How to Recover Loss in Trading? || Truth of Trading || Booming Bulls || Anish Singh Thakur

How to Recover Loss in Trading? || Truth of Trading || Booming Bulls || Anish Singh Thakur

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While losing money you are also losing hope Because you feel like you’re a bad trader, but you’re not a bad trader You sometimes take a right trade but still enter because of the option dynamics So wait, there is a solution Hello everyone my name is Anish Singh Thakur and welcome to a very important video This video I am very… mean I am making it very seriously This video is so important, that no other video before this would’ve been this important related to trading You must’ve seen the name, what name I’ve kept Enemy of retail traders, Biggest enemy of traders who is it? Who’s the enemy? who is it? Now see I really don’t want you to make a judgement on me according to this video or think of me like I’m against something, I am only WITH you I’m with every person who’s very troubled and people who are new to the market and experienced traders who are professionals will understand what I’m trying to say So there is no one to oppose me, in this video I have got a very strong message So don’t watch this video in haste, watch this video carefully don’t watch it on 1.5x “let’s end it fast” like you’re living you’re life in a haste, don’t watch it like that Carefully try to listen and understand what I’m trying to say, only after that try to make a judgement So, let's start the video So what’s happening is recently I’ve been receiving a lot of negative messages, not against me But like people are troubled like “bro I’m in a lot of loss” “bro I used my family’s money” “I lost all of my salary” and some really negative like “Bro I want to suicide” I lost 15 lakhs, 10 lakhs, someone 50 lakhs and they send it to me They hope for 2 things either I’ll give them money or I’ll give them hope I don’t give money to anyone, because there is a value If I give it to you why shouldn’t I give to him if I give it to him then why not him. So there should be a system to do things Hope, I try to give send them a voice note tell them this has happened to a lot of other people and they’ve bounced back, Tell your family the truth I try to send a voice note or message maybe I’m not able to send it to everyone But I’m making this message so that this message reaches to all of them So today I will tell you that this problem due to which people want to commit suicide, have become negative and become hopeless in life How can hope come back to your life? I will show you the whole way I promise you by the time the video ends All the professionals will understand my thing and new people please watch this video carefully Because I can save you Ok The negative things that have happened with people they will tell us by commenting and we will discuss it further and this has happened All the new people you can avoid it And all the experienced people, you will appreciate the fact that I made this video publicly Because you must’ve chosen the same path to make it So let’s start, let me tell you Do you know who is the biggest enemy of traders? So 80% of my subscribers are of the stock market So for 80% people it is options trading Being specific Options Buying options buying And the rest of my 20% subscribers for you it is Taking 100x leverage in crypto and forex trading sometimes 500x in forex and BOOM account blow What happens? Now I will now tell you 3 words What Why does this happen And what’s the solution I’m not the type of guy who comes and talks and goes and says the government. should do something about it If I have come and I’ve come with a solution Not anything like do my course or give me money nothing like that Without doing anything of that sorts I’ll tell you Let’s talk about what What is it, what it is You know what happens, what happens a new guy comes in the market and joins a telegram channel Watches some YouTube video, where expiry special is written and jackpot trade is written and a lot of different words are written, zero to hero And see I’m not saying this to any particular group or a youtuber or a person I’m not against them I’m with the people who are beginners They are also doing the right things if your risk management is good or your position sizing is good The problem is in you I’m not in any way going against the telegram people or the youtubers They will tell you the correct thing but you don’t do the right things So everyone will take this video in a positive manner Because I have brought a really important message for the entirety of India All the Hindi speaking brothers who watch my channel So what happens is, due to greed say it greed or need money is a need for them and think option trading will turn their life around they come with a capital of 50k - 1Lakh Ok So now assume, this is your capital, this you Rs 50k or 1 lakh Sometimes actually it becomes double, bro it became this much Great, now what happens is if the next trade also goes well then the money doubles again Great the money is now 3 times But guys what happens is, you found success 2 times and you get a only loss once Bro what happens this whole money is lost Now this happened bro Fuck, my 50k - 1lakh, 2lakh, 3lakh is now zero Very sad now what happens is these people say we’ll bring the capital 2nd time And 2nd time again 50k, 1lakh, 2lakh, 5lakh, don’t know from their mother or father or on mortgage from jewelers Don’t know what they do, get a loan on 10% or 5% interest rates and bring the money the 2nd time And they promise after bringing it the 2nd time This time I’ll just recover and after recovering, I’ll quit Tell me yes or no whether you had the same thought process in the way That I’ll quit, I don’t want to do it you thought like this as well I’ll just survive once, and many people survive many people do recover many do not The people who don’t, they’re already in a hole And the people who do recover, tell the truth even after recovering you get that just once more greed I’ll just earn a little And at this point of time the account blows again And at this point you get addicted to bringing capital and blowing your account again and again And always think negative about what you’re doing wrong You’re doing everything completely wrong, this is not the way to do the things this is not the way Some people even try to learn, they take training’s, watch YouTube, devote themselves to someone Not me not me, Not mine but everyone's I’m talking about everyone even mine that this once person will change my life. No one will change your life, the truth will change your life So first I’m saying it on your face to the people who have gone through this circle and have come into the addiction of infusing capital, buying options and thinking.

Bro see you will win, I’m not kidding you will earn and earn but once loss will blow you Why? I’ll tell you So first the enemy is Stop taking a 100x leverage Option buying and I’m saying this to people who are in loss, those who are in profit keep doing option buying I’m blessed to have a lot of students a lot of friends a lot of people who are making money through option buying but they’re the 10% This video is being made for the rest of the 90%, the 10% people will not get offended and won’t judge at all, you will appreciate what I’m trying to say after a little bit of the video when I give them the reason See 90% people stop taking leverage, 90% people stop option buying, 90% people stop FOREX trading with full margin Stop doing it bro stop it If you want to get out of the problem, you have to stop it What to do after stopping it? End our lives no bro we are moving on Now see our first step was to understand 'WHAT' What is the enemy Now see, why is it the enemy Why option buying is the enemy? Why overleverage is the enemy? Now let’s come What happens is for option buying you need a skill. 3 skills are needed First skill which is needed is it’s called Psychology, I’ll tell you which Second skill which is needed is it’s called Discipline, I’ll tell you in what Third skill which is needed is it’s called Money management and risk management Now see, What is psychology If you do gambling if you play poker you put in the money you got the money, you got the whole pot if your cards were good. If the cards were good you got the whole pot If you play casino if put it on 17 or 24 and it came as 17 for real and you earned But what happens in the stock market, even after the right trade due to your psychology you are unable to hold the winning trade Cannot hold You even after having the right trade but exit early and cry and lose even more in that sorrow And hold the losing trade There is no psychology Second problem discipline, that if you stop after a stop loss, after 2 stop loss but you don’t You keep on trading, people do 25-30 50 trades Beginners this will happen to you, I’m not kidding People will do 25, 30, 50, comment and tell us There will be a lot of comments on this video I know And I’m really making this because I have this feeling from inside that I have to convey this message- Strong message to people What is the reality of stock market, especially in option buying? Because I’m not against any youtubers but to grow their channel their channels are full of jackpot-wackpot stuff You earn but what about the kids the normal people and what about the 90% people You should share the truth along with it as well So that’s why it’s really important to never overtrade after 2 stop losses and stop Overtrading in option trading is a sin Sin meaning “paap”(sin in Hindi) Third problem of risk management position sizing Means I always say if above 20% or 30% of the total capital Meaning if it is 1 lakh and you’re lifting above 2 lot, you’re doing it wrong 3 lot is also 3 you can do But people in 1 lakh lift 10 lots OTM, lift 15 deep OTM and think their fate will change The whole 1 lakh goes, and this is what happens The problem is people don’t have knowledge What is delta? What is theta? What is Strike price, In The Money, At the Money, OTM? I have made a video on all of this. I will again be making a video on this for all the new subscribers.

So, People do not know what option trading is, the points that my friend, how to deal with it? So, position sizing. Ok, now see, this is one thing because of which I will take blame on myself that I have also put big big videos by earning option buying. Yes, but I will tell you one thing. Just go and see my capital whenever possible, it is above 1 crore. And, the capital which was raised by me, I am not making it bigger. I am increasing all of my capital in FOREX, DOW JONES, CRYPTO. I am increasing it slowly and I will grow it slowly because I know that trading doesn’t grow instantly. Go and check any of my videos, if I bought an option above 30 lakhs from anywhere.

You go and check, you go and tell me. You will not find any of my live trading videos in which I have done above 30%. I have done a maximum of 20 lakhs, 22 lakhs, 25 lakhs, around 22 lakhs-22 lakhs I have gone. Above that my hand shivers. My hand shivers that brother, how will I do it? So, I cannot. So, see, I will move forward by managing position sizing, ok? I am the person which stops at one stop loss when there have been two stop losses, ok? I hold the winning trade. Go and see my live trading video.

So, see, I have spent some time, 4 years, 4.5 years it will be. Until and unless you get this skill, you cannot do it. First answer was quit trading, quit option buying. Stop. Second is this. If you know this skill, then only you can do it. Now, how will we bring this skill?

Let’s come to the solution. Let’s come to the third point. What is the solution? The most important part of this video. The most positive part of this video. Beginners, try to understand and rest all can understand. Let’s start. Now, what is the solution? Brother, do you know what is required at this time? Let me tell you. You must be thinking that money is needed but no, money is not what is needed. You need hope.

You need hope. You need success. This is a success when you will get it. You are losing hope by losing the money because you think you are the worst trader. But, you are not the worst trader, you sometimes catch a good direction. Sometimes you take the right trade but due to the dynamics of the option you go in by saying, sir, it has low capital and so I am doing option buying. But then, will you extinguish all? You will extinguish the upcoming one as well? That is why wait, see, there is a solution which is hope, success, positivity. When you will feel positive, when you will say that I am a trader, I can earn money. Then only you will earn.

Then only you will get to learn these three skills guys. Holding winning trade, stopping at the stop loss and giving and taking the position sizing. That will not come like that. For that you need confidence, you need success. How will success come? Success will come by trade.

Now, how does this trade? You just said that we don’t have to trade. We don’t have to. There is a solution guys. I will tell you in simple words. Now, all those people who have low capital. Low capital meaning the people who have less than 50 thousand, less than 1 lakh. Upto 1 lakh.

Below 1 lakh meaning if it is 10 thousand then also I will assume it to be under 1 lakh. The people who have below 1 lakh, all of you after today will start equity trading. Now you'll say, It is boring. See, we are not doing it for money. How will we recover from equity? We will now recover from equity. We will go ahead and recover from options only. We can do it if we get the skills. And, this I am telling you, everyone will not be able to do it. This can be done by that person who is seeing this video, is listening seriously and saying, “I will do it”. Listen further,

you will do equity trading. We will start equity trading for you and you will start the equity trading after 10:30. You will leave early at 1:30:00 hours. It is fine if the opportunity goes away because after this, the success rate gets high up on its own. After 10:30, the opportunity that you will get price action based, you will take that, ok? You will choose the sector according to you. Still if I should give you a suggestion then you should aim for the banking sector so that you can master BANK NIFTY. Assume that your training has begun.

This is your free training going on. I am giving you the rules. We will take the banking sector. Not the Bank of Baroda, PNB. We will consider high cap, high capital, big banks we will take. SBI, HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, KOTAK that’s it. INDUSIND ok. Don’t go further 5-6 so that by tracking BANK NIFTY slowly slowly, you will become a master in movements, ok? So, you will do banking, you can do it in TCS also, no problem. You can do it in Reliance also.

But, the people who are at the very beginning and need full guidance, you will do in banking. Time I am telling you after 10:30 We will use the strategy of VWAP. We will use this strategy. That’s it.

What will we earn by this? Not money guys, but success. My friend, if in a week if your 2-3 targets, 2 stoploss. Brother, if you make the risk reward ratio of 1:2 then you will be profitable only. You will say that, “I am earning money”. Be it coins, it is nothing compared to my loss. These are pennies But, who has earned these pennies? You have.

Confidence will come, confidence will be collected. It will be fun. Slowly-slowly-slowly-slowly we will somehow get the experimental capital. What are we doing this you know? We are making experimental capital for the options. Wait. Now, the people who have capital now. The people who have more than 1 lakh, around 5 lakhs, around 10 lakh. Now, we will do option selling guys. Don't worry.

But, sorry to say, we are not going to do an option non-directional. We are going to do directional option selling. Meaning we will not be a straddle's triangle. We sold the below ones and there are 2 up or we made a straddle that brother, and seeing the market is sideways. No,

why? Because, see, I am joining my hands and with respect to the people who do non-directional option trading, you guys are awesome. You are with crores of rupees because you have big capital, And, with this big capital, you are taking good risk and doing work by managing. I respect you but that doesn’t mean I will not do what I like. I like direction. I have given 4 to 4.5 years to trading. I will play in direction only. I will only do directional. So, option selling guys we will do directional. Meaning, where we had to buy the call, there we will put short with hedging. With hedging means? How does it work? I will make videos on this and I will share it with you.

So, the people who have capital around 5 to 10 lakhs, we will only do option selling with hedges and we will do this only, ok? What happens? When we do this, what will happen? Your success rate will definitely get high. Because, when the market went up then also you learnt and if it goes sideways then also you earned. You come in 66% slab. The ones which were in 36, 3% slab that you got only this many times success and this many times you had to fall. Now you are passing this many times if it goes sideways then also no loss, you earned some money. If it went up then also you earned.

If we go down, meaning directional option selling, not boring, sitting sideways. I have said the boring word, do not judge. Everyone has their different-different, so it is fine. These 2 things we will do. Low capital trader, you guys will go Equity trading. People with good capital, you also do after 10:30. There is no problem. Just agree, do after 10:30. Choppiness, choppiness meaning you will be safe from zigzagging. You have to pick the right direction, that is why 10:30. After 10:30, you guys will call option selling, directional selling and instead of doing this, we will work.

So, what will happen by doing it? By doing it confidence will be built up inside us. By doing this slowly slowly we are arranging experimental capital which will be minimum to minimum 50 thousand for low capital traders. The ones which have capital, it will be 1 lakh for them.

These people will do option buying from one lot. These people will do 2-3 lots of option buying. You all will wait at the one stoploss. Not even 2, just 1 stop loss because it is an experiment. Main trading is going on, option selling is going on, our equity trading is also going on. This is an experiment. We will wait at one stop loss. I am giving you a rule by making it.

On one stop loss, because we don't have to earn money, we have to earn our worth. We have to learn the skill. You all will wait and I have set your position sizing. You will not increase the capital. So, by doing this, position sizing. Yours yours, ok.

Position sizing, your discipline and your psychology. Psychology? Now tell me how will psychology be improved? Brother, see, this success which you have achieved by doing this trade, by this trade. This will correct your psychology. You will start to gain trust in direction You were always doing directional option trading. You know that in these kinds of setups the market goes very big. Now, I will buy an option from this. You know you have held the banking sector so fantastically. You do know that BANK NIFTY will break now and it will go up and down.

So, you have used holding the winning trade psychology and have kept great. Brother, this is the solution. Leaving this, there is nothing. I am sorry, there is no Now, there are solutions like jackpot call, expiry calls. Go do it

and if you get success, congratulations. I am only wanting your good. If you get a failure then come again, do this only and see what will happen. This thing, I will give an extra point of this. After doing this also what will happen is you will feel that brother, might happen that I do option buying by mistake on the 4th day. You will come in so much guilt that how horrible a person I am. I still have such a good road, still. Brother forgive yourself, give 2-3 chances.

Again restart. I will do new equity trading, option selling, I will do this, I will do that. And like that, do it ok? Now guys, I hope you enjoyed my video. I hope you liked it.

I hope you understood my intentions is nothing. That’s why I will not say, I will not tell you about any of my surveys. I will not tell you to open an account in ZERODHA, I will not tell you to do this. Just share this video to all those people who have lost in their lives, all the people who have entered the market, all those people whom you care genuinely about in your groups. Please send this video. I am not telling it for my needs, I am telling you for the whole community’s needs. If someone has gotten offended by my words then please forgive me. And, all the fellow youtubers which are there nearby, it is our job to protect our community.

We have to earn our own, definitely earn. Earn through youtube, earn through courses, earn through your trading, earn through everything. But, you have to protect as well. That is why never give advice that is not at all, you will follow. So, I hope you enjoyed the video guys. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I will see you in the market analysis video.

Let’s meet up guys. Thank you so much.

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