Eating my husband out of business S1 FULL ENG SUB #girl #ceo #modern / 《老公我要吃垮你》第一季 英文合集版

Eating my husband out of business S1 FULL ENG SUB #girl  #ceo #modern / 《老公我要吃垮你》第一季 英文合集版

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My mother Ding is a billionaire The handsome and compelling Internet celebrity company boss is today Encountered the railroad of life Hello Where is Yin Yin? Who are you, miss, did you go to the wrong box? They're not here Ah, I went to the wrong box Sure enough, the hungry brain can't be used. is he hungry do you want to eat ah can you Yes, but you have to eat it all Pay if you can't finish Dude, you are an angel Your face is as perfect as a goose egg eyes as bright as grapes Mouth as rosy as a cherry Your skin is as smooth as tofu Ha ha ha ha uh Excuse me I remember happy things is it so delicious eat so delicious ah david you really are here Yin Yin Yin Yin, your colleague is so nice feed me so many good things hum sorry boss We will pay for the food No need, this guy has a great future I signed. Do you want to eat delicious food every day? Make money while eating I am Ding Muqian a billionaire Handsome and compelling Internet celebrity company boss Now I'm attracting little girls with food Miss Wang, are you awake? Our boss wants to talk to you about the contract don't go You can't figure out how to trick me This girl has a lot of heart We are in the dessert shop now ah don't go Um looks skinny Can eat so many sparks spark Other women always stare at me This little bean sprouts is full of food in my mind I don't have the charm of these desserts i listen to my mother to be in shape to look good I'm not as good as a plate of seafood fried noodles sign it From now on, you will be the anchor of our company You are only responsible for eating Don't care about anything else 10,000 per month during the trial period If you do well, you can get a commission Ah so good I don't believe it What if you are a liar Next up is a food competition you can participate Hey hey-hey Mr. Ding That girl is drooling when she sees you.

he was looking at me He was eyeing this plate of seafood fried noodles Hahaha I didn't expect you to have the charm of fried noodles Hey Mr. Ding, do you want to abstain from letting this little girl come to power? He's full after two bites Is this girl here to charge? Is there no one in the Ding Group? his appetite wait and see what i want never missed Game start this girl he don't stand still Take a few more videos and photos of him Post it on Weibo and WeChat Is this girl gluttonous reincarnation? Other players have fallen one after another incredible Wang Dawei is far ahead He has eaten an amazing 10 plates of fried rice hum competition is over the winner is david wang How do you want to work with me? Ah Bao eat That can't hold Our company has dormitory Don't you have a friend named Yin Yin? you can move in with him oh ok then i signed I thought I signed a dinner anchor But what did I sign? grandpa has good news for you I was signed by your boss We can live together now Really that's great Just pack up and come here Well your boss is really nice just let me eat earn money while eating I'll be a company colleague Just call me Ding good boss ding How did you get it out of this girl's mouth? so cheesy You are sure this is where you live Yeah, I live here goodbye boss what the hell is this place no street lights This little bean sprouts looks so skinny nothing will happen Hey little girl alone Do you want to go out to play with your brother? what you don't come You suck, stay away from me, I have to save you I lost stay away from me what Hmph, I told you not to come I'm not a weak girl This girl seems to be able to be a martial arts anchor Sure enough, the charm of my Chome Ken is still the same. King David will eventually fall what ah david you got up early no one Do you not have breakfast? hmm forgot to tell you We basically start work here in the afternoon. Ah, then I'd better go out and see if there's breakfast. good morning boss David Wang, why are you up so early? Are you still used to it here? get used to very nice i thank you all Would you like to run with me in the morning? why did i invite him ah ok I can eat with the boss again. hey hey What is this little girl looking around? let's go there for a rest Yeah Humph This time he's staring at me Are you attracted to my muscles? My charm is invincible Ah, why didn't Dad go to dinner? This King David is really interesting that boss It's almost 7:30 Are you hungry? Well it's time for breakfast hey go go eat dinner Did he just want to rub my food in the first place? hey boss you are the best thank you all Don't greet my family, I'm tired The boss comes with 20 big meat buns Okay, do you want to pack it up and take it away? No need to eat here OK it is good Cow, is this the king of wild stomachs? Wouldn't it be enough to eat so much? how can i still eat A mere 20 buns is nothing at all 20 more Haha, it's not easy to have a girlfriend.

Well not him I always eat your meal, I am Zhou Chaoyang David Wang's agent I seem to smell gossip Zhou Chaoyang Let David Wang start the live broadcast tonight Okay, what is the live broadcast ID of David Wang? It's called bean sprouts. David Wang, your live broadcast ID is bean sprouts Tonight's live menu is HX Hotel's signature skewer wow? How is David Wang preparing? This Mr. Ding is unusual for Wang David oh uh too delicious Not bad, it's time to sing a show Sounds like a good mood Gifts are headed This is the best meat skewer I've ever eaten Recommend everyone to try x x hotel I am David King A big eater For the first time in 20 years I have questions about food hmmm Will my face get hot when I eat it? The little bean sprouts performed well in the live broadcast tonight give you a present wow thank you boss love you save me face The boss, shall I treat you to dinner tomorrow morning? boss let's go Boss, what do you usually eat? My breakfast is different every day It's made by the chef Wow boss, you are so rich Then are you not used to eating outside? Didn't I accompany you to eat buns outside? When I look at you, I will have a special appetite oh hey Why is my face getting hot? You must be the noodles too hot David, you said that Ding is not always interested in you. Um Mommy's sister is delicious, I want to eat noodles too Ah, I usually follow you to eat actually today Thank you so much girl You must be well-intentioned to eat like this What Ha ha ha ha David Wang, you are such a treasure Boss, you look so good when you smile Let's go, I'll take you back to rest what I haven't paid yet It's alright, I just paid. Please invite me next time. good morning yin David just brought you over, was Mr. Ding?

Yes, we had breakfast together You actually had breakfast with Mr. Ding Um Yeah, haven't you had dinner with the boss? It was also a staff dinner. who is so early Mr. Tintin You are Yin Yin Get up early What about David Wang? your phone has fallen oh thanks boss Mr. Ding, do you want to come in and sit? I have something else to do David Wang's live performance tonight is the boss David You say that Ding is not always interested in you Oh no impossible I am Ding Muqian a billionaire Handsome and compelling Internet celebrity company boss Is this idiot Wang David really going to eat up his stomach? ah, it looks so spicy Today is super spicy instant noodles voted by fans Do you have any questions Haha of course it's fine Hello everyone, I am your big eater, small bean sprouts Today I ate 20 bowls of super spicy instant noodles Super Spicy Instant Noodles Can he eat something so spicy? Why didn't Zhou Chaoyang tell me this face spicy though But it's delicious I can't let Boss Ding down My tongue is numb, how can I taste it? Isn't this idiot afraid of eating a bad stomach? Zhou Chaoyang immediately stopped the live broadcast Ding, are you sure? Now closing the live broadcast will affect newcomers turn off live What happens after that is up to you Why is Mr. Ding always so abnormal recently?

I am Zhou Chaoyang Mr. Ding has been wrong recently so wrong Brother Zhou, why doesn't it air? Oh Ding stopped Am I doing something wrong? David Wang arrive You feed him these weird things Boss, this is picked by fans Although a bit spicy But still delicious Delicious and delicious to the point of stomach pain and pale face Take the medicine first Uh, Mr. Ding, this kind of thing is still me. you dispose of this rubbish The whole room smells like this what Boss, you're too close, too close come on, take the medicine If not relieved I'll take you to the hospital thank you boss Your face is so red that you won't have a fever, right? No no I'll take a break Then you should rest well call me good looking boss good heart I don't know if I have a girlfriend Hey, does anyone have anything to do with me? The boss won't look at me Cancel fan voting In the future, I will review the live broadcast ingredients of David Wang It seems that Mr. Ding really attaches great importance to this newcomer. This live broadcast should be treated as a live broadcast accident. David Wang is a promising newcomer take care of him Well, David Wang is indeed a special newcomer I'm Fang Zhi, an anchor I heard that our Ding I will come to our cafeteria every day for breakfast.

hahaha a lot to eat Uncle Zhou, you usually cook around 10 o'clock. Why is it so early today? Mr. Ding said he wanted to come here for breakfast So I will make breakfast every day David, eat quickly I steamed a dozen cages of steamed buns David Wang, are you still feeling bad today? I'm fine, I can go live today Don't worry, you can rest for a few days to nourish your stomach thank you boss I heard that Mr. Ding will come over for breakfast in the future. ah really? Then I'll get up early tomorrow haha looking forward to it I don't know what kind of clothes Mr. Ding likes

Humph It's more important to look good I'd better go back to my room I am David King A big eater Boss looks a little different today good morning david Is Mr. Ding coming for breakfast today? should come But the boss has to run in the morning before eating Then I'll be with you Ah, Mr. Ding good morning Ding Ah, the running boss would say hello a few days ago. Why are you not responding today? hey david wait for me ah ah David, I can't take a break or you first Go back, Mr. Ding is going to have breakfast in a while. Okay, I'll go back first good morning boss Um Good morning Strange that the boss was so cold just now how is it different now Boss, you look so good when you smile like spring flowers How can you be so flattering Oh, how can I flatter the boss to be happy? I'm Ken Thome Although I never doubted my own charm but Ding is good these people are here Are you going to choose a concubine? Well, boss, won't you go in to eat? Eat it, I left beforehand what happened Why did Mr. Ding leave so soon? I put on makeup early in the morning.

Yes, David also said that Ding always eats here. All right, go away Eating a meal is like having a meeting No one wants to eat here Brother Zhou, what do you mean Ding doesn't want to eat here because we Humph What do you think Then why can he Fang Zhi, have you been too busy lately? If you can be like David Wang If the first broadcast has 100,000 followers Ding will also invite you to dinner If he doesn't eat, he loses his appetite David, don't take it to heart These people are Relying on my good looks, I want to hook up with Mr. Ding Ding, what have you seen? how to be interested in them Um The boss also takes care of me because of my good performance There's no selfishness, you stupid boy I am David King A big eater I can definitely do this live Well, this crispy chicken thigh is tender and tender Very tasty hey, would you like to explain David Wang hold on Someone's rhythm in the dark Someone is maliciously brushing the bullet screen You go check this person's ID information so many viewers support me i want to hold on These sailors are specially hired by the company. listen one step faster than me Zhou Chaoyang I found out that David Wang came and asked in the live broadcast room more and more questions sorry for my dereliction of duty If you don't have the ability to take King David well Then I'm going to be replaced. I'm Zhou Chaoyang. Look at Wang Dawei's silly appearance Mr. Ding has a long way to go.

The audience of this live broadcast is tens of thousands less than last time The gift is less than 1/3 of the last time ah finished The boss must be disappointed in me What about Brother Zhao Will I be fired? how will the boss punish me You think too much Sit down and I'll make you a cup of tea what Mr. Ding told you to drink more tea Eating too much fried food is bad Hey, the boss is really considerate I guess only for you Small bean sprouts are also a blessing in disguise So many fans all at once Having said that, it turned out that he was the one who maliciously swiped the screen. I am Yan Jun Ding's assistant Ding has been a little different lately. who is this man a little familiar you forgot The previous seafood fried noodle competition took a temporary leave of absence.

Tan Zhenzhen Didn't Wang David replace him later? He himself is incompetent and cares about David, the black king of Mercury It is estimated that David Wang is more powerful than him. Jealous and want revenge Hey, I'll call him right now Wow Do you have to be so excited? hello who Tan Zhenzhen, who is the black king of the water army, David, is it you? who are you Please stop attacking HX anchors immediately If you keep doing this, I'll take it to court I know Are you from the HX platform? Do you still need people on your platform? At least not for someone like you Ha ha ha ha why are you laughing it was your job Oh, how can I have you move so fast? Do not want to call immediately to warn Why do you care so much about this little bean sprouts? I remember Ms. Qiao You talk too much to work I'm Tan Zhenzhen what is that king david He's just a stand-in cut who so arrogant Said to sue me really don't worry This must be a kid just pretending you ask brother Zhou again Brother Zhou is HX's ace broker He was the one who wanted to hold you Yes, I'm the mayor That king David is just a stand-in for me. Sorry Miss Tam I think you have another platform Why is David Wang so stiff when he broadcasts live? you didn't see And I'm the one who signed the contract He's just a stand-in Miss Tam, David Wang is not your stand-in Um, brother Zhou called me? he is stronger than you I, Ding Muqian, will take bean sprouts on a date today ah so hungry I don't have anything to eat today without live streaming come out and take you to dinner ah all How does the boss know that I am hungry? David Wang come to the car Hey, the boss keeps asking you to invite me to dinner I'm sorry This time you can have a treat Didn't you get it last time? ah yes oh It seems to be the case Hey, can you let me choose a place? It's too expensive, I can't afford it Don't worry I won't eat you up I don't know what he'll look like in a dress Boss hey hey boss boss what Let's eat at that restaurant I am Xiao Yuan Waitress at a grocery store The pair today so sweet sir this is menu Just put a tick next to the dish you want Boss, whatever you want Um This girl said take it easy Does he know These dishes can drain his salary for a month That's all Hey Boss, why do you order so much? Eat more? you want more of your favorite food I'll just eat Well, rice is 2 yuan a bowl Yes, let's have 10 bowls first. Does this girl eat rice to save money? i go to the bathroom The little girl just ordered only 180 for him Everything else is brushed from me good Add a few more dishes and it's a discount Sir, you are so considerate to your girlfriend Female girlfriend Hey, we don't seem to have any of these dishes.

Is it wrong? Uh, these are special gifts from the restaurant's activities. Wow boss I feel lucky to do anything after meeting you. as long as you are happy David Wang Do you have a boyfriend I'm Ding Muqian David Wang, this little fool When will you be enlightened? Do you have a boyfriend, David Wang? No, who dares to support me? I can eat his house down How can someone be capable? I'm sure I can support you like me Well that's hard My parents can't feed me I haven't eaten enough at home I'll make you full later hehe thank you boss I will definitely work harder David Wang, do you want to eat delicious food all over the world? I think, but how can it be so good? Of course I'll go back and make a plan you will see when Wow boss, is this the company's new plan? Sounds great Well, it's a new development for the company. great hehehe This little bean sprouts how can you not see This is a plan tailored just for you I, Ding Muqian, want face, face, money, money The opposite sex is always good But I just want to know now How to bring attention to adzuki bean sprouts transfer from marshmallow to me It's still early Do you want to go out for a walk? Hey boss, are you busy with work? not busy today Wow how do you want to go ah can you sure Wow This guy is so handsome wow marshmallow I don't have marshmallow charm boss can i play carousel Of course you can Haha Trojan horse here I come Hey Boss, do you want to play too? Why doesn't the money I spend let me play? Wow, the boss is so handsome on a merry-go-round Hold on tight, be careful not to fall it is good I am Ding Muqian Across the mall for so long Still can't figure out your little bean sprouts? haha fun I've only seen it on TV before Finally got it today What's wrong it's okay It's the first time I do a carousel and it's a little dizzy David Wang will follow me later I will show you everything you have never eaten or played.

ah thank you boss as long as you don't hate I'll keep following you Is David Wang deliberately keeping a distance from me? Um David Wang, have you ever played a haunted house? listened to one by one But haven't played it yet Then let's go in and try so dark Don't be afraid it's all fake oh shit Don't run around, be careful to fall Boss, don't let go do not leave me Well I won't let go This haunted house is right I am Ding Muqian Usually other women are eager to throw their arms around What the hell was King David thinking? no response at all hey i'm crazy Why do you care so much about what he thinks? Um How can I hold hands with my boss I'm just an ordinary person If only I were a rich lady Does that make you a boss? David Wang today Why didn't you come out for a run? Zhou Shuwang David didn't come for breakfast? No, probably still sleeping No, David Wang usually doesn't sleep in. Could it be that I ate too much seafood sashimi yesterday and got a stomachache Um I Hey David, are you alright? Um I David Wang ah earthquake It's all right I thought you had a stomachache again go back and don't hang around here I only know to tell you King David No one can save you today Well, I had so much fun yesterday Didn't get up today let the boss worry about you Hey Boss, what's wrong with your hand? Oh maybe it hit somewhere i can't tell you You caught it in the haunted house yesterday, right? Boss, wait a minute, I'll find you a spray I've always been bumpy Just spray more massage again Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis Oh Alright boss, be careful in the future Thank you, I'll go back to the company first you can sleep again goodbye boss David Wang, don't you admit it? How long have you been Ding's little lover? What, I didn't say I have nothing to do with the boss I saw you touch Mr. Ding's hand That's the boss's hand hurt I also saw you and Ding going out last night Came back in the middle of the night David Wang, you shameless woman Pretend to be pure in front of us Go to Mr. Ding to show off and serve the purpose Stop talking nonsense with him Just be honest. Zhou Ge and Yin Yin both went out today no one can cover you It's you who started Don't the tiger get angry and treat me like a kitten? uh hey David Wang, how dare you fight back I haven't fought back yet You are weak David Wang, I won't let you go let's get together leave me alone oops I don't want to provoke you You'd better stay away from me too It's alright, I'm going to bed what Why is this King David so powerful? My hands are bruised David Wang we'll see I'm Tsukiu Fangzhi's agent David Wang is this going to turn the sky upside down? Mr. Ding, you have to decide for my family Fang Zhi. What's up with him oops The new Wang Dawei from our family's Fangwei has been beaten.

I can't live stream my face what happened how did you fight That king David has always relied on his popularity bully us I don't know why the two got into a fight yesterday. David Wang is so strong How can we stand it? oh, alright, alright You make it up like a story I'll be there later You beat Fang only And slapped him in the face I didn't slap my face I just kicked their ass Ding will be here soon Let's see how Mr. Ding solves it. Oh boss is coming rest assured Whoever is right and who is wrong will always be treated fairly Humph under the eyes of my mother Dare to play these little tricks oh ah what happened to your face you didn't do it what to wear David Wang, why are you so ruthless? How are we going to live stream? Ah, I didn't hit you in the face just kicked ass And it's your first hand I'm just in self defense You said it was their hands Then why are you all right? Can the two of them beat you? Zhou Chaoyang, you too Why don't you take good care of your subordinates? Disrespect seniors and beat people Where's the wild girl why did i bring what do you think of my vision Hey Hey, Ding, I didn't mean that Now both of their faces are spent If you can't live broadcast, you can't bring profit to the company. My face is really hurt or is it pretending? Is it really hurt or just pretending No one has ever dared to be in my Ding wood Playing such a small trick in front of Qian I brought a personal doctor Let's do a free injury appraisal for you Ah, no need, Mr. Ding

This little injury will be healed soon Didn't Xiao Shou cry so badly just now? Mr. Ding, they have no skin trauma It's all drawn what was drawn How dare you two team up to deceive me Sorry Mr Ding We know it's wrong, we won't dare next time Ding always blames me for not taking care of them Who knew they were so brave to lie to you so boring Don't bother me with this kind of thing Zhou Chaoyang King David Come with me, I'm Zhou Chaoyang David Wang's agent It's early to hug your thighs David Wang, are you hurt? No no They can't beat me I guess so If someone bullies you in the future, just call back I support you With today's example Who dares to bully Wang David Zhou Chaoyang, you should also pay more attention There are more intrigues in the company David Wang doesn't understand, do you still understand? If this happens, report it in time He just said don't bother him with this kind of thing Report to David Wang in time It's a double standard Brother Zhou, is this a solution? it's okay David Wang, call me Brother Chaoyang in the future. We will be good friends side by side ok chaoyang brother Hi guys I am your big eater, small bean sprouts Today's check-in is the Internet celebrity barbecue restaurant Um This bibimbap tastes really good The meat is tender and delicious Medium soft and hard rice Recommend everyone to try Thank you little fan for the gift We'll be here today, see you next time This ID looks like It's like Mr. Ding's nth trumpet. how are you full hehe almost That's not enough I just didn't eat Let's go in and have another meal Yeah Brother Chaoyang, you didn't eat just now let's go together Brother Chaoyang, when did your relationship become so good? What is Tintin saying? When did your relationship get so good? I still have something to do I'm leaving girl, can you still eat? Hey, I brought you another guest I thought that was your boyfriend just now Now it seems This is the lord no no Neither is this oh who is ah no one boss, stop teasing me I don't have a boyfriend yet Boss, do you have a girlfriend? Ah, speechless How can you ask the boss about such a private matter? The boss is so good, he must have a girlfriend I have not yet Why don't we make a pair Ah, I'm David Wang Why is the boss always looking at me? I don't have much meat in my meal.

BBQ rice is here Boss, try it hmm not bad Ah, why did the boss start staring at me again? I don't know how to eat uh uh uh uh drink some water Eat slowly and no one will rob you this is the boss God, isn't that just an indirect kiss? let me take you back Hey I don't seem to have traveled this road. Get out of the car and I'll take you away David Wang Has anyone told you that you're actually pretty? David Wang Has anyone told you that you are actually pretty I am Ding Muqian It's not easy to get along with David Wang alone in this environment Now he can always understand what I mean. Boss, are you laughing at me? I know I don't look good Uh I didn't mean that I really think you are beautiful Humph Boss, rest early I go first It's not that you're going in the wrong direction, it's this way Oh This girl is going to be tantalizing Ah, is this wrong again? That's right, this is my villa Down that road is your dormitory Wow this villa is so big How do you want to come in and sit? Hey Too bad I spent thousands of dollars on custom cakes no one eats It would be a shame to throw it away Oh Then I'll help you eat it hey, my chome ken is really good If you want to grab a person's heart, you have to grab his stomach first Wow, this is like a palace Please use Um delicious This is the best cake I've ever eaten in my life It seems that this custom cake tastes good thank you boss I'm going back after eating Ah, you're leaving now This little bastard runs away after eating Well, boss, you should rest early too. Ah, you too I am I don't know the relationship between David and Ding Is there any progress? David, where have you been so late? Hey you're back I went live today's exterior But Brother Zhou came back long ago. you came back so late Won't you go on a date with Mr. Ding?

ah no no I ate a little cake outside So come back late Is that little cake delicious? Is it delicious? beautiful, right? I went alone no one else Okay, don't hide it Everyone knows that Ding is always really interested in you let them say I have nothing to do with the boss anyway David, do you really not like Mr. Ding? Such a good boss who wouldn't like it But now I'm not worthy of the boss. I have to work hard I want to respond to my boss's feelings David's live stream today has no scheduled topics look what you want to eat i want a little cake But it doesn't seem to have that sign on it The last one was given to me by the boss I am the agent of Zhou Chaoyang King David There's nothing cheap, Mr. Ding Looks like the budget is going to be overpriced. Mr. Ding, the food king David chose cake this time I want to eat the one I ate at your place last time You are good, I know I asked the driver to take it there Wow That's right, that's the cake Isn't this that super famous custom cake? several thousand one Where is this cake? It's eating money Humph what a great Eat as much as a pig My David is not fat.

Unlike some people who drink water and get fat how does he like it Looks like he likes it very much I am David King The boss has a girlfriend It's hard to come to the cafeteria for a meal It can touch him What a disappointment Humph I don't want to see you yet Fang Zhi I saw a woman get into Ding's car yesterday Ah, is that David Wang? Not at all People with long and curly hair are not David Wang I'll say How could Ding look at him? The boss has a girlfriend Live streaming from Mr. Ding's villa today you sit down first After a while, Ding will always bring Miss Lu over Okay, I get it now Miss Lu is Mr. Ding's girlfriend? how am i here Are the ingredients ready? Is this the boss' girlfriend? really Only such a good-looking person is a good match for the boss.

I am David King This is the first time in 20 years that I have lost my appetite Are you King David? can not tell You're skinny and small and you can eat so much It's almost time I'm going to change first it is good ahh what's wrong with you david No Nothing but a sudden loss of appetite Let me introduce This is Lu Yueer is the head chef at HX Hotel The dishes on the live broadcast tonight were made by him Ah yes, I'll be waiting for you now not happy inexplicably unhappy David Wang, come here I have something to say to you I am Zhou Chaoyang David Wang's agent you just said David is jealous Yeah I felt it as soon as I walked in the door Then you and Mr. Ding were so close just now on purpose oh, i'm just playing for a while This little girl is so funny so rich As expected of a family i love you ah what happened What is this development I like you I want to take you around the world See unseen scenery go eat uneaten food would you like to be with me Ah, boss, you already have Miss Lu I can't do such a bad thing. I go first what are you thinking Lu Yueer is my cousin.

ah cousin boss, are you serious? do you want me to say it again I like you boss, are you serious? Of course, I love you King David no no I mean the one that eats the food all over the world is that true when did i lie to you Wei Wei, you promised Do not I like you too, boss David Wang, you can count The live broadcast room is going to blow up all of you you are introduce starting today babe is my girlfriend You have to help me take good care of her David Wang and Mr. Ding are together It's too fast I haven't offended Wang David before, have I? Hello everyone, I am your big eater, small bean sprouts keep everyone waiting Today's meal is Miss Lu, the chef of h x hotel The special steak is delicious My wife drinks so cute I Why do you feel dizzy? Hey David seems to be asleep Don't be drunk Shall I send David back to the dormitory? No need, I have a room here Aren't you tempting me? It's all my girlfriend A kiss should be fine, David. morning You haven't woken up so fast what Brother Zhou, they all went back, so I have to go back too Hey, you can sleep with me today sleep with you Isn't this too fast? ok i mean i have a free room here can sleep you why do you want to sleep with me ah no no no i don't i am not i don't tease you You've been tired all day, go take a shower Toiletries are in the bathroom it is good what so comfortable what a magical day Shall I lock the door? But if you lock the door Does it make me look like I don't trust my mother? Babe, have you finished washing? I found no hair dryer in this room I brought one over hey-hey Boss, I've washed blow it for me Are girls' hair so soft? Looks really tired good night my baby what I am David King Sleep well today Hey, it's 11 o'clock good noon now hey you wake up Rabbit is hungry Let's go eat first I'll go back to the dorm to eat where are you going to eat I also go to the dormitory to eat what what hey hey ah what's the situation Why does Mr. Ding seem to have changed? that is Did you specifically let us eat dog food? David, you didn't go back to the dorm last night you and Ding as you can see David Wang is now my girlfriend Hope you can take care wow it's real I'll say Big beauties have always been a good match for Mr. Ding

hey is it Um I also feel like we're a good match I am Lin Shao Wang David's childhood sweetheart In the past few months, he has not called or sent WeChat or returned. Is it going to be turned upside down? hmmmm hello li shang david Why haven't you called me for months? WeChat didn't reply ah sorry I'm too busy looking for a new job I'm back home Hey, let's go out for dinner this weekend OK See you on the weekend Um Hey Muqian, what's the matter? Why can't I call you you don't miss me But didn't we meet at noon? Am I the only one in love? calm down I am Ding Muqian, the dignified and domineering president How can you be beaten by a little girl? I miss you so call you You can call me if you want do you understand I understand, I miss you too, Mu Qian What do you want to eat tonight? what i want to eat hot pot ok i'll pick you up tonight hello to you Hey I'm so handsome today hey hey I'm going to be fascinated thanks Where are we going to eat hot pot today? Let's go, I'll drive you there The woman I see is really different. Wei Wei, I invite you to eat hot pot Reciprocity Do you have to give me something too? ah what do you want Why don't you just call me husband I am David King I just said Reciprocity I invite you to eat hot pot how do you call me husband What is Huihui thinking about? Do you want to eat hot pot? husband hey-hey I'm so handsome Isn't this cheap? Yesterday I saw David Wang go to Mr. Ding's villa again This king David is too shameless It's only been a few days started living together ok ok be quiet Then David Wang heard Blow the wind in front of Mr. Ding You all have to lose your job Why did we come years earlier than David Wang? Made a lot of money for the company Hey, if only Ms. Qiao was here Yes, sister Qiao has had a crush on Mr. Ding for so long

How can you tolerate a king David being killed halfway through? Hello, sister Qiao, how are you abroad? Don't talk nonsense, just say anything I don't have that much time This woman really hasn't changed at all. Ding, he is in love What did you say Ken Chome is actually in love Let me see and see who the hell it is Ah that's it Hello, is something wrong? long time no contact So I made a call to say hello I heard you have a girlfriend Yep why do you know that i like you What am I doing wrong? you're fine but it's nothing to do with me hello tomorrow i will rest do you want to go out to play ah not tomorrow I have an appointment with someone else who is male or female hey no one The brother who grew up with me Never heard of him having a brother Is it a childhood sweetheart Then I'll take it to you No need, brother Chaoyang will send it to me tomorrow OK, you Wang David will be a bamboo horse brother for a while For a while, a Chaoyang brother Tomorrow I will show you how good my brother Mu Qian is That Lin Shang is still a college student. Um Brother Lin Shang is still in graduate school But I'm graduating soon Oh Then you need to call me Thank you Chaoyang I know I've been following College students are even more The blood is full of tricks A simple girl like Wei Wei If you don't care, you'll be hooked David you are here Let me show you around our school first But I'm not a student here Can you go in hi it's okay You look like a college student Our doorman is very wide stop you can't go in why can't i go in Foreigners need to make an appointment to enter the campus how can they get in I can still distinguish clearly between society and students Looks like I'm not young enough hello headmaster I'm at the gate of your university now Your doorman won't let me in here It turned out to be a friend of President Wang. please come in Humph David here is the most beautiful place in our university Wow so beautiful David You said when you were young that you wanted to be with me when you grew up Are you still counting? Ah, what did you say you didn't hear? ah nothing Why do you feel a chill behind you? good day before the moon A place to find love it's almost noon Let's go and eat my treat today Thank you brother Lin Shang Our school restaurant also has a lot of good food cheap and tasty no worse than outside Yo Lin Shang This is your girlfriend It's your sister I say you are a wooden man how do you have a girlfriend hey lady Can you add WeChat Don't mess around without you having a girlfriend make friends do nothing Sister, do you want to come with us? I don't need a guest.

Are you really entertaining? I can eat as much as I want Of course you can eat as much as you want That's not good, David It's okay, brother Lin Shang It was Lin Shang who said he wanted to treat Come on, don't give me face This is my girlfriend Zhang Qing and Lin Shang is this your girlfriend so cute No, we're just brothers and sisters David we are not siblings It should be a childhood sweetheart It was Xiao Qingmei. It's okay to be called brother. Let's order first Whatever you want, don't be rude I think Suhang is better for you to order your own food. let's eat what do you mean? Do you think I can't afford it? Come on David, look at the menu first thanks i didn't mean that I'm afraid you really can't afford it I'm ready 10 bowls of rice 5 grilled fish order so much Are you done eating? This restaurant will be fined for waste Well he might not have enough after eating these what's not enough Is this still a person? That classmate, do you order food? Can't you sit? If you are resting, you should go outside and sit outside. There are also students who want to eat without a seat I like to sit here How much is billed per hour Swipe your card, why are there so many weird things today? There are 4 people in front who ordered 10 bowls of rice The small bowls are not enough for classmates The rice cooker will serve as much as you want to eat.

uh thank you boss what's the situation Is there a promotion for grilled fish? Even the rice cooker was brought up I don't want to eat grilled fish anymore Even your sister can really eat it I can eat more than before, which is less This grilled fish tastes really good girl Do you usually eat that much? where did all the food go why are you so skinny I used to eat less not enough to eat Now I have a new job and I can eat what You have a job I'll pay for it what's so funny Said I was a guest If I eat a lot, I'll treat you Besides, you are still students I'm already working Girl, come play again when you have time I will definitely treat you next time ok thanks david you came to me should be my treat You can't take this money Brother Lin Shang Since I was a child, you have given me delicious food I can't have this money Why are you so rude to me? We have never guessed since we were young mine is yours You have to take this money childhood sweetheart Two little guesses Is it possible that the doll is set for a kiss? really no need I'm already working I can support myself Brother Lin Shang This is my first treat do you have to do this The money I make when I graduate Make you eat more delicious food Thank you Brother Lin You've been the best to me since I was a child David you should do you have a boyfriend I forgot to tell you that I already have a boyfriend What did you say you have a boyfriend how could hum Huihui has long been a famous flower who are you Really Is my boyfriend my bole or my boss boss david You must have been deceived by him

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