How Stopping Zelda’s Credits Creates a Broken World

How Stopping Zelda’s Credits Creates a Broken World

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What if you disrupted one of the  most crucial moments in Zelda?   Would you find yourself in a world full of  strange doors? How about a moment frozen in   time that feels like a weird liminal space? Well  today, oh today, we’re going to have all of that!   I’m going to completely mess up the  credits sequence to Ocarina of Time,   and I’m going to show you just how  bizarre things can get. I hope you enjoy! A few weeks ago I embarked on an adventure to  arrest Link at very weird moments in the game.   And part of that unfinished adventure actually  led me to focusing on the ending credits.   So for a very quick recap: The Gerudo  guards, when summoned anywhere in the game,   can arrest Link and warp him back to  the jail or other weird areas. And so,   during the final fight with Ganondorf I wanted  to summon these guards to see what would happen.   So like when Ganon’s going down for the count,  and Zelda’s blasting him with his energy,   we can get arrested and get warped to the jail  in Gerudo Valley. Or, if we wait just a moment  

longer, Link starts tearing into Ganon’s face with  the Master Sword. And of course a guard sees this   and arrests Link for assault with a deadly  weapon. I think that’s like seven years, buddy!   Now if seven years went by in the blink of an eye  but uhh… Link this time you’re actually going to   have to wait it out! That’s uh what happens when  you stab someone in the face! So it is this final   conclusion that starts the credits sequence to  the game. And so the credits advance for a bit,   which I’ll go back to in a second, but we get  to the scene where Ganondorf is thrown into the   white void - the Sacred Realm where he’s trapped.  And you may have seen this in a previous video,   but summoning a guard here… umm well… the  guard actually stands on top of Ganondorf’s   chest! Ganondorf is apparently right below the  floor of this white void, and so any object   odr character can stand on top of him. And um  the guard actually tried to arrest Ganondorf?  

And the game just crashed. So it looks like the  guards’ powers do indeed have a limit to them. But it was the start to this credits sequence  that really got my mind going. I realized at   that moment that I wanted to explore the credits  sequence in a different way than just summoning   guards, and I restarted the credits sequence.  Now there was a shot that I skipped before   that I didn’t talk about, which is actually the  Chamber of Sages. Normally after Ganondorf gets  

smashed in the face, Zelda uses her up smash and  we are taken to this sacred realm. Now the Sages   normally appear around this room on the different  pedestals, and they create this giant vortex,   which eventually pulls Ganondorf in and locks him  into that white void. But the Chamber of Sages   is a place that you can never actually explore in  the game. Every time you’re there it’s a cutscene,   and there’s no way to walk around or check it  out. So this time I wanted to give myself access   to the Chamber of Sages. And so I did! I broke  away from the cutscene and Rauru was just sorta   staring me down as I walked around this room.  Now what is interesting is that there’s actually  

invisible walls all around this center island -  we cannot run off the edges of this platform! We   will simply bonk our head and we will stay inside.  And honestly what I thought was kinda interesting,   is that the floor here actually is water? It plays  the water sound effects as you walk around. So ah…   maybe this will be another fishing spot I can  check out in the future!? But as we advance   the cutscene we can see that certain characters  basically turn to these balls of energy early   and other characters, like Saria, do  not. And we can basically walk up to her   and she’s frozen in place, and Link  is questioning his existence at the   moment - he’s in this weird watery liminal  space and he doesn't know what to do? But   it isn’t long until the vortex forms and starts  overtaking the arena. And Link is sitting there,   bored out of his mind, as this giant vortex  consumes the map, and uh, yeah, Link could   care less. And this flushes down Ganondorf,  like a giant toilet, into the Sacred Realm. Now this takes us back to that white  room we were in before with Ganondorf,   but this time instead of spawning a guard, I  want to load in Link. Link is normally not here,  

but we can load Link in and we can walk all over  Ganondorf. It’s like he’s trapped under a glass   floor - he’s just floating in place and he can’t  do anything! So of course I decide to talk to him,   I just pull up my ocarina and blast the worst  concert he has ever heard! And Ganondorf just   sits there, in agony, suffering, and wishing  it would all end… But uh casual torture aside,   something really interesting about this  room is that if we play the Sun Song,   well it does initiate a warp, but it takes us to  the cutscenes where the Goddesses are normally   flying through the skies. So the map fades out  and next thing we know we’re up in the sky,   and it’s raining energy all around us. And  at this point we can just wander around. But,   we kinda come to a dead end here because there’s  nothing we can do, but also if we were to die (say   we fall through this invisible floor to our death)  well it just loads up this room again! It is a   never-ending cycle where Link is stuck up in the  sky. But that’s the beauty of branching timelines   man! We’re just gonna leave this Link here to  suffer FOREVER, and uhhhhh we’re gonna move on! Now the next scene in the credits sequence (or  the ending sequence) is Link and Zelda in the sky.  

She’s basically demanding Link to give  back the Ocarina of Time so she can play   Zelda’s Lullaby, which I always thought the  Song of TIme would have been more appropriate?   But anyways she plays Zelda’s Lullaby to warp us  back to being a kid. Now, you're going to see some   footage right here where I tried arresting Link  on this map, umm yes I was still doing that (I   couldn’t resist), and you’ll see that the illegal  transfer of Link giving the ocarina to Zelda…   well that arrest crashes the game. This is a NO  OCARINA Zone and they totally just broke the law!   And if we try this at a different point in the  cutscene, like when Link starts getting teleported   away, well we can interrupt that with a guard… and  that ALSO crashes the game. So getting arrested   during a cutscene on this map always makes the  game crash, but let’s rewind time a little bit!   No more guards, no more breakin’ the  law, let’s actually explore this map.

So Link’s standing there, and he just gets a  voice in his head to just ignore Zelda and start   wandering around. We start walking across the sky  exploring the Beautiful Blue Beyond all around us,   and honestly this room, this skybox, kinda goes  on forever! But something I thought that was   really cool, and probably unintentional, it’s  just the way it lines up, is that if we die on   this map umm it perfectly lines up! So if Link  just casually decided “oh I want to skydive,”   well we can arrange that! And as he’s falling, as  he falls out of the sky, he actually unloads and   loads into Hyrule Field! I dunno. Again, this is  just coincidental, this is just the way the game’s   programmed, but I think that it’s kinda neat that  we fell out of the sky, and like this was the area   that I visualized we were above this whole time.  So it just seems really appropriate that we appear  

here. Going back into the sky and back into the  cutscene, we can’t escape our teleportation as   well. So if Zelda starts to play the Ocarina  fo Time, Link gets pulled into the air. But   we can make Link break out of this and uhhh  Zelda’s like forever stuck playing the ocarina?   And there’s like the teleportation animation but  neither of these things do anything? Trying to   float Link up this magical tunnel of light reveals  that there’s no warp up there, it is actually part   of the cutscene that does the warping, but in  this state we can actually do something kinda   funny! We can go beside Zelda, who’s playing the  Ocarina of Time, and pull out the Ocarina of Time   ourself. There's no point in the game removing  the ocarina because at this point the player  

never regains control of their character, so uh we  actually have it this entire time! So we can play   a song next to Zelda as she's staying there frozen  against her will, creepily staring into the sky. So we're actually going to stop right  here because I see tons of questions in   the audience. Let's see… uh you over there!  Oh what's that? You wanna know what happens   when you play the Sun Song out here in the  sky? Well you're in luck because I did that,   and it took us to Hyrule Field at night!  Similar to falling into the great beyond,   warping with the Sun's Song actually takes you to  the same area on the same map. Okay next question!   Aha yes the Sky Police… how can we not talk about  that… again. Well, it turns out that the cutscene   was actually the thing that stopped the guard from  arresting us. When there’s no cutscene going on,  

and we summon a guard, well getting arrested  uh doesn't crash things - it takes us to jail   like it normally should. Okay next question!  Wait, what? Can we stand inside of Zelda,   and make her face our face? (That's… that's a  little creepy dude!) But I bet you're all curious!   We can indeed fuse our faces together and stand  inside of Zelda becoming one. We grab those   earrings from Dragon Ball Z and we fuse together,  creating this uh overlapping monstrosity!   Doing this causes the gods to weep and the sky  just uh kind of disappears? So we're out here,   trapped with Zelda, in this black void full  of clouds and uh yeah that's a thing. Okay  

uh no more questions from the audience, we  are moving on… uh forget this ever happened! Up next is actually where the real fun begins!  We are only at the beginning of this journey,   and I have so much more to show you! At this  point the credits actually begin to roll,   and each credit’s overlay takes place on a  different map. And a good deal these maps   actually have some pretty cool things to show  off! So the very first thing we see is Gerudo   Valley - there's this shot where the camera is  moving slowly and you can't see this, but Link   is actually hidden on this map. Link is at the  beginning of the map, off camera and if we restore   access to this map so that Link can walk around,  there's some pretty interesting things to see!   So what I find really cool about this version  of the map is that the bridge is completely   gone - it's like it never existed. It's not like  they just unloaded the bridge - the actual cliff   side that was carved out for the bridge is patched  up. And as you can see if I take Link over here,  

well the collision's a little bit weird. There's  certain areas I can fall through and things like   that, but you'll see that they still have the gate  to the bridge, but it's hidden underneath rock,   and it's out of view. So the camera for the shot  can never actually see this bridge piece. And I   thought this was really interesting because  it's kind of an odd choice? It makes this   map sort of an outlier compared to everything  else we see. Because this is supposed to take   place in the future… yet something happened  here? The world terraformed? I have no idea! The next shot in the credit sequence is the Jail  and the Valley, and Link isn't actually loaded   on this map. Loading Link back into this map  kind of shows that there's really nothing here,  

it's empty, and it's really not worth  exploring, so we're gonna move on. Now when the credits get to Kakariko  Village, um Link is hidden off-camera   near the entrance. So child Link is present and  this town is full of so many different secrets!   Now of course before knowing this I started  walking to the center of the town to see   if anything was different. I was looking for  covered up things, or deleted things similar to   the Gerudo Valley Bridge. And uh what I found  was a floating door?! Now the Construction   / the Shooting Gallery building was gone. There  was nothing there and there was just this door,  

standing up in the middle of nowhere, and uh  leading to nowhere, and of course I wanted to go   inside, so I grabbed the handle walk through the  door, and… the game crashed! Note to self: if you   stumble upon a supernatural door in the middle of  nowhere, that leads nowhere, don't go through it!   So putting this back up, going through the door at  all from either side, crashed the game. And this   is when I realized that somehow I had forgotten  that the shooting gallery door is always here!   Like I got extreme deja vu, because like moments  after this happening I remember back in like   2015 or 2016 when I was making my first Zelda  videos, I discovered it! I found it! And then   I just forgot? Ha I guess my memory just kind  of uh cleaned it up and got rid of it? But if   we go to Kakariko Village as a child, the door  is actually hidden behind this pile of bricks.   If we were to clip into this pile of bricks, we  can stand there and see the door in front of us,   and we can actually go through the door and go  into the Shooting Gallery! So yeah there's like   a mysterious warp to the future right here. But  this is really only the beginning of the weird  

things that were within this village, because as  I started to go around the town, I realized that   all the doors were wrong. The first door I opened  took me to a house interior in Hyrule Castle Town.   And when I exited that door, it took me to the  back alley except all the textures were cut-off.   So normally there is a image projected over this  back alley that makes it look like a back alley,   but as you can see, the collision map  can be seen through the top of the image.   And this is normally not like that. Going back  to the Twilight Zone which is Kakariko Village,   some houses took me to the interior of other  houses, and then the front door to that house   would take me out of a different house. So I kind  of felt like I was in an episode of Scooby-Doo  

when they were in those hallway scenes and they're  opening all the different doors and coming out   the doors in the background and the monsters  chasing them - that was basically happening in   Kakariko Village, and um the monster included!  I just casually strolled into this one house   and the next thing I knew I came out of the  Boss door in the Shadow Temple! Who knew there   was a portal straight to the shadow temple in  someone's house in Kakariko Village?! Why have   they not condemned this house and sealed it up  with bricks? There's another house that took me   to the Windmill, and another one to the interior  of the Deku Tree! And walking up to the Windmill   and going through that door took me to the Potion  Shop in Hyrule Castle Town. Now all the main exits   and entrances to this area, in terms of the world  map, do behave as usual. It's only the loading   zones in the interior of the town that wrong warp  us to different places. But, it's time to move on. Next up we have the Goron City, and  honestly there wasn't really much here?   The map was kind of empty, and  I had a hard time exploring it.   And a lot of these maps are actually like this,  they don't have anything really unique about them,   they're just sort of barren. So Death Mountain,  the exterior, is basically the same thing,   as is Lake Hylia. I swam across Lake Hylia just  to check some stuff out, but ultimately there was  

kind of nothing there. Inside Zora's Domain I sort  of did the same thing - I try to make my way to   at least a loading zone, so I made my way around  and down to the shop, but it took me into the shop   so nothing here was out of the ordinary. In Kokiri  Forest we have this overhead shot that looks down   upon the Deku Sprout, and if we interrupt this  cutscene we can actually talk to the Deku Sprout,   and he basically talks to us normally. So of  course I tried to make my way back to the town  

area of Kokiri Forest, and everything was sort of  unloaded due to the camera. But entering a place   showed that there were no wrong warps present  (at least to my knowledge) so I moved on. And now we get to something that's kind of cool!  So there is a shot in the credits where Epona runs   across Hyrule Field by herself. And what's neat is  if we take control of Epona at this moment, well   we're just Epona! Link is nowhere to be found, and  Epona can move around freely, and we can control   her. Now there are some drawbacks - um there is  no way to get OFF Epona because there is no rider,  

and also because there's no rider, being Link  we can't use any of the carrots to boost us and   make us run faster. So I was just kind of running  around the field and I wanted to see what happened   if I tried to exit to a loading zone. Well um  because there's no Link, that means we can't   load into different areas. We merely reach the  loading zone, like in Gerudo Valley, and it comes  

to a point because we can't go any further because  we never triggered the warp. So I spawned Link on   the map, and he was like in the middle of Hyrule  Field, and had to like… I guess make both of them   meet up? (laughs) Which is a bit difficult because  Epona’s controls are different than Link’s,   so it took some testing, and what I realized was  Link cannot get on top of Epona at all, um which   makes sense because she's sort of in a state  where she already has a rider except, the rider   doesn't exist. So I decided to run alongside Link  and follow him so I can make Link run to Gerudo   Valley and see what happened when that warp was  triggered. And nothing really out of the ordinary  

happened, uh we just load into Gerudo Valley as  normal. And really there's nothing else here. Rewinding time and going back to that credits  shot where Epona is running across the field,   if we actually were to just leave her run across  the field and extend the camera, we'll see that   she reaches the edge of the map… or at least  where the culling takes place and it enters a   black void. And Epona just runs across and then  just freezes in place once she gets off-camera. As the credits progress the next place on our  radar is Lon Lon Ranch, where that big party   is going on! And before that party begins, we  can see a shot where the camera is moving and   we can see the Sage’s fire on a black background.  Trying to spawn Link in at this moment (laughs) is   interesting because we load in on a completely  black map. But not in a way where we can actually   see Link - the lighting effects for this  map make it completely dark no matter what.  

And the only light that we have is if we let Navi  come out. I didn't realize I was actually in Lon   Lon Ranch until I wandered around a bit, and I  eventually came across a fence in front of me,   and the way it was lit up by Navi, I could tell  by the shape of it that it was the fence that   goes around the actual center of the Ranch. So I  basically wandered around in complete darkness!   I eventually made my way to the far building  which is a silo, and there's a wooden door there.   I could see the wooden door (that's the only thing  I could see) and upon opening this door it took me   to the Deku Tree. And this is because the warp  value for this door is just the default value,   which is zero zero zero zero, which takes you to  the Deku Tree, which has that value. But now it's   time to turn on the lights and actually view the  celebration! So it's interesting because every   time the map reloads, it loads in a different set  of actors who are celebrating in the camera shot.  

So if we check out the very first group of people,  we can see that no one here really has collision?   None of these are NPCs that you can actually talk  to, they're just instructed to dance uh basically   forever! They all look pretty happy though  dancing around this big fire! Um… And I went   in front of them as Link and I accidentally  tried to pull out my hook shot as a kid,   and uh Link kinda just froze in place with his  arm out? I couldn't do anything! It's kind of   funny though because you can see Link's eyes  looking around because he's like frozen in his   body which won't move, but his facial expressions  can still change. So upon reloading, I went to the   fire just to see what it would look like, and as  you can see Link is burning, but he feels no pain! And so the credits advance, and we have the next  shot. And in this shot in particular, a lot of the   NPCs can be talked to! They are basically plucked  straight from their environments from before,   and just added here. They all have their default  dialogue as if you encounter them in town,  

and it's done this way because it would be  a wasted effort to NOT do this, because the   player isn't supposed to be here - it's just  supposed to be a camera shot that just moves on.   So of course I get scammed into buying some bomb  chus, I then go over to the milk crates and start   moving them around, because normally these milk  crates are here to hide the fact that these NPCs   don't have legs?! So as we pull the crates away  we can see that they have no legs and they're just   floating there! So something that's weird, and  I guess focusing on it makes it even more weird,   the Music Man or the Windmill Guy who you learn  the song of storms from, I don't understand how   he's spinning like that? It truly sort of defies  logic, and I have so many questions! Just to cover   my bases, I went and checked out a different  door here and it took me to the Deku Tree,   so there's a good chance that every exit here (at  least doorwise) will take us to the Deku Tree. But our adventure carries on, and we move on to  the next shot. So the next shot, like all these,   doesn't have Link loaded in… but it does have  Epona loaded in as Link? So just like in Hyrule   Field, if I restore movement to the scene, I can  play as Epona and run around. So I knew that Link  

could not climb on top of Epona, however there's  another horse here! So I was thinking “well what   if we spawn Link and try to move him over to  this horse, and climb on top of this horse?”   Of course lining this up was a pain in the butt,  but I got Link over to the horse, and he was able   to climb on top of it. It was kind of strange  running around as two horses though? Um I don't   know how to describe it? But uh because Link's on  a horse that is not Epona, that means we cannot   actually jump over the fence to exit Lon Lon Ranch  that way. So Link kind of proved to be useless!   However, him climbing on top of the horse meant  the horse was now active, so um I kinda deleted   Link from existence? And now we have two horses  who can run and frolic together all around Lon Lon   Ranch forever! I thought that was kind of neat!  At least? A little bit? Maybe? Sorta? (Sorry Link) But as always, time marches on. In the next  credits shot is this shot where we have  

all the… like… legless NPCs? Waving? And normally  the camera prevents you from seeing their legs   (because they don't have any!) but if we add  Link back to the scene and start walking around,   we can see all these guys waving, and  all of them are just floating in the air!   But this map has a lot of different things on  it! So there's a lady who juggles the Cuckoos,   and I was kind of curious if the Cuckoos could  be hit. Like could I create a Cuckoo swarm? Um   unfortunately nothing affects this lady, or her  birds, so that is a bust. The dancing Gerudos   cannot be interacted with, although they're having  a jolly good time! But the dancing couple - this   couple we find in Hyrule Castle Town and I think  behind the windmill? - um they can be talked to.   And they have their dialogue from Hyrule Castle  Town, but I just realized how weird this is? Like   the woman here says that the dude is “more  beautiful than the King of Hyrule” right?   And then if you talk to them again, uh the  dude says that she is “more beautiful than uh   Princess Zelda?” But this takes place  in a CHILD timeline and Zelda's like   10 years old or something like that?! Um it's  a bit strange. I don't think I ever thought   about that when I talked to these people  in Hyrule Castle Town… uh but yeah anyways! Moving on the dancing Gorons are having a jolly  time as the big boy is absolutely throwing down!   He certainly has the moves… but he  also may be causing earthquakes.   Just like the other Gorons there  is the big Goron who lays down,   and we cannot talk to them, but we can run  through their body, which is amusing for   like five seconds. And as we phase through his  body, it is now time to move on to the next shot!

Night time is here in the next shot, and people  draw closer to the fire. And this is where we get   to encounter those creepy townspeople who are all  like swarming the stand that you can never see?   And err… their faces look really weird! They are  like super super low detail, and the shopkeeper   himself is like basically not a person. He's like  a rectangle that's floating? All these people do   have quote unquote “faces” though, even though  you can never see them in Hyrule Castle Town,   but they do have their same dialogue. They're”  itching for a sail”… even though they're just   looking at a fire in front of them. Way off in  the distance we find Mito and the Big Fish Boy,   and neither of these people can be interacted  with. And so the cutscene plays out,  

and the Sages shoot across the sky. Now normally  what happens next is we go to Death Mountain   and all the Sages appear on top of it, but  we're gonna spawn in before the Sages do,   and I'm going to explore the mountain a bit. It's basically empty - there's like nothing here.  And so I'm wandering around this empty mountain,   and I'm trying to fumble my way to a loading  zone, just so I can see if there's a wrong warp,   and I make my way down to the cavern and enter  it, and it takes me to the normal dungeon,   but upon exiting uh the rock is there because  I'm on a glitch save file. So upon spawning   I'm instantly pushed out of the rock. But let's  rewind time again - let's go back up top, let  

these Sages load in, and THEN spawn Link onto the  map. So all the Sages spawn on top of the ledge   and we can go over there and just chill with them,  you know hang out with the homies, but um… none   of them acknowledge our existence? We're like the  loser who showed up too late to the party. None of   them can be talked to, and so I just uh jump off  the cliff in front of them. (laughs) I don't know,   I had no idea what to do so Link took a tumble!  So on the credits after the Sages all exchanged   their very smug looks to each other, we then find  ourselves in the Temple of Time releasing our   grasp sort of on the Master Sword. And the light  that transported us from Zelda is here, and it's   basically warping us back into time, and we're in  front of the sword. But I immediately grabbed the  

sword (laughs) while the cutscene’s happening, and  uhhh… I reverse the flow of reverse time… and we   go back to the future! Not exactly how the credits  are supposed to work, but we'll take it! And again   because I'm on a glitch save file, uh Ganondorf  appears in front of us as if we just opened the   Sacred Realm for the first time, and once again  Ocarina of Time's future is flung into absolute   chaos! Equally as terrifying is trying to restore  movement to Link on this map with Ganondorf,   because it just puts us in a completely white void  - there is nothing around us. The floor goes on   forever, and we are left here for all of eternity…  which by this point is a VERY common outcome I   must say! So we leave Link in the hyperbolic time  chamber to think about his life, and we move on   to a different timeline where Link does NOT grab  the sword after he becomes a child again. What's   interesting though is if we leave the room where  this animation is taking place, this “holy light”   that's shining down upon us, well anytime you go  to the front of the Temple, there's actually a   loading zone that loads the front of the Temple  or the back of the Temple, and it's right after   the Door of Time. So every time we trigger this  change of scenery, the light animation starts all   over again. So if it was about to end and we do  this, we go back in and the light starts shining   brand new, like fully restored, and we can keep  doing this by walking over this loading zone,   I did try to go to the front of the Temple, and I  clipped through the ground, and accidentally got   smashed by the door? And upon loading back  in, we were in the normal Temple of Time. This finally brings us to the last shot in the  credits, where Link confronts Zelda to warn her of   everything that takes place in the future. Now, I  tried interrupting the scene at different moments  

during its… I guess story progression? For what  happens in this area? So starting off trying to   leave this area, and go back into the Courtyard  sneaking area actually spawns me at the start   of the Courtyard. This is because it's actually  night time because the previous shots took place   at night, and the game is still set to night time,  despite it looking like daytime in the scene. And   the nighttime warp does not exist because half the  map doesn't exist. I go into that a bit deeper in  

a different video (which I highly recommend  checking out if you haven't!) But uh going   back into the scene where Zelda's at, we can only  Z-target her and pester her over and over again,   but nothing happens. She tries her best to avoid  looking at me as I backflip to impress her,   but she ain't having it. Link then goes in for the  hand on the shoulder, like the Triforce-bearing   creep that he is, and uh I… I get frozen in place?  I did that stupid hook shot thing again! But um   it is kind of neat and I didn't realize this  until Link was in creeper mode, that he always   has the triforce on his hand in this cut scene  - even when the player is controlling him! Now   the very last thing that happens in the scene  is that the scene turns to the sideways shot,   and basically the game goes grayscale: everything  turns to black and white and we're frozen as an   image as the ending screen finally comes up, and  the game is officially over. Now this is a image   that I show onscreen, but um actually it isn't as  well? I was actually able to change the camera,   and the game is completely frozen,  nothing can happen, we're just like   frozen and statues like the Hyrule Castle in  Wind Waker, and I wanted to do one last test. So of course I choose a Gerudo guard to  spawn on top of me for old times sakes,   and not even a Gerudo guard can save us from  this frozen state in the game! They spawn in,   but it is a single frame that cannot advance,  and they are stuck standing inside of us,   unable to arrest us, because time  cannot progress from this instance. And with that final closure, the  credits sequence are officially over,   and I hope you learned some things! This was  a long video, so if you're still here watching   consider subscribing if you enjoyed this,  and I will see you in the next one (which   will hopefully be a bit shorter!)  Thanks for watching, and cheers!

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