80% is MINDSET - WE ARE MORE THAN SAILORS Sailing, Business, and Lifestyle Coaching

80% is MINDSET - WE ARE MORE THAN SAILORS  Sailing, Business, and Lifestyle Coaching

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(uplifting music begins) - [Rianne] Welcome to a new vlog. And today we're going to do something we have never done before. We are going to give you an insight in our main income stream, our coaching business. Something we normally don't share, but this time we organized a sailing retreat with some personal reflection for our one-on-one coaching clients.

So, join us today in a not-so-typical, but a lot of sailing episode with some reflection you could join in on while watching the video. And if you want to have some more experiences like this, please look at the description down below for our free three-day online mini retreat. So, let's feel some breeze together.

But first, preparing the perfect sense for this adventure. Meaning, boat jobs. So fixing toilets, polishing, cleaning and groceries, and yes, not everything is as glamorous as it first looked like.

(upbeat music) - [Gerben] Come on now, No fishing, we have to do some boat jobs. And it's hot over there. The teak is hot. - A fish and hole. - [Gerben] No, we are not gonna fish.

We're going into Lilly. - [Rianne] We're going to Lilly. (upbeat music) - There's one new pump, but no toilet seats. - [Rianne] No. - So I have to be creative to take one toilet seat of the other.

- [Rianne] To realize a general toilet. - Yeah. To take a new pump and to make from two old ones, a new one. - [Rianne] Okay. - Or a refurbished one.

And then we should be fine. And tomorrow I will go to the Kips. - [Rianne] I think we should get compost toilets.

- Compost toilets? On board? - [Rianne] Yes. - Are you crazy? - [Rianne] Why? - [Benjamin] Composting toilets! - Benjamin wants to. - [Rianne] Yes! You can pee on a toilet. - Okay. Compost toilet, but you did some investigation to it? - [Rianne] Yes. Two sailors made one.

- Ah, show me - And look - [Gerben] Good. - I never buy new shoes. Actually, almost never. So, but now I don't have to wear my wind shoe anymore, so. - There's a song in the Netherlands.

It's called, ♪Je moet niet zitten aan mijn Nikes♪ [In Dutch] You know the song? - No - The old Dutch knows. ♪Je moet niet zitten aan mijn Nikes♪ (upbeat hip hop music) - [Gerben] So Benjamin, are you happy with your new puzzle? (Benjamin gasps) - Open. Right here. - [Gerben] Okay. Right there. Yeah. Your technical insights are very good. Indeed.

(Benjamin babbles) - [Gerben] For the first time, I will read a manual. (bright music) (Benjamin babbles) Oh yeah? Okay. (Benjamin babbles) We have to fix it right? - Yeah. - Okay. (Benjamin babbles) Oh! Okay, then we put this one back in this one. (bright music) Benjamin, we have to fix the toilet. - No, dance.

- [Gerben] Oh, you wanna dance? Of course. - Hello! - [Gerben] Hello. Ready? - Yes. I'm actually announcing some things on Instagram right now.

- [Gerben] Oh, is it? - Yes. - [Gerben] Cool. So we're cleaning up the boat, we are fixing all the stuff, preparing ourselves. - And we have such an angel on board.

- [Gerben] Yes. - I mean, Jennifer, what she already accomplished here with us in just three days. - [Gerben] Three days. It's amazing, huh? - Yes.

- [Gerben] Yeah. We will introduce Jennifer later. - Yes. Jennifer is somebody, we are gonna introduce her properly, but she is an angel and you will love her. - So first I'm fixing up the toilets, but we have "Top Gun," the soundtrack of "Top Gun" as background music.

So that will help. (bright music) The best boat jobs you can imagine. I postponed it a long time, but now... (Gerben and Rianne laugh) But now I have to do it. I can't run anymore.

- [Rianne] No, we need a toilet. - We need a toilet. So we have four toilets on board.

- [Rianne] And only none is currently working. (relaxing uptempo music) ♪ Well, I spend my days in the past ♪ ♪ What could I have done to last ♪ - Well, in here we have all the fresh fruit and vegetables for our sailing retreat and look at how delicious this is. And almost everything is local and organic, so great. And I think there's even more going. This looks amazing! - What do you think? Is it enough? - [Rianne] I think so. What do you think? Wow! (Rianne gasps) A baby melon.

It's bigger than our baby's gonna be. - This one? - [Rianne] Yeah. Oh, I look like you? - [Rianne] Yeah, you do. (Rianne laughs) (upbeat music) (rain beats) So yesterday the predictions for our beautiful sailing retreat was amazing.

We had a little bit of rain today, but for the rest it would be sunny and beautiful weather, a little bit of wind. But we just got an update and there is a storm coming, so it's gonna be quite an interesting sailing retreat. But we're lucky that the participants are really sailors, love sailing, know how to sail. So it's gonna be an extra dimension to the whole experience- (Benjamin squealing drowns out Rianne speaking) I think, but yeah, you can't order the weather, unfortunately. (beep) (rock music) (traffic whirring) (Gerben laughs) (men chattering) This is Brend, a young entrepreneur, creator, and videographer, with a high-class video production company. Maybe you remember him from an early video, but this guy is going to join the Dutch team in the formal Volvo Ocean Race this year to document this incredible event.

He came to us for guidance on building a stronger business foundation and get more clarity on the life that he actually desires. (upbeat music) And this is Nanno, who just quit his corporate job to start a life he and his wife truly desire; a bold move from a loyal, courageous, and very down to earth guy. He will be discovering his next steps in business and personal life together with us, while he and his wife are preparing to set sail and start that live-aboard life in 2025. (upbeat music) (alarm chimes) Well, good morning.

I think we're in luck. Oh, though, up until now, it's only rained yesterday and the sun is shining and it's beautifully quiet. And the boys are doing their morning routines, exercising, journaling. And we've developed this morning ritual, which really helps people ground and reflect.

And yeah, the structure that saved our lives when we were rock bottom and had it really tough. We had an amazing day yesterday evening and the guys are doing great. We have this beautiful, safe, sacred environment where we can share everything, so that's good. But today's gonna be sailing, some soul searching exercises, and yeah, enjoying life as well. (peaceful music) (group chattering) (water splashes) And as the boys are enjoying their morning, we have some in-depth challenges for them today, all about discovering what their current theme in life is, the thing that keeps them from moving forward to get to that next transformed version of themselves. My first time reflecting upon this was 10 years ago and was all about that I lost myself and had no idea who I was and what I really enjoyed in life.

At this moment, it's all about getting more in touch with my feminine and sensual side. So what is your current theme in life? (gentle music) (music crescendos) - [Gerben] So, two real sailors on board. You're gonna sail around the world, probably, for 95%. - Yeah. - [Gerben] Or 98. - Well, 100% around the world. - [Gerben] 100- - 99% sure I'm gonna go.

- [Gerben] Whoa, that's amazing. It's a dream coming true, right? - Definitely. - [Gerben] Yeah. And Nanno, you're gonna go around the world as well, but not as fast as Brend, probably. - No, we take the slow route.

- [Gerben] Yeah - Yeah. Go south, work a little bit from the boats, enjoy life. - [Gerben] Okay, cool. And is your goal to really to circumnavigate or it's more live on board? - Well the big goal is in the end, visit the end of my wife in New Zealand. - [Gerben] Okay. Ah, so that's halfway, right? - Yeah. But that, that will take some years.

- [Gerben] Yeah. But take it slow. Cool. It's very nice to have you guys on board because this is really much more sailing. And I know it's electric wrenches and I know- (men laughing) It's different from family sailing. - It's already looking at the dots and the numbers.

- [Gerben] Yeah. I really like it. (cheerful music) - [Brend] How's it going, Gerben? - I'm doing excellent. I'm really doing excellent. No, I really like to have you guys on board to talk about sailing, to talk about sails, to talk about trimming. Yeah, to get everything, the most speed out of the boat.

- [Brend] Well, we like the boat. - Yeah? - [Brend] Absolutely. - As a Razor guy? - [Brend] Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a really nice ship. - Yeah? - [Brend] Yeah. And what do you like? - [Brend] I like the space.

I'm a pretty tall guy. - Yeah. - [Brend] So I really like that when you get into the boat, when you're in the boat, I have like a half meter still above my head, so that's really nice.

And it's very spacious and it's pretty boat. - And Nanno is doubting between a Monohull and a Cat, right? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I don't think it's doubting anymore. (men laugh) - [Brend] Please, everybody, put in the comments. Team Catamaran or team Monohull? (men chattering) (Brend laughs) This is team Monohull. - So Nanno...

- Yeah. Well, for the race sea sailing, it's definitely Monohull for now. (Gerben laughs) Yeah. But for more liveaboards, comfortable sailing, also when there's a lot of wind, yeah I think I'd go for the multi-hull. - [Gerben] But a performance multi-hull.

(men chattering) (beep) (uplifting music begins) (water sloshing) (uplifting music continues) (wind whirring) (Gerben hollers) (uplifting music continues) We lost another drone. We went to fly the drone, look at the Black Pearl, full sails on, so we tried to lift it and it into the water. So, two drones in two weeks. (wind whirring) Good morning. Quick look at the Black Pearl.

- Are you talking about me? - [Gerben] Yeah. (men laugh) - Am I the Black Pearl? - [Gerben] You're the Black Pearl? No, I think you look more like Jack Sparrow. (men laugh) - Jack Sparrow? - [Gerben] Yes. - Yes we are. - [Gerben] How's Amber Heard doing? - Ah, well, she's doing just fine.

(men laugh) - [Gerben] Okay. Let's go. (inspirational music) (water splashing) (men chattering) (uplifting music) (men grunting) (men chattering) - [Rianne] On this second day, we focus on making the unconscious conscious. During the day, Nanno and Brend gets several exercises that are specifically designed to understand how they program themselves and which disempowering habits and limiting beliefs are influencing their lives up until today.

We all have them, like always thinking about others and their needs and not enough on your own, worried about what others might think, not feeling good enough, or perfectionism that actually leads to no action or less growth than you could normally realize, and we can go on and on and on. So let's tickle your brain a little bit. Write down three of the most important events in the first 20 years of your life, negative or positive, and what kind of impact that had back then and still has today. Maybe you will discover one of those limiting beliefs and disempowering habits you weren't aware of. (pensive guitar music) And here we have our angel, Jennifer from Gentilly, a businesswoman, nutrition expert, and a magnificent chef. And if you can put that all into one, yes you will get indeed an angel.

She joined our first edition of our mentor program. That's where she impressed us and why we decided to ask for her services for our sailing retreat. She designed the menus to fit our program perfectly. She even adjusted the ingredients towards the themes we had for every day. She made sure that the food was an addition in creating the right energy levels and atmosphere to get the best results. We will be working her services more often, especially when we have a big project to work on and could use those extra hours to focus on getting the job done or relaxing and recharging a bit.

We put the details of her and her company in the description below. So if you are working on a big project for your business and you could use some time savings, and most importantly nourishing and healthy food, or you just want to have a little bit of an extra holiday feeling with a private chef, Gentilly is where you need to go. - [Gerben] The Black Pearl is over there, sailing away.

It's like a real pirate ship. It's beautiful, right? - Oh, it's amazing. - [Gerben] This is the first time we see her sailing. - No, I think we saw her sailing in our first year in the Mediterranean.

- [Gerben] Is it? - Yes. - [Gerben] Wow. It's impressive. - Yeah, because then even a week later, we saw the Falcon.

- [Gerben] Oh, that's right. - The Falcon. (Benjamin hollers) (boat engine roaring) - Yeehaw! - [Rianne] And during all this time, for the gentlemen, we made sure Benjamin had a blast, as well. We invite our coaching clients into our home to show that there is so much more possible then we initially think. And we get that special connection you probably can't establish anywhere else than on the sea and in a floating home. So while I'm giving one-on-one coaching sessions, Gerben is giving one-on-one time to Benjamin.

(upbeat music) - Calling this your office, spending time with Benjamin, Rianne is taking care of Nanno and Brend, we have an amazing weekend so far. The guys are making big progresses, so we are going from deep emotions, from crying and shouting to laughing and everything. So we are going through different stages and yes, this is just amazing. And I would love to show you the surroundings more, but yesterday we lost our drone again.

It was really crazy. It went up and down in the water immediately. So Brend, he is a professional drone pilot. So he's under Volvo Ocean Race this year, of which will start next year, as the media guy on board.

So he knows how to fly a drone, but he was completely blown away as well. So yeah, this is it. Benjamin. Are you coming? - Uh, yeah. - Okay. Benjamin is joining. We just saw the Black Pearl sailing away to Greece.

We will go to Greece next week. (wind whirring) What's this? Are you stopping? - Yeah. - Why? Why are you stopping? You wanna wave? - Hello! - Hello to whom? - Yeah. - [Gerben] Okay. Be careful.

Yes. Small little. - Go harder. - [Gerben] Yes, you can go a little bit faster. (engine revving) (beep) No, you don't have to go all the way down. (all laughing) - Oh no. You're not waiting for me, are you? - [Gerben] We are.

- No. Okay. So Lord, we have spaghetti with pancetta. - [Benjamin] Me, me, me! - Cilantro with mozzarella di busalla, lemon, lime, pumpkin, and Princy Percy's favorite. - Oh, okay.

Let's go. - [Rianne] Oh, Benny, ah, ah, ah! The whole thing. You want the whole thing? - [Jennifer] Well, it's allowed.

- It's allowed. Little party for Benjamin. - Yeah. I want momma - [Gerben] Whoa! - I love Benjamin.

- [Gerben] Looks really good. (peaceful music) - [Rianne] And this was for this week, the first two days of our sailing retreat. Join us next week in the last two days and one of the amazing sailing experiences none of us probably will forget anytime soon. (peaceful music) - We're gonna sail to the next bay. We have 13, 14 knots of wind. So full main, full genoa, and we're gonna attack the Black Pearl.

- [Brend] We're gonna enter it, right? - We're gonna enter it. (all cheering) (all chattering) - So I was trying to teach Gerben a trick how you can get into the boat if you can't pull yourself up. He's gonna show it now. Huh? - Ha ha. Absolutely. - [Brend] First try.

(both laugh) (beep) - And then do I say die? - [Brend] Yep, three cameras. - [Gerben] No, you don't have to go all the way down. (all laugh) Oh, no. You're not waiting for me, are you? - [Gerben] We are. - No!


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