Every Time Swellview Businesses Were DESTROYED! | Henry Danger & Danger Force

Every Time Swellview Businesses Were DESTROYED!  | Henry Danger & Danger Force

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attention attention from captain man i cannot see we could not see so if you are not a criminal please stand back while kid danger and i locate the oh my perpetrators what's happening captain man and kid danger can't see and heather's trying to steal the diamond oh my god way to go piper [Music] oh where's heather how would i have that information where [Music] me [Music] what's going on [Applause] [Music] heather's about to get the diamonds [Music] hey i found one of the photographer's cameras henry quick turn right and push the button okay where's the button getting [Applause] i think he did it what do we do now we got to get the diamond from her yeah come on finding me heather yeah come on come on come on did you get it i got it all right all right just go you're there that's heather bogash arrest her yeah yeah take her away [Music] that boys yeah yeah all right have fun in jail and you are not a gymnast do you two realize what you've done yes we saved the neil diamond here you go man come on tip danger let's go all right go this way this way i'm in the dark all right [Music] [Music] okay okay hey hey look just because i just cause i shot you in the face doesn't mean oh um that's enough oh is it enough yeah let me just adjust yeah [Music] [Applause] what what's happening why is that light flashing they jam the system controls now the corn compressors are building up an extreme amount of pressure in and they can't release the corn gas attention this is jack middleton run oh it's so yeah that's the c5 disruptor oh we gotta find it before it blows we gotta get out of what are you here [Applause] that's it that's the c5 disrupter we're running out of time stop there open the window you're on the alley it's stuck get out move ken that's a quality let's get out of here [Music] [Applause] [Music] you really should hurry oh god kid my phone's okay [Music] [Applause] i ain't afraid of you try again keep your left arm straight strike three that was only two okay don't correct me in front of the criminals [Music] you really want to fight us [Music] can i just fight the kid no you can't just sure he can come on tough guy okay oh this smells so bad no those are for display only get danger catch this golf club you're not helping me follow the sound of my voice [Music] could you superheroes please just leave [Music] [Applause] where is he did i get him yeah you got him my whole story is destroyed no need to thank us thank you you're welcome you're gonna get a picture of me with that wall [Applause] [Music] what do i do [Music] oh [Music] i missed it did you get the pic tell me you got it i got it sorry dad but it's time for you to ow my face you incredible in the face well it was a ricochet hugo chavez help there's something in my face what's happening [Applause] [Music] i think it's gonna blow [Applause] i can manage this project [Applause] hello what do you want me to say this place is about to blow right [Applause] [Applause] what's that beeping i don't know uh dude did you forget to turn off the pulse grenade oh so [Music] man cave self-destruct activated [Music] [Music] i love my dad's karaoke machine inside you think there's still time shaking news something is happening everybody panic [Music] are we causing the ground to shake no breakdowns calm my brothers be calm and [Applause] i can't believe it we blew up the man cave yeah we did you maniacs you blew it up oh dang you yes thank you all as well how did this happen [Music] wait a minute you didn't disarm it you just cut the wire to the timer display ah you idiots did nothing this device is still live yeah we know but now you're out there with the booms they device we'll see you again frittelman when ducks fly that'll never freedles okay first things first let's put that self-destruct button away before somebody accidentally hits it again [Music] back in the elevator people and here is your bribe receipt thank you do i smell a possum creamed i love that easy walnut let's wait until we get that soup down to the station shaking news again everybody keep panicking oh henry are you going down with the blimp huh yeah i think so how's everything in the man cave bad i can't stop the chain reaction well get out of there okay i just drove drex over to swell view prison how's the blimp it's crashing into mouse 12 viewers with henry on it what charlotte if you can't save the man cave then get out of there i might be able to use the mancave computer to access the no drugs disable the steering okay there's nothing you can do just get out i'm not leaving you jasper get her out of there ah this is not gonna feel good [Applause] by tim jerkowski now well it's tim for you to get out of my head pal my brain is my own okay i don't know what you've heard but i don't you've got one chance to come clean i suggest you take it come clean about one wrong answer line them up which one of these devices looks like a control time just destroy them all only way to be safe with pleasure no no no no no no not the fans recycling station where these items will be safely disposed of see what happens huh this is what happens this is what happens when you jerk people around you jerk danger force let's get some soft pretzels but you just you're just gonna leave hey no you can't just all right it's probably lotion let's do this this ah when that happened while you were moisturizing your paws nice only one thing left to do then take him to jail [Applause] on top of how cocky it was to sing your own theme song well i'm not gonna apologize that fire extinguisher was valued at over four million dollars four million what dollars all right why don't we all just take a deep breath and use our word oh i got some words just take me please stop just shut up and let us save you if you won't come with us we'll smash up your store what if none of you smash anything how'd you get over there my favorite wow [Music] did i miss the deal [Music] the deals they're gone you people killed all the deals i'm gonna go news about this i'm sorry the exact same [Music] it's a bad beat

2022-06-07 22:37

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