End Of The Month Event | Welcome to May | Kickoff

End Of The Month Event | Welcome to May | Kickoff

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Very high level relationships that they're making in the banking in the Forex world of course the music to all of your ears is that we're not going to be limited at 300 or 400, 000 or 500, 000 members, but we're going to be able to grow well and truly beyond that. So the effect that we can start to have as phase two rolls out and moving in to the second half of 2022 and beyond I think is is maybe even going to be a positive surprise to the most enthusiastic CFX member. So with that let's dive into our curriculum. Now remember before we get these meetings started we always want to make sure that is with the best possible vibe. Uh and so we're going to play a very short one minute video together. This year we

are seeing the dream of financial freedom being pushed further and further away from millions of people. Record business closures and massive global layoffs are pushing people's budgets to the breaking point and having a dramatic effect on their quality of life. Many people are being forced to survive on credit, paying today's bills with tomorrow's wages. This is a guaranteed path to financial disaster. Are you currently enjoying the lifestyle that you're working so hard to achieve? In contrast to these statistics, the wealthiest of our populations increase their net worth year after year and they're able to accelerate their wealth during economic downturns. How is this

possible? Financially experienced people put wealth-building principles to work for them rather than trading their for a wage. In the following video, we'll introduce you to two of these powerful principles and show you how you can get them working for you right away. At CFX, we believe the opportunity to create financial abundance is the right of every person. A better life can begin now. Start your journey with us today. It will be the most

empowering change you've ever made. Uh listen I don't know who that silly sounding guy is that's talking during that video but I love some of the stuff that he's saying. Those financial principles that we reference every time we watch that video. Uh those really are the groundwork for the aspiration that the corporate team at CFX has for each and every one of us on the membership side. That ability to increase one's financial savviness, financial education, financial understanding to ultimately Begin to become financially free. And of course financial

freedom is again just another step in a continuum to ultimately start creating generational wealth for your family. Uh we don't know what the future holds. We know that that the world is certainly becoming a more expensive place and as we experience continue to experience these transitions and that high speed internet and global connectivity bring. Uh we know that one thing for certain is change is inevitable. And change seems to be accelerating much to this discomfort of some of us. And so one of the things that we can do obviously to at least alleviate some of the anxiety that comes from that change is meet it as an individual and as a family with financial security. And so that really is

at the very cornerstone of what CFX is attempting to do. What they've been working so hard to roll out during phase two. So let's get into our agenda now and we've got a lawful lot we want to cover for this call. First of all we're going to

focus where we always do with a message from the CEO out of the gate. And then we're going to sorry I've gotta move something in my screen so I can read all of these. Uh we're going to focus then on something that I know all of you have been anticipating of course and that is the new debit card solution. We're also going to talk about a very successful event that happened recently in Oslo. Now obviously this was not a a CFX event. This was a member built event and there's so many

incredible member built events. They're happening all the time. These images are being shared with you in various groups. Uh big ones you see here having happening and having a huge impact in South America. Some fantastic stuff being done down

there. Uh other African cities Oslo we see often from them. Ireland just had an absolutely fantastic one as well. And so as we start to ramp up the corporate events you're going to see a calendaring of all of these things and so for those of you who do have interest in getting around do have interest in meeting other CFX members and just continuing to add to that and opportunity as the project spreads globally. Uh these are going to be resources for the use at a much more accelerated pace moving forward. Uh we're also going to talk a bit more about the development that's been taking place in the Panama headquarters. Of course we have a lottery. Uh and in fact I met the lottery winner for last

month when we were at Panama just Panama just a week ago. Some corporate updates and then of course we're going to talk about member rank advancements. Uh which was fantastic again for another so congratulations to all of you that managed to rank up during the month of April. Alright so let's turn the turn the microphone and our attention over to CFX CEO Mister Roscar Lopez. Roscar please whenever you're ready and thank you very much. Thank you very much John. Thank you for the great introduction and introduction to the call. Uh

good afternoon. Good night. Good evening. I mean for everyone joining. Thank you Very much for being here with us in our special end of the month event. Remember guys that we feel blessed to share every time that we are here with you and with the corporate staff, with our members, the developments and to recap some of the things that we've been doing behind the scenes and also the great achievement of all of you during this this month. Um and you know John I was checking the video again it surprised me every time I see the video like the content of the introduction video how the world is changing and how the world is getting disrupted and like you say we could say expensive right? We could say expensive and we could say eye open it as the crisis and inflation hits critical situation around the world it it it seems like the video was done yesterday so it it doesn't get any better and that's why we we think that we believe strongly believe that in what we're doing because it laid out a message of opportunity for so many and Well I I will not deny guys I will not deny that this couple of days and the past weeks has been very exhausted because as you know decisions with the red markets I read this morning that $1. 3 billion dollar were wiped out in the crypto space as a losses and liquidating positions imagine that and alongside this exhausting endeavor to make the decision you know like the tip of the finger right away you need to be fast you know we're so blessed and we so so happy with the AWS strategies the returns you know the earnings that we have in the Beta testing group you know experiencing 35% you know obviously when it's critical situation there is volatility and also opportunities it's not like you you're going to make 5% a day you know but overall what we've been seeing is in preparation for phase two and what you're going to be exposed to is overall results at the end of each month and you're going to have the ability to use that like John were saying unlimited because the infrastructure that is being built it doesn't hold like that cap or that situation that we have a limit we can receive millions and this is the first time that I've shared this but this is the first time that well I think I said it before but it's something very for the industry because it's never been done is a retail where everybody can participate at any any level so for us it's really a dream come true and we're just getting there guys.

Now in preparation for that we've been working really really with the handsful to release some of the features that allowed to you to use your funds in a very fast way and secure way. One of this is that we announced the last month that we grant authorization that we got the authorization To start working with that method. That method is already being worked on is days aways and we would like to show you some of the features because we believe that many of you will understand that you were waiting for and we know that it's very very helpful this solution for the whole the whole team with the whole network. So let's go let's go

ahead and jump with that which is a like a kind of overview in the timeline of the events that what we are going to do. I think we have a a image with a computer with the with the back office first now. I think it was we've got the timeline first and then the bullet points and then the computer office image last alright so basically what what is going to happen is that we're going to launch this this tool this payment tool which you're going to be able to order from your back office and then this this is going to be in phases most faster will be the virtual car you know is going to be immediate once you can be you know once you you hit and then you go through that process is the same like you have a debit card on your pocket from your back or a credit card you have it it has the bin number it has your name it has everything right you can use it online you can use it in exchanges you can use it for purchase you can use it at not ATM basically because it's virtual but in the meantime you have your physical card you'll be able to use this virtual card for spending and for using online right so this is this is going to be our first CFX solution during this phase now you already know that we are transitioning and we are putting together the the the launch of what is going to be our for the next ten, 20 years.

So, this is the cool part guys your earnings with this tool you be able to use it now and you're going to use it in the future it's not like you have one thing now and then it's not going to work anymore you have it in your pocket you have in your virtual you start using you start experiencing and you are going to have a program with rebate that is going to give you back you know cash back you're going to you're going to have a program in your car that you're going to be leveling leveling up within the program of the car that your benefit are going to be a increasing over time okay so it's like when you have a membership your your your goal and then your platinum and then your your you know your black you know so something like that so this is this is a cool about this program of the card then next what is what is going to happen and then in the meantime that we're doing this we're finalizing security outlet and then we don't stop continuing working with the blockchain technology that we are working on so we are going to release this I think we have more if you can release all the the images on this PowerPoint would be helpful just all the way until the end that way we can finish up yet then before or during global launch in phase two we are going to be able to continue releasing payouts with our payment processor in crypto but remember guys at the end of the day this is a transition that in order for us to make it successfully and less painful we we introduce this this tool this payment option I think blockchain will always be there sustaining our transactions I know that during phase two people will have to the ability to use this card for buying service and products you know and using for the business and also you're going to be able to use banking cards you know debit and your own credit and debit card from your own bank for for enrolling and activation to the business so this is you know some some details that we might want to know now because we're going to have a lot of flexibility at the end of the day we're just helping to establish a secure business model for everyone. Um you know and I can tell you it's it's it's funny how in order to get the your vision in the right place things that you thought that you never will do you adjust it meaning using other payment method because we love blockchain we love the freedom we love privacy we love how fast it is how you compensate that payment methods really fast so but we understand that having the ability to use your your your banking services for purchasing or activating or anything is very very cool. So let's move forward and let's go ahead and review some of the timeline of the event for this twenty twenty-two. First of all, we have the debit card released in within the few days. Um I wish I could have a control of this power because I am. I'll put all of these bullets out. Yeah. Basically, one of the biggest

strongest and cool future about building CFX is that the way you can transition from one phase to another without disrupting your network like everything you've done and everything you work with you know work for is going to be intact you're going to have the same genealogy your team in place in order to take advantage of the new cool features that we're going to have during this launch of the company. Now, Members can claim and can subscribe their position phase 2 right away. Um what is going to happen you're going to receive email notification and obviously you're going to receive links from your sponsor and obviously you're going to be able to access for that activation and use your virtual or physical card to to to do that. Now you can use that, you can use blockchain, you can use your own bank, whatever is fits, whatever is, is, is good for you, you can do it. Now, one of the things that maybe you should visualize yourself is while you are transitioning from phase one and CFX, you're going to be able to instantly start receiving all the rewards and the earnings of the phase 2 activations you know it's like a twin brother you have a twin brother right you have a twin yeah you have a twin brother then you you're connected sometimes you you as you see though those brothers that they don't need to talk to each other you know they just feel what the other is is doing so it's like that you're going to be able to be earning here and then start moving transition and increasing your commission during phase two. Now withdrawals from phase two are going to be paid into your back office but also you can receiving the same card like the same card you're going to have now is the same card you're going to have then later and this car is going to be amazing guys because it will allow you to do different things between each other not only for be able to get your earnings or or have the ability to get your money but also help others okay I will say that I'm not going to say much until you have it in your hands but but it's going to have a really really cool stuff in it to be able to facilitate between members now new blockchain withdrawal system guys it is being audit security audit and that process I believe going to be finalized during the summer.

That's that's what we are projected to it. And remember this payment processor was decentralized it was only used by our company its payment processor is being incorporated is being legalized with like an electronic money institution in the world so it can be you know work with other companies that can be be a tool for whoever needed so that process is being done properly because remember we build that technology and We started using it really rushed because we needed like because the company needed to speed things up and it was working perfectly for months it brings so much freedom to our technical finance team and to the members because the speed up processes incredibly the withdrawals but as security hits pandemic became really really hard with hacking and other stuff, technical issues we needed to stop and that's where we are now. Um I I think we already cover that withdrawal. Ashley Wascar, while you're on this subject, I think it would just be helpful for members to understand the magnitude of security around a blockchain payout solution and why the audit is so important.

Well we we all know since the 2020 and 2021 that many bigger company Wall Street company tech technology company, fintech company hit in a way that you can research. I always talk about it like you you have the internet right top of the finger and you can research company hacking percentages with more than 6570% increase and it caught billions of dollars the last one I heard was the NFTs attached to the gaming industry where where they hack like billions of dollars and You you cannot expose your company or any business without securing that. Being said that it doesn't matter that you take precautions, you always be in risk. You you you only have to be in business to have a percentages and have risks. You know, there is nothing

guarantee in life. Not even in business. We don't know what is going to happen in the red market that we have this week that all you know breaking records in the industry. Um we saw Tesla shares being discounted we saw Nasdaq we saw the oil prices going you know down cryptocurrency more than 40% down I don't know if you followed Luna and Terra the USDT stable coin behind TERA you know that they start dumping BTC because they back it up on BTC so they corrected more than 80% and just it's just a global global recession fear right now and that's part that's only part of the equation guys this is only part of the equation this is a is a is a market and is a world that is basing on technology now I've been reading some good stuff and progress from government just just this quick note without deviating too much with the subject but you know in Panama already the law for cryptocurrency is being approved and it's on the president's desk right now they have many hearings in the senate and everybody have the consensus you know I think it was four or five hearings they corrected now it's ready to be promoted by the president and in Panama it's going to bring a lot of opportunities going to bring more open frame for business around the region and it will inspire other countries to do the same like in El Salvador they are or you know they they have a a a case study with El Salvador because at the end of the day is something new that is never been done or implemented you know declare one cryptocurrency as alleged legal tender either way my comment come as wealth creation the next four to 8 years taking in consideration the halvings which is the reduction in half of the rewards for the miners and you know cut in half the provision or the production in Bitcoin everyday you know with time and mass adoption from government and institution you know it's something extra that we are being involved with and we need to teach we need to educate and that's the reason why the launch of the academy that we are going to do with during this summer in phase two is going to blow people's mind because we're not only talking about teaching people about Forex we're talking about teaching people about cryptocurrencies finance you know self development bringing the right outdoors and lectures and just the the whole thing I have people reach out to me every time telling me look how can I get involved can you help me whoa I'm interested or they saw something in the BBC or in social media talking about the Bitcoin bull made in Miami for the conference you know with the mayor and they send me the article and they say wow this is amazing well this business this industry is being growing so much wow is this real oh So, mass adoption people don't know and that question about security about disruption it has to be in our conversation it needs to be something that we prioritize and that we understand it the most important thing is one of the leaders in Panama reach out to me and say wow let me share this this quick anectota with you I don't know if it's it's anectota that you say and How it is how it is Paul? Anecdote. Anecdote. Thank you very much for bringing a better English in my vocabulary. Uh anecdote and then he talked to me about how this person was strongly believe in CFX and being so passionate about after being burned in so many platform during the past years you know and he bring that anecdote for you know to me with pride and you know with passion and energy because he was telling me well I know this guy and he's struggling so much and since he got involved 6 months ago he's been so good and his so belief in what we're doing and the vision that we're creating so no matter out there just to to to go to the next slide but before go to the next slide John the important thing is to regardless detractors, regardless bad publicity, regardless current situation it's like when somebody got into the you know broke you know or don't have enough money that's not who they are they just having that situation at the moment they have the potential within their self in their mind to become and to achieve whatever they want it's just the right time like you need to give the right time for great things to happen good things take time to happen and the fact that we're talking in the next few about this massive events that we send friends corporate teams travelling so far there in the winter in Oslo and having these great events around the world and the community being so strong and continuously growing and delivering for others I hope it make us proud and it make us even work harder so we need to be able to see further guys. Um and I know Wards can mean

something it can inspire in you that's what I'm trying to to do but you know what results speak louder than words and that's what we we are sure that is going to happen in the next few weeks with what we're launching John the programmer team all the people involved in what we're launching is is is something remarkable I I will only say that guys now if you go to your back office you will go under resources I think I think I don't know John I don't know yeah there is a full slide yeah the only reason I wanted yeah but Yeah that that's what I wanted to ask you. If because I talked with many things but you asked me about security and I would just want to know if if I cover that well. You did. You you did and the reason I wanted to ask you that question and listen to that answer is because we we you and I both and everyone and and everyone that's that's speaking on this call today everyone knows that top of mind for every member in this company which is hundreds of thousands of members is withdraws and and the process that's involved in in in getting members caught up and and I just wanted them to have a sense of what's been going on behind the scenes to build up that infrastructure to get us back to the ability to accelerate that process. And so really the first half of this call today our focus is sharing with members the two tools that are going to be rolled out very soon to assist corporate in accomplishing that end. The

most important thing I think for any of you to to pull from this call as far as long-term thinking goes is that phase 2 is going to initiate the roll out of something that's going to allow you to have a remarkable income source not just in the short term but for years to come and that really is the dream of anyone in the network marketing space because it takes time to build a genealogy. It takes time to bring friends up to speed on a project and it takes time for them to internalize information and share with others and so no Knowing that you're going to have that time you can start setting some very lofty goals for yourself and goals for your your family as far as earning goes but in the short term of course we know the only thing that you're thinking about is earning or receiving the the money that you've earned to date and so we're going to talk about that card in in on the next slide and then we're going to move on to the balance of this presentation but just know that the requirements on the blockchain side of things which obviously is going to open the floodgates in one's ability on the corporate side to get those BTC payments out. Uh that audit that has to take place is of critical importance and making sure that everything has been done as correctly as and safely as possible is of critical importance. In this recent BTC downturn, people

have more people than than we could number have gone bankrupt. It is just so incredibly important to be careful in this space all the time and so there are a lot of areas that we need to focus on simultaneously. So now let's finish talking about a few bullets here. Uh obviously

you'll see that in your drop down menu you're going to have an opportunity to request this card. I'm going to pull up all of these bullets right now again Wascar so you can talk about them in any particular order you want. Yeah I mean basically it's really important to address the way you address John because is is the point of the most important point of our conversation here is how we get from all the great things that we have in our business model this this one this item back to the way it was, right? So I think I think it's a a really important question and on the resources this what one one moment I'm I'm moving this this something out of here guys one second well it doesn't move but anyways basically on the resources you're going to request a card and then you're going to have entire section for you to read some of the stuff that are there and basically load your card into back office but most important is that you're going to click there and you're going to go through the process is is going to be very fast and very simple you just need to basic choose options like a menu like a questionary choose the option that you want in the car we are working for the card low common not only in USD but also in Europe we have a large member membership in Europe all over the places and we're trying to to get this done as well but it's not you can exchange it anywhere of course you can have received your US on your card and then If you use it, you're going to have a conversion, a conversion fee. But most important John is that this solution will bring a lot of air to your business it will bring it will disable that inconvenience of not having the business that you like and that you enjoy complete because we know that it's you know something that bug us that haunt us because we love CFX we love the way it works we love the rewards we love everything about it but it's just this item that lasts you know few months being disrupted and we know that so going into that guys we feel very very happy along the way it's been as you know it's been a endeavor very very consuming time consuming and it's like a puzzle to get this done because of the type of the company that we are that you already know what it is is a decentralized and that's what we're working on to bring more centralization with the same freedom but also a right environment in compliance for every member in the world and allow us to escalate our business along the years because we all we all want that to happen and let me tell you guys by the experience I received in Panama with the leadership and the new leaders and and and individuals with a high level of success in the past experience large teams not only in Latin America that is nothing yet but also in Asia and other other regions in the world it just nothing gets better than that what is going to happen during the summer and you know Um talking about the events John we're talking about more freedom in travelling be able to perform be able to provide like a recognition for for everybody you know to be able to do 43-4 large event during the year we love that we love that I would love to step out you know. Give give give probably I can I can give you

my job John and I'll be able to travel. Yeah we switch. Yeah that's what we're going to do. I'm psychologically unemployable. Everyone knows that. Psychological unemployment. That's a good one. That's a good one. I'm going to use that one. It's been true for years. Sorry. I'm psychological unemployment. Sorry. That's it. That's it.

Very good. Very good. Well guys there's nothing more that I can that I can share with you about this. Only that in the next in the next few days you're going to receive if not next week probably we're trying to to finalize this integration in order for you to have the link already there on the resources you're going to receive an email from us and then you're going to know boom oh oh my god I can go on the resources tab and then request my card and then you're going to read everything there click the link and go through the process good luck with that and we are excited as excited as you as you guys to be able to share this thank you very much now wow I saw videos there I saw videos here amazing I mean how you say I take my not my hat not my hair no part of my brain over this event because it it looks like a really really big convention that you guys did there in Oslo and I think we got people sharing some of that experience John I will let you take it away And just invite our next guests to talk about it. We've actually got a couple of guests that flew in for this particular event and of course members of the corporate team also flew in for this event. Uh this was a very well attended

event. Uh Neil member of the President's Club is actually here to share some details of his personal experience. Uh maybe he's going to share a few stories about who he drank beer with. And and take it away Neil. Please please share a

little. Cheers guys. Welcome Neil. Hi Oscar. You again. Before we talk about Norway, I just want to sort of talk about events really in an entirety. I mean, most people in my team know I'm a network marketing failure. Um and every company I've been in before, all my upline used to say get to events, get your team members to events, things like that and I don't think I've really ever understood the importance of events until now. Now, I'm lucky enough to be sitting on a

a sizable team. I mean, some of my sponsors and upline in the past, people like John Welch that's in this business, Gary Whittaker that's in this business. Um at least anatomy to death get people to events and and I say now now I'm sitting on a sizable team it's you can just see the movers and shakers in my downline and the people that attend events as much as they can I mean over over COVID obviously using Zoom Microsoft teams and things like that we'd be with the global economy be the right mess if it wasn't for technology even more so than it is already but now we're coming out of the pandemic getting to these events is critical so when the quite a few of us went on a cruise last November and we got to know Tour and Sven Eric and and spoke to them many times since. So when they invited us me to go over to Oslo to this event it wasn't even a decision really. Um And what a what a job they did over there. Um I can't everything was absolutely

faultless. The only thing I can criticise was probably the price of the beer in Norway. It's about three times the price on what it was in the UK but other than that it was and and they even brought the sunshine with it as well. It was amazing weather for that week where I was over in Norway. It's incredible. You learn so much from these events and and what Tour and Sven Eric managed to do across the the the leaders conference they did Friday evening and then the the two main days of the conference was have a whole wide variety of speakers from all different ranks. It just wasn't us guys

at the at at the sort of president level. They had executives talking. They had managers talking. Um quite a bit of content around the charity thing that they've they've set up which we'll all hear more about I guess in the next sort of weeks and months. Um and so much content but also so much enthusiasm from everybody. Um so that was the

sort across both days. They had lots of entertainment going on as well. So it wasn't just sitting there in the seat and scribbling loads and loads of notes. It was so much fun. Maybe a little bit too much fun in in one an occasion or two.

Do you know that do you know that that that it's been it's been shocking is been for me very curious to presence the talent show yeah that it that they do there talk to me about a little bit about that because I I even heard opera and some of the clips that I received I can promise you Wascara didn't participate oh there was this lady I forget her name but she opened a couple of couple of the the sessions just walking through the audience singing his opera it was amazing. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. And then when they did the talent show some of the members that I don't know where they get these voices from. Um absolutely amazing ability and and they're in CFX as well. So what more can we ask? It's incredible. Incredible. Actually Paul Duke's going to do that when

we're allowed to have to hear this. I will look forward to that. We will look forward to that. No you don't. Yeah you know John John also have talents but he doesn't like to talk about it. Uh I he got a he got a a dream to be stand up comedy you know so yeah but we we'll talk about it to see if we can have the privilege to to have a one session stand up comedy with John Canier. Now going back to to the event Neil what was the most let's say for the members and obviously anybody who attend to an event comes back with a different feeling to build a business because what you get when you're live when your presence it it doesn't compare to a online you know event so for in your words what was the most impacting for you what is the most things that you know inspiration that everybody gets from these events and the motivation they get from these events. I mean obviously where I am at at this position now people obviously want to come and talk to me and what what's my secret? There isn't a secret. But the the inspiration that it gives to people and the

contact I've had from people since the event is is fantastic and all and it seems to be all those many of those people that went to the event and now doing more after the event and probably what they would have done if it had they hadn't attended and and that's going to that's going to turn into lots and lots of money from in the in the future because of the the extra activity they'll be doing the actual belief that they have by speaking to everybody at the event it's amazing but one thing I'd say it's not just the content of the presentations it's also the the social side of events is probably as important because you do get to know people across and it doesn't matter which teams are in. I mean the the one thing that is so paramount in this business is the you talk about the family, the CFX family and when people they work across teams, it's not just in a vertical, they work across teams in this company and and that was demonstrated this weekend so much. Um it doesn't matter who your upline is or downline is. You still everybody works together. Well the people that really succeed you certainly do absolutely. Yeah very very much inspiring

when you see people that don't belong to the same team collaborating and helping each other and the camaraderie you know and overall the CFX family the way they behave is what brings so much feelings to this because we had we had many stories over the years that we seen that and I think that's an example throwing the way that from the top you know from the top leadership regardless any team they help each other and I think that's that's come down to the whole network and it's really admirable is is if it makes everyone feel proud about. It it's actually it's very admirable because many people in this call or people watching on YouTube or people watching a recording later have experiences of some of the team biased toxicity that can exist in the home-based business space. Obviously there's a lot of money beta network marketing it creates a lot of competition and sometimes it's unhealthy competition. So when people realize that that often working

in alignment one with another can can benefit you more than trying to keep secrets or advantages to yourself. It's a beautiful thing to watch you know in action. The other thing I think is fantastic is to be able to watch high level executors from a variety of different countries As we start to travel and see leaders from around the world watching them operate seeing how they can build teams and you'd mention Neil just a moment ago that you've never had success in any project any significant success in any project you've built in the past. John absolute failure. So I just wanted to to to and this is a bit of a deviation. I only want to take one minute to do this. But I just wanted to discuss that reality. Your your your home-based business reality and

layer that on top of what Wascar was sharing with us earlier. As for example, our debit debit card solution both virtual and physical roll out. Uh obviously that is being rolled out in a way so that all members in the platform can start making withdraws. The goal and the determination of

corporate is remember to have a company where every single participant that's ever been part of the platform is profitable. And that's a that's a tall order because that's something that rarely happens in the home-based business space but that's something that Wascar and Edwin are absolutely determined to realize and so not only is the blockchain solution getting back to fast Bitcoin withdraws going to assist them in realizing that goal but also this card rolling out is going to greatly assist as well but there's something else that he had mentioned that I think is maybe being overlooked by a lot of people watching this because now you correct me if I'm wrong Paul I'd love your opinion as well. The most time consuming element to building a CFX business when you're reaching out to friends that have heard of the blockchain or have heard of Bitcoin but don't own any, don't have any personal experience is bringing them up to speed with the basics, getting enough BTC for them to get involved in a project all while dealing with all the limitations and challenges and obstacles that are existing in the BTC wallet space. Would you all agree that's probably the the biggest hurdle to overcome I think that absolutely. Yeah

it's a lot of people. You go hit Paul share. Yeah it's absolutely a new thing for a lot of people. The blockchain technology. Uh and you know when you're dealing with people from all age groups. Uh my fabulous eighty-year-old mother you know she's not too hip on blockchain technology. So it

was a bit of a stretch for her. Um but she definitely has the ability to send a bank payment. Um and to send a credit card. And if that's you know blockchain is great. But it is a limiting factor to a certain extent. This is exactly the

point I was trying to make and that of course is one of the things that Wascar's been tireless work tirelessly working towards for phase two. Uh imagine Neil now with the challenges that you've had in the past and how you've managed to overcome those challenges in this business model. If you're also able to remove the time consuming obstacle of first timers acquiring Bitcoin and they can simply use their credit card to get rolling how that's going to excel your climb towards ambassador. Bring it on. And and and I think as an extension every single person listening to this that's looking to achieve the rank of executive and unlock you know some of the wealthiest parts of the uni level and unlock some of the bonuses that come along with being an executive and realizing that hitting executive really paves the road for moving through all of the ranks in the rank ladder. Uh removing that time consuming obstacle for all of you boy oh boy when that phase two rolls out there's going to be I think a lot of rake advancements in a very short period of time. John

the the pace of this company as we know has been amazing. I mean even now with the with the problems with the experience in the last few months. The growth's still crazy. Compared to other network marketing companies at the same at the same age. Um when this cards released when phase two comes in fullness the growth's going to be crazy. It's

absolutely amazing and and that came from and that belief from Oslo that that was paramount in the 350 people or something that was there that they all they all was so excited about what where they are now but also what's going to come very very soon I'm jealous I'm jealous for from from you guys you know I've been wanting to I think I programmed three times already to go to Oslo but when I'm doing it oh my god it's it's it's beautiful country and congratulations to Taurus Vain and the entire leadership that make that event happen and all the participant and of course The success that you guys have in the entire Scandinavian region is something very admirable. The committee. There's one thing I'll say. I mean Grant as as Jude just said fantastic events Lauren so Eric and Need you deserve all the credit for that. But you've raised that bar so high now. We've all got a we've got a huge job to do our own events to cap that. That's great. It's great to have a high bar to drive towards. Uh and speaking of that and we're about to hear from a young lady who's an absolute joy to be around. Uh has always been a pleasure

every time I've ever met her either in person or or spoken with her on calls. Uh now this is a director in in CFX and this is an individual that is going to maybe share just a tiny bit of her personal experience and then also give us some feedback as well from her trip to Norway. Good evening everyone. Hey Katie. Hi John. Hello everybody. Hi Huaska. Nice to see you again. Thank you very much. The same.

Talk to us a little bit about that. Woof. Where do we start? Um okay so I joined the business in August 2019. I think we were 250 members of the the Panama office for the official launch on the 10th of November and I have back since. I haven't had the opportunity just yet but as soon as I can I will. So when we had the opportunity to go to Oslo this was for Lisa obviously Lisa James Squat who's my sponsor and our team. The the biggest opportunity we could possibly get because we were going to be with like-minded people. We

were going to be with so many just so many amazing people from different backgrounds. And we didn't even realise that we would have five presidents there. We would have two traders. We would have Irene from the Panama office. Irene you're amazing. Thank you. So to arrive in Oslo. It wasn't that cold by the way. It wasn't that cold. Oh that's a relief. Yeah. We we held sunglasses. It was okay. Um but Neil's right.

It was expensive. Um but it was so worth every minute. Um Tour and Sven Eric I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have achieved. Because not only did you put on the best event and I've been in network marketing full time for 10 years. It was a non-corporate event. You put on

the best event that I have ever been to. And I will cherish honestly every moment. The organisation, the presenters, the just the way everything was precise but still such an amazing community. You embraced us all. Not just the Norwegians but every single person that came from Germany, from Italy from from Denmark, from the UK, from Spain, you embraced every single person. Um September the eighteenth if that is the date. Let's see will be phenomenal. Because if these guys are part

of it I just want to thank you. So what we did obviously coming on this call this evening was I reached out to the team because it was a team event. We had fifteen from the UK and Spain coming. And I asked them all to say one word. One word about what they took from the event. So this is from our team. So we have inspirational, opportunity, consistency, freedom, belief, adrenaline, motivation, mindset, trust, community, home and humbling. And one lady actually rang me and said I have been knocked down a thousand times and this time I know it's the last time I I'm home. So thank you to all

the organizers. That's more than one word. Wow. But that was that's a wonderful testimonial. Neil is absolutely 100% correct on everything he said you know it gave you goosebumps I have still literally twenty-nine pages of notes here. I haven't even had time to write up

because I've been on the phone nonstop about that event. It's not necessarily what you hear at the event. It's how you feel the connections and the relationships that you build. So for me everybody else and on behalf of all of our teams thank you so much for organizing that tour and Sven you're amazing thank you for having us it's it's official Katie Norwegian are going to be the head of the event of the company from now on you know it's it's done John make that happen you know Norwegians are are head yeah before we before we move on Katie because we certainly have a lot we still want to cover but if you could just share a couple of thoughts if I extend the same question to you and that Paul commented on as we roll out some of the key elements that you know obviously very little about yet regarding phase two but one of those key elements of being able to remove that initial obstacle for new people to acquire BTC to get started in a program. Can you give us a little insight as to how that

might have helped you if you had to repeat what you've done so far and how it's going to help you moving forward? I just say thank you. Thank you. Because I I was on a call when I was executive and it we I think it was the end we called them the end of the month calls right two years ago and I was telling a story about my dad who is now 87 he was 85 at the time and he was listening to a call and he came in and said can I write you a check can you buy me some Bitcoin because he didn't understand and a lot of people still don't understand the difficulty that we have with the exchanges is Time consuming. Uh it's stressful for a lot of people who don't understand the process that we need to go through. So anything that can make this easier is an absolute blessing for every member and also every person that we're speaking to to come on board. So thank you. Yes. Appreciate it. Thanks for your

kind words especially your kind words towards those fantastic leaders coming out of Norway. Thanks Jim. Thanks Wesco. Pleasure to hear from you Kitty. Congratulations also. On everything you're doing and we keep we keep sending our our grateful and our wishes and our best energy out there towards the creation of of making life making the life of people better and making more easy process and that's why we're you know sometimes we we wish to have it today but we will have it. For sure we will. Alright John we have

headquarter now. We do. Yep. And you know normally on these meetings we talk a little bit about the experience. Uh but because we've got a special guest to talk about some of the upgrades that are taking place. And maybe we'll talk a little

bit about why those things are taking place. I think we can sort of maybe fast track over these couple of slides. Uh for those of you though that haven't had the opportunity to come to a headquarter learning experience you've all heard of course from testimonials of countless individuals that have attended that they are extraordinary events. They will continue to be extraordinary events and they will continue to happen. Uh with one caveat and that is of course as we're preparing for a very large event in the roll out of phase two. Uh WASCAR I believe for the months of July and August

we're going to take a short hiatus from Ace Cube Events. So if though what any of you that are interested in coming this summer for one of them well that's going to be either the May event or it's going to be the June event. So just make sure you mark that on your calendar. Remember the dates were in the slide previous. That's the last Friday of May and if you know you June would be better for you. Of course it's going to be the last Friday of of June as well. So

what I think we could skip to Wascar is probably any first of all why don't you share a few details as far as your vision goes with the integration of that Panama office. How important that is as we roll out academy curriculum and some of the upgrades that you're making in that space for live broadcasting and all sorts of all sorts of tools that we're going to be able to do using that space as a headquarters. Yes very important that you mention it and to share now with all of you because it's important that we visualize since the beginning why this headquarter was built in that particular way you know it was built within technological infrastructure with with the right space spaces you know to hold not only live event conferences trainings mentorships you know meetings we have many spaces for private meetings you know that members will will be able to use while they are in town or the local the local leaders but yes you know it's it's funny we received so many emails from members planning in advance for summer visits to the office for the events or just to get to know the headquarters and we've been blown away for the interest and that's that's what we wanted since the beginning it is really important that we we will we will not have events in June or July or August you know because of all the things behind the scene that are happening towards phase 2 and concentrate on this large event we want to focus on the bigger event but as we have so many requests we let it roll and then we're going to have like you said May and June events there in the headquarters and then we'll reassume after September but it is important to share we you guys that Paul Deck I met Paul as a leader in February during our our event in February and it was funny he requested a iPad you know he was already director but he was he was requested that iPad you know and of course the company move everything to to cash cash amounts because of the disruption with the events but in this particular case I didn't knew ball you know he knew he was a with with a a big team really really a great leader committed you know entrepreneur with his own audio and visual and you know putting together network marketing event big events in all over the world you know I didn't know any of this but I was receiving this message from different fronts from different leaders look you need to give an iPad to Paul Deck he wants his iPad he doesn't want BTC he wants he wants the iPad so what but what is going on so I met Paul and I deliver the iPad during the event and he received his pain and he commit in February that he's going to be president in in April, you know? I think it was fifth of April, right? Um so it was the beginning of March already and he had one month to do the go out. He did it one day before. He was extraordinary. Then we meet again and I recognized Paul last month during the event in Panama as a president's club member. He bring teams. I met some of his team leaders and during that

event I shared this because it's important that you understand that then he start collaborating and he brought equipments with with we did a supervision to bring things that was missing lining light lights well thank you Paul I want to thank you publicly here for all the work and the enhancement and and your collaboration free of charge and it put his F time and dedication to bring all these equipment. What what was what it was that was missing that you installed Paul? So we did we did a couple of things from an installation perspective. Um so what you see here these are what's called PTZ cameras or pantailed zoom and essentially these are remote control cameras that are mounted to the ceiling and there's two of them and this they actually are designed to automatically a speaker. So if you're at the

front of the room doing a presentation the camera's going to follow your your motions and then of course you can also preset some scenes. This is the the joystick that controls both cameras. So you switch between the two different cameras. And for live events you can actually rotate the cameras completely and you can get some audience reactions. So it's going to be a great way to to have live events there and make it actually feel like you're able to attend. So this is one of the the dish and on the next slide yeah before we get to that that next slide and show a couple other of the really cool tools you're putting in since you brought that point up I think we should just take a second to talk to that Paul because you know Wascar talked about his his master vision for the academy and you know I think that when people really get a sense of what it is that the company's working towards building they're going to be awfully excited about it and this ability to have high caliber educators come to a space that obviously can't seat thousands but we're going to make sure that it's equipped in a way that it can seat thousands because you're going to be able to attend right from right from your own academy environment to these live feeds and really feel like you're part of something special. So let's go on to the

next slide. I know you've got some equipment you want to talk about. So some the things that we did we installed some professional microphones so we have the ability to to have four people communicating at the same time using some very good high-end microphones and here you can see that we actually installed some professional lighting for the stage fully remote controlled as well and then I know by the way I know when when you say microphones people might go who gives a **** you bought some microphones but I was actually when you were testing them and seeing the difference between the standard mic and what you had brought with you and how heavy those things were and yeah and when we're talking about you know best-selling authors presenting to potentially thousands of people at a time making sure that that gear is as good as it possibly can be is obviously going to be important. And and also I didn't knew about really great

and expensive microphones have the ability to transmit you know the signal in the you know with that cables and that transmitter to not break your voice to you know go through the speaker in the right way you know the the the walls don't break out that signal and all about that gadget and details I didn't know about that and that's why in the first event in February we have those you know those glitches with with the you know with the mic the old mics but tell me a little bit more Paul because those those were sounding Right. Yeah so the microphones are are are typically what you would use in a in a in a live production environment so and getting a lot of the because of the the challenges with China and supply chain getting items right now is a little difficult to do. So we've ordered equipment last September that we're not getting to October. So finding microphones like this was was a bit of a challenge but we were able to get it and and you can even drop these microphones and they'll probably continue to work but I wouldn't recommend it. Probably. The caveat. Probably. We don't want to do

that anymore. So what you can what you see here on the bottom. This is actually a a a live stream switcher and it's it's going to be designed to be rather user friendly but we can have multiple cameras, multiple computers. Um we can record

right off of the off of this switcher as well. So it's basically just you know from a technology perspective it's a real upgrade and it's going to allow us to do some of the things from an education perspective in the future that are really exciting. I've I own a production company. I've done a lot of work with Eric Warrie some stuff with John Maxwell and Tony Robbins. I love producing events and and just bringing up the caliber and again what the gentlemen what the guys did in in Norway was absolutely incredible to see.

So we're we're just going to increase the caliber of the live events that we are going to be doing. And it's a very exciting future and really excited to be a part of it and to to contribute in this way. And again if there's a people that have skills that contribute to the growth of CFX I would highly encourage you to do that. Paul before you leave can you tell us the largest attended event that you've ever been either at or have worked behind the scenes on and the reason I'm asking is simple members can put two and two together and when we talked at the very beginning of this call about one of the things that I was really impressed with without divulging much because I can't because I'm not allowed to meetings but this is the high-level banking stuff where Edwin and Wascar and team are basically putting relationships in place that we can grow actually beyond six figures in CFX membership and into seven figures and just consider for a moment what that means everyone. All of you that are watching this. Um consider what types and sizes of events are

going to be available to us as members when we have when we have total company population into seven figures. Paul what's the biggest event you've been part of? Um I think probably the biggest event that had a roof on it that that we participated in was around 15, 000 people and I think based on what what I what little bit that I know I think that's not going to suffice for what we're planning on on doing in the future. So you might need a hat to attend some of these events coming up because the sun might be shining in your face but anticipate incredible things. Uh and Deb Definitely the best is is yet to come. I'm pretty excited for the future. Thank you Paul. Well it's it's been a tremendous help and and very professional way and like you sai

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