# 160 | Q&A Video - FFLC FFLL - Earn Money - BUSINESS | Sami's IQ Option Full Course For Beginners

# 160 | Q&A Video - FFLC FFLL - Earn Money - BUSINESS  | Sami's IQ Option Full Course For Beginners

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how are you guys today i will handle all the questions your asked so far some people are hesitating some people are using group for all those people i created a post in group so that i can answer every qusetion lets go to post and answer the question so that i can help you in my own way help each others too ok i am alone to handle the questions but you have to try too help each other at all cost ok i have created this post i got these question yes if you are having some account with low percentage or any other problem and you want to delete it yes you can delete the account and create new one but want to add one thing when you create new account your name should be the same with electricity bill ID Passport or any other thing account will varify if these things match with each other if not is not the same then IQ can reduce your winning percentage same id same gmail i get the question that how our name should be the same with bill or passpport etc suppose you have the name of your father on bill then how we create iq account with the same name ? yes it is poosible either to create new bill with same name or get the id with same name it should be same account will not varify or winning percentage may reduce if name is not same ok other wise account will be suspecious ok in short answer is yes u can create new account next is ilahi this is the reply next is guru cina question is how we know about the trend that it has to end i am opening the account lets explore for example this is the treny market how we know that it will go for ranging or stuck after that big candles will tell you these things if market is trending then big candles are indication look big candles after that signal market will go for ranging or stuck if we go back then this is trending big candles are there snr is there in there trending big power of buyers big candle is there then market is rangng after big candle market will go to ranging or stuck if its not the dominance look big candles are there trending market big candles are there then means loop is ending now trendy market big candle loop has ended trending market big candle market stuck pure trendy market tail less candle big candle then loop has ended big candles are indication that loop has ended ok this is big candle normal big candle abnormal big candle market will go to ranging or stuck again guru's quesiton if in ref we have green loop or buyers loop how will i know that market will go up or will go down for retracing question is if market is trending like tihs if its going with retracing then how we know that it will go down or it will retrace answer is simple . market is not ours you cant control the market but you can predict , we dont know it will go to its journey or went back but we can predict with some indications like this our ssnr this is resistance breaking with this green candle look green loop is there like u said snr is broken market ended in here the loop , first retracing done by this green candle question is after retracing market will go again to this snr or went up after colliding with snr most probable market will go up after retracing after this snr market will respect , how we know we will get the idea if its snr or ssnr look candles are not respecting big candle is not crossing this snr it means its a weak snr its snr not ssnr if its the snr then its not trustworthy market has more chance to again cross this snr in retracing look market crossed this snr easily if it would be ssnr then most proabley it will go up to create area of some buyers now its weak snr market can break this snr during retracing after crossing either it will go stuck or go up next ajeet mosis how we prepare ourself for trading session lets cover some points if you start sitting on some pair , open new pair open the pair 1st see the reference look ref is not there so avoid it 2nd marekt should not be stuck 3rd doji's should not be there good market market should not be like this its seems good but its not if i draw line in here look snr is every where ssnr is every where with 3 rivers if i draw more rivers then how you will trade in here for ss2 you can trade in here no possibility is that next candle collide with some snr and went back little lonely candle can be lethal in here this is big candle ssnr may exist in here you all know about big candle that it can be crossing some ssnr right in little loop ssnr is every where before start do check these things i will create new video on this top for newbies ok create video on mp 9 yes i will what is the future of iq can we consider this the main income source amit send this msg to me hope i pronounce every ones name correctly because i am receiving msges from all over the globe so bear this question is iq is future or not it should be main income source or not . its safe or not i told you multiple times about this iq is secure for 20 percenters some are there like 80 percenter who lose in iq option only 20 percenters can earn from this and its bitter reality accept this reality if i talk about the future then i am in business right now i my self is in E commerce bussiness right now my master is also chosen business for his future carrier only 20 percenters can earn from this platform iq should not be your main income stream go to E commerce . i am also in E commerce field my master is in construction side now my main income source is E commerce i am getting passive income now there is a huge difference between this and E commerce in IQ there is no passive income after 5 or 10 years you have to sit and earn . you have to spend time and get the results or income

in simple words after 10 years you can still lose after 20 years of experience you dont have passive income risk will also there after 20 years you hae to put your time in order to earn as i carrier yes u can if you are of 20 percenters but invest your income to E commerce use IQ too but E commerce should be your main income stream its my advise E commerce will be reliable for you me and my master did the same so you can do it too you will get more results fflc and ffll after completing then we will rely on sure shots or magic V deepak is there question is if we do not use sure shots more often then we can earn or not . answer is simple sure shots with magic V will give you more results will always tell you . to combine all knowledge dont create short cuts in life why magic V why use sure shots with magic V yes with sure shots you have to sit for longer period of time . but it will will give u better results magic V is fast but risky i am in trading since many years . still some times i lose its the part of trading human has emotions qureels some times not ready mentally angles are perfect humens are not angles does not have emotions . we do have

so if you are using shortcuts most probably you will gain profit and lose too but with sure shots combined with MV then your profit can increase dont be in such a hurry yes Magic v is powerful thing but its not magic you can trade quickly but lose at the same time if you combine every thing and get some results then why shortcut in simple words dont use short cuts next from banglades question is how i can increase my winning ratio if you see my playlist then you will get every thing you can increase winning ratio with the help of mv candle psychology power of the candles wicks etc sure shots are good too but most of the people are saying we have to spend time in order to get SS do spend time. if you are getting good results if you want to trade fast then sure shots with candle reaction will be good and every knowledge i have given so far ok dont create shortcuts combine every thing next create video of live trading . ok bro i will i will create one more video of FFLL AND FFLC IN MORNING I HAD RECEIVED THE MSG that i dont have enough time to watch every video u have uploaded so far tell me the shortcut i have created the videos for u guys you may find some imp thing in every video if you started a new job then you have to work right you have to spend time in order to learn things with out giving time you cant learn things dont use shortcuts with time you can generate handsome amount how market will go ranging to tending or trendng to ranging answer is simple suppose some ranigng market if market has some candles with no tailes candles size would bigger then soon market will break the snr and move to upward direction ranging market with these candles you will know it will soon break the snr stuck market not pure ranging almsot ranging market with these candles we will know that it would now go to ranging or trenidng look the size of the candles it is going bigger again and again you have to watch power of the candles soo market will go up if market is going to upward or downword direction and if market can not able to reach the market then soon it will go up like these are the targets Look market cant able to end up in here means sellers are weak now buyers are strong if market is going to complete the targets and cant able to reach the destination then it means buyers will go up sellers are weak soon it will break this ssnr it does not mean that market cant reach to this snr again or cant break this market is not ours breakout does not mean market cant reach here again therefore i did not teach you how to trade on this zone i did not tell you to trade after breakout with magic V yes you can trade but without that you have to analyze only predict the marekt dont trade on that how to trade on higher high lower low etc dont know about BO turbo strategy i tell you about my things Ref Video VSSNR version 1 and version 2 in those videos i teach you how u can trade on that ssya ssys all sure shots . how u can trade on those with using higher high and lower low basically VSSNR version 1 and 2 i told you the strongest snr in that video its our very strong support and resistance in that video i told you which snr is the strongest and reliable one and how u can trade on ss2 and other sure shots next is umar live trading on CR yes i will upload soon 2 3 videos on one weak sorry bros i dont have enough time to create subtitles of all videos thumbnail title description etc b because i have my business to handle but i will try my best you know i have family 2 busineses not possible for me but i will try my best deepak can we trade on msnr snr ss etc c an we trade on SS or these told you dont forget the basics basics are necessary do trade on sure shots but with combination of other knowledge sure shots are reliable sure shots with these things then you can increase your winning ratio if you combine fflc ffll with sure shots and other stuff it will reliable for you and will give you much more results can we increase out amount with sure shots yes u can but you have to wait a littl3 for sure shots combine sure shots with candle psychology mv etc you can make 100 to 1000 and 1000 to 10000 it is possible but trading is all about descipline if you are not combining every knowledge just want to watch one video and increae the amount from 10 to 100 then sorry not possible with combination of all knowledge yes possible remember one more thing 10 dollar does not mean you cant go to 100 and 100 does not mean you cant reach to 80 you can reach to 100 to 1000 but remember you can go from 1000 to 100 too u can lose too nikshay thauker can we use big time frame like 5 mint yes you can but form example if we go to five mints if we lose for some reason like entery is late or flectuation or else if you cant get the results then it will strongly impact on you emotions next trade you will again put the amount on higher time frame and you lose for some reasone your mind will divert you will lose emotions one mint is more reliable then 5 mint its my own personel experience how much time you had given to each levels of yours in your journey next nitish how much you gave time to your own slybus when you were in this journey i have completed my magic V in four months in level 1 i had spend one month in level 2 i had spend one and a half month we had give task to complete 10 consective wins so one or more month we have to spend in one level you are lucky that you have given all knowledge with out any req dont watch all videos at once spend time with each sure shot if you watch all video to speed up the process then i am afraid you winning ratio will reduce next how to control emotions do watch video about emotion control he said i am frustrated when i dont find any sure shot look bro trading is all about discipline if you have fear to frustrate then invest little amount if you have more money then with draw little by littlea nd in order to avoid frustration we have the rule if you lose 2 shots then leave the platform for the time being if you are saying that i am strong i wil l revenge with the markett then believe me you will lose more its my exp can we use amazon and flipcart . can we use those chart . yes u can trade

guna kumar need more live trading videos yes i will quesition is how to confirm that candles will go up or down ward direction guys we have to predict and candle reaction is the key to predict next candle dont go for pattern combine all knowledge with the help of candle reaction that what candle wants mp9 video yes i will create that video soont thats it guys i cover all the questions if u have any question you can ask to me or post in group dont let it go i will surely reply you and i will give solution to every question i n sha ALLAH and one advise dont use trading as full time its for part time and if you are losing since 6 months or a year dont use this as main income stream apply for job . its not a bad thing job can teach u discpline after job select a business run the kitchen with job and then go for business this is the part time busienss Now a days and for future E commerce is best business people are shifting from E commerce t hat would be your main income stream use job for kitchen and if you have your circle right then shift to E commerce when you get your passive income stream then left the job and use iq as well ok that is my advise my master did the same . i did the same a nd i hope you will do the same so that u can change your future thats it your questions are finished video is too long i hope i cleared every thing still have any confusion do ask ok . see you in my next video . by

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