Building in the North American area | Planet Zoo Live Stream

Building in the North American area | Planet Zoo Live Stream

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Oh. My. Gosh I'll start because, Paul's Lee's just got, is underwear, and a wad right, now goodness, gracious me a good evening everybody good, evening good. Early, afternoon, good, late morning, how are the heck are, we doing happy, Saturday, everybody, where's, the Saturday self friend going is a Sunday still it might be something for someone might, a guy do the thing here wait. Boom. Oh. That's. A gets a good sign properties, there, it is okay, I got scared there but anyways how we doing everyone welcome in to this stream, to our Saturday streams. They're so happy to see everyone even. Pawsley, we're. Even happy to see Paul's Lee but, uh Louie, Louie hello, there how are you the theme works well come on in my friend how are you doing yeah, welcome that we're go ahead and stream here, some, planet zoo goodness. In Thorton hills ooh here on. Your stream for a few, hours and, then, I have, to get ready to, go over to my mum's house this, tonight, there so nobody's, ever HAP no no, they're just like Paul's Lee teach me teach me how to do this in Planet Zoo and then. Go away stop, stop staring, at me you weirdo just teach me. So. But. Yes we're gonna work on some, stuff in Thorton Hill Zoo today and then yeah, I got a I gotta get going in like two or three hours but we're gonna stretch it we're gonna do as much as we can my. Initial thought my, initial, thinking dinky was to do the island, here which if you watched the Bison. And pronghorn episode, you'll know that I completely. Hey where's, my web cam. Wait. I. Just. Noticed what. The heck I this what, Kim is like the, most bipolar. Thing in the world some, days it's just like yeah I'm, not even gonna mess with it I. Didn't. Even shower this morning yeah y'all don't want to see my face. You. Know I don't even need to see my face I think the only personnel, will be upset. Is this, Rebecca if she comes in but anyway sake HR like what's that buddy my, mom, I know I have a mom. Crazy. But I yeah if you saw the prong weird episode you know that I completely forgot about this entire island cuz I was like yeah we're done with the North American section until frontier, releases a North. American DLC. Or whatever they're gonna call it and then I backed I was like oh yeah I have, like this. Whole island, over here to do and like a boat dock and I have zero ideas, for so we're just gonna act like it's not even there and, skedaddle. - there we go areas. That I have marked out that I know I want to do something with so we're, gonna feed a --gel with, this, area over here just outside the grizzly bear habitat I want. To put in a restaurant and a playground, I did have these the.

Opposite Way where the playground was over here and the restaurant over here because this is a bigger plot of land but. Then I thought it might be a bad idea to have the play guard right next to the barrier of the grizzly bear habitat I mean the grizzly bear can't get out but this, humans are really dumb so, I could just see a kid going like well look at this giant wall that I'm not supposed to climb up let, me do it, so. We're just gonna try and limit our losses there and put the restaurant on this side we. Need get him who's, cam. This. Planes oh look oh nice nice um, yeah just in case I'll do the quickest but if you haven't caught up with this series this is a whole series on the, tubs there that you the thing you're watching this on, so. If you want to catch up with it in detail there are about what what episode we on nine. Ten. So speak up so ten coming up but yeah here's the quick fly over there of. Thornton. Hills ooh can't, tell you all a secret. Listen. Listen, I want. To start this is you over. Like. Completely, build, a KF snow I wanna build your pull a well. Yeah I was just looking at it before stream, and I like I like the progress that we've done but there's so many things that I did when I was like a novice. To plan ensue and didn't really know what the f was going on I, want. To start the zoo over everyone it's, true, I'm, only really satisfied, with the. With. The North American section real, because, the North American sections when I finally got my footing to be honest with the other than I was like yeah we got played at zit let's build and. Then I, was like yeah this looks okay. Yeah there's just so many things I want to add in like. I don't have any houses yet, I don't. Know I could go on but I want to start over shut up halls Lee. That's. Why you have phase two of uh that's. Why you have phase two of I can never pronounce your Sousa name pouch and new Nimr so. You get to restart whatever you want to. All. That makes me think, of its Chipotle. Away in Cartman mim-mim. All, right so let's build our restaurant and stuff over here let's. Do the playground first cuz I do have G, I do, you have oh I didn't pull it up because I'm really.

Really Good at this. Where. Is that, picture. Of. You. Some more storytelling rework, errors you're unhappy with yeah, that would be like the entire front half of the zoo basically. All. Right so I'm just looking real quick before the. Was. I smart before in a save day in a planet, Zoo like. Picture, folder was. I smart I mean probably not we're. Asking a lot here. We're. Asking a bit of a lot planned an open up planet coaster that's, a different game plan at Zoo, is. There the picture oh I did it I did save the picture oh my gosh everyone pass, drew gets a beer, tonight I tell you what I tell, you what maybe. If. You're not happy start again oh my, gosh I'm totally gonna have to start again probably um. Ultra. I don't, pronounce in that room for a beautiful is beautiful and you think oh nice, nice. I don't know what that says because but hello. It. Rebuilt, the front of there's new many times yeah. The. Back of the zoo now was the front at one point yeah the back of Chester's do when I was looking at it looks like the more complete, side it looks like they're going back to front. I, do. Like the new entrance, - I'm, pretty sure its new the newer, entrance with the bright animals, in front of Chester Zoo it's, pretty neat, alright so I do need to bring chat, over top of my reference photo I can't just not talk to chat I suppose, I gasp gosh. Hey. Real quick before we get into this I saw. Their streamers doing this I'm gonna be like I'm gonna be more. Showing. Off my social medias and stuff I gotta whore myself out more as basically what I'm trying to say. Where. We go any further in the stream. Everyone. That is watching right now that. Has Twitter has to run over. And. Retweet. That. You're watching the stream. And get all your friends over here let's hang out let's have a fun time there you go boom I heard myself out for the day I feel good about that feel good about it don't. Regret it at all feeling, good about it I had, someone comment, that a little bit ago if they're like you have a Twitter and stuff and like yeah like. You should like let people know look, that's probably good idea. They. Can't watch you or see if you they don't know you exist kind of thing yeah I get that. Dude. How goes it bud but. Indeed, it goes bud, indeed. But. Not too bad we're, having to watch, my. Wife's sister's baby. That's like five months old for like part of a week. So. There's that, that's. Gonna be own. Experience, alright so let's lay down the you, can tell I really am stoked, about that let's, lay down the mulch we color the mulch, just. Say yes just say. Yes heck. La, cheese - what's your favorite kind of cheese my favorite kind of cheese is squeaky. Cheese. Otherwise. Known as, oh. Heck, what are they actually what's the actual name things. Mm-hmm. Okay. Remember so it's called yeah. Okay, see, the Twitter's coming in that's what distract me I saw the Twitter's coming in y'all our tweet. Tastic, your. Tweet tastic. There. We go alright so hate on the base here you're. Watching on your TV, and phone that's, like we know it's still one view because. It's from the same account but that's. Still awesome Amy. Thank you I appreciate that. My. Social media started to become more like my IRL social life non-existent, on, because. Okay. Buddy you. Should go on farmers single. Farmers calm I. Think. That's just like an untapped market that you could like really corner, you, know you could be like if you ever you should just be the coolest kid of, like. A different group if it's that if you're not if it's not worth working, in one group just go be the cool kid of a different group. To. Different counts your head is in the game I love it Amy appreciate, you. All. Right I always, get distracted during these things. If, favor cheese is melted, yes yes, I treat from the count I have followers, appreciate. That Kate ronica I. Appreciate. The brutal honesty in that as well. Hey. Are you guys or did you already upload. Videos. From Disney and if you did already upload it let me know because. YouTube's. Algorithm, sometimes, likes, to not let me know about people, I'm subscribed, to. Where's. The we have these polls I think they're under props. They're. Really great polls I tell you what, I want. To use them for a. An. Outline of beer hey they're there I love this poll oh I'm sorry it's a log I won't, disrespect, polls like that again oh. Wait. I didn't ask everyone how's your Saturday, going we're y'all doing anything exciting, anything, fun this weekend, what the heck's going on. It's. Kind of that weird time though isn't it, it's.

Kind Of that weird time in between like, friendlies for us in the States between, Thanksgiving, and. Like. You know the holiday season with Christmas and. Hanukkah. And all that fun, nazy dads, we're. Kind of in a limbo state right now personally. Like we're kind of starting, to buy stuff for christmas but we're kind of waiting in limbo because we always wait till the last minute cuz we always spend our money on stuff than what I'm supposed to. Anyways. How's, your weekend. Carry, color these, No. That. Would be ridiculous, you know we're not gonna make it just ask where we're gonna get kind of goofy with it there we go oh my gosh I feel so goofy you know. So. I'm not showing the reference photo by the way that I'm taking from because. I'm. Only taking. Light. Inspiration, from it not, recreating, it so, I don't want people come in here be like hey that doesn't look like it I know I know filler, I know. Feller. Anyways. Oh yeah have a chat I'm, the cool it's getting my planet zoo creation because I don't let guests said boo see nailed it cornered the market, these. Have been down but we're uploading from the mark and I gem Channel are you ok yeah I uh I. Would, say it might be because YouTube's, not letting your subscribers, know that you are uploading video so I will have to go search it out myself and let YouTube know like you do I'm actually interested, in this I really do want to watch. Mark. And Jim at, Disney, oh speaking. Of Disney Chelsea rise of the resistance, footage. Are you holding, off. I-ight. I couldn't, I had I had to watch it holy, holy f it. Looks like it should only be possible and planet coaster what they've done is all I'm gonna say if you have a watch day I recommend, not watching if you wear these come from I like these logs. Go. Straight up real, story never, have seen these logs in my life I wish I had a 1 meter version of these these, are actually what I want bring, it bring it back. This. Is my life and planet Zoo these, are so much more what I was thinking. My. Are 16 years of, Ethernet. That was that's a bit of fun how many holes are in your house now you. Cooked, coach. And. Pit. Ball pulled pork today was pretty good pit bull pulled burning plate some pickup oculus, and I was some teammates nice squirt a few my own goalie was, he that bad or just hoops I am. 3d printing a red dragon this, weekend. Really that's pretty awesome I've.

Always Wanted to get into the 3d, printing stuff. Why. Did it hide pawsley, saying many many holes because. It thinks it's like a like, a sex, thing Tyler. T hey. You. Want to paint in class and you visit your grandparents, but you're working tonight isn't, that just the greatest cap I'm like a fun time seeing your grandparents, and having a good weekend like oh man so, good seeing Grandma and Grandpa and have. A good weekend and now I get to go to work yeah, my. Fiancee, are Damon, that's like the third time I've done that a few, days I have been married, now for a, little. Bit and. He was all easy we had like green moss on him to get that F out of here um. But yeah she's a server so. She. Slush. We don't know what a weekend is at. All so, here's we're gonna do we're gonna get rid of this because I wanted to overlap like that BAM, love it it. Sounds like we all have a pretty good, pretty busy, weekend, going which is always nice it's better than you know not doing a dang thing right. Well, sometimes it is sometimes it's nice to Disney. Plus and thrust. Is. That an actual thing if not copyright. I, feel. Like I've seen that before that came way to naturally, off my tongue for that not to abandon something that someone's already done. Or, said before I had to have read that on reddit or something let's, get rid of this and we'll have our entrance. Like. There. Tom's, right I'm waiting for one particular channel to post their view on arrives. In. Particular, channel. Who's. That just had an old Tim. Yeah. I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen one yet maybe he wasn't able to. To. Go people, have two insurances right through here. Do. You play play to zoom on a laptop you you couldn't yeah sure, it had to be a very I'd. Recommend getting a lot newer laptop. Or. Sure, but, is a very intensive. Game graphically. And computing. Wise so, sure. You could technically, and people do but, I. Don't recommend it, I do. Like a log I mean I'll, drop a log and I like a log so you know I discovered. Pawsley hot ski chasm into your videos religiously I don't. Think he actually does love you guys despite his words to. The contrary you know. All. Sleaze alright I guess I guess. You know he's included me in like some of his videos we're, doing a collab, together he, comments, to done just about every other video even though I'm terrible. And don't ever comment on his baby what's, I guess. Palsies alright you all should uh y'all. Should give him a try palsies, all right you don't know pawsley, he's the tutorial, guy come on right. You. Know pawsley, alright, oh I need a Archer. For scale speaking, of where the heck is dome is it. Just calling them out like that where the heck is dome as. I. See. That, rock is way too much. Those, are fans before I started myself I just happened to have grown quickly. You. Got balls he had a formula, and they stuck to it. Anyone. That says it is impossible for small youtubers, to grow can take a look at policy. This. Is for a child, a, small. Human. Now. Come back mister. So. I guess I should probably not make this out of real rocks it supposed to look like rocks. Just. Maybe we should try the, the. Art shapes, I suck, at art shapes though Miam I never use them. That. Is straight up I never use the art shapes really. Is, somewhere, in my game that I can always improve there that, custom roofs. Tim. And Jim just had a rock series probably taking up there oh that's true that's true that's true yep big. Up so three of your zoom on Tuesday, you. Might tip it Tim on your trip oh really that's nice that's, good I. Know. I haven't met him membrane, let. Me Adam, I'm. Actually gonna use the rocks I'm totally, indecisive, Muskies the rocks every will pretend that they're safe to use alright so, let's take this one and turn you on your side. Loke, the plan is you soundtrack is mad. Relaxing. There's. Parts of it I really, really really like a lot and there's other parts that I'm kind of like. But. For the most part it's really good I still like to plan a coaster soundtrack more but it's, really good. It's. Not Spotify by the way so those of you that didn't get deluxe edition if, you wanted to have it it's literally, on Spotify, so you can go down or you'll listen to that Spotify right now if you'd like to. Art. Shapes are live what's. A great idea custom, billboards always oh. My. God custom billboards please also. YouTube masterclass, step one hunt down anyone, who tries to be rude or troll yeah that's that's that's funny. When. They bring them over from playing coke well yeah, mainly because. What. I think of immediately is, in. A house, you, know, like a primary house or whatever.

Actually. We kind of have it on the small exhibits right. Just. Get somebody didn't know about this because there's always something that people aren't aware of in a game that has as much depth as this but, in this kind of thing like oh we got to put a freaking animal in it heck. I'm. Soap said we gotta put the animal in the animal thing, oh all. Right there yeah, if you didn't know I mean cooking your small facility, here you, go to the the. Windows and you can close the windows off like this right you, can take those and make the, 2d, facade, here, I'm sure palsy is a tutorial. In this if you want to get a more in-depth version. But. Yeah this this is what billboards, will be able to bring into the game if you want to this is what I'm thinking at least Hey. Look at you can actually see the thing never, ever have, I ever put, anything, in the small exhibit thing. And seen it right away that is a Mirabal, but. Yeah with billboards be able to import our own images like that so. You do it hard, I'm sure you do. Put a leopard in it yeah ooh two, accounts, que trata kiddin all, right so what was it doing oh yeah make it poop if. That we have that. Dude. Dude, dude dude dude, dude, it's. Like. A little spy for them to crawl through. Oh he just gives anyone's wondering no guests, are not gonna be able to use this. This. Is for look-see poos. Yep. Look-see, poos. Just, take a look CP, sweetie. Small. Exhibits first I would, really like for smaller exhibits for the spiders scorpions Center for, realism, yeah-yeah-yeah. Tutorials. For the win right and the thing that's good about, your. Case pawsley, yeah your case is we analyze the, case of the pulse li is that, you're. Not just a. Tutorial. Channel. Right because, you actually upload other things and people will watch your, other stuff as well in, good numbers. Cuz, there are channels that can be a one-trick pony for sure, sure. Just. Look at my channel. You. Know so. That's. That's the deal-breaker there. You. See what she didn't realize nice. It. Was something he hasn't done a tutorial on yet because then I'll do it and I'll get to watch I keep telling to do a tutorial on how to turn your computer on but he never takes me up on it and how to actually launch the game and stuff like that I think it would actually do well where was that thing I used for the, bison. And pronghorn. Fans. It. Was I, think it was a new World Peace was it you know. Oops. But, I could just jump over there and go grab real quick cuz, I'm not sure where it's at, wasn't. You it was you. That. Doesn't really look like the shape of it though it's more like a it's, a sneak it's, like a sneak oh we, have the sneaks we have a sneak in the props and. Get my Steam right, where. Is it yeah oh.

That's. So, good, I. Like. That sneak that. Sneaks too big. St. Has a pointy thing that's, my snake. Let's. Put a sneak on top of it too yeah. Iraqis, take. The. Natural things in this. Like rocks trees are so much better than oh my gosh yeah. Yeah. The foliage has. Been knocked. Out of the park it's it's so good so. So good all, right so there's our first little blobby, blob and it's a lot of it is the the lighting to the way it looks on everything and. Yeah the UH the options, that we have all right let's put you guys over to this side so I can see the other side of the park there there. We go. So. Maybe I can now that I have it laid out maybe we can come back through with art shapes and do it that's usually what my problem is is I just can't see, it with the art shapes in my head kind, of thing for whatever reason but now that I see it like laid out naturally, like this I can see it a little bit but oh God excuse me better. You. Know. You. Understand, the words that are coming out of my mouth. Speaking. Of I haven't watched rush hour yet oh yeah, what's I think I asked this every year but maybe not what, is a. Non. Christmas. Movie that. Or holiday. Will be sure that. Everyone. Watches. Every. Single year ours is rush hour. You. See. Diehard. But then everyone and their mothers was diehard so I switched it to rush hour because we watched rush hour every single holiday season, better Uncle. Buck, and I don't know if Uncle Buck would be considered a. Like. A Christmassy, holiday kind of movie. Starwars. Yeah that's a good one I know a lot of people that do that as well I will, like, watch all the original, trilogy's, or something like that. You. Watch all the Harry Potter's ooh. That's. Not whoa that, sounds kind of fun actually oh. You. Know what it looks stupid I'm gonna keep it, no. Kids, cracking. Their face on it, to be careful. Yeah. Hey you have a good one because thanks for hanging out buddy that, was good singing that. Harry. Potter that's that's a good one I feel, like a lot of people probably do that one as well. Water, i building, a playground. Oh. Hey. Thirty-year. 72. I'm, building, a playground. And. We're just gonna pretend that, the, rocks are, made of, not rocks. You. Know like we did in planta coaster all the time where we just kind of pretend that. Yeah. You. Know these, aren't actual dangerous, things but, they're made of something that's not dangerous, it's.

Supposed To be like a seed so I think yeah, there we go there's rock that's like a seat there. Okay. I'm episode of Monday with the plague wall would you quit, are. You hacked into my computer pawsley. Could. You stop look at it my. My. Pictures, folder and for playing at Zoo. First. You're making the water tutorial, which you should because I've only got like 400 views so you're gonna get a lot bigger reach. The, SEO was like nope we're not letting, you rank and plan at Zoo tutorials, or any other big SEO so you don't get to get exposed, by. I don't. Want anyone to know this cool trick anyways you bastard. Okay. I'm in Maple Park career, mode and playing an, extra doing stuff you and John T and Paul Mantz teach me to still but so badly but hey are you if you're having fun with it that's really, all that matters and. That's exciting, it's always fun when you get to I finally, start. Building a little bit there and getting, a grasp for it I remember the first time I built something that wasn't a pirate theme, is something. You. Know in. What. I want to do here kind of go by the seat of my pants I. Want. To keep incorporating, these logs. Yeah. The first time I built something that wasn't just pirate-themed, and planet coaster I was like oh. Yeah. No those are friend let's just say where those logs at but these are finally where my logs at, boo, boo, boo boo, who. Let the logs out. I, don't. Know if that's supposed to be but I'm gonna leave it cuz it looks neat oh we're. Just twins yeah you're my ginger Twitter a. Wigwam. Show, you how a wigwam. Mm-hmm. Wait. A wigwam is not a teepee wigwam is the, Google. Wig. Lam. I'm. Out fishing wig Wham oh yeah. They're like strong looking ones you, could probably use let's. See off the cuff here, Mia. Brollies that's roofing, to an extent. Um, where's our non gridded - so you'd like this that, sure, no cuz you had to curve it a bit. You. Can almost get away with it with this, almost. Or. You. Know what there's also. Yeah. There's like little bits like this and stuff here, here here. It's. Actually can't recolor it but. I. Think. You could pull off with some of that sure thing. Yeah. You could go like this, and, then. Take. Like. I'm committed now it may be like the african air plants. And. Intertwine, the african air plants. Like. By spitting, it myself like that. Using. Different ones together, until it like really blocks out the whole I don't even chat up sorry so, are you guys. Okay. If you just kind of keep filling it in like this.

And. It's in a building. I don't, sound like that and then just select all the who to make it a building. And, just keep multiplying it kind of thing make a wall out of it you, can even take it a step further and turn. It on its side like. So. And. Intertwine, it like that, you, know. Be. Yeah, you just kind of keep layering it like that you could you'll eventually start to get a look, looky, looky I like it a little bit I think. And. Then if you want to what you could do is you could take that same little bit here and then you could just match it to the roof we, used to do this all the time and planet coaster well Sol and I got zu but you, take it you kind of match it like like, this. To. The roof so. You get the same angle and stuff and you can do this with any roof. You'll. Actually that worked over. So. Let's say just you know that we're like real quick again this is just like real quick you can make this a lot a lot better, you. Multiply that a few times. Then. You remove the roof and, then you know you're kind of left you know you can come back through here and kind of. Dress. It up a little bit better and I don't, I just keep building this. It. Kind of fits into the area if not turned out half bad what, I would do it I would come through and start, to spin around some of these guys a little bit. You. Know so it you get a little bit different textures and stuff cut and move, them around a little bit yeah yeah just so you keep messing with it it's pretty fun though my, revisit of that what I'm not on stream, doing stuff. All, right so let's finish doing. Actually. You know that we have these. Make. A fence out of these. Don't, forget to just you know. Flip. Stuff upside down spin it around. You. Know maybe for example you're. Looking you're needing a piece and you literally only need the top rim, of this don't be afraid to just you, know turn it and sink. It into a wall and just use that that, piece there you know just, just. Take pieces and, manipulate. Them to what you need them to be or keep looking for pieces that are going to work for. What you want the, chances, are even though this is the game just came out and it is I would say its light on content but there's going to be more content overall. There's. Probably something in game that we have that you can use to build something. You know that you're thinking of I mean. Shoot poppy you you started, on a Battlestar. Galactica, like space, bridge, or something like that that, was looking pretty awesome, that's. So. This. Keep fiddling, with stuff, it'll. Come together. All. Right so where were those. Where. Were these these. Are too big though gather too big so. We use the. Noticing. Construction. In, there. That's. A little bit too thick. As. Well. Into. The thick boy ooh. Almost. What I want but I wouldn't. Centerpieces. No there's. No. I suppose, is used to repainting, a repeatable one here. These. Just a little bit too big as, these when it's live at theatres. We. Try recoloring, it see if it works. Not, quite. Auction. Probably, lower I'm just a little bit too. Who, the peace cops gonna shoot up really really, really, fast with, this fencing, oh my god I don't. Know about this one. We, need a can this is weird what, is that weird it's. Weird the other way. Thing. I think we got abandon this idea I'm actually not really like it now it's coming out yeah. Abandoned. Idea. Don't. Mean I wish I was naked that'd be so much more comfortable that's good idea. You, like the fence. You. Know me I'm like so, indecisive I. Think. It's just the top part that I'm not liking this that the top little. Doohickey. Hey, what if I did this. In. Every color this no. You. Know what you. Know you. Might. Just figure today or just I don't know the the. Candice isn't working, it, does this it'll, go it has times when it works, consistently, well, and other times where it doesn't like, turn on and for I'm not really sure why and then, like I'll just kind of have turned it on one day and it'll actually turn on so, it's. Just making, up fuss today is what I like to say. No. I just want to select this no this, one no this one this. Is no this, one no this, one no oh. My. Goodness just, let me know yeah. Bramble. Fence yeah. You. Know the camp feels yeah I mean it's like. Literally. The, thing has one, job to do right. Right. And. Oh. I need two of them yeah. I don't know, it's. Just a bipolar thing. So. Today it's just not feeling up to it so you know what I don't even mess with that anymore I'm just like sure fence or, fence cam sure.

That'll. Be my Christmas present, to myself or, something, there you know what that turned out a lot better I like that. Thank. You policy, no you know what it's almost done we need one more thing we need. Well, I guess it's a possibility that's not even the camera it could be the USB, port that I well no because I plug something else into the USB port and. It. Works fine ding, why are the Rope textures different. Just. Little things we have little little things like that just get to me it's. Lily. Oh my. Hot dog. There, goes. You. Ain't really see it it's. Kind of pointless but everything's. Alright, come on ball, Yammer. Did its thing that it does. The. Camera do is the thing that it does. Oh. Excuse. Me. You, know it's like natural barbed-wire, fence, so they go yeah. Keep yeah no no. Kids, leave. Bad. Man, tell, no. Doubt. What's. Up Elephant Man I liked. Your intro today s, Dan you're, no big deal just added it a little uh in between animal, just some African elephants. That. Was pretty good but. Hey everyone look who it is it's that's tan Wolford do you all know who I stay in Wolfe is if not you better be subscribed to him right, on over to his channel right meow. To. Subscribe to that boy his. His. Save, file. Or. His new. Zoo dot save file is one, of the best creations, and planet zoo so far oh. Excuse. Me my contest Dan's cold already. Oh. Man. Oh man. But. Yeah buddy welcome on in we're just doing some random detail. Additions. To Thornton, Hills zoo here and in. A playground. And. We're gonna we're gonna we're. Uh yeah. Yeah new zoo the same panties. Uh-huh. We're gonna use, their imagination, and pretend that these rocks are mushy, and. They won't have kid trips and fall that he won't smack, his head out open so. You. Know just. Planet ceres things. Man. A it goes over just by a little bit. Just. The smallest, amount it goes over by. That's. Fine. That's, fine. Pawsley, has the brains. Wait. Eston, has the vision johnsy has the style drew drew, is the heart thank you. Thank. You, that's, the. Most backhanded. Compliment, ever, received. Captain. Planet zoo, yeah, drew. Tries his best. All, right so I think that's pretty good for that and I want to make like a little uh you. Know. A. Thing. Here. Find, 50 I fell you do I appreciate. You your ear oh you're on that notification squad. You're. On that car I should say comment, and notification. Squad because there's there's last, time I checked there was 200, plus. People. On the notification. Bail squad but. Poopies in, that. Other squad, that comments, as well which. Is fantastic. Be. Sure to LIKE comment subscribe and. All. That other stuff, alright, so what do want to put here nothing African. No. African. I'm, thinking I'm thinking I'm thinking. Okay. I. Love. These flat rocks what. They call them cladding. It's. Really easy to get like a sign or something up on it you, know oh, actually.

We Can go ahead get. Rid of that yeah. Is. There nice and flap. Got. A nice little bit of pancake butt going on here. Okay, all right all right, that. We have that and, then we could put. Sign. Bank, I think I think. Now. We have a modern, sign that's nice and plain make. A new. World not modern, new world. Thoughts. It's a little bit a bit, small, that's. Might, be okay I wasn't. Leaving this playground, um hmm. Let's. See here, the. Name of the playground. Is. Mm-hmm. Is. Placeholder. Name, here. There. We go I will come back to that, now, can I sink this it's gonna be uneven is it yeah it's not totally sure so I do need to theme, up the sign just a little bit which is totally, fine I anticipated, that but. There's one that works better, what, is that well that actually looks a lot better. That. Actually looks a lot better. Name, here. Name. Here, so. That covers that and then I want to have like a little like maybe like an arch over a bit I need, to move this where I want to go because that's not where it's gonna go. We're. Not an arch you know what it'll, kind of sit back I'm, the path from. The path a little bit. Yeah. I just. Realize I covered up the exit. So, I'm trying to make this again kind of look a bit. Like. Man-made. I guess you'd say, even. Though the textures and everything look really great and like really realistic and everything I still wanted to give it kind of a uniformity, to it to make it look a bit like a, yeah. Man-made like rock, structure, that he's. The kids could kind of run through and stuff so we're gonna click a little cave area, right back here for them to go into. I. Kind. Of did this with the. Timber. Wolf's den. As well someone comes down right at they're like oh well this looks very, uniform. And you. Know you should switch it around a little bit yeah I tried you down purpose just kind of give it at least a little bit of like the man-made feel to. It so it's not like totally. Loose like a rock like, a mountain or whatever cuz that's not what the Z would have done they wouldn't have built. In a mountain they would have built a facade, Mountain. That's. Pretty tall. Maybe, like a little. Ramp. Up there something, where's. Our penis Rock. Airness. Go. Little. Bit. There. They're gonna need to crawl, up it sue. A. Little, bit big, little. Bit big, you know some skinnier. Yeah. -. Okay I hope. We get to the restaurant today I want to start that I have this really cool reference photo from, here's. It from. From. Cable Wisconsin, it's. Uh almost. Like an old German, looking, restaurant. I think. Would look really cool in this area kind of matches, the, rustic. Woods kind of feel to it there. We go all right there I want to put down I, don't some loves you. And, I'm to climb up. There's, given a couple Schumer's that are pretty good with big audiences, what's the etiquette for, mentioning even better, content, creators. Um. You, mean like people that you I like to watch on Twitch and stuff that's. Fine yeah do you like to watch on Twitch I like, I watch sips a lot, on there I watched cleave cleave, is really good for, planet zoo you, like the. Detailed kind of building he's. A really really good detail builder, sips. Is more of a funny kind, of builder. And. Just a content, creator overall. Just, realizing now I need to actually get rid of this. That's. Really satisfying. Cool. Alright alright like that. Maybe. Instead of the, logs. All. Do hmm. I leave, one log I pet, them up, at the top here for them to grab on to but instead of that we're gonna put like little rocks for them no it's like a rock wall you know. Michela. Is up encumber, that's pretty cool but I keep wanting to direct your audience to you guys all I appreciate that. Did. She's -. Is. She Sims. Player there's. A lot of Sims players that played, planet zoo now but just, talking to actually, I stand and Jonty about that this morning that was kind, of a big drop-off of Sims players because of probably. A few different things whether the game is just a little bit too complicated or, they just want to spend the time with it or, what.

Other Factors, but yeah the more Sims players and stuff we can get our just outside, players we can get to better. Do. The smaller, after. That. That'll work. Probably. Different color too. Yeah. Overwatch. FPS person with the Sims background, there's definitely different playstyles, right. Yeah. Just just. Kind. Of noticed that the. However. This. Some. Of us are just a little bit surprised, that. It. Seems to have dropped off a little bit quicker than a lot, of us anticipated, meaning like viewership sand-like, the, peak weekends. And stuff like that. So. Yeah. It's just we need more we, need more people to come in hey oh I just realized that I can. Cover, that up it's okay yeah we just are we need to grow the audience we need to grow how. Many more people are, looking. At her and seeking out and, ensue cuz it's already hit at the peak in his first weekend. Already. Did it for. A lot of us so. Well. That's a representation of us or, the. Actual, game. But. I don't know. Do-do-do-do-do-do. Hey Ivan, hey, man loving your builds so far really looking forwards of what you're going, to do with the concept art I've since you by the way yeah. Wait. Meta. To remind me which concept. Of. Concept art. If. He was on discord, or Twitter let me know, cuz. I'm always down, for, more. Cancer, to hurt. Oh yes. Yes. Yeah. I've been slowly but surely going. Through all of it yes thank you for uploading max that has come in handy, there was a bear habitat on, there that I actually used for some reference photos and stuff. What's, up Harry. Yeah, yep definitely I remember yeah I remember Ivan. There. Is a heck. Ton to go through with that and I am excited, to keep looking through all the folders and stuff and then we'll cover it up right here. The. Entire. Yes. Ah. Memories. Alright. That's pretty good that's, pretty good they're gonna, be, rude but I keep on wanting to help true rocker yeah I appreciate a belief, it be and thanks for asking beforehand you know I I, know where you're coming from where your psyche I don't know you know there's always a like an etiquette sometimes, like a streaming. Etiquette kind of thing I try and be laid-back with it though that that you, know helps you at all. Eben. Eben. Now I've been nice. He's. Free let me know alright, let's put a. Railing. Of, some sort here maybe we'll just repeat that now. Ha, ha what's, up melody, how. Was your Saturday, everyone else was telling us about their fun Saturday's, yet. Some people have. It at work tonight unfortunately some. People are. Hanging. Out what, are you doing, on your Saturday. Yeah. Everyone, has to stop being. Pill. Holes now Mel's here to ruin everyone's fun time. I. Don't know what a pill hole is but. Everyone. Was acting like it Mel you should have seen him help pill holes abound. What I'm doing a darn thing playing, The Sims I also play the gremlins. Inc today is that like based off the movie. Or, something be like random, stuff right. For your like kids to play with basically, I guess you'd say. So. What could we put, in for though a drum, yeah they could drum up here no it doesn't make any sense it's in North American section. It's. Like a board game but you really like it I like that nice good good good. What about. How, they use they have I. Don't. Know you would call it but like a telephone, system they, were do the telephone I. Don't. Know if I get back in detail later let's just get. Passing. If. That's the air ships, you probably eat something of substance I'm, just saying, Sam I had, a big breakfast, I. Had. A pretty big breakfast, to be honest with you, French, toast with. Some, eggs oh. That. Was it actually it. Wasn't that big it was french toast and eggs it seemed big though well.

Mainly Cuz I make this, with. My french toast to make this, syrup. And peanut butter mixture, oh. Yeah. But I think of peanut butter and syrup in a bowl put, some butter in it and then, melt, it in the microwave for like 30 seconds, and. Take. It out mix it up and then use it as like a spread on, your. Under. Whatever. French. Toast. It. Is so. Good that's. A old recipe for my great-grandmother, I. Just. Knows that those curved thingies, are there so we're not gonna have a path, going up to this we're gonna have a fake path coming up to this you don't I mean I mean I mean now. Let me show you what I mean. There, we go. And, cap the. Hell did that to that and. Then. I, wanted. To in them ideal Oh. Create. A little like, entrance. Archway, or something. How. Is my week my week was pretty good. Ish. Well, it. Started, just normal, and then now it ended with us having, to watch, my, wife's. Baby. For, a week because. Reasons. That. Are annoying. So. That's how, the week ended. So, yeah we kind of got thrust into like hey you're like parents, now for a week or so so. Fun. Like. We're getting help with, from. Their. Parents, and stuff no. My sister's, wakens. Sisters. Hey. There. Give. Me a name to call you so. I don't call you you ah how's. It going well, come on in my friend. Oh, wait. What how was your Thanksgiving I missed that too has been that long um. I thinks giving was. Good. We went into Chicago. To go to Michaela's families. And. Yeah. We. Did the Thanksgiving, thing. And. Then life got really, busy after that. Like. Really busy like we had some. Car stuff go on and just it. Just seemed like everything in happened right after that basically. But it's. Fine. Oh. Our. Collab I know we gotta get started on that we. Wanted to start it like a week ago but we've just kept getting busy. Yeah. We're. Gonna do the collab and then tsun tsun tsun tsun we're gonna get, another computer, for her, we, just have to save up some some, additional funds and as you can see with my little don't know thing in the upper right hand corner already, we're, thinking of over one to get our first house too so it's kind of a mixed. Bag of wanting to do a lot right now you know we're. One day yeah do the. Do. The house thing eventually. Do the. Baby. Thing and all that and. Computer. You nee we just wanted to have all the it's. Time to start the life you know. What. Some of these super stickers I don't know I had the option to try, it out I think it's a cost. Thing though I think I has to do a super chat where you if you do a super chat it cost and then. It. Right, there it. Highlights, your message or something like that. But. I had the option I was like well you know I. Have. The option. Three. Is one, too many. Three's. A crowd there, we go. Maybe. There would be like a. Hmm. There. Would be like a shoebox. You. Know we gotta keep the shoes outside. Need. A flat surface put the Sun. There, you go. Fertility, was important to many babies Europe, yep. I don't, like getting dinged every, two, seconds, about the Oh Pippi. Thank. You so much for the $10 I don't think it's gonna count for the donation, thing though because the. The. Donation. Bar. Up there and what you just did are separate, but they both go to me, Amy. You're heading out now I have a good I believe you said you had to work tonight correct so, have a good shift okay don't. Drive yourself crazy we'll see you next time Frollo. Of course Pippi thank you so much I appreciate you. Oh I'm. Stretching right now in some congestion. And. Look at that you get to be up, top. Funk. Whatever, it is for, for, a lot of time that's awesome. Alright, so we're building a. Shoe. Holder. So I'm trying to think here, let's. Make it themed I'm not gonna make it out art shapes I'm like anti art shape I. Think. If you go here here here. I love, it they make sure you see it like yellow. It's, like an East Asian plank. Baby it's under. Props. Ah. -, this way. Beam. East. Asia Asia. Speaking. Of Asian gel there's gel watch. The. First episode of quality Beach there. With. Day. Lady. Rudy. Rudy ah. My. Sheets and. Silver. I was like I'm really forgetting someone I know I'm forgetting someone. One. Computer, please she cover. Can. I have one computer, to to. Go please. Just. Put it in the bag.

Let's. Move this over here hello, new how are you Christians. Tweet channel, what's. Fun, I should, have dumped a toy channel. Thanks. For stopping in saying hello we haven't a good one there thanks, for subbing, and hanging out with the channel. You've. Got a lot of catching up to you yeah now where have you been. You're. All good. I'm, actually gonna go, it's, photo for a shoe. For. Shoe rack we might shoe holder. There's. A word for that. Actually. That's about yeah, that's about what it looks to. Be honest with you I really know much more than that I. Don't. Know one thing I will do that no see I'll do is kind of a slant like. That. Um. Did you build a rattlesnake. Exhibit, I like how you spell to exhibit the first time though that was kind of funny I. Think. We have a small. Rattlesnake. Exhibit. In the North American, section I don't. Know. Let's take a look I think it's over here. You. Have this building yeah this building has it I'm pretty sure I don't. Do in two years though because that sucks up, frames. If you do interiors, well. I think that there's a rattlesnake, in here. Let's. See I can just click it yeah the western diamondback rattlesnake, there there. There. Is there is hombre. Let's, push play here we can actually see it move around. Pakia. Yes. Oh I love the small exhibit animals they are, very. Beautiful, let's, there's, a tranche illan here, alert. What's what's learning what o, is one of them son. There. It is Spada. If pawsley was still here it freaked out right now. Is there Mexican. Tarantula. Was it were they called Mexican. This. What. Do click you, please. Let me click you. Mexican. Red me tarantula. There you go, so yeah, we have that little area there. When. Our berries do it I love the grizzly bear habitat. Abigail's like probably one of my favorite animals that we have here. Well. Mel, look at this bear and tell me you don't want to go and play playing at Zoo right now. Okay, that's enough I'm distracted. Good. Point yeah it's always I always choose the cute, cuddly animals instead, of the humans. Always. All Ryan University, no. Nope. I. Almost. Graduated. College when. Oh L difference oh. I. Should. Have assumed that that's kind, of hilarious. I. Should. Have assumed that's what you meant. We. Go on this big talk. About how I. Didn't. Do college or if. Oops. All, right that's, a shoe rack a little bit tall isn't it and, just. Big oh. Here. Baby. Baby. That's woken up. Just. Long bit too big. Yeah. Okay. So. Shoes will go there. So. Think what we'll do is a kind of extend this cave out a, little. Bit. This. Again, course. What. Am i making great question I'm making a playground. Now. It's not gonna be able to be used by, guests. In the game but we're gonna use our imagination. Basically. What's. Going on. I'll. Show you the rest of it here in just one, hot, second. I. Wish. Stuff like that was in the game though cuz, you. Don't mean you see. Playground. Stuff like that and zoos, all the time. There. We go alright so that's a that's. A shoe, holding. Place there and then this is their little playground, here, probably. Could be a little bit bigger. It's. Probably. A little bit bigger I. Might. Actually send it out let's. Do that think. So just a little bit more. Yeah. Just like a little bit more like that. Filled. On my own before I throw my about. The window beams especially, the wood planks so heavily used by the true crew or locked behind research during career, mode. That. Is. A bummer. Yeah. I've had a few people comment, on like um habitats. And stuff that I have uploaded, and. They're just like I can't get to it it's, locked, yeah, that's a bummer that's why I don't play on. Those. Modes. Because. I just want to build for the most part not get bothered. I, can't be bothered. You. Had a forked version no don't just, this. Haven't researched yet yeah oh. Heck. Oh No. Oh. Hey. Those locks go I thought those locks were right here I. Am. My stipend, I. Could. Have sworn they were right there. Yeah. Oh. That's. Good annoying to get these. Okay, that's good enough. Oh my. God stop. It. I. Can't. Believe I got that okay. Fix. This. Okay. Don't click off of it as we I still have to do this side so, we, go I almost did too I always do that I will click off of stuff that I don't need to it I gotta go back and redo it again.

Dollar. Theater new you discovered, one for dogs week he nights what. The. Pictures are of, dogs to new week the seats are hilarious, I can't. Imagine you'd be able to get that dog to sit there for an entire movie, but, I mean that's kind of a it's an original idea huh give him that for. Sure. You. Will pay for anything for their animals though so I'm sure it'll be a huge hit, like. Guaranteed it's a ginormous, head. Alright. So what do you want to put over here. Thinking. Thinking thinking. Right. I mean. Nothing. About that sounds bad. It. Sounds like the ultimate movie-going, experience. Rue is there yes. Oh this. Is a slide I'm trying, to make a slide I don't. Think it's gonna work out. I've. Never, felt a slide like this in, this game I. Don't. Think it's gonna work out and. This needs to be yellow. Yellow, slide. I. Don't. Know what this. It's, just a very you know very. Straightedge, slide. Hello. Su yeah you can use art pieces or. Whatever. You. See fit, our. Pieces are literally. Literally. Literally. Legos. I guess. You'd, say. The. Episodes, if you can see something with it you can play build it with the art shapes. A lot of people will, use. Art shapes for roofs to example. We. Started to do this log playing Co near. The end of Planet coaster. But. To get a different kind of stylized, look a lot of people do have your aligned. To surface on and. You can make roofs out of the arch shapes like. So. Let's. See how it's matched up now because they align the surface to the. To. The roof so, then you can just kind of make different or heart-shaped. Roofs. Like. This, like. A sieve and you can you. Know for example you, can. Make a different colors. You. Know so this gives a little bit of a different kind of look to it. Kinda. Get kind of stylized with it and then repeat. This all the way down don't worry about the z-fighting you can fix that. So. You know little. Things like this. There. You go start to get a little bit of, looking. Roof. What. Have you our. Chiefs a good man our, shapes are awesome. Who. Built the archer good mr. doe mez I want to see a full-on, Lego world's, ooh yeah. That's mr. doe mez he's he's a great. Content. Area not content creator Great Creator in the game. Absolutely. Ashley no problem yeah, that goes if anyone has any questions about you know planet, zoom stuff I know I'm setting myself up to not get anything done in the game ever again but that's fine um, if you have any questions definitely. Be happy to help. Answer them if I can kind of thing. I, definitely. Understand, y'all's everyone's. Struggle you know if you're supposed to fear not, familiar with the planet ceres games, they're. Not the easiest just to kind of jump into and there. We go. No. Worries. I've. Mentioned it on several videos and even I think a few times today but, there's. Always view your pieces, as yeah again Legos or just. General, construction, pieces, right so, even though it says oh this is an East Asian pillar I know, a lot of people's minds are like okay I have to use this in my East Asian set no don't look at it like that at all you, look at it like.

You. Know let's look for the piece that, you have in mind and I'd. Look. For what you need. This. Is a a. Doopy, little slide there but you know who I it, kind of work so we're. Gonna call it good enough. We're. Gonna call it G, G. Enough. What's. The top of these things like wood. Right yeah totally. Okay. Folks it's let you know we have about another half hour and, then I have to get ready to go to my mummies, tonight, I have to see beyond, drew. Mom. TV, don't. Know if that didn't work out yeah. You. Know with the parent, tight. Yeah. But another half hour. Okay. So how do you want to get people up here. With some stars. But. Thanks so much overhang and I appreciate it as always Pippy. Again thanks so much for that uh donation. Or. That no it's not donation it's a super chat you super chanted the heck out of this stream, there hippy appreciate, that. And. Everyone else that just, hung out in everything oh man, that actually fits oh no it doesn't, pack. It was so close to actually fitting okay. Okay. We can use like this. So. I guess the next few days for the channel if you are subscribed. And follow the videos and stuff the next few days I'll probably have a. Another. Thorton Hills you because I am really, feeling Thornton, Hills you right now and then. We're gonna start another habitat, build we're. Gonna do a giant panda, for, our next habitat, build, so. Nothing. A bit of a, ruffle. Oh. Yeah. Yes I've been looking up a lot of uh like. I guess you say Asian architecture like. Chinese. Traditional. Architecture, for it. Yeah. Hopefully that'll turn out pretty well never built any sort. Of Asian architecture, before luckily, the game has a lot of really good and ingame. Built stuff. But. Yeah either, in even, in planet coaster I never did, any East, Asian, sort of or, Asian, sort of. Build. There. Viciously. What east-asian. Your sandbox oh really nice it's. A really fleshed out theme. For, the game so I think you can make some really neat stuff with it for, sure, until. The 12th when the finals, over and you can properly, play oh yeah, I can't, imagine your, brain has, much capacity. For. A video. Game let, alone anything else except for finals right now good luck, good. Luck. Is. It the 12th so only a few more days only. A few more days there. I know, a lot of people that can't play right now whether it's because of you know yes school or, just. Like working or something like that a lot of people I've seen have been sketching, out their futures who's getting, them ready and stuff like. Your. Back let the fun resume well alright, everyone we got to go ahead and head out 20 minutes or 25 minutes earlier than I said it was cuz palsy came back so let's go ahead and wrap, it up there y'all have a good one thanks so much okay bye. Alright. We're back how's it good break there hopefully without a good one so. Not. Really no. No though stay here I'm. Just kidding just. Kidding. Blaine. Pawsley. I'm. Fired I'm. Good, I don't get paid enough for this jab. I'm. Only averaging out about, six. To seven dollars, a day. Actually. No let's live up to 15, mm I, can. Almost afford, to. Stay home and, make. YouTube, what. I do. I just need to make more. Tutorials barely. Alright, let's see. Yeah. Well apparently I need to move to the. UK to get, better, CPM, so, but be.

There In a second. Slide. Likes leave that yeah no I'd probably kill someone but. I'm super struck, banded about it right now so I'm just kinda lying you know what. Fine. It's. Fine. Don't. Look at it it's. Fine. This. Is why I never use our chips I. Am. NOT good with the art shapes. We, can if, you want me to talk about the send a message afterwards what's your average well. Obviously it's because your viewer your views are higher than mine right but what's, your average view, time. If. You don't mind me asking again we can talk about this afterwards because I think a lot of that has to do with your CPM overall. That's. Something I'm working on us trying to make people watch more than 3. Minutes, 5. And then 5 minutes and 15 seconds of my video that's my average, right now so trying. To improve that. Oh, wait. Lower these that, looks dangerous. I. Mean. All slightest Atrus but you know, let's. Say a little bit better. Would. Be 45 minutes day MC yeah. Yeah. I just, need to be more interesting, during my videos is, what, I'm being told by the. People that watch them because. You have my average if I have a 20 minute video and the average watch time is, for. Four to five minutes that's, oh that's, okay I am. Boring. Urgent. Loud and clear everyone. Well. There's a slide. I'm, looking at like oh my god, it's. So good I know. That's totally what I need to do I said. Is what I need to do stay to you until the end of the video and there will be a super, big secret, surprise and, then I'll get there like what is it I. Woke. Up. Today. That's. It. Tune. In next time. You. I. Get. These hamburger, patties looking right here. There. We go some, nice ground chuck. Opening, shot awesome. Music lens flare this, is what I'm doing today I got. To do more I gotta do more the beautiful, the cool cinematics, the. Cool, chill. Music and everything it's not enough hippie I got it I gotta do more. Gotta. Be more apparently. People. Uh yeah. It's. Funny too because I know what I could do to I literally do know what I could do I could like. Yeah. I know what I could do to like make people watch more and longer, probably but it'd, be not. My style, it's what I've come down to. Just. Give away small clues for twelve months yes yeah. Next. Video I'll reveal. The. Craziest. Thing, I've. Ever, done. With. Your mom, on. Thursdays. In. December. But, only on, odd, days. Alright, so we have a slide that's. That's a heck of a slide. Exactly. A chart no but I, like. One. Day. The. Struggles of being a youtuber, quote-unquote, one day I had a video that did like complete and, I just and then I saw like in my recommendations, you, know one of the if, someone did a video like that I was like. You. Know it's like I spend all this time trying, to make and it looks cool and detailed, and whatever. And it's like this go I build, a zoo what is the worst do and nothing gets that content it's like I said a million times like this there's an audience for it that's fine but, just like that. Vision which took him 20 minutes I spent, six. Hours on a time-lapse and cool music and editing it's, just mother. Hello. Dragon. Miss long time no see as well, yeah. Good good good got. In here just before. Wrapping. Up good, time man how's. It going missed it's. Been so long since I've talked to you missed what the heck. How's. That work oh we are are are you working I can't member I think, you might have mentioned that you are working during, your off season so. Either. One house not, working or how is working, during the offseason, there. Oh. Yesterday. Was your last day okay. Why. Can't you have people I'm not sure. I'm. Not sure. You. Figured it out okay. All. Right so I'm Senor just kind of whipping. The cam around. That's. What a roof over it. Yeah. I wanted to start that restaurant on stream here I think it's gonna turn out really cool. You. Can extend it a little bit no. I really can't thank. Billy Kiev excellent. Alright that's good enough I'm actually I can get started in restaurant real quick. Um. Your. Position got eliminated what, weren't. You doing like school. Like. Clara. Yeah like schools like coming to visit like you were organizing that, stuff are, they not doing like organizing. Trips for schools anymore well. That's a bummer sorry, dude. To. See Dex nice good, tell tell, the big man I said hey I. Was. Just I was just thinking about mr.. Dexter. PYT. The, other day hoping, he's doing well.

I So. Wish that we had a. Different. Wood. Than. This, like. A more rustic, one like we have in playing Cove we had the perfect like rustic, wood, wall. Set and planet coaster this. One's not bad but I just I. Just. Need it I wound it I need. Some mallet, a. Parking. In position so the reps are rearranging. - dang. Well. That sucks missed that. Really does I know I know you enjoyed that and in you know you were. Obviously. Good. At and stuff so. That. Sucks, I hope. You find. Something else you know really. Soon and all that, have. You even started with like looking are you just gonna kind of take a little bit of time, actually. Not do that. Yeah, you didn't get something again quick you gained a lot of experience at that job -. Oops. No I do need that. So. Yeah I don't, doubt that you'll. Be. Out. Of work or anything. You. Started glancing last night gotcha gotcha. Yeah. There'll be something. Um. I, was, gonna ask you uh what, have you been playing what'd you make you know and that's a good question all right so what I made today I, made. A playground first a little, like. I'm going to go back through after, stream probably tonight after I get back from my mommy's. Now. That's where details my little. Beamed. Up playground, area there. And. Then. We're doing a quick rest right what's not gonna be quick actually, the more than will connect my reference photo won't be click I'm gonna quick I've got to build a custom roof -, well we have to build two custom roofs we. Don't have spires in this game at all in a wall I, assure. You a bit where'd he get stream clean it then you do something to that planet action. I. Mean. Nurture gotta have the archer. By. The way if y'all don't know what's up with the archer at the archer was. Made by mr. Delmas and we had the. We. Had an archer in. House. That game called panic Oh sir geez and, it. Was about the same size we didn't get the archer in planet Zoo so mr. Gomez went ahead and made the. Archer but he's a little bit angry cuz. He's. Not actually in the game we had to make him so he's a little he's the angry Archer for not being included in the game but anyways he's about, the same size as a guest in game so it's good to use them for scale it's. Easy to get out of scale in this game meaning you know make things that are way, way way way too big, so. You can see here you know if you use the arch of her skill you can make sure to keep your buildings, you. Have just in scale and better, looking. Over at all I guess you say so. Yeah I always you, kind of get used to the scaling in the game after a little bit but I always try and keep the. Keep. That out if you don't want to download the, archer. There you can also use, we found, the. Lights, the, lamp post this little lamp post classic wall way up zero to is. The. Is about the same size as well so, you can use that if you don't want to download the archer, for mr. Delmas that's about the same size as well there, you go. Zoo. Tubers for the windy huh. In, overcrowded, transport fever trying to get ready for the new game coming out in a few days what's, that, what games come out a few days no it's okay yeah Frank Frank the archer rink is our lovely. Archer willing. Oh. I. Like that like yeah and, I in opposite way I like it by itself this, way too. Altogether, it's pretty okay I love it too tall that almost worked out. Or. Did it. Tell. You the color. We'll, leave that there for now. Transport. Yeah if, you were to look sobbing I. Don't. Know I'm gonna wait and see it looks a lot like the first one and I didn't really li

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