How this new mom built a booming business from home! // The Authority Accelerator Program

How this new mom built a booming business from home! // The Authority Accelerator Program

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Sunny Lenarduzzi: Hello. Hello. Hello. Let   me know if you can hear and see me okay. We are  officially live. I am so excited. I am always so   excited for these, but today I think I'm a little  bit extra excited because I absolutely adore   the human being that I'm going to be speaking to  today. And I'm going to introduce her in just a   second. If you are tuning in on YouTube, be sure  to hit that like button and be sure to comment   and let me know that you can hear me and see me  okay. And if you happen to be catching the replay,  

anywhere you're watching this, just put replay  into the chat. And also be sure to share this out   with someone who you think needs to hear it. Share  it with your network. And that way we can impact   even more people with this incredible story. Like I said, I am so pumped to jump into this  

today. And we are officially live. So welcome.  Let us know where you're tuning in from. We   have people from all over the world joining  us today, which is really, really exciting.   And without further ado, I am going to get into  the incredible story of who I'm going to be   speaking to today for a little bit of background.  And if you aren't familiar with who I am,   nice to meet you. My name is Sunny Lenarduzzi,  and I'm the founder of the Authority Accelerator  

Program, where we help you create, automate,  and scale your online course business based   on your own unique genius and your own unique  story. And that's what we're going to be talking   about today and how one of our clients has used  their methodology to truly create her own future   and become her own boss and leave behind her old  career and start a new chapter in so many ways.  Thank you for tuning in. Hi, Tong. Tong is part  of the Authority Accelerator too. I know we   have some clients here tuning in to show love and  support. So thank you so much for being here. Hi,   Joy. Hello. She's in England. Oh, that's amazing.  Hi, Astrig. Nice to have you here as well.  

Hi, Melinda. How's it going? So yeah, if you  are here tuning in, let us know where you're   tuning in from, and we're super excited to have  you. Hi, Dr. Ranger, nice to have you here too.  Okay. So let's dig into who this mystery guest  is. Well, she's not such a mystery, because you've   probably seen the promo for this, but prior  to enrolling into the Authority Accelerator,   Jacent knew her business wasn't sustainable or  scalable and was having a very difficult time   getting to where she wanted to go in terms  of success all by herself. She felt stuck   and as if she was doing things out of order  in her business. If you can relate to that,  

let me know with a "Boss" in the chat. Once she  discovered she was pregnant with her first child,   she knew it was time to make a drastic change. So December of 2021, she enrolls into the   Authority Accelerator and quickly realized  it was the best decision she's ever made   for her business. And within three months of  enrolling, Jacent managed to pivot away from  

working one-on-one with clients to generating  almost 16K while pregnant with her firstborn.   This is the incredible story of how she  went from having no freedom, flexibility,   or control over her schedule to building a  thriving, sustainable and scalable online business   that's allowed her to impact more women around  the world. So today I'm talking to Jacent about   how she went from burnt out one-on-one therapist  to thriving entrepreneur by helping professional   millennial women of color go from living  paycheck to paycheck, undercharging,   and feeling financially stressed to maximizing  their earning potential using psychology to   transform their money mindset so that they can  create financial freedom faster, pay down debt,   save thousands and invest  into their heart's desire.  So just a few, a few little highlights from  Jacent's journey. We're going to dig into it   even further in just a second here. Just a  few highlights of what she's achieved since   enrolling in the Authority Accelerator Program.  In less than 30 days, she was able to generate  

almost $16,000 and enroll 15 phenomenal clients  into her initial program launch. She made back   her investment into the program in less  than three months of joining the program.   Following the system was so straightforward and  structured strategically, which allowed her to go   into her maternity leave with total peace of  mind. And since then she's been able to deliver   a healthy newborn. And as a new mom, she's already  enrolled five new clients in the last week alone.  But this is just the beginning. She's made about  $100,000 in the last 12 months between her online  

course business and her private practice. And  since joining AA, she's been able to close her   private practice in order to solely focus on her  online coaching business, which simplified her   entire business and changed her life. If you are  as excited as I about this, please let us know   in the comment. So happy to have you all here. And  I am so excited to bring the one the only Jacent   on. Hi Jacent, how are you? Jacent:  

I'm great. How are you? Sunny Lenarduzzi:   I'm good. Okay. First and foremost, I think the  first question we all have is how are you as a   new mom and how is your baby? Jacent:   You know, we're healthy. We actually have a  midwife visit later on today. We're healthy. The  

baby's good, growing, eating all day, all night.  And I'm recovering really well. I'm grateful to   have this time to really turn my brain off and not  worry about anything and just enjoy these moments   because he's growing so fast. So we're well. But  I'm really grateful to be here and chatting with   you. It's crazy. I'm so excited. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   It's a total full circle moment. I'm so  happy that we're here and we're chatting.   I've been looking forward to this for so  long. And just a little backstory too,  

I think the most wonderful thing about us working  together and one of the highlights of my days and   weeks is that every time you've enrolled a new  client into your program, you tag me on Instagram   and you do a little dance. Jacent:   Yes. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   And I get to see it. I get to see every win in  real time. And it's just the best thing ever.   Before, it was just you. And now you're doing  these little dances and celebrations on your  

Instagram story with your sweet baby. So  I just think that's the cutest thing ever.   It's awesome. I'm so happy for you and all your  success and this journey that you've been on.   And I know that you're going to be able to  share a lot of wisdom with people here today. So   let's kind of dig into it. First and foremost,   tell me about your journey as an entrepreneur  because you were working as a therapist prior   to starting this business. So what was that  journey like for you? What was that transition  

like for you? Jacent:   Yeah, so traditionally I'm a licensed  marriage and family therapist. And so I've   been practicing since 2014, but I started  my own business 2018, about fall 2018.   When you go to school to be a therapist, anyone  who's a therapist has the experience. One of the  

things that we often heard was like, "You didn't  go into this field to make a lot of money."   There was this narrative that we were going to  have an expectation to serve, but we shouldn't   expect to be compensated well or much for the  service, which I think happens to teachers,   anyone kind of in a service industry like that. And so I started my business and we don't learn   anything about business in school to become  a therapist. Literally, nothing. Like,   not to open a business bank account, like  nothing. And so I started that business. It   was running and it was going. But then I'd always  felt this pull beyond just the therapy room,  

because when you're doing one to one, you're  limited, right? It's not scalable. And you   can't grow your reach to some extent once you  hit your cap on how many clients you can see.  And so I always was interested in just being  able to serve more. And so that started kind   of evolving into learning about how I could do  that online and go kind of one to many, but it   was a slow process for me because now it's 2022. I  have just now closed my practice from 2018 to now.   And so spending a lot of time online, trying  to figure out what that looks like for me.  

And in the midst of my own journey, understanding  what my lane was, which you talk a lot about in   your videos and obviously in the Authority  Accelerator, it's like, "What's your zero   to hero story because your legacy clients are  going to be the ones that mirror that story?"  And so my story was unfolding. And in the  process of personally becoming debt-free   and working on my own money stuff, I also saw  that a lot of my therapy clients were coming   in and talking about money, which was another  thing that we never learned about in school, was   how to help clients dealing with things  like financial hardship, financial stress,   financial trauma. And so I was seeing kind of  these common denominators and I was like, "Okay,   well maybe that's where I should go because that's  what people are asking me about. So let's kind of   lean into that." So by 2020 I started leaning  in a little bit. I'm like, okay, tipping my  

toes in the pool. 2021 I'm kind of growing more,  trying to ask questions to be more strategic. But   like I said, I was doing things out of order. So I spent a lot of money hiring the right   people at the wrong time, unfortunately. And so  it wasn't until I got pregnant and I was like,  

"Okay, something has to change because  I literally have a human on the way   that I want to be able to be there for." And it  was YouTube for Bosses was what I wanted to enroll   in. But I had seen, and this is why you have to  like... Success love speed, right? So this is why   you have to take advantage of things right away  because YouTube for Bosses has been around for   a long time. I had been kind of lagging on  enrolling in it. And then I saw that you   were retiring it and I was like, "No, it's still  going to be around. It's fine. I'll do it later."  And so I put it off. Procrastination. And  then it was like, "Okay, in order to get  

access or to learn more, you have to email." So  I sent an email, got on the phone and I'm like,   "I'm not going to do whatever they're talking. I  know what this looks to be in school." Here I am   like a couple weeks later, "Take my card. Here,  take my money. I want to enroll. This is exactly   what I need." And the investment was way more than  what I had originally thought of, but it was well  

worth it, like the best decision. Literally  one of the best decisions I've ever made.   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Oh, that makes me so happy to hear.   I love that you said success loves speed because  it is about making that decision and acting   fast. I'm so curious for you, when you think  back on your journey and when you did enroll,   is there a part of you that's like, "Damn.  I wish I enrolled sooner a little bit?"   Jacent: Listen, you know where I would be.  

And so I try not to practice  regret or anything like that.   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Same.   Jacent: I think everything happens as it should, but   had I understood like this would have launched  me forward so much faster, 100% in 2018 I should   have been in. You know, like whenever it  started is when I should have been in.  

Sunny Lenarduzzi: 2019. Yes, gotcha.   Jacent: 100%.   Yes. And that's what happens usually, is like  you kick yourself later for the decision that   you should have made and it's like you might  as well do something and have it be a mistake   and then have to reroute than not to do it  and then have regret. That's my thing.   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Absolutely. I totally agree with that. And I think  

I also could understand where that hesitation  comes from and where the nerves come from and   all of that stuff. There's a lot out there. And  so that's why it's so important for us to talk   to real human beings who are in our program  and to be able to share these stories because   I could shut up from the rooftops how much this  program changes lives and changes businesses,   but it really doesn't matter how much I say it.  It matters how much our humans say it and the   people that we work with. So I'm so happy that  you're here. We did, I've just been informed,  

have a little bit of a tech issue. So I just  wanted to let everyone know if you're tuning in   on YouTube, apparently this started 10 minutes  into our broadcast. So we apologize for that.  It said we were live on StreamYard, but it's  all good. We're live now. So I just want to   catch you up to speed. We are talking to Jacent,  one of our incredible clients in the Authority   Accelerator Program. If you aren't familiar  with the Authority Accelerator Program or me,  

my name's Sunny Lenarduzzi, and I'm the founder  of the program. We help you take your unique   genius and expertise and experience and create,  automate, and scale your online course business   using that. So Jacent's story is incredible. We're  going to dig into actually some tactical things   that are going to be really helpful for you if you  are trying to build your online course business.  And I would love for you to let me know. If  you're here watching because you're like, "I have   experience I have expertise. I have an idea of how  I want to impact people" and you want to create   an online course business, if you can just put  online course into the chat, that would be super   helpful. And I just love to see whose head is in  that space and who's thinking in that direction. 

So I did just want to say before we get  into what we're going to go over tactically,   we also have my whole team here watching and  tuning in. And if you are interested in being a   part of the Authority Accelerator Program, we want  to actually speak to you. Yes, live, speak to you.   So if you just want to put "APPLY"  into the chat, Jacqueline or Bri   from my team will get in touch with you so  they can actually speak to you about it.  But let's get into what we're going to  cover today from a tactical perspective,   because there's a lot to dig into with your  story. So we're going to talk about the key   to aligning business goals with your personal  values. Some of what that Jacent just touched on,  

we're going to dig even deeper into that with  some really good book recommendations as well.   How to create a schedule that works for you  and avoid burnout as an entrepreneur. And then   the third thing, which obviously Jacent is an  expert in is the money mindset that accelerates   success. So many comments flooding in. Love to  see it. Hello everyone. And I love how many of   you are interested in creating an online  course. We're so happy that you're here.  Okay. So before we get into the tactics,  how much did motherhood motivate you to   make the change in your career? Jacent:   You know, I think that what I'm doing now isn't  any different than what I've wanted to do for   years actually> it's just I was dragging my feet.  So motherhood put a fire under me, under my butt,  

right? Without cursing. Put a fire under my  butt to move, to try, to be open, to giving   it a shot what I really actually wanted to do  the entire time. And so I think that becoming a   mother has made me more courageous, has made me  more honest with myself, has forced me to face   and make decisions at a quicker pace because  literally I have another human that I was growing,   and that now I have birthed and I'm raising. And  so I think that it wasn't anything that wasn't   already in me. It's just now I really feel like  I'm authentically being who I'm supposed to be   and I'm serving in the world the way that I'm  supposed to serve. And so I think that's what  

motherhood has done for sure. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yeah. It sort of gave you the timeline to make  it happen, which I love. And when you think about   the program you've created and your own story and  your own experience, I harp on this so much but I   love sharing real world examples because I know  that your most unique niche, it's not out there.   It's not what other people are doing. And it's  so important, and this is the very foundation   of what we work on inside of the program so we  can set you up for success for the long run,   is really identifying, "Okay, what is my journey?  What is my story? And how is that aligned with the   impact I want to create through my online course  business?" How do you feel like those things are   intertwined for you? Jacent:   Completely 100% overlapped. Because even  prior to joining the Authority Accelerator,   that's literally how my online business became a  thing, was my journey, people being interested and   wanting to know more, asking questions and me  doing my best to support them just not knowing   how to do it in the most efficient way at the  time. I literally went from being born in Uganda,  

immigrating to the states and kind of going  through the checklist of life. Go to school.   Get married. Get a good job. So I did the  checklist and it didn't work for me because   I ended up getting divorced and then my dad died  and it was a whole hot mess. I was dealing with my   own grief and mental health stuff and went into a  lot of debt at the time. And so I ended up paying  

off over $90,000 in student loan and credit  card debt in three years before I turned 30.  So 2020 during the pandemic is when I paid off  my debt. And I ended 2020 with like 30K cash in   the bank. So it's the decisions that you make in  your life that lead up to where you are now. Your  

life now is the byproduct of the choices that you  made yesterday, a week ago, or years ago. My story   is that I'm kind of borderline boujee. I really  enjoy traveling, but I shop at Ross. So it's like   I wanted to have financial freedom so I can be  on maternity leave and maternity leave actually   never has to end for me. Like, I get to be  a parent the way that I want to because I  

created financial freedom for myself. And so that was something that I wanted   to share with other people and I believe  is possible for other people. And so it   100% overlaps with who I am. I don't have to  worry about competition because there's plenty of   money coaches, there's plenty of people that are  teaching others how to create financial freedom,   but no one has my unique life experience. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yes. Yes. Jacent:   And that's what I think people discredit,  is they write their own story off and they   aren't realizing that's actually  what's going to set you apart and   why someone is going to want to work with you  specifically as opposed to somebody else.  

Sunny Lenarduzzi: Yes. Oh my gosh. I just want to hug you through   the screen. Yes. Yes. All the yes. Is that landing  for all of you if you're watching? Can you just   put "Heck, yes" if that landed for you? I think  the biggest thing is like, people are always like,   "Well, what's my niche? I don't know my niche.  I can't pick a niche." It's not about checking   a box or picking a niche. It's not anything  out there. What you just said is so true. And   I'm always like, the biggest authority hack, the  way to hack your way to becoming an authority is   to know that you're the only person in the world  with the experience and expertise that you have,   so therefore you are an authority. So it's just  very simple when you break it all down. Thank   you for sharing that because I think that it did  resonate with a lot of people. We have lots of  

people saying, "Heck, yes." So thank you for that. And then the only thing I want to ask you before   we get it into these tactical three steps and  three tips that I'm going to share with Jacent   here is how stressful was it to make this change  while pregnant? Because we have to put it in   perspective. You had your private practice as a  therapist. You were solidified in that industry.   You had clients. And you're like, "I'm going to  do this. I'm going to create my own business."   I know there are people here watching right now  who can relate to that and are having probably   a lot of the same fears you did. I know Zeniah  just commented and said, "I'm a new mom, also   working in mental health as a nurse practitioner  student and I would love to do what you're doing."   So talk me through the fear and talk  me through how you move past it.  

Jacent: Yeah. So fear is a funny   thing. It serves a purpose because it's supposed  to help you kind of avoid making mistakes, avoid   getting hurt. And so my thing is, when the fear  shows up, how can I have a conversation with it  

and how can I employ my fear? And I think that's  what is different as far as like mindset wise what   comes up for me. Because when I was pregnant,  I was also really focused on trying to be   calm and peaceful as I was growing a human. And  so yes, stress would show up. Fear would show   up. You're like, "Is this going to work? Should I  just stop working together? Maybe I need to figure  

out how to go on maternity leave and then go back  to see clients one on one." But that's not what   I wanted. That's not my desire. And so for me,  I think when fear shows up, which it did, when   stress showed up, which it did, I would just have  a conversation with it and I would also employ it   to say, "Thanks for letting me know. You're on  the risk management team. Cool. I got this."  And that's why joining the Authority Accelerator  was huge for me. Because at that point,  

I think fear also lives and thrives in  disorganization and a lack of systems and   structure and a process. And I knew I didn't have  that before the Authority. I knew I did not have   that before the Authority Accelerator. I knew I  had a problem with things being out of order. I   had a broken business model. It was a mess. I knew  that. So Authority Accelerator, that subsided so   much of the fear that was there because there was  a process, it was organized, it was strategic.   You'd literally execute and show up. And as long  as you do that, then you will get the results.  

And so for me, I think probably before I joined  the Authority Accelerator, I worried or had more   fear that I was having conversations  within employing. But then when I was   talking about what Authority Accelerator did, and  I grilled the person that I talked to, like...   Sunny Lenarduzzi: As you should, to be honest.   As you should. And that's why I keep saying if  you're here and you're like Jacent and you're  

like, "Hey, I'm interested, but I'm nervous  and I've got some fears," literally, you can   talk to a real human. All you have to do right  now is put "APPLY" into the chat and you will   talk to a real human being on my team and you can  grill them because they are happy to help you.   Jacent: And here's the thing.   Because I didn't have an intention of enrolling  in anything, I wanted to do YouTube for Bosses,   I was like, "Give me the prepackaged quick  course, whatever." But then I was like, "Okay,   well let's see what happens here." If nothing  else, type "APPLY" because you want to go through  

the process and see what it's like to go through  someone who's doing it successfully. That's a part   of becoming a business owner, is doing your own  research. So I was like, "Let's see what goes   on." So I got on a call, I was like, "Huh, okay.  Whatever." And I was like, "Yeah, okay, let's see   another call. Just to see what happens." And so  I get on it and I'm like, "Hmm, interesting." And   I'm taking notes after the calls for myself,  for my own business. And then I enrolled. 

So then I grilled him and I was like, "Does it  attend to this? Is it going to help me solve   this problem? Is it going to do this for me?" And  so you have to kind of sometimes know what you   need as well. But the best thing about Authority  Accelerator, which I haven't seen with any, and I   spend a lot of money investing in personal and  professional development, what I haven't seen   in any other program is the whole kitten  caboodle. From step one, no audience, no   revenue, nothing, to how to hire and how to scale  and how to... So that's what gave me peace of mind   after I enrolled was like, I don't have to worry.  This is why you have policies and procedures. Lean   on the system that you have. So long story short  it's because of AA that I don't have headaches   and I'm grilling. Sunny Lenarduzzi:  

We love a good grill. My team's like probably  cursing my name right now. They're like, "Oh,   we're going to get grilled." But no, it's good.  We're well prepared for it. You can tackle any   question with us. But I think let's tackle  the steps now because I think that's really  

important to get into. So the first piece that I  want to touch on and we kind of touched on a bit   up to this point, but I really want to dig deep  into it is the key to aligning business goals   with personal values. And this goes hand in hand  with the transition that you went through going   from having your private practice, to becoming  an online course creator and business owner.   So what was that journey like for you and what  were some of the steps that helped you to align   your desires for how you wanted to live your  life, which you've touched on, with the business   that you actually created? And what were some of  the signs that you needed to make a change?   Jacent: I don't know if I've seen you talk   about it in a YouTube video, but I know for sure  it's something that we practice in the program,   is writing a 90 day letter to yourself. And I  actually used to, and I tell my students to,   write a letter to yourself a year from now.  But if there's two of them that I write,  

I'll say write a letter where everything has  gone right a year from now. And you've shown up,   you've executed. You've accomplished the goal  and so on and so forth. What does that feel   like? And what does that look like? But then  you have to write another letter where in a   year from now, you didn't show up for yourself.  You didn't follow through. You didn't execute on   what you knew you wanted to have happen.  And then what does that feel like for you?  And so that's what I used to practice. And so it  was in spending time, now shortening that from a   year which is what I used to do, to 90 days. And  I was on a timeline because I was giving a kid.  

So literally I had probably about 90 days.  I was like, "If in 90 days things were   ideal and the way that I would want them to  be, what does that look like?" And so I think   it really requires being honest with yourself. I  have a book here. It's The Lies We Tell Ourselves   by Dr. Cortney Warren. And so it's like being   really honest with yourself. So if I was being  honest with myself, doing one to one therapy   was no longer what I was supposed to be doing at  that time, which is a hard thing because I spent   a whole bunch of money and I went to a school.  I think that's what happens is you get caught  

up with all of these identifiers and attached to  like, "Oh, well I did this, this and that. And I   have to keep going down this road." You don't have  to keep going down a road if it no longer fits.  And so I think doing the 90 day letter, which  was inspired by what I know that you practice   and really being honest with myself, which I think  in entrepreneurship you have to make sure that you   are making sure that there's an alignment  between what you're doing personally and   professionally, because it takes a lot of time  and energy and effort to build a business.  

Sunny Lenarduzzi: Absolutely.   Jacent: Like, yeah. I made almost 16K   in 30 days, but baby... Sunny Lenarduzzi:   It worked. Jacent:  

It was work, okay? It was work. So it wasn't easy.  And so I think attending to your personal and   professional development at the same time helps  you to understand what's going to be sustainable.   So making money isn't hard, but is it sustainable?  That was the thing for me. I had to ask myself,   "Is continuing to do therapy sustainable for me?"  And then as a new mother, is it sustainable? No,   it wasn't sustainable. Is it scalable? No, it's  not scalable. I really enjoyed and loved working  

with my students in my online program and I  really wanted to figure out how to make that   sustainable for me. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   And I think there's two layers to  that. I think there's the layer of,   is it sustainable in terms of how you want to  structure your life? And for you obviously,   it was going to be really challenging to do your  one-to-one practice and then also have a new baby.   And so you were really proactive about it  and making that change. But I think the   other piece that isn't talked about as much  and is really something that we focus on so   much in the beginning and people want to kill me  sometimes when I'm like, "Nope, we got to really   dig deeper here," but I know it's always for the  benefit is that, "Is the joy sustainable? Is the   why sustainable? Is this concept you have for your  program and your course, is it going to sustain   your energy to wake up every day and serve and  want to do this and want to make this impact?"  And if it's not deeply rooted in who  you are and what you're here to do,   it just won't sustain itself. If you build a  business around what other people are doing or   comparison or any of that stuff, you're eventually  going to run out of steam, because the money and   the external validation can only go so far. If you  aren't happy as a person doing what you're doing,  

you're going to eventually run out of steam  and you're not going to want to do it anymore.   So you might as well tackle that upfront  by really looking at your own experience   and story to make sure that it is aligned. I love everything that you said there. And I   think it really helps to understand like, when you  create the vision for what you want, it creates   focus and it allows you to only work towards the  things that actually are going to get you closer   to that vision. If you don't have a vision and  a concept where you're going, it's really hard  

to get there. It's like going on a road trip  with no map and just running around in circles.   So I think that that's really helpful to hear. And if at the bare minimum, if you just sit down   today and it's... I'm not saying being so detailed  in what you write as your vision, that if you  

stray from it you're going to feel bad about  yourself. But it's being detailed in your vision   about how do you want to feel when you wake up  every day? What do you want your life to look like   in terms of what your schedule looks like, how  much time you're spending with family and friends?   When you get that down on paper, it makes you  audit what you're currently doing and how aligned   it actually is. And if it's not aligned, you do  as Jacent did and you make changes and you start   taking action. Jacent:   Can I ask something real quick? Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yes. Yeah, yeah, of course. Jacent:   So one of the things that I know that  comes up for me and what I hear a lot is   like, it's hard to... I hear about Mo motivation,  right? Like, how do you stay motivated? And to me,   it's not about motivation, because motivation is  like starting your car. You only start your car  

one time and you can drive it from here to  Vancouver, right? So motivation is a spark.   Momentum is something that you have to learn how  to keep going. And that's what your flywheel does.   When you work those cogs, it creates momentum. And  when your vision is clear, it's so much easier to   create momentum and not rely on motivation than  waking up and feeling like it. Because sometimes   you don't feel like it. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   I absolutely, Jacent:   I do a lot of public speaking, but I also  get nervous before every single interview,   before every single live. So if I were caught up  and didn't have clarity in my vision, I would let  

those nerves stop me from showing up. And a lot  of people don't want to turn on the mic or publish   the post or ask the question or whatever because  they're putting themselves and their fear in front   of the service. But when the vision is clear, when  I know... Astrig is here. You said hey to Astrig.   She's my number one student. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Oh. Hi, Astrig. Jacent:   She's the first [inaudible].  She enrolled five people.  

Sunny Lenarduzzi: Hi, Astrig. We love you.   Jacent: Yeah, right. Literally.   When you know that Astrig has a young daughter  that she wanted to be able to stay at home with   and have flexibility and go into full  time entrepreneurship and me showing up   has somehow supported Astrig in being able to  come up with a plan to leave her 9:00 to 5:00   and now being able to live her life the  way that she wants to, it's not about me.   So there's your why, but there's also your who.  And when that's clear, it's easier to show up.  

I'm like sweating right now. That's why I'm  glad that this interview is from right here.   Sunny Lenarduzzi: I love you.   Jacent: Because it's not about me. It's not about me   looking cool. It's not about me. It's about who  we're here to serve. And hopefully those people  

who are going to put "APPLY" in the comments and  hopefully start their journey. So that's a huge   thing because it's hard to show up sometimes Sunny Lenarduzzi:   I am obsessed with you. I'm obsessed with what  you're saying. It's like we share a brain.   Literally what you just said about motivation,  I was actually just thinking about how can I   articulate this into like a YouTube video soon?  Because I think motivation is absolute and utter   bullshit. It is bullshit. It is this thing that  became super buzzy in the entrepreneurial space.   But let me just tell you, and I think you'll  probably agree. If you have to rely on being  

motivated to build a business, you're not going  to build a business. And if you have to rely on   other people, rah-rahing you and cheerleading  you and pushing you forward and motivating you,   you aren't going to build the business because  that stuff runs out. And it's like a quick hit   and it goes away. That momentum is everything.  It's the baby steps. It's the baby wins. 

You don't climb Everest in a day. You got to  do years of prep for it. And so your business   requires all these little baby steps. And  I know you know this Jacent, but that's why   we're big believers and so focused on sharing  every win, like literally every single win   along the way. And if you're in our community  and in the Authority Accelerator, I know a lot   of you here are, you know that our number one  hashtag is #justwin. And sometimes it's like,   #Win. I posted in this group today. #Win.  I showed up for this call today. #Win. I  

talked to my first ideal client today. Those  little things, when you start recognizing them,   the momentum builds. And that's what keeps you  sustained for many years to come. Anything else   you want to add there? Jacent:   Well, I think I've never had any community  as a student as supportive and as phenomenal   as AA. Period. Sunny Lenarduzzi:  

Thank you. Jacent:   I don't even like Facebook. Let's be honest, okay?  I don't like Facebook. But I will go on Facebook   to see what's going on in the AA group. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Wow. Jacent:   I'm usually kind of like a stealthy person. So I  wouldn't typically enroll and be vocal. But when  

I joined AA, I said 100% I need to take advantage  of all of the resources available to me in order   to make progress. And I also want to be a good  student because I want to attract good students.   So it's like, I can't sit here and complain  that I have not good students if I'm not being   a good student, because I really feel like it's a  reflection. So I was like, "Okay." And so there,   I would always put the #Win. Did my first call.  That's not who I was. But I'm new now. So you  

sometimes have to shed who you thought you were,  who you were, to become a new version of yourself   because who you want to be or the things that  you want to have and achieve require a different   version of yourself. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yes. Jacent:   So that for me, just to add on additionally,  was one of the things I had to work on was like,   "Okay, you need to be more involved in the  community aspect of a program that you've   literally invested in," right? Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yeah. Jacent:   And it's been helpful. I literally don't  like Facebook, but I love the AA fam.  

Sunny Lenarduzzi: Oh. And we love our AA fam. We have   so many more clients here. Brittany Rosa is here.  We have so many of our clients piping in. Nicole   is here who leads our community and is my right  hand. We absolutely love her and we're so grateful   for her. So first time here, what is AA? AA is the  Authority Accelerator Program. Jacent is a client.   In the Authority Accelerator Program, we help you  create, automate, and scale your online course   business based around your own unique genius. Okay. I feel like we really covered off number   one. The only thing that I wanted to touch on  there when it comes to aligning your personal  

and professional values is there were some books  that we chatted about and there were some books   that I say you should read when you entered  the Authority Accelerator Program. One of them   that we chatted through when you were  experiencing some self sabotage, which let's just   say it how it is, it happens. We all self sabotage  and we all have to know the ways that we do it in   order to stop doing it. So you are running into  some issues with self sabotaging a little bit.   So can you tell us about that? And then talk  through the book reco that I gave you and how   it was effective for you. Jacent:  

Yeah. So one of the nice things is that we get  to weekly have at least one to two opportunities   to have coaching with you Sunny, which is  also like one of the best things in life.   But being able to come on... And that's another  thing. I usually would just suffer in silence.   So I was like... Hey, Nicole, you're the  best. I was like... I'm literally reckless.   I'm struggling because I'm enrolling people and  something is telling me like, "Is this going to   last. Is this a fluke? Is it impostor syndrome,  self sabotage?" And then I'm like, "Well,  

I need to have this conversation with my coach  and mentor if that's what's coming up for me,   because otherwise it's going to kind of thrive  in the silos of my brain and drive me nuts."  And so I brought it up on one of the  coaching calls and you recommended the book,   The Big Leap. And so spot on. I think it should  be a general requirement in college, I don't know,   curriculum or something like that because I really  think that one of the biggest things is that   when we begin to experience more abundance, joy,  peace, love, prosperity than we ever have before,   we have a governor and we get in our own way,  because we don't believe or accept that it can   continue or that it's for us or whatever the  case is. And so I'm a coach, but I have to do   my own work. That's why I have coaches, so that  I can be able to serve and tackle my own stuff   to be able to really give back. And so  the big leap was really helpful for me   in being able to address that self sabotaging  behavior and not let it keep me from continuing   to make progress and show up for my students. Sunny Lenarduzzi:  

Yes. Absolutely. Because it is a natural part  of it because when you haven't experienced   that reality, it's always been your vision, your  dream, and then you get it and you're like, "Wait,   is this real life? Is this going to last?" So  it's totally natural. We were saying before   we went on live, new level, new devil.  It's just a natural part of the process.  Now that we have it clear and you all know  that AA is not Alcoholics Anonymous because   some of you thought that's what we were  talking about, the Authority Accelerator,   everyone's clear on what that is now. If you are  interested in being a part of it, I do encourage  

you to write "APPLY" in the chat and Jacqueline  or Bri from my team will get in touch with you   so they can actually have a conversation with you. Okay. So that is covering off number one. I feel   like that really landed for people in  terms of aligning your business goals,   creating the vision with your personal values so  you can make the right decisions and also take the   action and not procrastinate on it. So number two  is how to create a schedule that works for you and   avoid burnout as an entrepreneur. And for you, I mean, this is so huge because  

not only did you have your one-on-one practice,  but you're also about to be a new mom when you   enrolled. So there was a lot of opportunity  for you to burnout and for you to overwork and   for you to push yourself to the limits, but you  didn't do that. You didn't go to that place of   darkness and burnout and all that stuff that I  have experienced in the past. And it's part of  

why I created the Authority Accelerator because I  knew when I landed in the hospital with burnout,   that there had to be a better way. There had to  be a better way to run a business and make it work   without ultimately killing myself in the process  and trying to run myself into the ground. So let's   talk about that. How were you able to really  get clear on the schedule that works for you   and to avoid burnout in growing this business? Jacent:   Yeah. Again, I think it goes back to systems  and structure and organization, which   is something that a lot of people I think struggle  with. Time is something that is... Next to money,  

what I hear next is time. I don't have enough  time. And so I had ended up reading from one of   your YouTube videos The One Thing last year.  And that was really pivotal in understanding   priority. The word priority means  one. So when we say priorities,  

we're going against what the word means because  it's one. So if I have one priority in the day,   for me right now my priority is updating my  SOP, so my one thing that I must attend to   is updating my SOP for some level of some amount  of time or anything else. Everything else is   bonus, that's what I say in my head. Everything  else is a bonus if I post anything or whatever.  But then I read Atomic Habits. And then I  read the 12-week year around the time that   I had enrolled into the Authority Accelerator.  It was the most beautiful kind of culmination of  

strategies that really made me have... That's  why I didn't burn out, because again, I had   a process to rely on. AA is very clearly laid  out. Literally, it tells you do this thing.   And it's like, "If you haven't checked this  box, you don't need to move on yet." And so   I hear you say it on the calls because people  will come in and have a question and it's like,   "Have you done this step yet?" Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yeah. Yeah. Jacent:   Because if you do this step, then  you won't have this question.   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Which I'm just going to say this because   I think it's going to hit home for people. It  happens. People will come onto our calls. We have  

two calls per week where you get to actually speak  to me and we have our community for daily support.   But people will come on and they've jumped to  step 13 and they need to be on step 1. And it   is a form of self sabotage. So just to bring  it full circle to what we were talking about,   trying to do things that are not necessary  for you at this moment and not focusing on the   correct next step is a form of subconsciously self  sabotaging your success. So just be aware of it.  

That's all I'm going to say about that. Yeah. Jacent:   I've been guilty. Yeah, I started clicking  ahead. Okay. But then I took myself back. So   I had to walk myself back. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Go back. Yeah. Jacent:   And so I think that that was really helpful  because AA was really strategically organized   in a very linear way. And then I also was reading  the 12-week year which I kind of feel wraps up   the one thing in Atomic Habits into one strategy.  So I literally 12-week year'ed my AA experience.  

I said, "Okay, I need to do this much in this  week." And so that's what I think really helped me   accelerate and have the success that I did because  it was very clear literally down to the day what I   needed to do. "I need to send 10 messages today.  I need to book this amount of calls this week."   It was so clear that there was no burnout because  you have APIs and you have metrics to be able to   follow. And so I think that when you don't have  that, then it's easy to feel overwhelmed because   you don't know what you're measuring by. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   You don't know what you're measuring by and you  feel like you have to do all of the things.   Jacent: Exactly.  

Sunny Lenarduzzi: You feel like you're needing to focus   on all of the things to get the end goal, when  in reality it takes a lot less than you think.   A lot less effort, a lot less output to achieve  the numbers that you need to achieve. And we get   so caught up in the things that don't matter,  like vanity metrics and constantly posting to   social media and all this stuff that are requiring  a lot of time and energy from us. But are they  

really giving you a reward? And so measuring those  KPIs allows you to stay laser-focused and only do   the things that actually matter. So when it comes to your schedule right now,   how does it look? What does it look like? Because  you are technically on mat leave right now.   How are you balancing business and baby? Jacent:   What's really nice is that  because it takes so much less than   I was making it just crazy hard for whatever  reason, it's manageable. So before this chat...   And this is actually the first chat that I'm  doing since having my kid six weeks ago.   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Thank you.   Jacent: And so, before this call I   was upstairs nursing my kid. This morning while he  was napping, I sent an email or whatever. So it's  

much more manageable because I know exactly what  levers to pull. You talk about levers, right?   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Mm-hmm.   Jacent: And so I know exactly what my levers are. And   because I know that, I know that it takes me this  amount of time to send this many DMs. I know that  

it's [inaudible]. So it's so much easier to be  able to "schedule" right? Even though now it's   very fluid and flexible. It's like when my  kid's napping, I'll make an Instagram post   or whatever, you know? Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yeah. Jacent:   Or whatever that I do. What's my priority for  the day? So now I've told myself I can't be   on Instagram unless I have attended to my SOP.  There's no need for me to try to create content  

if I haven't done my priority. So I think that  that has alleviated a lot of stress and just doing   extra step, which actually someone commented and  said, "Now it just seems like you post because you   want to not because you need to or whatever." Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yes. We gift. Jacent:  

And so it's like, yeah, I don't have to rely on  certain things because I know exactly what I need   to do. So I think that it's made everything  more streamlined and more clear and so much   more easy because again, I know exactly what  I need to do to make the progress that I want.   And I'm grateful to AA for that. Sunny Lenarduzzi:  

We're grateful for you doing the work. I  just wanted to sort of add onto that too.   And I give Astrig another shout out because what's  beautiful is you mentioned earlier, you're like,   "I had to be a good student to get good students  and to get good clients in the door." And you are   a phenomenal client, you have been from day one.  You took action. You asked questions. You did   everything as you needed to do it. And you're here  because of that. And you're a great success story  

because of that. And part of that is that you  attracted these really great clients. One of whom   is Astrig. She is now working for you while  you had your baby and wanted to take mat   leave and give yourself some space. She's now  working for you and doing sales calls for you,   which is a strategy that we recommend inside the  program. It's like once you've solidified it, you   have good clients, your clients often can be your  best sales people. So do you want to talk through  

how that experience has been and how rewarding  it's been to be able to have her in that role?   Jacent: Literally a godsend.   I literally am so, so, so grateful. Because  really at the end of the day it's not just about   me creating a business that helps me to attend  to my own bills and whatever the case may be.  

It's also about helping women create financial  freedom. So what better way than to create jobs   to be able to invest and create  work for other women? And so,   we kind of did it experimentally. I know you  talk about kind of being a scientist, right?   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Scientist. Yep.  

Jacent: And so one of the tests was, I wasn't planning   on taking calls this summer anyway, I was just  going to try to take that off of my plate, but   I was like, "Well, what if..." That's the mindset  that I try to have. I was like, "What if we had   someone else take the calls instead of you to see  what happens? Let's just see what happens."   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Let's test it up.   Jacent: Right.   Sunny Lenarduzzi: What's the motto? Test, fail, learn, grow,   repeat. That's the motto, everyone. Jacent:   So we just do a little test. And mind you,  Astrig left her 9:00 to 5:00 June 15th.  

She started in her own stuff June 22nd. She  started taking calls from me June 22nd.   Sunny Lenarduzzi: Wow.   Jacent: By June, whatever, 30th was the end of the month,   she had enrolled five people from four calls. Sunny Lenarduzzi:  

Which is incredible. The math makes no  sense, but I love my fear for it.   Jacent: I'm like, "Her conversion rate   is better than my conversion rate." And what I  talked to her about was... Astrig, if you're here,   put it in the comments what your experience was  like doing calls. Because everyone's so afraid to   get on calls and talk to people, right? Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yeah. Jacent:   Doing research is one of the huge things in  Authority Accelerator. You can't avoid that   as a business owner. You have to do research.  And so what I told her was like, "You're not  

on this call to sell someone. You're on this call  to serve someone. And even if they don't enroll,   hopefully the conversation in and of itself  adds so much value that they walk away   feeling as though they have more clarity or more  understanding of where they should go anyway."   We don't want everyone to enroll. Please. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Definitely no. Jacent:   Because not everyone is the student for you.  I think you told me on a call, you're like,  

"People should be so lucky to work with you." Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Absolutely. Jacent:   And so it's not me desperate to like, "Please be  in my program. Please sign up for what I'm doing."   It's, "Am I a good fit for you? Are you a good fit  for me? And if we're not, here's some resources.  

Here's the work you need to do on your own. Or  check out Sunny. I'm not the person you need.   It ain't me. You put 'APPLY' in the comment.  Sunny's program is what you really need to   focus on if what you want to do is create an  online course that's scalable and sustainable   with a thorough process." Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Yeah. Jacent:  

No harm, no foul. So I think for me it was being  a scientist and teaching and showing my students   how to do that the same way. And when you're a  boss, when you're a manager, when you have people   on your team, it's the same thing. It's teaching  them how to be a scientist and for them to have   the leeway to explore and experiment. Sunny Lenarduzzi:   Absolutely. Jacent:   And it has worked out. Thank you,  Astrig. You really [inaudible].  

Sunny Lenarduzzi: We love you.   Oh my goodness. That was great. It is what  you just said. It's one thing to create your   business and reap the rewards for yourself, but  it's a whole other thing when you start to invest   in a team and you're like, "Wow, I'm actually  creating jobs and I'm contributing in that way,   which is really quite impressive and so fulfilling  as well." So the last thing I wanted to touch on   is something that I know you're an expert in,  the money mindset that accelerates your success.   So what was it for you that allowed you to sort  of move past any money stories or money baggage   and to really create that money mindset  that allowed you to succeed and accelerate   faster? Jacent:   Yeah. So we hear mindset and the word  is kind of like played out, right? But   it's what people lean toward. Sunny Lenarduzzi:  

Yeah. Jacent:   And really at the end of the day, it's just how  you see and interact with something. And for me,   I talk to my students a lot about  how they see and interact with money.   Really it's about embodying what you want to have  reflected in your life. So just like I want to  

attract good students, I have to be a good student  to attract good students. Everything is be, do,   have, if y'all haven't heard of it before. And  so what we learn is have, do, be. I want to have   financial freedom, so I need to do certain things,  right? I need to make more money or I need to...   Whatever. And then I will be happy. It's  backward, this formula that we learn, right?  

It's the opposite.

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