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hello there capricorn okay this is your  reading what's your current energy what's   currently going on with you and this is a um  timeless reading so whenever i have to come   across it that's when you're supposed to see  it let's start out with what is your situation ooh ace of wands five of swords and the king of  swords okay and we have four okay with this aries   aquarius energy you're getting a new beginning  here taking a leap of faith might be a new job   a new position here something something you're  passionate about but there's something going   on here that i don't like here the five of  swords might be a little bit of competition a   little conflict um more gossip i guess not so much  competition is gossip or someone's trouble anchors   and it could have something to do with this king  of source aquarius libra gemini let's get a charm   on this one oh this one has a big open heart for  you okay maybe someone's not too happy that's a   person's interest in you let's clarify him why  do we have this ace of wands here let's see here oh okay so whatever you're  single available independent   and um doing great here there's a  new opportunity coming in for you   that looks really good i like it now  why is the five of swords here though you're ending something you're ending  something to start something new and i think   other you might be starting your own business  here this seems like you're starting off in your   own on your own way here and other people  don't like it because you're leaving them   you're leaving them behind now what about  this king of swords who's this who's this oh you're going to be celebrating with this  king of swords yeah this king is sorry someone's   interested in you they got love for you they  want to go out they're going to ask you out   okay but i think the whole thing is that people  don't like that you're starting your own business   leaving them this is taking a breather too  you might be taking a vacation before you   start things up or or just taking a little  time out because you have new beginning here   this looks good i like this okay now what's your  challenge let's see what your challenge is here justice libra energy whoa we got a couple of  knights here challenging you   and we have the king of wands on the  bottom okay so this is libra energy this is   taurus virgo capricorn energy and  this is scorpio cancer pisces energy all right let me get some charms on these  guys here so this knight a coin we have   oh a airplane okay so someone might be at a  distance maybe someone's coming to see you   or maybe you're going traveling to see someone   you might be going on a trip  with this person maybe too   okay let's see what about this on united cups  we have what is this well let's see seahorse   okay now this is saying that there might be  a new love entering here okay so with these   night there's messages coming to you i think you  might find out this person is very much interested   you're gonna be going out with them but you might  have these other people interested in you too   and that might be a little bit of a challenge  because you got to figure out what to do   that's right here and then the bottom deck we  have the king of wands aries leo sagittarius   this is not showing up now but maybe in the  future this person might come into play okay let's   clarify let me just put this in here for now  clarify the justice why is the justice here let me put these here so i  remember to do the cards on the   yeah the words on them later let's  see why do we have the justice here someone someone is thinking  something about fairness here   a court or something someone's worried  about something that's a challenge   maybe you're worried about some  kind of legal issue at this time and for this okay this could be someone at work  or someone wants to work with you on something   and maybe you can't work with i almost feel  like you have some kind of legal issue going   on that you're worried about and then you  have this person that maybe you work with   that i don't think i don't think these people  want you to go i don't think they want you to   branch out on your own what about this um night  of cups here why is the knight of cups here oh the knight of cups knight of cups  this person's coming in with a love offer   you definitely have this person they want a  long-term commitment with you this is partner   for life so this might be a challenge maybe you're  trying to do your own thing you don't have time   for this love offer someone coming in here  because you're focusing on your work that's why   i feel and this person here they don't want you  to leave work i think you work with this person   okay and the bottom we have justice again so  justice is going to come in for you worried   about something here but justice is going to  come in for you get the justice card here twice   this is all going to work out in your favor  whatever this is that you're worried about   some kind of legality or some kind of  justice it's going to come in your favor   just card twice okay what about the the guidance  here what's the guidance for you capricorn to take some time out for yourself things  are changed excuse me things are changing and   shifting here so what they're telling you is take  the time out find out what you need to find out   heal yourself because this is also the healer  and um also you might need to do a little soul   searching things are changing in your favor here  get the wheel of fortune and you're going to be   independent you're going to do well here you're  getting your wishes and hopes and dreams come   true so whatever you're doing what you're planning  on put focusing your energy on this new beginning   this new business is gonna really do  great here it's going to change things   are changing for you what a virgo is the  hermit there let's clarify this hermit okay you're going to also a love is coming in  for you ace of cups once you branch out on your   own and do your own thing here you're going  to meet someone could be a virgo and there's   going to be a lot of love coming in for you  okay what about this wheel why is the wheel here   someone wants to talk to you okay yeah things are changing a  lot of love a lot of passion   love and passion for what you're  doing though i think you love the   passion for someone that's coming in for  you and why do we have this nine of coins   oh this is going to happen quickly whatever you  know you're going out on your own here and this   is really going to things going to just take off  and you're also going to get an offer here a page   of cups scorpio cancer pisces someone's coming in  with a love offer okay so wishes dreams come true   things are happening this is great okay what  is your focus at this time what is your focus page of swords queen of cups and the page of  wands and you're going to be getting attention   here i think you're there's a lot of messages come  for you there's also someone um expressing their   love so you have the page of source people  are watching you whatever you're doing your   people are noticing they're watching they like  what you're doing there also could be some   interest in love and this also could be business  there's scouts going around these people that are   paying attention to what you're doing scorpio  cancer pisces let's get a charm here we have   okay this is like magical we have a little  a little pixie here a little fairy i think   things are happening that are just magical they  just feel like you can't believe what's happening   that's why i feel here now what about queen of  cups scorpio cancer pisces this is your intuition   you're focusing on your intuition you're focusing  on doing what you love here and we have ah we have   a stag head here so there's um a male energy  around you here that maybe you're focused on what about this um page wands is coming in with a  message okay and we have a cat okay so the cat is   independence they're um nine lives they're well  balanced but you're having um someone's coming   aries leo sagittarius could be someone's coming  in with a message here it could be an email a phone call a text i could even be um a letter okay  let's see why do we have the page of swords here   why do we have the page of swords here wow yeah you're definitely going to get a  message from someone that has been watching you   keeping an eye on you checking out your  work or checking or else interest in you   romantically there is a message coming in from  this person or for maybe many people you might   be getting a lot of messages let me get a  charm here we have what is this oh infinity   this is someone that i think someone's really  interested in you there this might be a love   message someone wants to say hey we belong  together in feminine it's this is from to be   there forever that you're looped together here  okay now why do we have the queen of cups here oh see this hermit maybe it's a  virgo coming that you have love for   that's coming in this is finding yourself  finding you know going deep within and   healing yourself too okay i like this now  what about this page i want why is that here we have the king of swords too you have options okay so there's as you're doing  this new job doing new business whatever you're   going to be meeting a lot of new people and  there's people interested you and i think   they're interesting for business and also for  um love here so now we have the king of swords   aquarius libra gemini let's see what we have here  oh this is this could be someone in the medical   profession or you're in the medical profession you  meet them through this this also could be a healer   of some sort so where could this could be doctor  this could be um a nurse this could be someone   that practices energy work this is something that  you are they could just be a very healing soul   here but you do have options coming in here you're  getting a lot of attention i hope you have this   victory here too okay so what is the potential  outcome for you guys what is the potential outcome okay you're going to have to make a decision  here two ones oh we have the three of swords here   and we have the moon wow bottom deck we have the  two of coins so again you have a lot of decisions   coming in there's a lot of choices that you have  there's you might be healing something there's   some pain here that's coming up again it might  have been someone with hidden emotions pisces   energy let's clarify this why is it two of wands  here this looks like you might be leaning towards   the past it seems like some what's coming in  here is you're going to see someone from the past   that there was some kind of third party breakup  here and i said the third party doesn't have to   be someone cheating on the other it could have  been someone had a bad habit that someone you know   couldn't handle or you know someone was addicted  to something someone could have been jealous   obsessed obsessive um possessive uh someone could  um maybe it was a distance from work where you   know i'm this is from work oh i don't know why  i said that i it was like a distance between   you two so or or i want to say a distance between  you and i also want to say that at the same time   i want to say that maybe someone's always working  a workaholic and didn't have enough time for the   other person there could be anything outside the  relationship that brought broke you guys up is a   third party it could be family it could have been  friends that came in between you okay so let's   clarify and that's why there's hidden emotions  that are coming up now that i think someone wants   to express their feelings for you about this  heartache i feel like someone really feels bad   and someone from the past has come back to  talk to you now what about this two on ones   yeah see that this person has a lot of lot of  remorse they're looking at the three cups that   are spilled they don't see the possibility  with the two cups behind them what about   three of swords oh queen of wands i  think they see you as the queen of wands   they're very attracted to you and they think about  you a lot and um yeah they they're just really   they really feel bad about this okay let's  get um so but it also could be an aries   leo sagittarius between what we have here  oh they're seeing things differently i think   they're um really looking at things now what about  the moon card why is the moon card here capricorn   why is the moon card oh there's going to be  victory here something's going to work out   your favor and someone's moving away from some  rough times something better so this feels like   you're getting victory there's something that is  going to be revealed to you that maybe makes you   feel better and there's some kind of moving away  from some bad this person could be one way to come   towards you you could be moving away you can be  actually physically making a move of your home   or work but i do feel like you're starting a  new business so that makes sense too yeah so   you're moving on you're moving you're moving into  better definitely better energies here and this   person's come back to try to heal things with  you i think it's going to work for some of you   okay you don't want it you don't want it let's  do the words now we'll do the one at the very top   so i don't skip anybody so what about this queen  of wands what's the scoop on this queen of wands this could be this person here coming back  with a message here oh say we have intruder hmm   the x and player okay so that's what  happened made someone was a player   there was a third party that's what came in  between you okay so there was an intruder   the ex might be coming back and i don't  know you take out resumes what about this king of pentacles let's scoop  on this king of pentacles we have jealousy changed accused and a  tower okay someone can accuse of jealousy   and they're saying they change you also have the  tower which is changed this is something shocking   this is some kind of change so maybe someone and  this could be someone at work that maybe you know   something changed they're jealous of you at work  or something take a hell of a resonate every since   scorpio here for the tower what about this um or  this challenge this could be someone at work that   really is have feeling for you huh what about this  knight of cups we have two here oh i didn't put   a charm on this one we're getting another charm  the charm for this guy we have oh my gosh we got   another sea horse it's a bigger one okay let's  do the first one is contact love finish okay so someone's going to contact you about love maybe  you're finished with them or maybe they finish   with somebody else i don't know let's see what  about this other night of tough stuff clarified   that night cups we have money exposed excited  someone's excited about some money being exposed   if that makes any sense to you guys i'm not going  to you know try to figure that one out that's   kind of confusing okay so next one  we have is this who's this this is   oh the king of swords right the very first one the  king of swords let's scoop on this king of swords   we have marry sincere realize so someone realized  they want to be they're sincere and they want to   marry you because here's a celebration here you're  going out with this person so so i think someone   really does want to commit here what about this  page of source let's scoop on this page of source   got a lot of people here we have fast ooh fast  change or shocking fast change here with the tower   and then we have oh soul mate this person  feels their their soul mate they're coming   in fast it looks like again scorpio aries  with the tower what about this page of wands   we have surprise oh mike and you  got a lot of parts surprise truth they might bring your present or they're going to  surprise you with a truth there this is happening   in the present they're gonna present you with  the truth it's going to surprise you me that's it   present you with the truth and surprise you  because this is a message here again it could   be any way you can move this around any way  you want what about this queen of cups we have   freedom marry honest wow here's real life sincere  marry and then freedom mary honest and i think   you've got a lot of people wanting to marry you  here okay let's see what about the page of wands so we have here never expect   important what okay it's important okay  something this is going to be a mess   that's important that you never expected that's  coming in okay now what about this king of swords we have after past life feelings okay okay so after this person's feelings have are  that there you guys had a past life together   this is what this person's coming to realize that  they think that you guys had a past life okay   so now let's see what signs we have for you  guys what are the signs here for capricorn well   we got a lot of these around wait a minute let  me move this over so i have a little more room okay what are the signs here for  capricorn what are the structures we have virgo taurus libra gemini aries and taurus okay so these could place  in your chart placement other people's charts   past present and future we have virgo taurus libra   gemini aries and taurus okay now  let's see what letters we have for   initials first name last name and um past present  future and then your own initials we have u f s v t r o g l d t l sorry i'm hoping you  know t i said it by mistake so   you can take it there okay now we have u f s  v t r o g l d l and another t since i said it   by mistake there okay now let's see  what names we have you get 11 or more   names for you guys what are the names  what are the names for capcom we have okay let's see what we have here i have  jose carlene c-a-r-l-e-e-n uh maria donald   d don't know don't know now d-o-n-n-e-l-l and then  we have taran t-a-r-r-y-n iran he iron i'm sorry   i'm not sure how to pronounce that one e-r-o-n  and then we have daisy deja d e j a we have   trujillo t-r-u-j-i-l-l-o we have lisa marie  and we have daryl d-a-r-r-y-l so 4 eight nine   ten perfect eleven all right guys so remember  this is general reading it's not a person reading   please take what resonates leave what doesn't um  please let me know if anything resonates please   leave comments i love to read your comments i  love you guys so much i appreciate all you like   share subscribes and comments and i hope to  see you all again real soon thank you so much

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