सिर्फ एक Video Best Time Frame के साथ Trading करना सिखा देगा |Easy Learn Concept Of Chart Time Frame

सिर्फ एक Video Best Time Frame के साथ Trading करना सिखा देगा |Easy Learn Concept Of Chart Time Frame

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So man when we start trading 1 minute time frame whenever we do that then what do we see there market which happens which are candles which are going very fast going up as well as going down so we Seeing this, it seems that we will enjoy trading in this, and ours is that the up down up down is happening so fast, so we can trade in it, so when we set it on the time frame of 5 minutes, when we set it If we do it then we see that the movement is very slow, then some people say 15 minutes time frame, some people say half an hour or 1 hour, you should analyze support and resistance. To do what you can do for 4 hours a day you can tell you the true meaning of support and resistance when we do it for a day we should also see in weekly time frame what is the average there It is telling that it is going up, then the price is going below it, so there is a lot of confusion here, see the time frame, whether it is small Look at the time of a second , because brother, whatever the world is, it runs on time only, small means even minute's time is important, here life ends in minutes, it means in hundreds, so here it is complete. Whatever we are trading here, it may be a small time frame, whether it is a big time frame is all important, it just depends on you which time frame, at what time you are doing it, support and resistance, then which one From this time frame you should make support resistance, if you want to make trend line, then on which time frame you should look at stop loss and take profit, looking at which time frame you should put the indicator which you will do, in which time frame your perfect indicator If it reduces, it means a lot of confusion, so when we have to trade, take entry or analyze, which train is running, then in which time frame we should do it, then this video is going to be perfect for all of you. After all, there is no confusion in your mind about the time frame. Video is important if you understand, subscribe and like it, I keep sharing knowledge flower videos like this on the channel . With this I will make you understand

you which time frame you should do it whether you have to enter stop loss have to find support resistance have to find trend everything will be clear to you today [music] so watch here I have opened this chart four any one can be yours it would be good whether yours is crypto's whether your stock is forex any chart is all in all yours it reduces so here is the time frame Here we divide it into 3 categories, which is the first category, like yours, it has become 1 minute, it has become 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes Next 1 hour , 2 hours or three hours 12 months is larger time frame we consider is clear to you, here I told you that we mean large, mid range and small time, so if I explain to you in the example, then you can understand that the one who is small Father can speak and the one who is your larger one means we can consider him as a big time frame . He has had a lot of life experience, he has seen a lot of ups and downs in life, he has a lot of experience , your father is of midrange means, he does not have much experience, but he has the strength . He is young but here I am talking about grandson, grandson who is of young generation, believes in taking instant decisions, he has technology, so whenever you have to take a trade here, balance all three things here. you'll have to walk means who's grandson here like I'm this Yes, tell the chart of 5 minutes, here I have put the chart, then I put 5 minutes, then it will be a little more easy for you to understand, then if you see here, you get to see a lot of moments here, that is, the one who is Grandson here is instant. Believes in taking a decision, sometimes what happens is that when we take a decision in a hurry, without asking our father or grandfather's advice, if we take a decision, then it may be right. After all, if you see, it

will prove to be wrong because you have not taken any advice from those who have experience, then yours may be a loss, so my meaning of giving an example here is that when Also if you want to take a trade then what you have to do is that you will have to look at this short time frame as well as you will have to take full advice from Dada ji i.e. you will have to do analysis in big time frame first . You have to find the trend that what is going on in the bigger time frame i.e. the grandfather's experience. You will have to do that for experience, after that when the father who is your father puts the gun on the father's shoulder, ie the grandson, when he fires the gun, then your father's support i.e. the shoulder will be there and you will fire. It will hit the target, that's all I mean to say and you must have cleared a lot from this example. The Grandson here believes in taking instant decisions, so

sometimes it happens that if you They will walk according to the old age, so what if they take the decision according to the old age, sometimes it happens that you will be very late, you had to take the trade immediately here, you had to take the entry at the right time But you were left in Dada ji's affair and who delayed your entry at the perfect time and you missed out on a big profit . What do we do with the big time frame, find the trend means like there is a burish trend , bearish trend and side ways trend so here like if I do 1 day time frame thing then in One day time frame you have to first check that market in one day time frame Whatever it is, where it is going, you will see here in the last, in the last few days, the market here, just like the sideways, you will be seen doing the moment here, as you are seeing here, okay you down up Down up down so here if you look at the time frame of van de then what is the market is moving sideways it is clear now you look at a little longer time frame weekly time frame if you want to see here then weekly If you look at the time frame here, the overall market here means bearing , okay, not bullish, bear is like this, okay now what you have is the mid-range time frame, you have to do things here like 1 hour so in 1 hour see what is the trend , when you pay here in the long term, when you pay here in the larger time frame I have seen that the market which is police, bearise, you have found the trend, I mean to say that you have to find the trend from the large and mid range time frame, never do you rate against the train. Take it if you want to take a trade in short term, now I am telling you later, the video will be a bit long but I am going to give you all the proper information today, for this purpose, I am sitting here by turning on the system, so that you Completely I will be able to guide here, the video is a bit long, you will see the whole, so here I was telling that what is the big time frame, you have to find the trend, which means which train like if you van here Here the thing was a little bit policed ​​then here almost bare it is going on now so here you have got a meaning idea here if we have a little mid range time frame here then we have seen here that the trend is Exactly the movement is going on here right now ok now we have to take the entry when you have to take the trade So you can do whatever is short term, like here you can do it for 15 minutes, then the time frame of 15 minutes, you can do it as a Grandson man, so what will the person who takes instant decision do? Who is your grandson , who is capable of taking instant decision, he can take it immediately. But let's see, if you make it a train line from here, it is okay, then you will get clear here, you had to take entry here, when you did the time frame of 5 minutes here, then you can take entry from here, it has become so clear. Now when you

did long term analysis here i.e. in big time frame then you saw there from market bearing so we mean a lot from here if we go long then we don't have to wait too much ok so its It means to say that whatever train you are, analyze it in a big time frame and according to the same trend, you In the short term, you can do this on the time frame of 5 minutes to 15 minutes and then you can take the trade here, but keep in mind that if you see the market from Bihari on the time of ODI, then when if If you go long here looking at the short term, don't weigh it too much, if you get a little profit, you have to leave because you had put in the long term market which was bearist and you went long here, then you got a little profit. After booking a profit, you exit from there and then if you feel like if you have a time frame of 15 minutes here, I change it to one hour here, then in one hour you will see something, I have given it here . I delete from first one hour time frame if you see here you will get a support from here sorry resistance you will get to see one here ok now from here what I wanted to short you can make profit from here The Now I tell you what is the support and resistance first , in which time frame you should make it, see as I told you that when you have to take a trade, then you have to select a small time frame, such as you can do it for 15 minutes or 5 minutes , but when you have to make support and resistance, then whatever you are, at least At least one hour or 4 hours, you have to do it or whatever it is, now I will tell you one more thing that in which trades, which time frames should you keep watching continuously, as if you were here before I tell only that , then I tell you in the next story, like the trading that we do here, trading is done in many ways, like, let's say, a stock has become a crypto, if you are looking for a long term . What is the cake in the long term that you select the van week here and analyze according to the van week because you want to make your entry in the long term when you will get a good profit then you are there You can take profit like here I have opened the weekly time frame, you are seeing this chart here, so what do I see here? I see that the market is going on here right now, and the market is going on right now, I will wait a little bit, that the market which is here, at least from here, at least one which comes to this level, then I will bike from here and then When from this level at least till this level means till here then what will I do to sell it there because if you see here you will get to see a resistance then in this area means you biked here And here you have sold, according to Van Week, you have to do chart analysis here, okay when you are looking at long term, what happens in that is that you have to bike in support and sell there on resistance. If you want to do, then you

have to take some profit, but when you talk about two-four days of training here, so that if you do it in the stock, then what happens there is swing trading for four to four days a month. You can hold there for two months, that is, to do swimming trading, then whatever you have, according to the week or van de Analysis has to be done i.e. trend finding when the market bearing is stopping at some support, then you have to enter what happens there, then you have to analyze where is the next support in ODIs like van de According to what I am looking at here, the market is moving right here, okay, now the next support will be the support that will be here, I am talking about your full resistance, the next resistance will be here now. If you have what you have now that entryly here and what will you do here you will exit ok then here you are making support and resistance according to give here if you have to make support here then here you Support can be made here like this, support resistance, I had told you that from where you have to draw, then you have to cover the week that happens, ok from here you analyzed van give and trend according to the weekly time frame If your friend is coming and stopping on some support , then you have to take entry, then he will go up, then you have to go there. Exit has to be done, it is clear to you now that there are some people, like if you go to the stock, it happens intraday or if there is this camping, then you can do it for 15 minutes, then there are powers. Chart i.e. you can make him Grandfather then from four to half an hour you can make father 15 minutes and 5 minutes you can make Grandson ok it will help you to take instant decision so in this way you can Analysis has to be done now like here if you are scalping then here like I do 5 minutes time frame thing here and there is any stock like any stock is to be taken ok as ever I have here But the train line was made like this one, I made this train line from here and on this support which is there, I re-entry is fine, so what is it that you have to make a perfect way like you have to make support or make resistance If you have to do it for at least 1 hour , then you have to do it for one hour, now whatever you want, I delete it from here . And now the support you have to make is for one hour, then you can make support here in this way, you have to make this support like this, you have to make support on one hour and according to 5 minutes 15 minutes, what you want is scalp . Looking at that trade, if you are getting to see such a chart pattern there or if you are getting

any candlestick pattern like a hammer, then you can go long there, then you can do both. It has to be seen as if it is stopping on some support, then you have to take a trade there, so that here I make resistance for 1 hour, like this area, it is exactly like the resistance here. If it does, I will go down a bit, it is okay, even if you go long here, you will have to get out till this area, but to take the trade, as I have created support and resistance here, I will take it here. 5 minutes 15 minutes here can pay 15 minutes I will do here and 15 minutes I will continue to analyze here okay now as Yes, but I will see any pattern, whether it is a candle stick pattern, whether it is a chart pattern , then I will take an entry there according to myself, okay now, if I feel from here that the market will break this support and go down. Here I will directly do 1 hour to 4 hours, in 4 hours I will see where is the next support, in which area, which we do here till four hours, then you will see things even more clearly like here I have done 4 hours so the next support is here very strong support you are getting to see here so what I have here I make this support like this from here ok this is our 4 Hourly support is done, now in this way you must be hearing that here is weekly support, monthly support is ok, so what will I do here, I can give one, so in ODIs, where are we going to see our next support? The area that you can see here, in such a way that you will create long-term support and resistance here and in the short time frame you will get But you have to take entry, that is, you have to do trend analysis in big time frame and you have to take entry in small time frame, then here is the next support, you can see here this area which is very less like your support. Here

I am making day wise support and resistance, it is clear that you have to make it in this way, then the trade you have to take is in short term means you have to take trade on short time, you have to take entry, it is exactly like this Well, if it comes out from here, then I can do it here, if it comes out here, I will have to do it here, it is clear to you that now you can do it for 5 minutes, sometimes it is 15 minutes . Which is a little late there, chat etc. means chat patterns are formed or the candle stick pattern is formed late or it may be a little late, then you can do analysis for 5 minutes, if you apply a small time frame . This one area which will make resistance and the next one which will make support, you will make it here means less than half percent will be here. It will come less than half percent okay and it will come down from here means it will come

very small means it has been coming around 0.2% okay so if you plant here tomorrow also it will be a hit then you mean to say Even if you take a profit, it will be very minor , if you are trading in a small time frame, then the stop loss that occurs there will be your hit again and again and the take profit that is also very small. If it happens ok then what happens in that or if the fees etc go to kathput then you don't get much benefit then what do you say atleast one has to walk here for 5 minutes to 15 minutes what in that It happens that your tomorrow and the profit-oriented John is a little bigger, it is okay for you, if you update it accordingly, it will be better for you and it means that there will be no need to enter very quickly . You get time to go to the washroom, the meaning of saying is clear that you like what I do , that here I have different stocks, even if you have different If the photo is done, then I analyze everything according to the long time frame, which is that I make it there in support and resistance and see it in the blank, I do not take the entry, it is not necessary that you have to take the entry. I don't want to take

it, I will make it out of 8 out of 10, I will see that first long term means a little father 's area, there I will create support resistance, from train line I will make indicator , now I am telling you how If you want to do that then it is not necessary that there is a pay being made then you have to take the trade I do 8-10 channel sir I will see what happens in that when 810 you will do chart analysis of different sets so there are four in it then you Will reject if one or two will be left, then what is in it, your accuracy increases a lot, okay, so according to this, you friends, time frame has a very different type of importance, if you understand it, have you learned it? So understand that you are going to print money very strongly from here, no one can stop you, then it is not necessary that you Pick up what you have in it according to the time frame you made support resistance and take trade in it no you do empty analysis u have to segregate and then you will get a perfect entry From there the accuracy of profit increases, it is clear to you, as I have told you three types of time frames, like your small time frame, meter range, and larger time frame, then I understand you in another example. All three are important in their own place like because of man you live in Delhi, now you have to go to where you want to go to Mumbai then you have to leave Delhi from your home then you have to go to Mumbai then it is so Not that you will jump from your house and sit in a direct airplane and go to Delhi, then what happens here is that you have to walk step by step, Mumbai, you have to go from Delhi, so first you have to step outside your house, which is the first Step hai aapka woh hota hai aapka small time frame then you will be outside your home Which is the right street, you have to choose your street, first of all, it is not that you are in the street which you had to go left, you went right, then you may be walking further and reach Mumbai in a different way. It's a matter of course, but your starting went wrong there, so first of all you have to make an entry in a small time frame, then the path would have cleared slowly , then you would go to catch the highway, then after that you Will go to the airport, catch the plane, then reach Mumbai, step by step, that is, what will be your start, that is, what will be your entry, which will be a small time frame, then your entry will be made, then whatever you are, you will reach your destination, it is clear. Not that you are already asking from your terrace means don't step outside or jump from terrace which means you do one hour analysis not before you enter if you have to take then you can in small time frame Take the interview, okay, and I am telling you one more example, as there are some people who become big stars because of the man. Time frames are used by man, whether it is hourly or on a day basis, if he analyzes, he takes trades on an hourly basis, so if whenever he comes to trade for 5 minutes to 15 minutes, isn't it? So it means that the small time frames are considered to mean that racing is fine and the large time frames are considered to be bulldozers, auto rickshaws, auto rickshaws that move a little faster, cycles, ok, cycles. And you know what will happen when the person driving the bulldozer and driving the truck meets him after doing a racer, he will get his arm and leg broken somewhere or the other, so you can understand from this example also that the meaning of saying is Brother, see both are important, you can not go fast by truck, you cannot reach your destination quickly, but you can reach your destination very quickly by racing, but what to do for that, you will have to learn proper first, you are the person driving the truck first. If you do racing in the bar, you

gave the example of the park, and if you gave the bulk somewhere comfortably, then there may be a loss of what you have. But if you keep thinking but if you are thinking that I am going to reach soon by racing, then what you have to do is that some day trucks and bulldozers also run You should take it because you have the ability to have patience, you will get what you have, you will not hurry, but what happens in that, you have to have patience, then you will get profit there, overall you will get here. We have to walk by balancing which time frame we should do it for trading, I have told you many here, overall I have divided it into three categories, one is the larger time frame, the mid range time frame is done. And

the small time frame is done, all three are important in their own place, you have to analyze all three, which is the larger time frame, you have to find the trend in that, which trend is going on, bearing is going on or side is also going on. Then according to that you have to enter a short term time frame while doing it . You have to take and set your stop loss and target which is yours i.e. take profit based on that you will be able to make profit here and friends there will be some stocks or some cryptos also in small time frame If you see some crypto you get such that even a little bit of gap is very much means you get price gap means you get different like if you look from here to here only you get 1% gap. But if you see this in bitcoin, then go to respect asset, then you will see this much gap, which means you will see a very minor means it is 0.06%, then you get something in such a way that even if there is a small movement, then one two three If you get to see the movement of the person, then according to that you can take entry in it in small time frame also, but if there is such a situation that if there is a big movement, then if you see the percentage movement in it, it means a big candle . Even if it is being made, there is very little in it, so there is a little bit of you in it, not the larger time frame .

You should do that like if you see in bitcoin then you will see such a big movement that in 5 minutes time frame you will see very weak 0.06 0.07% but if you see respected crypto then you will see the same movement Which is not, you will see a lot of difference, as you can see here, one and a half percent of yours will be visible here, okay, so according to this you can also do your planning here, now as here I will give you a By applying moving average, let me tell you that as I have opened 5 minutes moving average, let's take the image, the setting I have kept here, if you change it to 50 in the input, then it becomes mid range. is 20 if you do then short range means small range if you do 200 then big time frame now you can understand this means 200 300 you can do this so here if I do 20 then this Understand the average that I told you means last I selected 20 here, then I will tell you the moving average of the last 20 candles here. Yes, here is the exponential moving average, I put the moving average here, you can also put the moving average here, okay, so you can analyze in this way, a little bit more like if you look here, this is your Emu, okay, Emu line. So as soon as it goes up

here, you can long what's here, like it's a cross over here, you can sort it here, okay , so this is how you can do it here, if I call it 50 then a little bit you get a late entry ok you can do that also for the moving average that means the smaller you keep it the sooner you take the entry and told you the longer you mean the longer the number here But if you keep your entry here, it took a little time, means you will get to see a little delay, okay, so according to this, you will have to see here that this area of ​​yours means the next support and resistance like you. How much gap are you getting to see in it? It is okay according to what is yours that if you are getting to see a good gap, then you are there. tp on and my this which I wish it here and here I do it here in 1 hour instead of 15 minutes I did it here for 1 hour and here the one who told you the entry so that here The market has not gone here , maybe after 5-10 or 15 or 1 day you have an entry here, it will not give you the entry soon because what I am doing here is a slightly longer time frame. Means

I am doing it for one hour, if instead of 1 hour, you will do it here for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, then you will be told to enter quickly, that is, if the price starts coming below this line, then you will have to sort it like here This line is not crossed over here, if you are looking here, then what happens here is that the market has been reduced like resistance, which is from here, it has come down after being rejected, so you can sort here and If you had longed from here then you can book your profit from here because Jo Amy wali line hai yahan pe jo hai ki resistance yahan pe hai bhi kar rahi tha Ok friends, you can do it here in this way, you friends , before proceeding further in the video, I will show you something, the partner of this video is Prime SBP, which is a copy trading platform, very good, now go here You can do copy trading etc. here, I will give you the link in the description, sign up with it, if you want to do copy trading here, then like I will tell you some features of it here. I have done it and here I am depositing ₹ 250 here I had deposited it and here you will go to the promo code then my promo code Surya 50 will appear here like if you enter the promo code apply and Whatever deposit you make here within 12 hours of applying , you will get maximum bonus up to 7% here, you can pay your deposit amount here, rest you will see the copy training here. Pay what to do, deposit funds and copy your copy trading means as many as here There are trades, you follow them here, whenever they place a trade , then trade will take place in your account and whatever profit you have, then here you will have to do a little analysis that the best copy trade will be followed here. Will have to do and because

now the platform means for a long time these people are doing less but what is it now you will see according to yourself now less fund hit here deposit it if you have to start here then rest more about it Here I am going to give the details of copy trading, here you can use the promo code and you will get the description of the link, you can also sign up here, so friends, here I was telling the time frame, now I hope You must have got almost some idea of ​​the time frame, there are still many things like in which time frame if you are seeing a candle stick pattern and in which time frame if you are seeing a chart pattern then we If you guys want to know how to take entry and exit, I have made this video Means I have tried a lot that I will explain everything here in a very simple and easy way, I hope you like it, then there I was telling that at what time candle stick pattern chart pattern , then how I see us If you want to take entry in live market, then I will guide you what you have to do, for that you will have to like and subscribe as much as possible here, so friend, what I just told you about time love, in such simple and easy words, I have put my But if you tried to tell, it means that our effort must have been successful and you must have understood the concept of time frame. If you like this video, then like it. Whatever is your birthright, keep subscribing to the rest of the channel to get one, because in the coming time, I am going to bring you something very unique here, in the coming time , I will show you a glimpse of it. I give the sun as you are seeing here Reading Tips is now in developing mode here, so I am going to add a lot of things here, what will happen in this, you all are going to get a lot of things to learn, so stay tuned for what you are on the channel . I am going to share with everyone in the coming time, so with these things I want to take a break in this video, see you again in the topics video till then bye bye and take care

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