Higher Time Frame Market Structure and Order Flow Day Trading within it

Higher Time Frame Market Structure and Order Flow Day Trading within it

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good morning traders and welcome to the  bookmap live trading trading webinar this   is bruce at bookmap and uh so we do live analysis  forward-looking analysis here monday tuesday and   friday uh 10 a.m and live trading with stocks  by j trader on wednesday and thursday scott   bulsini futures trader so let's uh jump right  in here we'll go through some disclosures very   quickly and then take a look at this s p and see  exactly what's going on out there in the markets   our education is forward-looking we'll read the  current market and give insight to where we think   price is going to move next general disclosure  all bookmap limited materials information and   presentations are for educational purposes  only and should not be considered specific   investment advice nor recommendations uh the uh  risk disclosure trading futures assessmented by   trading futures equities and digital currencies  involves substantial risk of loss and is not   suitable for all investors past performance is  not necessarily indicative of future results   all right so let's jump in here uh and um take  a look and see what's going on in this s p   lots of stuff to go through uh the  um in the bigger picture here but   let's just take a quick look at the order flow  right now since uh you know we have the volatility   at the cache open here and you can see that very  clearly uh within the uh the volume dots over here   okay where you know everything has really  changed and really picked up at this point so   you know you can see this market kind of selling  off here after some nice moves and then look at   around here before 8 o'clock test into high  liquidity down here around this 40 to 35 ish 36   ish area here and a nice bounce right up into high  liquidity up here at 42.55 and it's really been   choppy uh kind of since it did break below this  36 into another area of high liquidity down here   around 4230 and then right back up again right  back down again uh and then right back up again   now it has broken out here of this area and this  is an important area for right now this 4255 area   this is where that high liquidity is and  they traded into here a few different times   and have broken through that area and you can  see and this just exemplifies um and visualizes   these concepts you hear about well you know once  once resistance is broken it turns into support   well this this is exactly why and this is  something bookmap is so good at showing because   it's such simple data here but it's understanding  the concepts of really how the market works here   so you can see this move up into high liquidity  it transacts big green dot right up into that   liquidity market sells off does not trade  into this high liquidity down here comes   back up trades through 4250 and there's still  some liquidity up here a little bit above   this 55 level it trades and there's still more  buying pressure okay and now we we're break we're   pulling back and bouncing once twice and this  is the third test here where it broke out from   now question is are we going to get sellers in  here do we get sellers in here that are willing   more selling pressure to have this be a false  breakout we're going to look at that and we're   going to look for that scenario to unfold and  what we're looking for down here is big red dots   sellers ready to move the market here they go  let's see if they follow through now let's take   a look at the order book okay we'll see they're  still lined up here here's our big red dots but   look what happened okay so far they were unable  to move price lower well how is that possible   well there's an iceberg here here's another  iceberg look high liquidity at 55 and a half here   there they are they just got absorbed okay now  we're getting our selling pressure through that   area all right and starting to understand now this  might be a false breakdown here okay it's set up   really nicely to be a false breakdown if  we get buyers back up here at 56 watch out   and we're going to get move right back up to 60  or 62 up here okay so see how now their market is   gauging this this is a really tricky moment right  now and we don't have too much insight right now   buyers could have at this point here taking it  higher and there just wasn't enough buyers now   we're back down here are there enough sellers down  here okay we have we know there's some positions   of larger players in here okay well we're going to  take a look here okay now the market doesn't know   either right we have different players different  time frames different uh you know sizes of of   players in here uh now we're getting a little more  clarity looking pretty good to the downside here   okay looking for 52 and 50. okay there's we  already hit 52 quickly now we're looking for 50. right so we didn't have insight  here until we got to here and here's why i'll go through this here now  this this also might be a false breakdown   okay we're watching this what  if we get buyers back up above uh yeah i i i'm still going with the downside  into 50 here reason being is i i don't see enough   buyers quite up here at this level it's mostly  sellers so still looking for the move lower here all right i'm going to go over this quickly  here but because i want to take a look at   the higher time frame uh and what's going on but  reading this and understanding concepts in here   very simple concepts this will uh help you so much  in in all of your trading on all different time   frames okay now we're going to do this reading  again and again forward-looking analysis here   uh still looking for a 50 to trade here and  we'll do it again and again and we'll do it   on these smaller time frames just so you get  the idea or you can see it unfold in real time   please go to our educational course  that's online to understand you know   what these concepts are and then we can also look  at higher time frame there's our move into 50   and there's still more selling pressure okay so  let's see if there's still more sellers can take   it lower maybe down to 45 here now the liquidity  is down a little bit lower here around 48. all   right so that's what we're reading so far but this  concept in here and what we're looking at in here   let's go through it quickly right well we didn't  quite know we went through different scenarios   in here of what might have unfolded and then we  saw this move into into here we got our red dot   okay but at this point here we got our we got  our sellers here but it's like wait a minute   now that's big selling and they're not able to  drop price all right well what's happening here   there's an iceberg here that's absorbing uh  there's no not much liquidity in here okay   what what it is instead is this it's an iceberg  it's about 200 contracts in here absorbed   we can put the on chart iceberg  in here uh hold on a minute stop some icebergs on chart okay there 84 okay now i think i have this filtered uh now that's this is on chart gotta  open it up okay now that's all of them now that doesn't doesn't look quite right i have a filter on here okay well yeah anyway i mean you you can see  the icebergs my point here is that uh i   they're absorbing here and and price is not able  to drop right it's running into this iceberg   that's still in here and finally gets filled down  here for 500. um so and that's what unfolded here   okay at this price level now we didn't like i said  we didn't quite know uh where price and you know   no one really knows where price is going to  go and until we have a better understanding   of the players involved at these at these levels  so if they're going to absorb here maybe we'll get   buyers on the other side here we didn't we got  the break down right and then we had potential   up here we come back up here and retest here if  there's buyers looking for a nice move higher   not enough buyers come back down here retest here  not enough sellers down here okay so in general   then we came back up here and retested here  and look at the buying up here and this is like   exhaustion at this point and also at this point up  here there's not enough buyers no one's interested   okay there's a little bit of buying that lifts  the offer up into this area here around 57   and a quarter and that was it once  we start to see sellers come in here   now they they've got something this is where we're  looking for it and this is where we're looking for   the move lower into 52 and then 50. right now  the reason being is because of market structure  

the buyers and sellers and also the  liquidity in here in this relationship   uh so we had our sellers in here buyers  could have taken it here we didn't know   come back down all right well you know i don't  really see much happening here at this level here   buyers come back and try to reach higher they  couldn't they exhaust out they make a lower   high here and then we come down we start to  see some selling pressure this is where the   sellers can take it okay more likely at this  point they can take control of this market   and we'd be looking for that to unfold and they  did and we look for that to happen again and again   and again down to 50 and then what has happened  here we're looking for 48 that already unfolded   as well and then you can see now it's a battle  we're back to the battleground here look at buyers   here taking control above this 50 50 level or 52  level here okay and then sellers down below so   this is again like a battle that's happening right  now we don't have too much insight at the moment   but this was we were looking for this to unfold  anyway yeah please take a look again and again   for these patterns in here this gives you  an edge in order flow okay understanding   the players involved in here and the potential  moves and where the moves might go because   they're going to test liquidity they're going to  trade to where they're they can find buyers uh in   the uh in the order book and they're down here  at this 52 and and lower here 50. all right so   anyway we'll go over it again uh and again so  uh let me see if there's any questions so far can we take a look at amazon oh it's down 356  okay i'm not sure if i have amazon up or not   um i don't think so but we can jump  over uh guys another thing too like uh   we're gonna have another trivia night uh  tonight uh so um i'll put this into the uh   chat now um this is only uh in discord uh it'll  be in our events um room okay the events voice   channel and also in the text channel there  and you guys are familiar with it maybe   we did it a couple weeks ago and there are prizes  or one prize so you get a gift certificate for 100   bucks to the bookmap marketplace for whatever you  want all right so anyway i wanted to mention that   and hey maybe some of the things we're covering in  here right now today are going to be in the trivia   event so uh uh yep it'll be at 4 30 uh east coast  time m c local so uh thank you for that uh and uh   yeah i can even i have the image here hold on  and i'll put this into the chat for you guys there you there you go okay and uh for  you guys on youtube here we go as well   uh this is the the trivia night 430 uh i'll i'll  tweet it out and and and you'll find it in the   events room okay all right so anyway there was  a quick move quick read of the order flow here   uh now this has been a false breakout okay came  back up we're looking for it around here we got   some insight we're looking for the move lower  that has already unfolded uh and uh the question   is though can it st what's gonna happen now  okay well look at the bid down here seems to be   um you know interest here to buy at these price  levels which is higher okay and we're starting to   find aggressive buyers all right where are they  going well look for 60 okay looking for 60 now   we're back to or this important kind of pivot  level here around well just above 52 or 55.   this level here we already mentioned this is an  important level for today okay or this at this   time frame here are we above it or are we below it  uh and that we want to understand the order flow   now here's what the order flow is telling us  no we're they they could not take it above   all right seller's now taking it down let's see  them take it down to 40. okay this is this is  

a pretty easy read as well okay that appetite in  here or the the demand is kind of diminished and   we're seeing massive selling coming in so looking  for them to drop it down to 40. okay maybe 30. uh   and that would be below the cache open here at  9 30. so this is a great target here at 30. okay   now for this whole range since the cache open  you can see we're even trading through a high   volume node here likely we're going to get  a bounce in here likely right here where we   are currently we're going to get a bounce why do  you guys think we're going to get a bounce here   okay i just mentioned one is is  the the high volume uh profile   but uh or high volume node in here  but there's something more here what do you guys think it has to be about it the answer is  about who's in control in certain areas a bounce at liquidity um no no resting  uh liquidity no short covering no uh high volume node is a techie girl  that it's it's a part of it but like   we're already through it though um uh alec  all right so where do buyers take control uh alec that's kind of the  answer i was looking for   uh but uh uh where did they take  control and and uh what time yeah right right right in here so if we didn't  get that bounce okay but i would be looking for   it there's there's a host of things in here to  look for a bounce in here we're looking for the   move down into 40 the selling came in like it  this was an easy read okay we even mentioned   it before it unfolded okay i mean that's what  we do in the room it's not a trade calling room   we don't it's not a recommendation it's  forward-looking analysis foresight here by reading   the order flow and most likely uh areas uh to for  for uh to price to uh to trade to or test and we   said 30 okay and we're just about to hit 30. uh  so uh anyway uh very strong selling here moving   price away from this whole value area but that's  a whole nother subject um what's important here   uh is or that why there was a possibility for  a bounce in here there's a number of reasons   here but this is where the buyers came in and and  really see how they came in and move price higher uh and uh well you know this is very similar to  uh i i know that uh you know a lot of you guys   are very popular trading strategy uh is volume  profile or using volume profile and market profile   statelmeier has also re he came back and kind of edited a revisited volume profile and this is one  of the reasons why he talked about it as these   volume strips well here it is okay strong  consistent buying moving price away this is   where that initiated and started down here okay  so even in fact the really the breakout was right   around here all right so we're looking for price  strong selling high liquidity here at 40. uh also   you know some high volume nodes here it's a  little bit higher 42 and a half so we have   some reasons why there might be some profit taking  why you might find buyers supporting it here again   uh and then for a move back up and re-test  maybe back up to here as a pullback   it didn't unfold there just wasn't there  wasn't any interest here we don't see those   buyers they don't come in in fact they  don't even they get slightly above this   transaction here i mean this is really pretty  bearish here they get slightly above it here   that's it though and then the sellers come in  back and forth back and forth sellers come in   move it lower looking for 30. um so uh  yeah anyway uh this is another reason  

okay and then you'll have to kind of figure out  and and and come up with your own trading plan   for this is to understand like when you want  to take profits or or if you're looking for a   counter trade back up here and if you're looking  for a a pullback you didn't get any pullback here   this is this happens very frequently in here uh  in in the markets you know we're all looking for   that pullback oh be great i'll just wait for it  to come back here i'll get in and it just the   market has taken off without you so you know  you'll have to kind of figure out a way to if you're a pullback trader  well then you missed this   okay and this was a pretty easy move to catch  based on just the order flow in here at least   you know we thought so we thought so we we we  saw the you know the test up here it failed the   selling coming marching in here looking for this  move down to 40. okay then 30. uh so uh the um but   a bounce hand here is is definitely in the cards  uh doesn't doesn't even happen it you know so uh   going through and understanding  this scenario in here is important   uh for your for your trading plan because uh  uh you know it now it might come back up and   revisit this later in the session or something  whatever but the move is here and now and   you know a lot of times there'll be low volume  nodes down in these areas in here and you oh   yeah it's going to bounce or whatever it just runs  you right over just be aware of how to manage your   trade when this kind of scenario unfolds okay if  it's a trade management or if it's entry or exit   right because you're kicking yourself  missing a pretty easy move and anyway so   go revisit your trading plan and figure out  ways that how you might consider to capture   uh some of these moves in here  via the order flow all right um overnight low is 42 30 okay  yep thank you leo trader um yeah well there you go i mean it was uh not only  the uh the cash um you know uh open here uh the   overnight low as well so i mean there you go um  uh and and that and leo's looking at these even   well i i don't know what you think leo if if  overnight low is i mean since it was the same here   basically overnight low and cash it's it's the  same uh is equally important but i i would imagine   that you probably find the probably goes back  and forth but i i'm curious to see what you think   what do you think i know it's just a stat i i know  i'm curious though what you find might hold better   uh an overnight low or the cash  flow or where you get more reaction   okay and we're talking about in the first  you know hour and a half or so of trading   that's a really interesting uh kind of a stat to  answer or to get data on uh because uh uh you know   the overnight low i mean there's there's not a  whole lot of volume uh for that whole overnight   uh and then that cash session low though it's a  lot of volume but it's just been recent activity   tough call yeah okay uh let me jump back to  youtube see how everything's going over there all right kg looking at a trend line any  questions uh youtubers let me know uh and alan   wanted to look at amazon so let's take a quick  look or at least get some data here for amazon all right okay uh and wow a lot of icebergs over  here just uh getting filled just at this   at leo's overnight low here right so  uh interesting stuff happening here   all right guys well anyway we've gone  through a few different trades already   uh this is because of amazon um the um i already  went through a few trades in here uh but i i i we   saw some good stuff so i wanted to cover it uh and  and a couple of easy reads or some very difficult   or wasn't really a read it was it was like well we  didn't know and then we saw then we knew and we're   looking for the a couple of moves to unfold  here now what i want to cover though is the higher time frame here some really interesting  stuff in here all right we talked about this   beginning of the week we talked about this  level down here we had drawn these up um in   the either beginning of the week or last  week or like you know several weeks ago   this this this area in here and a potential  move into it and then you can see what happened   in here on the daily chart here we got to  move into it and a bounce out of it here   okay it came all the way back up and  retested this area in here uh and this uh   uh 43 4300 is that right yeah so uh you know  some really choppy stuff uh in here here's   the hour chart here in the middle and you can  see uh as well like some of these moves in here   and um uh you know so here here's today's action  here uh and then and you can see the um uh   well opened up here kind of almost filled the gap  basically and then look at the sellers come and   move this lower here now okay so now can they  move it down into this area here guys on your   higher time frame where's your high volume node  okay on this hourly chart in here is probably   around in here somewhere probably around 4200  i imagine this is also a nice target for these   sellers to reach that area here okay now what else  do we see that that's another another good reason   why we that we can see we see pretty good momentum  here on the sell side on this hourly chart uh why   why is another good reason uh uh that that we  can trade back down and test into this area here okay it's kind of similar to the previous  question the answer is basically the same so we're buyers to control exactly i'm  so bad exactly and look at it here i   mean like look how visual this is here look  at look at right here now this is at 4212   okay or 4210 that was an important area that we  drew up on our charts uh several times uh as well   um and i i deleted that line i think we had one at  15 or or some somewhere i think it was around here   12 and a half 13 i don't know some something  like that uh and you know look where buyers took   control here they took command of this market  uh here look where sellers are going to test uh   that area here now we're already kind of looking  for maybe a bit of profit taking here around 20   bouncing off of this area here this  is going to be your low volume node   okay you don't have to have volume profile to  understand that you just know there's a cluster   here and there's very little volume in here all  right so maybe a bounce off of that but momentum   is pretty strong here so i'd still be looking  for a move lower into some of these areas here   and yeah somewhere around this 10 level uh but  also 4200 or 05 and then here's here's 41 4200   here just below this swing down here all right  so these are some potential areas now on the   candlestick chart we don't know uh where the  liquidity is where the buyers are lined up uh   where where is their demand in here okay so uh you  know that's when we go to bookmap to check it out   okay to to understand really what's behind  all of this here in the candlesticks   okay it's really what the candlesticks  aren't showing us what they're hiding um let's see uh leo um today's session one time  framing lower on the 30 minute cleaning up   yesterday's poor tpo structure yeah okay  so yeah leo is a pretty pretty serious uh   market and volume profile trader uh so you know  he's looking at these um uh tpos uh where there's   opportunities uh where price might go to check  and test an area where it did not auction properly let me i'm going to cover that concept in here  in the order flow and auctioning properly or not   properly uh it's um it's a you know  it sounds really kind of high fluent   fluent uh and it's not it's this is actu these  concepts are so simple uh it it doesn't it doesn't   take much to understand these things this is not  rocket science at all and even you know saying   auction market theory sounds kind of heavy uh  and uh like there's you know it's very complex   it's not it's really simple it's like just going  to the farmers market buying potatoes and uh the   same idea here all right so let's go let's cover  and this this idea and this concept of like um   retesting uh into tpos or or low volume  nodes or filling in an area where it didn't   auction properly uh boy you you'll  see scalpers take advantage of this   day and day and day or moment and minute and  minute and minute again um so uh let's see here   i guess probably you know it might be easiest  to show in crypto to be honest uh because in crypto yeah okay so here's a book sweep here all right and we know this  is likely a stop run as well   okay we see a lot of selling coming in nothing  but selling here nothing but this is a vacuum in   here now this is where that selling initiated up  here we can go to the s p and look at it as well   i just want to look for a very clear example and  this isn't bad and now we're looking for it and it   trades into and actually threw this high liquidity  here at 39 000. okay now it's a vacuum in a sense   though because here sellers came in and and moved  this all lower a lot of times i mean you can see   in crypto here uh the best offer filled in pretty  pretty quickly okay but uh a lot of times though   you'll see the best offer still hanging out up  here at 39 040. and that's that's the the spread  

basically it hasn't caught up yet uh or no one's  willing to offer uh lower uh so that's that's   the vacuum effect here and all it can take is a  very few contracts to pull back to this area here   all right and uh and and fill that in okay uh and  that is what leo is talking about uh here about   not filling or not auctioning into this area here  it is not properly auctioned in here it its price   has been has moved away very very quickly uh and  this is kind of a vacuum now and and and you can   you can see it in in the in the volume columns  okay the volume columns capture this beautifully   all right so uh that's how you get these low  volume nodes or like these really weird little   areas in your uh your profile you see lots of  trading and then like very scant little areas of   trading and then lots of trading again okay that  is filling you know price comes back to fill in   and test those areas and auction into those areas  that is the concept here and this is an example   on a very low time frame and that's actually  how you get and this relates to it you know   stick with it stick with it uh techy girl you know  the answer that is how you get your low volume   pullbacks okay it fills in or it just retests this  area here and does it find demand does it find   or does it find a buying pressure  okay or does it exhaust out yeah i mean you'll see it this isn't really the  best example it's not bad it's not bad at all   but like i mean you'll see it sometimes so clearly  it's just like it's like a poster child for it um   and understanding these concepts though once you  understand these concepts like i keep mentioning   the market is yours i mean you know now you you  don't have to follow and and read a book for well   i only trade this or that you can come in and just  say well i like this concept i understand this   concept i'm going to go study it now and i'm going  to look for that and i know what it looks like   and then i'm looking for you know sellers here  to move it back down again after it comes back   in and retest this area i'm looking for exhaustion  up here okay uh and uh you know they pushed it a   couple times and and took it back up above here uh  it's still low volume most of the volume is here   now we also know we've covered  this here this opens the door here   also for buyers up above it even on a low  volume pullback right so that's where the trap   is though and and have to be aware of those  things uh in these concepts all right so uh   let's see here um let's see leo uh showed an  image here so let's share that all right so oh boy leo i'm having a hard time here 42  here's 40 here's 30. um you're looking for   to auction back into this area i believe  is that correct yeah right in here probably um i'm not sure what this profile is here i love it i mean this is such a you know a  lot of a lot of traders don't look at the   the market profile they're  looking at volume profile um   and you know i like it now we're talking about  time and acceptance here uh in market profile   you know instead of volume you're looking at  something it's different you're not talking   about the the number of transactions you're  talking about time and acceptance in levels   uh and it building out a profile so that's why  you'll see like you know futures trader 71 and   others they'll have both up you know they're  looking at both uh and um anyway there's some kind   of purity or beauty to these um market profile  charts that i really like um anyway um yeah let me   know leo if there's anything else you want me to  go over on that um but uh so i got the image there all right so let's uh let's go back to  this s p and see what's going on in here   and where did we head to oh god so i i run at  the mouth and we miss these these these wonderful   moves um well we were looking for 30 uh and then  we were um you know and we know that there are   sellers moving it away here but 30 was a pretty  key level here uh due to the uh the volume and the   and the structure here and we can see that even  down here we didn't get much of a pullback at all   on that buy side in fact they just pulled back  to this little structural area here and then   and then this is where the buyers came in or the  sellers came in again and again and again now it's   still possible in these areas here you i mean  this is why we we talk about not only where the   volume is trading but also market market structure  okay so uh here's why the volume is trading here   and the transactions are happening here if we  can get back up here and get those buyers back   up above here or especially up here around 30  again then this is this is all trap volume or   and we'll see the stop runs probably  back up into about 32 or higher   all right so nonetheless here's what unfolded  we get the the clusters down here typically we   get lots of stop runs down here we didn't  on this one we come back down again and   not a whole lot happening in here some kind of  weird price action and it was really sellers down   here it was really kind of nebulous in here at  this swing low here uh in on this small time frame   but the sellers come in again and again and  again hitting into high liquidity hitting to high   liquidity even through this liquidity here at 16  on down okay so that leaves us up to current price   and then look at this here look  at the buyers back up above it   all right let's see if the buyers can reach  42 20. okay so just just back up into here right and if we if we see the  sellers come back back down below   this level here at 15 and we see selling we're  looking for it to come back down to 11 and 10. look at the selling down here not a whole lot and they didn't  tend they did not trade into 10.

okay so we're watching and understanding assessing   this auction here okay here come our sellers  now let's see if they can move it now   you know or are they going to just get are they  going to get trapped and we're going to watch this   closely okay now they have the potential  for being trapped right now okay see see   the buyers come back in okay but they're not  they're not enough there we go all right so   looking for sellers to chat now try to take  this away from this area back down to 10 42 10. um okay leo okay so you got some  single prints to clean up see the chart above yeah no we just took a look at   it leo i don't know if you  stepped away for a moment thanks for posting okay just shy of 10 back down to the  low here okay still looking for 10. you did step away i know i was asking questions uh   uh about it like uh uh what what you were  looking for and i'll just go over it again   uh quickly here uh so we can we can  review it there's our 10 guys okay so anyway i don't know how you guys feel about it your trade  management on these things uh we haven't looked at   the higher time frame here uh let's just jump back  quickly okay this is kind of a critical area here   okay we're testing into these areas here  okay you know i i would take some profit   okay that would be me though right i  would do that you will have to assess this all right as i mean this another  five-point move from here on down   okay or let's say four and a half  or four you know from here on down okay anyway um the uh let's go over  leo's image before uh he he walks away   again um so uh this is what we were we were  talking about leo you're looking for it to fill   in some areas here i believe it was i imagine  is this this area in here uh because uh this   is where we don't see you know we have a couple  of prints in here uh right in here especially   but that's it and that's definitely  the lowest on the on the chart here okay so it's down here now at 10 so  it's testing this high volume node or   this poc from previously here i don't  know what profile this is in here but i guess these are days each  is the day here i'm not sure okay yeah so anyway i imagine that's what you're  looking at um and then and then just to fill   in i mean that's it right to auction here uh  due to that vacuum we talked about and then   the market kind of determines and assesses  like what's going on at this level here   all right well we found more sellers willing  to take it lower they took it down to this   level here which is very clean and  easy to read here which is our 4210   okay now so and we know there's liquidity there  so now if you line up and you're trading market   profile then this area here is not a bad  area to target and to take some profit   okay maybe look for order flow reversal to trade  back up and re-auction back up in here maybe   okay so there's some concepts in here  these are potential trading plans   and what we want to understand this is the  bigger picture here but when we were talking   about what the order flow looks like uh for  it to trade maybe back into certain areas all right anyway uh let's continue on all right and see i mean the market's kind of going sideways  here now we still have a downside bias here   uh we're just we're not  making higher highs we're not   making equal highs uh we're making lower highs and  there we go you know so we still have a bias here   uh and but we're watching this here and getting  kind of understanding of how this market is uh   you see how it's starting to kind of  flatten out or not flatten out but   i'll show it with lines here okay we have a  line here no now it's here no now it's here   no now it's here right or you can draw your  trend line here or you can draw your channel here   okay but now the question is in the order flow  okay the price structure's starting to do that   that's good uh but what about the volume   well i don't see a whole lot of volume trading  up here it's not bad it's getting better at   least but it's not a whole lot okay look at  the buyer's try here but um it completely just   stomped on by the sellers and then there's still  more selling at lower lows okay so you know   although things are starting to kind of flatten  out i'm not we're not seeing much on the buy side   okay and we need that that's what's going  to lift it back up into these areas and then   see more buyers at higher highs and we'll  make higher lows and see less sellers there   let's see if we get a quick move  here on the buy side we're back   up at the top of this little small range  in here so let's read the order flow here   okay uh looking for the bid to light  up here and the reaction to that bid   okay and this is scenario one which is the most  uh not likely most unlikely uh is scenario one   uh and that's a you know potential reversal  here okay because we're not seeing it but we're   looking for it okay if we get more sellers  in here we're just looking for lower lows   all right and and uh uh and and that's that  looking for exhaustion here uh and and more   selling down here uh into hiluki watch them uh see  if they pull here on the on the bid and and price   can move lower easier all right so that's the  scenario actually number one uh and most likely   okay because we just don't see the buyers yet  right now scenario number two is what if we can   capture a lot of sellers at this low here and  then see buyers up here okay a lot of buying and well these sellers in here are going to  have to be buyers up here okay or up here at 20.   all right so uh that's that's why we're we're  going through these scenarios and looking for   it and we don't see it yet okay so the most likely  one is the one that that we said scenario number   one and that's playing out but we're watching  we're waiting we're seeing if the order flow   matches scenario number two if it does then  it's more likely for that move to unfold   and then we gotta gauge like how  it's trading uh in these areas here   okay so if we come up here and we see a lot of  buyers up here and we see some up here previously   so it can auction up here we know that but here's  our exhaustion and the sellers come in and just   pound on it just into this liquidity here at  and that's it okay so let's take a look here   all right we have that potential let's see if  we if we get it here if we get some buyers here   at nine nine and a half in the smaller range we  can come up to the bigger range okay to 10 or 11.

yeah let's see if they can do it there they go   okay now let's see if we get more  up here right right here at 11 and then we're looking for 13. and we want to see it pull  away quickly here okay and trap god i hate to say trap but like  we're looking for a quick move here and there it is there it is okay  we're up at 13. now they pulled   that liquidity here at 13s well we're  not quite at 13 yet but pretty close okay now we're coming back and filling in that  area here okay because it didn't quite auction   in here you can see it in here all right retest  it and do we get more buyers in here not yet okay okay where did where did  it come back and retest now   guys on the in this little uh area here  okay and and now we're through it too okay so now what what area  is most likely gonna gonna go guys can you hear me in  here am i talking to myself would love to get your feedback in here and uh alan i'm so bad uh m.c loco  uh techie girl love all you guys um let's get some others in here i mean guys be and  be wrong just get something out we'll go over it   you're waiting for amazon alan um that's fine  but we want to learn that's what we want okay well we were i was alluding  to like this going lower here   uh into you know o6 and o5 uh and liquidity  down here o4 uh here's why and and how many   this this move here is no different than  what we saw just earlier around um 4255. no different okay the buyers came in uh and we  were looking for that scenario here scenario   number one was to the downside scenario number  two was if we got our buyers in here covered in   real time then we're looking for the move back up  into about 13. okay and it even it did auction at  

13. only three tr transactions up here my god poor  poor guy um uh trapped up here with just his three   behind the breakout um i i  shouldn't laugh um anyway um the um so here here's here's that move okay now  we're looking for a low volume pullback   to here okay fill that fill that vacuum  back in and then we're looking for   potential more buyers exhaustion here and  buyers to come in we still have one more   oh there we go now it's lighting up thank you guys  appreciate it appreciate it very much um so um excellent excellent um so yeah so now  at this point here we can still go into   the high volume node and bounce off at 09.  okay but that's the last kind of call here   okay it's a bounce off of here usually if  if it's going to be a trap and we're looking   for that quick move which which unfolded  here but there's no follow through on it   uh we'd have we'd be looking for a low volume node  and then and then a leg two uh and continuation   not not a leg two back up to the high but  continuation and that would be a reversal   uh here uh all we did was get this and then  not enough buyers aren't supporting it anymore   uh and then we come back down to low volume or  high volume node here of this range which is um   here okay and we we get more sellers here   and they're taking it back down to the bottom  of the range and we get more sellers down here so based on this structure we're looking for it  to go lower or not just structure volume and order   flow in here now there that you know there's not  there's the buyers are done for here at this point   now we're looking for sellers okay and and likely  move is lower at that point and the likely target   is liquidity here at six five and four okay all  right now now look at the buyers come back in okay   so here and as well same ideas same concepts here  we'd be looking for the support here this is the   pivot line here okay you're you're under  over at 10. okay they went through it   they were up above it now they're back  below it point of control and through it here is our pivot down here and this is  this is where all the sellers are trapped same idea same concept here sellers here below  at 08 okay yeah 08 and then buyers above it here now here this is looking better we we even  broke this swing we we did get a leg up here now okay and we're looking for buyers to  support it here at 08 and a half or so   okay selling selling pressure is still pretty  strong in here lots of buyers did come in   we got our stop run at the top here  uh and then sellers uh coming in all right not enough selling  pressure to even reach down here yet okay so let's see if we get more   buyers back up above even we can even look at this  in in uh the fractal nature here and and again   like fractals guys i i kind of these you know  technical terms and and math mathematical terms   we're going to kind of debunk not debunk  it but we're going to just look at it   visually here and understand it in terms of  order flow because it's it's not difficult   and what's behind this is is pretty  straightforward and and commonsensical   buyers above look at the sellers below okay we  can start to draw up these structural areas here okay it's even down here this is the same thing  buyers above it we're looking for sellers below it   okay so we're getting our buyers here they're  coming back up here sellers fill it in okay   now we get buyers back up here again okay now  i want to see these guys pull here they're on   the bid here that's good but what's the reaction  to it well nothing yet okay here we got a little   bit of buying all right buyers let's see you  take out this guy on at 15 can you do it no sellers take this guy on here at 12 12 and a quarter okay now can they take it through  this point of control not yet   okay now point of control  of this little area in here is here okay at 10 and a half okay do we get sellers down  there at 10 and a half nope   okay buyers let's see you try to  lift it right back up here 14 15. they're trying they're trying they're trying and now where  where where could they fail though too there's 14. now traded into 14 and has bounced  since not enough to take on 14 and trade to 15. not yet okay let's see if they can do it see  them starting to pull a little bit at 14 as well there they go there's 14. now  let's see if they can hit 15 now

trying it's this is a hard call there's there's  buying and selling in here there they go see   the sellers come in know so when you see that  and you don't know and it doesn't really tip   its hand stay out don't get involved let  them battle it out let them test areas   let them throw high liquidity in  here and see what the reaction is okay now let's see if we can get back down here  around 11 and a quarter and see some selling here okay and our we know our our um  high volume node is here at 10 and   10 and a half okay let's see  sellers trade it down to there okay just just to there now you see see how you  can look at at some of the selling in here and   you can start to put together in your plan all  right well if i start to see sellers in here now   i'm kind of a mean reversion trader i'm looking  for to trade back to an area of average of average   pricing it could be a view app it could be your  your high volume node or maybe it's something else   you know whatever now look sellers are down  below it now okay so now we're down below it   here and we're seeing sellers here let's see if  they can test it retest it back down here to o8 there's a lot of selling in here yeah i don't i don't think it's uh uh again  like there's not a whole lot of clarity in here   except that the selling is pretty nice in here  and it started up here at 12. okay here we go all right let me jump back to questions not that one hold on okay youtube guys um oh you're welcome alpha  um uh yeah we can go over cbd in here as well what do i mean vince by low volume node   okay thank you knick knack good to see you  in here again um and i'll go over low volume   note it's very very simple uh and it's more  that's you know talking about volume profile uh carlos you want to learn how to read stops  and icebergs sure no no problem how how they   measured how to interpret them yeah we can put  that into here as well so guys now we're through   we went through that 08 right and  there's still more selling pressure   let's see them try to drop it into  r0405 now too continuation now   look at the selling pressure  understand the selling pressure here 4200 the figures down below here as well uh let's put our v app on here i know a lot  of you guys like to look at the view app   i do too i like it because i i like  it very much because it's one line   everyone's looking at the same line and we know a  lot of institutions that you know above or below   v wap is really important uh to them so you'll see  these mean reversion type of trades back to v or i   should say just back to v app and point of control  let's put our point of control on here as well   uh it's way up here right and you'll see it i  mean and they're just you know i i mentioned   this in the last few weeks how relentless  those traders are um because they're there   to make their money uh and then they have they do  have a lot of uh buying power uh and they'll make   sure that they can get it back there and when you  see that you can jump on board and ride with them see like right now all that selling pressure and  that look into o5 well we're finding pretty equal   buying pressure now after after this okay after  that selling pressure now sellers pretty good   selling from about here onwards already retested  here okay and about to be retested again by buyers   here okay now if the buyers can and we see big  green dot up here we're looking for the high   of the range here at well it's at 14 at 14 and  then maybe our our 15 and three quarters up here   okay so you just see the buying pressure now  all right let's see them lifted up into 14. okay now let's let's take take a step back and  take a look at this here all right look how we   made an equal low here we talked about this kind  of coming down and flattening out and now the   potential reversal now we've got a whole lot of  things lined up here for this potential reversal   okay so looking for 20 looking for these buyers  to take it up to 20 on this time frame here   this higher time frame now let's just take a step  back because we might get this move to our v app   now okay or even point point of control up here  all right here's why okay uh leonard helped us out   okay he showed us this higher time frame market  profile we had a high volume node here he was   just looking for it at that time when he took  the snapshot for it to trade and kind of fill   these areas in here and test and auction into  these areas well it did but it traded through   it back down into this kind of um 10 level  right and and then now we're getting a bounce okay or we're seeing the order flow kind of   definitely the uh downward movement has slowed uh  and we're looking for a potential reversal here   okay so we have reasons though  based on higher time frame analysis and and we also talked about  it in here in our candlesticks and that that market profile chart guys you know  here it is here too i mean you don't have to be   just to understand the concept and then you  don't necessarily have to look at that chart now   um leo is looking at like areas of for the  market to fill in an auction into those areas   that you will not see here but you can see that  there's a cluster of volume or transactions here   and you can see the quick move away okay  well we're looking for the move back   down into here and the potential for a bounce  here due to what due to what what was it in here   why would we assume that would be  at least profit-taking down here yeah it was it's these buyers here  and that's where that that's where   that bind all took place and moved to the upside exactly i'm so bad yep good stuff guys uh how do you know alec if you know of this  here i it's kind of like a low volume node   um or i'm sorry a low volume pullback how  do you know if it's profit taking or not   uh or initiated buying well you know um  it it's by the strength and the volume you'll you'll see it even in your  candlestick charts um on pullbacks   uh it it's pretty it's pretty  straightforward um so for example um these counter trend moves a lot of times i mean  here we didn't really see much but you know maybe   this is some some buyers taking some profit  or sellers taking some profits you know i mean   these kind of smaller moves and there's just not  much behind them um i mean here we have the you   know maybe maybe some people getting stopped out  there's some stops here uh uh however um the the   move here i mean it could be some initiated bind  here that just got crushed you know just just uh   uh not enough here um they lost their bullets uh  sellers came in and didn't really crush them here   okay so yeah when you when you start to see the  initiated um bind it it looks like this here right and we're looking for them  to move it away from an area here   now they they were able to move it outside  the range here we almost got up to 20. we   were looking on on this time frame we  were looking for 20 we didn't get there   okay we came back and we're retesting here  the high volume node here okay and and we   don't know yet it's not it's not clear right  now i mean there's a lot of selling down here and let's see though if we i'd be  looking for this scenario here is   of buyers back up above this 12 and a half here a lot of sellers here a lot of sellers not able  to to break price lower though here they go again   boy to me it looks like sellers are going  to do it back down to o5 or 04 o2 back down   to the figure here looks like it to me i mean  in the order flow that's what we see right now yeah looks i mean that's a lot of selling pressure   in here there's some icebergs here  but looking for sellers to drop it all right we've got to go over the opposite  scenario because it could unfold and it may here   and this is how it unfolds buying cluster down  here our selling cluster down here buying cluster   back up above it and move to the top of the range  and we'll see if there's more buyers up here all right so let's take a look here so if we  get our sellers back down here around 08 and   a quarter here they are all right  they've got it now if they want it   we just need to see them pick it up here  let's see let's look at the order book   there they go all right so sellers  should be able to take this lower and we'd be targeting 05 04 and then 4200 here and there's o4 boy that's a lot of selling uh guys i'm sorry i i asked for some questions  so let me let me kind of uh go back here   um and you came came in and uh uh with  all sorts of great great answers here um igor price going to liquidity excellent leo trader i got to use uh uh  tom b's are you checking with me um uh yeah guys if if i imagine uh most  of you guys are are well aware of um   uh the um tom b over uh uh in his trader's  lab room uh really excellent stuff   um and the way that he's looking at volume  profile and mixing order flow together   so it's after these webinars so likely in  another about you know 20 minutes or so   so jump over there uh definitely  and uh uh you know check out the uh   the analysis there it's uh it's excellent i love it love it techy girl um  you're you're on it definitely all right well look at look  at this surprise here okay   this is a surprise they kind of came out  of the blue here uh and see how they up   ended though and moving away from  these guys here these sellers in here   okay again this is i mean the same old moves  you know and this is just how the market works okay and potential trap and  potential stops not many stops hit   a lot of icebergs in there too okay they  they moved up and retested this area up here our 13 level which we were looking at we  were looking at that way over way over here   yeah way over here when  we're looking for that bump uh look at this point of control just moved  down okay this kind of shifts everything as well   potentially especially anyone who's  trading back to point of control all right so let's see now if if  these guys mean business or not   i mean they're trying they keep you know mounting  these attacks and it just doesn't work out these buyers here and they're bidding up  under here but let's see if they mean business and not getting much right now um trepidity let's see uh sell order or buy order  uh that was in your image there that is a limit   cell okay it's above above price okay it has  not been filled it's in the order book though   that's what it is okay is someone saying like  i will be a seller here   on the offer at this price range if you  want to trade with me i am up here at 4214.

okay with high liquidity and likely one  player is holding in the majority because   there was nothing there before and all of a  sudden it popped in and its high liquidity   and that's how you can read this yes it's because it's above current price well profit taking would be  would be an exit um uh alec oh since you guys are in here just just mention  something hey yeah um i think you probably saw the   uh in the general chat um uh if you got an email  from me but uh or a post from me uh make make sure   that it you know it's bruce capital b at bookmap  capital b uh and then look at the number two   uh the number matters uh the hashtag and the  number behind it okay it um i think it's uh   what is mine is 39.93 or something like that do i know it i don't even know it hold on a minute and yeah so just make sure because you know  people are soliciting and you know hacking uh oh god i sometimes i just  don't get a discord anyway   uh yeah just please verify  that uh that's an important so all right i think i've gotten up caught  up with everybody here in discord alan uh yeah let's take a look at let's take a  look at your um yeah yeah 39 93 93 that's what it   is thank you mick stockster um excellent all right  all right guys well let's we'll we'll kind of sign   off here on this uh just this s p for the moment  but look at this though bouncing off of point of   control and now we're starting to find buyers  up here at 13. okay so you know this has been   really kind of choppy in this little area here uh  and but boy when we have all sorts of reasons for   looking for actually either direction here um i'm  kind of leaning to the uh to the upside back to   uh this and i'm pulling for them i'm not really  seeing them yet so it's not confirmed but point   of control has moved down here to 10 and i just  know we just know that this area in here we're   looking for some sort of bounce down here on this  15 and on this hour chart uh it this is a tough   call and you know to be counter trend here because  this is a big red hourly candle and we're just   seeing just kind of uh right now it just kind of  going back and forth uh on the next hour here so   yeah it's it it's kind of a wishful thinking to  think that maybe we come back up in into this kind   of uh 4229 or 30 area up here this this line that  we've been looking at for a long time in here all   week we've been looking at this line here uh and  it was important uh but uh yeah maybe a pull back   into those areas um boy by looking at you know the  momentum here in the daily and the hourly uh you   know i i'd go with that and and look for the move  you know probably back down into 4200 and below   maybe down here to 41.80 or so but let's um that  would be the most likely on the higher time frame   we're watching this here in the order flow and  we're seeing this kind of slow down uh move to the   to the downside kind of flattening out now it did  make a higher high but it also made a higher low   or lower low here on some pretty strong volume but  that could be the trap it also could be the the   kind of the of the reverse head and shoulder  potential reverse head and shoulders here   this would be the head and this is exactly  why these patterns exist right so let's see   do we get enough buyers here yeah we are  they're pulling here at 14. great buyers   sh would be looking for the move higher up

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