How He Used THIS Business Coaching Program To Future-Proof His Online Income

How He Used THIS Business Coaching Program To Future-Proof His Online Income

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Matt: Good day everyone. It's Matt Raad,   CEO and co-founder of eBusiness Institute, where  we teach beginners how to earn online income, in   a variety of ways, actually. And today's interview  I'm really excited about because it's a little bit   different to some of our other interviews because  I've got one of our recently graduating students,   Greg. Hi Greg, and the reason I'm excited for  having Greg along today is because he actually   started our course as quite an advanced student. Now, he already had an up and running membership   website where he sold information products. So  what we're going to do is have a look at what  

he used to do there. And the reason why he came  on our course and what he does now. Now there's   still some really cool lessons here, even if  you're a complete beginner. Because that's how we   treat everyone when they first come on our courses  anyway. So Greg, welcome aboard, and thank you for  

coming along the chat about your experiences. Greg:   Oh, thanks so much, Matt. It's a pleasure to  be here and I'm very humbled to be on your show   today. Thank you so much. Matt:   Ah, thank you. Well, Greg, I'm super impressed  because mate, you've just sent through to us your,  

what we call, your final accountability, there it  is. You can see I've highlighted so many things,   but what was exciting to me and why I've asked you  on is to share with our audience in our community,   some of your experience. Because it  is quite interesting, your background,   you were already online before you came on here.  You okay to mention, because mate, you got the   trendy background there and everything.  What was your online business? Pardon?  

Greg: Welcome to the dojo.   Matt: That's right. So what is your online business?   Greg: Well, my online business that   I've been running for quite a long time is called  FretDojo. So fret is like the metal bars on the   guitar neck. So it's a guitar education site.  I've been running that site since about 2015.   And made it into a full-time pursuit in 2017.  And yeah, so been running it since then.  So initially I'm basically self-taught  until I met you guys in online marketing.  

So, I was doing the typical things, like  lots of YouTube videos that were starting   to get a bit of traction. It was a bit hit and  miss though. Sometimes I'd do a video and it   might have gone well, another one, it didn't work  at all. Even though I put lots of effort into it.   And blog posts and things like that. But it was  all very unstrategic and piecemeal. And getting   reasonable results. But yeah, since I've been  working with you guys, things have started to  

change quite dramatically, Matt:   They have, of course we're going to talk about  that as well too. So let's start basically you'd   been online for what, you said you started in  2015 and you've joined us in, what is it, 2022?   Greg: 2021.   Matt: Yeah, 2021. So, okay. So six years, you'd   already been online. And I remember, and this is  important if you're listening, what my concern   was for Greg when he first met us. And I did a  call with him and we did an interview with him.  

And Liz and I were talking about Greg, because  we could, we looked at his site, we could see   how he's doing really well with it. Selling an  information product, teaching people how to play   guitar. Okay, so it's a really good niche. But  our main concern was one is a dangerous number.   Remember Greg, when we're on that interview,  I said to you, "Mate, what I'd love to do,   is broaden out your horizons. You are very focused  on this one website. I know you're at home there   on the central coast, down near Sydney. And I know  it's lovely living there. But you can get very   insular when you're working on that one site." And what my concern was, is for your family sake,  

because you've got a family and everything.  And you're supporting your family with that   one business. My gut feel was that you need to  broaden your horizons and secure your income for   the future by either owning more websites and just  having a fuller strategy online. And that was the   basis on which you came onto our  program, wasn't it? Is just to sit back,   relax and learn basically the whole  digital marketing skillset, if you like.   Greg: Yeah, exactly. Well, the main motivation is  

with the site as it was, it was puddling along,  but it wasn't like I was doing amazingly well   out of it. It was like I was sort of doing okay,  but getting nervous. And actually it was starting   to dip down a little bit by the time I met you  guys. And it's like, I've got to... And we moved   actually to the central coast, after living many  years elsewhere and living expenses are a bit   higher here. And I started to feel the pinch a  bit. And it was time to do something about it.  So, yeah. And also I was a  bit worn out to be honest.   I was doing lots of content, not necessarily  getting great results. You know, the conversions   to customers was, everything just was sort of  okay, but it was quite a grind and I've been doing   it for a number of years like that. Matt:  

Awesome. So what I really admire about you,  Greg, and when we look back over the last year   that you've spent with us. And so I should  mention Greg's on our champions program,   so I've personally coached Greg as well as  running weekly lessons and things. And part   of Greg and my strategy was, I said to Greg,  "Look, just come onto the program. Pretend   you're a complete beginner, relax with it and just  have a crack at everything. Just take it all in   and try multiple strategies. And then we'll  see where you end up at the end of the year." 

And my main concern was, is to get Greg's  income up ASAP. So you just heard, Greg was   filling the pinch a bit, you had a site, but  it wasn't going that great. So the first thing   I got Greg to do to focus on, was get  out there and get his cash flow going.  And one of the strategies we teach to do that  is building websites for local businesses.  

Now, as I said to you, Greg, at the beginning of  the year, and I really admire mate what you've   done. Because that was a challenge for you  and hats off to you. You've done every single   strategy that we've taught. Every single week,  you've had a crack at absolutely everything.  And so that's what I want to look at  here, because I know you're smiling.   What was it like for you when Matt said,  "Greg, you got to get off your butt and get   out of your beautiful guitar dojo and be  in the real world and meet people."   Greg: So well,   this was the problem. When you've been behind  a computer screen for five years typing away   and doing little videos and things like that. It's  amazing. You can have like hundreds of thousands  

of people look at your stuff, but it's still  just you behind the computer in the real world.  And so, I would consider myself, I think I'm  naturally a bit like that. A little bit on the   socially anxious side, but especially back when we  met each other. And so, what you got me to do is   to start to get out there and build some websites  for people. Start networking, and which the word  

networking makes me want to hide under my bed. Well, previously anyway. But it was clear you   guys definitely have taught a lot of people, you  knew what you were doing. So I just basically   went, "I'm just going to do what I'm  told." And got out there, joined a  

business networking group. It was incredibly  difficult and awkward for me to do that. But-   Matt: I know.   Greg: ... what I've realized is,   several months later into it. Just practicing  networking weekly with this group and working with  

those guys. You can really overcome that stuff.  It's more about practice, I think. If you practice   networking, it gets easier and easier. And that's  where a huge amount of opportunities can come.   And, interestingly, a lot of just the  conversations I've had with other really   good business people have really informed  my own business. But even the guitar sites,  

the way I run it and different perspectives on  that. So it is really important in business to   get out and meet a lot of people and  have good conversations, I think.   Matt: And what I'm really proud of Greg. Like you said,   you did exactly what we said and it's worked  really well for you. And I know you're very humble   guy. But I am going to, because Greg, I've got  it highlighted here and we don't have to mention   names or anything. But you do have to mention  some of the numbers, come on. So people realize,  

let us know your latest, you've written here,  you last couple of SEO builds or website builds.   Tell us what numbers you're charging for now. Greg:   Okay. Initially, I did one  for free, for a nonprofit.   Matt: That's good.  

Greg: And then I ended up doing one for   $1,300 or something, for a basic build.  And I got a great piece of advice from,   when we went to that flipper conference  in Sydney, there was a fellow there that   gave me some advice. Just every time you  win a job, just increase your price by 20%.   And so, that sounds like a good idea. So I just  kept doing that. And just a couple of days ago,   I secured a website build, a very standard  website build for $6,000. And that's only been   six to eight months into the process. Matt:  

Yeah. So mate, six to eight months ago. You'd  have no idea how to do that, and you would never   have done it. Greg:   Oh, I remember me and my wife, she also  helps work on the business. We were going,   "I don't know if we could charge $2,000 for  a website build." And it's funny how your   perspective changes with pricing. Because, it just  didn't even have much impact when I secured that   deal that, "Oh yeah, no, that's great. Okay."  It just felt normal. It's weird, isn't it?  

Matt: Well, and now you've got the   skills though, too. So you were blinked on that  one. As you were successful with a particular kind   of information website, because it was passive or  semi-passive. But now, your skillset's broaden,   and you're seeing all the other champions. What  they're doing and achieving and there're total   beginners doing the same sorts of numbers. And  so you are already charging $6,000 for a website   build. And what about recurring, like SEO? Are  you doing that sort of a strategy as well?   Greg: Yeah. I do have a couple of ongoing SEO clients.  

The first one I charged around a $1,000 a month.  It's an ongoing client. And recently, it was quite   funny actually, recently someone approached me  through my guitar site asking for some back links.   And I looked at her website and went, "Oh, your  website needs a bit of work. I'm afraid before   I put back links on it. Oh, by the way, I'm a web  developer. I can help you with it." And so, long   in the short of it, she's become an SEO client as  well. And I think which, charging about $1,300 a   month for that particular retainer. Matt:  

Yeah. That's unreal. And so what you said to me,  Greg, and this is what I want everyone to realize,   is there's a wide range of skills you can learn  online. So Greg already had a certain skill set,   but by doing this now, that's secured your  family's income, hasn't it? That's what   you were saying to me in, how did you word it?  Money's no longer a problem. I think that's-  

Greg: Yeah. That's that's right. I think   what I've learned from the program  is just a much more robust strategy   and also those marketing fundamentals that  we covered early on in your course. And just   how to understand what the market needs. And  that was a very entry level sort of thing.  But I generally had forgotten about that stuff.  I hadn't been thinking in that way. And if it's   one of the crucial aspects of business, find  out what people want. And so, I would say that   I am financially much more secure now because  of the program. But also, regardless of  

what the focus is, whether it's on  the FretDojo guitar site or the agency   stuff, that's the big focus at the  moment. I've really got that robust   knowledge of how to provide value to people. And  to find out what they want, and to provide a great   experience, and all that sort of thing. And so,  if you can provide those things to people then   money generally would never be a problem, I  would imagine. If you can provide that value   to people. Matt:   And that's certainly something we've seen  within the champions community, isn't it?   That's what all the champions are doing. But it is  really interesting talking to you, Greg, because  

you now, like you said, I think the words  were, sorry. It was mission accomplished.   That's what you wrote. And you and I were  chatting about this on a recent call.  You said, awesome. You look back over the year.  Mission accomplished from both mine and your point   of view in that, you are now financially secure  with your family. But from my point of view,   I'm really happy because you've taken in all  the strategies that we teach and you've got   this full knowledge now. So now in this next  year, you can go and create the life and the   lifestyle that you want. That's the main outcome  that we want people to get out of this program.  

Because let's choose your own adventure with  whatever you want to do with our strategies.  And one of the things that I wanted to ask you as  well, because whilst cash flow wise came really   quickly for you through building websites. With  your portfolio site, which is semi-passive selling   guitar lessons, essentially. Let's talk about  that because you've had some massive success   there. That's not now just puddling along, is  it? That's changed quite dramatically over the  

last year too. Greg:   Well, this is the ironic thing. So, because I was  a bit burnt out trying to run that site and not   getting the results. I've had enough, I want to  try something different. This sounds great. Yeah,   let's do some web builds and SEO for local  businesses. And I realized that I needed   to basically, it forced me to put that site on  autopilot. Otherwise I wouldn't have had the time  

to devote to the agency builds. And there was  this one piece of advice you gave me Matt about   setting up an autoresponder, shadow  sequence. Which is basically once a prospect   opts into my email list through some  content or whatever, they then go through,   every Friday they get one of my older posts.  It's not like I'm continually posting content.  Actually, for a number of months, I haven't posted  anything to that site. The people that are coming   in are just receiving content every week. And  then periodically they go through like a launch  

sequence where they get offered one of my courses  for like a discounted rate or something like that.  And so, just that one strategy, and it was  just piecing together what I already had.   It wasn't like I had to create the heaps of new  stuff. It's basically like instantly it started to  

double the revenue of the website. But also, I'm  spending one 10th of the time actually maintaining   the site because I'm not manually trying to  do an email launch or launch a new product.   I'm just basically recycling all the content and  courses and things that were already there. And so   that's basically just ticking along. It feels like  that's what the internet was built for, right?  

Matt: Yeah, that's right. And that's what the   golden outcome is, from everything we teach here  at eBusiness is, ultimately creating these truly   passive websites or, well, let's call them they're  semi. They always take work, semi-passive. So in   your case, it certainly became a lot more passive  because you had to go off and build websites for   businesses. Like you said, plus the money went  up. But also, in the course Greg mentioned. How  

we teach the content strategy as well. Once we got  to that part of the course, you applied that very   effectively as well to this existing website. Greg:   Yeah. We should talk about that. Okay. So, I think  we've touched on this earlier, but it was very  

piecemeal, the sort of strategy I was  doing for content before. It was basically   based on what I was interested in. Matt:   Ah, okay. Greg:  

And sometimes that would be what a lot of other  people are interested in as well, but often it   wasn't. Because I'm a more advanced player, I  guess. But there's not a lot of advanced players   on the internet. So I'm not my customer. And so  once I started doing SEO research, following your   methods and techniques, I started to be much, much  more strategic about the selection of the topics. 

I was doing a little bit SEO and your course  definitely helped me streamline my SEO   application. But just finding out what people were  interested in and being able to assess the data,   rather than thinking that's what people want,  but not necessarily knowing for sure. And so,   we assembled a topic list and I started to do  posts that were much more strategic and focused on   particular topics that was indicated in the  research. And the results have been really   good. Matt:  

Yeah. And again, you're being very humble  there Greg, come on, mention one of that.   You got to tell me. Even I was surprised.  But the first article that you did,   that was quite good fun, because you didn't  get instant results. Exactly like I say,   it takes time. But ultimately what were the  results, so after about six months with it?   Greg: Yeah. Okay. So, about,  

when was this? It was about when we started the  course, in September or so. I thought let's just   give one last sort of crack at sort of this  guitar site. So I'll put a lot of effort into   a particular guitar lesson, did some research. I  wasn't very good at SEO, back then as much as I am   now, I think, but sorry, after you. Matt:   This is the one that you shared at the bootcamp,  wasn't it? The first bootcamp I think.   Greg:   No, that was actually an earlier one. But that  one's actually going really good as well.  

Matt: Got it.   Greg: Just early on,   I sort of spotted a topic that could be good. And  I thought, I'll just record a video about it and   put a lot of effort into the editing and all that  sort of thing. And I was supposed to be studying   your course, but I was madly trying to get this  video edited and I posted it up and it was just   crickets. Like no one watched it or listened to  it. And I was like, oh, I've had enough of this.   And sort of no traffic at all. But then, about three weeks ago,  

the curve has just gone absolutely insane on  that video. It went from basically nothing,   to a hundred thousand views, in about two weeks.  And it's insane. I've got thousands of emails   subscribers from that video. And it  was exactly what you were teaching.  Like when you do content, it takes time to index.  And for Google to work out people are enjoying   this. And they might show it to three people  and they get a bit of data back that, oh yeah,   they like this video. So they'll show it  to a few more and a few more and then,  

but it multiplies exponentially. And so it was a really good lesson for me   to be patient with SEO. And as you often said  in the course, most people can't hack the   journey. So you got to really base it on a clear  strategy and then just put trust in that it's  

going to work if you persist. Matt:   Yeah. And I want to say a big congratulations.  And you've shared some of those how you put   together the articles following what we teach  at some of the bootcamps. I want to say a big   thank you for that too, for sharing it. And that's  why it's super cool. Particularly for those of us   in champions is to listen to this interview  and go, all right, go, Greg. It's happened.  At the time at the boot camp, when you  were talking about them, everyone was super   impressed. And then what, six to eight months  later, bammo, they've taken off those articles.  

And like you said, what did you say to me? It's  growing your email list by 16% or something?   Greg: 16%, like in two weeks.   Matt: That's impressive.   Greg: I've never seen anything   like it. And I was dumbfounded when I looked  at the results. And it was just from making   like... It doesn't matter whether it's written  or on video or whatever. The medium doesn't   matter. But it's important that you spend a  lot of time making something that's valuable,  

got a unique angle on it and is very high quality.  Google is just becoming better at noticing when   things are like that, I think. And so that's  why I really like your strategy, the emphasis on   quality content and not just trying to gain the  system, but providing real quality to what-   Matt: And you've implemented that   perfectly, yet again Greg. You're doing  everything in the course perfectly.   Greg: I just do what I'm told.   Matt: And that's why we're here today.   So this is super cool too, to look now back  at your journey. Okay, you are in this very  

unique position. People can go and listen and go,  man, I want to be like Greg, where you've got,   basically, you've got options now. At the end  of this year, you can go whichever way you want.  And that's something that you and I are chatting  about on some strategy calls and things for   you because, you can either keep growing. You're  building websites for local businesses. Obviously,  

you are charging a lot of money there's,  $6,000 for a website. Or you can just keep   that at a premium level, not have too many  clients and really look after them well.  What's your thoughts with, say your  portfolio, because you've got all these   skills. And really FretDojo, now it's pretty  much semi-passive, you're not doing a lot.  

Not putting you on the spot too much or  everything, but what's your thoughts over this   next year. Now, what do you want to do with your  life? Because you've got options to turn this into   a lifestyle business now. Greg:   Yeah, exactly. Well, I think it's funny, we've  come full circle in a way. Because initially   when I signed up for the champions program, I was  a bit over the whole guitar website thing. But I'm   really excited from what's happened with  it over the past couple of months. So I'm   actually looking at maybe pulling the foot off  the gas pedal a little bit with the agency.  

And really doubling down hard on the portfolio.  But using the cash flow from the agency to   really build out the guitar site and  perhaps other portfolio websites as well.  Because something you do need cash flow, you  need a team. It does become pretty onerous,  

just doing it all on your own. So if you're going  to have a team, you need to have cash flow. So,   I believe that both those strategies can work  together really well. But, I'd love to really   build that site out over the next few years.  That's something I'm really excited about.   Matt: Yeah, mate, and seriously,   congratulations. I know you're going to be  really successful with it, that's the cool thing.  

You've now got this full and your skillset  is so much broader. Like when you first came   onto this course, you didn't even really know  about SEO that much. And now you're charging   a lot of money for that from people within your  own industry as well. And you're very good at it.  And I do want to say congratulations,  you've taken all this.   You've mastered all the different strategies  that we've taught and you're really good   at all of them. And now you've got  the options to do whatever you want.   Will you also, I guess for you are very  focused person because someone like you too,   maybe should consider, I don't want to take away  your focus. But maybe you should own a few other  

websites as well. Probably buy a couple  of websites. Wouldn't hurt you either.   Greg: Oh yeah, no,   I've dabbled in that a bit. I feel I've bought  one a few months ago for a bit of a laugh.   And a few little Amazon affiliate cheques are  coming in the mail from that, which is awesome.  

Matt: Very nice.   Greg: So yeah,   one of your guests that's been in your bootcamps  before, his story was very inspiring in terms   of just how he's been able to scale and buy and  build so many websites over time. That path really   appeals to me as well. But I think the thing with  networking and in person local stuff, you get a   lot of benefits that aren't just financial.  Like, I've met so many wonderful people,   had great conversations. And especially when you  meet other business people, because you've got  

a common interest you're so passionate about. People that love doing business and it really   helps your business as well. Just having  conversations with people like that. And so   I think that obviously the pipe dream is the whole  sort of go out on a beach and sort of have passive   income sort of thing. But it's great making  relationships and people as well. And that's   something that's such a important aspect of life  above the money and all that sort of thing.  

Matt: Yeah. And thank you for bringing them   up. And I know it's been particularly important  for yourself. But as you know Greg, privately,   you've gotten to know a lot of the champions. As  he's one of the big outcomes for a lot of us in   the champions realize is wow, having these digital  skills, it's not just about working at home,   you look like the classic computer  expert in your beautiful guitar dojo,   but seriously, it's also about, that's something  that I did want to communicate with everyone   through this interview with you is, that's, it's  opened up other doors for you that you never   expected and has changed your outlook as well. Like you said, you're a naturally   shy person verging on social anxiety.  And that's perfectly normal by the way,  

like a lot of people experience that. But it can  be helpful in that sense as well to realize, oh,   wow, I'm not just locked in front of a computer  screen every day. Now I'm out there participating.  And so, you are so conscientious as well. I think  there's another big benefit here for you doing   the digital agency thing is, you're really  going to look after people in your local   community. Because you are mainly working with  people in your local community, aren't you?  

Greg: Yeah. Mainly just around the area.   Matt: Business owners, that is. Yeah.   And you really enjoy that. Like you're telling  me. And you've made some really good friends   through that as well. And like I said, it  gives you a different perspective on life.   Greg: Yeah. And I think I remember in our last coaching  

call, we had Matt was saying like something that  I've been really happy about the course is just   the challenges put upon you and like off  you go, you got to get out and meet people,   goobing, as you say, getting out and about. And that was my biggest challenge for this course,   is just being able to muster the courage to  get out there. And that is life changing.   If you can get over that and be able to, just  with a few little techniques and you pick them   up at business networking groups. Like how  to mingle in a room and how to network. It's   not really that complicated. And  it's just practice basically. 

And so I know a lot of people have that sort of  anxiety, about those sort of things. But like,   I remember you said to me once, "But this  is how you get success in businesses.   By meeting people and building relationships.  So that's what you got to do. Sorry."   Matt: Yeah. Even when we're online and mate,  

I do want to say a big thank you for coming on to  share that. When you think about it, Greg, it is,   and you know our community really well, not just  champions, but everyone in our community. People   look to you as someone who's already experienced  online, but there's just so much more to it.  

Sometimes you need a little kick up the butt,  from someone like myself, and get you out there.  And I do want to say a big congratulations as well  for all the success that you've had this year. And   really well done. And thank you for helping  to inspire so many people as well, mate.   Greg: Oh, really appreciate your kind comments,   Matt. But I can't take all the credit because  I had no idea what I was doing before I started  

working with you guys. So, I think- Matt:   Thank you. Greg:   ... you should share a great  deal of the credit, I think.   Matt: Oh, awesome. Thanks so much for that Greg.  

Well, thanks for that. And guys, if you are  interested in starting your own journey online   and learning how you can replace your income.  Make sure you check out our free masterclass,   where we go through our overall strategy of how we  buy and sell and renovate websites. It's exactly   what Greg's doing. Just heard his story, he's  applying it to his own passive website. And I'm   sure you got a lot out of this interview and  would join me in saying a special thank you to   Greg. Thanks Greg. Greg:  

Thanks everyone. And keep on trucking, you'll get  there. Just be persistent and don't give up   Matt: Awesome.

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