How They Replaced Their Corporate Incomes In 2 Years

How They Replaced Their Corporate Incomes In 2 Years

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Matt: Good day, everyone. It's Matt Raad here from   the eBusiness Institute where we teach beginners  how to build and buy websites and replace   their corporate roles. And today I have such an  awesome couple with this. You can see they're   ex-corporates. These guys are absolutely  blitzing it online and on their journey.   And what I want to share with you, we recently  had Stephen and Melissa share at one of our   private bootcamps what they've been doing over  the last year and sort of money they're now   charging for website builds. And there's  some really inspirational lessons here,   especially for those of you who are starting out,  maybe thinking about quitting your corporate role,   getting online, working from home full time. So,  I'm really excited to have Stephen and Melissa  

on with us today to share and inspire  our whole community. Guys, welcome.   Stephen: Thank you. Thanks, Matt, glad to be here.   Melissa: Hi, everyone. Thanks, Matt. Thanks   for the chance to have a chat to you. Matt:  

Yeah, well, it's really cool guys. What I  want you to share with us first and foremost   is your recent success. What are you charging now  for... Because at the bootcamp we're talking about   ongoing recurring incomes from making money online  and what's the main strategy that you're doing?   And then we'll look at why, but what's the main  strategy doing and how much you're charging? Just   to put everything in context for everyone. Stephen:   Yeah, what we're all about is creating website  assets for businesses and we come in, when we meet   clients at how can we help them? What are their  goals and what are their targets? And by doing   that, we understand each other, whether we're good  fit and then we're in a position to charge for   anything up to $3,000 a month SEO right now,  depending on client's targets. On average at  

the moment, it's about 1,500 a month, but we're  starting to pitch more and more to 3,000 and all   this has happened in the past 12 months. Matt:   It's awesome. So, and that's what you were sharing  because at the bootcamp, remember, we were talking   about our freedom goal to hit that first $10,000  a month. So, for you guys, your strategy and those   of you listening. What Stephen and Melissa have  decided to do, they're following our strategy,   where they build websites for businesses and  you're generally charging what, three to five   grand for a website build. Is that correct? Stephen:  

Yes, that's correct. So, at Keyweb Design, we do  three things. We do website builds for businesses   that don't have a website. We do website redesigns  to give a new look and improve user experience and   then we do SEO. So, part of those three core  propositions, 3,000 to 500 is the once off,   which are the website builds and redesigns.  We do about two or three jobs a month on that,  

that takes us halfway to our freedom goal  and then we're building our SEO clients. So,   over the next 12 months, we are looking for 10 SEO  clients averaging one and a half to 2,000 a month   and that's [inaudible 00:02:48]. Matt:   And you were just telling me earlier, you're now  quoting on $5,000 a month, SEO as well. So, you   only need two of those and you've hit your first  freedom goal. So, guys this is super exciting and   listening to you now and interviewing you both,  this is really, really cool, because I know you   both really well now and it was lovely to meet  face to face finally, the other day as well,   but what I want to point out is. Those  of you listening, listen to Stephen,   he is Mr. Super confident here  now. Just look at him, I call  

these two guys the glamour couple. Look at them,  they look beautiful. They're in their suits and   looks so confident. Now, Stephen, the  truth [inaudible 00:03:31]. Pardon?   Stephen: You're going to make us blush.   Matt: I mean,   looking at you. Everyone thinks, "Oh wow,  this guy..." You two are just rocking it. You   got to remember a lot of us listening here are  total beginners and this is the bit I want to   bring up. Now, as you shared at the bootcamp,  it wasn't always like this because here you are,  

coming across super confident with doing all this.  It was only a year ago, I believe Stephen. Where   were you even just a year ago? Stephen:   A year ago, so we'll talk about the boot  camp. A year ago, I was shaking in my boots,   and this is how... What a difference it is. I was  shaking in my boots because Matt, as our mentor,   you're throwing us out there getting us out of  the comfort zone and you said, "This challenge is   mandatory." We had to build a website in 10 days.  This time, last year I was shaking in my boots  

because I didn't know how to build a website.  Matt, you mentioned we were in the corporate   background. I'm the first person. I'm actually  by qualification and I'm referenced, my name   would have IT on my speed dial as number one. If  my screen's not working or Outlook's not working,  

call IT. That was my mindset 12 months ago. Matt's  telling me to build this website in 10 days.  How am I going to do that? And now to see  where we're at, we are repeating our course.   You're still our mentor because we're  just seeing that tremendous growth and   you've issued the same challenge this year,  10-day website challenge. We've built now two   or three. We're trying to get three, but we'll  get to it done. One is a new website that will   submit within the 10 days and the other one is  Melissa's looking at the website that I built   in 10 days the first time. Yeah, we haven't  touched it since and it's a brand-new build,   and it's just that confidence. We're  at that stage where we're outsourcing  

our work so that we can continue to  deliver the value to our clients.   Melissa: Yeah, just a little bit on that as well.   With the outsourcing, it was so amazing because  we got to the point where we knew we had to   start outsourcing. And at that point, Matt, had  a subject on for the bootcamp about outsourcing   and we're getting so much inspiration that we  took that on board, and we actually outsourced our   first website portal to somebody, which is what  we did and that's one of the websites that we're   submitting for the challenge. Matt:   Awesome, yeah. I mean, it is unreal to see what  you guys are achieving here and what I want to do  

guys. Let's go back even a bit further so we've  got a lot of digital investors. So, everyone   realizes, Stephen and Melissa, I personally coach,  and they're on our champions program, which is our   highest-level program. And you guys have been with  us now for two years and here's the reason why you   all need to understand whilst these guys look  like absolute legends at this point. You just   heard it even a year ago, let's just say nervous  about building websites and previously year to   that. Let's look at the journey because there has  been some challenges. And what I want to bring   out is what the main challenges are for you. So,  you've mentioned technical stuff, but there was   another big one as well. So, let's go back to when  you first came onto the digital investor program,  

where were you at then? What were you doing? Melissa:   So, let me- Matt:   You wanted to start? Melissa:   Yeah. So, we had a Airbnb business before  we started the digital profits program   and we did pretty well for that  within two years, it was...   Stephen: It was 18 months. We went from startup zero   turnover to a million-dollar turnover business  and that's from 2018 towards the end of 2019.  

Matt: Well done, that's awesome. You   guys are go-getters already. Stephen:   Yes, yeah. Matt:   High achieving professional couple, right? Stephen:   And we built that business whilst both  in corporate jobs. As soon as the Airbnb   business replaced Melissa's income or was close  to that. Melissa quit a job to focus more on   the business and the business continued to grow.  And when we hit a million dollars turnover,  

I said, "Oh, that's my turn. Now I'm going  to quit." So, I actually got a promotion   and changed companies on a contract role as my  last, who run the corporate world low and behold.   Unfortunately we had the COVID knockout. So, we survived the bush fires   but COVID knocked us out. And I think that year,  our first-year champions was a lot of mindset  

issues on a subconscious level because there's  the phases of disappointment that I needed to   go through, because we're go-getters. We've had  successful corporate life, we build a successful   business. Only need to have that taken away  from us but thanks to the champions course,   we managed to overcome that, and I feel  like I'm getting my mojo back. So, yeah-   Matt: Yeah, I can see it, Stephen, definitely.   Stephen: ... built the  

business from zero to a million-dollar turnover  and a new skill so multiple facets now.   Melissa: Yeah. So, also just to take us a step back,   just to share some light as well, is that when  COVID hit us. We were scrambling, trying to   figure out, "Okay, what are we going  to do? What's our new next strategy?"   And we came across digital profits. Well, I came  across it because I thought to myself, "Okay,  

let's build ourselves a website and I wasn't  going to pay X amount for somebody to do it for me   because cash flow become an issue at that point.  And so, I said to Stephen, let's do this program   and I can build my own website. This was digital  profits. First thing Stephen said to me was,   "Honey, are you sure you want to  do that? You talk to about two   people who don't even know how to use the latest  apps or don't even know how to download it or   anything like that." Stephen:  

And I've got IT on speed dial at the work. Melissa:   And I said to him, "We've got to try." And so, I  did the digital profits and I went through it. It   was a fabulous program because it's step by step.  It just showed me how to do it and I managed to   create our first website. Once we did that, I had  a strategy call with Matt, and Matt said, "Okay,   where do you want to go from here?" And we said,  "Look, we know so much about Airbnb and we did so   well. We wanted to carry on with it and engage our  marketing agency to do it." So, we told Matt about   our beautiful plan about how we're going to do  this. Matt goes, "Well, I think I've got something  

that might be better than that. Don't you want to  come to our workshop? Just have a look." And we're   like, "Okay, fine. Let's go to the workshop." We went to a workshop and was a no brainer. At   that point in time with cash  flow being pretty much zero,   we said, "Okay, let's go onto digital profits  and let's see where it took us." However, even  

though we decided that, there was a lot of mindset  issues that we didn't even realize ourselves.   Stephen: Subconscious level.   Melissa: Yeah. We thought we were fine  

and just trying to be on time every week with the  webinars and the bootcamps. We just found it so   difficult and what happened was, it  was a third bootcamp, and Matt said,   "You need to get your mindset right." And he  introduced us to Louise Hayes, the book called,   you can [inaudible 00:10:57]. Matt:   Yeah, You Can Heal Your Life. Melissa:   And we did that. And once that happened, the  penny dropped and we thought to ourselves,   "Oh my goodness, we had so much mindset issues."  We spoke to Matt about it, he mentored us on  

it. We went to the proper program, and it really  helped us a lot and this is what turned us around.   Yeah. Matt:   And it's cool. Look for me, coaching you guys...  I want everyone to hear this. It's interesting.   It's easy when you're in a course like ours, to  focus on the technical skills. You see all these  

other amazing students in our community doing.  Now, you guys are doing what they're doing,   getting that first $10,000 a month off your  websites, but what people don't realize is   often there's a lot of mindset going on in the  background and what I'm really proud of what   you guys have done. It was a tough time for you  both. COVID hit your Airbnb business, this is a   million dollar business and zero cash flow guys. I don't know if any of you listening have been in   that position and I personally think coaching  you guys. I remember that call that we all   did together, did a couple of calls around that  third bootcamp. And it was just chalk and cheese,  

you two just changed on a dime. In particularly,  you Stephen, I jokingly said the bootcamp,   Melissa, she's always they're out there  and she's pushing everything, but Stephen,   to see you change. So, I think it was within  what two weeks you joined BNI, you had your first   website build within a couple of weeks of those  phone calls and we're talking a $3,000 actually   on that issue, your first website build. How big  was it? I've got the numbers here. That's that   big what I'm seeing. Stephen:   Yeah, it was our first client. We gave them  a 50% discount because we were still building  

our visibility and trust. And it was two weeks  into BNI so I'm still gearing the headlights,   confident that I could deliver the value. We just  don't know how at that stage, but they liked what   they were hearing and how we could help them. And  that's where we saw the potential of this course   as well. There's so many businesses out there that  we can help and we quoted them on a $5,500 job   once off redesign. We're giving 50% off, but they  signed ongoing SEO at a thousand dollars a month.  That was our very first client to two  weeks into joining the BNI network and   there's a story behind that. How we got to that  was three months earlier, you issued a hundred  

call challenge. A hundred phone call challenge  again, to throw us out there out of our comfort   zone and that's how refine my messaging. Every  call I got better and that was a foundation for   that I used when I joined the BNI Business  Networking group, and the rest is history.   Melissa: And also, something I have to add as well.   What really gave us confidence is that we  were on champions, and we knew we had the   support that we needed. We knew that if we came  and stuck anywhere, there'd always be somebody  

that could help us. Especially the  wonderful team at eBusiness Institute.   Matt: Yeah, well, thanks.   Melissa: Yeah. Had such great experience with Caitlin,   Tony, yourself, Liz. It's just fun. Matt:   Yeah. Oh, thank you, that is awesome to hear.  Well, it's certainly made a big difference and   what I'm really proud of you both is that mindset  change. And obviously, as you said, Stephen,  

you guys, it seems now you've obviously got... So,  we want people to realize, this has taken the guys   two years to do this, okay, and it was just fun at  the last bootcamp. Like you said a year ago, even   you were still shaking your boots, but mindset  wise now it seems you've got your mojo back.  So, thinking over this journey then, and looking  back now two years, and for you, Melissa,   even looking back on your digital investor  program, when you started. Remember,   you started... I'm going to remind everyone a  lot of you will have may remember we featured   your first website build. I think at one of our  three-day events or something because you just  

came out total beginner and you did the web  dev program, and you built a website for your   Airbnb. Remember our whole community loved it. Everyone said in the comments, "Wow, that looks so   glamorous. You two are the glamour couple." Okay,  no pressure in every picture now you've got to be   look glamorous, all right but when you look... So,  you guys now, basically over three years, you've   been training with us before COVID. For people  who are starting out on digital investor program,   is there anything key that you could advise them  to do? Other than joining our champions, whatever,   don't go there. More just in strategy and I  guess any mindset things that you could offer.  

Stephen: Do you want to go first,   or you want me to go first? Melissa:   You go first. Stephen:   I think, everything happens for a reason. I'm  a big believer in that and when COVID hit,   we couldn't see it. We were like tunnel vision,  trying to survive and talking about that first   website that Melissa built. It's one of our  featured websites that we could present because   when we asking for clients and doing proposals,  [inaudible 00:15:59] an example of something that   you've built and we still do get leads out of it.  So again, it's that confidence. It's one step at a  

time and just that having that, you want in your  life a positive change. It's those little steps   and that's the advice that I can give is take  those little steps, no matter how hard they are,   take those little steps. If you feel in  your heart, that's the right thing for you.   Take those little steps, it'll be okay. Melissa:   Yeah. And also, just to add on that,  which I totally agree with Stephen,   is that mindset is really the number one in  anything. The moment you decide to do something,  

and you set your mind on it, that is the biggest  burden or the hurdle, let's put it that way. And   after that, like Stephen says, just take it  step by step and realize that at every step,   there's a reason why you have to go through it. If  you understand that, for instance, in your first   year of champions, if you understand the reason  why I have to sit through this and go through the   learning is because I wanted to make sure I've got  a foundation and then start put stepping it up.   That's fantastic because once you go in with the  mindset thinking, right, I'm going to be here.   Matt: Yeah, that is awesome. So, congratulations you   both, I think you guys embody the changes that can  occur so rapidly. Once you get the mindset sorted  

with this, everyone here, we all learn the same  skills and it's then comes down to your mindset.   And that's what I think has been a big factor  for you guys' success now, which I'm really,   really proud of seeing what you guys are doing,  it is awesome. And so, guys, I'm going to have   to give a shout out aren't I for you. Let's  call it the best SEO agency on the North Shore,   is that right? Is that where you guys are based  on the North Shore [inaudible 00:17:59]-   Stephen: Definitely. The way all the conversations I'm   having with clients. Competitors aren't nearly as  proactive as we are when we look after our clients   and we're connected with our clients because we  know we do a good job and we deliver results.  

Matt: Yeah. So, so that's one of the   other things that we should mention too. The sorts  of sites, just so people listening that you guys   are building. They're not all necessarily massive,  big corporate sites, are they? Your first big one,   you okay if I say what it was? So, it was a  removalist site and so you're getting $12,000   for building a removalist site and you do  have one very nice corporate one though,   which is in a nice niche that you've built as well  and that's gone really well too, hasn't it?   Stephen: Yes, it has. And it's a big learning curve,   but with all the training and the community,  we are able to deliver the results.   Matt: Yeah. Now, you are  

running this digital agency based in the North  Shore of Sydney. So, you're actually in Lane Cove,   but now what's your main target to the people  that you are wanting to build websites for.   Stephen: We're focusing on startups and more medium   businesses now. Businesses that can see a return  for the money they invest in SEO because we see   SEO as an investment and like I said, we build  assets for the business. So medium businesses,   that's willing to invest 3,000 a month on SEO to  generate that content and build those assets for   their business. That not only generate revenue  immediately once it starts working, but also   becomes a long-term assets and gives options  to the owners. They can expand, they can sell,  

have become an entrepreneur and so on. Matt:   So, you are targeting slightly bigger size  businesses, sort of ones that have employees,   what, five to 20 employees. Stephen:   Five to 20, 25 employees. Yes. Matt:   Yeah, okay. So, they've got the money to pay for  your awesome glamorous services, there you go.   Your awesome SEO services. Stephen:  

Yeah. And in fact, today, before this podcast,  I was pitching for a potential client that's   employing 20 people and they've managed to  keep those 20 people throughout COVID. So,   that's an amazing business to be working with. Matt:   On that note, tell us how much you're quoting  them, Stephen because this is pretty cool. Because   this is a moment in time, right? A year ago, you  would never have done this. Tell everyone what  

you've quoted them? Stephen:   Minimum 1,500. We still have a  follow-up call, and it can go   towards 5,000 depending on their needs and their  goals. So, we have a follow up meeting on that.   Matt: So, you are quoting   anywhere between minimum one and a  half thousand then you've offered   them a $3,000 pack and up to a  $5,000 pack that's per month.   Stephen: Yes.   Melissa: Per month, yeah.   Matt: That is awesome guys,   seriously impressive. When you think back over  your journey within three years to be doing...  

You only need two more of those clients and you're  done there with your financial and that's all-cash   flow compared to your Airbnb strategy. Not that  I'm saying anything bad about Airbnb. Obviously,   it's very lucrative but when you hit  a time, like COVID, it can really   knock you around. Particularly for you guys  financially and now you've moved into a new home.   You're in a much bigger place, it's better for  your family. So, you guys are the family people,   you've got young kids and everything, Stephen:   Young kids, two and seven going on  three and eight so definitely-   Matt: Yeah.   Stephen: ... juggling multiple hats,   a lot of [inaudible 00:21:34] in place. Matt:  

Yeah. Lots happening in your lives, guys. That  is just absolutely unreal. I want to say a big   thank you for agreeing to come along today and  help inspire so many people. And people loved   hearing you at the bootcamp and Melissa, all of  us loved seeing you and your website all those   three years ago when you built that very first  Airbnb site of yours, that was very cool.  So, guys if you're interested in learning  more about what Stephen and Melissa have done,   make sure of course you check out our master  class, but maybe also consider joining our   digital investor program so you can get started  as well. Particularly if you're in corporate   and you want to do this, part-time like, as  you heard, Stephen and Melissa have done,   but also maybe go and check out on our  other podcast interviews. Some of the other  

inspirational stories of similar couples who  have done very similar to Stephen and Melissa.   But guys, I want to say a big thank you for  coming along today and yeah, big thanks.   Stephen: Thanks, Matt. Thanks for having us.   Matt: Awesome.

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