Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness Tüm Detaylar ve POST-CREDIT Sahnesi İnceleme (Spoilers!)

Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness Tüm Detaylar ve POST-CREDIT Sahnesi İnceleme (Spoilers!)

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Greetings to all of you Doctor Strange. 2nd. I prepared with spoilers on the movie Multiverse Of Madness. They are as accurate as the truth, if the dang thing turns out to be true, it would be very good for the movie.

Made good corners. For example, in this movie it will be spent, but in the Scarlet Witch movie, about Wanda's return we knew. In the meantime, the Scarlet Witch movie will come. However, the Book Of Vishanti issue deeply affected me. After the movie reviews, I'll go straight to the easter eggs tutorials. In the video where I reviewed this movie without spoilers, especially What If...?

I told you that if you like the series, you will love the movie. Because the What If series also shows that there are deaths without mercy, too many of the children are part of the episode. it was serial. What If That Plus...? Fans of the series will love this movie. The movie was going to be really big and for those who will come on its stage, even if it was sneaky gave information.

For example, in Reed Richards' contemplative universes screenplay scene, It was declared that he did not fight. This was a reference to Secret Wars for us. He Who Whomains even announced this. We will tell about it, it will not be analyzed about a movie to be made. Since the Villain is Wanda in this movie, part of the movie is why she is bad.

What do they desire? Although there has been a movie of Wanda in the world, because Wanda is this movie, Wanda, the lead character of the most needed characters. Actually, Wanda wasn't evil, but Darkhold corrupted her and the first Demon came to Chthon's game. Chthon is one of the ancient Gods that made Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch. Marvel character most adept at black magic and Chaos magic. Formerly a prophecy was set and Wundagore dispersed the Scarlet Witch with spells. told.

Mount Wundagore was also in the comics, those who watched my previous reviews of it knows. The symbols seen here are in the trailer and in the same Darkhold. Like Wanda's portrait. In the aftermath of Wandavision, Wanda has lost her children after being corrupted by the Darkhold.

you called to bring it back for good. If until the end of Wandavision it was as corrupt as in this movie, never that highlighted and would not allow the absence of vision. He connected with his other variables in the most selective universes and completion was found. "The series has ended.

It will start right after the movie and will be the Darkhold's purchase of Wanda. It seems. In the movie Civil War, in Wanda because of the eyes of a few, In this movie, I killed everyone without mercy. He can even survive Sinister Strange, to whom the Darkhold may set off. Besides, if we say that this book was written for Wanda, it's okay to have superpowers on her.

there is a curse. Here's what I don't like about the movie is using it as a plug. I wish it was straight from Chthon and not the course of the movie. That way, Wanda wasn't wasted and they would unite with Strange and fight Chthon.

In fact, a crew from the movie was told up in the first place. So Strange and Wanda could join forces and fight against the real enemy. I think it would be more epic and a son.

America as Wanda movie is after Chawez and aims to take his powers. If that happened, he could be one of the most powerful in the universes. America Chawez cannot use their powers, but Wanda can use theirs very well.

That's why Strange couldn't let him take his daughter when he noticed Wanda's tricks. In short, this is the basis of the movie script. Actually, it doesn't have a bad script, most people who watch movies start the movie anyway. he says very well. He ran so many covert operations out of Wanda that he had his daughter on his show.

and it will never give up on this purpose. we fixed them, here's a problem. Strange said to her, what about the other Wanda after she finds out about her children? At that moment, he had no answer and was stunned. Maybe it would have worked if Strange hadn't attacked and tried to walk in this scene. So those who say Wanda has no motivation are wrong, it's already a bad character. because he is right.

Also when you meet at this rate, perhaps Chthon is manipulating him. and after Chawez gave her powers, Wanda' gave her powers before Sevilenda, Chthon may be stronger than before. We've seen that the demons we see here can cause chaos, so these guys was in vain on Wundagore mountain. In the end they got Wanda a very good wolf, and though it was late, the bad was wrong characteristic.

With the mountains of Wundagore, he realized that the Darkhold had turned him into what came with him. met and introduced them. But we, Wanda, will be back. It may already be irradiated from a beam of rays. So you can improve the motivation of the movie's villainy and not make it too bad. I think it will be a movie song and what will be done, actually making him do these things.

They might say Chthon. The Scarlet Witch movie, what more can they handle anyway? He would now have to confront his own powers with Chthon. It started with Wanda first because everyone was writing about Wanda and stuff. In that direction, he saw in this movie that Doctor Strange is the greatest threat in the universes. Also, if we compare Doctor Srange Supreme and Wanda, Doctor Strange Supreme is very easily wins.

Wanda doesn't roam universes, but she doesn't call out over Doctor Strange Supreme It can even open portals in the multiverse. Of course Doctor Strange versions are more dangerous, don't overdo it with Wanda i say. Speaking of Strange Supreme in particular, he's very good at even his appearance spells. he knows. Galaxies swallowed a drop, what else? But what's the point of the movie if the weak side of the movie was shown weak and Strange beat him? would he stay? Our Strange hasn't even fully developed yet, and now we're looking at how it's handled in this movie. I want to mention.

At the beginning of the movie, Defender Strange and America Cahwez, who are in the Multiverse, are kind of We see him running away from the demon. Vishanti's book was the only way to stop Wanda, who was controlling her. Through the movie, the content of the game is very well guided.

For example, in augmentation to revive Strange's powers. not done. Or he hadn't used the Illuminati to save Thanos and use the infinity stones. Meanwhile, What If...? Those who watch the series know that Vishanti spells are opposite to infinity stones.

it also gives. Also, these spellcasters are effective against Wanda's chaos spells. In fact, if they put this handcuff on Wanda's arm, it would be over. Renting a car for everyone and children in the short film. Defender Strange dies before he can kill Chawez and regain his powers, but his son also saved, and the two of them came to the Marvel Cinematic walk together. Are they comfortable here? Of course not, Wanda sent this Gargantos.

Then fights were applied to battles, but Strange's this is used in the scene from now on The items weren't bad at all. The portal unleashes a monster, casts spells out of his hands, etc. It was a legendary fight scene. By the way, the user also has the error in my movie, the same man 3 times Strange's The passers-by, unfortunately, did not pay attention to this. Their conversation in the cafe turned into a Spider-Man conversation on the stage and the latest events were mentioned.

If you remember, these Green Goblins or something came and Strange still has this much detail. not. He didn't forget Spider-Man anyway, you just forgot who he is. In addition, if Chawez said "Is Spider-Man crying from his butt," we are thinking again.

It was a scene that spoke. They will meet each other and they will definitely become friends. Under the Rune protection of these spells cast on Wong, Strange's vision It had just come from Wanda. If there's a witch who's a master at rune, of course it's none other than Wanda beforehand. When he first asked himself for help from Wanda's cause The location was conveyed very well.

Already throughout the movie, the acting was very good. That you can't get into Wanda, without wasting much time whether...or. Did you go to Chawez's Strange for help in my pursuit and replace me? did you say say too. Strange actually as a religious character in this movie's.

Introducing Chawez the means of transportation and it When I was little, I attached to girls to girls. Expressing that after a strange place Wanda lives for the universe he only worked with his daughter. Illuminati catch and say something to be filled by him he has proven that he has embraced it from below. By the way, I didn't like Strange's trusting Mordo and drinking his tea. Although Mordo processing information is as much in the verse, he has the two of them set the salt shaker.

In this movie, because of the dream-walking events, Darkhold with its versions in the universes They were told about their departure. At first, Supreme is purposeful to be guided very well and selflessly. announced. Actually, I don't blame him. Because Sinister Strange is in universes too, with Cristine their universe that you said you were looking for. It also explains that through the scenes of the Darkhold he killed them by aiming at their bodies.

So he goes to a universe with Cristine, if he goes, you kill Strange in that universe. said. The Illuminati also said that Supreme Strange was responsible for the lack of production from one. and wanted to help find it.

Shoti came in this scene, why is there no future Illumina Supreme Stranger privacy? It's all obviously Sinister Strange's fault. Think about it, the man is able to stop Thanos thanks to Vishanti. Or he puts handcuffs on his arms and loses his powers.

Why would you want to go to jail when you can? I'll try the preparations again for the good stuff for these toys. Already Strange has changed from his structure some time in time. Talking about their memories with Cristine through the movie has the same problems in other universes. See him. He had taken care of her in the previous movie, but Strange didn't appreciate it we say is the place.

In this movie, the subject of Cristine will again be in the foreground. That note in the fight scene of Sinister Strange and our Strange is really practical It was bad. I also said in the spoiler-free review that some applications have visual malicious intent. dead. Finally, Strange Dream is traveling, and it's a movie after all. his eyes will pop out.

Controlling the dead Defender Strange, thought and spirits can be controlled It was great to be on stage. The win was against Wanda, and her challenge made her say it would eventually happen. If they wanted to, they could have destroyed Chawez's power and Wanda. Instead, she chose to replace him, and yet she succeeded. Strange's suggestion in the movie was bad, because this movie is just thoughtful. the universe has been prepared for madness.

The addition to America Chawez's income in the movie was still not bad. He's actually a very strong character, but he can't use his powers yet. The scene where he beat up Wanda was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Your character is super strong thanks to the opening of the portal between the particle universe and this power to be. There are mainly more power and features, I think he will discover them all soon.

Things they really shouldn't always use, even though they have their powers in the movie Strange and the one he brought with him. Playing the character of Ben is a world reunion when I was little. Finally, Kamar Taj also took office as Strange 2.0. Wong, it wasn't a big deal for you to use the Great Mage in this movie. So Ulu is yes, but he never really fought Wanda properly. The society said something, how can he not stop Wanda.

Friends Wong is the strongest yet you can't do anything. What's that for a few Wandas? It was already said in Wandavision that the Scarlet Witch surpassed even the Great Sorceress. This way, Wanda would have taken them all very easily. Wong expresses your minds powerfully and the scene is very cartoony in my opinion. Thanks to Wanda, the woman can be controlled remotely, one of the most powerful minds, Professor He killed X. So it's that easy to resist Wanda? It got into Strange's mind, brought up Cristine, what else? Now let's come to the Illuminati issue.

This is where all of the actual Easter Egg scenes from the movie take place. Strange and Cristine are in it, 616 for the universe for the MCU. Of course Marvel cinematic Earth 199999 sees the universe as Earth 616. In the comics, Earth 616 is actually the main universe of Marvel, all other universes these alternate versions. Marvel's making this reference to the MCU core of making these fun universes means real.

So in cinematics, the main center is that we have been watching the universe for the longest time, and for this has been sent. In the universe where the Illuminati live, Earth is referred to as 838. Any reference in this universe, because it is a local and officially declared Not the Marvel universe.

How both Stephen's hands are broken differently in one scene while loving. Here he considers 616 and 838. It was to develop our attention in a beneficial way, the Ultron robots of our Illum. The Ultron of Their Name has been won and successfully brought to life it means.

It's possible that there is a Tony Stark in this universe because Iron Man is a must-have character. rude. Where is the Illuminati where there is an empty seat, and it has been in that seat since left blank. After Supreme Strange died, Master Mordo joined the Illuminati in place of Strange. I think there was definitely an Iron Man variant here, but it wasn't added to the movie.

Because even if Wanda killed everyone, it was imperative that someone in the back. Iron Man was planned even in the first design drawings. Maybe Tony, what Strange has done or will do is from Illuti. divided. But the truth is that there was someone in that chair, and it was definitely Iron Man.

The Illuminati most of the time gave them an air of their own, and in the movie. In this universe, Peggy Carter became the first invincible and participated in the super soldier experiments instead of Steve. Maria Rambeu took the powers of the Tesseract instead of Carol Danvers. The lesson that Black Bolt already has Marveltik classes, the cinema we see here an alternate version of it. Mister Fantastic had already said that the most legendary, and used to be in the movie. Kang's lineage and Mister Fantastic's lineage are the same, it's already used technology similar too.

And that's when the X Men animated series works in the scene where Professor begins. I said finally. Because this guy looks just like he did in the X Men animated series, and in this music It was totally a reference. A union that came together to make the Illuminati very difficult and difficult, they begin with a difficult unity that we cannot take.

They weren't going to rate our Strange in this movie. But Charles does look like this Strange's evil image. He told her something like, protect the girl and tell him about the book. He was already the only one in the Great Strange who was upset. Charles Illuminati can also be said to be the character who is always good, Hulk can be sent into space was always sad.

Even though Strange warned them a thousand times, the Illuminati really deserved to die. Mister Fantastic is supposedly the smartest (!) man on the planet, the one who can write the whole reality. When you say Wanda to a character, Black Bolt can destroy you just by speaking, take it I said this is another idiot. Wanda's news scene was already one of the best moments in the movie. Good thing Black Bolt shut his mouth and got him killed himself. The fork on his head allowed him to transmit this sonic sound in direction and very healthily.

Escape from Black Bolt's face this time. Fantastic Bey hands it back to Wanda, the so-called (!) smartest man. In other words, it doesn't matter whether a person will go or not. Peggy was so bad on stage, to Steve when she said to do it all day A posting was done, but he died before he could even do it for a few seconds. Is Captain Marvel dead? Did I eat it heavy? ********************* However, there is also the situation that when Wanda hits the last shot, Captain Marvel's unleashed all his strength. If he hadn't made this hit and pulled out his powers, he would have had a hard time defeating him.

a very strong and stamina character on his own, he pierces the whole ship I was heartbroken that he wouldn't die from one. His powers are weak in health, which does not cause him to die. The death of the Illuminati impressed me from the first person, but the movie 3. Taken from the language of the languages ​​that were bred to publish the def. Peggy's two or three hamlets I've said before, Marvel's classic This is already leaving.

Just with Charles' luck, I wish he'd stayed, but he didn't. Wanda is human in a very devilish way. By the way, it was a legendary scene just like in the Concept portrait. Charles may be a very powerful telepath, but what can be directly asked of a Wanda? yenemedi. A confused Wanda will be found.

In this way, the entire illuminati was spent, but Mordo used the production man. Alright what now? Will this be taken from his stomach? Could there be a war between the multiverses? The only one who had to survive remained in Mordo and left without shame He could put the blame on Stephen Strange. I wish Superior Iron Man had come after this event and it's a post credits thing to happen. But it's a fact that there are people on Reed's team who try or something. This discount will follow.

Especially the Black Slider, the inhumane little one, so for that reason they're all united. highest ability. There will definitely be a Secret Wars, universes colliding and whichever wins.

to be continued. Did you like the horror scenes in the movie? Especially Wanda's nasty bad behavior coming out of the TV. Or the limping of Strange's prediction, there were some very good references.

Wanda in this movie is very funny, scary and what nobody knows about. He was a bad character. With someone, albeit similarly to Strange's frenkestain. There were horror scenes from time to time, Wanda killed too many people tormented, so the movie failed to work both Marvel and Horror movie. The main purpose of this movie, I think, was something like preparation for Secret Wars.

Only one post credit transaction development at the end of the movie is worth it. The person behind Strange in this scene is his comics wife, Clea. She's also Dormammu's niece, grandma in this scene, and the sales room. 3 of Dormammu it might be reversible in the movie, and so will Clea in case she becomes the next Great Sorcerer my edit.

Charlize Theron plays Clea as well, and I think it's very appropriate. dead. Just a show on stage felt a bit strange that it was a fait accompli By the way, from the beginning of the movie to the Illuminati. Strange still towards the end and should have a weird ending is coming.

He perceives very well since the movie and finds excuses to denigrate. I'm talking. However, an important time in the movie does not concern me. No matter what, I get tired of repetition of movies in Marvel productions, but I never got bored even though I did it 3 times in a row.

From this perspective, I was just perceived in the dimensions given in the movie. Although the future in the movie came to most of us, the most anticipated ones did not come. This was the point where people regret it. Director Sam Raimi made a longer, more cameo movie while it was longer.

Good morning. Think about it, this movie comes before Wandavision. So what exactly is the plot of the movie planned then? So from the added content of the universe scenes leaving the movie, then the movie is really he wanted to be. They say they didn't like the movie because it was too short for multiverse scenes. Before making the movie this 3. the world once and never got bored.

Even though the guys were a movie, I would rather say they would have said it. I can't say it's a terrible movie, they could have done more, they tried different things and I think it's average it's a marvel movie. People nothing from Love And Thunder this is "Love And Thunder" I think you will like it more than the movie. I liked this movie, 7.5 out of 10, because of the universe scene it was told about to be already. I had more scripts in a multiverse movie, I could have had more, and that's why filming would have combined in a good direction.

Your visual design is so grin in some scenes, and your fight with Sinister Strange I find it a bit ridiculous, but the score is broken. Illuminati hasn't shown too many positives and Iron Man in one scene. bad in life. It also happened that bad crime belongs to wanda and wasted character. I think they didn't do anything in this movie as it would be tied to Chthon. Now that the darkhold may perish in the Wanda multiverses, now Chthon may come.

A very full movie, a production but incomplete because of bad people says. I think if they are lacking in this matter and will examine the script a little more he liked the movie. There were also those who said that the movie was Wanda's movie, the movie is definitely Wanda's movie. it was like.

Doctor is the real hero, everything is his purpose Strange movie, Wanda only the movie was good. The characters are beautifully rendered, I wish his country hadn't been interfered with so much and the movie hadn't been changed so much. I think they want to bring Tom Cruise to leave that seat empty. Deadpool or Ghost Rider may have been deleted, but nothing about Tom Cruise none.

Don't apply Tom Cruise because it's so requested in Marvel content. part of the post I was already thinking about Ghost Rider, Deadool and Tom Cruise Apart from that, there is everyone expected in the movie. Anyway Thor's new movie is coming, some new characters in the best movie too reputation. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness adventure also had a son.

Yep, that's all from me for now. The next video is reviewed, bye.

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