person, he doesn't always try to make you laugh. More on... Serious.

He's like really serious. He's like an older brother when you speak with him. What is the age gap between the two fo you? It's 5. So what did you call Cong when you were dating, it's not Kuya Cong? Because he acts like an older brother. Not kuya because he already said "I love you" to me so it's like I knew right off the bat I won't treat him as a brother.

He already said "I love you" in our first chat. So I knew that this was our ending. - I foresaw it. - Kidlat is the ending. I knew that this is what would happen to me.

I would end up pregnant. So then it started, you were together after that? We became official on June. How did he court you? Cong is not the type of guy that would actively make advances.

Because I was still studying then. After school, he would drive me. He was on a motorcycle then. He's not the type of guy who would ask you, "Are we exclusively dating now?" He's not like that. So I took initiative to tell him we're together.

He might have been having a hard time. So I said, okay, we're together now. He didn't ask when I would say "yes" to him I on the other hand, I waited.

Don't people ask that question? Yes, can you be my girlfriend? Can we be together? Nothing. It's because he was selling his Cong Clothing in the mall then. He was selling them at food courts in the mall. So he asked for permission, "I'll just be selling my products."

I said, "Okay, be careful." "Don't get close with other girls because you already have a girlfriend." That's how I made it official. Wow. What did he say? "Okay love, I'm going now." So that's that? So that's that? That's that.

You were with Cong when he was just starting out Yes. Right? He was already known for Cong TV but I was there when he was making his dreams come true. Like that Team Payaman. Then the people with us in Team Payaman, are also his siblings. So he was able to help his siblings, I also witnessed that. Almost everything.

I was able to witness it all until the formation of Team Payaman. How many years were you together before you started living together? Because being together and living together is different. I think we were together for 4 years when we started living together. Ever since we were in Congdo.

We called it Congdo. It started with Congdo until in turned into Payamansion, so it was 4 years. How does it feel to live in the same house with him. A huge headache but... Catherine made me watch a video wherein you were making Cong clean.

You were making him clean the house. I make him clean sometimes but I can't really rely on him. Maybe it's like that with men. But sometimes we use it as content in our vlogs because it's funny.

When I'm forcing him to clean. It's fun so living with him. We are very chill because we live with a lot of people in the same house.

It's fine because they're siblings. So we're also family. I'm close with them. The spouses of Cong's siblings, we're like siblings or very close friends. You don't have a hard time getting along with his entire family? No ma'am because it's like we're all family. If you've watched our vlog, you'll see that we're like a family.

It's like we're always in a resort. At first ma'am, I didn't know that it was like that. But when Cong and I had been dating for a while, I started to love his siblings. I also started to like that kind of set up.

At first the step up is that you'll separate from them. The two of you. But Cong and I have been together for so long, along with his siblings, I also started to love them, I also wanted to be with them. It was no longer our issue. For 7 years, your relationship has been strong, right? Yes ma'am, especially when Kidlat came. How did it become strong? Back then, when we didn't have a child yet, every little thing is turned into some sort of issue.

It can become a problem. But since Kidlat is here, it's him you'll be thinking about. The betterment of his future. So when we have a problem, we have to solve it because we're about to have a child, something like that.

So our relationship became stronger. Then it turned deeper. It turned deeper. Did you plan to have a child or did you just really wanted it? The first time I got pregnant, we didn't expect it. But when we lost him, that's when we started to hope because that feeling, even though we only felt it for two weeks, that we're going to be parents, a lot of dreams were formed then. Even if it was just for two weeks.

We can't say that we planned it because if we really planned it well, then we would have gotten married first. We would have a home first and all. So I can't say that Cong and I really planned it. Because there are still a lot that we haven't done yet. So that's the thing that your supporters and people that love you are waiting for, when's the wedding? We are all waiting, guys. We are all praying.

Let's pray for it. You can also comment in Cong's YouTube channel. But you know ma'am, I often throw jokes at Cong about him just marrying me. Half-meant of course.

But here I am, living every day with Cong, and every time I wake up I still love him. Maybe it's because of my trust in him. He was able to change the life of all those people around him. That means he planned it all. It's impossible that he has no plan for me and the family we're about to form. So I know that the right time will come.

Maybe, my trust is in him that in the right time, we'll be able to -- - Right time, right? - Yes. Speaking of trust, I learned that he invested in your business. - Yes. - So you could start.

10,000 pesos? Yes ma'am, because at the very start I really wanted to have my own business. Because my parents have trained me since I was a kid, I was already selling then. I became the cashier, I went house to house. I experienced that. So said, I really want to have my own business when I grow up. So when I started doing vlogs-- Cong told him to also start doing vlogs and I agreed with him.

Since I trusted Cong, I agreed, I also started doing vlogs. Then when I started doing vlogs, I said I also wanted to start my business. But I didn't have money yet. So I asked Cong if I can borrow 10,000 to invest in my business. Cong also wasn't rich then.

10,000 was a big deal since he had only 15,000 in his account, but he still gave the 10,000. You really revealed Cong's savings, only 15,000. He didn't have millions then he lent me money, 10,000.

It's like he also lent me his life. So I said, let me borrow 10,000, I'll just start my business. You know I arranged for a meet and greet. I was that confident to arrange for a meet and greet.

I didn't have that many followers then but I made posters and arranged for a meet and greet. I had like 35 likes. Really? A meet and greet at a milktea shop. I brought my lip tints with me. That's where I started.

I brought my lip tints with me, along with my older sister. She's the one that carried them and we sold them together. I was able to sell at least three whenever I meet up with my followers.

That's where it started. So when your business grew, how did you feel? I still haven't paid for the 10,000. Your payment is in your womb. Yes.

That's even so much more. Yes, I've been looking after him for 9 months. Maybe having him is enough of a payment? So that's how it started ma'am. You know ma'am, even until now Cong always supports whatever business I have.

My Viyline Skincare has a distributor. Isn't there a package wherein you will retrieve it to-- Cong became my regional distributor. He even invested in me. Because I was nervous about it back then, I said, "Love, can I do this?" He said, "You can do it." I'll take the Region IV-A, I'll be your RD (Regional Distributor). I'll support you.

He's the very first person that invested in me. He became my regional distributor of my Viyline Skincare. So I said that even until now, that's how much trust and support Cong gives me. It makes me truly happy. Isn't that great, every person around him succeeds in life.

He helps everyone. He wants everything to be great, for everyone to have a great life. Not only himself.

Yes. That's why he's so blessed. You're also blessed because you're also like him.

You've also helped a lot of people. You've also bought your family a house. Yes ma'am. It's always been my dream to buy my parents a house even before myself. So I'm really thankful to God that I was able to achieve my dream. For them to have a decent house.

So when you've bought them a house, how did you feel? I was very happy. I couldn't ask for more. Whatever God gives me, I am very thankful, but I'm already contented.

Something like that. I'm already happy. How about you, what is your dream for yourself? After I give birth, I hope I can get slim.

That's what everyone dreams. That dream doesn't end. My dream ma'am is for my business to expand. To be able to help more people.

For Kidlat to be healthy. For him to grow up good. That's my dream for now, ma'am. Whatever God can give me, thank you.

At 26 years old, you're going to be a mother. Yes. What does it feel like? For me ma'am, I'm excited to see what kind of parent Cong and I would be. Because for now, I have yet to know. Sometimes I even ask Cong if we can be parents? We wonder how to become parents? I actually want to find a seminar on how to be a mother.

I feel like you'll feel it when your son comes, you'll have your own dynamics, you'll have a system that only the two of you can understand. What are your pregnancy cravings? With Kidlat. I always craved for bread. Bread is what I craved for. How about Cong, is he the subject of your pregnancy cravings? During my first semester, I really always wanted to see Cong Even when he's sleeping-- When he's sleeping on the other side of me, I would turn Cong's face to me.

I really turn his face to me because I really wanted our son to look like him. Now, I've given up on it a little. Why? Because I saw from the pictures that I'm the one that he looks like. I said, "Love, there's nothing we can do." How was he while you were having cravings? During your pregnancy, how was your relationship? How is he as a soon-to-be father? Cong has a lot more patience.

You know pregnant women cry often. We'll cry over small things. He truly adjusted.

He always stayed by me. Whatever I wanted, he would do. I saw that he really wanted to have a child. He's also already 30 years old ma'am. So when it came, he really adjusted whatever he can adjust.

So my pregnancy is going smoothly because I always have someone by my side. Are you a jealous person? Cong doesn't give me a reason to be jealous. We've never had an issue even back then. Like for example I found him messaging someone, none. How many babies do you want? Cong wants five.

And he wants that if possible, one after another. Like I just gave birth, he wants to try again after one month, he wants me to be pregnant again. Just after one month he wants you pregnant again? It's really like that ma'am, promise. He wants that so that they'll all be in the same age group.

I said, "Cong, don't be too decisive and don't be too demanding." This is not your womb. He wants five then he wants one after the other. After I give birth, that's when we'll talk about it. Let's get married, then we'll have another. But my plan is -- But you're fine with giving birth for five times? No, ma'am.

That's what can destroy our relationship because Cong is really persistent. He wants five? Five. How about you? I'm fine with three, hopefully just two.

Then hopefully the gap will be, 3 years or 4 years. What he wants is monthly. How will that happen ma'am. That happens. - That actually happens. - Right?

There are those that haven't passed two months, and they're pregnant again. They just gave birth. It's because with his siblings... It's like that? It's like that. Like, there was only a five months gap. They are all very close.

So he said, "I want that too." So they'll be close friends. Yes, really close. They'll graduate at the same time. Have their families at the same time.

But for me, I want to focus on Kidlat for now. Yes, focus on Kidlat for now. Doesn't he have a second name? Is his name really just Kidlat. Kidlat is really just a nickname, ma'am. As for his name, we still haven't thought of one.

I'm about to give birth and we still haven't thought of a name. Oh you're right. This interview just gave me a problem. Where do you search for names-- What do you want to name your son? His real name is Lincoln. Is that why he has a Lincoln car? Yes, that's his dream.

Even when he was still in networking-- Cong worked in networking, ma'am. It was his dream even then, to have a Lincoln car. So he fulfilled it. So he wants this baby to be called Abraham.

Abraham Lincoln. Something like that? No, he's Lincoln, and this one will be Abraham, so that's one of the names we have, Abraham. Vion is also possible because of Viy and Lincoln. So it's possible that he would be called Vion Abraham.

Emmanuel is also-- We still have a lot of names we're thinking about. But if you have one thing to teach your child, what would it be? The one thing I want him to learn the most, is that true success is defined by when the people around you also succeed. It shouldn't just be you.

Maybe that's also what I learned the most from Cong. It was possible that only he would succeed. He's the only one with money.

But what he did, he brought all of us with him. His friends, his siblings, his family. He brought me along. So I too was able to help my family.

That's what I want Kidlat to learn that whatever we have right now, even if it's not big, we hope that he finds ways to share. And bring along his future siblings, the people around him. - To be as generous as his parents. - For him to be generous.

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