Brandon Nilsson and LaRee Hansen - I Married an Entrepreneur

Brandon Nilsson and LaRee Hansen - I Married an Entrepreneur

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Riis from. People in different industries in different, backgrounds. To. Just kind of open up their ideas that said you know you, really can't start a business you really can be successful. As, your own business, owner most. Likely, someday you'll have that dream to do it and I want to give you the courage and I want to give you the insight that it's possible, anybody, can do it there, are tools that you can learn to do it hopefully. As people. Come in and talk about the, challenges, and the things are working on it really kind of boils down to a little bit of problem-solving what's, the problem you're solving who, cares about integrator, are they willing to pay you money to fix the problem, and can you build a business around. All. The changes coming around the corner there are so many opportunities for, new innovations, new ideas new businesses, but. The thing that has been obvious, to me is besides, hearing these success, stories that's. Been the level of commitment that it takes from not just yourself, but also, from other people. That you surround yourself with your. Friends, sometimes your, family members your, spouse's, your your family, itself. Frequently. Family. Is sometimes, your, biggest supporter, in your brief investor, and so. Really, that aspect, of what's, the impact of being an entrepreneur on, the, rest of the family, led. Us to kind of think about this, topic for a day which is well let's bring in the spouses, of some entrepreneurs, and have them tell you about their, experience, on the other side of the equation of, the, challenges, and how together they work together to make it successful. I truly, believe, successful. Marketers, don't happen, in the vacuum takes. A number of quor'toth. Critical, factors, and if, you, can be happy at home and happy on the job you've, got it you've got a great thing going so. Two. Great, speakers, we had last semester, we. Invited their spouses to come and speak to us today about their, experience, and. One. Of them. Yes that happened so his house for her husband is going, to tell a lot about her experience. But yeah Brandon, Nelson his wife Rachel Nelson, and, we have Travis, Hanson and his wife Laurie handsome, fantastic. Experience, I'm gonna start with with Brandon, I asked asked Rachel if she wanted to introduce him because she knows all the good stories about her. Husband, so, Rachel go ahead and introduce your husband bring. Hi. But. I'll just give you a bit of an overview I. Rachel. And. I started. Anyway. He he. Was. In law school and. We, got married six, years. He. Was used. Trying to the side and just graduated, from uni her you I actually. Came here and in soccer we. Were done with school and I, was running a restaurant, business. With my dad I don't like people you want to just tell them and. Brandon. Seen, he graduated from school and, started like he stepped in to help run the, operation, side of the. Restaurants. And I remember. One night. And. So. My advice is like, what do you what do you want to do and which, is simply this we, got married in like that wasn't even a a question, or anything, that we discussed we, just leave, it. And. He was like I I have. Always been super Cooper law so. My my, thought process was.

You. Know you should, just work, towards, applying, to, law school, and. My. Biggest thing was like just don't be sad man don't don't, be in a place where you don't know what to do so you don't do anything at all and if something else cool here comes along while you're pursuing law then, great. And. The, reason why is because I I come from a family where my dad was like the med school and you know one more class left and he actually failed and going, on tour with the awesome NC position, and, he'd built like a really great cool music, company, and it sold it to one of ours so like that took. To. Drop out of school and that but I told I told me the same thing like if you if. You you, know you're. Cool. And. Keyed always. Would support it like, looking. Back if, anybody. Else I would've said that to you would have laughed in my face and. And. Maybe, use doing that. But. In his outward was always just supportive. So. And the. Listening. Ear and shoulder or 29, years to a spouts myself, whose sky is constantly, falling and I think playing. Park mention on. The. Same and the grain is nuts either mornings, you, take all that home. So, yeah work for, some what years ago I was dragging, these guys through law school I. Probably. Came home like an hour a day, I just. Eat and see everybody events they all go study again and during. That time Rachel, asked. Me if she could I, think, you asked me could you take a couple my t-shirts so. She grabbed, a couple of my t-shirts one day and. I couldn't figure out why she came back and she had many of these out of my t-shirt she made a Robert it's basically you, want fun with the wrong for his rage is basically like it would one thing about stamps, how he was ready yeah. And. That's kind of been her hero, product, never. Most first created I didn't think anything I would I was just I, think the time she started selling her kids hand-me-downs, broke. Grad. School is the worst, and, I, think, your summer is handy Emma close to me. And so she created this thing and I'm like well you know that stuff probably gonna do Rachel. That. Double seater spells the, fast-forward like a month or two later she. Was hiring she, came to me and she's like I need to hire disguise name's Mitch and, he's, a designer you, can do all these things and, he's. Gonna cost us but she was really expensive. He's. Doing the same stuff that you do. Of. Course took. The opposite route and hired Mitch. And. The business grew from. That. To. Kind of focus on the, stuff that was more important. Kind. Of some good science stuff, and. Then it shirt pink as well it was kind of the same thing where I had, just graduated from school she wouldn't, pitched when they were in Salt Lake and. Got. On in the Senators contract, that hamburger it was a lot. Of paperwork I, was at a law school I was awesome I was gonna read this thing straight and. I told. Her there's. No way you should do this this. Is, Matt from you and. The, quality, contract, of adhesion it. Was just a bad a, bad looking, contract, and so I said no good and. Of course you. Got. A bunch of offers on shortino's, yep eventually, kind, of backed out of all of them which. Would be good to do I say all this is a disclaimer. Aye. Aye, sir, we have a running, inside joke and kind of a model for rags. Whenever. We need to pivot whenever there's like a big decision or something needs to happen the, ideas come to me get. My natural take on it and then, the exact opposite. Successful. So. Take everything I say today will be bring us all, I. Mean. I definitely you guys know more about business than me for sure I'm attorney and, I hate attorneys but, you. Know. I can definitely share my experience, being around Rachel as, an entrepreneur and actually work for the founder, of unique, it. Said it caused me to company just on the street here on a daily basis and they're their lives and they're the way they are kind of parallel, each other I don't. Know if you want me to go into more, detail about Rex or if you should that's. Great what. We'll do now is we'll teach Travis, and then open, it up for some Q&A because I really want you to be able to ask them, about. What what. Are you concerned what are you thinking about that, gives them a chance to answer how did they handle those challenges and situations, of, being. An entrepreneur and and doing. Everything else in life so let. Me borrow Michael. See. Aren't you excited our buddy this is cool so this is Travis Hanson Travis. Was. A basketball. Player here he even in, the BYU and, then graduated. And played professional, ball his. First assignment, I think was over in Russia for about five years right so Travis. Took his wife Lori with him to Russia and, the. I mean, playing. Professional. Sports, you really are an entrepreneur as well from that standpoint but also since. He since, he finished a professional. Sports he's been starting, a number of companies and working on the entrepreneurial, side and I, thought it was fascinating fascinating, meet, every story, about.

What She did to, be in a foreign country. And to, have all this time to kind of figure out what to do not knowing if they're gonna be there year after year, and and. To see what she was able to do was a fascinating, story so Travis. I told him he could speak for his wife they did their address today yeah good tell. Us a little bit about what his wife kind of what. Experience, did she have and how did she deal with that and I was. Thanks. Happy. To be here I'm a UVU guy to the core is where I met my wife she, was walking the hall flags in fact I was driving down the park and she walked into the Institute building had. Pants skirt on she's gonna tan blonde, hair, straight. Off the mission. And. Then my friend was trying to Hitler, she. Denied him. Which. So. We even get married it's been a fun ride played at BYU living, in an MBA from Hawks, and. Vladimir. Putin gave us a Russian citizen, citizenship. So were American Russians. Just. A wild. 18. Years we moved 12 times 18 years I'm, so sorry she's not here they, got five kids one 16 the old one a, few. Of them have strep throat this morning this is she she, was down and out and, she. Said that she could have come I. Was. Gonna play a video we just spoke at a state conference. And included, really good job she's really good so she. Would say probably that. She's my psychiatrist, that if you're a, spouse. Of an entrepreneur, that. You have to be, easygoing. That. You have to make. Sure home is, well. Taken care of because we're, a TV. Turns. Off in our head she, would say that, if. You were married to a entrepreneur. You. Have to get them to unplug. And be, home there's. Nothing more important than your wife and kids that. You. Know it's, hard to find balance especially when, you're starting a business but. She's. Been able to do a pretty good job she, supported, me through, and through I mean all the way to Russia I Russia is a pretty. Cool. Story as. Far as when, you build a business it is nasty. Hard and, Elon, Musk talk about like is eaten glass going. To Russia was really marketed out of her comfort zone we, love Spain. But. Russia, was you, know dark and the weather was bad and. But. We took a chance on it and in. The bet the best rewards, the biggest rewards are, probably, behind. The longest hardest, roads, Brandon. Just talked about going to law, school was in, graduate, school was nasty hard, cost, a lot of money in and, I'm sure there's really competitive it in but I mean.

Unique. Yes. You, know it's, pretty a good job right so I think each, one of you are capable of really really hard things. Success. In life is typically. The same for everyone that. You find out what you want to do beside. The steps to, get there you. Start you have to rapidly persistable, steps you. Screw up a lot and, that's the uncomfortable, part that's the part when you want to quit I like. What marriage isn't going well and she, did put the two his cap. On the toothpaste and its Mar that he could go still, hard and soft like. Comfortable. You just it. Actually comes endearing later in life and. Now. She's been remarkable. It, you need a psychiatrist you, need someone to be, really easygoing and have your back and know that if you're gonna work really really hard and, she's. Been the best thing ever happen to me she's lucky, she's. Super easy to be married to okay. And. She started foundation. Helps. A few kids. I. Think, helping people is probably good I guess. So. Tell. About our foundation, that as part of what she did to, do that because great. Story and that not only was browse on Twitter but then she found a way to be entrepreneurial. And started yet yeah. So, it kind of turned out, I'm. Pursuing the decimal career and up in Russia I don't know if you know the, statistics interested, but there's. 500,000. Orphans, in Russia these, were foster care kids. Russia. Does not have a foster. Care system so. If, your parents are deemed unfit, to raise you they. Are taken out of the home here. In DCFS. But, in Russia it's the hospital so they'll take it out the whole has to be pretty bad once they said that alcohol or drugs that, take you out put you in a hospital. There, you sit there's. No stimulation, there's no Mobile's, for the critters the blood analysis, and urinalysis machine, don't work so if kids get sick they get sick for long periods of time and, my wife started researching all this while I don't play basketball thought. We didn't were in Russia for greater reasons than just basketball and. She. Has an incredible heart and so. She started. Volunteering to orphanages she didn't speak Russian it was scary, our driver didn't speak English and she, would still go with him a, weekly. Basis and go volunteer, to all the babies and read to them and and just, really put herself out there we. Give money to seven different orphanages. Every dime and either kept it or if, we gave them one sees and clothes and diapers they, just, give us kisses and love us and then the next day the, table was out front of the work knit just selling it keeping, the money because. About seven. Fells. She's. Pretty persistent to, find the orphanage is 45, minutes outside of Russia out, of Moscow and see, it over stuff and. And. We found Tatiana and Tatiana. Job. Chocolates, talked about this an extreme ownership, that there are no bad teams. There are only bad leaders I don't, think there's any bad organizations. Out there that classes. There's just bad teachers or bad leaders, and. We. Found a good incredible. Leader Tatiana, and she was morally ethical. And she, was kind and, and the money with the kids and so she started a foundation. Called sunshine heroes, we. Were really just trying to help this one hospital now, it's escalated, and, we're in ten different countries and and, we have centers. And. All those countries they. Have. Two centers so typically what we do we don't want to have the government donated, acre of land which, giving the government to donate an anchor lands is, an incredible picture and. Then, we come with the capital to build a children so the children centers typically a health clinic a playground. A library, the school. Based. On rewards. How they do we, come back in and we build animal. Husbandry clean, water shrink. The kind of curriculum and the different things we're just partnered with the LDS Church is doing in two hundred grand tours are your senator Peru or, we're going to chicama Peru which is the longest left serving but. Typically in. The Europe we're like if you need help we'll help you now it's if you need help with a beach. Jeez. Regardful sure, happiness comes from helping others and. Give a piece of cross to get a little back I really, believe that if you help people people. Do blessed beyond measure and, I. Think they'll building, businesses, is the most charitable thing you can do if you do it the right way okay. And. It really is I mean again. Key thing about entrepreneurship, and sharing you're identifying, problems, you're finding way to fix problems and whether it's through clothes or.

Whether It's through foundations or whether it's through food or any of us things are a key aspect of entrepreneurship, but, fantastic. Examples, in in all this so you've got a wealth of knowledge here, in. Front of you to ask some questions and find out what what's curious, what do you want to know about becoming, an entrepreneur and. About the lifestyle. That it takes to supporter to make it happen so now who, has a question okay. Go. Ahead right here and, you stand, up and yell it and then repeat. The question I guess and you, can. Just. Wondering if you guys have any recommendation. This kind of in. A similar situation with, rags. It's close I'm. In school she's, doing sailing any recommendations, on making. Ends meet making, the thing stretch, or. Things to do is we're about to. So. Here. On the same path you're trying to figure out how to balance, hitting. My family. While also starting, a business and, where. You start. So. I'll just tell you what, our experience, was we literally, were on food stamps and, Medicaid and, like every government, support. And. I started to genuinely panic would be had to take the bar and I, was thinking, we, need to save money to like freaking. Little and I. Started. Telling my kids hang on clothing and. That, was a grind and it was a hustle and you had to get creative I had very little resources I went to and. I, got a white board and I, loaded it in my car I have my phone and I would go out every day at 3 o'clock so, the lady was the best and now, to take pictures all the way quite, back on so it just would be is still, to this day I don't know how to Photoshop anything I don't know anything I, don't know how to use any of those softwares, like I still. Don't know buddy I don't have another, hot. I'm trying to tell you that you, can be scruffy, and make it happen. So. I started, seeing momentum, there and then I just researched, like I found you go gradual, you know like I think a lot of times we'll jump into like getting an investment or will jump into like before.

The Concept is even, proven itself but. You're. Gonna fail over and over and over until you figure out like oh this is starting to gain traction and, then once you hear plenty feel alot in your gut then, you can start. A. Basket, but in the beginning it, was like this is literally just out of a need my family I need to make some money and then, once I realize like oh my gosh people define who's direct-to-consumer, I'm. Not having to nobody tail I'm not going to give up on my margin I couldn't. Sleep one night I was like I'm gonna go and like really do this t-shirts. And so and. And. Then eventually. We're. Kind of in a position now on our company where, we. Have all these customers that are crazy about rats and they're such fans but it's like such a mess over it and we're. Wearing if we're in a phase, works like we should probably start catering to the kid that grew up in rats now, that are growing out of rags, how do we continue to keep that current customer and, it's. Well, let's dress the older kid so, I have this designer that's like hey give, me 20 grand and I'll Wow I'll make the raddest kids, clothing for an older kid and I, tend. To pump the brakes at whoa whoa no they've tested that market yet so, before I can give you 20 grand like put you might worried about this and like, threw out that concept, so, it's the same thing even when that when you're starting and then you get into business you're. Taking it every time you're taking you. Don't prove it out you got to make sure it's working before. You can put all your eggs in one basket so I would just say start. Now. And, my story about going home vivo hitting, my iphone. You. Go back on the Instagram, you, will see those photos it is such garbage but. It's. Like if it's it's a true hotel I'm like a lot, of people think it needs to be perfect and you know exactly what, you're gonna do the. Problem. With that is they'll remember me but we, never get started just, be okay with it not be perfect and gradually. Can. You get server super chic meant to what you started and a lot of people like you prefer, none service was so immediate with. Wix website that's, a couple bucks. You. Building. These companies, and kept failing and failing what. Helped. You might go against, your better logic, and being like yeah keep going one. Like what protect you to encourage your watch. For. Me it was just I put. My. Family through. It. Was me. That you, know I I'm moving on the Florida I barely, saw them she. Supported me so I just felt like you know. Really. Frustrating. When. Do. I say yeah when do I say like pull. That back a little bit you. Know. I. Just. Remember telling, her. You. There's. Always like, she mentioned this guy's always falling from viewers, and, their bodies problems, like every day was something new, production. You know customers, everything employee, at higher but. Uh I, remember telling her at one point like I think he's, worth it you, know I don't know if there's enough gains and you seem pretty fun you, shouldn't do it and I really regret that so my advice would be. Obviously. Right, because, became such a success but it is a man it's it's. Tough you know I've got this. I. Don't. Know. My. Wife had an idea to do the foundation she. Has a big heart want to help people we, didn't know if it would turn into anything but that he just hoped one person, you. Know he he might not want to build a big business but he just wants to make it a little bit income on the side just to support, and you, know get, into debt you, know I think being scrappy, I said lots of Netflix and and, doing there else you choose I mean we all have that they call blast bored lonely angry sad tired what, do you do when you blast right, and most, kids nowadays. Choose. Video, games or pornography or doing stupid stuff and so, if you choose to be.

Creative, Or productive with, your time you'll probably be pretty successful if, he chooses because, it is why for you, know once you have a wife, and kids you you're. Much, more unselfish. Time. And you start to get a little bit more focused like I didn't make it exactly and, so we yeah we're blast. We. So. So tied to that question now let me ask you did. Your wife come to you with, ideas. That you were concerned we're not going to work and how do how, did you support, that and, how to continue. To emerge or even when she went. Nations, that. Were struggling, well. I like the two so. No, any. Idea she had it usually said, that smooth let's do it. She's, very creative and she's, very we. Say, we'd like to surround herself appeal use people like us they, are Germans. To see to any responsibilities given their genuine the kind and the, raw intellectuals. With common sense my wife has a lot of common sense so. When we look to build a business or a foundation you. Know what make sure has an ROI, you. Know it's gonna have an impact, we've. Been do international, centers because if I spend a dollar in Utah that's, been a dollar in Peru you know that dollar helps a hundred, kids compared, to. Zero. Is. She's. She's, super smart and it's, fun to do when she went, through hard things we've, just rally. Together and knock, it out and we're best friends, late. At night we still the. Imagination, is so powerful, if. You. Know if, you young ladies, want to marry a great guy you should write down what your house looks like given why picket fence. Guard. What, is he was the act like because he looked here haven't. I when shakes his hand as you look down strongly. The confident, is he funny and, you'll probably attract, that and when. You set out goals and, you can have whatever you want life. You. Just kind of imagine, it and then break. Down the steps to get there and go for it and, it's the journey which is the funnest part. Rachel. Did you want a. Bored. Lonely angry, satire. And. What was appealing you, feel you people like us we, trash around us all those people like us that's. Hard that we had those three things that we decided as a people that cos you can't go there if you for all our employees in here and slime. Ball up we have a hundred eleven over you have led the ball you'd be like. We're. Hot we're hiring about two percent of all applications, and. I don't know. Exactly. Well. Originally we don't work together. Right. We did we did this I don't. Think was hurt. Anywhere. That's the franchise's, me try that one area, we didn't have kids. Really. Because. I think it's just because we were so used to hanging. Outside. For. Us and that's not a safer than word for some people we have a ton of friends that do you work together and, it's. Worse for them if you were closer with your way and that works but for us it was just kind of we. Still you know I pursue my baby she pushes hurting with our kids. They're, obviously ours Peru does she, we, have a nanny that our kids, like. Yeah, yeah. I would also say like I think, because. He. And I are just so different you, know where that's, why it works really well in the marriage where he's like I feel. Like he does so, much of a better job coming, home in front of him unique which is highly stressful they just did like an, accent. Like or, what like. There. Was perched they just virtually, hearing how to go and. It was massive. Valuation, so so much is happening there I know it's stressful and he's like had a head. Of him. Massive. And he. Does such a good job of coming home and able to just shut off I literally, would not know if, his sky was falling all day that day it's, like he. Does so good at just like not worrying. About it where me. On the other hand I am like I come. Home and it's like well like I will there's. Things that you just can't share with your employees, or your partner's or whatever and, so. I come, home and I give that a lot of thought to be and I think and. I think as, a spouse of an entrepreneur, or spouse. Or. As an entrepreneur yourself, you've got to be really careful and I think everybody. Like. There's. Moments in your life that maybe I'm not super proud of what I know business, where I totally, took advantage of that unconditional love my family so it was like no matter what these guys are gonna love me and I can put them on the back burner because I'm really trying to build this thing it's gonna be great for them like this is for you this is for the family this is to make everybody like. So, much more comfortable than we were and really, like trying, to take that shift and not taking an advantage of your.

Spouse Or your family's on conditional, love and understanding, that they, need you too and, like figuring. Out how do you balance out what do you feel like the back of your head you're not fully, present because you, feel like everything's burning. That, was, something, I really really struggle with and. I think, balance. Is something that's like so unattainable, if, you can just figure out as, an entrepreneur, or maybe even a spouse to like, what. Are my top three priorities that, gonna make me the happiest because when I'm happy here it like shows through my work and my family and everything and I think making sure that you're keeping those top three priorities in check well. Then bring more balance into your life and then every entrepreneur every spouse craves, up on us and you need to have like a deep relationship, here with, your family your spouse your girlfriend, their partner whatever it is it's. Just it's, awesome. A physical thing you have to like put your phone in your bedroom and walk it away until nine. O'clock like set parameters, never. Ever. But. You'll. Never also, you'll never regret the, time that you just shut it off for, three hours to spend good quality. I. Should, have answered that you know like, you'll never do that you'll look back and regret like shoo I shouldn't put my thumb down I'm like focused. On, these guys. Yeah. It's good thought I mean such a good question I. Would. Say what. I've learned of for, doing it for, 18. Years, two. Things I would says a, date. Night once a week right. Get. Away from the kids go do something fun and. It's. Just so, fun to just drive, go go because I mean they're just trying to talk and be away from the kids number. Two we, tried to say you know from 9:00 to 5:00 let's, see how productive he could be so. Some people just live this like get, them to phone away at seven o'clock at night there's are still kids, are there yeah. You're my first priority. Yeah I want to get you right because you're the biggest thing but then get distracted we all get distracted and I. Think. Trying to figure out how productive, you can be in nine to five and if you get it done you get it done if you don't get it done this way still tomorrow, my wife will bed early, my. Kids between. Eight nine bath. Pajamas. And bad scriptures, and. Terrible. Prayers. Even. Though they're running around in like. Nine o'clock and I still have stuff to do especially if it's, in the grind of the first two or three years of the business businesses, are like infants they, can die younger. And. Touch. A stove or off jump off the window, crazy. Stuff didn't, watch them very differently after, golf two three years ago walk on their own you, know they can actually eat, normal, stuff and put. A battery there I spit it out, and. So, then they get older and. This mature adult so in an intimacy of your business you got, to be there but, that's. Why I go late at night, midnight. Do. You have regular planning, meetings where you share priorities, and, establish, long-term, plans, how, do you look how, do you coordinate with each other on on, your priorities. I. Would. Say like big picture or super, we both know that he's. Very much involved, in his career and very much involved in mine, and it, because it's so non-traditional. It's, tied, to the kids team, and creating, we, really, really invested actually bought a van and, we built it out into a camper, and we're all a super. Into mountain biking and. We. Like, invested, so much time into, the time that we had with our family nature's quality, you know like go, on the weekend vacations, go so. The kids get. Every, single ounce of be and I you know and making, sure that that's a priority. Side of the big picture is, is, really. Like focusing. On the time the kids, have with us let's make it really. Quality, and, because, we're not we. Don't have a traditional marriage where I think is living when you're working full-time, there's. Just unbelievable, guilt that comes with not being home your kid there won't be school and you don't have that you know so, we, tried to just make it work for both of us where he, will make dinner you know people, will help with, the laundry and kids and cleaning so do I like we. Both just have that it's so non-traditional. Which it. Is starting to become more normal but it's feel like report, and, we just it works so well dressed, yes. Not even spoken it's just it may end this kind of sloppy, weird. Take out nice Chinese. Shirts off. We. Do. Throw. Marriages learn, to do a few different things so we share a Google Calendar which, we have. We. Have a calendar in our home there's, just three months so if it, were March March. Is done we do it from a June and on there with. The marker we have our major events we, have five kids house.

And Volleyball bases, and tennis. Basketball, and baseball my, older son plays software, ballroom hi I'm gonna head coach of the sophomore team or hi I'm, Laura. Bischoff, we. Have four different businesses, at foundation, my wife's and young women's and so you. Know when it gets crazy it's like yeah. It's crazy but, eating. Out super, fun work. Door - as our friend. But. We share the calendar, we. Make sure that we're. Either on vacation, or planning our next vacation that seems to. Get. Rid of all hands at me so Spring Break we both at California. Lake. Powell the summer, Thanksgiving. We always go visit, her parents somewhere, and, take them on a trip Christmastime, we go back to California where all her cousins were from Southern California so having. That you know next vacation - looking for - helps. Out a lot throughout planet we know that we ten days. We're. Gonna work. Really hard for this little period of season if you like because. Right. Who. Manages the financial decisions. Rachel. Makes the money. How. Do you guys. Against. Momentum. When, you guys first started your business was like the first priority to like the website or was to go social media or was it to go to friends. And family and then how did you guys prioritize. Those and get. The best woman flowing looking, back what would you do differently. Our. Our experience, was I mean. Everybody. My, target, demographic, was myself and like I would be at the park as depressing, as this was I would walk, around and they were all. Instagramming. Social media and. Super. Sad, so. But I realized like wow there's so many people spending time on social media so I started there and I. Selling myself directly through its turn Amalie leader paypal. Email in, boys do and the first night I did that I voiced. A lot of people and it was like brutal. So, after that I was like I'm never doing that again, I didn't realize it goes well with it so. Then I slowly like looked up websites, that are just super cheap so we've got almost really two going for us and. It was like a blog and, I knew it blog didn't either drag and drop photos it's, not like professional. But it was at least I could get a URL and, I had to it was a very small fee do you remember what it was I don't even think it was on set when he was talking about so I started their website, and. Directly. People to the website and then I, think. In the very beginning I, figured, out who they want have my product and, I gave it away I give away two time product so getting. Into people. That were influential, on, social media. It. Was like people that have to be that people would be. Studying at night I would get the kids down and I would sew until it 4:00 a.m. and I would wake, up they, raised. The kids put. Them back to bed and that would work all night again. But, it was like, I would, make it a ship it out to family, and friends and ask them to Sheriff, and then that just started literally so long into, you. Know. I. Think. Their business is really really difficult. Few. People started. Those businesses, and it's, it's, labor intensive and, the super artists are super hard of you a. Differentiator. In that in, that industry I think it because on what industry if, you're starting right whatever business you learn it's. A service company you, can start a lot easier it doesn't think they're enough money to get started so on the same company. Right learning, they're. Gonna be mr.. SEO man, put. A website together and, go, for you, know how to do SEO well smoke, means its owners.

Who've Done they'd be like dude about. Two got a month gave me a first page of Google, and you're ready to start get. Some business that way it was pretty easy this business therefore sir, we. Or sell it now will. Be. Two, three multiple and a good lifestyle business probably and then after that you put a really good team around you so you want to start off our servers they've got the design there's. Some content writing and, some logos and, you could build from. That point. On we. Build we. Try to be very scalable, businesses, that sell for a lot money so like software so. We. Do it a long analysis, and figures like seven months do our loss analysis, to kind of determine what's just the big partner business application, we should go into SAS. We. Ended up going to HR tech HR. Tech is because small. Business. Owners think, about add tech market tech just trying to make a revenue but, they never get the point and they do payroll but they're one where they're actually skilling some of these problems they have in their operations, and so we went to try to identify that problem fix that problem so might was, identify. A. Space. Where you can play if. It's really, really big. Then. Go. Build a killer team around you, and. Then, work on positioning, and marketing, after that. Industry. Okay. We just service, companies ways here and three. Minutes left one minute wrap up on your advice to students on dealing. With family. Wherever. You. There's. So much advice I, think. For. The entrepreneur, with. Your spouse I think you, know. Their. Commission, 11 make sure you keep a, priority. And. It. Is. But. You. Know sacrifice. Immediately. Happiest. And. Then also find, crying. For. Me I don't know I don't like most laid-back. Husband. Help. You. Okay. Mosby's. I think being. The spouse is the best thing ever because I. Feel. Like I've earned you, can learn to tell him I feel like I've got an idea a lot of times over just being. Around you will keep the professor here and, coming. To stuff like this and meeting. People I. Don't. Know I would just say. Just. Parting. Advice for, students to go to this man.

Get The big things right. Married. Really well, take, your time and. Write. Down what that person looks like what you like to be don't. Just wing it because if. You don't have goals there's. Something special when you have goals that you're, emotionally, mentally physically, you. Know you're just focused on the more so go not write down his only wish. We. Had we had a little exercise, recently. Where everyone. We. Can do it over if everyone just is really really quiet play ten seconds. And. We do stuff like this click, this. Alright. Pop this. When. We tried said kick what did I just tap what was the first thing I did. You. Guys know this because you've heard those things. And. So one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Came. On selfish, amateurs, of man I got my 20s, they married official you marry perfection. You. Can't rid of the distractions in, life and you can listen to. These, super, super successful in life. We. Love you you're so capable so thankful, you here, we're making our lives, we're. Just we're you were making 700 bucks a month. School. It's. So fun you'll actually miss this time when you were super poor. Today. Is listen.

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