How to Copy my Trades on Pocket Option - Easy Money

How to Copy my Trades on Pocket Option - Easy Money

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What's going on YouTube. It is your boy Rayy Bannzz. I am back with another video. And in my bag. And today I have really good news. I am going to show you how you actually can copy my trades.

I know, I know. I've been saying on a lot of videos that I don't think you should copy trades. I think you should learn the skill and I do stand by that.

But I've been doing some business analytics, I've been looking over some numbers and I say, You know what? I think I can be more competitive. I think I can help more people. And sometimes people just gravitate towards people who let them copy trades while they learn. So I've decided to put myself in a position to help you make profit.

Why you learn this skill. I just hope that you have the perspective of knowing that you want to learn this skill because the day I say, Hey, I don't want to let you copy trades anymore, you should have enough information to be able to make profits on these charts. Okay. Today's video is going to be very simple and straightforward.

I'm going to show you how you can copy my trades. I'm going to show you what you need to copy my trades, two requirements that I personally require for you to be able to copy my trades. And then, you know, how you can actually get those requirements done. All right. So the first thing I want to do is let you know that I'm going to be in the social trading area of pocket options. If this is your first time using pocket options and you're not too familiar with the broker, I do have a video on my channel called How to Use Pocket Options that you can go watch if you want to have a better understanding.

It's about an hour long talks about a lot of stuff, but this is where you find it on the right hand side where it says social trading. You will click that right there and you'll be able to find all these different tabs. Okay, you can go through these tabs is very self-explanatory. You see how when I click it, it tells you what that tab is for. Look, click. It tells me, okay, this is the top 100, no problem.

This is how I can find somebody by their UID number. What is a UID number look like? It's this blue number right here. You have that. You can find it on your profile anywhere. And when you click those UID or if you put the UID in the search bar, you will find people on the broker as this person right here. Look at this trade in profit is killing it for today.

You can also see pretty much their profile level and you'll also be able to see, you know, their name and all of that good stuff. So let's say that you hop on pocket options, you have my UID number and you want to copy my trades. Okay? So I'm just going to pick a random profile and I'm going to go to oh my guy, right here with the the flashy photo. I'm going to go right here and I'm going to click copy trades because I'm going to show you how you actually can set this up for success. All right.

Now, remember, we don't just want to blindly copy people trades. Even if you go to somebodies profile and it's like, man, this person is, you know, $100 million in profit, whatever you may see, you know, you want to be cautious about taking those trades, but you can set it up to where if you do want to copy those trades, you can be safe about it. Watch this. If you're going to copy my trades, this is what I recommend. One you need to know. My balance. My balance is on the screen. 16,642 You also know that I like to take 1% trades.

If you're in my Discord Channel, you know that I've been teaching focus on averaging 1% a day. If you take if you trade for six months and you look back after six months at your account, you just want to be able to say, hey, over six months, I've averaged a 1% a day and your account will grow because I like to take an average of 1% trades, no more than 5%, but an average of 1% trades per trade. That means that, according to my balance, my trades would be about 160 bucks. Right now. Let's just assume that your account is a $2,000 account, which means you shouldn't want to take a trade for 160 bucks.

You're going to be closer to about 20 bucks because 1% of 2000 is 20, which means if I'm taking a trade for 160 bucks and you want to copy my trade, you don't want to copy that for that, for balance. So in the copy proportion right here, you're simply going to say, hey, how much of a percentage of 160 can I take? Okay. 10% of 160 is $16. Now, you can be extra precise if you want to if you want to be able to get there for $20 a trade. But I think 10% is a nice even number.

It's a little under 1% for your account, but it's still profit. So we're going to put 10% right here. We do not want to take 100% of anybody's account because somebody's account can be large and them losing a $5.

A $5,000 trade is like half of a percent on their account, but you lose in a $5,000 trade is 90% of your account if you had, you know, more than 5000. But because you have 2000, it will wipe you out. It would take you off the map. You would take a full trade for your account hundred percent, and boom, your account is gone. So we don't want to do that. So we're going to put 10% in to keep us at that 1% mark for our account.

And then we want to set our stop balance. A stop balance is just like a stop loss. It means, hey, if my account hits this number, stop copying this trader. Right? So I'm just going to assume that I have a $2,000 account if I know that I don't like to lose more than 5% a day, I want to put my 5% number in my stop balance, which means if I have a $2,000 account, my stop balance would be 1900. Okay, that's what that is. 5% is about 100 bucks.

There we go. So I have that in my stop balance. Now my minimum trade amount can be $1, right? I want to take 10% of the trade that I have. And as long as it's not under a dollar, I'll take that trade. That's just saying you want to take all the trades and my max copy trade amount. We're going to set unlimited now because we're taking a 10% trade right.

Remember, this is for me. If you're taking other people trades, you probably want to put a max copy trade amount in here. But you're copying my trades.

I'm not going to be taking full account trades. I'm not doing it right. You're not going to look up and have oh my God. You know, Rey lost 27 trades in a row. It's not happening. All right. So you can put this here because I want the trades to register for you.

I'm going to have my account management on point. So with the unlimited right here, this is pretty much just saying I want to take the same trades that this person takes, but I only want to take 10% of what they take. Okay. And in the stop balance will control when you take the trader, when you don't, depending on let's say I lose 5%, I hit my stop loss one day. If I hit my stop loss one day and you get on discord and says, hey, I hit my stop loss today, you can get back on it. No.

Okay. Rayy lost 5% because that's my stop loss. If I lose 5%, that means that your stop balance was hit, which means it took you off my trade list.

You would have to get back on your account and then reset it again. Now, let's say you don't want to keep doing it. You want to be able to set it up to where, Hey, I just want to take your trade for the next couple of months. I don't really want to hop on my broker. And you had a $2,000 account, you could say, okay, I will stop when my balance is at 1000. Okay, just so you don't get knocked off the list and then you come back three months later and I've won all these trades, but I hit a stop loss one day and it took you away and now you didn't get any of that profit.

So that's something that you want to keep in mind, too. All right. But because I like to check my account every day and because you're going to be on the charts, practice too, it's always good to have a stop balance at 5% of your account. Okay. So this is what it should look like for you if you have a $2,000 account is awesome because I already did it for you.

You copy. In 10% of the trades, the stop balance is going to be 1900. In the minimum trade, amount is going to be one.

The max copy trade amount is going to be unlimited. All right, now, if you ever want to set this up or understand how this works, you can always read this down here and it'll tell you what your account to do before you hit confirm. Never hit confirm if you do not fully understand what this is going to do for you, that's the worst feeling ever is getting on your account and wondering why is my account gone? Because you didn't understand what this was doing. Okay, if you want to understand this more, you can also go to the Comprehensive Guide that Pocket options gives to you and if you don't know how to find it, you can simply just message support and say, Hey, can you send me the link to the comprehensive guide and they'll send it to you within that day.

And you can go read about social trading and how these buttons work. However, that's not necessary if you're only going to be copying my trades because I've given you the formula. Okay. If you have an account balance less than 2000, remember one more time.

One more time. You want to make sure that you know my balance. My balance is right here. 16,642. I take 1% trades. That's $160. So based off of my trades you want to take, if you had a 2000 account, 10%.

But if you got a $500 account, this percentage right here is going to change. So you just need to do a little bit of math to figure out what is my 1% number on my account. And once you find that you'll be able to find the percentage of the trade that I take that you need to put in your copy trade proportion. Okay, that's here. Stop balance.

You want to be 5% and the minimum one and unlimited. That's how you do that. Hit confirm and you'll be copying my trades.

Now as two things that I'm going to actually require for you to have if you want to copy my trades. The number one thing is you have to be a part of my paid discord. 100%. My pay discord is $29 a month. So let's just think about something really quick.

Let's say that you join this paid discord because you want to be able to make money trading and you want the pay discord to kind of pay for itself. Or at least give yourself a chance to say, hey, my trading account is taking care of this cost because I don't want it to come out. My budget for some reason. No problem.

That means that you need to have at least 1000 to $2000 in your account to have a good shot of saying, Hey, if I make profits this month, I'm going to make profits this month, and I want my profits to be more than $30. My discord is 29, 99. This is what you get with my discord. You get chats where we have an elite journal where everybody on every Friday post what they learn, what they struggle with, what they're going to be working on over the weekend to go into the next week. We have lockdowns, which means at a certain time on Monday, a lockdown starts where we only talk about trading for the week.

And at a certain time on Friday, the lockdown ends where we can just get in a chat and kind of hang out. I do classes, you know, we trade, live together. Do I have look, I have people in the music room right now and this guy right here is trading live. Let's go. He hasn't even been in a discord that long and he's already trading live. I love that.

So he's trading live and he has people tuning in. The Ninja Elite is like a music bot, so they're probably listening to music too. I have a premium in this where here is actually this is a premium discord, but I have one for the free discord too. But the free discord can not copy my trades because they're not in my premium discord. Also inside of my premium discord, I have an active check list.

I can show you how to maximize this chat. I have the po smack chat where I just post recommendations on which charts you can look at and you can go find trades. And based off what I see, if you don't want to have to worry about going through charts, I have credit gems for the premium discord, which means you can get in here. And if you're in the United States, I have a credit professional who is really, really good.

That is like no cap. This guy is really good at helping you build your credit. He's going to teach you how to also maintain it and understand what you're doing because you do have rights with your credit.

We help you with your budget in this chat. We help you with, you know, getting active. I have a trainer in the chat if you want to be able to ask questions about micros and micro macros. I'm sorry, That's hilarious, right. So if you want to ask questions about your health or just understand what you're eating or be able to have an online plan with this person, he will tap in with you? It actually help you get some results or whatever goals you might have for yourself. I have that. I have a mentor, not the mentorship, but because that's from our mentorship program.

But I have a sniper vault that has private videos that only my discord can see. So they're on YouTube, but you don't have the link because you're not in the premium discord. So we have that and it's a plethora of other things that I offer in this chat. Like a whole bunch guys, right? So just having the chat alone to copy trade is cool, but you're going to get so much value just being a part of the community and you can ask anybody in this chat if it's worth getting a paid discord.

Also, the paid discord supports my YouTube channel because I want my information to be free. I've released some courses over the last year and my courses are great. They they do great numbers. You know, they help a lot of people.

People are getting results. I got people flipping their account from 500 to 5 K and people getting a lot of profits back that they lost. It's just a lot of cool things that's happening, but it's really just the community that can really help you. So I'm like, You know what? Since my courses are great and I know the community is a key part, I don't mind letting my information being free if my community is big enough to allow me to do this. So my discord is used like a patreon. But instead of having something like, Hey guys, support me on discord and you can get an emoji and a shirt, hey, support me on Discord and I'm going to make sure that you have an environment that's conducive for growth.

I'm going to make sure that you can actually hop on here and get an understanding of what you're doing. I'm going to make sure that I hop on and add value every day with my podcast messages and my teachings and you being able to trade, live, and even have me come in and just talk to you while you trade and help you clear some things that you need help with. Like, that's what my discord is for. So that alone, outside of the copy, trading is 100% worth it. Once you get the discord, you need to make sure that your pocket options account is connected to me.

Okay, that is another way that I generate income to be able to provide the information that I provide on YouTube. Yall I have to understand that information is not meant to be told. It is meant to be sold. And you have people who will go on you to find information, monetize it, and make a boatload of money.

Now, because I want to give this out because my goal, this is to impact 1 million families. And I think the best way to impact 1 million families is to have a platform where the information is literally free and then a support system that's that that's the approach that I'm taking. That's why I have my affiliate link with pocket options. That's why I want to create successful traders, because if I can create a whole bunch of successful traders trading on pocket options, I can generate a decent amount of income through an affiliate link. I don't have my affiliate links it up to where it's based off of your losses.

I have it set up to is based off of your trading volume, which means if you trade over ten years as ten years of trading volume, do you see how powerful that can be? So because it helps me and I know that I'm going to be doing some work on your account, taking these trades. That's why I require you to actually connect your account to me. Now, let's say that you say, Hey, you know what, I know how to work pocket options, and I'm just going to wait for him to take a couple of trades. You know, I'm going to somehow find his UID number, which is not hard to find, and I'm just going to, you know, come over here and find him in the social trading area and I'm just going to copy his trades. I want to show you something really quick.

Do you know that I can see who's watching me? Do you know that I can see who's taking my trades? So let's say that I was on this tab and I said, Hey, this person right here is copying my trades. I can click this, I can then take your UID, hit copy, and then I can go and, search your UID and see if your account is connected to my affiliate link. If it's not, I'm just going to simply block you. I'm not going to send you any hate messages. I'm not going to send you. Hey, man, you need to join a discord if you want to copy my trades.

I'm not doing it. I'm just simply going to block you because I only want the people that I'm helping to follow my account, my affiliate link. I want to people that say my discord, putting in the work to learn how to do this. That's also tapping into the bonus feature of the discord of copying my trades, copy my trades.

I'm not just letting anybody copy my trades. So if you're finding this video and you want to be able to get into a community that's not just going to let you copy trades, but you want to learn this skill for yourself. Then guess what? You have found it, right? All you have to do is follow the link in the description below to my paid Discord. Sign up for 29.99, then connect your account.

Now let's say that you made your account and it's not connected to an affiliate. It's a way where you don't even have to make a new account, where you can just connect it to me and you're good to go. But if you're already connected to another affiliate, which most people are, they just don't realize it. Even if you didn't go through a link of anybody else, the chances of you being connected to an affiliate is high because people are really good with like Google promotion and like put in pocket options as an ad and then you click and they're linking you're signing up under people who don't help you, right? So they're just benefiting off you, messing up on your account.

And then you click pocket options and be like, Oh, python options. Not for me or everybody on pocket options. Just want you to do affiliate links or whatever. And that's the way a lot of people who trade on pocket option make it seem. But this is a business like anything else. So if you want to copy my trades, that's going to be the requirement.

You can get the paid discord. Once you get into the paid discord ask around to figure out how you can get your account connected to my account, and then you qualify to take those trades. Simply send you the UID on discord and you'll be good to go. When I trade, you will be taking the same trades as me. You know how to put in the parameters so you can make sure your account is good so those trades will register on your account, and from there it's just about you learning the skill until you get to the point where you say, You know what? I like taking trades, but I actually don't need to. I'm a great enough trader by myself.

I'm going to build my account by myself. Now, I do know some people. I look, I'm a take your trades and I would take my trades, but it's just a sense of ownership that I get when I know that I can trade my way to whatever number I want to trade to. And I think that it might be the same for you once you understand how to do this skill. So this is just me saying, Hey, join a discord, see how my community is different and make some money along the way. So one more thing that I want to show you before I get off this video.

Okay? Matter of fact, my videos average about 40 minutes. This one is only 18. This is still longer than what I thought, but oh, well.

Okay if I go here and hit these three dots. You see this right here where it has like the three little people right here. If I click this and turn this on, if I'm copying somebody trades when they take their trades, they'll actually pop up on my screen.

Now that's cool to me. So just know that. All right. That's what that button is for. Another thing, if you are going to copy my trades, if you're looking at this video and you're over the excited because you got a good amount or your account and you like a 1% trades for free let's go. Understand that if I'm copying these trades and you really are trying to master this skill, you'll be able to see the time at which I entered the trade and the direction in the asset. So when you look up the history of the trades that you take, which you can find under the history of your profile, right? When you look at those trades, you can say, okay, Rayy traded American Express at 2152 and you can go to American Express and literally find, look, 2152 and then you can find the number in which I entered it, which there's price over here and you can put the line on the chart and say, okay, and you can look at how the chart looks like, okay, I notice that it has some structure right here. Boom, had the level line break, had the power pattern.

Okay, I totally understand why he took that trade and you can use that as an opportunity to study the trades that I've taken on your account, which can even help you understand the YouTube videos even more. Guys, I think that this idea is just bullet proof and I am so excited to see what people are going to be saying about the trades that I take because that's a lot of pressure, but also to just see how people are going to study and really use it to their advantage so they can make even faster progress on their accounts. With that information, I am pretty much wrapped up with this video. I expect to see you guys in a discord and I expect for all of us to be busting some trades.

But with that, I will catch you on the next video, peace.

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