Farq Episode 17 - [Eng Sub] - Faysal Quraishi - Sehar Khan - Adeel Chaudhry - 26th December 2022

Farq Episode 17 - [Eng Sub] - Faysal Quraishi - Sehar Khan - Adeel Chaudhry - 26th December 2022

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Since you have been married, he is lost. What would it have happened, had you married him. All this wouldn’t have happened. Aunt, I…I know I shouldn’t say this, because you are married. But, what can I do? I am a mother.

I cannot see my son, sad. Your love has made him helpless. I will go, aunt. Wait.

You will leave after hearing my complaint, but you wont hear my praise? He has become helpless, but your love has made him responsible. He is doing a job, and he wants to go abroad and earn. When I used to ask him to do a job, you know, he used to fight with me. But in your love, he has taught him to recognize responsibilities. I am thankful to you in this matter.

I will make a request to you. Till the time he doesn’t leave from here, don’t come to this neighbourhood. Because I don’t want that he sees you and changes his mind about leaving. Take her, she is leaving. Irsa. What did you say to her? Go and close the door.

Irsa, you? When did you come? Papa, I just came. Okay. Okay. Come in. Come. Come. Papa, I am in a hurry today. You came to meet me, right? Yes. Yes. How are you? Hey, I am alive. I am in front of you.

come inside. I will tell you inside. Come on. Come on. Come. Come. Come. Come on. Come. Hey, it is your own home,

I am just not able to take care of it well. Come, come. Have a seat. Come. Come. Come on. You tell me, you are having a great time, right? Hey, sir has made you a madam. He must really care for your tantrums?

Papa, I came for some work. Actually, money… Money? You came to give me money? Speak up, why are you quiet? Sir, has given you a monthly stipend. You get money on time every month.

Oh, so sir even told you. He didn’t tell me, I heard it or else you would not have told me. You would just have taken favours from him.

Favour? What favour? Sir is my son in law. Do you understand? And all this… all this has happened because of me, that you got married. This expensive bag, all these expensive dresses that you wear and go around, all this is because of me. Yes. Keep this.

I think marrying you sir, I have not made a mistake. Right? Along with you, I will also have a great time. Sir is really good. Sir is really good. You know, papa, you didn’t even ask me once how I am.

Hey, why should I ask? I know that sir has made you a madam. My sir has a big heart, or else he would never have married the daughter of a poor man like me. Understand? Or else what did we have, huh? Here, people run away from the poor like he has some contagious ailment. You would have stayed here with me, some goon would have come to marry you from the neighbourhood. There is a difference between your and sir’s age, but he has ended the difference between him being rich and us being poor. Have you ever thought about this? Hey, when you think about it, then you will know sir’s worth. Understand?

Okay, papa, I will leave. Take care of yourself. Hey, sit. I will bring something for you to eat from outside.

No, I am in a hurry. Pray for me. I have heard that a father’s prayer doesn’t go unanswered.

Goodbye. I pray? No prayers, no fasting, I am such a man. Should I pray or should I do drugs? Hey, whenever this girl comes, she puts me in some sort of trouble. Greetings, mama. Greetings.

Mama, did Irsa come? When? She didn’t come here. Mama, I saw her passing in the car just now. She must have come to meet her father. She has a lock on her home.

She must have come to some other home, but she didn’t come here, Jamshed. Greetings. Greetings.

Where are you coming from? I went home. To whose home? Bano…to Bano’s. The same who is Jamshed’s sister? You went to confirm if Ayzel gave the money or not.

I didn’t ask Ayzel to do anything like that. Unbelievable. Little mama, you had told me yourself that I take one hundred thousand rupees from papa somehow and give them to Jamshed. Kamal, I didn’t say anything like that. I found out myself when I went there.

You mean to say that my daughter is lying? But I don’t understand this, that why does Ayzel need to take money from me, and give it to them that too without asking you. You think yourself, if I had asked Ayzel to give money, then why would I go with the money myself? What can I say in this? Ayzel, please child. Okay, papa. You can call and ask Bano. Why Bano? Why don’t I ask the one you gave money to. I didn’t meet him.

Stop lying. There is a limit to lying. Kamal… Why are you doing all this with me? Are you talking to me? I am sorry, I am getting a really important call. I will catch you later.

You shouldn’t have asked her for money. Why did you ask her? I wanted to help you. Is the whole world dead? Or you people don’t believe me that I can do something as well that you are asking others for money. Hey, I considered her my own…She is not our own. Why don’t you people understand this? And that idiot, to help me, she came over.

She didn’t even think that people will not like her coming to this home. Do one thing. Go right now and return this money to her. In fact, I will do one thing, I will go return it myself. Brother. Brother…Stop.

No need to go to her home. It will become difficult for her. God knows what she said and came here.

Okay, at least you accepted that she came here. I accept that us mother and daughter made a mistake, but you don’t make any mistake. What was the need for you to lie to brother that she didn’t come here? Why did you ask Irsa for help? So that brother goes abroad, forgets Irsa and starts a new life.

Why else would I ask for her help? I also wanted that. I was scared Bano, that if Jamshed finds out that she came here, what if he might stop his steps from moving forward and what if he makes new hopes towards Irsa. It is done. You did it. Now he has left so angry, God knows what will happen. God is great. God will have mercy.

Guys, I cannot tell you. Her face you was something to look at. Why are you all looking at me like that? Ayzel, whatever you are doing is right? What is wrong in what I did? I didn’t stab anyone in the back. Whatever I am doing, I am doing it openly.

But Ayzel, the method is wrong. What is wrong? I am fighting for my right. Is it wrong to fight for my rights? If it is wrong, then tell me. She snatched my papa’s love from me. She is trying to take my mama’s place, and slowly she will take over everything.

I will not let this happen. I will make sure I have her dragged out of this home. Buddy, excuse me.

Which home belongs to Jamshed? This is Jamshed’s home, and here is Jamshed. Jamshed. Yes, go ahead. I want to talk about something. Come inside. No. Not here,

we will sit comfortably somewhere and talk. Sure. One minute. Bano, I am going with him for some time, don’t worry.

Brother, but… I am coming. Just in a little while. Mama. Unbelievable. mama, you had told me yourself that I take one hundred thousand rupees from papa somehow and give them to Jamshed.

You can call and ask Bano. Why Bano? Why don’t I ask the one you gave money to. I didn’t meet him. Stop lying. There is a limit to lying. Hello. Hello.

Hello Irsa. Bano, why are you crying? What happened? Irsa, sir came. Kamal? Yes, and he took Jamshed with him. he took Jamshed? Where? I don’t know anything, I am really scared.

Mama is crying here. You do something, please. You call sir and ask if brother Jamshed is fine. Give it to me.

Give me the phone. I will talk to her. Give me the phone. Okay, fine. I will go and talk to her father right now. Mama. Mama… Mama has gone to talk to uncle Arif. Bano, I have no fault. I never told Jamshed that I love him.

You go and stop aunt, she will get me defamed in the entire neighbourhood. I will have to stop coming to papa’s home. You please go and stop her.

Yes, I will go. you will talk to sir, right? Yes, I will talk. You stop her. Fine. Mama. Mama. Jamshed’s bike is here. Mama. Jamshed. Mama. Jamshed. Mama. Mama, listen to me.

Mama. Where is Jamshed? Have you seen Jamshed? Mama. There. There…Mama. Mama, what are you doing? It will create a scene. Am I creating a scene? He took my Jamshed. Mama. Mama, the neighbours are watching, why are you doing. Jamshed…What happened? Why are you screaming? Call your sir, God knows where he took my Jamshed. I am sure Irsa must have confessed her love for him again.

Shut your mouth. I am speaking the truth. She came in the evening yesterday, and God knows what she said to my Jamshed. I beg you, call sir. Tell your sir, he didn’t do anything. Jamshed, has no fault. Not just this city, I will not let him live in this city. Mama…Hey, what are you asking me for? What would I know? She is taking sir’s name. Take her inside. I wont go. She has lost her mind.

I have lost my mind? Hey, your sir…Hey, she is taking sir’s name. She has gone mad. Mama…You remember. Don’t forget. Leave from here. Don’t forget. Get lost. She has gone mad. Stupid woman, she has gone mad. She is putting an allegation on my daughter. You people know it all. Since how long do you know Irsa? What? For a long time.

Both of us were really young, since then… I asked you since when do you know her, not since you love her. Because knowing someone and loving them are two different things. As much as I know, Irsa never encouraged you. She never replied to your love with love.

Now you will think that how do I know all this. Yes, that’s how it is. Irsa told me.

I know all this is the truth, I don’t need to reconfirm it. I also know when she speaks the truth and when she hides it. Have you ever thought that leaving a boy your age, why did she marry a man my age? Did you ever think what other difference do you and I have apart from our age, that she didn’t marry you. in fact, she selected me. Obviously, because of wealth, what else? I knew you would say that. So you think Irsa is greedy? No.

No Jamshed, you don’t know Irsa, you just claim to know her. If I want I can tell you that she is my wife, stay away from her. I can use my money and sources, and teach you a lesson that even if your entire family keeps on searching for you all your life, even, they wont find out where you are. But I will not do that. Because just like you, I too am a decent man. I will just say that stay away from her.

Because Irsa wants that. She… Nothing. and one more thing, you have no importance in Irsa’s life now. And if you really love Irsa, then you should respect her wish. Finish your tea, then I will drop you home.

Oh, I got so much happiness coming home, that what do I tell you. I know. I will call you back. Excuse me, what is this? You have become the wife of such a big man, do you not even know that you knock before coming to someone’s room.

And do you do what you did with me? What did I do? God knows where Kamal took Jamshed. Her mother went in front of my father and created a scene. I got defamed in the whole neighbourhood because of you. So what? This happens in these things and when you love someone, why fear? I have not loved him. In fact, I have not loved anyone.

How do I make you people understand this? Had I loved him, I would have married him, and not Kamal. But now I have gotten married, so I will live with it. You can do what you want, but I will not leave Kamal and go anywhere. You understand this well.

Hopefully, we wont meet again. I think the same. But, you will have to wait for two minutes. Please.

What are you saying Shamim? Yes, Razia, I am right. I have seen these two talking so many times. I had even told brother Arif to make his daughter understand. Even he tried a lot, but this girl doesn’t understand. I don’t think this girl is right at all. What nonsense is this? Son, I didn’t say anything like that. Jamshed,

she is not talking to you…Mama, one minute. What were you saying? If you say anything about Irsa, then you will see the worst in me. Go to your home from here! Brother. Leave! I had told you to keep something. Bring it to me. Jamshed, what is this behaviour? I didn’t bring you up like this. Bano.

Come on. Here is your money. Count it. What is going on here? He must be doing some setting.

What is he doing? I don’t understand what he wants. I thought you would bring a pistol to shoot me. You are Irsa’s husband, how can I think of hurting you? What else are you doing? Bano called her without asking me.

We have no right on her or your money. We don’t even have a right that we can take a loan from you or her. You don’t worry, in future, Irsa… I mean I will go really far from your wife’s life. Look, she didn’t come yesterday because I asked her. She came because Bano asked her, and she left after meeting her.

I even tried to stop her, but she didn’t stay. You were right. She doesn’t love me. Do tell me if you want me to do something. Take care of Irsa. I will go.

Yes, what was your ex-fiancee’s husband? what nonsense is this? We are not talking nonsense. Your mama has been screaming in the entire neighbourhood that Irsa husband took my son. and also that you are a small child, she must have trapped you.

Your mother is saying it. Your mother is saying, child. What nonsense is this? What are you standing here and watching? Go inside. You people leave. Get lost from here. Get lost. Brother. Jamshed. Brother…Come inside. Mama, come inside.

Come on, pick up the phone. Hello. Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything to him.

I made him understand what I wanted to. Hopefully, he will understand. I have dropped him home just now. You too will get news of him being fine in a little while.

I will tell you the rest when I come in the evening, as to what I discussed. Sure. Goodbye. Goodbye.

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