Can I recreate this real floorplan in The Sims 4?

Can I recreate this real floorplan in The Sims 4?

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When I first started trying to get better at  building in The Sims I used to browse the real   estate websites and floor plan websites all  the time to try and find build inspiration. It's just really helpful to  see a picture of a real life   house and then kind of use that as a  starting point for your Sims builds. Especially because a lot of the time it's  really hard to know like, what's realistic   and what looks good on real houses to then  be able to easily translate it into The Sims. And it's been so long since I  last tried to recreate a house   from a floor plan and so that's  what I want to try and do today. I found this floor plan online and  I think that this one is going to   be really easy to recreate in The  Sims and that's why I picked it. I wanted to do one that  hopefully some of you could like,   follow along with me if you wanted to try as well.

Now the problem with real life houses sometimes   is that oftentimes the back and  sides of the house are really ugly. They put a lot of effort into like, beautifying  the front and then the back just looks like this. I'm sure many of you probably relate  with how your real life house looks. I don't mean to call your house ugly, but like, my  house is like that, my parents house is like that,   like, they just don't put effort into  beautifying the like, other sides, you know? But I also think that these floor plans are super  helpful kind of as like, a starting point because   a lot of people struggle a lot with trying  to figure out how to lay out these rooms.

And so when you see how somebody  else does it in real life,   it helps give you some ideas  on how to do it in The Sims. So I don't know if I'll copy this like, exactly,   but I'm definitely going to use it  as my inspiration for the build. I was gonna do it on this lot and when I went  to bulldoze, I kind of realized that like,   it kind of looks like the new house  that we're gonna replace it with. So it feels appropriate, right? It's fitting. I tend to struggle with scale a little bit on  things like this so I'll warn you right now,   I might end up like, bulldozing this a  couple of times, but we'll see how it goes. There is also the slight problem  that this house has a garage and   you know, we don't have garages in The Sims 4.

That is a very common issue when it comes  to recreating real life houses in The Sims. We're just gonna have to pretend, and we can  do that right now if we want to do it first   because sometimes when I'm trying to make these  fake garages, especially on a house like this   where I'm trying to just use the base game and  like, maybe Seasons, it's kind of weird to like,   pretend to do a garage door, but generally what  I'll do is I'll use like, some siding and some   columns and I'll try and make it look a bit like  a garage door, maybe I'll put some windows on it. Kind of something like that so it  sort of pretends to be a garage door. And then I might furnish this room  to have like, a woodworking table   and some gym equipment and we can just tell  ourselves it's a garage even when it's not.

If you've got Snowy Escape, I actually  use this door as a garage door a lot. As you can see, it fits pretty well on short  wall height, it's actually supposed to be a   medium wall height door which is very annoying  to me because as you can see, it is just barely   taller than short Wall height, but that  doesn't bother me, usually I'll just like,   let It clip a tiny bit because like, really who  cares, there's gonna be a roof there anyway. And then this will kind of function  like a garage door because it's so big. It looks a little bit better than the pretend one,   but if you've just got the base  game, this also works really well. Before I start trying to roof this though,   I want to tell you a little bit  about today's sponsor, Casetify.

I'm sure most of you are pretty familiar with  Casetify by now because they've sponsored us a   few times, but Casetify is a phone case  company with like, a bajillion options. First of all, they've got  like, endless print options. I kind of switch between this strawberry one and   my dinosaur one most of the time because  I can't pick which one I like better,   but they have so many cute cases on their  website and a lot of them are customizable. So you can put like, text on them that you can  customize the font and layout of and stuff. Most importantly for me though  these are very protective cases   which we all know I need because I am so clumsy. Sure, they're cute and all, but like,   I need to have something to protect this  thing because I cannot be trusted with it.

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So if you're in the market for a new phone case,   maybe for you or for a gift for  somebody else, you can go to and get 15% off your order. I'll have that linked down below if  you want to go browse or anything. I'm a big fan of Casetify so thank  you again to them for sponsoring   this video and with that being  said, let's get back to the build. Alright, I'm gonna stick that house picture  on the screen here so you can see what I'm   trying to do with the roofing because I realized  that what we've built so far looks really silly,   but once we put the roofs on,  it's all going to make sense. I might also make this  house a little bit skinnier. I feel like that's gonna fit it a little bit  better, and as a general rule of thumb when   I'm doing the roofs, oftentimes I'll try and put  the roof on the widest part of the house first.

So that's gonna be like, this part for us. And with these gabled roofs, I like  to have them go like, long ways. So by that I mean I want that pointy bit to  be on the shortest side of the roof, right? And then the longest bit is going to be  just a big, long, flat piece of roof. I do that because oftentimes I feel  like when you put it this way, like,   the wider it is, the bigger the triangle gets and  sometimes I think it looks a little bit silly. So instead of doing it like this,   I would have that widest bit be the  flat part, does that make sense? I'm also probably going to lower  it like, maybe two tiles down? I think I like the height  of that a little bit better,   and I'll do another gabled roof on this part in  the front and that's because I want this like,   small triangle to be like, a decorative piece. I want to see that triangle there. And  I might even make that like, one taller.

Quick pro tip for roofing: oftentimes  you'll see things like this where it's like,   not quite lined up with the other roof pieces,   I always drag it back so that it like,  completely goes flush with the roof. I think it looks better like that. Maybe I'll lower this another one, I'm not sure. I'm gonna put that piece of roof over here  above the garage again, and then I'm gonna   take this roof from the main building and  I'm gonna duplicate that over the garage.

Something else I like to do with these  roofs is that I'll always have all of   the roof pieces that are on the same  side of the house be the same angle. So for example, I wouldn't want  this one to be taller than that one,   I think it looks better when  they're like, the same pitch. And I'll do the same thing over here where  I prefer how it looks if these are like,   the same versus one of them  being a little bit taller. This time I'm gonna probably drag that  straight through across to the back of   the house and then we'll get a little  bit of a roof on the porch right here,   and honestly I think that might be all  that they did in the real life house. I guess they have a little bit of something over  here it looks like, I need to look at the floor   plan again to figure out what it is that they've  got over here, but here, I'll give them that too.

I built this entire house wanting to  use this like, beautiful deeper green   color so I'm going to put that around like, the  whole exterior because I really like how it looks. I might need to figure out something else for  the garage, but we'll deal with that in a second. I will also deal with the back in a  second because I'm not sure what to   do with that either, but for now this looks good. Maybe a new roof swatch, we can  get some pretty roof trim on here. You know what, I think I might also stick  a little bit of a roof piece right here. I kind of would prefer to have something else,  like, some more architectural shape there.

I think that looks pretty good. I will say, it is really bugging  me how there is no trim right here. Like, basically I want something  like that on the corners, it is   really bothering me how there isn't  something like that on the corners. I might put some columns  there just to cover it up. I'm gonna use just the base game and Seasons on   this build because I want to use  some of these Seasons columns. I feel like the real house's  columns are a little bit prettier,   I like how they're kind of more  tapered, but these will do.

I also want to use Seasons windows  because they're just so beautiful. The Seasons doors too will  also fit very nicely here,   I'm just gonna say it, the  Seasons stuff is really good. Oh, you know what, I'm looking at that  picture of the house again, I did this wrong. I think that it needs to be this  kind of roof piece over here. I'm not so much loving how this house looks,   I won't lie to you, I am not  the biggest fan of this build. I'm gonna make it a little bit smaller I  think. There's something about the roof.

It looks a little bit taller than I want it to,   so I kind of want it to be --  yeah, I think that's better. They also used such a beautiful wall  right here with the green and the stone,   but I don't know if I should  use that green like, everywhere. I mean, we could definitely try it, it's certainly  a different look than what we've got going on,   but that might also make the garage  look better so maybe we should try this. It doesn't hurt to try, we could also put the  columns like, all around the corners ourselves.

Oh, I hate that, okay, usually  I would use a different column. My preferred pick is this one from Get Together,   there's also a good one from Snowy Escape  because they're you know, straight. They don't have any like, fancy  bits going on to like, throw it off. The base game is kind of lacking in that sense,  we have these round ones, but I don't like them. I think I'm gonna put this thing  right here. It's cute, right? I'm also gonna put this trim here on the porch,   this is probably my favorite one out of all  of the spandrels, I just think it's so pretty.

Okay, and unfortunately moving on to the back for  a second, you can see on the picture that on the   back, they don't even have this roof piece going  all the way through, but this is just so sad. Like, I cannot just leave the house  like this, we have to do our own thing. We need to do something on the  back. If we left it to them,  

the back is just gonna look  like this and that's it. We can't do that, that is ridiculous. Oh, you know what, I might  let myself have a tiny bit   of a platform literally just because  I would very much like to have there   be some sort of difference between  the porch and the regular ground.

I know the door is kind of clipping, I don't care. Alright, sorry, sorry, sorry, the  back. I need to figure out the back. I might do something similar with like,  a little bit of a porch back here.

Oh no, the door is clipping more than I thought  it would. Oh, I might not be able to do that. Okay, I came on here thinking I was gonna make   a lovely tutorial for you and  instead I've only caused pain. Well, because the front is so symmetrical,   I'm kind of leaning towards trying to make  the back a little bit differently shaped. I'm sort of liking how this is looking, but  I'm also not really sure if it's weird or not. Also I forgot to paint the roof, that's my bad. Oh, and these columns are so  close together, that's horrible.

Whose bad idea was this? Maybe  if I scooted it over. I guess   this being a little bit bigger isn't a bad thing. It's not a good thing either. Do we just put two? Oh, the vibes are off  on this house, I'm not gonna lie to you. The vibes are are way off on  this house. How much does it  

bother us that the columns are stacked like that? I mean, if you just don't look at it that closely. It kind of bothers me over here too, but again,   if you just don't look at it  that closely, maybe it's fine. I love how it looks up there  because you can't see the base. Maybe if we made the porch a little  bit smaller, or if there was no porch? I'm just gonna put some windows  and try not to think about it. At least over here I can drag  that column all the way up,   it's just in the parts where  there's a roof that I can't. I like, can't drag it past the roof.  Does it let me do it over here? No.

See how I just can't drag  it? It like, doesn't work. It's okay. I did like the little bit of stone  at the base, I think that kind of helps. Maybe I can do that back here too.  It's ever so slightly more interesting. I'm not sure what I want to do with  the windows down there yet so I might   just come back to that once we like, actually  start furnishing the house, but otherwise... I guess we could just have a patio here and like,  a smaller door kind of leading out the side of it. That's fine. We could put this little tiny  metal thing. Oh, that's actually kind of cute.

Alright, the front's still bugging me,  but again, we'll deal with that later. Although I guess now kind of is later,  like, I probably should do it now. I'm just gonna use like,  a base game platform trim,   I'm just not really sure which one is  best, like, which one fits in best. And now the fun part which is  trying to figure out how we   want to do the pathways leading up to the house. I think that this kind of  thing is always pretty nice.

I'm never sure if it's like, too boring or not,   but it's definitely like, a decent  looking driveway and little walkway. And then we can just put some  landscaping kind of around this. I might have some little paths. We could  always do a small one kind of on the side,  

I'm not really sure yet, but this is easy. We could also put a debug car  if we wanted to because again,   there might not be cars in The  Sims 4, but there are fake cars. I want to use some black lights on either   side of the garage and also on  either side of this front door.

And then I'll probably put another one  -- ooh, it's not enough space. Oh no. I don't know what to do with this so  I'm just gonna leave it for a second. Same thing with the back of this garage,   I don't know what to do so I'm just gonna  not for a second and then we'll revisit. Let's get some beautiful like, giant trees  to kind of fill in the lot a little bit.

We'll put one there, maybe we'll get like,  three total, kind of around the yard. And in that picture, they've basically got  like, little flowers kind of lining the front. I think theirs are like, little red flowers. I'm  

not really sure if I want to do  that or if I want to put bushes. I always like to use these. I know  I always kind of default to these,   but I just like them because they're sort of  low-lying, but they're also like, very floral. A lot of the other flowers that we  have in the game are like, really tall,   so these are just a little bit easier to  use for like, lining a house like this. I don't know if I want to use pink  or not so I need to think about it. I think the yellow stands out  more so let's do yellow instead.

Let's put a little bit of terrain paint underneath   each of these things because that will  help make it look less silly I think. And then we'll need a mailbox, probably one  just kind of on the end of the driveway there. I'm not sure if this should be only two  wide or not. Is it better just two wide? Or should I switch it completely, wait a minute. What if it was something like that? That  actually I think looks a lot better,   and then we could put the  mailbox kind of on that corner. What do you think about that? I think it's  pretty. Let's do a nice wooden porch there in  

the front and now I'm kind of just thinking  like, okay, where can I put some bushes. Just to have like, a little  bit more stuff going on. I'm not really sure if I should put like,  any of these same flowers over here,   but it might be kind of nice to have like, a  little tiny planter box next to the garage. I'm just not sure like, what  the best way is to blend it in.

Because if I want it to match, it has to  be a little bit bigger. Well, hang on. I mean, we have like that single one,   it's just that's taller than the  others so it's throwing me off. Oh, we have this one, that's  the right height, there we go. Okay, just like the one little tiny bush. Oh, that might also be weird. I don't  know what the best thing to do is. I'm gonna get a debug car. When in doubt,  

just hide your mistakes with  very large fake cars, right? Or perhaps a train, that's always an option. Okay, I think I'm gonna use this like,   kind of greenish one because  that totally matches the house. And I'm also gonna have it be like,  ever so slightly not straight. I don't want it to be like, perfectly straight. Oh, that helps, and if you just look  at the house from like, this angle... Problem solved. Just don't look at  this. Just don't look at this part.

I guess we could probably give ourselves like,   a little bit extra and then I could just  wrap it all the way around the back. Okay, maybe that's better. Umm, I don't want to think about it anymore. Okay, honestly though, what  we do need to do is the floor   plan of this house because we have  been avoiding that for long enough. Let's do some analyzing, okay, so you're  meant to walk in and there's like,   an entryway here with the stairs, a powder  room, so like a little small bathroom,   a walk-in closet, the door to  the garage and also a study. And then you go through that entry and there's  like, I think some arches on either side,   and there's a big living room, a  dining space and a little kitchen.

And then upstairs, we've got  three bedrooms, two bathrooms,   a giant walk-in closet and also a laundry room. This is where things kind of start to deviate I  think from our actual build because number one,   ours is a bit bigger, we've got like, some extra  space in the back over here, but number two,   I don't always think that it's necessary  to have walk-in closets for my Sims builds. Technically you can do them  with some of the packs,   but for the most part, I just  feel like it's not necessary.

And also we're playing with just Seasons and  the base game so we don't have laundry and the   scale is always kind of off with these,  like there's going to be a real walk-in   pantry in these real life houses and obviously  we aren't gonna be able to fit that in our build,   it's a little bit too small, so we'll we'll  take inspiration from, but not copy exactly. I do actually quite like the idea  of that study next to the entryway,   especially because ours has a  little bit of space there for it. And they've got like, a little bathroom  right here which I also quite like,   and think we could totally fit in. I don't think we can fit that  walk-in closet they have.

Ours is a little bit smaller than theirs. And they've kind of drawn it across  this way, and in the real version,   this is the kitchen and then there's  like, a dining room and a living room,   like this is a little bit small for  us to have a wall there I think. So what I might do instead is have  the staircase kind of in this area,   we can keep this as the living room, and then I'll   probably have the kitchen be back here  and have like, a floating dining table.

I'm just gonna put some rugs down to  like, hopefully help you visualize. I'm thinking we could have living room back here,   we can do like, a fireplace on this wall,  maybe some big couches kind of like that. We can have some kitchen cabinets kind of  going along like that, maybe one further down. And then we can float that dining table  sort of in the middle of the room. Maybe four chairs, we could  probably fit six, but it depends. There could be a different rug underneath that.

We could get like, a nice big door coming in from   the garage because it's kind of  like a secondary entry, you know? Put a smaller door into that little  bathroom and then maybe like,   an archway into that office space? You know what, this floor plan came  together pretty nicely actually. And it's also kind of fun to have like,   garages in your Sims build even if you  don't actually need a garage for a car. Because think about how many things --  like, maybe your sim is a scientist and   they need this giant microscope.  Where else are you gonna put that? Or like, the woodworking table. Maybe you want to make a little  studio corner for an artist. Maybe you need a bunch of gym equipment, like,   there's so many things that are  useful to have an extra room for.

All very good ideas for this fake garage  space. Agh, and then the upstairs. This is where the problems arise. Ours is already messed up because we moved the  staircase, but also this has a lot of rooms that   we're not going to use, like the laundry  and walk-in closet so that might help us. We're kind of on our own for this though so I'll   explain my method for doing  these sorts of floor plans.

Usually I use the staircase as like, the main  starting point for all of the floor plan in   the whole house because kind of everything  else has to come off from the staircase. And it also kind of is usually  pretty good at dividing the area. Like, I look at this and I'm thinking okay,   maybe there could be a bedroom in this  corner off to the side from the staircase. And then maybe this could be a bedroom -- well,   it looks a little bit weird so  maybe not, but it's an idea.

I guess we could potentially do something  like this, but it kind of depends how big   the rooms end up needing to be because  right now these are kind of small rooms. Oh no, delete, delete, try  again, try again, try again. I don't like this. That's the other tip, it's  okay if you need to redo it like, five times.

I also need to redo it like, five  times. Okay, well I will say,   I think that this could be a good primary  suite and they could have an ensuite bathroom. This room is sad because it's  got the weird clipping. Um. I don't know, we'll have to put  like, a bed over it or something,   but that's a decent sized  like, nursery or something.

I guess it's also possible that we could expand  it out a little bit more if we wanted to,   but then I kind of have to cut into this  room which I'm not sure if I want to do. Oh, it fits a double bed just  fine, that'll be okay then. Let's keep it like this. Less hallway,  more bedrooms, that's always a win. I'm kind of struggling a little bit with this,   the reason being I really hate  having doors in the corner like this.

I don't have a good reason for  that, I just don't like it. Like, it just bothers me to  have a door right in the corner. I feel like also because the door kind of clips,   like do you see how on either side,  the door isn't like, fully out? Like, the door is a little bit wider  than these walls on the corners. It fits perfectly on a regular  one tile wall, but the corners,   it kind of clips into so it always bugs me.

So I usually try and avoid having  doors in the corner like that,   but that's probably the best we can do. And with this, we should have two bathrooms  upstairs, a third bathroom downstairs,   little hallway right here, and  then four bedrooms and an office,   and a big living/kitchen/dining  open floor plan space and a garage. So this is actually a really big house.  Oh, the door, the door is so terrible. I really, really want there to  be a little bit of a platform,   I just think it looks so much better, but  I think that the clipping is too much. I think that the clipping -- especially  in a house that I'm building like,   for you, it shouldn't be clipping like that. Okay, so the last thing we need to do is put a   couple of windows out here  on the side of the house.

I oftentimes leave the windows on the  side of the house until the very end. I know that's kind of a weird thing  to do, but I do have good reason. As we discussed, oftentimes real life houses have  very ugly sides and backs of the house and that's   because you prioritize the window placement  from the interior and not from the exterior. And so if I place windows on the side of  the housem it's going to look, you know,   fine, but it's a little bit easier to  place them from the rooms later on.

So now I know, okay, I'm going to put a window  inside of this bathroom because I want to have one   there, and it'd be nice to have a second window  in this bedroom, but before, I didn't really know   where they were going to need to go so I waited  until the end once I had done the floor plan. I also kind of have been avoiding  doing the windows on this garage,   but I might just put one right  there, I think that's nice. It'd be nice to have a window in the garage anyway   especially because it's supposed to be  like, a multi-purpose sort of space. Now the backyard is huge, so I'm kind of  thinking that I might want to fence it in.

I might just have it go like, directly  to the sides of the house like this. That might actually save me some  stress if I do it like that. And you know what, I might even give us a pool. I feel like it's a really good size for it,  like, there's so much space for a pool back here. I'm not really sure where I want to put it though,   like, would it be better if it  were closer up to the house? Or is that like, not how people build pools? I don't know. I don't know.

Oh, this is also really bugging me because  I wanted to use this tile out here except   it doesn't line up with the door. Plain, we go. Alright, you're  getting just plain instead. Sorry. It looks better this way. I can't tell if the shape of the  pool is weird or not or if it's cool. Like, I'm honestly not sure.  I don't really know. Okay,   here we go, I'm gonna put a  couple planter boxes down here.

I think that'll help too. Of course  it's like, a different color yellow. I don't even wanna -- I can't  I don't want to think about it. Alright, now obviously this house is not  completely done, I didn't even furnish it,   but I think what I'm gonna do is  cut this video right here and put   this on the gallery for any of you who  want to try and furnish it yourselves.

Way back when, like, before I was doing  YouTube and before I started building a   lot in The Sims I used to look for things  like this on the gallery all the time. I wanted to have like, starting points  so that I could download a house that   was pretty for my legacy Sims and then  use that house and furnish it myself. I just didn't really know how to  build or how to do the roof and so   I kind of just didn't want to and so  hopefully this video would help one,   teach you, but also give you like, a  starting point if you wanted to use it. I did just use Seasons and the base game  so hopefully a lot of you can download it.

It's 28,000 simoleons just for the exterior, but  granted, there is a pool, there is a giant pool. And I also left a couple furniture pieces inside  just to kind of give you a starting point of what   I was picturing for the layout, but obviously if  you want to change it, like, it's not a big deal. Furnish it however you want, it's your build now. It's your choice now.

Thanks again to Casetify  for sponsoring this video,   you know I love Casetify and they  have been so great to us in the past. And you can go to and  get 15% off your order which is a huge discount. So I'll have that linked down below  in case you want to check it out. Thank you all so much for watching,   have the best rest of your day, and  I'm gonna catch you all tomorrow.

Okay, bye everybody. You know what, this house turned  out cuter than I thought it would. I was worried in the  beginning, but it came around. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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