BFDI:TPOT 2: The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life

BFDI:TPOT 2: The Worst Day of Black Hole's Life

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BH: How IS everything in there? I HATE everything in there! BH: Mmkay, but... BH: How is it GOING? Maybe we haven't asked her NICELY enough! Tree: Lightning, please, stop- Pie: Yeah, that's probably what it is. Tree: uuugh... Pie: Lemme try again.

Hello, Robot Flower. My team and I would like to purchase  a battery from your lovely shop. May we purchase a battery, please? RF: Of course! RF: Here's your battery! Hmm. Maybe we haven't asked her RUDELY enough.

Why are we still doing this?! Robot Flower hasn't given us a single battery no matter what we try! Seriously, we've asked her for a  battery two-thousand, seven-hundred... ...times. Give-or-take. She... didn't give us this  abacus until a little while in. Hey there! I like your pile of items! Look, why don't we ask Cloudy? Cloudy has tons of stuff! He definitely has a battery we can use. (nervously) I don't have any batteries! Wait a second. You have OUR battery, don't you, Cloudy! I don't know what you're talking about! Oh come on! We left a battery on the  ground! And it went missing! Where else do things go when they're missing? Maybe it, mm, ah, flew away! C-ca- cause it doesn't like you! How about this, Cloudy: you can have this WHOLE pile of items, every item we have- Wait! Even my new paperclip? ... except for Marker's paperclip, all in exchange for... THAT battery.

Deal? (sigh.) Deal. BH: Sooo... the battery? Cloudy's getting it. BH: Oh does Cloudy work for Robot Flower? No, he's just getting it.

BH: Uh, okay? Marker: wooaaaoowww Tree: Thanks, Cloudy! Lightning: Yeah, thanks! You're welcome! ... I still get all your items. Howdy, Death P.A.C.T. again! I- hey, you guys look kinda tense. How about a little, mmm, Cake at Stake, to lighten the mood? I HATE CAKE! ♫ dadadadadada Cake at Stake! ♫ Hey Two! Aren't we ever gonna  get a new Cake at Stake song? That would be cool. Anyways, last episode, Death P.A.C.T. again made a grievous error,

so they were put up for elimination! (scoff) An ERROR? Yeah! Losing! [brief laugh track] Anyway, the voters have voted, and now we'll find out which of  YOU will be the first to leave... The Power of Two! We got 59,817 votes! That's the most ever! Actually, BFB has received more votes than that. 2: Oh. GB: In episodes 29 and 30. I... see. Well... then...

We've got a REGULAR cake this time! Yes! Regular cake! My favorite! If I give you cake, you're safe! But if not... well, you'll be the first one  out of the game, I'm afraid. Let's begin! 2: Black Hole, you got the most votes, at 14403. Congratulations! BH: Uh, wait, I'm eliminated? BH: Just like that? BH: Where's the suspense? They voted to SAVE you, Black Hole! That means you're safe! BH: Oh, ok.

What?! Since when was it like that? Uck, you know, since last episode?? Can I continue, please? Oh. Sorry! Hey, no worries! Now, let's see, ... What was I gonna say? The... next person safe? Yes! Thank you! 2: Remote is the next one safe, at 13700 votes.

Heh, nice catch! ...Okay, moving on, 2: Lightning got 7814 votes, so he's safe! This has been a great day. 2: Tree is also safe, with 6937 votes. Want mine? Tree, this is a special  dessert, for special occasions. I won't take more than I earned. ...Okay! Next is Fanny, with 6733 votes! I HATE CAKE! Cake: (sad whimper) Don't worry, Cake! She just meant the food.

hh... I know. Wha? It's down to Marker and Pie, the final 2! Nooooouuuuu!! Oh well. Aw, it's no fun if you aren't scared WITH me! Sounds like a YOU problem. Hush now, it's time to see the results! Congratulations Marker! You're the last one safe! (sniff. sniff.) Hm. Smells clean. Welp. [sad music plays] Tree: (clears throat) So, are you ready to go? I was just waiting on you.

Well alrighty then! Let me just, ehh, mmmmm, y- here! Watch closely! Tada! [all gasp] Marker: Whoa, that's crazy. With Pie gone, we're down to the final 41, and- Profily: Uh, hello? Don't you mean final 42? I... don't THINK so... Let's see, one, two, three... Welp, (sigh)... Sorry, Teardrop! Looks like Two  doesn't want you to join their show! (gasp) Wait, someone wants to join? I'll gladly let you join if you  want, Teardrop! Come on down! WHAT?! We're letting more people onto the show??? How will TPOT ever end if this is allowed?! I HATE THIS IDEA! Mmh, that's a good point. I  suppose I'll have to take it back.

Hey! Eyeyeyeyey! That's no fair! You already said Teardrop could  join! And she was so happy! Hmmh. You're right. Okay TD, I'll  make an exception for you. Grr! In that case... which team will Teardrop be... joining, then?

Hmm... Well, she shouldn't join one of the full teams,   because an eighth member would  give them an unfair advantage. That's true. But she shouldn't join  Death P.A.C.T. again either,

because that would negate their penalty  for losing last episode's challenge! Aww. So, what's left? Personally, I think Teardrop  should be on her OWN team, all by herself, as punishment for joining late. [crowd gasp] [slap] GB: oo! Welp, I can't argue with that! You'll have to be our seventh team, Teardrop! So now, the teams are: 2: Are You Okay, 2: Just Not, 2: The s!, 2: Team8s, 2: Death P.A.C.T. again,

2: The Strongest Team on Earth, 2: and Tear Drop. Now, these seven teams will be  competing for the grand prize, The Power of- hey, where are you going? What, you're just starting the intro, right? Yeah! We have something to do right now. Well, I suppose that's fine, but- Hey yeah, the intro is like our  last little bit of free time. After that, there's the contest...

Oh shoot, you're right! I better take advantage of this! Yeah, I mean if there's time to spare, then... I'm going to the elevator. Would you look at that! It's gamer-o'clock! Hey, hold on a minute! Don't you guys wanna see the- hey! Come on! Wait! Waaaa♫AAAIT!♫ Hm. I wasn't in that! Should I go now? If you want to! Heh, well, there's my ride! O-oh. Toodles! Haha, get it? Profily: Because you are a number 2, and well,  that's the phrase that people say... [trails off] So, about my items.

Oh, uh, yeah, they're all right here. Cool. Oh no! Eraser's dead! Two! You gotta recover Eraser! Oh! What a coincidence! I'm expecting  a very special delivery today! And from the looks of it,  it'll be here in about... [loud thump] 2: Whoops! _RC: Pen.

Sorry about that, buddy. But look, here it is! A recovery center! Hey, excuse me, may I use this, thank-you. _RC: Bottle. Bottle: Yaaaay! Pen: [impatient sounds] _RC: Eraser. Yay.

So, what's the second contest? Great question! The second contest is to use these blocks: build the tallest stack possible! When time is up, whoever has the  shortest stack of blocks LOSES! Go! Y'know, whenever I see  twenty-five minutes, I think... why not THIRTY minutes, you know what I mean? Now that you mention it, it  DOES feel a little weird. I wonder why! Oh I- I have a couple theories  actually. Like, for instance,

Gaty (distant): uh, y'know, I mean,  the most BASIC reason, like... RF: This challenge is great. RF: I love squares. Whaaat about circles? RF: uieeh, Oh, what do you think of TRIANGLES, Robot Flower? RF: Well, uuh, I guess- How about hexagons? RF: I mean, I don't really- What about Grassy? TB, why are you distracted?! The challenge has already started! Oh come on, GB, I just wanted  to talk about shapes... (scoff) Yeah, imagine not caring about shapes.

Wh- HEY! I DO CARE ABOUT SHAPES! Hrrnh- TELL HER, TENNIS BALL! TELL HEEERRRRR- Well, there's only one way to stack things, right? I think we know what to do! Yeah! And I'll make sure I remember to  fly when the stack starts to get tall! BH: O-kay! And I'll- BH: W-wait a minute. BH: What CAN I do? You SUCK, don't you? BH: Excuse me? He means you could use your  suction ability to help us! BH: Uh Fanny: Also... I can't do anything either. BH: I don't know if that's such a  good idea 'cause like just watch: BH: Buh- oh n- h- BH: uht- BH: Okay. I wanna make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR:

BH: I DID NOT intentionally suck up all  of our blocks just to prove a point, okay? BH: That was supposed to get like,  a couple of them, ideally like, one block, but um, [trails off] Tree: Well, we need to get more blocks. But how will we do that? Mmh. I think... ...we should STEAL. Lightning: Ooh. Fanny: YES! Marker: Very sneaky! GB: I like shapes, I- I do! I like circles,  they're my favorite, I love to draw them, I- I like cubes! Puffball, we are discussing  two-dimensional shapes here. Well *i* like hypercubes! W-wait a minute! What are you guys doing! This stack has no structural integrity! So what? Uh-there's only  one way to stack things, GB.

Yeah! If you're so good at stacking,  why don't you help us then? Oh, I'll help alright! TV! Calculate a sufficiently  stable stacking structure! Hm. Make it MORE stable. This is boring. I'm gonna go  knock someone's stack over. What?! Uhh, Eraser, I don't know if that's allowed! What are they gonna do about it? Well... y'know! Th- they could...

th- th-they might... huh. Man, what a challenge, huh! I mean, there's really only one  way to stack things, you know? I dunno, Barf Bag, there could be more...

GUYS! I JUST THOUGHT OF A NEW WAY TO STACK THINGS! We've already started! Hey, I didn't say we had to start over. H- I- I'll, lemme show you what I mean. Here, everyone stand back! A'thank-you! Okay so first I gotta do THIIIIS, whh, WOUH! WUHH!! Oops. I guess we ARE starting over.

Just tell us your idea! Alright, fine! I think we should stick the blocks together... ... with GLUE! Whoa. That could work! [record scratch] Pin: Hold it right there! I leave for five seconds,  to look at this funny plant, (Saw sniffs) and you've decided to start CHEATING? Cheating? Two didn't say glue was off-limits, did they? And besides, since when  did you care if we cheated? You just like to win! Excuse me? Well, it's true, right? And it's so cool! Look, you can't just act like BFDIA didn't happen- Actually, I can! Because... it sucked. There, I'll just say it! I don't know why you keep pretending it was fun.

...Pretending? Let's talk later. I'm going to ask Two if this is allowed. Wwwwuh, SNITCHING?? WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME?! Oookay. I guess I'll have to  try a different team then.

Gaty: So basically, it's got  something to do with numbers. You mean, like me? Nno, l- uh, like the symbols, you  know, the ones that AREN'T alive. 2: Wow, I guess it's really  inconvenient that I'm also called that. 2: Like imagine if they were called 'girls'.

Gaty: Hah, wow, yeah, Cloudy: vwuh Winner: mmm, wuh! You're so great at throwing, Winner! Uh, thanks, it's kind of all  I can do for us right now. SOOO true. Hh, eeeyyeaahh, aaanyway, you should  probably be helping the team right now. OH! Yeah, yeah you're so right, I-I'm so  sorry, I-I'll uh I-I'll go do something. Rocky: booleh! Clock: Buh!! Oh, w-wow uh, cool block, Rocky! W-we don't really need any more blocks though. Heheh, but WE do! Rocky: Hmf! Fanny (running): huh huh heh huh, rruh! Marker (catching): bwah! Rocky: booleh! booleh! booleh! booleh! booleh! booleh! booleh! booleh! Stop right there!!! Rocky: booleh! booleh! booleh! Marker (tripping): waoh! Leh!! IC: waaaaa!!!...

...aaaAAAaaaaa... ...aaaAAA- Marker: mmmmmm! YF: Hey! Stop stealing our Rocky! Well, Clock said your team  doesn't need his blocks! Rocky: Mm-hm! But he's OUR teammate! You clearly didn't appreciate him enough! Huh?! mMMmmMm! Eeh-oops! Hah! Eh- sorry about- I'M STACKING! Book: Wuh!! Bomby: I KNOW WHAT I'M DOOIIING! Book: Okay, Bomby: OKAAAY? Book (defensively): Okay!! Uh, Pillow, where are you going? I don't usually know. Weh- what does that mean? PILLOW? Uaah. Is this something I'll have to get used to? Yeah, pretty much! WOAAUGH! Hold it right there, Tree! You're being awfully suspicious! Are you trying to mess with our stack? Someone's gotta defend it! Let's go!!! Right! [all gasp] How did you do that?! (sigh) Look, that has nothing to do with me! I'm just stealing these blocks from you, okay? Oh. Okay! Wait a minute. YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT EITHER!!! Tree: I guess you're righght! Glad we took care of that! We may not be so lucky next time. We better defend this stack  if we know what's good for us! Nickel: Sounds good! Cake: Okay! Alright, good luck with  that, guys! Be back laterrrr! Hey where are you goinnggguuhh!!! Hey there, Pillow! What're ya doin over here? Oh, just whatever I want.

Ah nice, I like that. Do you think I could uhh... TAG along? Heheh. Pillow: Sure! PT: Cool! PT: Uh, did you get the joke though? Pillow: Yes! Hup! Hoop! Alriiight! Lookin good up there guys! SB: Of course. Grassy: Yaaay! Bell: Thank you! I wish Basketball would give us something to do. Eh, I guess I'm kinda bored, but,  it's not like I'd rather do work. That's weird.

SB: I NEED MORE BLOCKS! UEEEUUUHG Hey Flower-Robot? Could ya  hand us some more blocks? I don't feel like swinging over there. RF: Of course! Wait what? Robot Flower, where are you going?! RF: Here's your blocks! Bell: Um... Basketball: No, Robot Flower, Bell told you to get THESE. You were supposed to give  Bell some of THESE blocks.

RF: Uh yeah Basketball, I know that. ...Okay? That's good. Sooo can you do that? Can you give Bell some blocks please? RF: Of course! Buh- WHAT is causing this?! RF: Here's your blocks! What's going on? nnOh gosh. Okay. I REALLY need to  figure out what's happening to you. RF: Waait! Uh-Basketball, I feel fine- Basketball: Eggy! Keep an eye on Everyone while I'm gone, okay? Wait what? You're putting me in charge? Of everyone?! Aww quiche. Well, I can at least try- Eraser! You can't just knock our stack over like that! What are you gonna do about it? I'm...

I'M GONNA KILL YOU! You can't kill me. hgh, well, hh w- WELL, SNOWBALL'S GONNA KILL YOU! Snowball kill him. SB: MMM! Eggy: Guys, just start building again! I can take care of Eraser.

What are you gonna do? Uhh... SNOWBALL KIIILLLL HIIIIIIMMMM!!!! SB: MMMMMMM! Hey, where did they get all these batteries? BH: Hwhoahoh! Forget the BLOCKS, we need some of these! Oh yeah. That's true. Somebody make him DIIIIEEE!!! BH: Alright everyone, welcome back. Tree: Waaait, why doesn't anyone have- Guess what we got! Booleh! He can do that for ever! Probably.

Sounds useful! BH: Okay! Buut check out what WE got. BH: (clears throat) Lightning: Oh! We found batteries for Remote! AWESOME!!! And I... got... blocks! No need to thank me, really.

But... but you can still thank me anyway... Hhh... guys? I'm recharged! Did we win the challenge? Oh, um, we don't know.

There's still like thirteen minutes left. Wait. Where did that come from? What are we doing? Where's Pie? WE LOST THE FIRST CHALLENGE, AND PIE GOT ELIMINATED! IT'S EPISODE TWO NOW!!! Okay. Okay. Cool it.

Anyway, I'm sorry I wasn't able to prevent this tragedy. In the end, you did your best, and we appreciate your- Remote: Oh my gosh that's so many batteries! Cannonball. What is this. Looks like we had the same idea! Naily! How long were you in there?! Hmm, I'm not sure. Long enough for it to start burning, apparently. What. What does that mean?

[both scream] Oh nooooo, deaatthh!!! Do you see how unfair that is? Gaty: (drinking sounds) Run it by me again? Okay. So. (inhale) I like being green. Uh huh, and I like being periwinkle. And I like being a number! Uh huh! Yeah, and, and I like being a girl- wait, sorry, uh, can you start over? Ugh, I'm TRYING to say that I don't know what I REALLY want to be! Besides green. A-and a number. Those are the things I WANT to be.

Hmm. Well, you're a 2. Okay that's ONE other thing but that's STILL just three things. Anything else is just something I was TOLD to be, something someone ELSE wanted. Like really, why should I... do math? I don't like math.

I HATE MATH. What's in it for me? What do *i* get from math? Oeuhh. Sorry Gaty, I got a little... carried away. Oh, no no, I- I totally get it actually. When I like being something, it's because I got to decide it for myself. Like my periwinkality! And my girl... ness. Yeah exactly! Exactly like that! What do I have, that's like that? Well, I did decide to be a host all on my own, but hey yeah! I- I guess I... did!

Duuh! PIN! How long've you been standing there?! Oh. I wasn't listening. I just wanted to tell you that my team is using glue to keep our stack together! 2: Oh, that's neat. Gaty: WE'RE DOING WHAT?! Pin: Yeah! Pin: It's messed up, right? Gaty: It's SO messed up. Whoa, hold on! I recently found out you guys don't really have skin, the same as I do, so everything bad about glue has been entirely negated to me. Can you explain the problem? Well, it's giving us an unfair advantage! Yeah, and I'm pretty sure any other team would consider it, like, Both: cheating! Gaty: Yeah. YEAH!

Wait a second, why are you arguing against your own team in the first place? Huh. I don't know. I guess I'll stop then. I'M doing it because *i* know it's wrong, and I CARE about OUR team's INTEGRITY! Oh, that's a good point.

So. Will you come help me stop us? Definitely. I WON'T let us get away with this. Gaty: Talk to ya later, Two! Byyye!~ Wow. Pillow, Taggy, and Naily have been gone for a long time. Just sayin. Oh, don't be like that, Nickel! I'm sure they have their reasons! How do you know? Did they tell you? Um, nno, but, there's no way they ALL have NO reasons! Ya know? Pillow didn't seem to have a reason.

Price Tag didn't have a reason either. They just got up and LEFT! And Naily was never even here to begin with! Well, w-we don't have ALL the information. Book: Th-they could be... stuck in some kind of ball!

Ball? Usually when I don't know where someone is, they're in some kind of ball. Typically a colorful and sugary one. [sound of blocks toppling, and one smacking book] Book: Ow! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING!!! ENHH! Ha! You missed! Bomby: Yah!! Eraser: AAaaaaa...

...aaaaAAAAAAA! Euhh. An eraser. Winner: Hwoop! Eraser: AAaaaaa... Heey, I haven't seen Icy in a while. I'm gonna go check if she died. Clock: Byyye! YF: Have fun!!! Eraser: ...aaaAAA! Eraser: Oof! Hey, I tried this one already.

Eraser, what was that for?! What are you going to do about it? Team8s! Stop! We're not gonna let you-oh wow! Uh, hold on! Donut, Barf Bag, and Coiny: hrrng, uh! Pin, I didn't know our stack was THIS tall. Are we really gonna scrap the whole thing just 'cause there's glue in it? Barf Bag: What?! No!!! Look, guys, I know this method is a little dubious, but, I mean, ya didn't bring Two with you, so, Barf Bag: clearly, they don't think we're cheating, right? Yeah. That's true. I'm sorry Pin, but, I just don't see the problem anymore. Gaty: If it's not against the rules... I feel pretty okay with it. Coiny: Hey.

Are you ready to join us again? Hhhh. Yeah, I guess so. Donut: YAAAY! Barf Bag: YAAAY! Coiny: YAAAY! Gaty: YAAAY! Yeah! Needle, we don't need to stack anymore. We're already gonna win.

But the ramp is fun! What are you gonna do abou- _RC: Remote. Haha yes. I am back. Rocky: booleh! Remote: aaaa... BH: Oh right that's acid too. _RC: Remote.

Haha yes. I am back. Again. Rocky: Bool- (mouth covered) mm! Rocky, I'm sorry, but if you're gonna keep barfing acid, you can't be with our team anymore. Winner: Ah! Hi Rocky! Rocky: -leh! Ah. Ni- nice to see you too? Okay! Now I'll just 'beep boop badoop boop bweep boop boop'.

_RC: Ice Cube. IC: Yea-AAAAaaa..! Oh no!!! Ice Cube's dead! Let's try again! _RC: Ice Cube. IC: AAAAaaa..! Rocky, your acid keeps killing her! We need to neutralize it, or nobody will be able to use the recovery center anymore! Hmmm..... IC: AAAaa..! (×10) _RC: Ice Cube (×10)

PT: UEIH!! Pillow! What are you doing? Oh! I was gonna try putting YOU in this time! A-are you serious? I'll die! Pillow: That's fine. PT: W- wait! No! AAaaaa... BH: You've got to be kidding me.

BH: PILLOW! Lightning: Don't kill people with OUR acid! Why? Did you need it for something? Wwait a minute. Marker: Pillow used to be on Death P.A.C.T., right? Lightning: (gasp) BH: Yeaah, but... y'know. BH: Sh-she was always like this, BH: we were just hoping she would... stop.

You kept that optimism the whole time? I like to think all my friends are pure of heart, deep down. Pillows don't have hearts, and, I'm not your friend. Drilly: AAAaaaaa..! BH: Can you PLEASE go do SOMETHING else? Hmph! How rude! Someone should follow her! She might kill more people! Remote: I will. Good thinking, Remote! But I was the one who- As for the rest of us, let's go steal more blocks! Okay...

BH: Wait. Why? Uh, you know, because we don't... have... very many? BH: I think we have enough; BH: we don't need to be the tallest, BH: we JUST need to make sure we're not the shortest. Mm! That's an efficient way of looking at it! Yeah it's the normal way of looking at it because it's a fact. Hey! If we're not making OUR stack taller, we should go make the other stacks shorter! BH: Hm! Good idea.

Oh! And since you love sucking up blocks, you'll actually be good for something! BH (sarcastic): Hah, haha, BH: HA. BH: Let's go. What- did I say something funny? BH: NO! W- e- wait! Who's going to actually build the- hh... aaaugh. Looks like it's just you and me, Marker! Doo I have to? Yes, AAaawwwwhh...

Guys! I think one of us should go ruin the other teams' stacks! What, like Eraser? I hear you loud and clear, I'll go- Bell! Go find a team with a tall stack and swing into it to knock it over! Come on!!! Alriiight, if you say sooo... Come on! More stable!!! TV: Hey, stability isn't the only thing that matters, y'know. Well it matters to me! Oh, yeah? Then why don't you just glue the blocks together? TV: "[gasp]" Puffball! That would be cheating! Well, that's a shame. It would've been a great idea.

Hey!! What do you think you're doing? BH: Just doing what I love... apparently. Lightning: Go, Black Hole, go! Fanny: Yes! I HATE this stack! TV: Oh no. TB: How do we get him to stop??? Fries: I don't know!!! I got this! Fries: Pen! Are you crazy? Oh no!~ If Black Hole doesn't stop, I'm gonna DIE. Pen: He would be... CAUSING my DEATH!!!

BH (stopping): unh! BH: YOU. BH: I can't BELIEVE YOU. BH: Death is just BH: some kind of GAME to you, ISN'T IT. BH: Well you know what? BH: I don't need to kill you for you to be DEAD to me. BH: (scoff) I HATE YOU.

Well. I did it! Great job!!! Bell: Wheee!!! Bottle: Wuh oh! YF: YAAAAAAAAY!!! Clock: Yellow Face, this isn't good! YF: Awww... Hi, Winner! Hey guuys! I found Rocky while I was recovering Icy, so- Winner! Bottle is dead! You gotta recover Bottle! Oh! Uuugghhhhh.

Guess I'm doing that then! Hey. You could've let them stay a little longer! Okay, who else is there... A-ha! THEIR stack is HUGE! Gaty: Oh, no- they like, HATE math, actually. Bell: Wheeeeyyeeaiyoouuh guuuhhh!!! Ugh!!! Get me off this thing!!! Coiny: Hah! Bet you thought you could- Hey! Get off our stack, idiot! I'm trying!!! Black Hole was right! We definitely aren't the shortest. (slow motion) I got it! Oh well! Who could've done this? [menacing sound] Youuu!! BH: Guys. You would NOT believe what just happened between me and Pen. Black Hole! Teardrop just ruined our stack! *i* think we should enact our REVENGE.

Oooh! Looks like we have our next target! BH: Sounds good. BH: Might help me take my mind off things. BH: Are you in, Fanny? Fanny: I'm IN! Marker: I'll join too!!! But Marker! What about- uh- ... AAAGH.

Hey Teardrop! We've come to mess up your stack and steal your blocks! Guys, look out! She murdered Fanny! Take coverrrrr!!! We can't let her get away with this! But if we get any closer, we'll die too! BH: Marker's right. BH: We have to prevent death, even if it means losing. Marker, get down!! Marker: Oof! W-wasn't there a bush here? TENNIS BALL! Did we just- We just caused that to happen! STOP MAKING US CAUSE DEATH! Marker & BH: YEAH! REVEEENNNNNGE! Marker: rrr! (biting sound) Marker: She's disarmed!!! Marker (running): Hoh! Huh huh hoh huh huh Marker: OW! BH: Hunh! BH: Aah! No! BH: Oh. BH: Hahahaha. You can't get me! BH: Say goodbye to your blocks!! BH: Now all that's left is... heh... BH: ... your stack.

BH: Auh! BH: S- stop! W... wh- what're you doing! BH: This is the worst day of my life. Hey! Where're you going? BH: Tree. Hey Tree! BH: ue- uh, Teardrop killed everyone and annnnd BH: annd we gotta recover them! But how did- BH: There's no time! _RC: Lightning. The ground here is kinda... tingly.

Well I don't feel anything. BH: Shut up... Lightning: What. What did I say?

_RC: Teardrop. Aw. Wow Eggy, that's really nice of you! Hey. You didn't see anything, okay? Eesh! Alright! Whatever you say! I MEAN IT! What's HER problem? _RC: Bottle.

Bottle, do you know what Eggy's problem is? Oh! You should ask Clock. D- do I have to? Okay... so... Wait! What is THIS? What's all this garbage?! RF: What're you looking at? Order RF001? Does that mean anything to you? RF: Oh, uh that must the first order someone ever placed on my online shop. Bwhat?! That would mean they ordered... uhh...

3000 items!!! RF: Yah. It would. Because it's true. Well, you shouldn't let people do that anymore. I think this order is the reason your call and response function is out of sync! RF: Ohhh.... And now, I'm gonna have to- Whoa! What's wrong? What just happened!? W-was I too harsh? Aw what?? A little robot splinter? Why didn't I notice this sooner? Yoink! RF: W-what happened? Oh thank goodness! Are you okay? RF: I feel... refreshed? Huh. That's weird.

Well anyway, fixing this is still gonna- wait what? The overflow is gone? Wh-wow! Hah- guess it was all because of that funny little robot splinter on your back! This whole time! Gosh. I must really not know how you work! RF: Uh, Basketball? I think- Now that that's taken care of, it looks like we haaave... Basketball: almost no time left?! We better get back out there! Fast! RF: I'm on it! Basketball: Wooaaahoaoahoaohooo!!! RF: We're back! Eggy (panting): I'm back. Wait, YOU'RE back? Where did YOU go? (gulp) Uhh, She didn't even tell us! She just ran off! I guess she DIDN'T want something to do after all! Ugh! Eggy, seriously? I should've NEVER trusted you with this! Well don't point at me! You're the one who left us in the first place. You just dumped all your leadership responsibilities onto me! I wasn't prepared for that! Waiwaiwait- MY leadership responsibilities?! Since when was *i* the- Bell: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFF...

Donut: Get back here with our stack, you fiend! (panting) GUYS!!! I WAS SMELLING A FUNNY PLANT! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS GOING? Hi Winner! Hey Clock! Bottle told me you'd know what Eggy's problem is? You have to be more specific. Bell: get it off get it off GET IT OFF!!! Aaah never mind never mind I have to start stacking again!! W-we can still talk, while you stack! I've had it! TV, if you can't think of something stable enough, I'll do it myself! Bell: GET IT GET IT OFF!!! Bell (echoed): GET IT OFF GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFFF!!! That's it! The perfect formation! GB: The one, true, way to stack things... not to stack at all! GB: Yes! Bell: Get it off! GB: It can't fall over if there's only one block! Bell: GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GB: Isn't it genius, TV? TV: I hate you.

We're here! Bell: GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! Come on!!! BH: We're running out of time. Just build! Now! Tree: Right! Huh? (Saw screaming) (Bell screaming) Saw: WhooaaAaAaAHRGBLRBLGBRLBGRLUuh! Bell: (screaming) Bell: uuuAAAAAAGGGHGHGH!!! uAAAGH! Oop! Oh! Hi guys! I'm back. Pillow, watch out! You've been followed! Back off, not-Just-Notter! No way. I promised my team I would keep an eye on Pillow to prevent her from killing people. Heh. Likely story.

You're not here to 'watch Pillow', you're here to MESS UP OUR STACK. Remote: Hmm. Who says I can't do both! [all except Pillow gasp] Nice multitasking. Basketball: Eggy. You are like the most irresponsible person I've ever met! I don't know why I ever trusted you with an- Eggy: Well it wasn't fair that you pushed all these responsibilities onto me without even asking me if it was okay, like le- Foldy: Eggy TOTALLY lied, like, Eggy was SUPPOSED to be in charge, but, Eggy just ran off and left US with-

2: Time's up! 2: Now I'm sure you've all had tons of fun stacking, 2: but NOW it's time to see how you all... STACK up! Hahaha! Eggy: Don't worry guys, last I saw, Tear Drop didn't have a stack either, so, we're just tied. Phew. That's good. We can totally win in a tiebreaker! SB: Yeah! So, with a total of zero blocks on the podium, The Strongest Team on Earth loses! See? Now- wait, what? But how did she- Oh no!! Bell (VO): I should've paid more attention after I got untangled! I'm so sorry everyone! This is all my faaaault! A-actually, I think we all could've done a little better. Ahh, yeah, Eggy's right. SB: Haugh! Speak for yourselves! What?! Snowball!! I think Grassy did a pretty great job today.

Oh! That's actually true! Yaaaay! And for building the tallest stack by far, Team8s gets a token! Thanks! What... kind is it? It's the kind I give you for doing well in challenges, silly! Uhh... Hey! It looks just like me! You're orange. Vote in the comments, using the letter AND square brackets, for who you DON'T want to be eliminated.

You heard me correctly! Vote for who YOU want to stay! The person with the least votes will leave the show!

2022-06-19 13:45

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