[sub]EP.1-1ㅣ하이브! 음악만 틀어줄게, 알아서 들어와봐요 ㅣ출장십오야2 x 하이브

[sub]EP.1-1ㅣ하이브! 음악만 틀어줄게, 알아서 들어와봐요 ㅣ출장십오야2 x 하이브

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(This isn't 'Idol Star Athletics Championships') (We gathered them for a picnic, but athletes came instead) (The biggest number ever, 36 people) (HYBE's picnic begins now) (Nana's store has a long line) 8 times 6. 42. - Wrong. - Good work. Goodbye.

(fromis_9) (Lee Saerom) (Song Hayoung) (Jang Gyuri) (Park Ji Won) (Roh Jisun) (Lee Seoyeon) (Lee Chaeyoung) (Lee Nagyung) (Baek Jiheon) It's dark... - Under the lamp. - Correct. Fools rush in... - Where angels fear to tread. - Where angels fear to tread.

(You can't say the answer together) (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) (Soobin) (Yeonjun) (Beomgyu) (Taehyun) (Huening Kai) (TXT of HYBE swept the random dance game) (And) How can you hold back from this? (We found a senseless human) (ENHYPEN) (Jungwon) (Heeseung) (Jay) (Jake) (Sunghoon) (Sunoo) (Ni-ki) We have too many foreign members. (ENHYPEN said they have too many foreign members) (Producer Nah distrusts the international society) (There is no foreign member in ENHYPEN) (LE SSERAFIM) (Kim Chaewon) (Sakura) (Huh Yunjin) This is their own song. ('Candy' by H.O.T is playing)

(Kazuha) (Hong Eunchae) (You said it was just a picnic) Rock-paper-scissors. Ribbit. (Is rock-paper-scissors supposed to be this intense?) (SEVENTEEN) (Joshua) (Jun) (Hoshi) (The 8) (Mingyu) (Seungkwan) (Dino) (Out of 13 SEVENTEEN members, 7 people who aren't good at games volunteered to stab Producer Nah in the back) I love them less than other artists here. (No damage on him at all) (However, when it's time for a performance, SEVENTEEN wipes the stage) (The story of Producer Nah becoming CARAT is coming) (United team) (Baekho) (Hwang Min Hyun) I wonder if it's worth it.

(It goes beyond your imagination) You pass! (Lee Hyun) (The picnic makes the Jung Dojeon of HYBE dance) (Coffee for take-out) (The memory of our summer) How about the US? (They take it to the next level) (Producer Nah almost sent a coffee truck to Chicago) (The best random dance game ever by real artists) (The fun picnic begins now) What does HYBE symbolize? - Do you know? - Of course not. (Game Caterers 2) (One sunny day) (A camping ground in Yeoju) (HYBE is having a picnic today) (LE SSERAFIM appears first) (Exclaiming) We get a tent. This is perfect. (We heard all HYBE artists were coming, we decided to be bold and rent it) - Hello. - Hello.

Hello. (They're excited about the first picnic) (They enter their tent) Wait. There's a cooler in the back. Is it ice cream? (Open) It's cold water. (They will fill the cooler by playing games) (While LE SSERAFIM guess the games, TXT enters) It's Producer Nah Yung Suk. (Surprised) Hello.

It's a celebrity. Can we have a handshake? (When a celebrity meets a half celebrity) You should go to your tent. I love his voice. - Awesome. - It's amazing.

(ENHYPEN comes next) (fromis_9) (SEVENTEEN) (Min Hyun) (Baekho) (And Lee Hyun) (These three together are a team) It reminds me of... What do you call that? The restaurant in university festivals. (It looks like HYBE University festival) I can't believe they located us here. (At the corner) No one else is wearing black.

I feel like I have to greet the guests for the funeral. (He puts on a skit) It looks like a funeral. I heard we have to decide on a team name.

Have you thought about it? (Clearly not) (fromis_9) Did you see that? 'We ran already.' (LE SSERAFIM also found something) (We ran already. Good luck, everyone. From BTS) (A support from the former Game Caterers guests) (36 HYBE artists are here) Since you're all here, before we start... (We asked them a favor) Each team will enter one by one. (It's not a big deal) (You should come in when we play the music) (The production crew is giving us pressure) What should we do? Let's be who we are. Let's do that then.

(They're discussing seriously) Let's give Saerom a ride. That's a good idea. Let's walk in 'Feel Good' move. - That's a good one. - I like it. ('Feel Good' move is this one) (They have to walk like that) - Do you want to try? - Let's do it.

Want to try it now? Let's do it now. (They suddenly head to the forest) See? They're practicing. Where are they going? (We don't know where they are or why they're so enthusiastic) 5, 6, 7, 8. (They support her firmly) (Launching Captain Saerom) 1, 2, 3.

Victory is ours! (My goodness) We can lift you, but it's embarrassing. (Noisy) They're giving her a ride. (TXT becomes competitive) Shall we be brazen today? There's no I here. (ISFP, ESTP, ENFJ, ENFP, ISTP) There's no I in our team.

Sure. That guy becomes I selectively. - That's true. - But he's mostly I. (Selective attention seeker) Don't pretend to be quiet. I don't stand out when there's a crowd. We should go out and be brazen.

Bet your life. You must bet your life on this. (Don't forget this is just a picnic) (The leader shares her ambitious plan) Look cool here, then walk out.

(Crying) What's wrong? I can't do it. I'm too shy. You have to. (This is too severe for people who debuted only 2 months ago) (Moving) You are the best of my life It's windy. (The man who gave them pressure is at peace) (Report him to tvN. His ID is 008728) (People who debuted 85 months ago are also under pressure) We should've brought all our members.

It's a shame. (They miss being a whole group) Our passion is hot like the sun, and we run for a high goal. We're SEVENTEEN.

(What?) (He's crying) Let's have Mingyu say, 'Let's go for it.' I'm sorry. (He rejects it) (They haven't been out of GOING SEVENTEEN for a while) Can I go ask the other team their slogan? (He asks for permission before he moves) Do everything you want. (Supportive) When I go, you'll be like, 'There goes Seungkwan again.' No.

I'll be a stranger. (The moment he turns around, the rest start gossiping) - There goes Seungkwan again. - There he goes again. (Blaming) To be honest, Seungkwan is an old fossil. That's true. (Shining friendship of a band of 8 years) He should stop being a stranger.

He's cute. (Seungkwan) (They're actually Seungkwan's diehard fans) Soobin. What's your slogan? (Glad) Have you come up with it yet? We have, - but tell me yours first. - Ours is weird and cringy. (Being vague) Do you have a slogan? (Should I tell him?) (On eggshells) We're thinking about going with One Dream. (Relieved) It doesn't have to be brilliant.

Right? You didn't prepare a performance or anything, did you? You're not trying to stand out, are you? No, but he said he'll play music, and he was like, 'You'll prepare a performance, right?' So we had no choice. - Did he give you pressure? - Yes. (He was there to spy on them, but he ends up coming clean) I was just checking.

I'm afraid we'd be too much. That's what I'm thinking too. My team is getting excited. I can tell. (He walks away without any gains) I was being a stranger.

Good job. - They have nothing special. - Right. What about it? They have nothing special. They didn't prepare anything.

(They're still working on the team name) TT? (Totally Tempting) TT? TT sounds good. - Okay. - Okay. I like it.

We're TT of HYBE. (They give a meaning in a rush) (They decide to go with Team TT) From now on, you'll enter one by one. Enjoy watching and support them.

(fromis_9 who is going first is nervous) This is the first time HYBE artists gathered for this. (Seungkwan hosts the show by instinct) This is new. We'll become close after this. To be honest, it was awkward until now.

First of all, the first team. Let me present you fromis_9. I think they prepared something. (Exclaiming) ('DM' by fromis_9) (They begin with the move they practiced in the forest) My goodness. Is this their new song? (It was filmed before the song was released) ('Stay This Way' by fromis_9) (They start dancing) (Applause to fromis_9 who overcame the pressure of going first) There's something we prepared.

Grab hands. The winner will be fromis_9. (They're embarrassed, but they did everything they prepared) Next. (Shaking) (It's TXT) Put the sanitizer away.

Why am I getting nervous? Put everything away. (They put everything away on the desk in a rush) (TXT begins with their debut song) ('Good Boy Gone Bad' by TOMORROW X TOGETHER) (Shocked) They prepared a performance. They flipped the desk. (The introvert pushes the desk lightly) (HYBE family loves it) (The introvert rolls forward) (2 people roll forward) (One uses the towel like nunchucks) (Bang bang) You took it too far.

(When they're about to dance, someone puts on a different performance) (Action begins) (He makes it worse) What's he doing? (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) Good job. (They clean up perfectly) All right. Two, three. (Yelling) Hello. We're TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Gosh, I'm getting a headache. (The junior singers' passion bugs me) (Here are more junior singers to make his headache worse) (ENHYPEN of BELIFT LAB) ('Blessed-Cursed' by ENHYPEN) (Receiving support from other boys) (They start dancing) (They were worried for nothing) (That was wonderful, ENHYPEN) You took it too far before us. I can't believe you.

(While they're arguing, people in the back are moving busily) This is getting fun. SEVENTEEN are moving fast. (Anyone called the moving truck?) Producer Nah. Don't give us pressure.

Gosh. This is crazy. Why are we going after them? What do we do? What about them? What are they doing? SEVENTEEN. This isn't a variety show. This is just a picnic. (Extremely nervous) (But as if they were never nervous) They're cheering for us. (You look wonderful) It's hot. ('HOT' by SEVENTEEN) (Fan, wiping sweats, fanning) (They prepared a perfect skit for the song) (Guarding) (He's good at introduction) (It's time to show who they are) (Expectant) (They treat it like a concert) (They're watching like an audience) (Excited) (The concert masters induce applause) (Clapping before they know) All together. (The music stops at that moment) (Is this really happening?) (About this song, it ends with everyone clapping together) (That's how it should've ended, but it didn't) Why did you stop the song there? You're bad at editing the song.

(21 years of game experience) (No experience in music shows) (Guilty) But it was cool enough. (If he soothes one, the other complains) You said it's a picnic, but why are you giving us so much pressure? I was more nervous than when I prepared for MAMA. They're good. They're talented. They're good. (Going crazy) (Next is LE SSERAFIM) Wait. Shall we get ready?

(Her heart aches) (Making a fuss) Let me remind you again. This is just a picnic. You're here to have fun. (He only upsets them) It's so much pressure. We've got to do it.

(Mental breakdown) (They discuss what to do to the end due to pressure) LE SSERAFIM. Music please. (Her look changes) (Here comes the youngest) ('FEARLESS' by LE SSERAFIM) So pretty. - Do you have any dance? - What do you have? (Just raise your thumb) That's all.

(That's all for real) Is this it? - This is it. - That's all. - Because it's a ballad. - Right. I can't be like, 'You are the best of my life'. Now, it's the highlight of the picnic. This is bad. He said we're the highlight. The living legend of HYBE.

(Just kill us) There are Lee Hyun, Baekho and Hwang Min Hyun. It's Team TT. (Now they get it) Music please.

(The grand finale) ('Love Me' by NU'EST) (It looks like an election campaign) (Cheering) This is so embarrassing. (Then Lee Hyun's song plays) ('You are the best of my life' by Lee Hyun) (Enjoying watching) (The song that brings everyone together) (They're not slacking off) (This is the only choreography) Stop the song. Stop the song please. (But we can't possibly stop it here) (Everyone unites in the picnic) (Cheering) (Shoes are flying in) (Swing) Why did you throw your shoes? This shows respect. Does it? We all know it. Everyone here probably felt it. The distance here felt like 1km.

(Agreed) The song felt like it was never-ending. Even though it was a fast song, we were so embarrassed. (Laughing) Yet, they overcame it. We were showing respect for that. You deserved it.

The first HYBE picnic has begun. (The 1st HYBE picnic begins) That was the 95% of the opening ceremony. We only have 5% left. For the opening address, HYBE's...

Is Mr. Bang coming? For the opening address, he claims he provided the foundation. If SM has Kangta, HYBE has Lee Hyun. (Hyun) (The foundation of foundation) Let's hear from Lee Hyun.

(Sighing) (Lee Hyun the Jung Dojeon calms down and opens his mouth) (Cheering) - So cool. - I love his voice. What an amazing voice. Dear dear dear... (They're good at their job) (The newbies join in) (His cheekbones are in pain from laughing) HYBE HYBE HYBE... Artists artists artists...

Everyone everyone everyone... (He begins the opening address seriously) Let's have fun without injuries. This is the first time for everyone to gather. Yes. When would we ever get a chance again to gather and have fun? Let's do this. - Let's go. - Let's go.

(The picnic begins now) - Let's go. - Let's go. (After the opening ceremony) (Sending a signal) (With a suspicious signal, something begins before HYBE artists) (The biggest props ever in history of The Game Caterers) I'm getting a bad feeling about this. Why are there 4 coolers? You might end up breaking up your band. (When the cooler opens, the game begins) (Check it out in the next clip) (The Game Caterers 2)

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