Branching Out Mobile Technology

Branching Out Mobile Technology

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Is we're. Going to talk about mobile technology I, want, to encourage you if you have a laptop a phone a tablet go ahead and kind of get it out, you. Might want to go ahead and connect to the, South Denver Wireless that. Way if you want to get out of that there's gonna be one little thing when I do that's, gonna require internet, so, your your. I'll. Just save you a little frustration, to go ahead and, be. Ready um. My. Name is Braden Lewis I am. An academic technologist. For see you online I. Am, one. Of the many roles that I do is, not, only create videos like you just saw but also in the, but almost, at blackboard, the. Canvas admin I also. Assess new technology, tool tools, not. Toys. And. Help, faculty learn. How to use these tools learn. How colleges, and business can use these tools for. Basically, any Cu online program. Or, an actual individual, course with the faculty. Well. Large part of my role is if you have a technology, need, or something that you're curious about, I'm, here to partner with you I want, to be able to help you with the tool to develop. A tool to, possibly. See if how King are. A little pilot working at the U on the state of technology how does it affect everybody else and so, a lot of the experiences, and I get out of these sessions that are talking about I've, come for me actually working alongside faculty, and students I'm, gonna see what actually works best in the real world, in. This, session we're going to be talking about branching, out into mobile technology. One. Of the most important, things about this is first to go through and say as faculty. You, guys are amazing to be teaching nowadays. Because. Unlike, before when, we did like remote learning, sessions, where, you set the exact material, to them and you know exactly what they had and exactly how they saw it we're, now in an age where you as faculty members have, no, clue what your students are actually proceeding. That they're doing you. Have some assumptions, that they're. Gonna use a desktop, computer with, internet in, the, word. But. That doesn't always happen and. So. Oftentimes when, you're teaching online. Is you, have to make a lot of assumptions and the reality is they, don't always come true because students could be doing any number of things and. So we live in an age where technology, is. Kind of bridging the gap of giving. Everyone options. And part, of that is with mobile technology. One. Of the things I'm going to first ask you is, when. You hear the word mobile, technology, what, do you think about. Cell. Phone well. And. So what tablets. I. Would say some things people talk is apps, so. When here mobile if they go oh I'm gonna use apps and. That's all correct um basically. What it comes out to is we. Live in an age where you have so many different devices like, for me right now I have a phone. In a laptop with all. Essentially, doing the same thing but, they all do it slightly differently. Before. We get started I'm actually going to jump into a Kahoot how, many of you have ever seen.

The Coot knowing it is got one two three okay perfect, um what. You're gonna be able to do this. Is an online quiz. By. Simply going. This. Pin right here at the top. But. It, doesn't necessarily give, away. Through. This information, the moon is the weather this is for an impersonal firearms. Hybrid, classroom, but if I have people at another campus not get, on. One people. Possibly. Either. We're. Going to the website any, type of device that had so. Implanted. Orbits, a Sun so go ahead if I could have everyone, go ahead and go to Kahoot comm get on the app and type, this pin number in here. So. Cute it. Has no, air. It. Does not have water. Can. Actually join in whenever you want I'm. Gonna start the quiz. Here's. The first question about the moon and. It's, going to pop up when. We call the moon when it's a 3/4, trip around the Earth then. You can have the ability on your phone to. Put in your answer so go ahead put, your you. Got a couple time left. We. Got a couple three four or five answers you see right here on the side of the answer. Times. Almost running up so we're going to get your answers in. Kind. Of like millionaire. All. Right so here's a number of people who got that all the answers aren't here. And. Then here's the leaderboard right now. Go. The next question. The. Icons in. Yes. All. Right here's, the number of people who got it get, to here to here 17, no, one thinks it's bright. Why. We. Got I got something clean out here. All. Right let's go to the next question. What. We call the moon when it's less, than, half. Skinny. To. Give a little background of this quiz right here I actually did not make this to do this. Is someone that someone else made and I just copied. Ie. You also can go through there create, your own quiz creator, all your own steps we, have. So. You can actually go through and find all the different quizzes you want or make your very own let's. Go on the next one. What. Does it train used to describe the moon as an unknown. So. You want to get smuggle. Keep. In mind this can be done through zoom if you wanted to just share your screen so everyone can see it they're on their phones you're. Not tied to any one location. Wow. So, everyone some. People think it's waxing. Why, not dimming. Someone's. Got to knock them off. Close. Freshers. On here's a question how. Long. Does it take the moon to revolve around the earth. Yes. This. Is really a tool that's meant for. Because. They get really into, it but. I also would say if you probably had a classroom with 100 students in this and in any college room it would get pretty intense oh. Wow. You got knocked off all the way. A broad question. The. Moon and Earth are different because. This. Is kind of a trick question. You, also explained. The answers afterwards so. You can leave everyone a mystery, get. That wrong, maybe. You should read your article again. So. Yes. We. Got a three in a row back on the bottom that's great. Another. Trick question. Now. Am I going to skip a couple of these questions because I think you guys have got an idea this. Is what I call the basics. Of mobile. Education. It. Is an exercise that, it, doesn't, matter where you're located doesn't. Matter what, you're using it doesn't matter, how. You go about it it's simply a way to review, what you've learned and to share it as a classroom and. So when aren't phrasing, what is mobile technologies. This, to me is best, example, of mobile, because. It really, is, saying we're want to share this, learning experience with, you regardless. Of where you're at from what you're using and. Then let's have a little fun along the way let's actually have a point systems with it, again.

If You want to try this with one of your courses whether it's on or even in a person of course I would, have courage to do it have fun with it have, whoever gets a top point points. Gets 10 extra credits or gets. To leave early, for some odd reason or go gets to go on a coffee run, I'm have fun of that they have a little, bit different experience. And. Of course the end time I might go back on here and claim. The. Results, of ten eight out of eight you're just showing off. And. Of course I can always go through there and save the results, so if I went through there I can, actually have the students for the real name and I could actually save the results and actually put this as, a gradable icon item if I wanted to. So. That was just kind of a small example of an, idea of what mobile technologies, is. One. Of the things that I'm wanting, to do is to be able to provide eventually, provide you more statistics, on mobile. And, different. Devices use, here on campus we. Don't have that data yet, but I'm hoping in time to be able to give that and possibly, for one day to be able to say here's, what the poor different departments, work here's, what the School of Nursing looks, like here's what. The school of. Architecture. Here. What type devices are most used right. Now I want to use this kind of as a very basic overview from pure research sooner that they've done an ongoing study, on the, number of mobile phone over ships over. Time in. A relatively, short time, twelve, years fourteen years we. Went from, normal. Just calling, on a phone right. Here to an end up twenty twelve to. Almost seventy percent of all those people had two smart phones I would, even say this is even higher but, this is pulling all adults, so this is not just having a phone it's having a smartphone, that, has apps and you're connected to the Internet area to multiple things what's. Even more interesting is when you look at other device ownership this. Is looking at the overall just to tap this statistics, of overall, US adults. What. Type devices do they. Tablet, computer has, jumped up I, would. Even say the most people have gotten rid of their desktop computers, and have, just maybe a laptop, or a tablet or, maybe, just a tablet so. We're getting closer and closer over this computer number is going, to eventually go down, and. We're gonna start seeing more and more devices that, are not the traditional type of devices, even. If you look at some of the products. Out there now a surface. Book. They. Are a tablet and a computer you're a hybrid you're kind of both and that's. Where we see a lot of technologies, of where you, can't make, the assumption that you have a student, with, an actual computer with a high speed er I have.

Amazed That I know students, that use a hotspot for their internet home. Netflix. On the hotspot don't, get it but, we have students out there that do that. Here. Is if you want to follow along you can actually type, this URL I have, an example course that I've set up of different mobile areas, you. Also I can add some more stuff down the road so. If you wants you on your phone or on, computers. You can actually go to this URL right now and self, roll into a course the. Course I've created is this kind of an empty shell showing you the different types of mobile who looks at you. Don't have to follow into this but. What I'm wanting to eventually do is use this course and build off of it and right, now it's at a very basic level but. In time I'm gonna build more and more advanced level more, and more tools like the food saying here's, some additional things that you can do on mobile in. This, course I, am. Going to be focusing, on here. Is what it. Looks like you're learning looks like using. The, mobile app so. What I want to focus on is how would it I want you to imagine your. Students, being able to take your course if they, only have a tablet, they, don't have a computer, they. Don't, have traditional programs they, just have a tablet. They have to dress yes. So. The Hat teacher at and. So. So. Here is a teacher app there's. Still as the parent app because that's for the K through 12 schools and the, parent they, also have what's called the polls app which. Is if you want to create custom polls for your canvas course you actually can do that and you can actually log in on the polls app and actually do live polling with that as well, so. There's three courses that three apps that you can actually go through and use. For. This particular, court. The session I'm just gonna focus on the student app so you can see what that experience is like but, at the very end I'll show some of the things within the teacher app as well. Um. When, you first log in on. The. App it, looks very different than what you're used to so. For instance if I go back over here. And. I'm looking at my mobile course. This. Is what it looks like when I jump in on a course, using. The web browser but. When I go on here, to, the actual. Tablet. It. Looks very much like this, so. As you can already see it's changed, how it looks like so, if you're telling students, oh just click on the top corner icon, it's. Not there, it's. Just kind of one of those things that you want to realize that, just because things. Look. The way they do on your computer doesn't mean they look the same for everyone else because. What they do with the mobile app is they basically convert. And translate, the information into. This mobile app so it displays and, although it's pretty here now.

Just Because you have this mobile app one. Of the things that I've actually found out is that most students, just. Use the web browser and. So. Even though I'm, on my tablet here I'm, just gonna log in I'm like on my tablet you can go straight to the course and. As you see this is gonna look just like you do in your web browser so. Even though I'm using my tablet I have two different options to. Look. At my course. When. You're looking at announcements, I think announcements, are one of the features if you don't use announcements regularly of course I would encourage you to use them is you. Can go through here and very, easily see, all your announcements, I can easily reply, back to it sending a message back to the instructor I. Can. Actually find the multiple Nationals over here I would see all the listener and I can navigate through there really fast and it's, very similar to look like if I was in the web browser. Clicking. On the announcement tool. But. You see how it translated. For how my tablet, displays right here and, how, much listener it looks on the app so. It just it translate. What you're seeing on there and does it one, of the most important things about mobile technologies is canvas. Is your friend um, canvas. Already does things that, makes it easy for it to display here and so, when you have people that create I should, say like that um when, you go through it and you if you wanna create your course and you add a whole bunch of custom, scripting. Your HTML. Files or. Tables, to display, items, in your course, it actually messes. This translation, up and. So one things that really encourage people is keep it simple keep, it direct and just, use the basic features of the campus don't try to go over the top to, make it look certain, ways because you actually end up hurting yourself down the road. Now. The one the common ways that I really, encourage people to navigate. Within their courses is by using the module section as the, one of the things that you'll notice right here in my mice in my app I've, actually taken away all the other options off you're off to the side so, you don't actually see the documents. You don't actually see the assignments, you just see announcements module, syllabus, print. This. Is just my personal preference, when I'm in canvas I only. Want them to see the information I want them to see if. I went into the teacher app I. Logged. In to the exact same course. I'm. Doing. What. Jesus doesn't happen so, I woulda login as the teacher app because. I'm a teacher and I have two roles I'm, actually gonna see all those additional options right here and. So one of the things that's important on here is I'm keeping it clean and organized what. They see on this side. But. If I log in as a teacher I'm gonna see all of those and in. Order to change this navigation, view it has to be done through the web browser does, anyone here know where you change that at. That's. One of the settings and. Navigation. And. So one of the things that I'm doing within the mobile is I'm wanting to think of head from the students perspective of. How do I simplify, what they're seeing so, they're not bogged down by the extra information.

So. I, am walking in through the web browser I've. Been the very bottom of my course in that settings. And. This is all of the invisible of those who have, our. Teacher at rights to the course. Hit. On settings and then click on navigation, and. This, is where yes. And, so what I what I'm thinking is is this not only does it clean it up for the web browser but, I'm mainly thinking, how do I keep it simple for in. This case keep a symbol for the web browser or for. The mobile app because. I just. Find. One of those weird people that I. Don't. Believe have just dumped everything in front of them and let them find it because. I think in that process they they get frustrated they lose time and they go how to suck a look but. My keeping it clean and crisp and they go exactly where they're going they know I'm, looking for course content of week one it's, in the module week one and. Every time that's where I go no that's, only sound attack that's in the file set it's over here right. There yes. Whether. It's Google Play or Apple just search for canvas. App or canvas. Or a structure, calm and, they'll. Be able to see the student the teacher or, the poll app. So. Let's go back into the student, as, I'm, saying on here I want to teach my students. That when I'm looking for certain information I want, them to always go to that module tab I wanted to go ahead and say here's that first module, and. It's gonna list all the modules in the course that are currently available for students, and so. That's showing my introduction, my mobile basics, or, it could be in your course week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 and, all, I have to do is select which module 8 1. Then. They'll see all of it for total, items inside of that course. Here. Is how you guys would normally see that logging in to your web course. I'm. Gonna click just click on home. Which. Is set to the modules page here's. My introduction, here's, my middle basics. And. Here's that and. So. It's showing the same information, but it's slightly different converted, just, said to be the. Mobile app friendly. Now. Let's actually look at what some of the items to look like. I'm. Gonna go ahead and I want to create a short, poll so any once you actually following the course you can jump in and see this and I'm just going to ask them a couple questions what devices do you currently own and. What devices do you use the most this. Is actually traded through a Google Form that I just embedded, into the page and, as you'll see on there it loads very cleanly and sits right in that page so, I can do a very quick polling online any device whether, it's web or app and it'll, loads perfectly, right here and that's. Simply just taking the embed code from Google and, putting it in here. So. If you wanted to get like a welcome course or if you wanted to give a sample survey, where are you located what, are your interests on how, many true majors or so on and so forth you can do that right here and some. And. It says right inside the course. If. I want to go back to the floor I can either click on the, next button down here or. I can go back again, and, click. On the poll result so, this looks very similar to how modules, work with inside of course you see that little Next button, the students can push through to get to the next area, so, I wanted to see that I can actually give the different poll results, on here. I still have shown the link of the results page if I, wanted to show that and. That's it this is your setting, put a graphic on here um. Canvas. Is automatically, rendering, the weather this graphic is showing up it's, doing the hyperlink, it's doing the text it's doing all that automatically, if, I have some tables on here and my shift things around a little bit by, just using the basic formatting, it's loading it just nice and clean and crisp right here. How. Would you get there. So. What I did here is I, created. A, Google. Sheets Google Form. And, I went in and, created. My base I'm actually show it right here. Yes. This is from a student perspective and. So this is how I created, the poll I went. Into my Google and I. Said I want to create this, mobile device form. And. So. Here's how I created, the, item here, here's, my questions, put all this in, yes. And so, then what I went ahead and did is exactly. Yes. And. Then I went and got my. Share. So. That's when I get my embed.

Code So. I created the form I went. In, to. My, actual page using my web browser click. On my Quick Poll I, entered. The page. HTML. Editor and just put that code right here. Doesn't. Exist so, I'm, gonna start here I'm just gonna go to new form, more. Forms. Yes. I'm. Giving a very evil, not no. Forms. Created, it I can, also go in here and say a baseball, here's a title that shows up here here's. My format on here, there's. A lot of more advanced features I'd go in here and I can change the colors of it I can change the style of it I can. Add photos, to it but. I just created a very basic here's, this one here click. Send and. Get my little embed code. Copied. It. So. Then I'm gonna go back into my course and. I'm, just going to start off and my it's gonna be my welcome introduction, module and. I'm gonna head on the plus sign over here and. I'm gonna say I want to create a new content, page that's, my quiz. Yes. So. Whoa under, the module that I want to create it I hit the plus sign. And. I'm, gonna do a new page and I'm just going to go and type in, the. Name of my page. Click. On what I just created, and then go and edit. And. Because. I'm using HTML. Code I'm, gonna click on the HTML code, editor. And. I guess that was a bad example a. Advance. And. So it brought in that link and. So, it took this code that is right, here for. The form and, inputted. This on right, here um. One of the reasons why I love Google sheets and there's actually another assignment that I'm gonna show in a little bit is because. Google sheets is free and it's. Available to almost anybody. And, it, allows people to have their own account that's a little bit different from the University, but. Being that said. Within. Office, 365, you, will see similar features to those, one. Thing I will preface with this is you. Have to be a you have to have a UCD, Denver email, account to access an office 365 5. Yes. So was a good. Starting place for not. Just having a place, to create a new form like this be, to start by going to Google, Drive because, I think that's your tab on your top left yes so instead of just saying, hey go to Google if the. Start place is For. You then you can click the new button and, decide what you want because, I didn't even know until actually, today it makes sense but I didn't know that you could get two forms, through. There instead, of just typing in form Stanford, comm so drive, is probably a good starting place question.

Mark For deciding, what content, you, want to create and then put in to. Your canvas so. I'll. Take that and say one of the things that, with. Google Drive that you can do is not. Only can you create and, present like right now I'm just showing my powerpoint on here but, I can also share, this if anybody, and so. If I just going to Google Drive, you. Automatically, will get like 15 gigabytes, of files that you can use then. I can create powerpoints. I can create word fliers, polls. And so by just by clicking on new here it, gives you the options to create Google Documents which is work, like word files on, Google sheets, which is basically Excel. Google. Slides PowerPoint. If. I click on more I can create Google Forms, which is polling, and surveys. Google. Drawings allows you to actually create small little graphics, you. Can also create sites, and maps. And they had other things that you can actually connect to, most. People who use Google Drive will use Google Docs. Slides. And forms those. Are kind of the big things on here but. You can also add any file that you want into this folder sharing to. Institution. Subscribes to, office 365 would, you say their qualities. They. Both work very well the. Problem, is you, have to have. An. Argument you can't share files outside of our domain so. A security, setting on our office, 365, is, that if I'm opening up to somebody else they. Have to have a login for us I just. Can't share to anyone and, I can type in someone's email address and, share, it that way. Honestly. It's. A matter of preference. Nowadays. With it comes to the collaboration, online, tools you. Really have three options and that's a Google office, 365. And iCloud. They. All pretty much have the same functionality, and. It really is what do you feel most comfortable with is, there holes like. Forums, equivalent, in office because I. You. Don't need you can just say. Yeah. Their office, five has about 40. Tools that's a little bit crazy. So. I'm gonna go back to the course I put, the code in here it's HTML, oh my, head just hit save and publish. To. See it I'm gonna see here's a sample poll right here and this, is showing right inside of, of the web browser and. So this is what it looks like from the web browsers review up here's, the poll hit. Submit here's the next buttons and then. Here's what it looks like again. From. The student app. Being. Able to see that. Yes. Yes. That's the same thing that you can do is just put the hyperlink on there and you click it and it opens up a new window and so, by embedding, it I'm going in. And. So. One. Of the thing on there is that's, a great question, the. Reason why office 365, is locked down to the domain is for FERPA it's. To make sure that people have access or are the people who has access, Google. Is wide open and. So it's one of those things on there to where what, you use in a collaboration, setting, especially, online, if it's, outside, of the canvas outside. Of the canvas if, it's outside of the LMS there's, really no track. It's. Just available now, I feel look at the log file but, it's not accurate and. So one of the things that you really want to make sure you do is, you want to make sure that people are aware of it's online it's, accident, accessible anyone can see it and, then you want to make sure your assignment is tailored to that it's. Also an example of that a little bit later but. It's one of those things on their door as long as you inform and you don't have them share personal information or, private information, it's, okay, one. Of the cases have had at a previous institution, is they. Were doing interviews. For therapy. And they, were sharing it through Google Drive I was, like no no no no no no you can't do that because, that is personal, and private information that's, all HIPPA, but, it's also FERPA, that, anyone just has the link and find it. Alright. So I'm going to go ahead on here, is I'm going to go back to introduction, I have too many things I'm looking no, I'm. Gonna, go on in the next section that I want to go through and show is discussion. Boards one. Of the things that I know students. Most used a mobile app for is actually discussions, and, something's going to show you real example what it real quick what, it looks like and so this is an old fashioned I don't know how many hours I've spent playing snake on this but, this is an old example, of I just went ahead and the.

Same Chart I showed you it's a discussion post now I'm. Going through and saying hey take, a moment look at this research growth opens. Up a webpage they. See that web page where I just showed the graphic where they can go through skin, this on here and then, they're gonna go back into the course and then, see my product down there oh so, you just read the article not respond and share it right there and, so this is all done from the app of going through seeing, a typical, discussion prompt and, just hitting reply and typing. It in. What. They also have the ability to do within the. Mobile. App is they, have the ability to not only have hyperlinks. Be. A website so I can go search on Google, Chrome copy and paste it on here but, I can also click right here on this attachments. And add. Attachment by clicking on this right corner. So. This can be using, camera, I can upload a file or I can attach it from my library and so, I can actually have files through my iCloud that. I can share with in my courses or I can take photos and graphics all, from, right here on my iPad, and. When. I'm done all I have to do is hit enter and then, my response is going to show up right, down there and. So this is just one of the things that most students, will do this because, they'll get it notification saying a new discussion words happen they'll be able to post a reply right here and it's done all right here. This. Is a look. I, have. To be on I have to be honest I am. NOT a fan I'm not a hundred percent a fan of the camp sack yeah, I think. It's great but. There are many things that I've constantly, like campus though it can fix this can, you get on this, it's. One of those things of they're, working on it they're showing it's getting better and better it's. Just it's a large part, and that's when I see students who will, go from here jump, into the web browser. It's. Actually. If you have a long thread have all the stuff on there the, entire page has to load and, so the browser is just gonna be just as slow as this, so. That's one thing to keep in mind if you're doing discussion, boards you want to make sure that you don't bottom down with. A bunch of audio files video files, everyone's post. Because. Then it gets mealy. And so. That's one thing to think about is if you keep it simple and direct with the mobile app it's, only going to make it better for all of, the experience.

Yes. Okay. So I'm like a newbie, all right so, forgive. My ignorance but so. If I went into discussion. And then I hit the plus sign it created a new discussion. Where. Would the subtopic, title where would that show under the discussion title, right, so from the faculty side. So. For so. This is what it looks like over here I'm going to switch back to the. Actual. Course again. I'm going through modules. What. I started off on here introduction, here's how to use a smartphone I hit, the plus sign and I wanted to create a new discussion, and. So, I'm adding a discussion post to that module page. And. So that's coming that's creating, it from the faculty, side and, then this is how it shows up on the students because, students are gonna see how to create assignments, or discussion post or all of that they're just going to see how to respond I. Don't. Want to be. Tied to that module you have to go into the module and create it from there you can't just click, on discussion, you. If you have a discussion options down here you could click on discussions, and go there do but, because I went through and just said she's showing modules, right here I took. The discussion, option away it's over here. Because. I wanted everyone to show up on the module section. One. Last I'm gonna show cuz I want to be respectful of time is I'm gonna go through and, show. What. A. What. It looks like with collaboration. One. Of the things I love about Google Documents, is that you can have multiple collaborate. On one document one. Of the things you'd be careful, of is in, order to use Google Documents on an iPad I have to actually download them. So. I put, a link on here saying click on this link and, you think oh you can open up but whenever the web window and I can type it on there on a tablet it's not gonna work so. If I click on this link right here it's gonna say hey. You. Want to make these edits on here you, got to download the app I can. View up I can't make any edits so. I create an online collaboration, tool. Using, Google sheets I actually. Won't, be able to do anything because, I had the first download yet and. So. I actually the. Way I had this set up right now is I, actually will download the app and it won't work because. I've, blocked, it and so, what I've done is by creating this I've create a barrier that's preventing a student from me able to access this and so, that's why you might be very careful, of when. You're creating, assignments. And, it's making someone download, an app or create, an account you. Want to be aware of actually explaining, you, will need to download this account you will need to download or create, this you. Want to give the instructions, what I call the helper tax that, allows them to be successful and, so what I would do is what I'm going through here and explaining, this I want, to be the very bottom down here say in order, to complete this assignment on an iPad, or mobile device you. Will need to download this account and Link, it to your along. Again and that's, gonna set them up for success because, otherwise you're gonna go it. Doesn't work I can't do it this, is stupid. So. Here's the thing I want to show through on this just because by, the time that we have left it. Is at 10:30. Or 10:00. I'm, actually gonna go ahead and jump into my Google Documents and, actually. Show you this document. 15:15. Yes. All. The time. Jump. Into this collaboration, document, right here um. What, I love about Google Documents.

And This is my selling point for this is if, you want to explore it what, this allows people to do is multiple. Can be typing on the same document, at the same time, so. I can create individual, responses, that everyone can see kind of as a group discussion or. I can actually create a group, assignment prompt, that everyone, can work on together. Now. What's good about this is it actually has, a revision, history so. I can see when things change so if someone goes in there and just eats everything I've, got a revision history undo and go back and find it but you, kind of do this as an idea if you create assignments, that, you want a phrase is available. For group work open for discussion everyone, can see this don't. Share personal information, unless you want to then. They have the option of doing this what. This allows people to do is, no matter what time they do this where, they're located they, can all contribute, into the same document, and this. Is done on either my, computer, or using the iPad right here and so. One thing that's great is. All. I have to do is hit on the Edit icon and I. Can edit all, I want right here someone. Can also be on the web browsers are also editing, the same thing and you, just kind of give it more of a a collaborative, feel back and forth if you're working together complete, assignments, and, so you're able to do group work online by. Doing using this tool. Recommend. A reason, to function. In canvas because I found that real. Um. The. Biggest thing is yes it's clunky groups, will always be clunky in elements, this. Is always going to be open and wide and free, that's. Dangerous it's, open wide and free and so, it's kind of one of those things you have to be more intentional on how you develop your courses, and then you have to understand, is this, gonna be something that you're, gonna sign this person in this part this person this part and they're gonna share it or, can I just create the assignment they do it send it in together and I've done. Because. It's. Like a fall group work you might have one person doing all the work yeah and. Because. The way this is done I can't really track who's doing all the work now you might be able to do some sleuthing and navigating. I. Know. This was a very basic, overview of, what. Mobile technologies, can look like to, me this is step one of about 50 that I eventually want to do and actually be more targeted um. I would encourage you guys if you have a chance if you, have a tablet or a phone grab, the app go. Into your course using your phone just, to see what it looks like just to see how this experience because. One day. We're. Going to be able to actually do a paper, assignment by. Submitting a URL. I'm. Just gonna throw that out there that's gonna scare some people but. I wanted to I could actually submit. Using. A URL so. On. My tablet I could actually type in Google sheets type it over use, that URL post, it right in here canvas, will take that import, it and allow you to grade, so. You can actually do your entire word processing. Without. Having an Apple computer I think. We're a little bit far off from that because I think that students are actually kind of wise to stay away from it well we're getting closer and closer them actually being able to do that. Yes. So. On the teacher I can actually go in, silence. Look. At papers, and. Be. Migrated oh I don't have this one set up right, yes. Speed grader is on the app and you can go through and actually great. Make notations and. Are. There any questions I know I just entered a very introduction. Of the mobile app there. Any questions, any, other things that can help before I just. Totally confused everyone. This. Course so. That there's a basic introduction like what I've just done here and then actually go through and say here's how you do this assignment here's how you do this assignment here's, how you actually use compute, here's, how you use sign reader here's how you use these different tools in our online and. They're all web-based, but they can integrate it also work here. And. So, it's it's definitely assemble. Your process. But. We're gonna have that available with the trends that we foresee you online it'll available for self-paced trainings that you can take and, to go through and do that um.

One Thing that I want to close out and, say is, one. Of the reasons why I love see you online, is our. Most important mission is to help us tackle so. There's any kind of experiencing. That you wouldn't try to do with mobile apps feel. Free to you know reach out to it and I'll be happy to have help with you one-on-one the. Most important thing about mobile technology is just because we can, doesn't. Mean we should and so. I want to be very intentional of actually of. Having a discussion and conversation and, saying what are you trying to do let's, find the right tool and walk through it all in a, way that's not gonna make your students frustrated, that's not going to make you frustrated and so, that is the absolute, most important, that mobile technology is. Usually what's gonna work and what's gonna make you successful. We. Are out of time, I want. To encourage you guys if you fill out the surveys let me know how terrible or how awesome I am if. You have any questions feel free to reach out to me and, I, hope you guys have a wonderful day and I suppose you thank you so much for being an amazing teacher. Um. I've. Been told that. That's. What I've been using.

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