Cara trading dan open posisi yang akurat di live market

Cara trading dan open posisi yang akurat di live market

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the corner Let's smile this video is sponsored by a multi-asset trading partner Global Mitrade group owns several companies that have been regulated by the Australian securities and investment commission ASIC and the Cayman Islands monetary authority CIMA. about ASIC and CIMA Mitrade license information we have helped traders check it. through the mitrade platform you can access a wide variety of international financial markets and trade hundreds of financial instruments such as Bitcoin, US stocks, gold, WTI oil, indices, commodities, Forex and others. The process of depositing and withdrawing funds is very fast and can be done through various common ways. Commission-free trading,

multiple leverage options (1 to 200) available. Free storage for one time leverage suitable for long term investment. click on this video information link to open a Mitrade account via Mitrade mobile and web. click to start trading immediately Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh OK SC lover's meet again with me at candles specialist, greetings to one brother. Both my subscribers and my members. This time

we will discuss how to trade in the live market and how to analyze as well as how to open trades on the live market because whatever it is, if we don't prove it or not, we practice it, it's just useless. Let's go straight to the material, now here I use the Mitrade platform. I'll try again on the Mitrade platform. Can it be done on the partner platform? I think all platforms can, the important thing is in the form of candlesticks, all of which we can analyze using the technique I described. Okay, without further ado, let's go straight to the OTW material.

Okay SC lovers, this is based on my subscriber request, bro, try trading using a cellphone, now let's try using headphones. Now, let's open the application. Now, in Euro USD, let's click, now it's a one minute duration. one minute means that one candle is finished within one minute now if we want to trade we have to analyze it for one minute 1st Hour, yes, this one. Well, later when we want to trade, we will analyze again on the one minute timeframe. Is it the same, now pay attention to the one hour timeframe, it's clear

, the information is price decline, now. Let's check the lower timeframe First it was five minutes ago, now like this, even in 5 minutes, there is a price/trand decrease. Why is Bang called a decline? because if the mission is still Uptrand then the candlestick is always chasing the resistance area, Now this candlestick is able to break through the support point, check it in one minute now and it turns out that even in one minute it also decreases, now we are looking for the highest price or when the price goes up then we open a trade go down because this is the mission to decrease prices, when the mission is to decrease prices, don't occasionally open trades up because if the mission is to decrease prices, the goal is a support point, which support point, Bro? the support point can be below it can also be above it like that, Well now we wait for him to go up first then we will open a trade. Well watch us wait for a moment until he goes up he has to go up, yes, even if he goes up, he's just a little Hey Okay, let's see first Hai Na na OK, let's open trade 0.20 ok ok 0.20 now pay attention to the below, it's still minus $1.60 now Now it's still a minus,

hi then when are we going to sell it later when there is a result, whether it's two dollars or three dollars or even more, we sell it directly like this That's it, so when we've made a profit, we don't sell it, don't hold it in. This is the way of a professional trader, when we're profitable, we immediately sell it . Okay, pay attention now, it's plus $1.60. Oh sorry, it's a bit crowded here because there are a lot of children, yes, this is still on Kangean Island. The problem is, well , now, let's look at it, we'll close it here. to resistance, because what is the mission? the mission is a support point so even if it goes up, it goes to the support point, which support is the most bang, it goes to this support point, so when it goes up we immediately enter the trade , because the opportunity for us to open a trade goes down when the price goes up, yes, because the mission is now this is a point of support or price decline, okay, now pay attention again, this is still a minus, yes, we wait until this is a plus, we will close it later OK. It doesn't matter yesterday someone said ABC bang, as long as it's blue, it's close, it doesn't matter, what's important is that we make a profit . he rose the most to the support point, yes this support, yes, this one, let's see. Is it true that later if he goes up to our support, open trade again, because he will not be able to catch up with resistance because the mission is still a price decline, well, let's open here, okay, okay , why are you sure we are open trading there again, because the mission of a downtrend or price decline is only to chase the support point, which means that if it goes up, it's just chasing the support point above it like that. So this is the support, Hey, let's

see if it's true that he will only pursue the support point, let's try to prove it together Hi later, if there has been a price reversal or trend reversal and then it is confirmed that there is a trend reversal, then he will become an uptrand huh or the trend will reverse like that Well now we are waiting for this the position is still minus 4 dollars more we wait until everything is profit Oh yes Well let's see Hi so logically if we are able to read the formation of the price direction where will God willing we will profit more than the loss yes, so we are not carelessly trading, yes, if we want profit, we must analyze carefully like that. Well, it's starting to go down, yeah, take a look Now look, now it's just right. Wow, it's turning, hey, hey , let 's just wait until our new profit is closed, okay . This direction, but it's impossible, now it's a plus. Let's wait, Nana, try the one above, we'll close it. Wow, wait a minute,

hey, okay, this is okay. We're closing the one below. Hey, let's wait . Yes, I think he can't afford two dollars, okay then, when are we going to buy again later if he goes up ? Hurry up, because we are traders, what is the pink scale Hi, the term we have to be fast Hi Now it's still a minus, look at it Hi, if your trading is like this, I think it's difficult to experience an important loss jan Bro, I'm greedy , I haven't closed the profit, I've been waiting for a lot of up to $100. I'm funny, yes. If you trade like that, you won't be able to make a profit. Oh, I'm sure you won't be able to make a profit of 1000, the most profit, yes. Try this, it's still a minus. Later, please

G2 dollars, let alone more, let's close now, make sure Hi, it's starting to close . Hey, we're waiting. Hey, it's already $ 1 more, hi, hi, okay, now we're closing. Let's close. Click on this one, it's closed, OK . This dollar we collect will eventually become a lot Oh yeah so this is how we trade, don't be too grandiose together, this is a small profile, let's just wait until he really collapses, don't Hi, Try to understand my language carefully, why am I tell me like that, why do I tell you to close quickly when profit is close when profit is close? Because during a downtrend, maybe he will have a price reversal to be absent, right? because behind the scenes , Brother, you have to be sure that behind the scenes there is a market maker, okay, let's wait for it to go up again, then we'll open trading again, let's give an example one more time, let's open a trade now. Pay attention to friends, hi, hi, yes, Mrs. Luna, okay, well, here it is. this is going up which will be able to catch up with resistance, because there has been no price reversal or trend reversal, so even if it rises to the support point above it, Hi, let's see together . no loss, hi it's okay little by little we collect this what we 're looking for Now he's starting to go up but don't worry, we don't have to panic, even if he goes up to the support point above him, okay, here we comment, we are 5000 containers, hi why am I complaining 0.50 because it's two and a half, yes, we multiply by two and a half Hey grandpa Hi nah Hi Well now look at this the minus is already 10 11 do llar Yes it's 11 dollars 60 Okay No problem , we don't need to be afraid because we know that the price will move down, that's the benefit we can read the pouvez action, yes where the price will move there We understand now this is what a trader needs. same Is this a profit or how ? Hi and remember my language as long as there is information on a price decline or a downward trend taking place, the candlestick will always break through the support point . after that he went back down like that Now look, hey, I don't think I can get to the support above it, it's gone down. This is one proof that there are still downtrend missions . fix the highest price there, okay

? Now the army has become a channel oh it means he will go back to support t that was just created Oh yes, right Able to usually pass the support that was formed just now, this one's support Hi This one Hi Well, let's prove that we both use this profit or loss, let's see Hi Ho said Hi, so I think the material that I conveyed on YouTube God willing, it can help traders. Yes, whether it's a beginner or professional trader , even though I think the material has a very high accuracy, maybe hi hi hi okay now so cancel the red again, let's see the next kettle . $10 Now, that's a plus, look at this, let's get ready for the Cross. Hey, you're smart in your class. Well, it's KYT minus again, e-cash, be patient, hi hi , if it's just my Yamaha theory, everyone can do it, but in practice it's difficult, no educator will explain like this, yes, if only language is good, semoc is good but sorry bro, if I don't have the right languages, okay because my school just got to kindergarten and even then zero small, didn't pass, bro, hehehe So I can't speak cool languages, high-level languages, my language is like this, the market language Oh yes, but the point is that we are able to make a profit, that's the key.

Let's go down again Boy Ok Google Hi, let's zoom out later, how is this candlestick moving so this candlestick is moving into a downtrend ? you the lounge, are we going to lose or profit, maybe not, I don't think so, I think this profile Hi because there is still no reversal, hi hi Hi Okay, soon the thickness is moving, hi, e-cash has moved, the thickness has changed . able to exceed the danger resistance, yes, yo yo , let's watch it together. Am I currently Lost or how ? great hi okay already $5 yes already plus 60 yes we close ok ok we close steady 9 dollars only the other one Let's hold it first because it's still minus Hello huhuhu go with him and dad hehehe come down Kauna II Hi later you give me some bread go down keep going down hi hi hi nah let's go down right yes the one that canceled the green just canceled the control Yes Hey cancel control bro why does it keep going down now nah the green scanner tries to turn it around but it can't hi In fact the confirmation is the red channel which has a longer axis below, remember my material yesterday, yes, Hi, the temperature of the confirmation areas is very important for us to pay attention to , whether it's the signal or the command, we have to pay attention to this and why am I still sure it's going down because the confirmation is that the red channel signal is longer than that? let's look at Hi, it's still a minus, the other is still a minus, hi , Hi, Keh, still minus, hi hi , I think he won't lose, just Sara profit Hi, remember the keyword in my previous video. If there is a price decline or a trend decline, the mission is a support point where support can be below the support can also be above it but the point is that the price will always move down, so hold the key word, so when it's downtrend don't sometimes open trades go up because it's risky, hi, but if you follow a path like this it's difficult you will get a ticket, haha, we're side of the hi, why is compensation here, bang, sure, he's going down, because he only goes up to the support point, let's try to prove it both of you, have to obey him, hi, okay, bag. Only one is still mint, so get ready, okay, it's good, it's contagious, Hi hehehe, Alhamdulillah, all profit, Hi Okay, maybe this technique can be used, Brother, and now, I'll try to minimize this, is the downtrend right or not our analysis is groping, isn't it Hi So please, brother, understand my material on YouTube Insy God, brother, has been able to get up to 60% profit, yes, because I have explained only 60% of this material on YouTube, the rest is in education. Yesterday, there was news that those who participated in education had to follow the link, Bro. Herman is a big liar, namely haters. I never told my members to

join the affiliate link okay silvers maybe this is all I can say and later If there is a question or there are things that you need to ask, please comment in the comments column Please request What should I do or what should I say Okay now we are closed and betel wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hi hi hi ho

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