$9M+ GRAND BANKS 85 Power Motor Yacht Tour / 1,000 NM @ 20 Knots Fast Long Range Cruiser SuperYacht

$9M+ GRAND BANKS 85 Power Motor Yacht Tour / 1,000 NM @ 20 Knots Fast Long Range Cruiser SuperYacht

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- Hi, guys. Welcome back to NautiStyles, and welcome back to Palm Beach, Florida. We are on board of a flagship vessel of a really well-known shipyard with a long standing history that I'm sure a lot of you have heard of. And this is the world premiere for this vessel. (water splashing) (seabirds squawking) (upbeat music) Welcome aboard Grand Banks 85. Come on board.

- [Rico] All right. - That is one massive swim platform. - [Rico] And with beautiful teak.

- I'm just gonna do it. It's like seven feet or something. - [Rico] About, yeah. - It's huge. So this is a transformer, right? - [Rico] That's right. That's a transformer and also functions as your tender lift, so you would put cradles in there and launch the tender, retrieve it.

And once the tender's in the water, you can also use it as the swim ladder. - Yep, exactly. So I know you're totally a huge fan of these. I'm still not sold, but I just learned that you actually could take 'em apart and store them. - [Rico] Correct. - Now I'm kind of more interested in that.

- [Rico] But it makes you also realize- - It's so big. - [Rico] How big the space is in the back here. So you actually have a giant sunbrella overhead covering the space. - This is definitely great use of it because you will use it all the time, especially when you're out on the islands- - [Rico] Correct. - And, you know,

all your toys are in the water and you, for sure, would use it. This is a pretty hot boat for this boat show because it's a world premiere, so there's a lot of people on board. And we gonna shoot around it, so bear with us.

We're gonna try to do our very best to show you, guys, every nook and cranny of this beautiful yacht. - [Rico] Cool. - We got a little sneak preview, and it's pretty amazing.

I was sold at the crew quarters. All right, let's do it. - [Rico] Which one first? - This one, the quick connect.

This is what I'm saying I want. Can we have this on our NBB list, please? - [Rico] Absolutely. - I want this, exactly that. Quick connect shower, pretty awesome. - [Rico] And then right behind you, I see there's an passerelle. I like how it's hidden away, and then you just leave it open.

Yep, exactly. - That's very convenient. - [Rico] The passerelle comes out, and then gives you the option to board like you would do in the Mediterranean. - It must be a really long passerelle to clear this swim platform which is already huge. - [Rico] Yep.

- All right, let's keep going. We're gonna go all the way forward to the bow. - [Rico] Just pointing out quick.

Our shore power inlet right here. There we go, conveniently located. - [Victoria] Oh, that's cool. - [Rico] Capstans. - [Victoria] Check that out. - [Rico] Line storage. I like that. - [Woman] Really nice, mm-mmm. NBB list, possibly? I do like that a lot.

- [Rico] I really Like that, actually. - It keeps it very clean. Okay, we're gonna go all the way forward. For a second, I thought that was my sunglasses, but actually the hull color is this beautiful kind of a steel gray, but there's actually a bronze piece here on top for contrast, pretty cool.

- [Rico] I'd like to see the bottom profile, actually. It looks like an accent stripe probably. - So we have our side entrance here, which leads us into the galley pretty much, kind of. And the staircases going up to the... - [Rico] Sky lounge. - [Victoria] Sky lounge, thank you.

- [Rico] That is a very large, nice, big foredeck here. - This is very different, wow. Very impressive.

So we have this small little cushion area compared to the rest of this. Of course, you can do whatever you want here. You can make a giant cushion if you wanted to. This is neat.

It's already outfitted for an umbrella stand here, so you can have the same giant umbrella here. - [Rico] That's cool. - That is cool.

Okay, it's growing on me. The umbrella thing is growing on me. Tons of hatches, so we're gonna point them out once we're in the interior. The owner of this vessel decided opt out not to do teak here. Of course, you can do a teak.

We're kind of torn. We like both, right? The teak obviously looks beautiful, but it's sometimes a little more hot. This is obviously low maintenance, so it's a lot less to do here.

- Very true. - It would be an owner's choice what you wanna do here. - [Rico] Very true. - Totally customizable. You wanna open up some hatches? - Sure, so we got another winch here for our bowlines, which is pretty handy. So I'm just gonna open, you know, all of them just to see. - [Victoria] Because you can? - Because I can.

So here is our windlass for the anchor, which is, I haven't even seen it. Yep, very large ultra anchor all the way forward, so you don't even see it on the top here. Anyways, our windlass access, as well as the safety line and so on. Emergency winch handle right there, if you ever had to do it like a free fall. - [Victoria] I like that it's stored right there.

You don't need to go searching for it. - [Rico] So then two equal access hatches here for the anchor locker or fender storage. Oh, wow, look at this. First of all. - [Victoria] Whoa, yeah. - [Rico] This is a pretty large fender, right? - [Victoria] That is a very big fender. - [Rico] Can you please look at this? - [Victoria] In case you were missing the teak, there's a little teak for you.

It goes all the way down there. - [Rico] And the anchor locker. - [Victoria] Wow. - [Rico] That is pretty amazing. - [Victoria] Oh, what a great space. You can hang lines here and everything.

- [Rico] Well laid out, so we have two of them equally. - I can't believe they actually put the teak in there. Now, we're gonna go check out the cockpit and fight our way through tons of people trying to see this boat. (upbeat music) So definitely wanna point out what you really love is the overhang. - [Rico] A big overhang. - But, how tall is this? This is so tall.

- [Rico] It's really tall, yeah. - This whole yacht feels really tall and we haven't even been in the interior, yet so... - [Rico] True, true, true. - I mean we have, but you guys haven't been in the interior yet, so just wait for it.

- [Rico] Yeah. - As soon as we can... There's some people there trying to buy one of these.

Have to be respectful of that. (upbeat music) So come into the cockpit. - [Rico] Wow.

- Yeah, I'd say. And here's how our teak. Our teaks comes in here, really beautiful. You have a sitting area for- - [Rico] 10? - Easily 10, yeah. With beautiful Grand Banks etched into the wood. Really nice.

So what do we have here? Really good size entertainment bar here. So we have a sink here. I like these closures. I just remembered that I like these closures. - [Rico] And proper trash area, yeah? - [Victoria] Proper trash here.

Some drawers. - [Rico] Great closing mechanism. - [Victoria] Yep, very nice drawers. - [Rico] Lunch. - [Victoria] Lunch and couple of drink fridges.

- [Rico] So how do you like the finishing on the fridges? - [Victoria] Oh yeah, it's very nice. So as you guys can tell, this is open. So this is a lowering window. How beautiful is that? - [Rico] Lowering window. - Really, really cool. - [Rico] That's amazing. And then on our port, we have an entrance to the crew quarters from here, which we're gonna check out later and trust me, you wanna stay for this.

All right, let's check out the interior. (upbeat music) Welcome to the beautiful interior of the Grand Banks 85. This is a very large seating area. Okay, this is kind of unusual. Look how tall this is. It's like extra tall. - [Rico] Super comfy.

- So, super comfy. - [Rico] Super comfortable. - Yeah, I just wanna sit on that couch. - [Rico] And now we can really get an idea how big the windows actually are. - Yeah. - [Rico] And the headroom. - They're huge.

I mean I can't even reach it. I'm on my tippy toes. Oh, wait, that's soft. That's probably really great sound absorbent right there.

And you've got a rail, if you can reach it. (Rico and Victoria laughs) - Really nice. And now, we've got a pop-up TV right here that's coming out. There's some storage there, I'm guessing, right? Yeah, a little storage right here. Everything is soft closing, really nice.

Of course, as it's being a semi-custom, you can probably decide whatever you wanna do here. So it's a bit of a blank canvas. - [Rico] So immediately, what I noticed is the wood.

It looks and feels just amazing. - I don't know if you guys remember seeing the tour of Palm Beach, which is GB Marine Group as well, and we were obsessed with that teak and that wood on the boat. It's the same thing here. So it's actually teak with a Japanese stain.

So it's pretty beautiful. - [Rico] Amazing. - Let's keep going forward. - [Rico] You walked by the most important part here. - [Victoria] Yes, we've got a wine cooler. - [Rico] Wine cooler. - [Victoria] Wait, I open wine coolers.

- [Rico] All right, wine cooler. - What are you doing? Okay, we've got tons of storage here, some drawers. I really like these mechanisms. We've got some stemware and stuff here.

- [Rico] So all your dishware and stemware is nicely organized in here. - [Victoria] And there's more, if you come around here. There's a little bit more here, and the proper formal dining area here.

- [Rico] For six. - For six, yeah. With pretty large chairs, actually, so you could probably fit more people. All right, I'm excited to show you the galley.

Keep coming forward. Check this out. As Rico would say, a galley-style galley. (Victoria and Rico laughs) - [Rico] It is, it's a galley-style galley. - It is a galley-style galley. So anyway, so we have a...

Look at this. Oh, it's that fancy brand that I still don't know how to pronounce. - [Rico] It's a German fancy brand which also builds huge mobile cranes, yes. - [Victoria] Yeah, how do you say it? - [Rico] Liebherr. - Liebherr. Oh, it's actually not that difficult, but you guys were like showing off last time with your German and Dutch accent.

Beautiful fridge and a freezer. Oh, this is a must. Oh, how cool is that? Love it, Spice slash bottle rack here for your- - [Rico] Pantry. - Oils and pantry, yep. Drawers, we've got a few of them. We have an oven, a four-burner induction cooktop, and we have a microwave right here.

A hood vent, some storage here. More storage. - [Rico] Actually a good amount of storage. - I can't skip past this, so I think since I'm going this way, right? - [Rico] Second sink. - This has very little to do with the galley, but it is a very important piece of equipment here.

- [Rico] A gaming station, no? - Explain. - [Rico] Okay, so we have a, kind of like a lower, not helm, but like the docking station. - [Victoria] Like a remote docking, yeah. - [Rico] Let's call it the docking station.

So we've got our bow thruster control here, windshield wiper controls, joystick for the Volvo Pentas, and then also a Garmin Chartplotter, which is mounted right forward here. So if you're down here on a longer crossing making yourself a sandwich or grab a coffee, whatever it might be- - Or cooking a pasta in Rico's case. - [Rico] You can still adjust course, or something comes up you wanna avoid, or also for docking. Since the side door is right next to it, that would make a great station to actually dock the boat to starboard. - I've never seen anything like this one, have you? - [Rico] No.

- That's definitely very unique. That's definitely unique. Somebody told me I cannot say very unique because unique is already- - [Rico] It's already very- - Unique, yes. You can't say very. We have a trash can here, sink. I'm sure there's storage underneath, storage underneath. And it's gotta be my best friend, dishwasher, and a freezer.

- [Rico] Oh, we got a separate freezer. - That's a must-have. An extra freezer, really like that.

And check out these mechanisms. Cool, huh? - [Rico] Yep. - And it's a really deep storage in there. - [Rico] Lots of space in there, yeah. - Yeah, I really like that.

- [Rico] And then, I mean, keep in mind that none of your dishware or stemware is actually in the galley. You could have some. - I mean, you could, yes. - [Rico] For your everyday. - But you don't have to. - [Rico] So all the storage would be for provisionings, food, et cetera. - All right, let's check out the sky lounge.

Gonna go up this beautiful staircase. Okay, do you remember how I told you I am obsessed with this stainless steel wrapped wood? And I've seen this on refrigerator doors on one of the yachts, and I really, really like the way it feels. They didn't just wrap this. Look, they even wrap the little ones there.

- [Rico] Yeah, and I'm telling you one thing, it's probably a lot easier to keep clean because you don't see all the fingerprints on there. - And it feels is really, really nice. - [Rico] Exactly. - All right. Let's keep going up. (upbeat music) Look, we've got it all to ourselves.

- [Rico] Yay. - Yay. Okay, let's do it quick before people show up. - [Rico] Huge sky lounge. - Whoa. - [Rico] That is a- - [Victoria] Oh, this is cool.

- [Rico] Very large sunroof, openable sunroof. Not just that. - This is so cool. - [Rico] You also have drop down window here to starboard. - All giant window. - [Rico] Drop down window to the aft, including another sliding door, of course, to go in and out.

This feels phenomenal. - I don't really almost see a point in having a traditional flybridge, but you can. You can on this yacht, it's an option. But with this many windows to be able to open, and the roof is opening, it's kind of like... - [Rico] I will take that option.

- Yeah, this is pretty cool because you get the best of both worlds. It totally works. - [Rico] Exactly, exactly. - All right, let's check this out. - [Rico] One step up. - [Victoria] Yes. - [Rico] And then another step up because obviously you wanna be comfortable. - [Victoria] Ooh, that's got really good shocks.

- [Rico] Yeah, lots of storage. A very large helm bench for easy three people. Again, open window to starboard for docking, super easy.

We have a whole schematics of the boat here where you see all your crucial yacht indicator lights. For example, indicators for the navigation lights, indicators for the bilge pumps, indicators for the engine room blowers, et cetera. So you would have everything here that would just... Light would come on, and you would have a visual warning that something is wrong, and also to see what's on. Like if a bilge pump turns on, you obviously wanna be notified, and wanna see that.

So then, we have here the Volvo IPS joystick. We got the anchor remote and chain counter right here. Engine shift and throttle controls, the Volvo Penta ignition and start stop buttons.

Then we have a flare camera remote here, the beautiful helm wheel with the GB logo on it, the side power bow thruster unit. We got the Volvo Penta engine monitor here. So this is something I've actually not seen at the helm, which normally can be controlled on an iPad or any kind of other tabloid. This is a control for the audiovisual system, so you can pick the zone and control the volume right here, which comes in pretty handy because when you want to dock the boat or something is going on, you need to communicate with somebody, music is on, you wanna be able to quickly turn things down or if your favorite song comes on, maybe you want to turn quickly things up. - [Victoria] That's what I'm talking about. - [Rico] Then here we have the typical switches we see, of course, at the helm station, we have the horn switch, windlass, navigation lights, lights in general here, and then remotes for the electric windows and the sunroof.

Then three Garmin Chartplotters, so you can pick and choose. What did I say before? - [Victoria] Choose and pick? - [Rico] Choose and pick. You can pick and choose what you wanna have on each Chartplotter. Of course, they all tied together, so you can have the radar on one, chartplotter on one, and then whatever the soundings of the fish finder on the other one. - You're spending a lot of time at this beautiful helm here.

We should probably point out that if you guys are not familiar with V-Warp, which is what I've recently learned is- - [Rico] Kind of like the DNA, right? - Yeah, it's basically a DNA of the whole GB Marine Group, like all the yachts that they're producing, which is basically a combination of hull design, the V, the construction techniques, and the exotic materials that they're using with a heavy use of carbon fiber. So like on this portion of the yacht that we're standing right now, this is all carbon fiber. - [Rico] Makes sense keeping the weight down below, center of gravity, as low as possible. - The V-Warp technology is allowing this vessel to be very fuel efficient.

- [Rico] Not to jump ahead before we see the engine room, but this vessel actually has a range of a thousand nautical miles at 20 knots, which only burns 57 gallons an hour. I mean, I don't wanna say that this is, you know, the most greenest boat on the planet possible, but... - Yeah, no one is saying that it's in it, but it's definitely a step in the right direction, which is- - [Rico] And comparing it to competitors, it's very fuel efficient. So now drop that down to 10 knots, we've got a range of 3,000 nautical miles. - Yeah, and as our gas prices are going up right now, some of you might think, like, "Wow, this is really, really interesting."

You should definitely give 'em a call. I was pretty impressed. All right, let's keep going- - [Rico] Let's keep going. - A lot more to see. So we have a little bit of storage here as well.

Storage here... Not a little bit, there's a lot of storage you guys. This is so interesting because you basically have an interior entertainment bar here and there's still a whole extension out there, so it's pretty awesome.

- [Rico] Let's start with the interior one. - [Victoria] Okay, okay. It's a lot to open up. Okay, we have a drink fridge. Drawers, storage. No, really? Dishwasher up here? - [Rico] No, no, no, Miele.

- Miele, what? - [Rico] Yes. - Oh, I really would like that. If we ever ended up with such a big area deck, can we have a second one up? - [Rico] But, but think about it. If you use the glasses up here, dishware up here, you really wanna walk up and down with everything? - No, and you wanna store it here, so it doesn't make any sense. - [Rico] Makes a hundred percent sense having a dishwasher up here.

- Brilliant. All right, so of course, massive seating area here. Again, you probably can opt out to do anything you want here just because it's semi-custom, so you have a lot of different possibilities. And you have a huge pop-up TV that comes out of here.

Great space to watch it. And I'm gonna point out again why I like this whole sky launch idea is because on the really hot days, you can still close it up, put a really good AC in. If it's really crappy weather, same thing, super cozy and comfy, don't have to think about the enclosure and all of that. So really the best of both worlds with the way they opened everything up.

- [Rico] I agree. - Love it. Okay, let's go aft. And so this is a continuation of our entertainment area on the exterior.

So we have another sink here 'cause, you know, one wasn't enough there. So have some trash here, wow, this is brilliant. Why would you ever go downstairs? You have everything up here you could want. - [Rico] Right, have an ice maker. - [Victoria] Have a great ice maker there. Drink fridge, glass bottom.

Two fridges, right? Another one, some storage here and some drawers. There's your stemware like you said. - [Rico] There's your stemware again, yeah. - [Victoria] Yeah, I love it. - [Rico] I mean, it's just great.

- [Victoria] Okay, so here is a bit of a blank. - [Rico] Well, hang on, hang on. - [Victoria] What? - [Rico] What about the... - Oh, you want me to open it? - [Rico] Yeah. - [Victoria] Okay. - [Rico] Okay, I'll open it. - [Victoria] Okay.

All right, so we're gonna get into this argument again. It's an electric grill with- - [Rico] Just call it electric grill. - [Victoria] I know, but, you know, the Australians, they call it something else, and then the Americans call it something. You guys know. Anyway, you know what this is. - [Rico] You can cook food on there.

- Yes, there's also griddle here. I don't wanna get in all these discussions, a very important part of entertainment space. - [Rico] At the same time, it's also your gym. - Yes, exactly.

Exactly, my gym. All right, and then on this side, we have a high-low table. Oh, nice touch. And a beautiful sitting area here, so you can lower it, have a nice cocktail space.

So there is a cover that goes on top of this, so you can actually have like an extra layout. - [Rico] Like a whole sun pat- - Like a napping spot. - [Rico] A napping spot, yeah. And still plenty of space for a dance floor.

- Yeah, a DJ setup. - [Rico] Sun lounges. - Yep, a hundred percent. - [Rico] And loose furniture. Whatever you wanna put on there, maybe lounge furniture. There's so much space still up here.

It's a blank slate, so whatever you wanna do, you have the space. - Actually, you know what? I've never seen these. Have you ever seen these before? - [Rico] I've never seen it actually being extended just out from the railing.

- I like that, that's nicely integrated. - [Rico] Yeah. - Looks like the carbon fibers are super light, and just put it away.

Oh, the coolest stuff is still left. - [Rico] State rooms? - Yeah, the master and... You guys, I'm telling you, those crew quarters and the engine room. Rico is like super stoked about this one. - [Rico] Engine.

- Engine rooms. - [Rico] Rooms. - [Victoria] Okay, let's do it. Now, we're gonna make our way down and see the state rooms and the master.

(upbeat music) First- - [Rico] You missed storage. - I know, but there's storage everywhere. - [Rico] I know, I know. - [Victoria] And they really made an effort to just add storage everywhere they could. I mean, they know what's important, so for sure it's everywhere.

Is it not some kind of breakers for short storage? - [Rico] Huh, look at all this. Lots of switches. Again, I like it when it's easily and conveniently located with staircase, entrance, exit area. So this is fantastic here.

We have our generator controls, two generators. Fisher Penta generators. Then two Watermaker remote controls are right here, isolator switches for the batteries, and then all our low voltage and high voltage breakers. - Can't believe you're gonna pretend that was storage. I knew it. All right, this is a day head and it has a shower in it.

How cool is that? - [Rico] And it's so gorgeous with the teak. Are you serious, look at this. - [Victoria] Very nice. And it also even has a really large openable hatch up above. - [Rico] Huge mirror.

- Yeah, I mean you would use this all the time for entertainment. - [Rico] That's great. - And it's great location because you come down from the sky lounge. It's right here, it's kind of right in the middle.

Great spot for it. All right, let's go check out the state rooms. - [Rico] Hang on, what's here? Storage, okay. - Just kept thinking that you missed something important that you're supposed to find out.

- [Rico] All right, let's go. - [Victoria] All right. Come follow me. Okay, so first on our starboard, we have a double cabin here. - [Rico] That's gorgeous. - [Victoria] I mean the teak and the wood just continues throughout.

I really like the contrast, the way they did this, like a lighter upper, and it's all padded, so sound absorbent. The sound in here is very nice. - [Rico] Yeah. - So we have some storages here, drawers underneath the bed. We also have drawers here. And we have a hanging locker right here.

TV right there, and wow, this teak. Oh, it's just so nice. - [Rico] It's beautiful. I like this indirect light here. - [Victoria] Yeah, it's everywhere. Even in the galley, we didn't point that out.

There's beautiful indirect lighting in the galley. There's our outer hatch that we saw from exterior. And look, look, look, it's on my NBB list. Oh, and it's warm. It's hot almost. - [Rico] Really? - Yeah, yeah. - [Rico] Oh, wow.

- And these towels are... Oh, these towels are gonna be nice and warm. - [Rico] I don't think we need the heater right now. - No, it's really nice. It's a really beautiful shower.

Hey, you know what? I like how they did this as well. This looks like it's finished the same way. Let's keep going. I mean, there's just so much to open, you guys. We'll open something in the master, how about that? - [Rico] So cabin number one.

- Okay, so now we're going all the way forward into our VIP, which we have a queen-sized bed. - [Rico] Wow. - This is a really beamy VIP. - [Rico] And a really low bed. - Yes, you have great amount of headroom. Well, actually now you're saying it, it's very tall.

Of course, we have the hatch here as well. Wow, there's so much heat coming in from the outside. It's really warm out. All of these are storages, just do one. Right here, we have a hanging locker. Actually, on both sides, it's equal.

Beautiful, and it's got a nice light in there. Really bright. So there's a little poof here if you wanna sit down and, you know, work a little bit.

The acoustics are beautiful in here, right? - [Rico] Yeah, it's really quiet. - And I like the way this is finished. It's like framed out, it's pretty beautiful. And now, we have an en suite here as well. I'm gonna stop drooling over this teak, but gosh, it's nice.

I mean, I will literally feel bad showering over it 'cause it's so pretty. - [Rico] I love those teak finishes. - [Victoria] So tons of storage in here as well.

And now, we're gonna go check out the master. (upbeat music) Before we get to the master, actually, we have a little, as they call it, grandkids cabin here to show you guys. - [Rico] Oh, wow, two bunk beds.

- [Victoria] Yeah, very cute. It has a beautiful big window, but it's just a little kid's cabin, overflow. Pretty nice. And now, we coming to our master. Wow, this is a huge closet. - [Rico] Beautiful closet, yeah.

- With a nice LED in there, very nice. Yeah, and so we have that on both sides. - [Rico] Nice, big built-in TV. - Which looks like you can tilt around. - [Rico] It's not the same, like on this side.

- It's not? Oh yeah, there's a bit of a side storage in here with shelves. Wow, this is the first time you pressuring me to open something. Interesting, we have something special, which was of course at the request of this owner. - [Rico] There is a piano. - And there's pedals that come out right there.

- [Rico] An electric piano. - [Victoria] Yeah. - [Rico] Wow.

- [Victoria] How cool is that? - [Rico] That is really cool. - [Victoria] So it was really important to the owner of this vessel to have, so there is an option to have this as a full-beam master, which in this case it's not. But there's certain things they wanted, and this was one of the things that they wanted built-in.

Then we have a bunch of drawers here. Open one up for you, guys. - [Rico] Is that another storage over there? - Probably. - [Rico] Wow, this master has a lot of storage.

- Yeah. - [Rico] Honestly. - Well, it should. It's an 85-foot yacht.

It does the justice to the size. We also have drawers underneath the bed. What do you think about this window? - [Rico] It's gorgeous. I mean, look how big that window is. - [Victoria] And you've got two portholes that you can open up, which is pretty nice.

And on the other side, which is gonna be our port. - [Rico] Oh, that's kind of cool. So you get some daylight through the en suite- - Correct. - [Rico] Into the master. - It's one of those that you can just switch off. I don't know the exact name of this glass, but you push a button.

- [Rico] Privacy glass? - And the privacy glass. Yeah, exactly. And then all of this is storage, dual sink. All of these are storages, medicine cabinets. You see me. You don't see me. You see me.

- [Rico] We get it. - [Victoria] You get the idea. - [Rico] Yeah, we get the idea. - [Victoria] All right.

Really beautiful two-person shower. For sure two or three of me here. - [Rico] With the rain shower overhead- - Yeah. - [Rico] And an extractor fan in the shower, which makes absolute sense. - Putting it on our list, okay.

That's going on the list, you guys. And look, indirect lighting here as well. Very nice, you see it all around. Very cool. This teak is killing me. - [Rico] And then, of course, an electric head and again, a heated tower rack.

- [Victoria] Yeah, very nice. And is that our- - [Rico] Air conditioner vent. - Air condition, I like that. So now for the grand finale, we're gonna show you the crew quarters and the engine room. But before that (upbeat music) We have the service area.

- Oh wow. Screw the master. Look at this. (Rico laughs) Guys, look at this. Vectron Energy right here.

More breakers, batteries, switches, batteries. Look at how easy it is to get to the batteries. And you will have to replace them at some point, so this is very nice. Kind of wanna take a peek what's in here. Oh got it, more pumps. Now going forward, got our air condition pump here.

Chillers all the way forward. There, you see the bow thruster mounted and the thruster batteries right here, too. Again, super easy to get to and to maintain or to change the batteries.

And, look at this. Of course, it's finished in teak again. So now facing aft, as you guys can see, we got our Watermaker here with a mounted-on screen for the control. The filters are right here. They are all membranes.

And then we have a frequency-controlled Dometic air condition unit, actually two units right here. I mean, again, teak-finished floors. Pretty amazing.

- [Victoria] Ladies, do you remember when we had the wife storage thing? Well, this is definitely the husband storage. - The husband storage, yeah. - [Victoria] Hundred percent. - I get it.

- [Victoria] He can disappear in there and be missing for like hours. All right, you ready for that engine room? - [Rico] Crew? Crew engine room. - Crew port, I'm so excited. - [Rico] Let's go. - [Victoria] All right, let's go. (upbeat music) So now, we're gonna go down to the crew quarters, one of the entrances.

- [Rico] Oh, wow. Well, first of all, welcome to the full washer and dryer, proper folding area with even the little porthole. You can see how thick these portholes are. - [Rico] Yeah, yeah, yeah. - [Victoria] You guys, look at this glass. Do you see how thick this glass is? - [Rico] Yeah, I see it. - It's insane.

- [Rico] Got a breaker panel down here for the crew area. - Some pump, sink, all that, look at that. - [Rico] Yep. - We have two crew cabins down here, which is plenty to run this boat.

So first crew cabin right here. - [Rico] Great size. - That's so nice. It's a full-sized bed here. I mean, a couple could easily share this cabin if you wanted to. We've got drawers all here. We have also storage here, as well.

They finished it all the same way as the rest of the boat. Didn't cheapen out crew quarters, really nice. Yep, we've got tons of drawers. I mean, most of the time in the crew quarters, you don't need a hanging locker. Everything goes in, you know. You can make this a tiny hanging locker if you really needed one.

Okay, and then we have a shared head, which is really nice. Proper shower, same gorgeous wood for the crew. - [Rico] Really good size. - Beautifully done.

Can totally share this head, really nice. - [Rico] And then we have a closet here. - A bit of like a utility closet. So, you know, you could put all your Dyson. - [Rico] Oh, no way. Look at this.

- [Victoria] All this stuff goes in here, yeah. - [Rico] This is great. - [Victoria] And of course- - [Rico] And an ironing board. - [Victoria] Yes, look at this cute little thing.

- [Rico] Yep, a foldout ironing board. - But you know, if you are cruising in some colder climates and you need something for jackets and stuff, you can always put a rod here and could have jackets. - [Rico] Makes sense.

- Yeah, like weather gear and stuff. And then, we have a crew mess. I mean, come on you guys, this is a really beautiful crew quarters.

Technically for two. I've seen crew mess for four that was smaller than this. This is really, really cool. - [Rico] I agree. - Right? And then they have- - [Rico] Oh, whole galley.

- Yeah, they pretty much have a whole galley. You have a trash right here. The only thing you don't have here is a stove, which I'm pretty sure if you wanted to, you could put one in.

You have refrigeration. - [Rico] Double fridge. - Yeah. Some drawers. I mean, I just love that it feels like an extension of the boat.

And we have another cabin here. - [Rico] Which is, that's probably the captain's cabin, actually. - No, I think the other one is a captain's cabin- - [Rico] Yeah. You might be right. - Because it had a desk.

- [Rico] Yeah. - So this one actually, I think, is a crew cabin and this has a hanging locker. - [Rico] They're pretty much equal, though.

I mean, they're not very different. - Oh yeah, yeah. It's just a different way it's set up for here. But yeah, the size-wise they're very similar. Look at all this storage, tons of storage. I mean, a couple could definitely share this cabin.

- [Rico] Yeah. - For sure. All right, shall we show you this ridiculously awesome engine room? - [Rico] Yes. One thing I wanted to mention quick. - [Victoria] Yes, oh yeah, go. - [Rico] So the crew has a repeater here of the Garmin Chartplotter, which also displays all the tankage and yacht information as well as the VHF radio in case it's needed.

- So you guys ready for this? - [Rico] Welcome to the en... Not engine room. - Welcome to the toy storage. - [Rico] Wow. - Check this out, I'm just completely blown away by this.

- [Rico] This is incredible. - Some of you are wondering, "What happened to the engines? Where are the engines?" I mean, look how much space you have here. You can have- - [Rico] Lots of space. - You can literally have motorcycles stored in here. It's unbelievable.

- [Rico] Lots of space. And then look at all these storage spaces underneath and everything is labeled in this case, yeah. So you have plenty of storage still in these boxes to keep it super clean. And yes, you can have stand-up pedal boards. - What is this?

- These are excess hatches on both sides to the main engines. - Ah-huh. - [Rico] Because... Now, let's peek in here. - Let's do it. - [Rico] Here is the starboard engine room.

So now, you know, where we have the hatch there on the inboard side because if, obviously, when you do engine service, you need to get to this side of the engine, they found the solution for that, and actually put a hatch in there with gas shocks. So it just flips open. - [Victoria] Please point out all teak. - [Rico] Yes, we have a teak-finished floor engine room. Here on the starboard engine room, we are missing a little bit of headroom because the passerelle is living in here.

On the port side engine room, we have more head room. We have a little extra space there. - [Victoria] Yeah, we'll show it to you, guys. - [Rico] So here year we have on this vessel, Volvo IPS 1350s, 1,350 horsepower each. Again, very, very convenient to get around the engine.

Little hydraulic pack here for the passerelle, and our Raycor primary fuel filters right here, through hole right there with the seacock and the sea strainer. Super easy to get to. Everything is sound-shielded all around. As you can see, there's a huge big padding here. So there, we see one of the generators.

Fisher Panda generator right there. Look, this is kind of cool. Here, you actually get to see it. This is one of the underwater lights, which...

That's how it looks on the interior. And there's another one. So this boat probably looks really cool at nighttime. - [Victoria] I mean, can we just say that it's not even just the teak there. There's even the teak on all the- - [Rico] On the little step overs, yeah.

- [Victoria] Like was that really necessary? Apparently, it was. All right, check out the other side. - [Rico] Yeah, as you can see here, you have a lot more headroom just because you don't have the passerelle on the port side here. Again, like we had on the other side as well, sea fire suppression system. In this case, your big IPS units, which, you know, you can see there the props underneath on the outboard side. And again, IPS 1350, one more year on the port site.

Lots of space actually. (upbeat music) - All righty, you guys. This completes our tour of this super cool Grand Banks 85 world premiere. We're super excited that we were able to bring it to the channel. Let us know in the comments what you guys thought of this layout and some of this super unique features, or shall I say, just unique features. Also make sure you guys like, really helps us when you like, comment, double comment, triple comment.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time and doing that. Sometimes, I watch YouTube videos that I like, and then I go like, "Oh, I'll just comment later." You guys are like the best.

You're absolutely the best when you take time and write those comments. Makes a world of difference and helps our channel grow, so thank you so much. - [Rico] And if you're interested in a Grand Banks or anything else from the GB Marine Group, all the contact information will be in the description below the video. And my line, enjoy the Outtakes.

- You just keep stealing lines little by little, and soon you're gonna be doing the Outros, basically. - [Rico] I practiced. - No, no. I practiced that line. I think it was super fluid-

- You did well. - [Rico] And super smooth. - You did well. You guys enjoy the Outtakes, and also make sure to follow us on Instagram and check us out on the Patreon. And thanks for having us, this was a really fun tour. (smooches) Ciao! (upbeat music) Hi, guys.

Welcome back to NautiStyles, and welcome back to Palm Beach, Florida. (plane engine whirring) Freaking plane again. (Victoria imitates plane sounds) They do it on purpose. We are on board of a flagship vessel of a very well-known shipyard. (plane engine whirring) - [Rico] Yeah. - Yeah.

- [Rico] And? You almost ate it. - All right, ready? And you were not filming. - [Rico] No, but I would. (Rico laughs) - Focus! - [Rico] Okay, focus. Let's go.

- [Victoria] We're doing the tour. You're having too much fun with the Australian over there. - [Man] He's pretty distracted by the accent. (Rico laughs) - Are you ready? - [Rico] Let's go. - [Man] You're always wondering what do you do with the accent line, excess line... - Yeah. - [Rico] Accent.

- [Man] Accent, thinking of accent again. (Rico laughs) - [Rico] All right, let's go. - He's gonna end up being in our video. I can tell already. - [Rico] Yeah. Listen, I'll take over this.

- All right, let's go. And the proper... Proper fold and dining. Blah, blah, blah. Panasonic microwave. - [Rico] (indistinct) Just say microwave.

- I was joking. And so- - [Rico] So let- - Yeah, go ahead. - [Rico] Go ahead. - You go ahead. - [Rico] All right, I'll go ahead.

(toilet flushing) Oh, you just pressed the toilet. - No, it knows I'm here. - [Rico] No, because- - Oh, did I? - [Rico] Yeah.

- Sorry, toilet. Didn't mean to. (water splashing) (seabirds squawking)

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