Building The World's Most Expensive Bike Ever! | GCN Tech Show Ep. 36

Building The World's Most Expensive Bike Ever! | GCN Tech Show Ep. 36

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Welcome. To the gcn tech show this week we, have got loads, we've, got welter, tech your, upgrades, and an amazing. Prize giveaway. And. We. Built the, most expensive, bike, in the, world you're gonna need so many of these. Now. I've hopped in the world of tech, this week is a new, ebike, from Trek having, a snoop around online, this, weekend meant I managed to get a glimpse of something which we've not even heard from Trek. Yet so well who knows what it could be yeah well it appears to be the domani, plus, and it has a, 350. Watt Bosch. Motor on, it and that. Also powers daytime, running lights apparently. It's going to be coming with ace, Ram Force One by groupset, as well but I mean, more info on that when we when we get it. Now. We'd be thinking. About that lightweight bike option. That we were building up a couple of weeks back on the show and whilst a lightweight option isn't necessarily, the most practical, for everyone out there nor. Is this because we today are gonna build the world's, most expensive, bike. Yeah, okay so well, we're not actually gonna, build, it but. What. We have done is scoured, the Internet, up and, down for, the most expensive, components. Available to humanity, now. We. Just wanted to do this because we. Wanted to get an idea of how much the, most expensive, bike, in the world could. Cost in. Theory, but, why you ask well why. Not I mean you know there's there doesn't have to be a reason for it necessarily, does that and. Whilst. We have looked, long, hard, high low everything, like that strategy to try and find these ultra expensive components. Well, we reckon there's probably something we've missed so if there is don't be mean in the comments, just let us know let us know what, we have slipped up on essentially, yeah please do down there in the comment section yeah so the other thing to point out is that the prices that we found for these things have generally, full retail, prices, and the reason why we've, done that is we, reckon if you're in the market for this kind of bike then your Butler's probably, ordering all the parts for you and let's, face it he's not gonna waste time shopping. Around is he so yeah. We've also used, a currency converter as well so if something's in pounds and we need to convert into dollars unfortunately, that is what we have done, so Wow so let's, get stuck in its crack on first, one, what have we got it's the where's. The frameset poor thing are they, stopping in frame then yeah so for the frame set we have, those lots of exotic frame, sets out there from all the fancy branzino, Pinarello corner. Goes really. Expensive. Bits of kale there we've, gone for. A parley. Z0. Frame, set because it, costs, seven, thousand, seven hundred and, seventy. Nine, pounds. Which is what in dollars that is nine, thousand, nine hundred and seventy, one dollars and, sixty, seven cents. So. Bet wants a startup yes that's, a good start youngster. But, when, you get that frame well. It's gonna look a bit boring isn't it wait so it's, not bad. Absolutely. Beautiful but, let's, face it we need to put some extra money onto that bike so we're, gonna forget it painted so we're gonna go down to I, don't know Ali if that creations, yeah or Robert. Collarbone studio, yeah and, well we're gonna spend some money on like I think an amazing custom, paint job so she's not gonna tell me sir she dollars. You probably look here, I. Did. Work out at home you have one hundred and sixty nine dollars that's no good costs alright yeah every well we saved a little bit save. Some money oh it doesn't matter seven six nine doesn't. Matter so next up seat post oh we.

Scoured Around looking for a lot of expensive, seat post yes there's a you know a few different ones available but we have gone for a. Smoker. Smoker. TLO. Unidirectional. Carbon fiber seat post four hundred eighty four dollars and fifty nine cents for a seat post bargain, saddle, what we are we. Went for the galue k3. Saddle, which is a full carbon affair, doesn't. Weigh a lot weighs. 38, grams, and comes, at a cost of five. Hundred and seventy one dollars and, 11 cents, for that saddle so, that, combined, with your seat posts over a thousand dollars wheels. One. Of the most important, component of my favorite compared to me but yeah I'm a bit of a wheel pervert. So. Four wheels I mean I didn't look much, further if I'm honest, the light yeah. Straight. To lightweight paddle, at what they've got and the, lightweight Milan. Stein Oba, Myers, they. Were retailing, at five thousand two hundred seventeen, pounds we saw sand dollars six thousand, six hundred eighty six and twenty, seven cents sees, a special edition mega super duper ones yeah well. I must also say as well we're not when we were searching for these products when. We were doing the categories, it was literally sought price high, too low. Opposite. Of what I do normal. Display, or search by low tide I think every time I buy anything ever. Anything. I've never those this low. To high yeah we went for some do guest silk, tubular. Artisan, handmade, tires coming, from I think they're from France aren't they do go yes they do guess so. Yeah and they came in they. Come in they're 100, euros, so. Need two of those obviously wow yeah, currency, exchange 230, dollars eighty six oh that. Is it that's. Actually quite, reasonable I, thought mother. One, of the best value components, on the bike yes, any well alright, so I mean the lightweights come with some pretty rad skewers. Yeah but we're gonna take those off and we're gonna we're gonna save those for the turbo, they've been relegated, and. The, lightweight titanium skewers, because we've found something even lighter so. We're, gonna bang, on some tuned you, twenty, skewers. And. How much are they well, make them they. Came in at 310. Dollars from 38, cents per snitch, right, Chuck. Come on I tell. You what this bike is getting more and more, outrageous. As. We go it's just a shame we haven't got it here to actually show you because that would have been super cool. Video. Yeah, we're gonna need to, spend a little bit more here, because I thought. That we were dropping, it down a little bit yeah so pedals. Well, there's only one option is there what, what, speed. Play those, Nano ultra light ones are the titanius, yes, yes, price-wise. For that I'm. Gonna have to have, to find these, 630. Dollars those. Dollars for a pair of pedals very light as 130, grams of pet so again there's that there's, that correlation, I clip those deer no definitely, not. Groupset, yeah. So we're not going to use the entire group set no because, we've got some plans yeah, but we are gonna use, shifters. Front, Meg and rear, mech and all. Those goblins as well the battery in the park so, for. That we've, got to go for the most expensive which, is naturally. Campagnolo, super record EPS beautiful. As well dollars. 3078, and 31 cents okay for those components those four. Or five bits there okay. So for the other bits of the group said that we're not using because we're going to upgrade certain. Elements of the group naturally. Well. Brake cables, yeah power cords so then the motor makes the, most expensive. Us that's what we go they're the most expensive cables. You can get on your bike 105. Euros, which works. 105. Euros 120. $1.28. Power, cords yeah, I was amazed when I saw them first saw them for about 10 years ago well. We're, using the Super, Record EPS, red raelia but we're gonna modify it naturally. Of course with. The ceramic speed, oversized. Pulley. Wheel system but, we're not using just the normal, overnight as Melanie was that mizuchi last year way below, our our, budget, yeah so. We're, going for the 3d, printed titanium. One which, is 1500. Euros. What's that in dollars. Well. 1731. And 17, cents. Again. This is just on a currency conversion, so it could very locally, bucket do in our office that's, what it came here yes, and. Well. You're, gonna need a fancy chamber needed Shane yeah thought, well we did look at the UFO, chain from ceramic speed but that was just too cheap there's a hundred and thirty, euros, or something so Asus, snip isn't yeah well we've gone for the more, expensive, muck.

Off Nano. Optimized. Chain, which. Comes in at $200. We. Haven't got what you know we're gonna need a chain set and insane. Yes yeah what we're going for, we'll change that we decided to go for the, THM. Clavicular but. It was in with a bundle actually, here we did sable it with Monaco which was a bundle deal which was possibly. A bit of a mistake on our part but it was easier for the butler so is the THM, cover Kulik francs and that came with the SRM, PC eight parameter. Than that yeah because once you need a parameter, yes so so. Francs. Power, meter and head unit bundle yeah and that came in at four thousand, six hundred and fifty two dollars and seventy four, cents oh well. Anything for an easy life for our Butler I mean handlebars. And stem I mean the butler is not gonna like this because, this is gonna be a nightmare because the Sultan, has put in a special. Request. I've. Decided, that to get the most expensive, this was his idea by the way one line that's, basically, the Sultan, I've decided, that Syria is he's buying this part yeah he has he. Was watching the hour record and he saw the Bradley Wiggins had a custom. 3d. Printed. Titanium. Cockpit, on his our a quad bike nice better so, yeah. They, get the richest, man in the world buying the most expensive bike, he naturally wants, a custom 3d. Printed. Integrated. Bar and stem combo, for, his bike that's perfect, for his measurements, so. We. Have, estimated, by. Looking at some sites on the internet that that would cost at least, three. Thousand. Pounds. Now. This might is going up in value quite rapidly, once, you add on custom-made. 3d. Printed, parts, like that yeah yeah we luckily, we do have some friends in the 3d printing world who told us rough estimation yeah otherwise three thousand pounds yeah all this. 3847. And 21 cents, yeah. Bargain. Of course I supposed to say any improper price does vary worldwide, but yeah, I, think. We've got a look at a few of the little bits we've mean we've put the bottle cages on yeah bottle, cage bolts, well let me use the standard, stainless steel ones that it came with cuz that would be free, of charge so we're gonna upgrade them to detain him once from carbons, high and yep, $29. 71 for for how much does that saves like a gram. Seven points you know, quite a bit really yeah. Same bolt face bolts pretty like huh let's, do it but, it's not bad lightweight it's, all about the bling so, we've got a rim break by we're gonna need some rim brakes as, I said we're not using the Super Record ones because they're just I mean. That bargain-basement compared. To what we're gonna use. Tha. Fibula. Brakes they, come in at one. Thousand four hundred and eleven dollars and four, cents, but they're fully carbon, as well yeah and they are basically.

For The pair less. Than half the weight of two arrays I think so, Wow. Yeah, we've gone for the rotor uno. Cassette, which is milled out of a single piece, of, titanium. Alloy and there's. A strong machine that's gotta nail that as well isn't it yeah they're really cool-looking, I really. Know it does look good and. They're very light as well but they cost four, four hundred and ten dollars yeah. Right. Chuck. It all right what's, next at its accounts, next. Up use a headset okay. Course you need that to be. Able to ride so. We're gonna use a Chris King no thread set but, not. Just the normal one. That'd. Be too cheap with it really so we've decided to fit, a titanium, one halfway oh well yeah. That. Comes in at $298. Just-just-just. $298. So, what, I, by. My reckoning with that was. The total of, this total. Thirty. Six thousand, five hundred and seventy three dollars and forty nine cents, oh. What's. That yeah, in pounds twenty eight thousand, five hundred and thirty and twenty, eight P, right, that is a lot of money on a bicycle and we, we. Thought this would be quite a fun thing to see how, much money in theory, you, really wanted to spend as much money as possible as, you can on the bike so that that's what we've come up with but I do. Still think we've, missed something though yeah like both still, think we've missed out a component. On there. That, is ultra ultra ultra. Expensive yeah and there's someone at home he's laughing so just let us know in the comments yeah now we've done this just for a little bit of fun just to see how much it could be because we think it's quite good fun but, we're interested what else could, you buy for, that same amount of money so I did a little bit of searching and, I've found, a Porsche. Boxster, there's two years old. 25,000, miles on the clock and that's available for 28,000. Pounds yeah, now this one then might be particularly, happy about this my believe because you could buy eight, thousand, one hundred and forty two pints, of beer. That's. A big round that he's never bought around anywhere near know about imagine that barman, oh well. You head over to the gcn, shop and get. 1649. Caps, yeah. That probably a better way to spend money given max all your mates I'm sorry the road Tour de France that sort of thing you could yeah, oh sorry. 1679. Caps yeah my men my mental matters rubbish, then yeah. Anyway, let us know though what are the world's, most expensive, bike. Components, yes well, I know we just want to get stuck in and actually check, mate for ourselves yeah, because, we think it's an ultra ultra, you, know we're, never gonna be able to afford these things are less, makes it so, we want to know all about them because who knows maybe we'll get the opportunity one day to contact all these companies and we can build that by chemistry we don't realize like it'd be actually if I ain't give it away as a price. First, up this week on tech of the way well we've got, the ideal, solution. For those home mechanics, who like to travel around with their tools because, parts, all have just released this the new bx3. A big blue box basically but, it's not just that because, this one is impact resistant, it's got an extendable, handle, easy to turn, around behind you as well as some gas assisted, struts, so the kind of thing which you have on the boots or the trunk, of, your car I think that's what they call Americans, called in trunks right yeah. Well not to mention loads. Of pockets but all of your tools out even. Has an air pressure compensation. Valve how cool is that those struts, don't fly, open you. Don't want them to yeah let's. Get it open and Ollie come on mate. Whoa. Check. It out hang on a minute cheeky, little cap. Bang. In now, having a massive interest, in what tech the pros use it some would call it stalking. Thank. You Oliver I'm really, really happy to have spotted thank, you on some, of the skins who's been used in the opening time trial of the worlds this year on the. Riders of Bahrain, mridu, Bora. Hansbrough, and Trek cig afraid oh they were using skin Supes with the zip on the rear rather than on the front which isn't exactly new tech because I had a couple of teammates probably, 20 years ago now who, have custom skin suits with the zip on the back but, it's quite interesting nonetheless yeah.

We Reached out to sportful, who makes, the clothing, for those particular teams, and they, said that it's actually a new prototype, skin, seat and a. Production, version will. Be hopefully, available, in, 2019. But nonetheless. Is interesting, how that sort of tech comes full circle because, the recent trend of skin suit shuts the zip on the front so yeah was coming back with zips on the back interesting, also spotted at the world time trial was what appeared to be a new, visor on the, Rudy, project boost Pro helmet, as worn by Vincenzo. Nibali now this looks like the kind of thing that you could make if you are handy with a dremel, and have a curved, lens, as. We all do yeah. But. It also reminds. Me of the of, the shades, that Bret the Manhart used to work as well don't ya what am i one of my favorite, wrestlers, we could have a grapple, later on only if you like no. Internet. Li but I work for a helmet manufacturer, we did have a request from some of the pros and we sponsor to make a different visor because let's. Face it rides have different positions win, can come in and angles and it can really irritate your eyes most down, there on the skis Valentich, that. Visor though reminds me a lot, an awful, lot of the one on the Giro, Arrowhead, time Johannes s well hell yeah wraparound meanwhile. Someone who's pretty content, with his visor is davon Aviara, of Astana, because, well. He's in a little different, modification, OTAs helmet, because, he's gone out the mechanics favorite, the bit of black tape to cover up some vents yeah, these little bit hot well I've, experimented, with this in the past and there. Is actually a. Measurable. Benefit, to taping up vents on on, time, trial helmets in terms of it improves aerodynamics. But it's important to point out it's. Not UCI, legal. No, that's right and while. He's that he's gone to the trouble of taping his vents but he hasn't worn. Any Aero socks, which is a bit of a aro faux pas if you're on arrow net, also. He, hasn't, got a zip I see on the front of his suit - oh yes on the rear so there we are this is like cycling's, version of trainspotters, isn't it look at what is using this but, I love. It I'm terrible I could pick through riders, photos and just look at little ways yeah they could improve and even. If I was doing all those things I would still be absolutely terrible so yeah.

They're Pros aren't they now. Let's end on a custom bike because let's face it we, all look because two bikes we're a dream of one really, so, this is the bike of British, Road race champion and. Madison Genesis rider Conor Swift, who is a name that, you might not have heard of yet but keep an eye out cuz destined. For big things cuz he took a lot of scalps and getting that Bridge Road race title, and, he rides were just you know continental, team yes, so. Yes, this bike is absolutely, useful it's been done, by Rob at color born caliber, studio yes and they're only just down the road from us actually when, he came away and they've, done a cracking, job with it yeah I really like it yeah I mean look at it it's basically, they've, taken a basically. Quite plain frame to be perfectly honest I imagine, it was nude carbon paints did white and then they've just thrown paint. At it what it looks like but I spoke. To Rob and he's not just throwing paint out it does actually take a bit of our because, believe it or not you can't just throw paint at something and make it look good otherwise we would try it on ourselves. But. I believe they actually dip, a stick in the paint and you kind of flick it you know in, a motion yeah, yeah and that's what happens he's also got on there a, Yorkshire, rose it was just the outline of it so it's just sort of missing, any color, and. That's Yorkshire, I doesn't mean much to many people, but it does to him because he's from an area called Yorkshire, wars, have, been fought over, this very. God. The. Yorkshire Rose is why it is a white rose yeah, I always thought it was red heart that I've been told that's the Lancashire Rose so, there we are, anyway. He's also got some motivational, quotes on it too well I think bikes like that they just stand out a mile and well well done Robert color burn because he's had quite a few of his bikes issue you go into the pro peloton, so, mingle, I know Lopez his Superman Edition bike yeah couple football sayings I'm sure there's many more out there too I'm diggin Connors yeah more, tech next week. Now. We've got a huge giveaway, this week on GC and it's probably, or possibly the biggest we've ever done which is saying some things we've given away some awesome, prizes so. This autumn and winter we're teaming, up with oh man to showcase the country as a cycling, destination, the weather the scenery the roads it looks absolutely fantastic. Oh it does say we've. Got a phenomenal price. One. Lucky, winner and the, plus was he gets take a friend will, get entry, to, the out route oh man three-day. Event, and also. Included, in the prize will, be return, flights from any Airport of your choice to Muscat the capital of Oman, hotels, transfers. In Oman and you. Get goodie. Bag with Jersey and shorts. Forget. This if all of that wasn't, enough you also get a bike Oh bye. Tshh ride a pro bike of course if you, get a bike and a holiday oh man. How, do I answer. I'm. Glad you asked that John so. It's really easy simply, click on the link in the description, below follow the instructions, and you.

Can Enter there and it's free to do so I can't wait I'm. So looking forward hope I win this I'm sorry mate you're not you know allowed to enter well no. No presenters allowed I already tried I was. Going to tell years my plus one would you have done the same, yeah. Yeah. What is it yes Holy Ark oh my god I can't enter anyway, anyway. Well good luck if please. Do enter this cuz that's an absolutely, cracking prize in it absolutely, correctly link in the description below good luck. Now. It's time for the part of the show where, we check, out the upgrades, that you've bought for your bike because it's screw. Riding, upgrades, buy. Upgrades, and. Well, you've submitted so, many of them and last week we, put it for you to actually vote for who should win the gcn, workshop. Apron, and I think that's right well over a minute it's, not an apron, it's. A cape, well. There we are the Caped Crusader, himself ollie bridge with. Don't, try to hope this, anyway. The winner of last week was Dave from the Netherlands and the upgrades that he made to his giant, so well done Dave get in contact with us on Facebook, and we will get that workshop apron, on its way to you so you don't. Just have to wait in the workshop, you could also bake yourself a cake a loaf of bread whatever, just wear it out to your local pub, or Club yeah yeah, looks great look at Holly in it right let's, see then who have, we got this week we've. Got first up Jerome, or your own from Belgium with their BMC, Alpen challenge ACO one, now. Your own was looking for an easy to maintain road, bike with this brakes and at least 36. Millimeters, of tire clearance is quite precise, nearly, 36, millimeters anyway and. Also the possibility to mayn't mudguards. No, press-fit bearings, allowed as well as your own said so again pretty, precise commonly. Available bearings, and replacement parts only there, we go now, I found this bike on eBay and converted, it to drop handlebars, look. At it it looks like a completely, different bike, through hasn't drawn handlebars, isn't it that's awesome yeah I really like that one trying that's. Really cool yeah that's a great I mean great literally, just, I mean alright I know he's changed his levers as well that's, about that but it's a great it's. Totally, utterly transform the bike you guys mudguards, on there though so yeah. But anyway great, one no it's awesome right points. Daniel. From Paree in the UK which I believe is also where the Yates twins are from yeah there, are some burry, yeah apparently. After buying three, different, frames and realizing, they're, getting the balance between costs, looks frame, weights geometry, and compatibility, but all proper, headache yes they. Finally, went for it and got this Trek a Monda SL, according. To Daniel my missus, was literally, ready for upping, sticks and leave been. There done that she. Did leave but yes she frames he bought he then decided against, and another. One and chickened out with buying after, a two hour drive he. Dismantled, the, previous part twice in anticipation, for the next frame being the one thankfully. That's all done now, and the, steer has even been cut to prove it so that's, dedication. Is that I mean II nearly ended, up having having his his other half okay because he'd been dismantling. Is by three, times an anticipation, I particularly. The fact that he drove two hours to, go and buy another frame. Which. Is quite, a fair drive yeah and then chickened, out when gay men who drove back if I did that before our around trip right love I'm gonna be back in a few hours time comfort empty-handed, I can't. I can only one behind that conversation. When at the end the night but yet my so gray up gray got himself a new frame and cut that steerer to prove he's. Gonna keep it for a long time yeah it looks good yeah, so you gotta vote for then this week you've, got your own and his bass hop, it's give him the bike he wanted or is it Daniel and the bike buying that nearly ended up with him being single.

Either. Way one of them is gonna get an apron so you have to take that one off and send into them but as ever. We're, not gonna decide are we because, I mean it. Is tough because I like the fact that he, nearly got dumped I think that's quite sort of funny you know in a way like in, a friendly way dangle but also your own because that bike is totally been transformed, doesn't it yeah that's awesome yeah so vote up there in the poll and next, week we will reveal, it who, is gonna have that workshop apron. Bike. Of the week time this, is the moment where you get to vote for two bikes of the pro peloton, or in fact sometimes just two bikes that we put heads ahead and, you've got a vote on the screen so let's have a quick recap of, last week, where we've put two time trial bikes head-to-head the Morita walk of Bahrain, mridu fantastic. Looking bike and the BMC time machine of BMC Racing now. I thought that this boat would be a lot closer, in, the results but the winner, with. Seventy, six percent of the votes the, BMC yeah, yeah, I've seen big gap I'm very surprised of that yeah didn't think it'd be quite close anyway what we got there this week this week we have two of the best looking. Bikes in professional, cycling right now and, so we've, got the trek drops, trekker. Maunder versus. The, canyon, arrowed. Canyon tram what, I want both of those bikes are. So good-looking, aren't, they I think they are both, yeah I think I think those bikes the colors on them just pop the, only thing is that track is dangerously, close to Celeste, for me yeah and you know my, it's not really a dislike I just wish that some, companies would make the bikes in other colors but anyway. I think I'm gonna go for by, actually I'm gonna go for the track I'm gonna go for the train just because it's so unusual that color anyway, it's not about us don't, let us influence, you vote, up there top corner, and next week we will reveal the results and, I'm, gonna risk it again have. Two more heads. Ahead, every. Week. Now. It's time for the bike vault where, viewers, show, you at home you actually submit pictures. Of your pride and joy using the gcn uploader, tool which there's a link to the description down, below so, if, you want to get your by featured make sure you use that and, well, we are the rated nice or super nice super nice gets a ring of that bell which like. It go this way it's your turn all right your turn I can't wait. Right, sorry look gone I got what we got this week first. Up we have Nick, in newcastle, upon tyne why, can, a pitch, Nick's. Taken a picture of his enigma, it walked discus, Atheneum. At. The top of greetin fell, in. Cumbria, every, narrowly missed the Strava kom by. A mere 30 minutes. As. Well, spirit, Clyde if someone is going up a climb for that long I mean, the bike it looks good doesn't it's a big old unit that, yeah. And I'm sorry what looks like a giant golf ball I imagine it's a weather station or something like that personally it should be nice yeah. Seem for nice yeah yes. Any and by yeah. Right. Jonathan. In Louisiana, USA whoa Ridley. Noah look. At that does. He say I was aiming for an easy spin and decided, to explore a local dam where I found loads of awesome, art at first I thought that was a halfpipe.

Skateboard. Ramp waiting, on the rink felt like Cookie Monster, on yeah I mean that is as nicely, yeah, saddles very far forward but. Got the Cookie Monster on it nice. An era aggressive-looking. By black people, well. You know what Cookie Monster gets yeah super nice yeah super this. Yeah. Next, up we. Have, Pascal. In Adelaide, gah one of my favorite, places in the whole world. So, Pascal, is my. Doozy, cargo bike with Shimano I'll fine 11, speed her, and. Even a physique arioni, Sabol, it's a proper, Goa check. Out that I mean that's a utility. Bike isn't it that's the sort of thing you go around leaving your grocery shopping around. The CBD or you put an ally in the front and ride around yeah, very good pointer that's. Why I do myth it's got kickstand, my physique saddle, yeah, and you could carry, a fellow present around in it yeah I think it's a nice we can buy that yeah, I think it's nice see because I so nice like, I think it's a nice I think it's nice yeah I'd like to see him it will color in it yeah yeah. Either. Way nice bike, next, up we've got Josh in Kent's. The UK his bike is a Cannondale, cab 12. And. It's. A cab 12 disc frame set he's got Shimano di2 hun. A row 50. Tubeless. Wheels, Gerace, disc rotors, ceramic. See bare bottom bracket, and nice and. Envy. Finishing, gear and my favourite bit that's on his bike golf he's. Got a physique Valter r1, saddle, I mean, it's a stunning. Bike, isn't it that I love. The paint job yeah, wicked yeah is that standard run off I. Can't you know I don't know I but, I think it looks actually brilliant purple bicycle. Be the purple but it is yeah it looks it's like a brilliant, so there might be the old vitus by I like the background he's gone with as well it yeah a suits the bike bit of grass Valter, saddle as well that's. A choice that he shares yeah, in esteemed company here, he shares the voltage, subtle with physique. Gilbert fizzy, Gilbert, Philippe Gilbert, Philippe Gilbert and Tamla yeah a fairy and Tom laughs he's a big fan of that to, be in oh I. Mean to, be honest that was a no-brainer for me yeah I use. The bike stand a bit weird but I mean. That's that's buyer buying it that's super nice yeah absolutely, brilliant nice one all right there we are. A. Lot. Of trouble as they bet you know what to do submit, your, bike using the uploader tool down there in the description all, next week yeah maybe, we'll have yours.

So. There we are nearly. Time for the end of the show but what's coming up this week well we've, got more lightweight, cool, fancy tech coming from the Vuelta Spanier. Which I managed to get my grubby, little hands on then, we got Thomas Martin skis pro bike and, he's got an amazing pair of legs I must just say that you have that picture is rip Lex probably. Not ok stalker, what, else is coming up on Sunday, we've got an unboxing it's. A brand, new Asus. Product. And it's, really, I really want one I just want to get one saying my trying to win that as well yeah yeah, we can and then on Monday, we, are teaming, up with Calvin walk tool what, god yeah. Yeah. Giving his load of maintenance tips and stuff so yeah time Monday and then after, that we're gonna be well back. It is back in here you know helping fix your problems with the tech clinic and remember as well like and share this video with your friends and give it a thumbs up to what, about the gcn shop, oh yeah. Well don't forget come. On shop, top global cycling Network on, where we have a whole heap of goodies for you to get stuck into.

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The list that Oli and I chose include.... Frameset - Custom Parlee Z-Zero Paint Custom Paint job - Fatcreations Seatpost - Schmolke TLO UD Saddle - Gelu K3 Wheels - Lightweight Meilenstein Obermeyers Tyres - Dugast Strada Silk Tubulars Skewers - Tune U20 Pedals - Speedplay Nano Zero Ti Campagnolo Super Record rear mech, front mech, shifters, battery & cables Powercordz Brake Cables CeramicSpeed Oversized Pully wheel system 3D printed Ti Chain - Muc Off Nano Chain Rings - Rotor Qarbon, Fibre-lyte inner ring Chainset & Computer - THM Clavicular SRM with PC8 bundle Bottom bracket - CeramicSpeed Bottle Cages - Lightweight Bottle Cage Bolts - CarbonTi Handlebars and stem - Custom 3D printed titanium cockpit Expander Plug - CarbonTi Stem Top Cap - Kapz Custom Headset Cap Brake Calipers - THM Fibula Cassette - Rotor Titanium Headset - Chris King Titanium Handlebar Tape - Cinelli Leather Bar End Plugs - Schmolke

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GCN Tech I


I would of said campag super record 12sp

Forget the "cheap" custom paint. Insted use 24 karat gold plate on the whole bike. Thats adds a bit more value for the bike , at least £200 000

Thanks, saved me getting the butler to write it down. Jeeves can just print this list out and take it down to Halfords for me.

GCN Tech what about getting som ceramic bearings in the wheels, the headset and bottombracket

What is the estimated weight of this bike?

GCN Tech get Futura to do the paint job

Next week do the lightest bike

you could add a custom titanium 3d printed seatpost clamp, custom 3d printed race number holder

I would add Schmolke carbon screws

The cross chaining on the Cannondale is painful!

You can always go retro. Things with history are always more expensive. Like Indurains time trial bike that he rode to victory in the TDF. It sold for around £47k


You forget the water bottle

throw on some Gokiso Super Climber hubs as well 8000 euro

Missing tires or I am wrong?

you forgot to buy a chris froome to ride that most expensive bike.

How much does it weigh?

Custom 3D printed Ti frame

Are you building a bike or a Formula 1 car?

spends near 30k on a bike, saves a little by not using a BB or bar tape.

Just buy a motorcycle. I don't get the ebike thing. That ti headset you picked out will only work with a 1 1/8th head tube. Now the trend is systems integration thereby making it useless. Colnago frames. They are fukn stupid expensive for crappy tech.

You could make it so much more expensive

30000€ for a race bike and then I would still need cables to shift through the gears... Pity...

Cannondale CAAD 12 NOT NICE. Just Like a double negative it's a big NO NO.

How much would it cost for a custom built bike for someone like Shaq? bigger frame, bigger tyres... I bet it would cost $40 to do it right

Consider a tandem for your world's most expensive bike. Check out: Even if you skip the exotic "triple convertible to tandem," a custom tandem frame with couplers for air travel, custom geometry, and some other options could easily top $12k. And then you need two of your crazy-expensive seatposts, saddles, handlebars, etc.

I can afford it but it would destroy.holidays for the rest of I'll.pass.

I would bet that the parlee custom frame already comees with titanium cage bolts

and btw the bmc impec lamborghini edition is more expensive without bottlecages and pedals

You didn't build your own wheels. You dishonor your butler! He would certainly want to part out the spokes, hoops, and hubs based on your specific needs.

Isn't the RCA $10,000?

Should have bought the most expensive bell on the bike

Comedians. Conalgo Gold limited edition costs more maybe?

Forgot the bell.

A bottom bracket upgrade!

I want to know he weight of the bike!

Felt TA FRD retails for £29,999 or $38,000 ish not sure as it counts as it comes with two sets of wheels a box and some aero testing.

You guys made a glaring ommission not putting Gokiso Super climber hubs on your build. The hubset alone is about the same price as your Lightweights.

Serious question - How would this price compare to a pro-team's bike cost?

Clickbait. Thumbs down. I'm not slogging through 30 minutes for that title.

I think we're all Wheelverts! Holy s**t over £5K for a set of wheels!!

Wouldn’t one of the UKSI bikes built for Team GB by Dimitris Katsanis be way more expensive? Given that team GB deliberately made them beyond anyone’s pocket (even a Sultan) to “comply” in spirit with the Lugano charter surely that would make the GCN bike a comparative Alibaba bargain?

ye ye wat'up i'm 2 chaiiinnnnz

Did you calculate the weight of said bike??

why would you not pit the 1000eu garmin vectors on there duuuh

What no disk brakes?

Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer Tubular ( gold or white spokes )

great idea and great video. would have been nice to maybe say a little bit about what you get for your dollar - why the components are so expensive.

How much does the expensive bike weigh?

Safety first! You need lights!

left out bottle cages.

Bottom bracket?

also love the show and the Oli Jon dynamic is excellent

Can you do the most expensive kit clothing and a year of training on top of your most expensive bike?

Beryllium Frame set if you can find one for a road bike or have one built. I know in the early 90's I seen a bike built from this material that cost $26,000.00 USD

How about Bottom Bracket and lubricants

A Calfee custom tandem would easily reach that price.

Damn... Why not have it platinum plated via pulsed laser deposition?

Dooming people to a crap 3T frame. If I won it, I wouldn't even want to sell it to pass the problems on to someone else. I'll just use the headtube to hold my toothbrushes.

How is a $300 headset worth it. Efficiency really doesn't matter in a headset. Any headset that's smooth and not wobbly is a perfect headset.


You forgot the most important thing! How much does this bike end up weighing. Could you guys please do an estimation because I am dying to know.

U missed a couple of thing like top cap botton bracket head set spacers and bar tap and u can get more expensive pedals e.g power meter ones are around £800 for a set

You should build the expensive bike as a special episode.

Bottom bracket, bar tape, GPS mount?

Video title suggestion: "how many times can Ollie exclaim 'Bargain!' in one episode?!"

You'd forgot the bar tape and bottles haha

I went down the custom wheel build route and what a journey that turned out to be. I was comparing the price of how many different types of complete bicycles I could own to the price of one set of fancy carbon race wheels. It's been a few years on and I've had many happy whooshing moments riding along.

you jumped the shark when you went to the custom bar and stem... you could have done more expensive custom parts elsewhere... should have made all parts off the shelf.

The cables cost as much as my handlebar and stem...

No bar tape?

Exclusive collector's edition GCN drink bottle. Powermeter pedals plus computer, lights, cameras. Disc frame instead so more can be sunk into those. The complete bike is on sale for £25k but normally £30k. Track bikes can be super expensive

for that amount of money, I'm gonna spend it on good Chinese aero bike and getting married...

Bar tape, bottle cage, lights

You forgot the BB

Hey Guys. First of all just want to say I really enjoy your shows! An idea/challenge for another show could be for you to “build” the cheapest 6,8 kg bike possible. Sure it would be good fun!

I wonder how this compares to what Connor MacGregor paid for his custom gold leafed bike

These Gokiso hubs cost £7,000 pushing for a >£10,000 custom wheelbuild: Perhaps an online wheelbuilder can source them?

A Parlee level 5 finish is $2800 upcharge on that frame...

What about the Garmin Vector Pedals

Also, your bike has no bottom bracket in it... I bet Chris King or Ceramispeed have just the thing for you.

Stock hubs.... what? Royce makes the Racing Gold hubs for just over a thousand GBP.

Forget Lightweight wheels. Try Gokiso. Those r the most expensive

You went with the stock fork? Disappointing... Rockshox RS1 runs for $1865... not that you'd put that fork on that bike, but hey. Make it rain! Even sticking with road appropriate forks you could have easily added $500 to $1k.

Looking closer, the THM Scapula F fork is 1300 euro.

Bottom bracket! You guys should add the weight up and see how much the bike would weigh!

Hey, you've built my current ride

Watching you guys being unable to keep from laughing about some of the outrageous prices in the "most expensive bike" segment was hilarious! For the rest of us, how about a show on the lightest bike you could build for $2500/3000?

Bar tape

Crap, outdated frame

There are a couple small part such as stem caps, spacers, seat clamp, bar tape, chain lube/wax, and bar ends that could be added to bring up that price. I believe it would add up to about another 1,000 USD.

You forgot the dynamo hubs

You gotta separate Jon and Ollie, together the two of them together is just too trucking entertaining, hilarious every minute. Oh, I still learned something too. This has just gotta stop, as I may have to lurk about until the next episode.

How much would the most expensive bike weigh though???

I must know how much the most expencive bike weights!!!

Converting pounds into dollars... ... how low the British have fallen!

Hi GCN, I think a bit of diversity wouldn’t go amiss.

What about a bell?

You missed the handlebar stem

I see Jon as the Master and Ollie as the Apprentice.

You should go for gokiso wheels. It will easily beat the price tag of LW.

I’ll sell you my bike for £36000 if you want ( cost me £500)

How much did it weigh?

How about presenters build the cheapest bikes possible from used parts and have to go on a bike packing or race challenge?

Ooooh I like this idea... rather Top Gear like!

Just cover that frame set in pure gold. Why not?

That CAAD is delicious.

Have the Factor Aston Martin One-77 bike that comes with a £1,000,000 car.

Do the lightest, most aero disc brake bike with electronic shifting using as many chinese parts as possible please :)

custom wheels 7000pounds for hubs pilar titanium spokes end enve rims arond 10000 set

very cost-effective pedal choice, compared to the Look Keo Power Meter Pedals - $1,479.99 from a US online dealer

This bike setup is kinda like what the boys here are riding on a regular weekend. No kidding.

I think there are some conti track tyres which retail for around 400€ EACH. But I might be wrong

Did you really give your own commentar a "heart"?

Rotor oval crank gears and cranks....

"Going up in value"? I think you mean going up in cost! Who'd want a 3D printed Ti cockpit that was customised for someone else?

What did the bike weigh?

Hahahahaha, funny thing, in Brazil economy is going so well that with 30.000 of our currency the best we get is something around a "standart from shelf" SPZ Tarmac.

dang. I have a brand new car and four brand new tires for them wouldn't even come close to the cost of those bike tires.


Jon went Trek, what is he doing, lol.

You should have calculated how many chain catchers 28000 £ would buy.. Just for the joy of Simon

Sublime paint job at 3.35. As sweet as Candy: love it!

Where's the brake pads, bar tape and bottom bracket?

Cervelo RCA Frame... USD13K, plus it's incredibly light, frame and fork under 700g

This sounds like a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the EU's 28 day right of return for goods bought online, for one day only the Bling Bike™ can live!

What about tubes?

bar tape?

y'all should've searched the darknet to buy the most expensive rider :X

And whats the theorical weight of the "million dollar bike" ?

But does it look good?

I don’t agree with the super nice on the cadd 12. No pedals and the severe cross chaining is giving me nightmares. I mean just look at the poor rear derailleur!!!

Still a relatively cheap wheels compared to gokiso super climber, retail at $13k

Couple of changes to your setup! Gokiso Super Climber hubs for £7000 should trump any wheelset from Lightweight, and why shy away from the beautiful SRM Campagnolo power meter, that should easily out price the THM option! And doesn't the Parlee have integrated head set? So the Nothreadset should at least be exchanged for Inset or Dropset?

Those skewers cost less than one of the screws in my knee from 25 years ago.

Your wheels are too cheap... Check out Lew Racing Custom VT-1 Pro. USD 15,000.

most expensive bar end plugs?

Who is going to put it together??? You should find the most expensive bike shop and have them put it together, if you are spending 40k on bike I’m you will not be putting that together so how much more would that be ??

That Cannondale was fit!

Fun video ….would've liked to have known the weight if it seemed the lightest components were the most about a video building the lightest weight bike you can build if cost was not an issue...

Crikey that's $57,594.04 in Aussie Dollars, hope someone can supply some free gold cable ends & valve caps for that build, Don't forget about the bar tape, think il hop on skippy, he kicks arse on that build

Forgot the air caps ;)

what about the fork?...

Everything that a rider wears. Helmet, shoes, jersey gloves

That's nothing

Expensive doesn't make you go faster

Hopp Carbon parts

GCN and Park Tool want us to believe that, "buy this bit of kit, and like magic, you are the fastest cyclist." It's no happen. That GCN Tech logo, with the bulging chain link reminds me of, "Keeping Up with the Kardashian's Fannie." What is up for next week? Is GCN Tech going to VEJAZZEL a SRAM group set?

Build a bike for 300 then race

If I ever built a bike like that I’d be too scared to ride it! I don’t even buy cars that cost that much.

What about gold plating the frame?

Isn't dugast Belgium?

Very cheap bike!!!! 2M when converted to Philippine peso OMG!

Keep the British vernacular strong! It is possibly my favorite part of the show. I put a cat amongst the pigeons by telling people to get things sorted now and I have never been across the pond.

BTW, you did not "build" anything... the title should be "Picking out the most expensive bike parts from the internet"

Yall forgot to paint to wheels and the areo bars, you could also put on an electric motor and that super high efficiency bearing geared power train, and also things like lubricants and seat post anti-seize.

You could always buy them from some of the chancers on Amazon who mark them up 1000% and more.

ceramic bearings

after watching this vide, I got back my asthma

Try a TT bike...

Why is the frame 10k USD? It looks so bad that you had to choose a custom paint job...

You missed - Bottom bracket(i know you corrected yourself in the comments - rubber crank covers - hydraulic dropper post - suspension fork - brake pads - different brake/shifter levers

Bar tape? How expensive can that get

One-77 Aston Martin is more expensive then your bike. You guys never get a job as my butlers. You suck at buying expensive shit. Lamborghini bike is about 20k. I have seen on the net gilded bikes and frames with diamonds for over $150k. BTW TI cage screws are not rusting or oxidizing IE totally worth $5 a pair on Ebay.

you would spend more on a mountain bike, more components and stuff

Gokiso wheels cost about 8000€

That saddle costs as much as my current Mtb


Garmin vector 3 pedals are more expensive i think

Meanwhile im riding my 400 dollar entry level mtb

Chris Ramsdale thanks dude

Going tubeless is for the cheap.

Can you do a video featuring the rholoff speed hub, I think they're so interesting, so well designed and not that well known about

How about I build you a cheap bike and sell it to you for £30k? Would that make it the most expensive bike?

Unfortunately this $139 titanium 3D printed top cap is not compatible with the custom 3D printed bar and stem combo...

Could’ve also done carbon chainrings

Gokiso hub. £7000 for a pair


Found a more expensive chain for you - get the pre-waxed "Gold" option:

Why do they have US Dollars

It's easy to get an bike expensive: e-Bike motor over 250W (350W): About 5.000 EUR for EMV testing and single acceptance from the goverment! (without parts and work only for the paperwork; if you are lucky at the first try)

How about some fancy cable housing?

Dust caps?

You have to build it! Maybe with a side story about the discount value of begging for better prices?

Why would you need a "strong machine" to cnc that titanium cassette? Titanium is softer than steel isn't it?

E-bikes are not bikes


Ceramic speed bb and Chris king hubs


2160000 pesos argentinos for a bike

Gokiso hub at GBP7,000

I though it was Motobecane.. Starting from 21,000

Coat it in 24k gold and inlay every thing with diamonds and you just up it to several million

You people just showed the images of the stuff and didn't make a road bike . You should have written " Showing what all components would make the most expensive road bike ".

Cover that bicycle with diamond dust or gold and the price will be six digits

How about inflating the tyres with nitrogen gas? Inflation kit, $392...

Bell ... you forgot the Bell .....

you could use a Lumilor Paintjob, you know, for security reasons, might add about 2k £ if you cover the whole bike. +1k if matched with a bike helmet. i guess

You forgot bar tape and a bottom bracket lol. And I think the power tap p1 pedals are closer to $1000 than the speedplays

That seat post costs more than my marlin 6

Get real

you forgot the inner tube!!!

The world’s most expensive bike=one year tuition of US based private university.

I think you missed tape and a bell?

next time include gold plated cog set.....and carbon fiber disc brakes

You missed out the bottom bracket bearings, grip tape and maybe a bottle cage...

Ship it to Norway, and you can add 25% of tax on the total price and shipping ;)


The best one yet, what was the weight?

how much does it weigh

Forgot the brake levers, and cables. And the GPS.

With shipping round up to $50,000

Bottle Gage, brake pads, bar tape and water bottles them selves

then you go and look at the pedemonte rhinoceros that is more expensive.

i want that bike but i'd be scared to even take it out of the

About the purple Cannondale, those bike stands don't work well with disk brake bikes. Guessing he just was leaning on it. Side note-The super nice bell kills me :) most of the time I watch your videos late night, while in bed. I have house mates who are sleeping etc. and bam the damn bell ring ring ring. I need to be fast on the volume button as to not wake people. Other then that keep rocking.

Are u guys in the gmbn repair studio

Thank you gcn for the inspiration so that I can buy more stuff online. Be sure to follow me at Instagram matthewfeelthewind

The quick release looks like 30$ for the copied one. It's half carbon too. At shoppe

How bout a China one for 100 grams seat for 40$ that doesn't break ?? Try it

Gokisa Wheelset runs $7900

I wish i have a bike ..

bearings! I'm pretty sure you could find some shockingly expensive bearings...

Can you calculate how much would that bike weigh? :)


You missed bar tape, the paint cost is way too low. You should have changed the wheel bearings. You also need a bike fit for that and have someone to assemble all this ;)

This was wildly entertaining. -


cheaper than horses cars and women still by a longshot

A little late to the party here buuuttt.... A couple of off the shelf items I do recall some four or so years ago the lightest bike (4.46kg or something) was a frankenbike of off-the-shelf items where shifter levers from one place, custom shifter housing, SRAM internals... every little component was custom or ordered and the whole kit and kaboodle was $56k

go and buy some poor kids a bike instead of spending all that money on a bike what nobody needs or want.

Bugatti bike, Bugatti bike 18K WALMART BIKE COVERED IN DIAMONDS

You forgot bar tape and computer. Can't ride it without a computer

Alfred gonna have easy time ordering for the batcycle

How did that afford this

Check out the fairwheel bikes lightest bike in the world the parts are all boutique you may find a few parts that more expensive.

KCNC cassette is more expensive. comes in at about 599 euros i believe. also brackpad shoes, ligthweight sells them for 100 euros per set

I guess the Gokiso wheels are more expensive than lightweight

Tire´s ??? welcome to Handmade from Continental you cabn pay up to 500€

They forgot the seat clamp

Sorry guys, I have to dissapoint you... in 1997 Bjarne Riis tossed his Pinarello Timetrial bike, value : $60'000 ... beaten by a 22 year old bike that was actually built... darn it

HandleBra Leather Wrap .......

Pedals, Garmin @ $1600 au. Add to most expensive bike in the world.

price of the frame is not correct... it would be less than that WITH a custom paint job and custom carbon layup from parlee...

37000 dollars? Doesn't sound much for an average billionaire.

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