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That's my online ticket and they will just check it through its barcode. Here's some coffee and dates. You can see how amazing the interior of the train looks. Assalam Alekum and Good Morning Everyone from Makkah. I have been in Makkah for the last 3 weeks. Alhamdulillah. And today we are leaving for Medina.

As you already know from my previous vlogs that my motorcycle is parked in Medina. So, hopefully we'll explore Medina for next few days. Today I'm traveling for the first time in a train here that will take me from Makkah to Medina. I've traveled in train in so many countries. I personally enjoy train journey a lot. Every time I do that, I share it with you and you guys enjoy it as well.

Right now I'm sitting in a taxi with a brother from Ahmedpur East, Bahawalpur. What's your name bro? Muhammad Arif. Muhammad Arif is taking me to the train station. It's 6:40 am right now and the train will leave at 8 am. Hopefully we will get there in another 10 minutes.

Lets say Goodbye to the beautiful streets of Makkah for now. This beautiful building that you are seeing right now is the train station of Makkah. It's a medium sized station.

However, it has a rather large parking to cater for the needs during rush time. Let's get inside and check in. I don't have much luggage so hopefully things will go smoothly. I'm inside the train station now. I think we'll have to check in at the place to my right.

We simply have to show the ticket and get to the terminal. These are automatic ticket stations where you can easily buy a ticket. I already have an online ticket. On that digital screen, you can find out the timings and other related info about each train. O .. there are quite a few platforms here. I can see at least 10 on the screen.

And from here, you can also buy a ticket on cash. Because, you can only buy a ticket from the machine using a card. No cash. Right in front of me is the terminal for Makkah Bus.

That's if you don't want to take a taxi to go to the Holy Mosque. There's a guy sitting at the counter from where you can get a bus ticket on cash. Similar to the automatic ticket machine for trains, you can get tickets for Makkah Bus over here. There's also an ATM machine to get cash. Time to start moving back towards our terminal. You can also use the private car pick up facility here.

I don't know where exactly you can get it but it was just mentioned there. That's my online ticket and they will just check it through its barcode and then we can enter. You get a barcode when you buy a ticket online and then you can also take a print out. I have a business class ticket ... More details to follow soon. Business Class ...

This way ... Okay thanks. Medina Thank you very much So, that's the check-in terminal. At the moment, there's no one here to check your luggage. I think we'll have to go to the lounge first. We are in the lounge now and it looks really great.

I'm only comparing it with other train stations; not with airport lounges. It's such a great place to sit and wait. There are charging pods close to every seat. You can charge your mobile phone or laptop.

And over there you can find food items. There's coffee, tea and more ... You can pick anything you like. It's self service. You can see there's coffee ... and dates.

Some more bakery items, chips and more .. And on this side, there's tea and juices. Going on to the next stall, you'll get water. i think it's more than enough for a traveler to keep himself refreshed. The coffee is really good.

And you know like the coffee in Arab countries. It tastes much better with dates. Looking from the lounge, you get this amazing view of the station.

The natural light coming in through these slots in the ceiling make it much more beautiful. Such a great view! Let's go and check at which time we can board the train. It's 7:30 am already. Excuse me Sir, what's the boarding time? 7:35 am Thank you. That way?

Boarding will start in 5 minutes. We are looking for 003 .... And here it is. Let me pick up my luggage from the trolley. You can see how amazing the interior of the train looks.

My seat number is 64. That's where we are gonna sit. The best thing is that the train is empty.

There's only one more person sitting. That means I can do my filming more comfortably. So that's our train to Medina. The total distance is 455 km. It's gonna take 2 hours and 25 minutes. This train can go as fast as 350 km / h. Lets see how does that feel.

Besides, this train will stop at Jeddah. Some trains take a stop over at Jeddah while others go non stop. While some other trains may have another stop.

Work on this train project started in 2009 and it carried its first passengers in 2018. I'll share more info about the train shortly. I can see almost a dozen other trains here.

But I'm not sure which other cities do they connect. Back in our train. You can see the temperature, train information and route route on this screen. It's in Arabic as well as English.

It's showing that the train will stop in the way at King Abdullah Economic City before reaching Medina. It's 8 am and the train has left right at the time. I don't think it's even late for a second.

Didn't wait for any passengers and started the journey at the designated time. We are sitting in the business class section, right towards the end. I think it will be at the front on its way back. There are hardly 3 or 4 people in this bogie. And that's really good because I was hoping for lesser people around me.

You know it's a little difficult to film when there are so many people around. Let me see if I can capture some shots from outside. Dear Guest, you will now hear supplication that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) recited during his travels.

Allah is the greatest ... Allah is the greatest ... Allah is the greatest Pure is He who has subdued this vehicle for us .... though we were unable to do that ... Surely to our Lord we will return. .. Another cup of Arabic coffee for us. I'm enjoying myself with a cup of coffee in this train ride. This train is called Harmain Train.

Because it connects the two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Medina. This train has two classes; Economy and Business Class. The tickets for economy class range from 170 SAR - 225 SAR. As for the business class, I could see tickets in the range of 362 SAR - 562 SAR. I've the one that costed 362 SAR.

That's because you can get cheaper tickets for early morning train as they don't have too many passengers. A train leaves the station every 2 hours. During peak time, such as Ramadan and Hajj, there's a train every hour. This train is estimated to transport 3 - 4 million passengers between Makkah and Medina during Hajj and Umrah days.

That's a really high number. According to what I found on Wikipedia, the annual number is almost 50 million passengers. Since the road between Makkah and Medina is pretty long and it's get super crowded during the days of Hajj and Umrah.

So the government wanted to reduce pressure from the road and give people a much more comfortable alternative. And the ticket is comparatively less expensive. I will share about my experience later. Let me give you all a tour of the train.

Have a look at this. They have installed these pods with each seat for music. You can attach your headphones with it. Then there's this facility to charge your phone or laptop. Let's keep going. It says that there's cafeteria ahead. So let's go. How does thing open? OPEN! OI had to touch that.

We are in the next coach now. Okay, there are more people in this coach. O it's the cafeteria actually and people are waiting for their turns. So, this is the cafeteria, guys. Let's keep moving. There's nothing here just snacks.

From here we are entering the economy class. Let's take a tour of the economy class. The color of seats are different and now there are two seats on each side. In the business class, there were two seats on one side and one on the other. But there are four seats here.

Other than that, I can't notice anything much different. Overall, it looks great and comfortable. I don't see it to be much different from the business class. There are so many people here and I don't want to go there with a camera. I don't want any stares. Let's head back.

Do you have cappuccino? Yes. One please. I can see Lays chips and biscuits. And there are Pringles over there.

Thanks. Can I use my card or cash? Both. How much? Going back to my seat with a cup of coffee is a great idea. This is instant coffee. He told me it's not the best one. After traveling for about 25 minutes, we have reached the train station in Jeddah. Since we were going to the station, I thought we would stop here. But we didn't.

We have just gone through. Another fact about Jeddah train station is that it was completed in 2018. But in 2019, there was a fire over here and everything was destroyed.

Then a special train line was installed to bypass Jeddah. Today it is fully functional. My meal has arrived. Let me give you a show. Let me open this meal box. I had a little peep before and I was a little disappointed.

You may be a little disappointed as well. We have water .... Apple juice. And this cheese sandwich. Well, let's feast on this cheese sandwich.

We are about to touch 300 km / h speed mark. And there it is ... Our train has just crossed 300 km / h speed after crossing Jeddah. Since we were still in a populated area, we have been going on around 175 km / h before. 300 km / h is the maximum so far. Since we are in open area now, we are going fast.

KAEC station is approaching. And it's been only 50 minutes since we left. Hopefully we'll get there in another 10 minutes. We have crossed King Abdullah Economic City station.

The next part of our ride is gonna be at full speed. Until now, we have only touched 300 in a small patch a little while ago. As I can see, it's steadily going at at 300 km / h.

That's because we are going through desert with no city around. I think there's none. As per the map, there isn't any other city coming now. So lets enjoy our desert ride. It's getting hotter outside but we are sitting at a comfortable 25 degrees.

I have just switched my seat because there was not entertainment system back there. The previous seat just faced another seat. These seats are really comfortable. It is very clean here. I haven't found any negative point here, even after trying.

Let me show you the entertainment system here. Switching to English ... Movies .. Audio ... and more ...

Egyptian movies. Paw Patrol ... It's for kids mainly. I think it's nice. Only a few songs in the Audio section. That's about it.

I was talking about this before that my seat was facing another seat. So no entertainment system was there. But for other seats, there's entertainment system. I have noticed this interesting thing here that I have hardly experienced anywhere else. This is a spot for the disabled. They can come with their wheelchairs and simply sit here. They have a very good system for that. But I only saw it in this bogie.

I have just discovered this washroom. You can see that it's really clean. This looks very similar to the toilets in airplanes. It's tiny but it's good enough for the job.

I have left my seat once again to be in this space between two bogies. That's because the place beside my seat was not looking good in camera. However the view outside has gotten better, especially since we crossed KAEC. On this track, you will not only the desert but also the many mountains in the scene. That really makes this ride more beautiful. There are many date orchards here.

Medina, in fact, has been famous for its date orchards. If I'm not mistaken, the famous date Ajwa also comes from this region. But I can confirm that in some other vlog. Let me just enjoy the scenery here and I'll capture it for you as well. After traveling for 2 hours and 15 minutes, we have finally reached Medina.

Could be another 5 minutes before we reach the train station. The ETA mentioned in the ticket was 2 hours and 25 minutes. I think we'll comfortably reach the destination in this time. Our journey this far has been really comfortable.

Since it was very quiet, one could sleep here or at least take some rest. We don't feel like having traveled at all. In comparison, traveling to Medina from Makkah by road normally takes 4 hours. But I think it gets to almost 5 hours.

The distance is a little more than 450 km. Let's see this station together. Picking up my luggage ... It's Medina Train Station. We have crossed the platform. I came out by mistake when I was looking for a trolley and then they won't let me go back in.

But there were some people who work here. If you give them some money, they go and fetch your luggage for you. One thing is for sure that they won't let you back in once you are out. The Medina train station is as beautiful as the one in Makkah. Apparently, it's a little smaller as compared to the Makkah station. But it's constructed in a very similar style. Let's go out and see how it looks from the outside.

There are not many people around now as the train has left. We were a few minutes delayed because of the luggage. Before we leave, let me try and record some shots from the Medina station for you. That's the ticket counter in front of us. Back in the hallway you can see the screen showing train schedules. This is the sitting area and I can see a Star Bucks in the background.

And there are the automatic ticket machines. Cafeteria is in the background. You can see many people in ehram here as many people go to Makkah to perform Umrah. This is the outside view of the station. Medina Station for you! You can see its similarity to the Makkah station, here as well. It's really beautiful. Just look at that.

Standing outside the Medina Station. This has been a great experience. Such a comfortable ride. In my opinion, if I'm traveling solo or with my family, train is the best option to travel here. You may get cheaper tickets if you book in advance. Especially during Umrah or Hajj.

Because it's super crowded during those days. If you want even more comfort, you can travel in business class. You may also get a good deal here like I did. I got a discount of 200 SAR because it was a morning train.

The prices vary with train timings. If I compare it to other trains, as I have traveled extensively, I can say that these trains match the European standards. From what little I could read about it, these trains are bought from Spain. It was mentioned that they were designed in some factory in Spain. You must travel in these trains and I'm sure you'll have a great experience. Time to end this video. I hope you enjoy it.

Don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE. And if you are here and traveling in this train after watching my video, do pray for me. Allah Hafiz

2022-05-09 23:18

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