Breast Cancer Eliminated Using Keshe Technologies - Demo by Dr.Rodrigo Vildosola

Breast Cancer Eliminated Using Keshe Technologies - Demo by Dr.Rodrigo Vildosola

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Okay. Now I want to present a case of breast cancer, treatment, by, plasma, technology. But. Before that I'm gonna talk. About a little bit my myself I. Completed. The medical school of Mexicali, Mexico northern, Mexico, and, they're our main specialty, in general surgery in plastic, and reconstructive surgery. A mix of Mexico, City Mexico, and then. I make a fellowship, in plastic, and reconstructive surgery. At Madrid Spain and, I. Have the honor to be in a country you. Know me making, a fellowship, also, can a dinner, for town of Lucca I, have. Been practicing process. Plastic, and reconstructive, surgery. For thirty years I have. A little quite of experience, on and this. Area. So. Have I had this dissipation. Who, thirty. Years old female, we. Had less, breast cancer. On the. Lower in a quadrant, the, biopsy, comes. With invasive ductal. Carcinoma. Nuchal. Grout great. Tree, which is a very aggressive. Cancer, we, can see some photos this. Is the. One I warn you that is very. Graphics. Okay. This is a case present. To me when he came to me with this breast as, a pension has a biopsy, and one week after he had a biopsy the, breasts started to grow, enormously. But. This patient was put on antibiotic, for three weeks and. In, response. So. She was refused, to do a surgery. And chemotherapy and, chose to alternative, methods, methods. Of treatment. When. She came to me it. Was, energy. High fever pain. And her left breast and not. Be able to sleep when. She came to me asked me if I can help her sis well we'll try to do this technology, I've seen, beautiful, resource, better well. You're, welcome. To try so. She I, I. By her to stay inside the machine they will see later on and, asking. If you see any result after, an hour go home, you saw you welcome to come and we start, the. Treatment, what, of these allow. You to be in this, environment. She, stayed for an hour she went home and the, next day, in the morning she said for the first time after several. Months she was able to sleep without, any pain, so, she was, wanting, to start. This treatment with. This the. Only blood test, the only blood test and she had this and, the remarkable. Things. That we found mrs. Lacroix's a ptosis due to the infections, or the process which is it means the, blood. What. Cells are. Increased. There. And. Also the anemia and, continuous. Required black solution, through. The treatment, you will see those photos, in why she, needed a blood. Transfusion. So. As, doctors. Is, dr.. Klaus mentioned, we have a group of doctors and, we have, developed. A protocol, to, treat patients. Any patients, it doesn't matter it has cancer, and diabetes, parking. So on whatever. Any, disease, this is a protocol, that we follow to, every, single patients, so, the first time is we said if, a hundred percent of the caesars are involved. Some emotions, so we create that's a breathing, device and. Drinking, water against I'm going to spend every single one. In details the helpless, my unit, targeting. The organs, organ. Organs, with specific, ends on co2. Gans ankles so. The, way the device we, use the breathing device to, target the emotions, we, have seen that when using one we use it seal zing, Gans and co2, Gans that makes and a breathing, device we. Can deal. With this emotionally blocked, emotions, what what's important, why we plucked emotions to understand, this motions, it's, is, in, the midbrain we, had autonomously, control, emotional, slave let me see this they may put it this way in the midbrain when, you have, to the membrane you can access to, everything.

You Can create any reality and you want but, the. Way see it the midbrain has a little window in that, little window we have to have, access to that little window we, have a like a bottleneck. Or a funnel, that's, a lot of emotions, or Intel inside. That, block the passage black, the path to, or focus. To a reality, - or, or. Creation. So, instead, of what, let's say I want to create a new life for me I want to do something I have so much emotion, that I created, that emotion, so I have existed, let me bring to put it on and that meat brain or the emotion, so we created our emotions, and subconsciously. We. Create. That reality sometimes, we don't know which one is reality the one with EVP, this is nobody, or what the one we live inside the brain so, that inside, a brand screen, another reality, what are you put on your brain whatever, you put any thoughts, if you soften. For something you're suffering, so your body's started. Shutting down, your. Brain, started shutting down the brain the, the body because, it doesn't want to leave because it's suffering so even though you're not committing, suicide, but inside of yourself you committed, you, know you are committing, suicide, developing. Some kind of disease so we had to deal with the motion if you want to change. That body. So. We are some different, device on, it personally, and I make this things to mr., Kesha, teachings. I create this one with two with a is a big, tooth where, they're single, one a small one that is, wrapped around it and that single, one this, one quarter inch tube is filled. With, co2. And, zing Gans so, people that really that, this. Just, that feel starting. To feel calm start to feel that they. Know they have the emotions, they have a promise. They don't they'll battle anymore so I know they have those props but they don't wanna I feel great I feel incredible. In people, there are awakening. People that are there meditates. They've. Fuck. They found that once they have that unit. They start breathing they you meditate we can go to analogical. Mind. Faster. Then, without. That it, takes one day meditate, takes a long time to get to the neurological, to be and they stay they, can create whatever they want but that helped us because they get, rid of all that are the emotions. So. Drinking water this than the other step is drinking, water we, are so different. Against. Water plasma, is co2, same. See copper oxide I and c3, to give energy so, the co2 it, takes as we, said the. Bodies made of carbon and oxygen mainly, so we need given, those elements, of the body so. Zinc to control, the emotions, carve a couple, of survive to repair. Or to deal, with the muscle. Teacher cartilage. Ligaments. It, helps to regrow all that history, for energy but in particular, patients with cancer, we, do not we. Never use ch3, on patients, with cancer because ch3. Gave energy, to every single cell of the body but, us as well will give energy to the tumour, cells so to Eva, we. Give patients, with who have cancer we give him CH, three, women. Will, give in a fire, of, wood. To that fire so stop, robbing again so we had to be careful not to keep him CH. Three patients we have cancer. In. Also. People. Who have different. Diseases of different cancers we know that the people don't die because the knesset that, people die because that lack of energy the. The. Cancer, takes. All the energy out of the body so. We. Created this plasma. Food. It can, be and the vial can be a planches and, can. Be attached a para the, plasma. Plus. My. Food. And, different, patches. And put them in your back and co2, and from its stoma or here, you can create this virus for them the water just drink the water and people have. The, energy of those elements, I have. Myself a. Bomb I definitely, put meat. Chicken. Fish. Vegetables, fruit everything, I have everything there and so I feel myself to this. So. And also this one if you want to know a little bit more how to use the plasma closed, about this. This. Way. Of understanding the. Plasma, how to use it so you can, go on, cats foundation. Consultation. That organ you can see those. First. Eight plus, not the first eight though or. Tablets. To. Explain. How to use those elements those, on those, plasma so. I myself, asked how do I create this there's, things, to, the. Blueprints, and Miss acacia tourist, I create, this plasma. Unit. Made of coils, and that. That's copy the whole body covers the brain the. Bottom. Every, size of the body so people, will step inside, and feel that energy feel the effect of the energy but, once the people are inside, will, not just be inside, that that, body, this people, say it so if I'm going in Sangam Hume, I said nobody's, gonna heal yourself so it's gonna change we're, creating an environment they. Will allow, you to, get those elements, and your body will start responding, to, change the to retire to repair. Itself to reconstruct. Itself to change it so we don't heal anybody, we don't do that just given the elements, that you need but, also once, you're inside that environment, and we have to target and in order like for example if, we have problems with a with a heart we're gonna put some patches, in the heart a different, using, different kinds of games.

In. Front and back of the heart inside. The. This. Help this unit. And with. Seals, you can see that changes. In the body we can remove, teacher out, of the body or we can make regrow, teacher inside, the body depending. How to use this, technology, just beautiful technology this. Plasma, unit as I, said they, have to, remove and also have perhaps yeah. Helps, to we grow any tissue on your body so. To. Understand. The. Effect of this technology, we. Have to note that 80% in, order to survive ourselves. 80%, of the energy comes, through the skin in, 20%, of the energy we need to survive comes. Through the the food, that we eat, so, if 80% comes, to the skin it means a test and we, create. This environment we, take receive, the animals that we need so once we put the elements around that environment the. Body will take them it's. Like being under the Sun and receiving, all the elements, the carbon, the oxygen that, nitrogen the hydrogen, from the environment and feel yourself grains, that's. The same exact, being, inside, this units, it, creates an environment. It's. Not there are not a human, devices, it's only created, an environment, as I said before we, have so much pollution outside, on the environment, we have so many. Poisons. On and the, plants, on. Chemicals. On the seeds on there certain. Pesticides, using, for the plants everything we eating, orders are poisons. So create, creating. So much in darkness in the body so that's what we start creating diseases. For. One state. For, one side. We, have the emotions in food the other we we have the imbalance. Of those elements so we created, this environment to, give you the elements, of your body mean in order, to repair. And. Also, create, a different, ones takes to mr., Kishan teaching, we created. This one using. Plasma. Inside. The tool is tube inside, another tool created putting a. Plasma. Against, I put plasma, liquid plasma at plus and Gans so inside, you feel their same, energy we. Have a. Group. Of doctors we, have. Privilege. To to. Have a. Person. Incredible. Person who names it's a Klaus the, Trev this. Person. Can see the energy, of any. Any devices, and he can see it could see the energy I saw him the photo or this. To unit, and he see it saw that the first one creates. A. Vortex. Field. Of energy and also, an energy it goes back and forth to the antibody, and this one created I mean not a vortex, our tauros, tauros, energy, that, energy comes, in from, the bottom it goes out. Obscure, on. The top and goes up increase, a. Toroid. Image. Of a Torah. Denim, feel, of energy and this one creates a vortex. In. This another, thing that I always son asked, people, when. You create any devices, or, this one put it in tension and love, there's. A little things another. Thing that closet. Check, for so on these devices when you saw this I can see he said I can see your consciousness. Are, your conscience, has grown I see, that your same, consciousness in every end those devices and. I know when you put the intention in everything, everything, that you build in their plasma, when, you're not a quarter, when you put plasma, it's everything's, energy, so you are create your a feel, of energy, so if you have that energy their, intention, and love or on, your field, you put that intention. That feel is, inside. Those elements, that plant, that plasma, you made the Gans the man according, the unit, every. Single part that you building, you, put the intention, even when you include. We. Have heard so many times that when you make, food, you are in the kitchen if you had in a good mood you put a lot in your food people, feel that love in the food but as well you put it bad and as you walk you are in a bad more you are not. Happy. And you're creating, food people that are eating that form our. Intention. As well they'll, have the same reaction. So, we have so. Many prove that the energy, of the that body affects. Everything, that we have in front of us wherever. We create. It has or intentions. Or blueprints. And that blueprints, is your emotions, your intention, you love that's, why I said one you connected to the soul you're connected to the unconditional, love and you feel you will change everything so. What, we are inside. That field creates a loop whatever, you have in both sizes got, inside, in changes, as I said we, can remove, tissue from inside, a we can add teachers. Inside, your body whatever that, body needs once we give him the elements. We, create the environment the. Body respond, that, simple, that is this technology, once you understand is so simple that's, I, know. In the future there. Are not gonna be any any doctors, here in this community I would say more than, 60. People savvy people have health. Units, like this a lot, of people are building this unit and have them and no house in the, beautiful there's their gem with their neighbors, not only the, they teaching their neighbors are to make up at a share in this technology they, have their.

Own Health, unit they cream the or environment, and I given, all the instructions, I supporting. Them to get to know our to understand. This technology in, help. Them to the, goal of whatever they need in order to change, the body in order to find. The. Balance. So. In this the the last one is the co2 against. Antos yes we. Doing. Some trials, and treating, patients, with severe, condition, and, we have that beautiful, respond. So. People they're not able to come, and set, up and be, inside, this unit because normally, we put the patients inside, between. Two, or three hours, inside. The Machine one hour two or three times a day means a lot of times inside, the, the, units so, people are not in good condition so, we use in this plus. Makena, co2, gans and we, have in a beautiful, respond people with HIV. With, malaria Ebola they. Having beautiful, response, so, and we, all day a new window, to from, us out because you. Don't want to fight we want to blame anybody, who's, doing wrong. To, him bright just, came in another another. Tool, to bring, to people even really want to change the whole world we, had to work each other we had to work as one so, we bring this new. Technology. To the pharmaceuticals. To the FDA to treat it to check that - to, test. It we, don't want to, blame anybody just, one because we don't know rules started, this I don't, think and people. Are no. Realized. By the way, they doing they, start doing something they started the pharma so because we don't know in exactly, that their purpose or this. Company. So we're, came in another tool and if they really want to change the wall they want to help them so we given another tools to to. Bring to the people. So. Back to this patients, as. I said we, have the yes, cancer. To more on the left side now. They come in death the graphics. I want. You to see it's also this patient, as. I said the. First in here, to address is emotion if we don't address the emotions we are not going to change this, body in. The traditional, medicine we see all people went to had. A cancer, they had a surgery, chemo. And they. Heal itself but. Seven, years later they come back but, for, on, the medical field they, took. Him as some good, results a successful. Treatment. They, given, chemo, demon. Radiotherapy. And they, succeed. Seven. Years s incredible, why, it comes in seven years of body the, whole body changes. Don't every single, cell in your body it takes seven years to change, the whole body so you still, have those immortals involved. In every, stand the DNA and the cells so that's why five, seven years later they bring back that that, disease, didn't. Change. Anything, just, put. Them in an pouch. But, they're coming so on these particular patients. Most. Of the patient on we have to understand. And, the Case. Foundation. And. The group, of doctors we. We. Address, every, single organ, we try to understand, every, single organ on your body because, has a different. Different. Ways of working, out the way we were thought on on, medical, school it's a different, way like for.

Example The breast is not like the, feeding device a feeling, that a breath so give a milk, or sexual. Unit. Is, the. The. Breast is like. A Raider like. A big. Sense of emotions. And that, is the connected, emotions, of everybody, and especially connected. To the mother connected, to the child so, if, the breast left. Breath, is involved, in this disease that means that left breath left. Bread. A breast is involved. In the connections, with the mother or the child when. They had issues, and had problems, inside. Of the brain says oh and regret. This connection, with my son I have regret that, I have, treated this way or whatever so, the, brain. Connects. That, they. Have that emotion, that that, affecting. What. Is the connections between the Sun and the, mother the press or if it has issues, emotional problems, and, that connection so the brain started to get rid of that connections, which is is the breast so that's what they started to develop the cancer so, we had to deal, with this emotion, in order to change that that this. Is we're, not gonna change this we, remove. It okay remove, it using. This technology without addressing. The emotion the. Disease. Will come back again so, in order to and then, as I said the less bread, is connected, to the year the the shower because normally, is the one used or, the mothers. Used to breastfeed. The babies, the, right one is connected, more to the husband, to the apana, so, if they have issues with a partner, and they have that. Connections, with a right, side of the breast that means that that, connection has to the. Brain wanted, to convince women will start having promised, with issues with that breast on the right side so, every organ. Is connected. To the, environment of, different, emotions once we understand, how that, what it works it. Becomes easier, to change. It to bring balance to that body so. And, in. Patients. With cancer every single. Patient with cancer no matter what kind of cancer. There's. Some metals, involved, in this cancer and we. Understand, if it's a, tumor. And it's, growing and it means that, is a incredible. Gravitational. Field pulling, everything, they, pull it energy, on the body they putting so much. Energy they starting to grow like a feeling. Itself so, that, we have found that this the seed the core of that tumor, is simple. Some metals, so we have to determine what kind of merits, are higher. And the blood tests we, can use the black or we can do it on their hair so, once, we found what, kind of malice is involved, we're gonna start making games, of that, metal. In order, to change it so, in. This cases most, of the cases 90%. Oh then you thought the breast cancer council. Mess in both but also we have found people with mercury, people. Will with. Arsenic. So once we know what, kind of a metal is involved, in that cancer, we, have to make Gans of that in create, the different fields, as I said before with. This technology, we can get rid we can remove teachers, out of your body or we can make or. Give it elements, to regrow, part of your body so if we, want to remove, that that. To. More or that that, is something, that is affecting, your body we have to create an environment to get rid of that. So. In this cases of blood tests Unni. Faster. The. Lab to find, to, look for any elements. Any Audia. Medicine. Blood like for example counts. Iron accented, magnetic, memory cards. Etc, the. One we found there's higher that, means that is the one inch involved, in. In. This case, was, constant. So we may come, again. Some castle in the way to meet calcium, is using. The chicken bones we can use also. Eggshells. But we, found that I have found. Easier. To do, calcium, against, using chicken, bones so, we cut them in little pieces, and, then put. Them, inside the, pot, and boiling, with vinegar or five. Times and he gets jelly, because it's so hard so, it once you boil it different, times many. Times with the. Vinegar. It comes a little jelly so, once we had that we, put in a different, but in a different jar remove, that other, vinegar, and we put him those little pieces and now in the jar and we cover with caustic, which, is something oaked hydroxide. We, cover that and then we add boiling. Distilled water and again, we, we. Cream that effect, we seal it and leave. It for six, days after, six days we'll, see that. Start. Creating that that. Gans, that like a powder, like a. Magical. Substance, on, the bottom so then, we, range that. Caustic. We wash them off with, the distilled, water, 810. Times the way to do it after eighteen. Times I'll use my, fingertip. I test it if it's still that. Effect, of that constant I don't recommend, to do that I do it myself I like to test everything so I keep watching that race around until it says completely, clean, or a taste some cuts over us, so. You know notice, of a caustic, and then at the end the, lemon time total, time I put co2 gans water after, 24, hours you have counts against calcium, then they use the water because, you don't use the Gans the guns there's, in the bottom here.

In The bottom you, leave it for you, leave it forever so that's right so you'll only use that, liquid you, put on the pads on Riggs whatever you wanted to use it and, you. Change the body. So. You put inside this little pitch to me an example different patches you can act that's, liquid. Plasma inside, the spacious even you can add on this, pitch just four, five, six, different, kinds, of games, if you want to reduce stomp on everybody you can mix the different games so, you bring those elements on the body if the body start changing the. Way to do it this is in this case is like that we have a can sit like this cases we have a big press the, press the cancer was not right. Side the last breath so we put the the stronger, feel the stronger, plasma, or calcium and this are in the left side and the weakest and the arrow the, crease a feel. Like, like. A loop of field that, that whatever, is inside that bit. Think. That it doesn't have to be inside we. Blend it inside, that field in star disappearing, once it starts of better in this case is started to reject it the party will start rejecting, and one's gonna see those photos that, pieces. Or breast thought he'd come up on the body so. In, cases then we have a small breasts or, we. Have. A. Small. Press we put it the the, this from the person in your back in the, weakest. And from, any crease as well I feel a loop but feel they would change this one that's, the same way we're gonna do some transparency. We want to reveal. Something in your body that's the way we use it so. He. Said once, the, effective, waste are seen just. The two weeks after the using the unit, their size, or the breasts are engine power they managed but. Because. The infection, that she had started. Them fiction destroyed, a lot, of a teacher inside, the breast as you see the. Recruiter. Tation of the veins on the top saw how you start diminish it we, have seen their sin patient's is the first sign. That we've seen a patient who have, crumbs with lungs, lung. Cancer. Or compression inside, the medicine, that. Recordation. All the veins of the torques, this and when. You see this having. Improved effects this is the, first time you see it's working. So. This patient started, because, and all it looks closed I'm sorry for some people are not used to see those images but that. A, lot of teachers start. Dying. Inside. And see you saw a grassy, the cancel and all the effect of the infection, inside all. People say it okay that's when. It. Started to look worse. Apparently. Put those a lot of those pieces, of, teachers, pieces, of those, pieces come is starting to come off and inside. Of those teachers there were a calcium, they were at the body were starting to reject him that casting, out the body the pieces of breast and. It looks gross is fighting to regain it, but in one way they started to die start. Dying all that tissue, start dying and shrinking and, pieces. Coming off of the body. She. Went to the. Doctors. Every. Time she. Promised. With this one that every, time a piece. Comes, came out of the body they, stopped bleeding so, that's, why she has to go back to the hospital I have blood transfusion. She, went down to five, most of the time and then, two. Or three units, to get up, to, nine. To eleven but, still when, the, doctors, oncology saw her. Do. This, patient was in softer, and insulted. And, treated. Like trash by, doctors, that because, she allowed that death without knowing, would happen they don't want it to do anything this is they haven't seen and he canceled like that they have no way.

Of Healing they, reject, her and I asked him why don't you do a biopsy. They. Didn't want to do a biopsy so, she's, coming, to the unit, she's chicken, here for. Three months until we have this contraction, all and we. Asked, the doctors, please make, a, biopsy. No one wanted to do a biopsy this is since this against it I know this is what. One should have a, biopsy. See what's, going on so finally, decided to have a biopsy, actually. We have this nest and, and that, scans candidates on the doctors one, day they, report, that the size of the app the, tumor was incredible, less, obviously. We see in it but, also swell, and the most, importantly. They found is a leaf. A little before. I don't put the on the exteriors, that were growing, but also they were starting, to do to. Diminish the size and, we see the patient, patients people, who have a patient who have cancer if. This, is canceled. So, aggressive, and so huge, even, with smaller, cancer, we saw that Pete there's cancer spread all of the body has workers, also this patient, that limbs that were at, the beginning, Bader's. Trying to diminish, inside, so. They. Decide, to finally. Decide. To have a biopsy. Of the teacher and, lymph. Nodes, and they. Report, this frog fibro, connective, tissue with extensive, qualitative necrosis, and the common stance is the sexiest, of the man's biopsy some granulation, teacher, associated. With extensive, qualitative and, classification. Was highly, suspicious for, tumor necrosis that. Justin's, viable, tissue shows granulation, teacher stroma. Fibrosis. In collections, of is, to sit instances. And makes chronic and from a terror cells no evidence, of by every viable. To, more seen on the current biopsy, smoke, there. Was no cancer so, what. We. Waiting. For this patient, is just a lot, of time we. As a plastic, surgeon we need time to start with constructing, this because, all, the t-shirt that this patients, developed is it's, a lot and made, feels like like, a rock and so we cannot handle this teacher but if we wait a, year, between, eight months, to a year that, teacher will come softer, so we'll be able to handle, in the way we'll handle this to remove. The wrestle to teach you that the. Scar tissues to put him a tissue. Expander to increase. The size of that cavity, put, an implant in. Reconstruct. That that. The. Press.

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