broken captain, broken engine. who you gonna call? - Ep 42 Sailing Luckyfish

broken captain, broken engine. who you gonna call? - Ep 42 Sailing Luckyfish

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This. Week on lucky, fish, I do, some, surgery on Stewarts needs. Students. Polar diagrams. One, of our engines, dies, and, I. Teach the captain, a few tricks. After. A short stop at Long Island, to clear into the Bahamas, we, were anxious to find the quickest route to Florida, I. Could. We get a bit of fuel please. With. Perfect, weather and a 15 knots southeasterly, we, bid farewell to the quaint stella, maris marina. Without. Any internet, or any sailors, to talk to and stella maris we set out on the 33, mile route, to Georgetown oh it's. Nice conditions, for the crossing from Long, Island to, Georgetown. We left Long Island at 9 at, 10, o'clock this morning so. Just off the banks at the moment and we'll be crossing back into them. Quite. Soon. He. Has a gowing surgeon. What. Are you doing honey. Sterilized. Just. Please, a. Bit. Of explaining, I suppose what this, is all about. Not. The prettiest sight but. Thinking. About handling, the Tiki 38, as you do spend a bit of time on your knees around. The foresail area. On the winch and, doing other things to stabilize, yourself when, it's pitching around so. Your knees are quite. Important. Part of the whole sale. Handling, and boat handling side of things I've. Had a few knee problems I've always had really bad knees. Alcohol. Spots yeah. Quite. Light, knee. Pads when I discovered, them but. Rather stupidly, on the crossing up the Long Island I left them on one night while I was sleeping. Off. Watch and, lift, them on all night. You. Know. That mean it was really sharp and it's very good. Just. Being brave for the camera. Yes. I lift the knee pads on for the night and that, some. That's an infection, got under the skin looks those and falls grew. Underneath, the knee pad. And. They. Tend. To look pretty nasty, companies, out of commission so I'm just, moving. Around on the deck on my bum like. A crab at the moment, it's. Not ideal. It's. Not gonna take much to give this dried. Out and cleaned up I hope but. There's a lesson learned there. You. Can have too much of a good thing don't. Leave your needs on or not pretty. Surprised they've got an effective side quick. I. Can. See it. Yep. Ah can't, get it just get it go do, it. I can. Tell you three. Disparate, and a Roman milk help. Any. Good nurse. Hold. On thank you. Good. Old ditto can't, beat it. Yeah. That's. A really good stuff. Haha. One. Of these people is heavy I, will.

Always Remember the trip from Long Island to Georgetown. The. Surgery. But. You're a good nurse so thank you. In. Twelve, knots of breeze so. Interesting. Watching the difference between. Slight. Changes, in the true wind angle, and what it does to the apparent wind that what it does to the speed of the boat. Around. I guess broad-reaching, or slightly, and, tighter than broad. We're. Easily, doing half the wind speed but, here. We've got the true wind, I guess. Just a little bit broad. Reaching. With. It we're barely making. Speakers. Sitting around five through. Eight sitting, around. So. Yeah, that's interesting you hear a lot of people quoting. The, fact. That the abode will do half the wind speed and all that but gee there's a lot more to it than just that, well there, is a lot more to it while. The TE 38, will regularly, do half the wind speed that depends. On both the wind strength and point, of sale which. Is the angle, of true wind from the bow. Polar. Diagrams. Show, the theoretical, boat speeds, on all points, of sail in a range of true wind speeds. For. Many boats the, point of sail at which the maximum speed has attained, increases. As the, wind speed increases. So. For, our Tiki, to do half the wind speed she, needs to be sailing around at 90, to 110. Degrees to the wind in, ten knots and. Around, one hundred and thirty two hundred and fifty degrees to the wind in 20, knots at. Those points, she'll often go faster, than half the wind speed. What, you doing. -. Hi. Yeah. Hey. Let's get up. A little. Bit high in, degrees. Yeah. Still, 10 degrees high. Sorry, my needs a bit more. Sorry. Coming, down because. That bearings, a light point it's getting. Smaller as we stay too high, and with downs up to 52 we, should be steering now. But. It's still barreling. Along a 270. Wind. Could be changing, here, bearing. And carrying a smile, there. We go it's starting to come down now. I. Think. We'll leave it at that for now and just keep an eye on it, the. Entry back onto the banks passed foul key couldn't, have been easier. The. Explorer charts, have dotted lines showing. The white and combined. With a sharp look out there really is looking to go wrong. Our. Confidence. In these dotted lines grew. And grew as we, became acquainted, with them. Pretty. Soon we were anchored in front of Georgetown. What. Are you offering. Stagg. To that's, yummy. I. See. Called. Zombie. Refrigeration. Time. To blow up the Tackett header for nearly one year in storage. So. Far so good, it. Looks fine you know fresh water rinse before we pack that there's no mold on it. Or. Is it hard enough. You. Got a firm yet. Are. You laughing it. Well. You check, it for firmness honey and when you were heavy with it you stopped pumping okay. We. Planned a two-day, stay, in Georgetown. To provision, and plan, our routes to Fort Myers. That. Would leave us nine days to make it to the Hui plenty. Of Thai that's nothing went wrong. That, is so cute. Okay. I'm with a motor. Let's. Take the mic on. Go. On any puppy might Iran. We. Invited, the dinghy. Winter. Sure for provisioning, in a SIM card and. Enjoyed. Some delicious, home cooking. Our. Friends, on the French skinny, howled cat they moved across to the other side. Yeah. That's. Appear. In the exam is it was thing to be afraid to go to a beach. We. Even had time to record the boat tour videos, parts. 1 & 2. Just. As we were preparing to leave the port engine wouldn't, start. We. Had serviced, the carburetor, on the starboard engine back in Grenada when the same thing had happened so. We figured this was most likely the problem. We. Tested, the sparks, and found them to be good so we took the car be ashore for servicing. The. First two mechanics, we tried said, they were booked, for a week and besides. Weren't, interested. In small engines. Finally. We found a place a few miles south of, Georgetown. Just. Over the other side of the. Morning. What. A big deal about fit of a pain beneath there's no swimming for, me anyway. Paratis. Failing in the hips Yuma it's, really, terrible spam, this one. You, know everything about this, company, but the point of this, that's more like this since they're probably silence even another one in the Caribbean. Probably, a lot of boating. A. Bit. Of a side trip we dropped. In our siding, and carburetor into, Browns, marine here yesterday. And they just service it for us let's hope it's done the trick that a. Mysterious, little place we got, down and. End it off and. A couple of meters water about half a mile away and then brought the dinghy in across. About half a meter of water. But. Looks, like this place is mostly boat storage and, outboard. Engine, servicing. Get. This engine going again let's hope it's the end of our engine problems. Listen. Learn when, you do a service on a Yamaha, annual, service probably, pays to strip the car as well not, a lot of work involved in doing it we'll see, see. Let. Me see your outfit. After. Clicking the Carvey we returned to the boat.

Moved. Over, to anchor behind Elizabeth Island to refit, it and test, the engine. It. Wouldn't, start. Look. So happy, well. We've got a lot to celebrate tonight. Casaya. Got. The port engine running. Can you believe it well, he probably can, I can't, believe it I was, all ready to give up and we heard that engine fire and de life it. Was after many many. Hours of. Contained. Frustration. But. Only outboards can drive you to the limit and. Shires. Found, that. You can go beyond that limit and keep. Persevering and lo and behold it's. Running like a Swiss watch now so, we've got two engines and we're back on track and we're gonna get moving in the morning but. Thank. You. During. The camera, with. Coasting. To you. While. I'm posting to you hanging you're the star tonight. Now. There's a lot, of lessons to learn about. Persevering. With problems, and seeing them through I had a lot of Voodoo about our. Board motors. Seriously. You know having. Played with them and not being able to solve solutions and, following all the logic you know fuel spark, can't be much more to it than that but they managed to elude you but I, little let go tonight and as. I just said like let's dig deeper, let's just unscrew, this unscrew, now I'm just going now. This, is given to any expert and. That expert. Is busy, for another week, or so we can't wait another week no, no we can't wait another week so, just better they can put this dig, into it well we dug into it and whatever we did, it. Worked, at fired after. 20. Or 30 times on the starter, at least spread over about five hours after, changing. This changing that, not a bang, not a fire, from any of the syllabi. It. Was good fuel, was seemed, okay. But. Something was missing and yeah it's like, nothing. A few coming. Sparks. I. Love. That side, of the whole Mongolian. Culture which, is just dying tear that because there's now one they had help you.

There's. No expert. Even. There is they're not interested. On your 9.9. This. Is the funny thing I mean we've come here and it's, pretty much just power. Boat. You. Know unless, you've got 40 horses or more there now it's interested. Because. The apples, we run are just too small and fiddly and there's not enough money in them would you've learned if, you've got 225. Horsepower maybe will I take the engine cover off and have a look, but. That's. Been a real education, 9.9. Says fiddly. And then our. Which. Is good but. But. You. Know the guy the guy at Browns was good easy look I'm not gonna leave you in the lurch and he did he stripped down their car B we took it off took. It to him and. We. Could have stripped it ourselves now that we know what to do. It's. Not a lot to it just, remember we're all the bits go back. But. Clean the Jets and clean all the gunk out we could have done it but I was pretty happy to leave it to an expert and, he knocked it over for 60 bucks that's great however, we connected, it back up from the engine, nothing. Happened. And. It did, appear like we just fixed, the wrong problem. It. Certainly felt like there was another problem there that we had an address and felt, like it was spark but we had two good strong spark. In. The end we probably weren't getting enough fuel into the new car B it was probably as simple as that it was a new car B straight off the bench we. Pumped and pumped and perhaps it looked like there was plenty of fuel going through the filter but. Not. Even a bang out of it and then. I guess, it was about the eleventh and a half hour, as. Ice is telling. You that one will start. After. Umpteen. Times, and. I, said yes honey start it back if, it doesn't fire again, then please. Agree, that, we just put the engine cover back on. Go. To bed tonight put. It behind us and leave it to the expert in the morning interested yes and. Do, you know she started, that bloody injure no I. Still. Can't believe it. After. All the odds said there was no way I was gonna go it fired, well. I fell I mention. It. Was Mongolian magic again and it, was because it pushed me beyond, what I would have done with that damn motor. But. Now I know that where will we know that bloody, motor back the front we know, Nine's, we know everything they do there's. Probably a few more surprises in store that, we're. Probably 90% of the way there now, and that's great because.

You, Don't have a, service, station on the side of the road on a yacht just if you don't have one in Mongolia, when you're out in the countryside and. There. That, resourcefulness, is, something, that's built in to the people and so it's such a pleasure to have tous, resourceful. People on this boat advice lots. For sailors to learn from Mongolians, and vice versa, which both ways. What. Have you got to add madam you nothing I don't. Know. See. You guys. Can. You see me. Next. Week on lucky, fish. We. Fly the drone for the first time choose, an unconventional. Route to Florida, almost. Lose the drone and heave. To south, of Andros, Island. If. You enjoy our videos, please, like. And subscribe. Thank. You to our wonderful. Patrons. For, supporting. Our videos, and, thank. You for watching thank. Goodness all that's over oh it's not. Alright, then 165, there besides before I saw that. Had. We going for the beach.

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I personally reach a Frustration Point where I have to Quit for the Night or Destroy the engine with a hammer, lol. Usually Fix it with second cup of coffee in the morning. Sounds like you had some junk in the fuel line. And Yes, coming from a Country Background, Zaya KNOWS what DIY Means VERY Well. Besides, it wouldn't Run anyway, you can't hardly Screw It Up any WORSE, right?

Right on!

Stu. I keep a can of easy start handy. If it starts then dies with that, then you know it's fuel related. If it doesn't start, it's electrical. That halves your work. Barry

+Barry Davies - great tip. Another can in the tool box but this sounds essential. Thank you

I like that way of never giving up!

Hello Stu and Zaya, love your vid's. Your living my dream from the last 50yrs or so; I built my first boat in the fifties and have never been without one since. I lived in TeAwamutu NZ back in the seventies where I built a Hartley trailer sailor and sailed the Bay of Islands and up that coast. I had a Wharram Tiki 21 also, not quite up to your standard but have always liked Wharrams. Zaya is pure gold.

+Joe Swinny - Lovely to hear that. I took the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin some years back for a tour of Ireland then drove back through Snowdonia, the slate districts visiting Portmeirion. The family were fans of The Prisoner back in the day in NZ so that was pretty neat. Surprised and not surprised about the Wharram scarcity. Surprised because I think it was a Welshman who commissioned the very first design from James after his Nth Atlantic crossing on Rongo, and also because James was based in Wales during the hippy dippy 60's and 70's (dont quote me...). Not surprised because with your Welsh weather I'd be looking for a cosy Cornish crabber or something! Meantime that Pandora looks like a capable pocket keeler. I'm at stew at svluckyfish dot com if you have any questions etc, Cheers Stew.

I live on the Island of Anglesey North Wales, I have a 23ft Pandora though I'm looking for something bigger. Don't see many Wharrams around here and I'm too long in the tooth to consider building one. You guys inspire me to greater expectations.

+Joe Swinny - Thank you very much! Know the Hartleys well, 16, 18's and 21's from memory. Great boats in the pioneering days of home built ply construction. Where are you living these days? I bet you have fond memories from the Bay Islands etc :-) Zaya will love your note. Cheers

Manuka honey on the Knees it takes away all the bad stuff and cures the infection at the same time, Yeah me and outboards just don't mix either it has taken me a while but I now live an outboard free lifestyle the dingy rows and the boat is inboard diesel. No more reliable but at least I can fix it. Enjoyed the video again thanks :)

Thanks John. Good to know!

Stay away from Florida right now there is a Major death tide killing everything ! Check out #toxic18 on FaceBook

Yes. So sad!


Stew, my wife Wei same thing, they so intuitive and focused on mechanical puzzles it’s like thank god they with sailing with you.

What are thoughts on your small boat pros and cons.

+Bill Van Raam - hi Bill, we have a website - check under the About section... pretty much covers why we went for this design. happy to answer specific questions. you can post them here, cheers

Way too grose.... don't show that stuff please!

I think I need to go to Mongolia to find my cruising partner :-)

Why not? :-)

Sounds like you sucked condensation from the tank into the fuel system.

yes. back in the diesel days we used to squirt a few mls of anti bacterial/algal/ugh! each time we filled up. tropics plus diesel plus air in top of tank equals blocked filters.

Well the gasoline engines handle that a bit more gracefully than diesel systems sucking in sea snot from a tank.

quite possible. I've heard these engines do not like that!

God, i'm so jealous!...All my life i have had to do self surgery for things like that. :)

I just like you two.

Fuel filter? Clogged fuel line? Clogged needle? Water in the fuel?

Quite possible - had good flow so maybe water

Thank you for the skip ahead marker

If at 1st you don't succeed , try try again . Oldest mechanics saying NEVER ,lol. Cool Zaya has the culture background to keep at it . Great episode guys an fanx for keeping it real . Hope the knees heal well . :-D

Entertaining episode. Good to get that infection treated as we live in a world of mean bacteria. The first step in treating an abscess is to drain it , so Zaya was right on the mark. Sometimes draining is enough and you don't need antibiotics, but in your case you needed the extra help, so glad you got it. As for engine problems and 9.9's I've had some and currently use non-ethanol gas in mine. When you get to Fort Meyers that may become an issue, but the fuel docks often carry non-ethanol. I sometimes call it jet fule, but its just high octane gas which is suitable for airplane engines or race cars. Hope to get to Bahamas next spring so the points of information are also useful.

Great, thanks for the tips.

+Vahn Lewis - great to hear all that, thanks. Make sure you visit the Exumas particularly between Normans Cay and Black Point, Warderick Wells is the Marine Park in the middle. Its all beautiful. I could go on, Little Farmers Cay, Baraterre ......

Wow, a nurse and mechanic. Can't beat that combination. You have a real keeper there Stu. Love the channel. Thanks for sharing.

Cook, fisher, sewer etc. There's one work that sums it all up, a sailor. ;-)

+Johnny Hag - thank you mate.

Perseverance is probably more important than talent and luck.

+Brian Petersen - wise words. Often a lot harder to obtain than talent and luck too. Thank you.

Try addign a bit of seafoam to the fuel will help keep the carbs clear. Watch for ethonal in the fuel Jap brand engines dont do well with it. Hope this helps safe sailing.

The ethonal actualy causes a bactera similar to rust to form on the metal but the seafoam will help take down the reisdue and slow or in some cases stop that from happening. If you cant get seafoam you can always use carb/injector cleaner for cars but only put in a splash its meant to treat 15  gal and will thin 2 strok oil. I have also had good luck with Lucas brand fuel treatment. a company  called Nikki (google it) makes carb kits that are resitant to ethonal we have used them on 4 stroke engines with some luck might look and see if you can find on to fit your aplication. You guys take care and have a great off seasion. Great vids as always!

Yes, 10% ethanol is common now and leaves a residue inside the jets over time. Not a prob if we do an annual clean or blow everything out with carb cleaner prior to storage. We are still on the learning curve. Luckily engines are a like to have rather than a must have on a sailboat. Good to hear from you!

I often look at our 9.9 on our Tiki and wonder what I’d do if it decided not to start

Luckyfish Gets Away I’d rather sue the dental nurse.

+Nigel Signal - yeah man. Purple legs cycling to school in a ChCh winter and compulsory Boys School knee high elasticated socks.... can I sue? LOL

Good job on the outboard! They truly can be a pain

having a smart understanding partner works with you're videos, very inspirational..

You won the good wife lottery.

Well done, Zaya!

got to love out boards .gone threw mine just over two years ago.. same problem only got less use..25 HP 2 cycle Yamaha.. shift cam locked up , it's the first part bolted on under power one of two ways to fix pull pw head off or break out a Long drill bit drill threw cam by saddle heat lube. good for a yr or two..redundantly helps to be able to use parts from one to see if the other has same problems. Have to pull reverse gear again on one and get back cut again ..If need any machine work got a friend in Malabar fl Grants marine Fair winds from vessel no problem Miami.

Possibly, you had some metal shavings or wood splintering in the knee pad that got into your skin. I feel this might be the problem overall. Zaya, you are a trouper for taking care of your man like that! My hat's off to you! .....Good girl! :-)

+Chris Gonzales Zaya here thank you kkk he kept wet knee pad on top of heat rash. squeezing was my favorite part hahaha

its best to clean the carbie your self its easy and its a skill you will need in the future,you can get a cheap ultrasonic cleaner off ebay which is good for cleaning them

Oh gosh hope knees are ok!

+Scarlett Van Delta - all good until the next knee adventure. Bursitus in Sth Africa, now this.... I think I'm going crab from now. Thanks for the thought!

Some say zaya used her horse whispering on that motor when you was not watching Shh!

+Shaun Sim I'm with you on this !

Fun Facts: 1) MacGyver was Mongolian. 2) Genghis Khan was the worlds greatest Motor Sailor and Mechanic. true. This explains Zaya's mysterious abilities, .. and that giant metallic statue of Genghis made from Oceanic Steel™ ( ). P.S.: I could be slightly incorrect here and there,.. but I do mean well. :) Big huge aloha, and mahaloz out the "backside" to you guys!

What has happened to the words? So many don't make sense.... I guess you are using voice recognition software and it is struggling with your accents.

+Bill MacQuarie Fixed YAY!

+Bill MacQuarie - working on it now - sorry bout that!

Oh - BTW - The sound drops to barely audible as you discuss Zia's triumph over the cantankerous outboard motor !:(

+Garth Robinson - cc are fixed now. We struggle with audio - need to upgrade!

a little confused here......on your knees? what is the cause? splinters? Botworm?

Luckyfish Gets Away  ok, im with you. stay safe!

+Von Allan - it was a heat rash, normally not a biggie. But somehow led to infection. Left the knee pads on too long and they wouldn't have been that sterile!

Hi Stew - After watching this I won't attempt Port Kelang to Tambobo Bay single handed !!! Its a tough choice - I either try to teach my Partner (Emily) the basics of sailing and navigation - Or convince you and Zia to come along as paid crew and get you to teach me a few tips ! BTW Zia and Emily would get on like a house on fire ! Emily loved watching Zia learn to sail on a dinghy in SA when you first got there !!!

Great Job Stew - If we ever do the trip on Grey lady to Tambobo Bay i'm putting you in complete charge of all matters video and drone flying - BTW - Did you check Tambobo Bay on you tube - ? If not I might send a downloaded / edited youtube video to your Email :)

+Garth Robinson - you just reminded me to respond to your email - will come back today. Sorry mate, chaos here this week but we did get the vid out ! :-) Cheers

Good to see you guys! Zaya is a treasure no matter what!

Thanks Bucket George :-)

Now Stewart, you know she only outwardly appeared to be concerned and gentle with draining your infected pores. But in actuality, deep inside her subconscious, she's remembering that particular time when you ............... Hell knows no wrath like a woman scorn. She's taking revenge on something you can't remember doing, but it's still your fault. LMAO! Just kidding. Thought maybe that last one was going launch something into orbit or have to be lanced. Got to love field surgery.


Not a problem. Glad all is well. I was going to bring a gift of some good elk meat. You ever get back this way, give me heads up. Kind of hard to pass up good elk.

hey Rob, these vids are a bit behind, we spent last cane season in Labelle, Fl (via Key West). We are just editing those vids now. So we missed you this time sadly! Lf is now on the hardstand in Guatemala after another great season. We are back in Mongolia editing like no tomorrow to catch up! Sorry for the misunderstanding

I'm no stranger to this one. Just be glad the Mongolian women don't practice Tempo like they do in the Philippines.. You'd have a very quiet sail with lots of door and cabinet slamming. LMAO! So how far are you actually from the Florida and have you decided on a place to enter yet? If your destination is Key Largo area or South Miami, I got the first round when you two land. But I'm heading to Oklahoma 2 Sept and will return by the end of the week. Happy sailing!

+Robert Cole - ha! why else would anyone possibly smile while doing this !!

Wipe the entire knee with iodine tincture or chlorhexidine and keep them re-coated for a few days. You might also consider wetting the inside of the pads with Lysol or another brand of disinfecting spray occasionally.

johnnybarbar 6

+johnnybarbar plus one to that. Thanks

Hi Stew and Zaya! I had a bunch of stuff going on and I took a brief hiatus from following your channel. This past weekend, I noted how far behind I had gotten and decided to start catching up. I had not watched the supplemental chapters that you had posted, of the story of Luckyfish before its departure from Zambia, or the more recent ones of your 2017 sailing season. I figured I'd watch a couple of episodes, and then resume with a one or two each following day. It's a testimony of your gift for storytelling and how interesting that you and your adventures are that I was captivated, and ended up binge watching them all in one day! From Mongolia in winter, to China and back, and then to Luckyfish for a sail from Grenada to the Bahamas--wow! As of today I'm all caught up again. :-) I had had no idea how much work that you had to put into the boat before the Atlantic crossing, and before the ladies arrived. I also gained a new appreciation for how special your vessel is. You hit the jackpot, Stewart. It's so gratifying to see your amazing wife come more and more into her own as a sailor and as an active partner in the storytelling. She's also got a very charming sense of humor, and I really admire the way that she seems to take everything in stride. And no--I wasn't in the least surprised that she got the engine working. ;-) The new installments are even better than the previous episodes. I was truly delighted. More, more, more, please!

+Terry T awww, great to hear from you. Your comment really touched us as you used to do, *before* deserting us kkkk! What can we say?. You pretty much wrote the summary of the last 5 months already. Our heartfelt best wishes mate, please don't work too hard and put something aside to visit Mong one day :-) Thank you as always, for the encouragement to keep publishing Stew, Zaya and Tuya

The first video I ever saw on Youtube my daughter showed me. It was a guy squeezing a boil on his face. I swear a liter of puss came out of the thing

+kragseven - ha! I think I might have seen that one too. Must be some sort of dark curiosity that resides in us. Glad to see you stayed with YouTube :-) Cheers

love it love it love it

Need proxide

that is a easy fix on that carb just look on youtube really

Always carry a spare needle valve. Even after cleaning carb you sometimes have to also replace the needle valve.

+Snake Plisken, good tip thanks!

I wonder if this resourcefulness carries over in how she deals with relationships.......?????? Well done Z!

Sounds like too much fuel, you may have flooded it. Waiting a while before re starting is often the solution or turn the fuel supply off, kick it over a few times, turn the fuel back on and try to start it. PS Hospitals don’t use Dettol but they do use Betadine, buy a half litre bottle of Betadine and it’s in most chemists.

no whonder Ghengis Khan conqureded the world!! Zaya is a testament of her peoples determanation and resoursefullness,me like people who dont give up!!!!greetings from Iceland,where only the toughhest survive....

+Björk Ína Gísladóttir Greetings Iceland! Amazing to hear from you!!!

I love it - "Are we going to the bar or the beach?"  "Bar."  She's a keeper!!!  lol

I have that same Yamaha 9.9 same problem wouldn’t start got rid of the fuel connection at the motor plumbed it straight without that connector runs great all the time I bet you that connector was your problem love the videos

Lucky guy. Hard to find a woman to do those kinds of things. Tell her. I said hello.

Awesome adventure. Zaya is such cool gal.

Done. xox

Great episode, thank you. Warm, philosophical, just what I needed! A couple of first aid fixes I use to avoid doctor visits - Antiseptic powder. Always have some to hand, seems to last indefinitely, never seems to let a wound get infected. Stuff I currently have is called CX powder. Puff it on any wound before using a dressing, superb. Any odd infection not wound related, (recently had an infected nail bed), soak in warm green tea. I make a cup and a half from one tea bag, drink the cup (an acquired taste admittedly) and use the rest for swabbing or soaking, job's a good'n. Thanks again for a great episode, cheers!

+Soggy Bottom - great to hear you enjoyed that one! Good tip re the Green Tea and a/s powder. Noted. Cheers, next episode... Tues.

learn everyday wow

Hey Stew. you are lucky to have someone with you on board. i myselfe am single and solo and i am an full time live aboard. Hot tip for the day. make some covers for the dinghy. make them white in coloer couse it is the coolist to sit on and help to perserve the dinghy from uv and use velcrove to remove them. Gerard.

Great tip. We need to do that.. been told a few times now.. cheers

I got sad news. the catamaran i was buying the owener cancelled the deal. so now i am looking around for another boat. my current boat is too small. so for now everthing has come to a hult. i will chat later. Getard.

Other news