BREAKING Racist Oprah Just Admitted What She’ll Force On White People If She Becomes President!

BREAKING Racist Oprah Just Admitted What She’ll Force On White People If She Becomes President!

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Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You. Breaking. Racist, Oprah just admitted, what she'll force on white people if she becomes president they. Were searching for years, it finally, happened, they, eventually found, their one true gem after last year's failure now. After years of searching the, girls finally feel like they've seen a woman who can win the presidency, ironically. The notion to find a TV star candidate, was stolen, from the fact that President Trump had a bit of a TV career to go along with the rest of his business, ventures it's, also not lost on anyone that there are no two names more synonymous, with wealth in America than Donald, Trump and Oprah Winfrey it's, quite funny that people on the Left kept spouting, off that you can't have a television, billionaire. Run for president, but now they have their television, billionaire, they want to run for president funny. How that works right, the, left has literally copied exactly what, the right does because, they are unable to craft their own winning strategy. Liberals. Have found president, Trump's antithesis and, plan to run her against him in the next presidential election of, 2020. Winfrey. Is also boosted, by the fact that she has a couple of social justice warrior, bonus, points working, in her favor she's, black and she's, a she she. Has everything, that they said Hillary had but, without that annoying and predatory, Bill tagging, along for the free ride the. One other thing that Oprah has in common with President, Trump is that her career hasn't been in politics, she. Hasn't had to look over her shoulder and watch her mouth for her entire life she's. Just been giving out prizes from, under the seats of her show set and participating. In other business, ventures that, have nothing to do with politics, in the, case of President Trump that, didn't matter too much because, he wasn't running on a platform of, political, correctness that's. Where they differ Oprah. Would most likely be on the plan with political, correctness something. That America, has gotten sick of hearing about, Oprah. Has given numerous honest, and very liberal opinions, over the years and that is now coming back to haunt her to, make matters, worse the. Bumbling, mainstream, media is jumping up to defend her and it's not going well it's. Scary to think of Oprah Winfrey in the Oval office as anything, more than a guest taking a tour her, unashamed, opinion, on race issues, and stayin for white people could be a problem the, longtime, TV, host has become increasingly, anti-white, over, the years to, the point that she's handing, down a proverbial, death, sentence, to those who don't agree with her her, idea is that racism, is a problem, of the past so.

To Fix the problem, those who, lived in that time just need to die that's, right folks it, was a horrible thing she said and this, video would be the bane of her existence, if she ever ran for president Oprah. Said as much in an interview, in, 2013. It's. Difficult, to see someone, who is considered, to be a national, leader asking. For the death of hundreds of thousands, of Americans, it's, even, more painful to think people, would want her to run the country with that attitude now. To, be fair she's, probably right about a small fraction, of the older generation, there, will always be at least a few people who say racially, inappropriate. Things but, they do not stand for or represent the majority of our good Americans, even. If there are a few old cronies with a racist bone in their body that doesn't mean everyone is like that that. Also doesn't, mean Oprah, should call for a mass genocide of, old white people that. Is a terrible, and racist, thing to say it, makes Oprah look like the black female Hitler who calls for the killing of a particular, kind of people is that, who the American, people would want to vote for I don't, think so it is, not ever okay to suggest, that Americans, try to kill people off just because they disagree with someone, what. Oprah said is unforgivable. And disgusting, we, cannot believe she, would say anything like that this. Probably, seems exceptionally, radical. Based, on what she just said that, someone, would try to kill an old person, because they're racist but it's perhaps not as far-fetched as you might think currently. California Colorado. District. Of Columbia, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Have Death with Dignity laws, that allow a terminally, ill patient, to voluntarily, request, and receive a prescription, medication to, hasten their death this, practice, is also called euthanasia which. Is a, that encompasses, any physician, assisted, suicide and, it dates back as far as ancient Greece and Rome the. United States is beginning, to accept the reasoning, that a person, might need to die before their natural, time based, strictly on the quality, of life right. Now as with, most of the new technologies. Offered, to us it's, optional, if we decide that our life isn't worth living we can end it however. Throughout, most of history it hasn't, been the patient choosing, whether to pull their plug in a, socialist, society where. It's all for one and one for all someone. Always has to decide what will be for the greater good in fact. Euthanasia. Comes from the greek words EU, good, and Thanatos, as' death, and it, means good death gentle. And easy death this, word is used for mercy killing withdrawal. Or withholding, treatment was practiced, in history the correct term for this is ortho Tunisia which, means passive, death if you, combine, that with the incredibly, scary and overreaching. Liberties taken in the Affordable, Care Act aka, Obamacare. Then. You can see how we were and maybe still are a hop skip, and a jump from the government choosing who lives and dies if, racism is considered, cancer that should be cut out then, racism, is redefined, to mean anything, liberals, want they, would be able to hand down a death sentence, to anyone, the government, wanted by withdrawing care life. Liberty. And the pursuit of, happiness that. Is what we were promised, in the Constitution. But we've now come full circle to, the point where we need to depend, on another truth given to us by a founding, father we. Must indeed. All hang, together or most, assuredly we. Shall all hang separately Ben. Franklin, dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You breaking. The Clintons were just caught paying for it there's, no hiding it anymore it seems. That every talking head and the nation has become increasingly, disturbed.

About Some of the less than complimentary comments. That President Trump made about the third world country, of Haiti their, outrage, seems to hinge upon, fact that he made disparaging, remarks, about the condition, of the country when everyone, knows that today's PC, culture requires that we never speak the truth even if it hurts not to in true. Liberal fashion, no one is worried about the state of the country itself, the, leftists, are mad that President, Trump commented that they considered, offensive even, though his comment, was based on fact and something, that many Americans, probably agree, fault with the, facts of the matter might be in president, Trump's favor but, since it's not politically, correct the, mainstream, media and leftists, bashed him for it ironically. The, same country, that President Trump called an unflattering, name, is the same one that the Clinton Foundation, was supposed to be helping with earmarked, funds. Unfortunately. The Clinton family had a significant, expense come up around the same time and they allegedly, used those funds for their benefit instead the. Big event was the marriage of former first daughter Chelsea. Clinton, to her hedge fund manager, husband, the, reports began, swirling, about whether the Clinton family somehow spent, Haiti relief money on Chelsea's, wedding the, accusations. Unraveled. Bill Clinton, so, he just had to speak up and defend the untarnished, reputation. Of the Clinton Foundation, Fox. News covered bills violent, reaction, to these allegations. Former. President, Bill Clinton said. On Twitter Saturday, that no Clinton, Foundation, funds were used to pay for his daughter's wedding, after. President Trump reportedly, made crude remarks, about Haiti and other less developed, countries, some, on the right point into alleged mishandling of, Haitian earthquake relief. Funds by the Clinton, Foundation, on Twitter. President. Clinton slammed the notion that any funds from the foundation, whether, earmarked, for Haiti or not were, used in association with, his daughter Chelsea's, wedding to investment, banker, Marc Mezvinsky. No. Clinton Foundation, funds, dedicated. To Haiti or otherwise, were, used to pay for Chelsea's wedding it's, not only untrue, it's a personal, insult, to me to, Hillary and to Chelsea and Mark he, said on Fox. & Friends, Judicial. Watch President, tom Fitton said the Foundation's, 2010. Earthquake relief, project, was subjected, to Bill's machinations. Fit. In said then Secretary Hillary Clinton's, State Department, outsource tats to DS to the Clinton Foundation. Fidan. Said leaked emails, reportedly, showed allegations. Were made by Clinton Foundation, official, Doug ban that foundation funds may have been misused and references. Were made to the Clinton Mezvinsky wedding. In the. Email released, by WikiLeaks banned, rights to Clinton campaign, chairman, John Podesta, the. Investigation. Into her getting paid for campaigning using. Foundation resources. For her wedding in life for a decade taxes, on money from her parents he, wrote I hope. That you will speak to her and in this once we go down this road, Bente continued. WikiLeaks. Responded. Quickly to Clinton's, faint outrage at the thought that they would misuse funds. The.

Following Leaked email, may shed some light on the potential misuse of funds, this. Email is courtesy, of WikiLeaks, and might be very crucial evidence to, any possible, indictment, of a Clinton family member, Bill, Clinton, didn't feel the need to defend himself against, the people who had actual proof against, him the, former president, has more than one skeleton his closet that may come tumbling, out upon more digging and revealing, of evidence, James. Would probably, said it best the. Clintons, allegedly, stole hard-earned Haiti relief money from the compassionate, American, people to supposedly use, on their daughter's wedding the. Money was either kept, funded, their daughter's wedding and acted, like it didn't happen the, rails are cool with that president. Trump saw a picture of that developing, country, had the usual emotional. Response, and called it a seesaw it the, entire nation is up in arms about it the. Real logic appears to suggest that if you want to get away with something then, just act offended, when you get called on it it's, worked for the Clintons, those in need of the safe spaces call. Me crazy but I think we should be more worried about people, stealing and using charitable, funds for personal use and president. Trump's verbal description, of a country that is barely civilized. Dear. Patriots, please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel, like, and share this video so your friends can see it thank. You, breaking, Hollywood, libs just made sick move against President Trump this time, why. Do Hollywood, actors get the impression that they speak for the American people the actors, get this god complex about, themselves, and they believe they speak for America, and the citizens, they, believe they control, the politics, and the winds of change within, Congress, we. Are all aware of the money that Hollywood and actors throw at politicians, and corporations, that are like-minded the. Problem is they truly evolved into insane crazy, and downright, weird people who throw tantrums, until they get their way as Jerome. Hudson, covers in Breitbart, actor. Jim Carrey warned, that President, Donald Trump's, insistence, on alienating. The world will eventually thrust. America, into an imaginable, agony Kerry. Used Twitter to throw his tantrum and attack President Trump once again I woke. Up this morning, in Hawaii with 10 minutes to live it, was a false alarm but a real psychic, warning if we, allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican. Congress, to continue alienating. The world we are headed for suffering, beyond all imagination. The. Hawaiian, emergency, management, system released, a message over the weekend, that was a false alarm it. Took 35 minutes, for the report that it was a false alarm and that there was no missile attack inbound to Hawaii always. An interesting thought is what if Paycom shot down a ballistic, missile aimed, at Hawaii then, in typical, military fashion. As to not scare the Sheep they, then reported, it as a false alarm I am, NOT saying that this is what happened I am simply saying it is an interesting, perspective, and, something, I know the military and government would do in a heartbeat, the. Emergency, management system apologized. To the public blamed. It on human error pushing, the wrong button, for a test release to the public along. With Jim Carrey gong after President Trump over the EMS, Hawaii situation. Jamie, Lee Curtis took, to Twitter to slander the president as well this. Hawaii missile, scare is on you mr. Trump the, real fear that mothers and fathers and children, felt is on you it is, on your arrogance. Hubris, narcissism. Rage. Ego. A maturity. And your unstable idiocy, shame. On your hate-filled, self, you, did this the. Rich and famous have turned into the rich and deplorable, these, clowns should be concentrating. On how to help their nation and the citizens, instead, they become self-absorbed. And believe they are the real answer, to our nation that what they have to say is more vital than reality, I would, tell the public to boycott Hollywood. That a direct, message needs, to be sent to the truly crazy elites, however. Most, people still, refuse to even boycott, the NFL, yet, alone boycott, Hollywood, the. American, populace, has a very large portion of sheep that close the curtains and do not care about making a stand against that which is corrupt and seeks to bring harm to their front door you. Know the people I speak of they use social media to, pound out patriotism, and making a difference yet, at the end of the day they, are just keyboard. Commandos, that still watch the NFL drink. Starbucks and go to the movies, until. The American, population, unites, and makes a stand together we, shall continue to suffer at what we tolerate, Chris. Badger Thomas, is a veteran, who served our country as an Army Combat Medic dear.

Patriots, Please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You breaking. Trump's. Attorney just served the Clintons he's, taking, it from them the. Clinton, family has evaded prosecution. For years but that may change after what has been discovered, over the last several, weeks there, are so many people begging for them to be prosecuted. But they've kept on waiting for so long over. The years the Clintons, have been involved in numerous scandals, that would land anyone, else behind bars for an extremely long sentence, however. Since. The Clintons, are the top leading Democrat, politicians they. Have been able to fly under the radar despite, the public outcry for, their arrest and prosecution, this. Time it may be different to. Prove how privileged, they are you, don't have to look much further than last year when Hillary Clinton was cleared of any wrongdoing for deleting, highly classified emails. From her private server instead. Of Hilary being indicted she, was cleared of all charges which. Seemed only to encourage her as she began to accuse president Trump, of Russian collusion, and a myriad of other crimes, worthy, of his impeachment, nothing. Of which came to be anything meaningful or worthy of impeachment but, it may have been a distraction tactic. Used to get people off her back for a few moments, now the tables, have turned as new evidence of hillary clinton's involvement, in the uranium 1 scandal, have been revealed this could be what provides the prosecution, with enough evidence to find her behind bars sooner than later the, first indictments. Have been handed out over this weekend, but that is just the beginning of a very long grueling, legal battle that will likely ensue, over. The weekend, it was discovered. That a grand jury in Arkansas, had been convened, to look into the Clinton, Foundation's, deeds over the last several years according. To recent reports hilland. Has reopened the Clinton Foundation, investigation. That was shut down by Loretta Lynch and former, FBI director, James Comey of course. The, left is doing their best to protect the Clinton family and there, could be a significant. Distraction. Or delay coming from them the. Mainstream, media may desire to shield the criminal Clintons and has done their best to push this significant, news story, under, the rock that, won't stop independent. And right-wing aligned, news sources, from reporting, on the truth and recent, indictments. Handed down, Breitbart. Reports, an 11. Count indictment has, been handed down from, a grand jury investigating. Possible, Russian bribery, involving, former, Secretary, of State Hillary Clinton's. Uranium, one deal negotiated when, she was part of the Obama administration. A report, says the. Indictment was, levied against, Maryland, resident, mark Lambert a former, co-president. Of a nuclear transportation. Company, involved in Hillary Clinton's deal to sell us uranium. Interests to a Russian company a Department. Of Justice statement. Says that the 54 year old Lambert was charged with one count of conspiracy to, violate the, Foreign Corrupt Practices. Act fcpa, and to commit wire fraud seven, counts, of violating the FCPA, two, counts, of wire fraud and one can of international, promotion money-laundering. The. Clintons and their powerful allies, in the media and government may, think they have nothing to worry about, but that is not the case after what Attorney General Jeff Sessions just said, sessions. Made it clear that the era of free passes is over and has briefed the Department, of Justice, and the FBI that. Justice, must be served this, time around, here. Is more from life said who chronicles, the many investigations. Into the Clintons and are bogus foundation, and how many times they were given, if we passed until. Recently the, Clinton, Foundation, has been monitored, by the IRS, the, Department of Justice, and the FBI and. Multiple. State government, authorities, that are seated with persons, loyal to either the Clintons, or the Obamas, every. Time the, Clinton, Foundation, got a free pass but. Now it appears key authorities, may finally be turning, strict attention toward answering tough questions about, public, filings, of Clinton charities inside, and outside the United States, when, these powerful, organizations. Engage motivated, Minds they will wish to concentrate.

On A few areas that have long gone begging, for attention the. First time the Clinton Foundation, was investigated. Between, 2001. And 2005. Then, FBI, Director, Robert Mueller then, Deputy Attorney General James, Comey and others, could not seem to find obvious, and escalating, frauds as a supposed, presidential. Library, complex, in Little Rock Arkansas also. Fought HIV, / aids internationally. From unregistered, offices, in New York and Massachusetts without. Ever obtaining, required, audits, of worldwide activities. Strangely. As the, first investigation. Wound down, evidence. In the public domain suggests. That the Clinton Foundation, also defrauded. The national, archivist, by making the monster ibly false representations. In a binding legal agreement, for. Example, there is no evidence the IRS, provided, final, approval, to the Clinton Foundation to. Fight HIV, / aids internationally. As a tax-exempt. Purpose by November, 18 2004. The date the presidential, archive, was officially, donated, that. November, 18 2004. Agreement, is nowhere, to be found today, the Clinton Foundation, website and in public filings, despite, the charities more than 13, years of widespread, solicitation. Across state and national, boundaries using, telephones, mail, and the Internet, the. Next major investigation. Started, in December, 2009. When the French government, launched a detailed, look into unit, a multilateral. International, organization. Primarily, funded, by France that, has sent more than 650. Million dollars to, arms of the Clinton Foundation, engaged at least, in theory in fighting, HIV, and AIDS, reports. Concerning this investigation. Written, in French and published in 2010. And 2011. Show. That French government, authorities, like, their US counterparts, missed. The heart of the problem posed by the Clinton, Foundation, Bill. And Hillary Clinton, are not above the law even though they tend to act like that for. Too long we have seen Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bill traipsing. Around the country spewing, their lies and getting, away with various, crimes the, liberal elitists, have been able to get away with their crimes for too long but, it appears as though the Trump administration will. Finally, put an end to the long line of broken, laws it's, about time dear. Patriots please, subscribe, to our patriotic, channel like, and share this video so your friends, can see it thank. You breaking. News, he, was just found yet after exposing, POTUS, once. Again the bodies are piling up around the Liberals in Washington. And the media refuses to report on it the, deaths around the Clinton campaign, have been rising in number for quite some time but, it's been hard to pin it on the elusive, Hillary and make it stick like.

Many Of the rich and powerful Clinton. Isn't out there getting her hands dirty she's, got layers of protection, one. Of those layers comes, in the form of a slimy layer of portes style brothers John. Podesta has, been with the Clintons, for decades looking. After not only the Clintons, interest but that of his and his brother Tony, it's, hard to say which brother is the more of a threat to the American people because while, John is watching the Clintons, backs Tony, is lobbying for the interests, of Russian banks here in the, States. Regardless. Of which brother would win the sleaze Award for most dangerous. They're both once again in the hot seat as investigators. Wonder, if they're guilty of yet another murder truth. Unsealed, reports, that the most recent death was of an investigator, who connected, two brothers to the death of Madeleine, McCann in case. You've forgotten Madeleine. McCann disappeared, while on holiday from the UK with her parents Kate, and Gerry McCann, her, two-year-old twin siblings, the, media coverage and investigation. Was massive, and sometime. During that investigation, kevin. Halogen, connected, the deadly brothers to the missing girl and as, often happens when someone, points a finger at someone involved, with the clinton foundation he, woke up dead at a mansion in England the. Blood-soaked, body of a private detective who linked John and Tony Perez to the disappearance, of Madeleine, McCann has been found at a mansion in Surrey England. Mystery. Surrounds, the death of Washington, dc-based, Kevin, halogen, 56. Who, presented himself as, a cloak-and-dagger, James. Bond-style, spy, who took on the most difficult cases Surrey. Police confirmed. Saturday, that a probe has been launched into his death foul. Play suspected. Kevin. Halogen, took over the private investigation. Into the Madeleine, McCann case and make 2008. And was responsible for linking, John and Tony Portis to the disappearance, of the three year old girl in Portugal. Sparking. Frenzied speculation. That the brothers both, high-level, Democratic, Party operatives, were responsible. For her murder the, 56. Year old detective and his partner onry Exton were responsible, for the two e-fit sketches, that were released in the search for the Madeleine McCann abductors, and which, bore more than a passing resemblance to, Jon and Tony Podesta.

The. E-fit sketches released by Metropolitan. Police which, bore a striking resemblance to. Jon and Tony poor desta, Kevin. Halogens, investigative. Work into, the disappearance, of Madeleine, McCann revealed, that one of the men pictured in the e-fit sketches, was seen carrying a young child that resembled, the three-year-old child on a beach in praia de Luz Portugal. A popular, beach holiday, location where, halogen, also, prove the poor desktop brothers were holidaying, at the time, Halligan. Had dirt on the posters. Mainstream. Media attempted to convince everyone that it was a coincidence. However. The 56, year old private detective, knew more about the poor desktop others and their secrets, than many initially, assumed, the, British investigator. Was dc-based, and worked, for Oakley international. An intelligence. Operation, that considered, the poor desta group to be its natural, enemy, actual. Pictures, of the portes style brothers Oakley. International, was based out of. 2550. M Street NW. Washington. DC. This, address, is also the office, of patton boggs washington's, most politically, connected law firm and lobbyist organization. When, Halligan, first moved to DC in 2005. He, hired patton boggs to help set up his new business through. His close connection with patton, boggs, kevin, halogen, was more than familiar with the poor desta group they, are closely connected Toni. Poor desta has gone on record on multiple occasions, praising, Tommy bogs of patton boggs he's, a brilliant guy who invented, what a lot of us do nick. Allard patton, boggs co-chairman. Also, returns, the praise for toni poor desta Toni and his group are the right people at the right time in the right place Dom. Boggs invented, the lawyer lobbyist, model and Toni perfected, it they, are probably the two giants, of the modern practice there. Is no one else in the same zip code so. There is no question halogen. Knew about the codesys and their reputation why. Did he link them to Medellin McCann's disappearance. In Portugal, what, dirt did Halligan, have on the two powerful, Democratic, operatives, why. Did Kevin halogen, hired, by the McCanns to investigate, their daughter's disappearance, Perdue. See fits closely resembling, beyond, reasonable doubt his, clients, patton, boggs, biggest, rivals, who. Persuaded, and why, Gerry and Kay McCann to put their faith in a random Washington, DC based private detective, and pay, him.

$500,000. After, he reached out to them telling them he could find their daughter, halogen. Was found at the home of his long-term girlfriend which. Is among the private henley park gated community, pictured. In Guildford. Surrey, and why. Was Gerry McCann, pictured laughing and joking his way around Washington. DC in July, 2007. Less, than three months after his daughter Madeleine, disappeared, lobbying. Statesman on child, trafficking, kissing, Laura Bush's dog and generally. Enjoying the limelight. Kevin. Halogens, blood-soaked, death in Surrey England this, week stinks, to high heaven, the, man who linked the posters to the disappearance, of Madeleine, McCann appears, to have paid the ultimate price, for something, he did during his 56. Years on this earth many. Believe linking, the powerful, posters, to the disappearance, of the three year old was the moment he signed his death warrant at this. Point we, might not ever know what happened to poor little Madeleine, because, of the number of millionaires, that the posters are in bed fault with but, if they were looking to throw suspicion someplace. Else, killing, the man who connected, them to the case was probably, not the way to do it this, whole thing is being brought up once again all because, someone else who crossed the Clinton Foundation, met an untimely end, h. /t, truth. Unsealed. You.

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