FB Live Ruby & Chandana Business & Travel 24NOV2022

FB Live Ruby & Chandana   Business & Travel 24NOV2022

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foreign absolutely hello everybody and welcome um today I'm here with this lovely woman chandana um is my dear friend from India and we've known each other how long have we known each other now about two years how long has it been thank you thank you yes thank you for that and Reaching Across The Globe and just having friends all over the world yes absolutely and Sheldon and I decided to have a conversation about business and travel um and you might know this you might not know it people that know me here on Facebook there is a different way of being in business I would say and Shannon also has her own experiences with business and that's why I have you here to just have a conversation with me and um yeah share with anybody who would like to receive this so welcome thank you thank you my dear Ruby and yes it's actually wonderful to be here with you and every time that we have a conversation around any topic you know we've had these aha moments where we were like oh we never looked at it that way oh wow and this you know when we thought we'd have this conversation around business and travel I was like what could we talk around that and where can where all can we go with that and it's really interesting because you know when we talk about business and travel it's less certain businesses that are supposed to include travel and then there's certain businesses that are not supposed to include travel which are more you know person they're more uh personalized or they're more my dogs just walked in he wants to be a part of the conversation of course just in time and oh my God Happy Thanksgiving from Jessica it's in the U.S yeah Thanksgiving Day of course yes Happy Thanksgiving everyone for everyone what a great day to actually have this call yeah absolutely yeah and it's really interesting because you know when when I actually started out with business when I started out with you know when I became my so before becoming an access Consciousness facilitator I have done a number of things right I I ran a crochet business for almost eight years where I had almost 300 lovely ladies working with me and you know we were supplying to different stores and it was a huge business and then one morning I just got bored of it and I was like ah this is getting boring and I actually just stopped literally stopped and it's interesting because after that I went into a different form of business which was jewelry and I did a lot of jewelry designing I I got a lot of jewelry made and again I enjoyed doing that for about a few years and one day again I got bored and you know interestingly I wasn't traveling for both the businesses for Croatia or for jewelry my products were traveling right I mean they were traveling different countries they were traveling different cities I as a person wasn't traveling because I had my reasons to be home I had my husband my kids my kids were in school and I had to had to look at look after them so I didn't want to look at Travel Travel wasn't even a part of my business at that time and when I actually started with access Consciousness and I made it a business for myself it did curtail traveling and I was it included traveling and I was like do I want to travel and my head said no I've got to be home with my family I've got to be home yeah I don't do stuff and when I do travel I just travel with family for a holiday right not a business travel because business travel is what my husband does very clear cut in my head I was at that time and I still remember my first trip when I went for a class and I was so uncomfortable stepping out of my house I was so uncomfortable going to a different city to facilitate a class but what that created for me has been it's just been magical even now when I look at that energy of my first time that immense uncommon that just that not it wasn't just uncomfortable it was an energy or where I was almost like this is so new it's almost like I'm stepping out of my house the first time which was not true because I had traveled a lot before that I had just not traveled for business right and it wasn't now when I look at travel and I look at business and I'm like wow there's so much that you know you learn and you you receive you contribute from the land from the earth from the people from different businesses when you are traveling even if you're if you're in a flight and you're sitting with somebody you you can even learn from that person yes so much right that you can you can learn and you can include in your business by simply being that energy of receiving right yeah I I would like to tap into the part where you were talking about oh business and travel I don't do that you know it's like well my husband does that I don't do that or other people do that can you talk a bit more on what you can be or what you can ask or you know which could be to change that because I I know many many people that are around us are like oh you know I would like to but that's just not my thing or I would like to but you know people expect me to do something else yeah can you speak to that yeah thank you for that because that's such a cultural ingrainment in us and the stratifications that we actually we we choose to operate from simply based on I don't want to go out of my box I want to be within the box so the culture the ethnicity you know your religious aspects towards different towards business or towards family everything kind of you know paints your your canvas and that's what you know you show up as whereas if you truly start to step out of that and you're like oh this is a pink and a green and a blue painting but you know what I want to put a put a purple color on it and you know people will be like purple but that's not what's supposed to be there right and you're willing to be judged to do that you're willing to be made wrong for doing that and you're also willing to be in allowance of the people who judge you for that you know knowing that okay that may not be their world that may not be their reality but that doesn't mean mine has to be what theirs is it's not bigger it's not greater it's not lesser it's just different right right and if it works for me then you know why wouldn't I right no matter how much it scares you yes and how much yes no matter how much it scares you and no matter how uncomfortable it is so it's really it's really about it's really your willingness to step out of the box to step out of that box that you have made your life you made your reality to be willing to look at the stratifications which are actually created from your culture your religion your ethnicity and the idea of stratifications is to keep everyone together you know there's it's and that togetherness is such a lie because we look at togetherness as Oneness but it's actually it's it's just different togetherness when you are trying to be together you require the sameness you require the stratifications that be like oh you and I do the same thing so we can be friends yeah you know we will do great business together because you and me think alike yeah it's not even about the lion business it's such a lion business when you travel you you receive different aspects of different people you know you there's like that intermingling and that convergence of different cultures and different and the land right it's like you know when if you're traveling from India to Europe or from or to America the culture is different the land is different the people are different and when you're there you're also and if you are willing to have that that you know that spherical awareness with everything that's around you you actually receive so much of energetic information from everybody around you including the Earth absolutely so going back to your story what happened when you uh for the first time went to a different city he said I went to a different city and that was so uncomfortable and what happened yeah so I went to a different city it was my first time and I went to a different city in India I had just and I went for my bars class and I had two people sign up there was supposed to be eight and two people showed up for class and to begin with it was uncomfortable and then came that oh but I came for eight people and they're just two because at that time that was important for me you know I had just started out and I was like I had to have a reason to travel all the way it had to be validated I had eight people in class so you know everything kind of everything kind of just started to crumble in front of me and I was like I had nothing to hold on to I had no reason no justification to I had nothing to prove to people why I traveled there was no why because you know the only thing I could come back and say was oh I had a big class of eight people but I couldn't even say that anymore because I didn't have that so I remember just sitting in class and being like okay I have two participants in my class and the moment and I open my bars manual it was different it was not about the number of people it was not about me sitting in a different city it was when we started to talk about possibilities it was that Oneness it didn't matter how many people are in class it didn't matter what city I was in it was just that completes that complete space and that complete inclusion and receiving right and you know and the change you had already be with yeah that even if it looked small yes whatever comes out it isn't small yeah and you know the universe gives you what you can handle in that moment and I recognize how how how much the universe knew how uncomfortable I was that it was kind of kind of you know cajoling me and nurturing me through the uncomfortable that I was feeling in that at that moment that actually made it I wouldn't say comfortable but it made it easy for me I was like oh okay okay I can do this you know and this is like you know you want to take baby steps initially you don't want to run you don't want to fly before you can start to at least walk or you don't want to you know you want to want to run before you can learn to walk so it's like for me that first step was in fact something that that actually clipped every little every little thing that was holding me back was clipped in that moment and I was like I Can Fly so it's literally taking that one step forward however uncomfortable it may be however small it may seem but just taking it right and it would have been so easy to look at that part as a failure right going to another city having eight people sign up but only two people show up how easy would it have been to just go like okay this is a mistake I shouldn't have and you know it's so strange you know Ruby thank you for actually getting me to talk about this because I haven't acknowledged this in a while now out of the two ladies over there one of them was going in for a knee surgery knee surgery and I think less than a week or 10 days and you know I finished the bars class and I came back home and I get a call from this lady after about three days saying I don't have knee pain anymore and the doctor says I don't need surgery I was like what she says I said what have you been doing she says running the bars I'm like oh all right running the bars and you know that was when I recognized I'm like wow but that's a huge class amazing yeah you know but we look at the number and we be like uh two people and so even now when I have you know I never say no to a person even if there's just one person in class simply because I know what what if that one person is the one that can actually truly is here to change the world absolutely yeah and that taught me so much it facilitated me so much into receiving because for me to receive that from that lady to receive that call from that lady and you know to to receive that it's your bars class it's a bars class that I attended that actually got me to swap bar instead now I'm not going in for surgery right yeah and and to acknowledge that you being willing to take that step you know to be to be willing to take that step into this scary place that you were so uncomfortable doing yeah like everything you could think of would you know went wrong people are not showing up all those stuff but you just kept going going going yeah yeah this changed that yes just keep taking that just don't don't let anything stop you because you know another very interesting thing that you know with with travel Ruby if you have if you have doubt in your Universe you're going to destroy your creation yeah you know and and every every travel every step out of your comfort zone nullify is a doubt that shows up you know the doubt starts to melt out of your world because the strength of you looking at what's uncomfortable and taking a step towards it doesn't allow the doubt to uh to in any way you know be greater than than your knowing and your willingness to be that space that actually looks at looks at whatever you think is difficult or uncomfortable with this with an energy of I can do that what's required here I love that and and especially when you talk about the doubt well as you and I both know doubt is one of the distractor implants of course um the distracting emotions that we many times function from and the creation part the creation part is you know you cannot create from a lie you know you create from your truth your your frequency and I have a lot of conversation with people where we look at there's this this higher frequency where your creation is where your truth is where your you know your business is and then if you allow all these emotions thoughts feelings and emotions like doubt like shame like anger all those things if if he would allow that it doesn't allow you to be in that creation mode it doesn't allow you to be in in this in the space of your your dreams absolutely yeah yeah because this reality actually is feeding off doubt anger hey resentment you know and shame blame all the distracting plants it's actually feeding off it yeah yeah so if you actually if you actually take that away you starve this reality and that's when your reality can actually start to show up hmm yeah I like that really you know whatever wolf you feed grows oh yeah absolutely yeah it's just the same thing like what are you feeding your reality with are you feeding it with doubt or are you feeding it with the willingness to be uncomfortable absolutely yeah and the willingness to be uncomfortable because I love that can you speak a little bit more about that I always speak about um to be comfortable with the uncomfortable yeah what what if somebody would come to you I would say okay they they have this sense of it's uncomfortable um so you know I'm afraid to push through what would be your number one tool to go to what would be your your favorite life my favorite tool is okay one step forward just one step forward one step right and see what happens I literally remind myself okay I know it's getting really uncomfortable and if I could I'd pick up my bags and run to the comfortable yet one step forward into the uncomfortable right beautiful because that's where creation lies right yeah I love that I'd like to add that too mine would be to ask what if this isn't real what if this isn't real yeah I'm just here yeah and I'm still here absolutely yeah oh here we have a little visitor lovely [Music] attention [Music] okay here please go upstairs I'll be right there ah all right well I think it's time for us to wrap it up right absolutely absolutely yeah I mean and before before we go because I think I saw something I don't know it was on your page or on your your WhatsApp uh chat but are you did you say another 30 days of uh what was it what did I see coming anything to create and destroy or destroy your body yes absolutely that start that's in fact started yesterday and we can people can still hop on it's it's open for another two three days because it's going to be a 30-day class and um you've done it earlier Ruby yeah so yeah yeah yes and um so this one that we this one that we're doing we are we're playing with different energies but the concept is the same the framework is the same but you're looking at you know what what different energies can we add here what else can we add here what else can we do here and be here and um I'm looking forward to the class so yeah we have a number of people signed up and it's already it's already getting people really uncomfortable ah of course day one yeah when you start so what time is it this is 6 36 PM IST which would be um yeah yeah yes and then if we go to the US time it would be early morning yeah six six five five a.m probably PST and eight eight EST yeah yes oh that's not bad actually eight is a very lovely it's a great time I remember when I did it last year I had a very early morning I did it at six I think and I woke up before the kids and I did the call and then I started with my day and but I remember you were there I remember you were there every almost every day I I was I was and I have to say um well we will share the link in this uh in in this in these comments uh for those that don't know it this this these 30 days eating eating or destroying with your body eating to create or destroy your body sorry yeah I'm butchering not to worry um but it's amazing and Shannon's facilitation with that is just really Beyond it's beyond so uh yeah let's make sure that we we share something yeah for sure thank you for thank you for actually talking about that it's been interesting how you know we've looked at food through these few few days and the past few classes as how many of us just you know use food to destroy ourselves or to use food to distract ourselves and we actually eat to fill the space instead of you know eating to create space or to be the space yeah and what you know what gift is food that you haven't yet received um well and this this call I'm sure will be so much more than just about food it is it is like the body is in there and you know everything everything so that would be really really amazing yeah interestingly people people get back saying oh I shed three kilos I'm like oh that's interesting like I didn't know this was going to be a weight loss class well you should wait that's great if you're happy exactly but again if you look at the topic eating to create or destroy your body yeah and many people are not even aware what they're actually doing to their body yes yes we never really get conscious of what it really is and how much of eating is just a reaction you know that's what we're really exploring in this class like how much how much of eating is a reaction and how when you're when you're eating from reaction you're actually destroying your body you know how much of how much of movement is a reaction like you go to the gym because you think you've put on weight you know you don't ask your body if it wants to go to a gym you don't ask your body doesn't want to do yoga that's taking action but most of us are trying to create a body through force and effort getting the right shape getting the right size you know all of that it's all through judgments and that's really destructive yeah absolutely yeah and then you know we have that really interesting section which I remember you said it it really did contribute to you was is about the Clutter clearing where we actually clutter clear a section of our house and we and as we clutter clear the section our our home strangely enough things start to shift in us because how many memories are we holding on to that we actually start to let go off right you know how many thoughts and feelings and emotions are we holding on to that when you start to clutter clear your home physically starts to show up in you there's more space that you can be yeah yeah actually oh I remember that when we did the parenting class yeah and I was like you know I have to declutter certain areas in the house and those were the kids rooms wow oh I remember that yes right just one guess which rooms I had to clean up that was funny oh I love that well seanana thank you so much for this and thank you for working on it was amazing to have you here to have this conversation and we actually would like to do a couple of more conversations you know for the coming uh months so I would love to come up with topics and for those that are watching if there's anything that you would like to hear just send me a message and you know we can see if we can speak to whatever it is that you know you have coming up for you um so thank you again and um everybody see you next time thank you Ruby this was fun and thank you everyone for joining us bye bye guys

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