Building a New Work Bench for the Wood Shop part 7

Building a New Work Bench for the Wood Shop part 7

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Okay. Now we're going to get started on the legs. I'll. Come from the bottom. Here measure, five, and a half. Then. Five and a half more put my tendon in the center, come. Up here measure four, and a half. Coming. Using the 2x4, up here, measure. Four and a half. Then. One. Inch from the top put. My tenon in the center there for my 2x4. And. That's, how this is going to work. Okay. First. First. I'm going to get my five and a half here. That. Across there. Then. I believe, eleven, will give me another five and a half. Eleven. Over here will give me another five and a half. You. Then. Off get. The rest of these marked, here, using. This as a template. Slide. This down here. Measure. Four and a half latch, like a measure one. Then. Four, and a half. Now. I'll just. Bring. These around. It's. Marked all the way around now so. Now, when I put my 10 is here. Mark. For my tenants, here I. Can. Mark here, and be. In the same spot over. There. Then. I'll just use this. For. 10. For. The rest up. Okay. Now. That's. Recorders. Let. Me have. Her. Set. My little thingy here. What. I did. The. Board is actually two and a half inches, wide. Three. And a half inches wide so. I found two and three quarters which would be the center and. My, mortise is going to be a half an inch so I. Measured a half an inch on either side. Then. Set, my marking, gauge. To. That, 1/2, inch. Then. I'll go through and Mark knees. Anyway. You. Ever had one of them days when things just don't want to work right for you. There's. My mortis line. Well. Let's all them know. When. To buy for I. Reckon. That'll be about right. There's. Mortises, marked. Still. Thinking I need to go a little bit wider I. Think. I am. Yeah. I like sickness, on that a lot better where I'll get a little bit wider. Probably. More like 3/4 of an inch, rather. Than 1/2. There. You go. And. I'm Martin rest of them and. Then. I'll be removing, some of the waste with, the drill press. Because. I'm lazy. Yep. I need to move this on wrong, so. Be, patient. Okay. First. I'm. Gonna make my life easier. By. Removing, some of this waste. And. I'm gonna keep on moving down here then, flip it over and do the other side. Very, good. Save. Me quite a bit of time there. I'll. Do the rest of. And. I'll be okay it's please excuse. The. Noise in, here I got. Air conditioner, and the fan going it's a little bit warm in North Carolina, today in February. Now. I'm going to do the mortise and. Do. Too I. Kind. Of got to shot. Coming in disarray, right now I don't want to have a good way to. Film it real well if I set you here the camera here is, going back and rattled. So. I'm going to do the best I can there. Are. Multiple. Videos on how to get, a mortise, out this. Is just one of the ways Paulo sell our housing old. True Way is supposed to be done me, I took the, drill press. And remove. Some of the waste just to save, myself some time and, headache. So. I'm. Not worried too much about getting too much of a close-up on this, you. Can search out RA if you want me to do one a. Video. Just me doing, that after I get things, a little bit more squared away and I can get a better camera angle, just. Let me know in the comments, for, the time being we're just gonna get started on this I. Actually. Need, to make a nice, wall there. If. I can find my knife my. Tonight. Mike. A knife. And. So forth. I'm. Gonna go ahead and knock this out okay, okay. And. There's pretty, much the. Gist of it a, little. Bit more cleaning up to do. Man. I. Said. It a little bit all cleaning up to do I write. That one to do plus, the three other legs that's. Probably going to take me a few days because. I've. Got work. Might. Call quits for today. I'll. Get that done and get back to you when I start cutting the Tenon's all. Of the brains boards that are going to go in here now. Will. Clean it up too much more than that, because. It's pine it's soft it's going to crush compact. Anyway so I. Think. Leaving it a little bit rough like that'll help hold, it. Anyway. Thank. You for watching if, you're not already a subscriber I, asked, you to pretty please during the last 20 seconds of this video, wherever. I put that round button which I think will be over here if I'm in the right place as. Far as frame. Wise and, the camera yes click. The little round button that's got me in it you can subscribe to me I'd be gratefully, appreciative. Check. Out redneck, know how calm, that's my website, check. Out Paul Sellars. He's. Part. Of the inspiration for this bench I'm. Taking. A lot from him and it's. Based on his, bench, loosely. Do. You want to start watch this from the beginning and I'm not gonna lie to you this is a drone out build no, I haven't, drawn it out but I've drawn it out it's. Taken, a while between sicknesses. And all that that. Video is either, here, or over, there it's around in here somewhere to play this.

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2018-02-17 18:15

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You scribble good'r n me. xoxo like #7

lol Thank you Brenda.

Keep up the good work, Donald! You've gotten a lot done on the bench, not too much more to go. Lookin' good! Glad you're feeling better and back in the shop to get some woodworking done.

Thank you very much Sue.

Awesome work Donald, sorry I haven't bin leaving comments but I'm still watching whenever I can. Thanks for sharing, Thumbs up.

Looking good there Donald. Have a great weekend.

You can use the fence on the table to line up the holes in drill press mode. ;)

Thank you

Thank ya OG.

Thank you Robert

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