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that you're Yeah, man. Praise the god and get your votes in for your favorite tunes. Head over to vote. NCF. BB. And get yourself sorted you know. in it I It's up to you now. To get your favorite chosen to get your favorite artistic.

We don't say it. Don't say it. It's your hostess Paula Ann. Thank you so much for watching. Yes again on Barbados Crop Over Festival Facebook. Once again,

you are outside with us for the Banks Crop Over Sweet Lame. Sponsored by Banks brought to you by the National Cultural Foundation. This one, tonight, we are at Rocknet Grill in Trents in Saint James and we've got walks, we've got Shaquille, and we've got coming from the big stage. We have Black Rose

before. MHK and Inchi are on the stage now and are going to close us out. So, why don't you make your way down here to Trent in Saint James to rock that grill. get some beer, get

the floor specials, and get some busy let's take in some of the action from live on stage before I take you around for some more of the action. Let's go. So we're going to kick some twenty twentytwo vibes man. We got you guys familiar with these tunes. Sweet Lime.

We got her chances to come. Because I like performances, you guys as well, man. So, get yourself ready. Draw near to the stand of shorty artist some love. Tomorrow night, man. We're heading to the country. Diners,

we're going to be going with Bashiba. We're going Saint Joseph, man. All the girls that Sweet Lake for Learning. You know, we're there with the country people, man. You know,

we got party hard tomorrow night. We got Justin in the building. We got Sanctuary. At Natin, Amber, Tariq O'Neill. Gonna be both there as well.

for you guys tomorrow night man we going Bashiba Plug it again. Welcome back. We are still at Rocknet Grill and I've got my girl Monique with me. Hi, Monique. Hi, good night. Good night. Are you having a good

time tonight? Yes, I'm having a nice time. So, tell me about these one-dollar handsets. Okay, babe. Our special that we have running with the with the hand sets. Yes. If you have if

you have what you play at home. Yes. Or if you have our TV package. Yes. And you add a $90- post-paid package. Yes. You get it once a handset at one dollar. Okay and wish she

says our worship means flow. So, you can go on to discoverflow. CO or follow Flo on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter to find out more. So, tell me how are we getting these prizes here on the table? Okay, so for the giveaways that we have on the table, if you talk about 20 or more, you're eligible for any of the giveaways which will be our lunch bags. The umbrella. Uh

huh. Also, we have bottles and we have cups. Alright. Listen, our money is not joking. I did

a top up for $25. Didn't I money? I got one of the combo plans and I was able to get a very nice bottle but before I go, Monique, tell me, what is your favorite thing? We are going live to Barbados Festival Facebook. What's your favorite thing about Crop Over? Kaduma. You jumping this year, Monique? Uh, not this year. Don't be like Monique. Catch us on one of the fantastic new four-day morning roads. Road. Thank you

so much for telling us all about these specials from Flo. Let's go back to MHK and Inchi. It's the hyper drive team on stage. It's absolute.

Country vodka, whiskey, brownie Mars will link up by the stairs. because they always like what's cool let me drink it twice sing I only want me alright we're going to ask you about night for you guys lined up man coconut water you got water tequila Omari's will When I play a couple more, there we go. That's where we at. Marty. You're like Marby. And don't forget it guys. We

got the official start to crop over twenty twenty-two. This Saturday, every two days away. Second of June. Wow. The ceremonial delivery of the liveskins are added official star. We're going to have for you guys, right? Bring down your family. Everybody get peace in that early action.

make it a family affair. Come out this Saturday. We're kicking off from 2 PM in the afternoon. Yo, yo, yo.

Check check one three. Hey. Let me introduce Hello. Check, check, one, three. Yo, yo. Final 220 hyperdriving got her chances up next. How's it ready, brother? what you know about me this is the Yeah.

Look, come on, let me kill it. Alright, alright. So, big ups to everybody tonight, everybody out at Dina's. Right. Uh

Rotnet. We are good tonight. No worries. We can make everything switch over. Big up entry. Sir. Biggers everybody. Enough vibes. Enough action tonight.

Shout out to everybody. Oh everybody enjoying the vice. Everybody enjoying the music. And we got some live performances for you tonight. Tonight is Banks. Over Sweet

Line. And this one. Make sure you get your banks. Get your banks specials. And don't forget to come and take advantage of some of the action around there. There's the for the booth right here that if you want to come and take your motion photos, your loops or anything, that's fine. Uh come and show the artist and everything, man. Come and get

familiar. Talk to people. And be sure to win some prizes. Right now, Hachina since we're here, man. Big ups to everybody. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah October twenty twenty-two, we are ready. We're ready for you,

man. Are you ready to have a good time, man? We got live performances from Shaki, we got, we got Sweet songs as well as some bash right here in the stairs tonight. Gonna get some action. yeah? Shout out to everybody down here, man. Everybody.

fight this thing. giving me all that Shout out to everybody. making these things happen man. need something big right and I said look at me face and sometime I wonder with toxic like Shout out to the mice. You're joining us live from Dubai's Kwapora Sweet Lime in Trent Saint James. We are at Rocknet

Grill and I've got Shante. Shante. Shaunique and Angel. Shante right? Alright. I have a

holidays yet. So, I'm still in full control and even if I did have some bangs, I would be making sure that I'm drinking responsibly. Listen, what are the specials here tonight? Tonight, we have a for twenty. Where you buy a food, automatically, you win a cooler bike. Okay. Don't buy a foodie guy raffle ticket. Our three lucky winners will win a Bites bundle which includes a chair and a mug. Ooh. Okay. So, come

down here to Rodney Grill in Twin St. James. Win some things. Meet the young ladies. What's your favorite thing about Crop pova? Walking up my drinking. Drinking bike. Possibly. Yeah, responsibly.

Drinking bites responsibly. You put it in your hair away from me. What's your favorite thing about Kwapova? Oh, I love the music. The music, always. Alright, Sonny. I love the music and Alright. Alright. So, that was

Shante. Yeah. Tonique and Angel. The Bites Girls want you to come down to the Vice NCF Club over Sweet Lime at Rocknet Grill in Trent Saint James. I have a fantastic night. Let me get them by specials. Let me

remind them of the specials One more time. Yeah, for 20 along with the food. Um right. Yes, I'm going to eat, get some of the drink, and let me party. Let's go back to the stage now for the ashes. The girls ready to party, right? Uh huh. Hey

Let's go. We are the west side Come on to everybody ma'am. Getting ready for some life performances tonight. My brother. You dropped my attention. Now I only got eyes

for you my eyes are all over you girl every time you bend when you wind up your best life not put your cute face like that focus, focus, focus on you, I want I want you show me what you can do I just want to focus and can't keep my eyes off your body focus, focus, focus on you, I want you to show that what you can do it. But you really want it, don't waste my time, one in a million wine, come give me hands up at the dawn on me leave a walk out goodbye official I just keep wiggling it So, just got a bag of goodies here. A bag of giveaways. Let me see what's going on tonight.

I want somebody for the crowd. Somebody for the crowd to come up live and get a giveaway. Free easy like that. We have

some club over giveaways, compliments, and share. Here for you. This is got some bags.

Somebody that loves Krapova right now. Come and get a free giveaway of get some money tonight. Come, come, come. Take a seat one, my friend. Somebody else come. I got some more. Come on show your face. Good

night. Good night. How are you doing? Fine, thanks. You sure you're fine? Very fine. Good, good. You love Crop Over?

Enough? Love, love. You sure you love now? Yes. Have you been missing Crop Over for the last 2 years? Yes. Okay, we have something for you.

Complements the NCF. Thank you. Wash up and respect for coming out tonight. Good to see you. Easy like that one. Give away down. You got about three or

four more. Somebody else come. Shut your face, man. I just want to see some good faces tonight. Come, come. Come Hold on a minute, bro. Alright, thank you. Might give me a little dance. I'll take a

little, little, little, little movement, a little move, but a little. Yo, say, tell us why we should give you one of these prizes here right now. Easy like that. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. You got talking to microphone. Cuz it's

crop over. And we love Crop Over. Long time reading outside. That's getting down.

He sees up there, John. He loves Bob Rover. long time. Sexy being outside, man. Apologize for the camera. Wait a minute, hold on. You got all

your praise in your hand. Come. While you're praising your hand, I'll show off. Yes. Congrats, man. Congrats. Enjoy the praises. We've got some

more giveaways. Come no, no, no, no. Wanna see some happy faces? When you come up here, you're going to smile though. You gotta smile. You gotta be friendly. That's you? You sure that's you? Yeah. Smile for us,

man. I talk to the people. Good night. So, I bought one of those. I love Crop over shirts or in this bag. Well, I know where inside these bags but I could hope and pray for you that you got one of them. I love Crop

over shirts. This one, look, they want to hear, look, look, look, look. See, see, see, see? What's your name? Allison. Okay, and I like your shirt. I definitely like your shirt.

Your shirt is tubes. Alright, you're right. Turn on face the camera. Make sure you pause and you smile for your prize. Thank you very much for tonight, man.

Sponsored by Bank. We're going to be able to Cutting off giveaways for winner tonight because everybody here tonight. First, I want, the first thing I want you to do is tell everybody your name. Then, I want you to tell everybody why we should give you this praise. Then, tell us why you like crop over so much and why you're here tonight and if there's anybody out there with you, you're going to shout them out to same way, right? Okay, alright, just hold on. Hold on. Hold on. You gotta talk in the

microphone. I'll make sure everybody hear you. Go on. Hi, my name is Patricia Benedict from two four six Beijing Vibes Radio Station. And I love Crop Over and I love 98. 1 especially Chris Gill and Indian. I know. No problem. That's good

enough. Thank you very much. To be an alternate. I show my respect to you as well. Telling enough give a beer so they can get it ready for some live performances. That's one bike though. I still got another bite here. No

giveaways tonight. I love a piece of my toxin. Oh my along the way I might stumble but Hold on.

You gotta tell everybody, will you just tell me? That's that's okay for you? Okay, good. Mansi got enough to say tonight. Everybody pay attention to my friend here. My friend is here on the stage. He came for his

prize tonight. He's dancing. He's in he's a he's definitely an enjoying himself tonight. Oi time. Good. First, I gotta tell everybody a name. And then you can tell them exactly what you gotta say. Just make sure you

keep it clean. The name is Garfield Cox. Your name is Garfield Cox? I anything that free I want. Hold on. No. Anyhow. This is for you. And I hope that you are following the NCF and you're following Love Crop Over. If you don't know this

space, then you don't really love Crop Over. You only pretending is Marsville. Hello and welcome to the Barbados Corporal Festival Facebook. How are you enjoying Crop Over twenty twenty-two? You got a good little vibe, you know? Enjoying it. Andy Siem as he

before. Again, ain't there but it close enough. It close enough. Yeah. Yeah for sure.

Are we loving the music so far? Tell me, what was your plan for Crop Over 2022 to jump back into the spinner thing? Well, I was in Crop over 2022 sets last year so. Yeah. I still cracking. My plaza is to turn up. Of course, it turn up. Alright. Listen. So, what can the fans expect from you next? That's it. That's it. Well, for sure, you know, I always releasing music. So, obviously

up next is Trini Cannival, Miami Carnival for sure. More music to come. Music all the time. Music, sweet wines, nice outfits. We love it. Tell me,

before you go, what do you love most about Crop Over? I mean, definitely now do we want one we want one word or you want I love you. I love you. I love the girls. I love the music. I love the ladies. I'm more

girls. Oh, I give it to you. Thank you so much. You can continue watching live on Barbados Crop Over Festival Facebook. He's going to be performing Shaquille is going to be performing. Walks

is going to be performing. Let's go back to the stage with Hachi and Sis and take in our first live performance. We get close. We're getting ready for the for our first performance tonight. And this guy doesn't

need a bigger introduction or anything. This man is sing sweet. This man has got the girls going well. This man has

gained some of the sweetest tune. And make sure that the oldest smile you pee. Cuz he got bayless as he best friends. And he got some friends that will come for your money. Or you might be here girl. Tonight

introducing. Introducing Shaquille. There we go. Sit. do you believe in love Everybody, let me party. Let me

party. You tune. So, baby, let me Hold you tight in my arms and love you up, love you up, love you up, because you know you're my darling, love you up, love you up, love you up, make you feel like I know I know your heart been broken so much times but this is take my arms I love you up because you know you're my darling love you up love you up love you up make you feel like I know Good night. Good night. Good night. those who don't know me, my name is Jacques Q, GFG. I just want to test the waters with a new tune, right? And like I said, I want to know this one. Let me go Hachi.

Sit. PA I see some beautiful ladies here tonight. If we don't sing the tune for me now. Let me go. Sing darling. A blessing from the one above. I say it is for me.

But your love keeps me just keeps me grounded it's a feeling can you feel it must be dreaming if you know the songs you are my darling yes I want you whoa you are the know I feel so alive now yeah I've seen this for me but the love keeps me just keeps me grounded it's a can you feel it must be dream Take this arm for me and also, yes, I want you now. you are me, you are me, you are me, you are me, you're someone you know, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh you are my darling I see this from your channel but you can't hear what's up. Nothing can But they can't hear what's up. Keep some more. Don't hit.

Don't hit. The tummy don't hit the red live video. Keep some noise man. This is my first time ever performing in Trents. So I want one of the keys and noise.

You see, you want some money? I got some beers here with me, you know. Here we go. Sit. You see, things like that. my heart, I give it to you. No, it's time to pay your phone, you don't answer. Messages going to answer. In hearing you, look, but look at you now, look, with your new friends, auntie like you is a big shot now. Post it on Instagram,

clearly you live in the life now. Every rewards, right? You won a gallon. If you know this tune, sing this song for me. Sing.

pay it back baby. to your baby driving up and down in Every event in VIP flying out of the see two of you waiting on not. Yeah. This junior ain't want to play no brand new. Anybody are ready for Kwapova? You know, I was on, I was on Instagram the other day and a lady came up on the stage. I can't remember which one it was, Hachi. Which which sweet

lemon it was? Kings and Queens and she came out. She said, I love grapple. Huh? She, she, she had it in 4 years, that was just. What if you love Kapo make some noise, man. If you're ready for grab over, make some noise, man. Wanna hear something? When they're ready? Let me go, Hachi.

if it's nothing that you want nothing that I going to give you girl is nothing that you want nothing that I won't give you a girl come be a speedy one girl Welcome back to Trents in Saint James. We're quickly interrupting this fantastic performance by Shaquille. Remember, we've got wars coming up and we've got the man himself, the sweetest winner coming up next. But first, a

photo Kwapova Virgins to tell me all about their experience. Listen, how are you feeling about Crop Over so far? Oh, it's great. Can't wait for for all of it honestly. It's going to be great. It's going to be great. Yeah. I've heard that this is their first time, their first Kaduma day.

Which band are you going jump with this here. Blue Box Carp. Alright. Alright. So, listen. What are you looking forward to more? Everything. That like, we are so excited. Outfits. The outfits. Have you guys tried

some rum yet? Try some what? Rum, rum. Oh and you have to try some bites, bare neck. Sorry? Oh, we love baits. Listen,

welcome to the first crop over. You can watch this back on the Barbados Squap Over Festival, Facebook. Yes, and they're enjoying the performances and listen, happy crossover to you.

Enjoy your crop over package. This is from the National Cultural Foundation. They are the producers of Crop Over. So, happy Crop Over and you guys happy Crop Over as well. Stay tuned. We're going back to the stage right now.

Say, yo, yo, Cooper, Mike, everything just right. Talk to them, brother. Story time. Uh huh. Talk to me. Oh, dummy.

Story time. I see BTSA. Cuz I got a girl from them parts. She got she own crib driving both of us. A nice ticket. Uh huh. Doing here and there's only safe. Living the White House on Emerald Drive with the business day at this time. They

got so much for me. Look. So much for me wrong way. Oh we deliver this year one. We

deliver the same one. They got so much women. So much women wrong. Hey. We deliver the same same woman. Brother. Brother. Oh this can happen. I know. Man

I will drive up since she was noone. Everything flattened. No. No. Man I know how you feeling. But don't do **** nothing. I beg you don't do

**** nothing. Cuz that's a charge you waited to happen. Lord. Yeah. I catch this girl off your head. Go. I owe my money

and I spend one thing. I even pay but she by the UPA for the car but I pay for the rims. I pay for the chain and the diamond rings. I'm buying off things for **** brother. Hey, my brother. They got so much

women. So much with me wrong. Hey. What we dealing with Praising on. They got so much women. What? So much women don't care. Are we left here

with this year one? We left it with this year. One morning. She moving to YB and her body daughter style me. Hm. I really thought she like me. Uh huh. Messiah. I can't wait to see

she. They got so much in it. So much for me wrong. Yeah. One. Uh they got so much women. So much women don't care. Are we living with the same one? We living with this. same woman.

Man. Hey, Tommy. Sweet, sweet enough, yeah.

And I just want to sponsor my banks. think you can program I'm with that company Now, don't forget tomorrow we head to the country and we head to we head to Saint Joseph. I want to say ESA please We got some as well. That's our action

podcast. Alright, action as well. Shout out to the NCF man. Big shout out to all the artists. Make sure you guys get

familiar with the music for performer twenty twenty-two. We're going to turn to all tonight. We're getting into the next artist. Listen, darling. I have Shaquille with me. Shaquille. I love that jam just

now. Tell me about that new tune with Cooper Dan. Um that's a tune I just released about three days ago and I think that that's going to be a very good one. Um been friends for years. No, we we had we wanted to collab and it finally happened this year. So, look forward for that one, guys. So, listen,

it's not a story, right? Um Listen, before we take a walk, tell me, what can the fans expect from Shaquille for Kwapova twenty twenty-two? More music coming for sure and Sweet Voice for sure. The lover boy here all to stay. Where can we find you online? Um Shaquille GFG. Any radio. Shaquille F G F G. FG. Happy Kwap over Shaki. YCM to you. Yes sir. We going

back to the stage. We're going to meet meet right now. What? It's live on stage. Let's do this to me man.

Trents, you feeling good tonight? Everybody enjoying themselves so far? But don't waste time. I got some tune for you. Renew.

And push it back. But I only want one guy. I feel I like your energy. Girl, it's you you

got everything I want. Come on man. Come on man. That sounds sweet? That sounds sweet? When a lady can know it, make some noise, man. I don't want to hear what it makes some noise.

Wanna go support the artist? Come on, man. Don't do this to me, man. Run it again. Come on, man. Don't do this to me, man. Let me get a minute again one more time.

And if you're ready for 100 in the air. I start to wave. I like your energy. You, you, you, you, you, got everything.

And girl, I want, oh, love, you, and you, and you, and you, and you, come on man, and let me talk and let me sing. Good vibes this morning. Come on, man. Do what I want.

Yeah, I'm going to get left. Hey, make it my final. Yeah, yeah, I tell you it's good vibes, darling. Goodbye, darling. Goodbye, darling. Good vibes only, no, good vibes only. good vibes only, good vibes only, good vi Come on.

got everything I want and girl I would not tomorrow day. I don't want to know this one. Look, every video. Turn around. Brace

yourself for the work. My girl work it for me. Big tuck it for me. Hey. Happy girl. Happy girl right now. Can't stop shake that.

Here the drums start playing. Come on man. Hey girl. Just come. Bring out

till I run. I Just come. Bring it on. Why? I am blessed to see a new season. Again, we could reason. and play demons. A new year, no limits. We jamming we.

So take my command. My girl, walk it for me. Big talk it for He begins Snap that. Slap. Here we go. Just snap that. Step. Let me

get the bike. Boy, come in the party again. Pussy the girl with the Batman. Boy, boy, tell me to You go read, you go read, pull up now, come on, man. Come on, man. Stop that. If you know you can help me in for grab over twenty twenty-two, make some noise. If you know you

can't wait for twenty twenty-two, make some noise. Running. If we go to look. Pick on your phone. Pick up your phone up. Pick out your phone.

You, You. Tell them it to party again. To see the girl with the box then. Boy. So they can't kill me. Look at me. Look at

me. Come here. Come here. Yeah. You going to be at the wrong new career. Huh? Cool big boy. I said the vertically. Work it for me. Work it for me. Hold up. Everybody good? Went to Walmart? Let me see if you want to remember me.

Wanna pay for Saint Fermino? Listen, we told you we are at Rocknet Row and Bar in Trents in Saint James for the Banks Crop Over Sweet Lime and I have here with me Tanya and she is the female entrepreneur who runs this bar. Tanya, what should we come known here? Val is the best place on the West Coast. Correct. And also, we have all the local dishes. Yeah. You can't miss that for

sure. Yeah. And the prices are fantastic and the atmosphere is like get get into printing but then there's a camp. Not even the rain can chase us. Tell us

quickly What days are you open? Actually, what next one is open Thursday Saturdays. We also do charity on Thursday nights but we also added more days so you can look for vendors at Papu Festival coming out also. So, guys, get out here. Try this

Saint James on the White House site just off the Lane Grove. Thank you so much, Tanya and happy drop over. Thank you so much. Happy Kapolo Barbados. Let's go back to the stage and let's get trained. Bye. Got one more for me? I was in your birthday. So when you know the way of falling, what are all over there all over here. So we

want to hear want to sing the lyrics for me. Go fresh air, yeah? So you know he wants that help. Forward. Start that box up. Start that box up. if she didn't do a fee because **** left **** like a ship there's money I wish she was, she would, yeah Can you get my favorite now, please? Can I get my favorite now please? please.

No sex when it's a far. Connection. All the pool. The umbrellas. are also going to

swing them. Give me a little razor. Let me know when they're ready for **** over. Let me get a test run. Somebody push her the umbrella. Everyone see the ambulance at? down and let you run it.

we bash up every bit and every night of Just want to say a special thank you to each and everyone who came out to support. Biggest to the NCF of course. Thanks for having me. Come on, man. Don't do this to me, man. Somebody said, drill it.

Somebody said, drill it. Do God dwell it in it? you know you gotta work with the people. They go work with the people. That's twenty twenty-two. So if you got a drill it play for them. Who's lost the drillet? You better hear a single Miko Fresher yeah. Who's that?

Really boy that said Trillie is. Ever say who's that I Casper? Cuz it can't. But the body ain't drilling it no more. Cha. It's drilling. A **** drilling look. A **** drilling Don't do this to me, man.

What's making myself right here? Shaquille, big up. She had two performances already and we're getting ready for the final one as well, man Sweet and tiny. you and my spanking. Your best friend can get beast too. You like Barbie?

face off. Do not make me cough. Shoot my car, I got all **** in my car, all for you you best you like Marley? you like Marvin. okay sir. And don't forget before we

head tomorrow. Sponsored by ESNPO. You're live tonight. Young seven for everything about to offer you. We're getting ready for the final performance tonight.

And we are ready. We are ready. Days. Telling all the artists tonight. All the artists. We have an action podcast for you. Big ups to everybody out tonight. Big ups to everybody

having a good time. This is Banks Crop Over Sweet Line. And we are here at the Rockneck Bar and Grill man. Big ups to everybody. Right about now

bringing into the stage. This man travels the world. This man has a good time. This man represents the two four six all across the world man. This man is one of our business's finest. I want everybody to get

close and pay attention to this performance right here. Bringing you to the stage, we have Marsville. Yo. Urban Saint James. Roughness. Yo. Baby girl you look nice. Sweet girl you look cute. Baby girl you look

nice. Walk home for me. Walk out for me. Custom yellow one. Be like you. Some girl can't trust that. Just tell you what

we tell them. You pay for your land or you pay for your house because you got old things anyway. Because you're too hot. You're too hot. One spot. A one spot. My girl

too. Hey, girl. Say it to you. It's too hot. You stand up in a one spot. Unruly. unruly, Rough. Say mask. Pizza what? Yo. I've got your boy walked with me right now. We're in Trent Saint

James at Rocknet Grill and Bar. Watts, how are you feeling about Crop Over twenty twenty-two? I'm blessed. I'm excited to be back home, man. Yeah. Feeling blessed. Listen, who taught you to dance like that, man? Where you learn now? That's natural. That's not true. But we love it. My friend

Chanel who is watching. She is the biggest fan of yours. What can your fans expect this year? Plenty of action, plenty of hits. Yeah, man. And where can we follow you online to keep up with the music and the releases, everything. At Walks official two four six. You find

me on Instagram. Facebook as well. What's your favorite thing about Crop Overwalk? Seeing the people being happy? Yeah. Yeah, man. And listen, we are happy where we have our boy walks on stage. Colors is my favorite tune. You got a

favorite walk soon? Chambers of Color is absolutely my favorite. That is my job as well. Thank you so much for chatting with us. They're watching live at Barbados Corporal Festival. Tell them happy Crop Over, man. Barbados, this is your boy, Waltz. Come

on, man. Don't do this to me, man. Happy Crop Over. Yeah. Wow. Let's go and take it to Marsville. Ley from the stage. Let's go. So, Kopoviga met Sakota. Go. back on top. How I

got back on top? I Don't do that. Girl, see I give up. See, Doing right. Doing right. About to do it on pedal. Pedal. Pedal. Pedal. Pedal. Pedal. Pedal. Pedal. Boom. Bam. Bam.

Bam. Bam. Down. Yo. This real soul is here. Yow. Martinsville. Yo. Hey. I see a reverse attack now top, tick, top, tick, top, tick, tock, tick, girl, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, girl, stick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, girl, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, girl, I want to see a tiktok, jump to the ground, then bring it back up, girl, like, go to the race, because your ink sees up, dirty, woke up, girl, don't ease up, this girl, got no behavior for sure, girl, no panties, dirty, no, but what galore, all that work, more to you. Oh, sir. I can bring Sino. I can bring a new song. All I wanted is this behavior. I

don't want to deal with such behavior. All the sister's behavior is same with Christian music. I just want to deal with this. This behavior is to bring gospel songs. Don't play with

me. Give me a new song. Isabel. Angelic City. My brother. KDM. Yo. Yo.

pull up, pull up, pull up. Kitty, I'm kidding. Starts off. Gideon. Gideon, don't worry, Walter. You got, you got your

Adidas. Adidas got good grip. Uh huh. Relays, drop it again. Drop it again. Drop it. Isabel Get that boy, buddy. Ready?

Stop it. Shop it. Shopping. Shopping. Rocker. Bop it. Pop it. Pop it. Pop it. Pop it. Drop it. Drop it. Drop it. Drop

it. Drop her. Drop it. What do you do? What do you do? Roll it. Roll it. Roll it. Roll it. Roll it. Roll it. Roll it. Roll

it. Roll it. Roll it. Roll it. Roll it. Roll it. Outside. Outside. Turn it up. Turn it up. Turn it up. Get that

opportunity. Squat That So is this disbeliever? I have a technoma shirt today. With nothing so. Jesus is holy. Little children. Say walk

so little children I take a walk only with this behavior give me sign for the rear end brand new music from over 20. 22, here we go. Yeah, you're looking good tonight. want to

be the one that treat you right yeah girl you're looking good tonight you're my type my type The way a nice gala just want you to know. Let me hold your wrist to me squeeze your nose. I have passed to one US to the ground. Come limited to rule yeah. Come and let me touch you there. I want to feel you everywhere everywhere Don't mind who's watching. I don't

care yeah. Yo, to be a nice gala just want to know. Let me hold you, take the one for you now. I Come let me hold you tight to one for you now. Hey, because you're my type. My type of lady. Let me get back. Let me

get back. So, there's another new one. This is another new one. Paul Paris. Paul Paris,

you were supposed to sign for this year. Hey. Oh, no. All you stitch people that signed up out in the rain. We ain't talking to you. We talk these

people here though. Yellow and white, little closer. Feel so nice, just one hug, yellow one, jam your clothes, push back, yellow, and white me slow. Just

imagine the feeling, yellow one, give you real thing, yellow one, jam your clothes, push back your land, yeah, long time you want to Take your time. Take your time. Girl, hold you, get so wet, wet, oh gosh, you're dripping in sweat, oh gosh, she's jumping down the head, oh gosh, you're dripping and girl, you get so wet, wet, oh gosh, you're dripping in sweat, oh gosh, she's jumping down yet, why you see this here? I'm coming, I'm coming, I come are coming don't talk to I come in, I come in, I come in, oh god, I come in, I come in, don't talk to me, stop now. So, who don't give me an eye yet? Don't give me that yet. So, I guess, I can

leave this place. I guess I could leave this place now. I could leave. What do you mean, Noah? Are you giving us that sweet stuff? Drop a song. Give

me one. Fitness Music. Rough. One, go. One, go, beers. One, go, one, go, one, up, go, yes, one, go, ears, wank your ears, wank your whistle, wag your waist, go. Go. Give me, give

me, give me, give does she the way she my That was one. Give me one more. I like this one. Watch it. Good work I do. My god. You're looking. Start to whine. Start

to whine my girl. When I put the love on you every night. Hey. Come on when I put the love on you baby. Quit fast in

a hurry. Winner. Next one. Next one. Hit them. Hit them. I just hit it home. I just hit them one thing. Listen, I've got the crop over baby herself. I saw her most of these NCF Crop Over Sweet Lime s. Welcome

to Barbados Quapora Festival Facebook. Rhea Lynn. Hi. Welcome. Not welcome. Good night. I am loving the music. Tell the fans. Tell the fans

about what they can expect from Riya Lane in twenty twenty-two. What you can expect high energy as always. That's all what I always want to come out to do. This year we got two We're ready to party. The girls will all back up again. Remind

those under a rock, the name of the two bashment shoes. I know you got one with us. I woke up to it. I can't remember the

name but I'll be walking up to it. That one named Divine S. Yes, so we got the one with us called the and then we have another one called Brigadone. And where can we go to listen to real lane music? You can definitely find me on YouTube. Uh huh. You can find me on all the those stores that Spotify, Apple Music Shazam, everything.

Everything. Everything. Before you go, what do you love most about Crop Over Ria? Did they be nice? So, we're going to take in more from the stage. We've got the man himself, Marysville. Thank you so much,

Ria. Thank you so much Paul. Happy Kwapova. Pussy one. Pussy what? Pussy what? What she want? What she want? What she want? What she want? What's she? What she want? What she want? What she want? What she want? How much she want? How much she want? How much she want? How much she need? What she need is what? How much she want? What? Dust. Alright, I think that was enough. I see

one. You see one of the real fall? I want to still let me go home. The real phone was telling me, you want to see jokes. What you got there next? So we see all in the Bible. Here we go. Signal deeply. Signal deeply. Signal deeply.

Walk your signal deeply. Look. Signal deeply. Signal deep. That was cooler. Come. Bundy river. Bundy boy. Bundy river.

Bondi boy. Give them a run. Give them a run. Bring it over now. I meant to say that girl. Her name is Mancy. Her face is like a bunch of rose. If I ever

tell you about a mancy, how could I see? I don't know what to do. See, murder. Uh huh. murder see yo murder This one little waffles. She said may love what? Milo. Mountain walk today. Middle of walk. Middle of what too much. She say oh I

put your pants over. She love what? She love what? Too much. I take a girl a walk. Squeeze

it. Squeeze it. Squeeze it. No you stay with it. Come on right buddy J. Real body gallop. It's a right body to you. See the one bubble and the right body thing. Just Let me introduce you. Yeah.

Look at that one in brown boy. I want your right. You buddy, take it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, girl, **** you, buddy, you buddy, ticky, right? Too much. Mountain what today? Me love what? Me love what too much? She say, oh, what you being so rushing love what? She love what? Too much. Malta what today? She love what? She love what too much. Feel every I was going to say that I won't clean. I can't sing the ugly. I

gotta behave tonight. So, you happy now? I could go now. One of this, Noah. Give me a new song. Don't give me that ****

Give me the new song. Then, give me the idea. That new song there. I got Trey saying. What you want? You want me to what? You want give it to you? Yeah. You want me give it to you? Hold on. Hold on. Let me trade

this here first. Let me trade this here. I let the crowd up. Besides it's just people in Batman work with them. We work

with them. Give me give me some. Give me something there sweet noise I see. Parker. Here we go. Come on. Machine up the place. When we

in the butt we commit a big **** in we hunt. When we get the best. Yo. You know why? going to walk you Alright, you tell me one more song. So, good evening to everybody at CGM's. I love Hona. I respect Hona. Enough, love, and respect. I got one

more though. Turn it on. Sing this song because I won't give it. Baby, I won't. Squeeze that.

Marshville. Roughness. Super legs. I said give it to them girls. I won't give it to you. Oi. I won't give it to you. Hey. I won't give it to you. Hey. I won't give it to you. I

won't give it to you baby. I won't give it to you. Honey. I won't give it. Say sweetheart. Back to front. Here we go. Wake your whining. Tammy. Like a

fountain that overcome. Why it's a sweet hotter? Let me hear you girl. Come get me some. publishing Let me hear this thing come. Ah. Turn it on. Start to wonder. Come on, give

it to you. Hey. I won't give it to you. Go, I won't give it to you. Hey. Come on. Give it to you. Come. Come on. Give it to you baby. I won't give it. Come on honey. And on this high

note, we're going to end this off here at Rockneck Willenburg. Come down and catch them. entrance in Saint James and remember tomorrow we're going to Basheba Saint Joseph we're going to Dinah's make sure that you get there with her until 10PM from 4 PM it's the NCF drop over Sweet Lanes we're having so much fun I've been your hostess Paula and thank you so much for watching bye bye and happy Kwapova remember to stay safe and join us on Saturday for the ceremonial delivery of the last case is the official opening of Crop Over so don't miss it bye bye. gun. Left foot here and mind my business. Good night to everybody. It's your boy Miles.

Enough, love, and respect. Roughness. They got some rough day. They got some sweetness tonight. I

got some garbage. Shout out to Walt. Shout out to you man.

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