Dark Side of Fitness Industry? | How They Fool You? | Business Case Study

Dark Side of Fitness Industry? | How They Fool You? | Business Case Study

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think that you go to market everyone started laughing at you you became extremely fat, you feel shame by watching your fat in the mirror wherever you go people make fun of you, do body shame and you always disappoint by thinking about yourself feeling very disappointed, wanting to do something don't want to live such a life, don't want to listen to people taunt now an amazing body will be made, such a body that will shock everyone Gym begins tomorrow, and a new life begins tomorrow 3 months passed you went to the gym but nothing happened, People are still making fun of you doing body shame still feeling bad, feeling extremely bad but suddenly... you find a way, such a way that can change your life that can help you to achieve all your fitness goals no matter whether you are skinny or fat now no one can stop you to develop your muscles need muscles, need 6pack abs, want to be strong, you will get everything no need to do anything, just make a call to the number given below and book a slot in my coaching program, and see how will I change your body in just a few days I will transform you so that people will be shocked and here you get into the trap, and the story doesn't end here but the real game begins fitness which was started to make your life better, that industry is destroying your life at such level that you could not imagine, and the sad part is that this is just the beginning! have you ever wondered why the Indian government does not support sports like bodybuilding why so, when athletes like Neeraj Chopra and Bajrang Punia are paid in crores by the government on the other side the condition of bodybuilders is worst, but why? well one reason, is steroid use this is such a sport where synthetic substance is highly used but interestingly very dangerous things are happing in the Indian fitness industry where steroid use is nothing in front of them well to understand this at the very first phase you have to understand that there is a difference between general fitness and bodybuilding if you look at general fitness then general fitness is part of the lifestyle and the majority of people who follows general fitness practice this because of fear they fear having a disease, or they just want to look good on the other hand, if you look at bodybuilding then it is a professional sport and the reason most people do bodybuilding is that they feel bodybuilding is fashionable they see that these number of peoples are doing bodybuilding then why we shouldn't there is a catch if you look very closely then you will find the targeted audience is completely different on both the side there is a huge market in the fitness industry, a very wide market where you get to see people age between 15 to 60 but if we talk about bodybuilding then it comes under a proper niche market in which 15 to 30 years of people are interested fitness vloggers brought both markets together, among them some fitness vloggers create content on the general fitness many people are there who do proper bodybuilding along with creating content on general fitness for someone like Yatinder Singh but the problem is due to this most people think that fitness and bodybuilding are the same and this is where it starts to get dirty gym, competition, and social media. if you look very closely then the people in the fitness industry will rob you of these 3 categories in such a way you won't even know and the sad part is that this time it's not just about money but your health is also at risk you go to the gym look at the other's body and after watching them you wish to have a body like them do whatever you want but please help me out to have a nice body, want to look good and by listening to you someone came to help you out such person who has the same body that you want the such person whom you believe and you are hooked gym trainers, the so-called coaches in the majority of cases gym trainers say they will give you the products use it and definitely, you will get the body you want but at what cost? I will tell you, they will provide you either steroids or fake supplements in both cases, gym trainers make a lot of money and maybe you can build your body you may become fit but do you know what is going on inside your body you know what, more than 95% of trainers in India are noncertified means they don't have any proper education about fitness and synthetic. your life is at risk, high risk because whether you built your body or not but if something happened to you the trainer won't be affected but interestingly this is a game at a small level because the next scam is a huge compared to this and you know what this thing is so smartly designed that you cannot notice the scam even if it is right in front of your eyes and that is the bodybuilding competition the number of bodybuilding competitions held in India or worldwide among all the organizers gained the profits it is just like a casino no matter who wins the competition means the organizers make a lot of money but after working so hard what does a bodybuilder get NOTHING! no money, no fame, no recognition, no respect sheru classic Asia's number 1 bodybuilding show whose price money is 25000 and the best part is only the pro cardholder will get the price means the best athletes in every category among them the best will get this price but what about others, everyone worked hard, and everyone spent their money, by the way, do you know in years 2019, and 2020, and 2021 who was the pro card winner? do you know? no, you don't! and this is the harsh reality the organizers of the show keep on earning but the bodybuilders do not get anything so now look at this very very carefully how do the organizers of the show earn money first of all, the athletes pay their registration fee and tanning fee to the organizers of the show as well as the organizers also earn from the sponsorship of advertisement whoever are running ads in there show earn advertisement revenue and last and most importantly boots. if you look at the show boots of many brands are installed that boots help the organizers to earn a rental income if we talk about the expenses then three things fall under the expenses 1. the rent of the entire location

2. organizing charges 3. expenses on medals but the entire profit goes to the organizer's pocket and you know what a body-building athlete did not get anything an athlete spent 8-9 lakh rupees to compete in a competition than spent 1.5lakh on booking hotel, flight, travel, diet, tanning, registration

if somehow won and got the pro card than the price is only 25000 you tell me is it a good deal? spending so much money on a diet, and supplements left everything for bodybuilding and what you have got? nothing! in fact, created more problems like skin aging, hypertension, liver damage, and hair loss which most people face nowadays, the problem of hair loss is so common, I have seen so many people between the age of 20 to 30 who is suffering from massive hair loss and they look for solutions in which oil and shampoo are recommended but how will they solve the problem of hair loss caused by the use of steroids that's why knowing the real reason behind hair fall and taking such treatment which will work upon its root cause is more important but it is important to do it at the right time if you research then hair loss happens in seven stages and at the 4th stage, you can go for a proper treatment to get rid of hair loss after the 4th stage, you have only 1 option left which is a hair transplant it is essential to take action before you reach the 4th stage that too with the help of experts, the doctors of Traya provide you a similar expert solution you can take a free hair test on Traya which will tell you the reason and root cause behind your hair fall this test is arranged by the doctors of Traya they will provide you a customized plan which will help you with hair regrowth and better hair quality the success rate was 93% so I too have ordered the kit and the kit includes the products like scalp oil, hair raced, and hair serum, and the best part is they are scientifically proven and that too under 3 sciences that are Ayurveda, dermatology, and nutrition and you know what for hair regrowth and hair loss not only 1 factor is responsible it depends on many factors, more than 2 lakh of Indians who were suffering from genetic hair loss got effective results within 5 months through Traya. so yes, you can make your customize kit only you have to follow these steps 1. appear for a free online hair test on Traya. health 2. Purchase your 1 monthly customized kit 3. and get effective results in 5 months by following the diet plan and with the help of your coach I have given the link to Traya in the description and the comment box go ahead and get a genuine hair care solution and you can use my coupon code Aditya 28 to get 20% off on your purchase I know what you are thinking about winning a bodybuilding competition gives you fame and once the bodybuilder becomes famous then they can make money right? well, in other sports this is 100% true but not in bodybuilding and this is because of these two reasons, number 1...

media coverage and number 2 audience neither bodybuilding is covered by the media nor does it has a huge audience Saina Nehwal, Neeraj Chopra, Bajrang Punia, and Mary Com, media houses make a lot of money by making them popular because they know this sport has a certain audience but no one wants to see bodybuilders so why media houses will promote it? Boby Singh is one of the best in India and has more than 7 international bodybuilding medals but you know what, Rohit Khatri, Abhishek Yadhav, and Jeet Salal are 10 times more famous compare to them and the interesting thing is among them no one has won even half of the medals of Boby Singh Arnold made his money when he entered Bollywood J Ketner made his money through different businesses and the same goes with Ronny Goldman In India, Rohit Khatri to Abhishek Yadhav was famous before playing in a competition not because of the competation, all of them made there money before playing professionally The harsh reality is you can't make money by playing this sport professionally if someone will earn then they will be the organizers of the show don't know how many candidates go to the stage every year but if I ask you that do you know someone? is there someone whom you know because he won on the stage and that is the reason that majority of athletes become gym trainer later and start selling steroids and fake supplements to the people because they don't have any other way, I know what you are thinking that I don't even have compete I don't want six pack abs, I just want a good body, I just want to look good that's all I want. but the truth is if you think like that then something strange is happing to you that will ruin your life forever something like that which will destroy you mentally, financially and emotionally the social media fitness gurus, they are more dangerous than the trainers who sell steriods and fake supplements and i will show you how, Mukesh Gerot whom people call him guru, they don't train online go to him and he will guide you but why? he can still earn a lot of money by training online no! the fact is no one can tranform you online, because it is very hard to do and the reason behind this is Personalization, the metabolism, workout, diet, body type, muscle memory, supplements, sleep, anabolics, genetics these are different for every body, and your body cannot be transformed until and unless someone gives you a personalized program for your body the old school coaches know this thing very properly, if you look Mukest Gerot sir who people call him guruji, he always train the limited students and train each and every students based on their personalized program because he know every students have different body and he is also very expensive not everyone can afford him, on the other hand if you look at the online fitness coaches, they train huge number of students they have large number of students and because they have huge number of students so they won't able to personlized the program for them which is necessary to built your body, the generic stuf which is normal and basic, but the thing is because the online coaches and fitness gurus are very much affordable that's why huge number of students come for coaching because most people cannot afford old school coaches and these online gurus earn a lot of money if you compare the number of old school coaches out there most of there students got amazing results on their body because they understand the fact that every person's body is different and that's why everything is customized according to the person's body and this practically possible because they have limited number of students on the other hand, if you look at the online fitness coaches than they are able to give results to very few of there students reason they have thousand of studends, it is not possible to customized everything for each and everyone so they sell the generic stuff and the person who have good genetics among those 2000 those whose body is more responsive they only got results and by showing those resluts these gurus sell their generic program and interestingly these online gurus know that this program will not work for every clients but they still sell it, but why? well, I will tell you the truth behind it. if you look at the things very closely, than the coaching fees of the online gurus goes upto 50,000 per student and they always train 20 to 30 students not more than that so the total revenue rounds up upto 10 to 15 lakh Rs, so you share real knowledge on the other hand, the fees of majority online coaches is 3000 to 10000rs so the number of whom they cater they are in 2000 to 3000 in numbers, if you look at their total revenue reaches upto 1.5 crore

and they don't have the real knowledge than in majority cases they sell you hope because it is not possible to sell customized program to 2000 people, and as I told you everyone have different body type different things work on different type of body, so that 1 program will not work for 2000 people so I am telling that taking online fitness coaching is wrong, every online coach is wrong, no, definately not! the hard fact is that most people take online fitness coaching with a wrong expectation They think that I will just take this one program and my body will be made it will make me fit It happens In some cases, you do get results But not in all cases Because everyone's body is different and the program given to you is based on generic calculations So, chances are that program will not work on you. Online coaching is not bad It just you expect too much out of them your expectation is broken and now you have given money neither body is made, nor money is left But you know what there are some such people in this industry Those who genuinely want to rob you They just want to make money they don't care about your health or your financial condition. They are big liars Won't tell you, that they have become such a good physique by using her own Anabolic trained offline under a good coach, have worked for so many years then you have achieved so physique because if you tell all this, then how will the course sell? But how is all this done with you Well, I'll show you according to human psychology, we are all programmed in this way that we always make convenient decision We do not take the decision, which is right for us we take the decision which is more convenient for us. So, for an example There is a problem, the problem is that your body is not being made now 3 solutions will be kept in front of you out of which you will pick that solution Which will be convenient for you and that is why these online fitness coaches will market their programs in such a way that you will have to take this program only once. And see how your body will become Bodybuilding is a far cry In general, if you also want to maintain a fit lifestyle then you will have to control your tongue you can't eat junk on a daily basis On the other hand, some people will build your body even after eating Maggi, Pasta, Chili Potatoes they tell you such things.

You will be told that they know something that you do not know need knowledge for that that you do not have that is why coaching programs are needed. Problem in the market is More than 90% people are unfit because they have no control over their eating habits and their lifestyle. So, in order to fix this These 2 options are kept in front of them Option 1, that you take good diet, complete good sleep, do good workout and you also have to be paience it is very important to have patience. And there is option 2, That is, eat junk, do a little workout, smoke and drink in moderation and you'll see results in 2 to 4 weeks.

So, you look at this very carefully Which option 1 is very tough option for you and option 2 is very easy option for you And by default, We as humans always make convenient decisions so, for us which is 2nd option Where eating junk, doing little workout, smoking-drinking, doing all this by doing all this within 2-4 weeks the result is to be brought. This is the most convenient option we see so, what will people do they will go towards the convenient option Most of the people neither control their tongue nor smoke and alcohol but everyone needs a body. And this is well known to the person selling you the course And that is the reason That they show you Maggi, Pizza, Burger, Fried Rice And don't know what shows that you can achieve a good body even by eating this Looking at all this the rest of their program looks like a jackpot to us that eat everything and become such a body So basically, it's all about marketing 4000 to 5000 people were fooled in various ways then 2 crores to 3 crore rupees were collected just like that. I know what you are thinking That after eating Maggi-pasta, drinking cigarette-alcohol why does nothing happen to the coaches of the body or how do they Probal the size even after doing all this? Well, as i told you It takes a lot of things to build a body you go and ask any professional bodybuilder once If he skips workout today and starts eating junk food how long will it take him to get fat again? See, Try to understand Having played a competition the world's steroids are in the body the muscles are mature and the body's metabolism is very fast. So, in that case Even if you are eating junk that consuming in short quantities at regular intervals and working out + you are loaded with steroids So, you will not get fat in fact, It will absorb your body and will show with a more muscle maturity but a common man Who has neither good metabolism, nor good diet, nor proper sleep cycle, nor strong genetics If he does all this he may die False Marketing See, I'll tell you openly I go to gym myself and the thing that i am blessed with genetics my body type is such that I eat whatever so, my body doesn't get fat In fact, Many times, I go to the gym by eating Maggi, Burger, Pizza But the thing is that I know what my body type is, my genetics And I also know that what to eat will put fat on my body and what to do will not put fat on my body. But the thing is Everyone's body is different Similarly, you know the most about your body But the point is that these online fitness coaches, these online fitness gurus Will make you feel that they know more about your body than you They know what is right and what is wrong And of course, they will be able to tell you that what is right and what is wrong for you.

And that too when you will take their program I'll share a real example with you Look at Sahil Khan have seen his lifestyle have ever seen him doing diet But still he maintains himself Now the thing is I am not saying that he is natural or not. What I'm trying to say is that he is blessed with genetics But in spite of this, he never claims that he will get your body made by feeding you pizza, burger and all these things. their body is maintained because he is aware of that how their body reacts to what but not if it's working on them So, that will work on you too that is the reason that he never claims that you too can maintain a body like me by mentioning such a lifestyle. Because they also know this thing that is practically not possible whenever you see someone online with a very good physique first of all, ask yourself this question that what is their business model? Because the thing is the most of them uses anabolic assistance and it's completely Ok It's his job It's their profession, they make money out of it but you, why you want to use steroids why you want to take someone's online coaching program to stay fit Well, You can just play sports If you want to make a body then you will get simple scientific knowledge from the book or good training and knowledge of workout You will get it from the certified trainer standing in your gym I am not saying that the industry is bad But the point is that until and unless you won't to make money out of fitness there is no point using expensive supplements and expensive steroids And putting your life at risk is not a profitable deal at all Honestly, the profession is amazing I myself find this profession very awesome In fact, I myself am a fan of Yatinder Singh sir I watch his videos and have met him. But the point is The reality of this profession in India is very bad and I have put the same things in front of you today.

Otherwise, life is yours, choice should also be yours if you have learned something valuable from this video So don't forget to like this video and subscribe to the channel so that you never miss such powerful videos.

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