Building a New Work Bench for the Wood Shop Part 12

Building a New Work Bench for the Wood Shop Part 12

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Turned. Me. To, the moon. Whoa. Hello. And welcome to donald vlogsifys wood, shop. I'm your host Donald. Matthews. Got. Our sanded, down. Everything. Squared. Away ready, to go for the bikes. There. Was one thing a, viewer. Sort. Of pointed out to me, and. I kind of knew it beforehand, but it won't admit it to myself, but. Then I went back and looked at the paula sellers video where he took away two there, and. I put, him in wrong. The. Way I put, man I'll put a frame picture, here. The. Way I put, him in was like this. The. Actual. Way they should have been put in was. Like this. See. The. Way I put, him in after. Our wedge them nothing, there. As. I'm working on it they're. Going to work loose and fall, out, which. In my situation it's. Not, gonna be that big a deal Govind enough able to screw the legs on there anyway. But. It. Would have been better if I had done it the way Paul, sellers, did and putting. A. 20-day. On this then the way I did. What, that does the, proper, way to do it wedges, them in there and gravity, if they, do happen to work loose gravity, will work them back down in. But. Live. And learn and make mistakes and. Learn and, that's just the way you. Learn. Now. Now. It's time for the final part the woodbox. We're. Going to install this. And. The. One I got. Is. Really kind of small. Compared. To most woodworkers, but. For the time being it'll. Be fine with maybe I got the urban. Oh. $20. Woodworkers. Buy for. Me time, being this. Will be fine. I don't. See myself, needing. Anything wider, than that and this, should hold what I'm going but what I'll be working. And. Actually. It won't quite be this, wide because I'm gonna, put. Some. Liners in here so I don't damage, the, wood that I am working, but. Anyway, let's. Get to that and, get that done right. Okay. I was originally going, to mount the vise directly. Here, cut. A hole, here like Paul sellers, did and mount. My vise in there but. My particular vise. Has. This, little problem here. Which. Puts that so close. To. The back. Piece of the vise that. I'd have to cut a chunk so, big, that. I might as well cut, a. Hole. Square out here and able, in order for me to be able to get to. The. Bolts which I'll attach that with. So. Instead. What. I'm going to do. Is. Add. Another piece of 2x4 here. To. The side. Which. Will give me enough gap there. To. Mount these, two. And. Of course. I'll. Be. Drilling. Holes. Here. To, accommodate, for. The. Rods. There I. Think. I said that right I ain't exactly sure. Okay. I marked, where those holes. Should. Go. And. I'm. Gonna drill, a pilot hole in there gone. Drilled your pilot hole a lot, how to talk. Okay. I'm, gonna go ahead and pre-drill, the. Holes. For. This thing here, up here, just. To make life a little bit easier for me later on. Now. I'm. All on Stalin's vice here give it bolted in and everything for. The bottom of it bowing it in Gretton. Been turned upside down. Hopefully. It will go well, hopefully. I'll be able to get up from here it.

Won't Be easy getting down here, just. Saying. Hope. I get up from here. Now. We're going to do some Finnish. Well. I'm just, going. To use some boiled, linseed oil, and. One. Or two cups of that shit's a fight so I'm not trying to make a beautiful piece of furniture here, just try to help. Keep it a little bit cleaner. Seal. It up a little bit. That's. Baby first. We all start on the underside. Of this thing and, do it. Yes. The underside, you don't just season one inside of your state do you, tell. Me you don't tell. Me you don't you got to see some both sides. That's. Pretty much it now, all there is to let that linseed, oil kind, of Drive. So. Cam and drive give. It a day or two I don't. Think I'm gonna mess with another coat, it's. Just a workbench after, all. All. In all it didn't come out quite the way I expected, it to but. Ran. Into some problems but, all in all I, think. I did pretty good on it, considering. I'm. Happy, with it I'm pleased. Really. Technically, it's, the biggest thing I built so far, in. That's funny. How. Odd is that is there. Irony and that is that irony. The. Biggest thing I built. Probably. Will build for a while there's. Something, to, build things. On. Hmm. Something to think about anyway. Thank. You for watching. I'll. Be back shortly with. Another video I'm probably gonna, be. Building. A box that I promised, a friend of mine did. He. Asked me for it during the middle of starting on his build in between the flu and everything he just kind of got pushed. Back just, took me longer and I fumbled, with it so. That's probably what I'll be doing in the next video. As. Soon as I get a chance to. Check. Out Paul Sellars. He. Was the inspiration for, this build I took a lot of what he did and it's, the base. Before. The build of this I did cut make a couple of mistakes and. Did. A few things differently than, his. To. Suit. What. I needed and what I want, it which, is the beauty of building your own things, you, can take. What. Somebody, else did his plans and his designs, and his. The. Way he did it and. Use. That as a base. There. Are certain base principles, that are the saying and. Adjust. It along the way to, build what you need the. Way you want it it's one thing out of love love that would work. So. Check him out Paul sellers I put, a link to his workbench build up here and a. Link. To his channel down below in the description and, his blog site and, all.

That Good stuff down, there in the description uh. He's. Got a whole lot of good information while. Good tips and a lot, of years to back up what he's saying home so. He's. Wanting to listen to. Please. Give me a thumbs up if you liked my video. I'll. Put a. Little. Bit. Link to the. Boxing here. It'll, have a link, to my. Middle series, if you want to watch me build this from the beginning. Like. I said visit. Paul Sellars, if you, click, click, on the little button with his face on it he's, a gentleman. A little bit prettier than I am uh-huh. Click. On that to subscribe to him, great. Stuff he's gonna have coming along. Somewhere. Around in here there's a little dot. Or button, with, a picture of me in it click, on it and subscribe to me if you haven't already subscribed, to me if you have I'm grateful. If you, have it please do so and I'll also be grateful. Give. Me a thumbs up like share, my videos, check out some of my other videos I got some other stuff on here on. My channel. And follow. Me on Facebook Twitter and, Instagram, those. Links, are down below in the description of. Under, Paul seller stuff, and. Above. All else have, a lovely day have. A lovely night have. A lovely whatever. Your lovely. Have. A lovely life because, life is short and it's meant to be enjoy peace.

2018-04-09 19:30

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Nice job on the work Bench!!

I have the same problem with talking and spelling!!!! It only happens when I am awake!!!!

Both sides is a one like haft seasoned food.....

A Bench you that you can Build....hhhhmmmm, made me smile ;-) some crazy reason I had to RE Subscribe to your channel yeppers, just did and I made sure to hit the bell...again...;-) Congratulations on the project getting done....WHOOT WHOOT!! Mom ;-)

Thank you Mom. I think youtube is acting weird again. At noon I'll have one number of subs, in the evening I'll have lost a few, in a couple days it's back to the original number.

Lovely! Glad to see you got 'er dun! Can't wait to see the projects you will be building on it!

Thank you Sue.

Nice recovery Don, looking good mate. Can't wait to see it in action mate!!

Thank you Liam.

Great job Donald. I know you're glad to be finished with the workbench.

You aint kidding buddy. Now I get busy building other stuff. lol

Nicely done Donald the bench looks great

Thank you Thom.

Fantastic Bench Donald, thumbs up my friend.

Thank you buddy.

Finally completed, very nice bench Donald.

Thank you Bob.

Yup, I spell fine in my sleep. :D

Amen brotha!!


Lol, I’m laughing bc I was thinking what you just said about “did I say that right”. You know what your doing Donald and it looks great. I watched the end one first like a dummy but I totally enjoyed both videos and you have yourself one FINE WORKBENCH!!! Congrats my friend.

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