A game.... about stock trading. It's also a horror game.

A game.... about stock trading. It's also a horror game.

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Hey I'm Grump, I'm not so Grump! And we're the Game Grumps! Hello everyone! It's getting crook in the club, it's Trader of the Ni- Hehehehehehehehe EVERYBODY TILL YOUR GLASS IS IN THE SKY! This Trader of the Night is bubbly! Hey, this game was made by the creator of... Forgot the name of it for a second, Observation Duty! I'm not, I'm on Observation Duty. Yeah! And I've got a question for Natovia. If you're not Ovia, then who are you?

I'll tell you who I'm not over. I'm not over ya Because you make great games and We're we're gonna check this one out It already has a banging soundtrack. Yeah, it's a soundtrack by Carl Casey, of course and white bad audio Um, so this is a game. That's it's it's a stock trading horror game. I love it. Let's go. Ooh normal hard. Oh

Geez, I'll just go normal. I don't know what I'm doing. Supposedly you don't need to know No Allie looked us right in the eye as she turned the lights off in the room tonight The stock market is my only hope hope I'm sorry I just have to man. I'm a British friend that I play overwatch with pretty frequently and I'm always like hello All right Ananas, I believe that means bananas okay, so we got these businesses I guess and That's an upward trend. I would buy okay Oh, I'll buy a lot just throws you right in huh? You're buying stocks. We don't know what this game is

How much money do I have? What what's my liquidity here? Oh, it's 10,000. Okay. Oh, that's okay All right, I'll be a little conservative here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right. I bought a bunch of Ananas stock Let's see dang dung. Okay, that's that's honest way down bro, but you could catch it on the rebound Okay, so this is a dung on the rebound Yeah, that's not how this shit works, man. All right

You can gamble on that sure yeah Let's see Yeah, you gotta watch the trend but by the dip bro always So that's a downward trend. That's an upward trend and a dip. So this is great knock Gia Debit sus that sounds legit. I'm gonna put I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna put a lot of faith in this one. Okay Oh Does it say whether it's like a dividend stock or not? Aaron what? Dividend pays out regularly, okay That's a good one fucking Ananas is great. Yeah, I put I put some money in that one. What about coursing through your anus?

That one course a nius It's a multinational This company was founded in 1999 through a merger, okay, okay It's a pretty static trend a large pharmaceutical company. That's a safe bet That was the one I just looked at yeah, yeah, but it's not I mean oncology cardiovascular Respiratory people will always have lungs and hearts Yeah, but they're not like the leading company They're called anus so I trust them did I buy days mom? Okay, it just went up so that's probably okay It's called dame son. Damn son get dang dung over here I like these names so I I could I could do the like what's the horror element of this game? Uh, I think I owe money to somebody and he's like a scary monster I told you to purchase dang dung while it was low Well, it's still low like that's not how it happens and now it's shooting up. Well, I gambled It's that dung is in geyser formation. Look at that. Look at that dip damn damn gaka. You know what? I'll take a risk on gaka. Okay, just for you just in honor of you You bought some stocka from gaka Okay, so Oh good, it's got a little like this thing so I can check back to see what I bought it for right Easy money dangerous. Yeah, I don't know about that one

Ligma bet that's your style Nachi is going up love to see it. I bought it at 14. It's at 15 now great Bay beat BD So we're basically just buying things based on how much we like the name No, I'm looking at trends No I'm looking at rads This one's good. It just dipped a little bit. So it's still dipping. I I like that. I'll watch this one. What's going on? I got an email about dividends. You got four emails dog Oh shit little information about dividends a dividend is the distribution of the company's profits tells will shareholders the amount scary shit of dividend certified company's board of directors following companies will be paying dividends today ligma bet Tata Yoda and very very vish vish to be eligible for the dividend you must own shares in the company at least one hour before the payment time and do Not sell them before the payment. All right. Sure. All right, you can do shorts man. That's that's above my pay grade

Select the company from the upper left menu Basically the same as normal buying you're just betting that'll go down instead of up Yeah Close the shorts like the company previously shorted plus buy and buy as many shares as you shorted. Okay I thank you for joining our trading platform Great Commission free pay your debt. Oh, here we go Your our patience is running low. You still owe us money. You haven't received any we haven't received any payments so far You have until 6 a.m. To pay if you don't pay we'll send someone to take care of you

We know where you live. There's a photo of the last person who didn't pay Oh God, they look okay That's like an AI picture looks like someone doing some good trading. Yeah All right So why would I be afraid of relaxing on a blanket? Okay, hex and drink a looks pretty good so I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna get a little hex hex and drink Hex and drunk shit, so Let's see what we got here I'm so now I'm looking for a stock that has a downward trend but had a spike boom right here Garand a excellent So I'm gonna sell A lot. I'm gonna short the fuck out of it

Great so I sold that for 16 Hell yeah, love it So it's gonna go down pretty soon founded in 1941 by jerker burgerman Jerker burgerman, it's my favorite guy. Yeah, I most certainly will not shit, thank you very much I Like this is mmm. I don't know about this one more information is needed. Yeah Same with this one. I've never been a day trader before this one's for sure. You've reached my shorting limit

Okay, close some of your short positions. Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it. No problem. No problem See it's going down now. Great. Sound like they're named after Godzilla enemies. Dang. It's Duralex Godzilla vs. Gorondae Godzilla vs. Corsa anus

It's my favorite one All right, I guess I should start selling some stuff. Okay. Ananas is losing me money Yeah, it sure is It'll go up I'm sure it'll go up. Well, I do have money so and if I do believe in Ananas Go ahead and put some more in Done easy peasy. That seems like a decent Damn damn damn son. I'm watching damn son. That's a pretty steady climb. Mm-hmm It doesn't seem to be dipping a whole lot So very strange to buy stocks to what essentially feels like stranger things music and know that your life is on the line Somehow in some way that we don't know Oh, it just shows you the profit of the stock. Oh, that's interesting So I don't have to do the math in my head, that's great I've already made 12 euro. Whoops. It just went up. I feel like my guess is that

That Natovia the person who made I'm on observation duty probably had great success with it Got a couple big paychecks was intelligent about it was like, you know, I want to diversify my portfolio buy some stocks And then realized how unbelievably stressful playing the stock market is and was like I should make a horror game out of this Because this feels pretty much just like playing the stock market. It's a little terrifying. Yeah How about 69 and hex and drunk? What you're saying is there's a lot of people Involved in each of these companies and I'm just going to blindly Trade my money in them and I'll be the last to know about anything that's coming down the pike perfect That's exactly the position. I want to be in. Yeah, I mean this $800. Okay, that's 20 per share Yeah, I'll buy something fuck it oh I don't have that much money Okay, cool Yeah, I'm not I've never day traded in my life and nor do I have any interest in it scary Um, but when it's with fake money in a horror game, that's not great. Oh, yeah go to town

Yeah, I guess fucking killing it, dude Me 69 bucks on hex and drunker did I I don't know. No, that's how many stocks I have Oh, it's my shares. I have how do you have negative shares in Garand because I shorted Garand. Oh you clever bastard Yeah, but it keeps going up and I don't like that. Yeah, I need to should have longed it Oh Bro Fuck you We got baby Got baby lady. You know I'm saying can you fucking fall please so I can get some shorts out and short something else? So I can salute my shorts damn yo, dang dung. Oh

Oh, what's gonna happen here? What's gonna happen here? Come on. I have other stuff too. Hey, okay This is news. Oh shit. That's right. I could look at news and see what it's like stocks are coming up Soldier British King guard drops his debut rap album Mike hunt Get it released his debut rap album hustling till I drop dead today While on duty, he's sergeant hunt but went off duty. He becomes big boy savage X

Relatable, okay. I don't think that gives any Streetfood gains popularity, okay Okay, that's good to know The new Oh dingus being patty burger is great. Oh The Oh dingus burger, yeah, okay, so that's Oh dingus that's a company that we can buy shares in can it get right? Oh No, I guess no and scroll down Oh comes after n There's more there we go. Oh god the thing about the Holy shit, I should have got a dough dingus on the ground floor bro. Keep going. Keep going. It's not too late

But it's good. Dude. It's gonna fall man. That's gonna be like food poisoning allegations and shit. You don't know that I Don't know bring this car you could put some money into penis company. Okay. Okay. Let's let's see which ones I have the most profit on And then do some do some selling real quick To get some get some capital going I'm gonna sell sell it all All right. Great. Thank you I Only sell high breath All right Oh dingus Oh dingus I'm gonna fucking short the shit out of Oh god damn it I would also recommend looking into wet ass wind Do you think yeah, just have a good feeling about it. Ooh That's weird, what do they do it installs wind turbines, okay All right. All right. All right, all right Uh, okay. I've I don't want to pay my taxes. Okay, I'll pay my taxes. I'll be a good boy

All right What new news is there? hottest new trends shown at fashion show in Milan Mmm, biggest trends of season is high heels deep purses and saggy underwear gakka wear models wearing some gakka. Oh Okay, so gakka is gonna be big. Hey, it's so hot right now gakka is what I Mean on gakka. Oh I'll be even more in on gakka right now. Ha ha Yeah, bro Put all my stock on gakka Look at that. I've already made some money Okay, this new stuff is cool Man claims this house is haunted by anomalies Probably monk fist. Oh, it's 52. I'm 52 years old

It's only nine years older than me Well, the police are investigating. This is a break-in. But mocha fist is convinced that something else is going on Is he one of the ghosts? I think all these pictures are AI Jenner. Okay? Yeah, it's like where's your hand? Okay. Oh, it's I guess it's over here. Yeah That one looks at you. Yeah, there you go. There's somebody I generated shit. Is it hemorrhoid awareness by dancing?

popular influencer my dung Is the anomalies company here Anomalies, yeah, you know the the company from I'm on observation duty. Oh I'd invest in them. They do good work except when they don't yeah true Where was I bought into Nokia? And that is just plummeting Garand is doing great. So that's cool. Well, I'm uh Not doing so hot in the stock market right now. I'm great. No, this is real bad. You only have three hours left. Oh shit Yeah, see 248 at the bottom there Okay I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna sell the debit sus while it's up great And then I'm gonna get into what we got here. What's the next news article dentists recommend using toothpaste? All right, where's their dental company? Uh, Natovia, yeah, nice, it's fucking fell dude. Yeah, I'm sorry guys

I like that Natovia made a game where their own stock bottoms out Tada Yota, I Want the where's the where's the junior invest in wet ass wind Dude, I don't want to hear your backseat investing bullshit. You're going dry, but wind Uh skin protection makeup perfume Fuck where's toothpaste? Who's got toothpaste Supermarkets oncology damn, son toasters heaters fridges Electronic components fuck who sells toothpaste. All right. What else we got here The the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and over they Tried to sweep this under the wall guy will travel to Luxembourg. I'm sure the walk You trying to sweep it under the wall? He's a further the last person who didn't pay oh great nice just having a good time in the grass there Yeah, it looks very relaxed. Hmm. Wonderful God to be that chill Uh Ligma bet is Fallen email unknown you failed. Oh, what did I?

Yeah, I'm making enough money. We've lost face. You'd be able to pay your debt. We will send someone to end you that's good but It's only three. Yeah. Well, I mean they don't like the way things are going shit Man, there's gonna be a jump scare. I'm gonna crap myself. I I hate this. Uh, uh Oh Got a lot of gaka profits over here. I tell it to the fucking tags man. That's coming to kill you

All right, got some money back How about I can you exit out of this? What do you mean? Like I feel like you shouldn't be looking at your screen while someone's coming to kill you Why not like in the lower left? Does that? Do anything? Uh-oh, I heard somebody. Yeah, did something just come in the door? Is something ending you right now? I gotta buy this. I'm sorry. Okay. Oh Fucking shit. Oh my god

All right Oh my god, all right murder Yeah, uh-huh. This is fun. This is this is how people should learn how to use the stock market under the threat of fake death All right, let's start playing a little more intelligent here. Okay. Yeah, that was just a warm-up round. Yep Let's look at the news Spends his money in one week Napoleon's alleged shoe found Footwear allegations have been raised against Napoleon What? Anna French woman Annalise Duran Streets of Corsica, but what's the business? They didn't say oh the letters NB Decided Napoleon Bonaparte. Damn it. It's no fucking definitely not an injured Brian. Yeah You want a skiing ship with a little drive? Tourist finds visits Finland during the winter and dies. Oh, that's good. Okay travel agency. Is there which one's the travel agency? I don't know man Electronics opponents the GAC is the GAC is a fashion company. We got that Grande that's the furniture company. I have to commit this to memory

Beers and ciders is hex and drank a uh Lee you're a cosmetics cosmetics Vehicles. Oh wait. No, it's financing automotive manufacturer. Okay, a lot of moves. Yes Technology technology ligma bet got it various industries telecommunications specifically video games food penis Co Food snack and beverage. Oh, they make penis Cola. Ah Jordan hunt it's a bank Champagne and cognac. Okay electronics video game company. Okay

Sports where Where's fucking travel? military Automobile so much news has come out since then. Oh fuck wind turbines motherfucker. All right By like a zillion of this, okay Fuck it. Okay, they might be good for the environment based on who you ask So last member of the gakka family who owns this part of the luxury factory other owners have been happy about this Gaka is known for his wild ideas and unstable mental health according answers He wants to start designing clothes for the company again last time he was allowed to do the company almost went bankrupt And that's not me making a political statement. That's just every time I think I know something another article comes out or someone yells at me in the opposite way. I'm like, all right

I'm gonna I'm gonna short the fuck out of gakka. I'm just sitting here man. I'm writing songs Just sitting here. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna day trade the fuck out of gakka. I'm just gonna watch it hourly. Okay Come on baby lock up baby lock up gakka. Look at this party made a hundred forty seven dollars Fantastic. Damn. Look at it fucking plummet dude. Are you are you putting all your money into?

Shit, okay Bye-bye back got it. Boom. I made some money there All right, damn sun's going up So I'll buy a billion Okay, yeah cuz it dipped a little bit oh fuck it's dipping god damn it I'm just trying to I'm just trying to min-max this shit. Yep. I know You haven't lost your money until you sell Oh God. I normally wouldn't bought this but Damn, son. Like how can I resist? All right the news?

No, we're least a yeah. Yeah. There is all gonna flex Oh, it's not giving a release date for the next I'm on observation to you, but there is an I'm on observation duty coming out That much is certain. So look at that. Boom. Look at that fucking dip, baby I'm gonna buy more than I can afford not enough money shit I'm gonna buy just as much as I knew that word not being able to afford something meant you didn't have enough money for it I don't know. Give me the option. Maybe I could take out a loan or something

All right, how's a damn son doing? All right, not to via don't fail me now. Mm-hmm. Yeah Dude, I'm making mad money on a tovia now. I love it dog. Did they just announce a release date? Starts call as a nooshka Ram a nooshka Ram Mm started college last week. Perhaps Rom when asked about what she wants to be when she grows up. She replies a streamer That sounds about right, okay Yeah, I get dividends that's fine wait, let's look at the picture the picture of oh Yes, same one, okay looks good All right, making money on a tovia Uh-huh losing money on wet ass wind losing mad money on damn son. This is going well super well All right, no tovia. Come on. Come on. Let's let's let's see something see some progress

Today short anything. No, I sold I bought my shorts It's easy to wear you proud of me dad, okay hex and drunk it It's a long way to fall There's gonna be a crash I'm just gonna you know what I'm just gonna buy short. Yep. Okay. No, we know sell sell Get that money back. Hell yeah I'm gonna short some shoot How about this fall fall damn you Luta Karen That's like a super Karen. They get really upset in line at McDonald's All right, I don't know why sussy arrow bus The best case scenario is you get McDonald's We say exactly Want to help people in organization avoid taxes. I just love finding loopholes and tax laws. His name is just in case

Come on, man Okay, all these newses aren't helping me right now Tata Yoto That's a downward trend. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna go with my instincts and what I know about the industry Just look for the upward trends and then look for the dip So that's an upward trend, but it's still up That's a flat lining gaka came back. Oh, I can buy a ton of gakka Whoo-hoo can't go back down from the bottom. Yeah, and it's falling down Well, here we go. Here we go. Oh

Fuck. Yeah, loot Luta Karen is killing it right now cuz it's falling We got damn Sun over here losing me money Got wet ass wind over here losing me money Luta Karen though fucking killing it go to it on the sticks. What? That and Toby is really going down. No Toby is going out of business. I'm sure gakkas in trouble. All right Fuck you fucking kidding me, dude. I have a thousand dollars. You know what? I'll just throw it into Wait, let's see. There's more news. Yeah, this feels like yeah. Oh a car for factory burned down in Germany Luta Karen's

Okay, we don't have anything in that do a car car car car. What's is Luke Aaron? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, but you have I shorted it I'm short. Maybe that'll bro, bro. We're about to make some mad fucking money dog Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo you remember when? Kevin took over editing duties from Barry and they made that video where Uh, Kevin's like, all right now, it's just time to render the video two hours and then bears like see you later and Kevin like sleeps over at the office and he Barry comes in the next day He's like, let's see how much money as much time is left. He's like about three hours. All right

Wow, I don't remember that bit at all. I mean it was eight years ago. Yeah, I'm doing this forever. Okay gaka Gaka Gaka needs to go back up. I'd really appreciate that Just I want to see a fucking spike. You know I'm saying looks really good New TV orders food and beverage is based on what you watch. Oh Okay, so that means I'm buying it back. I'm buying back. No problem. Oh fuck

I Can't get it back. Oh, no. Oh, but I'm making so much money right now. That's okay. Look at the article then Yeah, yeah, I just need to confirm that the person's yep, you suck me that was their name Okay, just to check just had to check got it. Got it. Good call. Good call. Thanks. Yeah, okay So I got to sell some some up edge. Oh gakka has so much more room to grow though, okay? So that's this music is awesome. Yeah, dude Fuck yeah, fuck. Yes, okay. I should do all my day trading a synth wave

Hell yeah, I just lost five thousand Sunglasses go on all right. I'm gonna sell gakka right now So I can buy back the loot Karen stock Oh Fuck I still don't have enough money to buy all the loot Karen. That's making me so much money fuck All right Sell this shit Don't you have it maxed out I do but All right cool, I just I just netted like 400 from that perfect great So hopefully that'll be enough to keep you from getting murdered This is I don't I don't see how you could make money really quickly here Is this what the statement is supposed to be yeah? Magnus Johnson oh Everybody loves pizza All right, which one's the pizza company Oh? Dingus well there was a food one. I think it was penis penis Co food snack and beverage corporate I'm gonna go with a dingus, okay There we go feel like a dingus is gonna go find its way back up You know you find out everyone loves pizza you buy the hamburger place I need you to help me out here, man More news You gotta pay my taxes money you can't You only have to pay 167 bucks you can make that I don't I only have four dollars Oh, you're also in 15,000 euros worth of debt meme stocks gain popularity. That's an issue. Okay, okay meme stocks Don't be money to buy stuff shit. Yes, we're selling goodbye laughter with memes

Right you are Dan. I'll work on my Twitter account soon ahead see Oh Dingus is coming back up. I told you pizza Pizza and pizza and burgers go hand-in-hand Penis Co went down because of the pizza thing so the more you know That trademark penis pizza no definitely not Toby's going up come on damn son fucking give me a break What do they do vacuum cleaners toasters fridges heaters and lights can I just like? Blow out everyone's lights a woman pointing at graphs Are these being generated on the spot, I wonder I don't know What dingus Dingus is making me money. I like that I like that

Damn, son is constantly bleeding me dry. Mm-hmm. It's fine. Yes, totally cool All right. Oh dingus is going up. Oh going down Going up yeah Let's try to do my best to Fuck you've got five dollars in your account. I know I gotta sell something, but nothing's soaring right now

well You'll be soaring to heaven if the tax man comes and shoots you in the head I sell the peak Stan. Okay, okay look at that look at that climb 65 83 dude did some come out about hamburgers Wristwatches oh yeah well Adam sample well now I guess not I Think that was an AI generated image with two different humans hands Just but it might have just been lighting Okay, I'm selling this done. Oh dingus. I'm out. I'm out of the Oh dingus game pay those taxes dog I don't need to yet. Are you sure he killed you at 3 p.m.. Yesterday?

But now I have less money to gamble with I mean invest Now have less money to blindfold myself and throw into a hole Uh fuck all right all right, you know what I should do I Should short this shit cuz this shit keeps going down So I'm gonna sell okay, and then I'm gonna sell again He had been so I'm gonna make my money back See already making 36 bucks all right, dude I'm a fucking master of disaster over here. How close is that to 15,000? Looking Oh dingus. I gotta get back in the Oh dingus game. Do it do it do it buy long buy long all Get me in get me in get me in daddy, and now we sit back and wait for the profits to roll in it's gonna Gonna skyrocket dude. I'm telling you. It's gonna go way the fuck up That's the Obenus burger. Where's that? Oh, which one was the wristwatch? Oh, I already have a bunch of shorts. I can't do that, okay

Look at this keep going down you fucking damn son keep going down I Got like four grand to blow it's having an amazing rally quite the surge and In us consumer electronics smartphones and computers. Oh cuz it's like Apple NMS Okay, sussy arrow bus. I'll buy. I'll buy it seems to be going up. Why like arrow says Dude dude dude you're making me giggle You make me go Oh dingus Don't tell me there's like food poisoning coming or something. No he looks fine. Okay, bend over is good That's the that's news that don't matter it's why it's sweep design the wug I will travel to Luxembourg oh Oh, no, where's wind finally give any profits? Look at this shit. Oh, oh, that's what I'm talking about. Oh, I got a new email saying I failed

It's three though Mom mom mom mom I have enough money. I swear oh Oh shit Can you do anything out here, I don't think so oh Just sit there and wait to die yeah, just look at things. I just like a real computer. Yeah, like a nice house Plant so much cool stuff here. Oh

Oh someone's at the door hello Are you gonna open the door come in there? He is no shit. Oh, that's different Man you got murder I suck at investing gives fun. It's weird, but fun God, okay, I need to make 5,000 profit God no quit dude. We're done well next time. I get girls. I know you're so like Let me out of one more time It's just too much to keep track of I can't fucking we don't know the company's well enough. Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, we had a cheat sheet But we'd have to sit down and write that out But in any case congratulations to Natovia for On your new game. Yeah, you've been very different than that observation duty

Yeah, it's pretty free original. I don't know of any other stock market games aside from animal crossing nice, but yeah, thank you for the sneak peek at this and Rock and roll with your life. Bye everyone goodbye Good music Carl Casey

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