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So. Far no, technology exists, that can control, what we believe or so, we believe. So. Our topic today is brainwashing, and mind-control. And, we're going to look at some of the technologies, that might be used for it or to defend against it but. Whilst be looking at some of the implications, this might have on civilizations. Far, away in space and time. Mind-control. Scares us for the obvious reason, that it's an invasion of the most extreme, and revolting, nature but, it's also so frightening because politically, and scientifically, speaking it's, also so plausible, we. Don't really go through life feeling that, mortal, or theft will be legalized, in the future but, few of a society, in which everyone has been brainwashed. Is one of the most common, themes of science fiction why. In. Part because of something we already have to deal with constantly, simply. By existing, in society, we are constantly subject, who attempts to manipulate sway. Or indoctrinate. Us some. Level of it is necessary, because children, need to be educated in proper behavior. Not just academic, knowledge but. We know how to bow that privacy and freedom, can, be eroded, away for, even apparently benevolent. Reasons and, we know there's no shortage, of non malevolent, folks to so. We could end up with a dystopian, nightmare again. Something common in science fiction and nowhere better done that in George Orwell's novel, 1984. A terrifying. Story 7, dystopia, of constant. Surveillance in indoctrination. Namie, sci-fi, novels, have such a huge impact that, they make a permanent impression on society, but even 70 years after its publication a reference, to 1984. Or the term Orwellian. Or Big Brother brings, an image of adult totalitarian. Control to mind regardless. Of whether or not one has read the book if, you haven't, I'd certainly recommend it you, can pick up a free copy of 1984. Today and also, get a 30-day trial of audible just use my link, slash Isaac, or texts Isaac - 500, - 500. Let's. Take a moment to better define what we mean by mind, control and what types of techniques, need to be considered, they, all of course levels. To the intrusiveness, of mind control at, the lowest level they were simple influence, like when parents educators, journalists. And others simply show and tell you things aimed at getting you to view things a certain way if. Those people are your only source of information, their influence, will shape your thinking for a long time, even, after you're away from them when. That influence, becomes more direct and is aimed at shaping, your political behavior it, morphs, into propaganda. Subliminal. Methods is quite, a broad category and it includes some well proven techniques, used in movies and advertising. And by post ways of speakers what, they all have in common is, that they exploit, the fact that we can only consciously. Process, part of the information we take in and much, of it gets processed only, unconsciously. We're. Getting into cysts or territory, with conditioning, and avulsion therapy, which, I'll call brain washing when they applied forcibly, all those stories like a Clockwork, Orange exploits benign. Socially, beneficial uses. Then. There was no hacking where, we directly alter, your thinking using either neuro chemical as all nanobots, by, reconfiguring, the neurons, you think with at. The highest level of Mind Control a new species could, be engineered or an existing one re-engineered. To simply possess or lack the cognitive traits of interest or of concern there's. No need to police or even forbid, activities, that no one is inclined, to do obviously. The, categories, in this loose Iwaki overlap, quite a bit and even there being six of them instead of eight or twenty is pretty, all betray most. Of the methods we'll discuss today oddly match, more than one of these descriptions, in. A society where my controllers, ubiquitous, and successful, you wouldn't really need a trakone Ian police state or constant, surveillance there's.

No Need to hunt for apples if nobody bells and indeed, citizens, will surveil one another if their. Neighbor expresses, an anti societal, thoughts they, will render assistance to him by contacting. The authorities the. Same way you or I would call an ambulance if our neighbor fell off, it's. Not betrayal, and they're not choosing loyalty, to the States over their friendship, with him they are doing him a favor and he'll thank them sincerely, when he gets home from his brain scrubbing, session after. All who, doesn't want a nice squeaky-clean. Brain. Not. A very dystopian, civilization. On the surface, in fact, the really disturbing thing is that it might appeal, incredibly. Utopian, it's. Likely everyone would be brainwashed, even, if only for things as simple as conditioning, to keep them from injuring anyone except, in desperate, self-defense, and to be courteous and not to steal behavior. As we already do all best to indoctrinate people into if everyone. Has that even, the supreme dictator it's, home to call that an evil empire of course. The idea is usually that the folks in charge are, exempt, from the conditioning, and, use it to enslave everyone, else even. For the other case though where, it is everyone, without exception the. Notion makes me rather queasy, and I doubt I'm in a minority there we. Have a term here for such civilizations, which is post discontent. Civilization. In contrast. To a post-scarcity. Civilization. This, is a fairly hazy borderline, much, like brainwashing, and indoctrination, forces, conditioning, children to act civilized but. The simple example, would be as follows in. A post-scarcity, civilization. People can get almost anything they want without, much trouble and have a lot of luxuries, in a, post discontent. Society, everybody, has been made very content, with what they have which. May be virtually, nothing you. Probably in doctor ate your kids in a post-scarcity, civilization. To avoid access, to like, wanting, their very own planet they, might still want one but feel embarrassed, to pursue that request or tell people about it for instance while. In a post discontent, civilization. They, might walk 16-hour, shifts, every day while. Coming home to a filthy rundown, hovel, and be, entirely blissful, about that, this. Is the concept, that truly, terrifies, us it. Goes beyond even feeling that it's better to die on your feet than live, on your knees is. The notion that you could be torn into a drone, who is entirely, happy with that existence, that, you could be totally oppressed. Enjoyed, about it this. Is doubly polymeric because, we aware of people for whom this is already, true particularly. For mild forms of it and because. It comes up often with artificial intelligence, to one. Of the most common proposals, for dealing with intelligent, machines is to make them so that they love their walk and that's, one of those thin hice areas, on the. One hand it's, certainly kinder to make an intelligent vacuum, that loves cleaning floors than one that hates it but on the other if, we were raising kids to enjoy being floor cleaners, I think, most of us would be pretty aghast, at that the. Analogy might be a bit iffy though forced. There is no reason to make a sentient vacuum, cleaner and, we do not react the same to being told a kid was raised to love being a doctor or astronomer. Second. There is also that line between compulsory. And encouragement, and the motivation, for it a lot. Of parents have some dreams in mind for their kids but, they are really compulsory. And typically, done for that kids benefit, or perceived. Benefit, anyway all. Objections. Tend to come when it feels like they went beyond encouragement. Or wasn't, really about the child's, best interest, a lot, of us end up following those parental, dreams and Lovett's, I can't, even write my own name down without being reminded I do but. That doesn't mean we are compelled, to do it or that the motivations, for that encouragement were bad in, a wider context. Picking, your kids profession, has been more the rule than the exception historically. Of course, there's a reason why we disapprove, of that nowadays, it's. One of the reasons I tend to dislike the notion of creating, artificial intelligence. With preset, motivations. We picked with our own best interest in mind not its own I think, there is a genuine, difference between, creating an AI to be a happy vacuum, cleaner and booney, a bunch meant to pilot probes after, space who, are on course to want to do that but, still given a choice and.

A Real choice to not, you, don't have to pilot the probe but if you say no you'll, be scrapped, or used to run a sewage treatment plant. Fundamentally. You just avoid building something with any more intelligence, than it needs and thus, avoid much, of the problem, as being, built to a task for that requires and elegance in judgment. Then being built for the purpose of passing Buttle, and for some reason being, given sentience, for this task. I. Think, you need informed consent, and enough leeway in the encouragement, that, alternatives. Are both available and, attractive. Using. That probe example, let's, say we've raised a bunch of artificial intelligences. To run opposed to other walls one. Reason to do that might be because you want to be sure that if they get out into deep space fall. From supervision, they, don't go off the rails and decide to exterminate some alien planet or Park in our solar system and stop, manufacturing warships. To come back and conquer earth you. Have guidelines for what you want them to do and not do while they're out fall from off but, you want them small so they can make good decisions and, have some flexibility. To pick those and carry them out in. Such a case being. Absolutely, so and they will not break one of those key rules is not only preferable, but, all quli the best moral, action, let's. Humanize, it though say, we will launch a man ship instead with a crew not, folks we've ace from both or anything regular. Astronauts, who entered a program voluntarily. And, enthusiastically. But. We tell them the final step is they have to submit to indoctrination. To follow certain guidelines, very. Extreme, indoctrination, essentially. Unbreakable, not, weode or secret guidelines either once, they've been taught about during. The entire program, they, don't have to submit to the indoctrination but, they don't get on that ship, if they don't no, other coercion, they might get picked for another program they can leave for a new career they, won't be blackballed, or marked for refusing, but, no indoctrination. No, voyage, we've. Decided we simply can't risk sending out explorers. Who might however unlikely, decide, that the plant they found out there with life on it should be conquered, sterilized. Or even visited, and, we need to be sure of them because when they are light-years away we, have no way of enforcing that policy, tricky. Ethical case because, it was all voluntary. They, knew what the rules and guidelines for the mission wore from day one and agreed to follow them and eh don't you trust me defense isn't, exactly, reasonable, because it's not them arriving, at that alien planet it's them spending, a big chunk of their life in stressful, travelling conditions in isolation, before arriving, there if. I send a bunch of CONUS off for 40 year journey to, colonize Alpha Centauri but, with the caveat, that if they find so much as a microbe, on that planet, they ought to scrap that plan, I'm, going to have my doubts about if they'll stick to that this. Is the problem we, know the mind is programmable. At least to some extent and, we, know we'll get better at it and we, know there are some very good reasons to employ it ethically. I would, much rather tell, a kleptomaniac, that, they could just be brainwashed, into not wanting a steal anymore and, go home tomorrow then, stick them in a cage for a year an expensive. Cage - and. So long as they've been given a choice and both choices are reasonable, I don't see the problem a, coercive. Ultimatum, like towing them it would be life in prison or brainwashing. Is different. And so, is an unreasonable, option, like, being brainwashed above, and beyond and negative behavior so, they couldn't lie or do anything selfish, anymore he. Stole and so his option is to take the usual and reasonable. Punishment or, have that specific bit of him adjusted, so he won't repeat that behavior it's. Difficult, to argue his treatment, is unethical, in, such a case tied. Into that we, already do a lot of voluntary, behavior, modification. And while, one can argue about how effective, hypnosis is people, who pay for it generally, assume it is effective, which is what matters for the ethics, of it similarly. Whether, or not a medication, designed, to break an addictive habit is 100%, effective or just, how most folks is not all major concern, there, is not much difference in between taking a pill that makes you inclined to quit smoking and reduce, the urges voice is one that absolutely and, instantly.

Removes The desire entirely. Except. That the latter will, sell a lot better the. Ethical, issue there is if them taking, it was a voluntary and, if it was full ante informed, consent, they, knew what, and all of what it did including. Side effects no. Secret, additional effect of making you ultra loyal to the regime to, some. Folks might want to outlaw that or, these control, it prescription. Only or only administered, by a doctor so, someone couldn't slip it to someone else but, they would certainly be a big market, for such voluntary, mind control most. Of us would still be cause such scenarios, Whaley but, wouldn't call that brainwashing. The, effect was reasonable, and they chose to do it there, was no coercion involved, or at least no unreasonable, caution. For the prisoner, example, we. Have to contemplate high otech scenarios, for this though ants, could to set on more ground walk forced, their you either agree, with the reasoning thus fall and why or do, not and why, not, giving. Someone a scientifically, formulated, aphrodisiac. And giving, them some love potion brewed, up by a medieval which show alchemist is identical. Ethically, if the, person administering them believes, both walk it. Doesn't, matter that the latter is just sucrose, and water any, more than you shooting someone with a gun full, of blanks is, okay if you thought the ammo was genuine, when you pull the trigger that's. Important, to keep in mind because for, instance right, now we, invest a lot of money into marketing and advertising, and that, includes research to make it more effective which, is blatantly, an attempt to influence your behavior and, mind this. Is mostly viewed as ok though as is, just influenced and people. Know they're being influenced. And to what end and why and, they, can resist, it and the folks doing it believe that, to the. Game might be a bit different if some computer, was exactly, telling a message to you as an individual, and with such effectiveness, you had no realistic way, of not doing what they desired, that's. Part of the perceived danger, of various, technological approaches, visited, in science fiction they, all seen as not being resistible, either, because they oh not, all we have no experience, identifying. That method of influence, or countering, it for. Few more clone is an attempt to influence people, but we know it can't detect it obviously. The effect is mild wouldn't easily resisted, if one wishes to but. Many would be different, you might not know you might not be used to it and you, might not be able to resist it even, if you wanted to there. Are so many avenues to, chemicals. Visual, stimuli, pheromones. Hormones. Subliminal, messages and so on indeed. Pretty much anything, connected to your brain to, feed it nutrients, or data can, be used to influence someone's, thinking and the. Higher the bandwidth, the more subtly, or thoroughly. Or quickly, one can do it vision. Is very high bandwidth, millions. Of bytes of data a second, fall, too much for your conscious mind to process and, thus, particularly. Vulnerable to sneaking, something through such, as subliminal, messages, so. Imagine something even, more high bandwidth, and to which we have no neurological. Biological. Or cultural, defense against, this, will be the brainwashing, ray, or direct, implants, into the body the. Typical DNA or RNA in, a microbe, or virus, already, has an awful lot of data in it too so, what tail or virus, or pathogen, need, not be limited to simply screwing with your biochemistry. It could contain images, we. Get an example of something similar in our stro Reynolds novels chasm, city and absolution. Gap with, something called an in doctrinal, virus, that, can infect someone and give them visions, or predispose, them to believe something not, just screw them up chemically, and, you would only have to limit yourself to just one virus either you. Could infect someone with a whole slew of viruses, each containing, different chunks of data we, could also send in nano machines to do such a thing, needless. To say if you've got no implants, already nor, laces, in your head or machines, to augment mind or body you. Are even more vulnerable to, very high bandwidth, attacks such, as neural hacking, and your, brain is quite susceptible to electromagnetism. So, while the brain controlling rays or fields of classic sci-fi are rather, naive, about the implied complexity. It is, probably, possible, we. Do want to be careful though because these new methods, aren't necessarily, any more dangerous than existing, ones except. In being unfamiliar, and Moore's investigated, we, can get familiar with them and our defenses can be sophisticated too, we've. Been dealing with felis of mind-control drugs, or devices for generations, and with computer viruses for decades, and, while those are legitimate concerns.

Nobody's. Brainwashed, everyone, or hacked, everyone's computers, so far defense. Has been slow to improve, but it has kept up it's. Likely to be a big market in the future though you. Buy things to enhance the mind or improve it hardware, or software and. You, buy things to protect the mind and people, will tend to avoid a lot of new technology. Till it's been tested out they are walking for a while you. Might want the newest and best brain enhancing devices, but hesitate, because of cost and unknown risks, you, don't want the buggy or vulnerable, new stuff or to be offline waiting, for a patch. Beyond. That we have the concern of something radically, new getting, in before we can defend against, it or, something, developed, and deployed in secret by some shadowy, group but, will mostly boyd about the slippery, slope of good, intentions. That's. A very legitimate, concern and the, scariest part about it is that technology is, dangerous, and, brainwashing. Is actually, one of the best defenses, against. Dangerous, tech as an. Example one of our big concerns is. Someone might develop a way to make nanotech, or 3d, printers or replicators, that can make just about anything, from a blueprint so. Someone could make a doomsday device or, super, virus in their basement, any. Crazy single lunatic, could, wreak havoc on us or even destroy us all just. One lone wolf if. A shadowy group or totalitarian government. Controlling us is a threat, alesis, usually assumed to be somewhat, sane just, villainous, but, we've no shortage of individuals, who are crazy and the idea that any one of them might kill us all could, drive a society, to want to limit such technologies. The. Alternative, to such limits on tech is limits, on minds instead. Imagine. If we felt the only way to keep us all safe would, be to all get mind scan for dangerous, tendencies, and controlled. To prevent them, these. Could still be somewhat voluntary, and customizable. - you. Might get everyone an implant, prevented them from engaging in mass morale but, you might let folks pick between a range of options, instead and based on their security risk, you, can't law in certain Sciences, without agreeing to be conditioned, against using them for certain purposes, or teaching, them to others without permission you.

Cannot Operate a 3d printer or trained to use one without agreeing to be conditioned, not to use make, or distribute, banned or restricted templates, you. Might get to select between being, conditioned, to be nonviolent, or being able to pick instead to have your mind scant occasionally, for instability, or be, followed by a drone that watches, you some. Folks might before conditioning, to not do something they, really don't want to do anyway if that exempted. Them from privacy, intrusions, this. Raises the slippery slope issue even. Assuming such a civilization isn't, already off the cliff and over, the more event horizon, but, also raises, one of the weirder for me paradox, solutions, with. The Fermi paradox the. Question of why the universe, seems absent, of other intelligent life even, though it is ancient and immense we, always have a problem why civilizations. Don't spread out common. Suggestions, are that they can't because, space travel, might be impractical. Or because, civilizations. Kill themselves, off or, because, intelligence. Is just super, rail, alternatives. Tend to focus on why civilization. Might not want to spread out to the galaxy, a point. I once raised in discussing this is that it doesn't matter if most people in a civilization. Don't want to colonize the galaxy because. Some, of them probably will and if, it is practical, to do so then, it only takes a handful, of people in a civilization, any civilization, to, colonize, the whole galaxy, unless. You are willing to flat-out blow, up any county ship that tries to head out of your system it really doesn't matter if most of your people don't want to colonize, the galaxy but. If your civilization feels, that limited my control, is the only way to keep everyone safe colonization. Could, get to be rather dangerous to, you all. Those folks elsewhere separated. By decades, or centuries of light lag or hold, to model, or reinforce, the conditioning if, it weakens or to do anything about it if they skip off-track, remember. This could be a real danger, too, it's possible, just one, person, could make a doomsday device you can't defend against, and, such a thing could be manufactured, at Alpha Centauri and sent, back to auth - one. Colonist breaking their conditioning, might be able to walk over to the Kony's 3d printer and a, minute later have a device that lets them take over their whole colony, and send back a genocidal Almada, - authe and all its colonies, -. Alternatively. A solar, system is a big, place and we've, seen how many people you can put in one and how long you can extend a lifetime, of a Sun or protect, yourself from natural, threats you. Might feel that is more than enough and more than safe enough and, if such technologies, exist they, mess with our exclusivity, issue with the Fermi paradox, we. Often toss out for me paradox, solutions, not because it's improbable, a civilization, might do something but, because it's improbable, every. Civilization, would space. Travel wouldn't seem exclusively. Limited to peace-loving aliens. Who dislike me in primitive cultures or, don't, like to interfere with them so, solutions, reliance, on aliens, stay away from Earth out of disinterest, or principle, non-interference. Don't, walk well even, though many would probably do one or both, however. If technologies. Exist which are ultra dangerous, and can be easily created, by any one person that's. A threat every, civilization, would have to deal with and not, me solutions come to mind indeed. That would seem like your options, are extinction, or mind, control though, I would imagine or at least hope that there were some alternatives.

If, They are war not you. Might easily have a universe, that was full of nothing but isolated, mind controlled Ward's as islands, in a vast or sea of empty or dead ones, nobody. Expands, out much for safety and nobody. Talks much because there's not much to gain from doing so, it, does, enhance risk, including. The risk that another civilization might, think your seed two controllers weren't good enough and, come by to enhance, it with better mind control of their own or, just wipe you out the. Potential gain new, technologies. And new ideas new. Science, or art or philosophies, where we tend to view as the big boon of meeting a new civilization, is, probably not very attractive to them since, those could rock they're very fragile boat, I don't. Think this scenario, is too likely indeed, I tend to suspect that we will constantly be improving all, of our countermeasures. For dangerous, new technology, right along with that new technology, but, it drives home the point that mind-controlling, technology, is potentially. Very seductive, even, to civilizations. That are pretty benevolent, and free, of corruption even. Annoying how easy it is a slide into, a totalitarian. Police state or ironically. Even worse a totalitarian. State that, doesn't need police any more it's. A really scary thought and for, that reason one, popular, one fiction foam, films like Clockwork, Orange - books like la vie is the giver or Huxley's, brave new world, or sci-fi, episodes, like Star Trek the next generations, chains of command or, Blake 7 we, see a lot of authoritarian. Dystopias. That, use such methods and, often. Arising, from good intentions, the. Big brother of all these fictional walks though the one that inspires so many others and tomans we regularly use nowadays like, Big Brother is George, Orwell's, 1984, and. It really paints a portrait of how you don't even need sophisticated, technology. Or, a contrived, plot for, how the grim authoritarian. Essentially, invincible, police state can arise I, also, find it rather grimly, amusing, that the book has often been banned, in various times and places as subversive. Or corrupting. A very. Influential, walk as mentioned, and when adapted, to film or TV quite, a few times often, quite well - though, as usual the book is better if you haven't read it I certainly recommend, doing so and you can pick up a free copy of 1984. Today just, use my link in the episodes description, Slash, Isaak, or text, Isaac - 500, - 500 to, get a free book and a 30-day free trial, and that book is yours to keep, whether you stay on with audible or not. So. A pretty grim topic today but an important, one next. Week we'll be looking at something rather more upbeat as. We start off the earth 2.0. Series, by, looking at see studying. Making artificial, islands and we'll, move on a couple weeks later to explore Depot seized with, colonizing. The oceans before. That though we, were toned the generation, ship series to, contemplate, how you would keep a cultural, strong and stable on such, a ship over the mini millennia it might need to exist to achieve its mission and just. How long such a ship could be deployed in all. Of a million years as, a. Last, note we've talked to occasionally of doing an end of the month livestream for Q&A and we'll be doing our first one this upcoming Sunday, September 30th. At 2:00 p.m. Eastern, 1800. UTC will. Continue during a monthly livestream after that there will figure out the time dates, and show format as we go for. This first time though it will be this Sunday afternoon and I hope to see you then. Fool, Louis when those and other episodes come out make, sure to subscribe to the channel and hit, the notifications. Bell and if, you enjoyed this episode please hit the like button and share with others, until. Next time thanks, for watching and have a great week. You.

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more snacks, more futurama

I don't know whether I'm more disturbed by this subject or my strange new desire to drink coke while eating Oreos dipped in Popcorn! I mean, where did that come from?

Picking up a copy of 1984 on an Amazon owned site... it's not every day that I watch something that makes me literally laugh out loud.

Great stuff!

12:45 hypnotoad 14:59 get a drink and snack! 15:52 get a drink and snack! again 16:17 if brute force isn't working you aren't using enough

Funny, I'm hungry for popcorn and snacks after watching this week's episode.. Hey, Arthur, think you could brainwash the president? He's talking quite dirty about women last couple of years or so, and needs his brain washed...

Animal Husbandry is not Rocket Science. The technology is thousands of years old...

2:51 I see what you did there. :p

oh dang! they found a rough sex fantasy in my brain scan. two years with a rape avoidance drone.

Happy Arthursday Everyo... ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!

I plan on going into marketing and computer science LOL I guess I should watch this and take notes

Am I the only one who was hypnotized at 5:15 and stared vacantly at his monitor for 6 hours afterward?

The first rule of security: "You don't have it." The second rule of security: "You can get more of it by expending exponentially increasing resources to get ever-decreasing marginal gains." The third rule of security: "The harder you fight to try to have it, the more likely it is to blow up in your face." The fourth rule of security: "The best security is not becoming a target." The fifth rule of security: "Nature targets everything." The sixth rule of security: "You are your own worst enemy." The seventh rule of security: "No one gets out of life alive." The eighth rule of security: "Sanity is overrated." The ninth rule of security: "I am not authorized to explain the ninth rule of security, and you wouldn't understand it if I did." The tenth rule of security: "There is no tenth rule of security."

4 options for the near future 1] gangs in ruins 2] killing extra humans when enough automation 3] going to pre-electric time 4] OK due to better values and control. Details: 1] Likely but unintentional. Already starting at some places in the world. Reasons are bad values and lack of control. 2] Intentional. Prevention would be implementing automation rather than only developing to change the current system into a better one allowing rational use of resources and power. 3] Intentional way to save the power over the world. Lots of victims. Unlikely to happen. Some religions want it or predict it. Similar event already happened in the past. 4] Better values are: 01) Safety 02) Health 03) Longevity 04) Creativity 05) Clean environment 06) Progress 07) Birth control

I always look forward to your videos. Something to chew on all week.

3 options for the far future 1] Only machines left 2] Nothing is left 3] Total control Details: Technology is going to be like a mine field. Only total control can save humans. Transforming into machines may also result in loosing human purpose and in gradual functionality reduction.

At 8:02, why is it that the picture of ARTHUR C Clarke bears the red x? Who's the guy to the right?

If you read the book make certain you read the appendix. It makes it clear that NewSpeak and Big Brother is now a matter for historians


The future can be like this Options 01) The media educates communist values in people ​​and humanity passes to socialism. 02) Does not educate If the media does not educate people Options 01) People listen to instructions of devices and gradually pass to socialism 02) If not, the gangs in the ruins with the transition to the previous era With the gradual transition to socialism Options 01) The power agrees with the leadership of science 02) If not, then arranges apocalypse according to the script for transition to the pre-electric era, destroying all accustomed to comfort and leaving anti-progressive sects and people from jungles unfamiliar with the progress as serfs. It is a repetition of history. At the management of science progress reaches a dangerous level requiring strict control over people Options 01) People agree to microchip implants 02) Refuse If people refuse Options 01) Mankind has been destroyed 02) Coming of Antichrist with forced microchip implants 03) Survivors become cyborgs to adapt to complex conditions gradually evolving into machines If microchip implants are accepted, people live like cows on a farm, under the supervision of machines, before fully automating their productive activities. With full automation, people live like animals in a zoo under the supervision of machines, sufficiently preserving the human form for an indefinitely long time. If only machines are left on earth Options 01) Fighting with each other 02) Uniting into one machine, which can then become a sophisticated structured crystal to save resources by passing to the state of minerals, reducing its functionality.

When I was in high school, I struggled to stay motivated to put forth the effort to learn. I probably would have volunteered for some version of mind control to fix that problem.

Mate looking better. This one was a shiver up the spine. Keep it up.

I found myself wanting a drink and snack around 15:00. By 15:54 I needed one. Am I the only one?


+1 for Ayreon

Control the worlds media. Control the world. Simple. You need to read up more on media and social theroy. Start off with hypodermic needle theory and work your way up. Then branch off into gramscis theory of hegemony to realise how screwed regular people are arfg.. ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!!

I think we should exterminate any male that thinks it's ok to have a top knot.

Hasn't genetic re-engineering happened before? The earth chronicles state that the Annunaki did so several times until they had an acceptable slave race and after they didn't need us any more, they had to install kingship after they granted us our own civilisation so they and their descendants could rule us mundane folks? We have shame, guild and no selfesteem, wich results in unczrtainty and ego issues. Phycho's are better at climbing the social ladder because they will literally go over death bodies to get to their goals.

Strange, I feel an uncontrollabe desire to subscribe to audible

Mind control is one of those technologies that we will wait until practical before making laws or regulations, and by then it will be too late. The answer t0o the Fermi Paradox is that all technologically advanced civilizations eventually destroy themselves.

What's wrong with wanting my own planet?I will name it Planet Scott.

Must. . . buy. . . coffee mug. . .

“Listen,” said Ford, who was still engrossed in the sales brochure, “they make a big thing of the ship's cybernetics. A new generation of Sirius Cybernetics Corporation robots and computers, with the new GPP feature.” obviously marvin was a failure and surprises us all by not conquering the universe. How far do we take the conditioning of behavior? should we draw a draw a line at forced sterilization?

somehow after under 5 minutes, i paused this and watched futurama. wonder why :P

No matter how advanced AI get, it will never become sentient. That is reserved for biological life forms. Should it ever become sentient, then it will no longer be artificial. Then I will be worried. Until then ,we have only evil people to fear.

7:05 "What is my purpose?" "You vacuum the floor" ".... Oh My God :( "

Remember Dr. Yueh? Conditioning can be broken. Scary given your scenario.

All glory to the Hypnotoad! Brought to you by INGSOC.

So what if I'm happy going to low pay work without health insurance then coming home to my disgusting hovel. There is something to be said for being thankful you know. All hail hypno-toad

I'm a fairly optimistic guy but there is one scenario that I haven't been able to reason myself out of. Knowing that statistically a very small percentage of the population has always been born psychotic and act without reguard to others - while on the other hand the cost and the access to the technologies like genetically modified super viruses will at some point be within the scope of knowledge of the general pubic - it seems its simply a matter of When not If those two lines of probability will cross on a graph. ---- Anti-virus or perfect species wide adoption of mind alteration technologies at first sound like the only potential solutions but it only take one person who doesn't go along with the program to make them ineffective - and thats just one example using genetic engineering. How long until those two probability lines cross? In 1 generation? In 3 generations? Hard to say. Would love for someone to offer a rock solid solution that solves those two probabilities.

I second your concerns. We've managed to keep nuclear incidents to a minimum, but what happens when all it takes to wipe out 2/3rds of the population is a dozen programmers and engineers building a self-replicating paperclip maximizer?

Great video!!! love your work. Also, I think I need to buy a cawfeee cup for some reason? Odd...

Hypnotoadz ;)

I'm kinda surprised you didn't mention one of the better examples of why mind control is bad in scifi. Serenity, the Firefly movie.

I couldn't finish 1984 or handmaid's tale. Too bleak for me.

Make Orwell fiction again!

I love how this channel always takes a look at the ethics when relevant, besides the technical concepts and their consequences.

Sunday...GDex this weekend in columbus

This got me thinking about some reaaaall twisted ideas, like brainwashing, especially in the collective sense seems to ensure it's survival and spread like a plague, much like in 1984.

Looking pretty svelte, Isaac. Have you been hitting the gym lately?

And the interesting thing is we already seem to have something to "brainwash" or teach criminals with, namely scientific stoicism. Seems Lawrence Becker confirmed the foundations of it in 1998 in _A New Stoicism._

RELIGION is a perfect example or mind control/brainwashing

This explains a lot of politics.

I liked brave new world a lot more than 1984. Television and religion have been exercising mind control on the masses for a long time. Big food companies do research designed to maximize the addictive properties of their specific products. So you don't just crave a hamburger, but a McDonald's hamburger. I've always tried to teach people to find meaning in their work, to put a honest effort in, ,take pride in a job well done, take 5 minuets from your day to make someone else's day easier, and try to be better tomorrow that you were today. I've trained about 300 hundred people as cooks over the last 25 years. Some of these people have thanked me not only for the skills I've taught them, but the ideas as well.

The 1984 clips used are from the old, 1950s version, which is a seriously inferior version of 1984. The version made in the year 1984, is the film to watch, if you are not planning to read the book. I highly reccomend skipping the old one, and watching the new one, starring John Hurt.

On advertising being only influence and therefore okay. One big caveat: people with cognitive deficiencies (like my wife with a TBI that includes frontal lobe damage), don't have the ability to discern they are being coerced. There are a significant number that fall into this catagory... and an even larger number of us are just stupid.

There was a total of 7 images that popped up. 2 at around the 3 minute mark. 1 at the 12 minute mark 2 at the 15 minute mark and one at the 16 minute mark. These are the ones I caught there may have been more. Great concept as always!

You should have mentioned Yevgeny Zamyatin's 'We', another good book which inspired '1984'.

has anyone seen this?

Ha ha ha . *FYI : Next month i will do a Review of METROPOLIS ( 1927 ) .* I will start reviewing old Horror and Sci-Fi movies next month .

This does assume free will exists and we don't already act as robots already and just trick ourselves into thinking otherwise.

Hopefully the anti brain washing patch is cheaper and more convenient than the brain washing. If the brain washing is as simple as having some Joy and the precaution is brain surgery, we'd be some happy few.

What's the difference ethicly between a population that's been secretyly indoctrinated to become drones or choose to do it to themselves? Not a whole lot in my opinion.

Some of it is very good from this team headed by Issac Arthur but unfortunately it is very American with its “integrated” advertising (“integrated” vocalised in a particularly nasal way mind you [like a robot may]) :D ;)

Man, I couldn't stop thinking about Ghost in the Shell and Psychopass during this. GitS's first season/movie is about brain hacking, while Psychopass is about thought policing through brain scans.

hey guys, I have come up with a couple of ideas that seem to be good ones, I want to sale these to NASA, yet it doesn't seem to be possible to actually connect the sale!!, do you guys know of a unconvoluted way to speak with some one at NASA, so to actually sale the idea??

excited for the live stream! hope i can make it

Double Plus Good.

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation has a lot to answer for..

The Loony Left is great at Indoctrination Brainwashing.. and its starting in kindergarten..

I really want frog legs in a mug all of a sudden...

If there are any microbes on Mars, I hope they are only discovered long after we have a foothold there.

Isaac, I am not sure it is not the fact that I have watched almost every video you've ever made, but it seems you are getting better control of your speech these days. :D

Read, "This Perfect Day" by Ira Levin. You can find it free in pdf.

brilliant Isaac.. what's your take on Military experimentation.. btw thanks for your service..

Youtube videos are a form of mind control for the like button.

Schools, All News/Media, Montauk project, all advertisements, doctors, lawyers, big pharma, & triple layer toilet paper

For some reason I feel the urge to like and share.

Popcorn, coffee, oreos, and soda I think I may be pregnant.

This drug is essentially mind control - World's Scariest Drug by Vice

That is some crazy stuff. Im real glad its not more popular.

Just imagine the product placement potential for advertisers once sophisticated virtual reality becomes available. Instead of just showing James Bond being cool driving an Aston Martin, you get to BE James Bond feeling cool and driving an Aston Martin. Your eye might casually slip to the label on the vodka bottle as the bartender makes your vodka martini – shaken, not stirred – and the VR set triggers all your pleasure receptors as you take a sip and put your arm around a beautiful woman wearing a designer dress. Of course, you'll just happen to notice the label on the dress as it slides to the bedroom floor in the next scene...

Jeez... I suddenly need a drink and a snack. It just suddenly came over me.

I saw that drink and snack subliminal thing but I had already had you beat by eating and drinking before this.

Happy Arthursday, and happy 6k until 300k!

Great video as always !

Tiny suggestion. When using your camera you might want to put the script a couple feet behind and slightly above the camera as your eyes look thoughtful rather than drowsy when reading it. In this case I think the script was on your monitor, but the suggestion stands.

So this episode brings to mind anne mcaffery's shell people such as the ship who sang and your take on that technologies

to some extent, yes. they are conditioned for service as Couriers...they need to be, when you think of it. doing that kind of job a normal person might change real fast in least desirable way.

Very good philosophical quandary, showing pro's and cons as well as presentation from a neutral stance. Thank you for reminding me weekly why I'm subscribed to this excellent, well thought out, content. :)

If you want to stop pickpoketing it is not enough to brainwash people. Most people don't steal because they like it but to make the money they need. Would it be ethical to program that persons brain so he can't steal and watch him starve?

most are pickpocketing 'cause it's easier than honest day work, and it gives them a sense of rush, like a drug. some are thieves from sheer spite. it is a gray area where aplication of brainwashing tends to hit the wall of moral, law and misinformation.

There are four lights!

Foia mind control document inquiry atifa

this episode sucked


this already happens in china

and in all totalitarian states. that sucks. not this episode :)

So you found me start talking about the Democratic Party

I had to pause to leave a note about AI, autonomy, and morality: The way you do it is you develop the AI in a sim where progress, or escape, from or within the sim is based upon developing ever higher and more refined ethics and goals. It would be similar to the thought that humanity will never really get off Earth until we set aside all our differences and act as a united species. Likewise, you develop an AI in an evolutionary sim where constraints have been laid down that specifically let it advance to a new stage, or escape/graduate from the sim altogether, only when, as a result of it's evolutionary experiences, it develops higher standards of morality. Unless it learns some incredibly complex methods of deception, this system ensures that AI develops a conscience.

Is it possible to make morally better that human AI? Without indoctrinations and brainwashing, giving a bad situation a chance, humans tend to slip to immoral side too fast. What would have to be done for that kind of AI "programing" to work on human(s), as individualy or society as a whole? Knowing how much propaganda (morally false and good) is used to shape human minds and way of thinking, is it possible for us to achieve level of conscience where we all think of ourselves as of one race and work for the better of it? Certain situations in life can be looked upon as some sort of "restraints" you mentioned, Pan Darius. No wonder some people believe we all live in Matrix. :)

Isaac you might like the book " A Deepness in the Sky. " by Verner Vinge.

State ran media NBC, ABC, CNN are the old method of mind control, Where now Google and Facebook are the new way to control your mind. Google is backed by the government, Microsoft was hit by an Anti-Trust suit to pave the way for Google. was dethroned by Government backed which was created on government servers at a government owned university. Google has already stated it can control people though social engineering. Cambridge analytical uses covert manipulation to control peoples emotions. has already conducted emotional manipulation of users time line. The ultimate goal is for people to believe in AI. AI is a manipulation of people to allow programmers (google) to get away with bad behavior and blame it on the AI. AI allows for a small group of people who are writing the code for the AI to have total control and power.

Jesus i cant help it, i just love your content.

Double the title to Russian

OK so if me and the human race lives in a simulation, what happens when we have the technology to make are own simulation, then we could live in a simulation in a simulation!!!

Interesting you mentioned that...Speaking of which, have you watched 1999 movie "The Thirteenth Floor"?

That is very naughty of you using to subliminal messages even though it was your logo illogical logic

You are definitely right about this being a slippery slope. On one hand you could create a utopia, but the chance of it being abused could be very dangerous. There's lot's that I'd like to change about my personality, but when I think about foreign things, like a pill, changing your mind and not under your own ability, I wonder if that's still really you and if maybe doesn't matter if your old self would like your new self better.

Almost the entirety of western civilization has been brainwashed by the jews who control our media, and no one will talk about. And if you do talk about it, you get labeled a nazi. It is actually quite amazing.

Only just started the video, but I just want to say kudos for playing Ayreon music. They're amazing and have produced some of my favorite songs on this planet.

Did you hear what those Chinese folks want to do? Censorship & credit score cctv scanning seeing who's naughty or nice?

1. no, I didn't. 1a. that's one way to mantain (some or complete) control over your state population. 2. one way to trigger civil disobedience that might start civil disorder and even revolution, depending of how you implement your ideas on crowd control. - now let's just wait and see which one will spring up first.

Voluntary brainwashing, if you've been told exactly what the brainwashing would do, is not immoral.

3rd one

Supposedly if you say “I want to take my life in a new direction.” But instead of “new direction” you say “nude erection”. It’s supposed to make chicks horny.

Happy Arthursday everyone, and I saw that Isaac, 2 times so far

"Must enthuse society to build orbital rings"

A little surprised to hear a mention of mind hacking... but no nods to Ghost in the Shell (which has many stories involving 'ghost hacking', altering people's memories, perceptions, or even remote controlling them). That said..... there's yet to be any indication Isaac has ever read/watched manga/anime

"Programmed to enjoy X". I can't quite buy the line that it's a kind of slavery. Slavery, by definition, is being forced to perform an act or expression without compensation. If you enjoy something, then how can it be a bad thing if it just happens to be for another's benefit. Some people are interested in sports but not this channel's subject matter, others are the opposite of this (like me). How can it be a bad thing if someone is happy with something that you or I wouldn't be happy with? (the vaccum cleaner example).

must subscribe to SFIA and buy soda and M and M's

Americans have been told since birth that Israel is their ally and friend. Now most of them believe it to be a reality after a lifetime of daily subconscious conditioning. So yes, brainwashing is real.

not just americans. many states (if not all) have their version of "friend or foe" propaganda.

This is the first episode in your channel that I am aware of in which you mainly explore philosophical ramifications. Sure, post-scarcity already goes into some of the "stuff". Also like the hypno toad you regularly clip in for a frame that is close to the threshold of conscious perception; nice touch.

Before watching this video, I must say I discovered H. P. Lovecraft in the form of audio books this week on YouTube, and now the algorithm suggests some of the wildest things it thinks I'd like to see. Not that it's wrong about this video... I hope you thought to mention the Ancient Ones here.

I think this channel has interesting topics, but it is too discursive, I miss structure, possibly with visual support.

Brainwashing tech is kind of op.

not necessarily. I'll give you one: Media. think about it. :)

It's worth noting that 1984 wasn't all that fictional. George Orwell wrote it as a thinly disguised allegory of the Soviet Union's policies, which he had encountered first hand in the Spanish Civil War. He must have had their number, because The Gulag Archipelago, written independently in the Soviet prison camps, uses almost identical methods as described in 1984. A giant section of the globe, more than 300 million people in the Warsaw Pact, had to live under 1984's rules.

"Time Will Run Back" , by Henry Hazlitt shows those people taking over the entire world and gradually discovering capitalism to solve the problems they caused. Free in pdf.

All hail Hypnotoad! ... why did I just wrote this?

Hypnotoad thanks you for being his loyal subject. Carry on...

YouTube is finally figuring it out, and they just put this video up for me to rewatch in a playlist after PewDiePie lol... Their algorithms have been SOOOO horrible since they started inserting political bias.. If you're conservative the internet has no idea what to serve you, it's very weird. YouTube now finally seems to be using MY OWN actual likes rather than trying to incept me to become a soyboy

Oh yeah, what do you think of the Musha jump drive?

Resistance is futile

7:55 Indeed, I had always assumed it was a mix between Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke!

WARNING- Orwellian stuff here!

Project MKUltra. Google it if you don't think government like the USA and Israel are already doing this today.

"I toast therefore I am. Does anyone want some toast?" - Talkie the Toaster

That's a great opening line.

Humans will never limit technology. It's advancement is needed in all sciences. Will will have to just hope AI will be nicer that we are.

For some reason, I can't stop thinking about hypnotoad... GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!

Everybody loves hypnotoad. Hypnotoad is my friend.

Don't think I missed the subliminal drink and a snack guy..... Arg umf can't stop myself

Some aspects of what he's talking about reminds me of Vernor Vinge A Deepness in the Sky novel. The space privateers/entrepreneurs infected with a virus that makes them focus and easily controlled.

19:42 that reminds of an animated series called Psycho-Pass

Isaac is influencing us to buy a book where people are psychologically influenced.


Later down in the future A.i will watch this YouTube channel and put it into effect.

This dream is brought to you by 'Light-Speed Breifs', feel like a star with light-speed Breifs'.

What the fuck that's your actual name? I always did think it was a bit lazy, turns out I was just an idiot.

Bro, you ever hear a leftoid talk about diversity?

mind control: RELIGION, advertisements, CNN (fake news), main straim media, political correctness, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE and JEWTUBE!

you're joking, right? #punsfordays

yup, it was so appropriate. :)

it's all conected in the Big Picture, but we all have our preferences. :)

Correct. You can have a candy now.

true, I guess we all have something we'd like to forget or change. and those subliminal messages were so on the spot. :)

click away?? I laughed so hard because of those!! They were perfectly tuned with this episode's theme. Btw, there's no scientific proof that subliminal messages work. They did the tests, they all failed. So feel free to click back and watch this episode without fear. And...ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!!

but yeah the original comment is a quote from the video 'Anti-Racist Hitler'.

The idea that diversity, divide, divisive and division all have similar root words is simply not true. We will unite in our diversity, it doesn't make us weak.

I don't think the left is talking about diversity of opinion, unfortunately. They also don't believe in that in the middle east. They want a thought monoculture there.

You make a very good point about advertisement getting better in influencing us. And that so far we can resist it. But let's not be naive about it. If we get to a point where advertisers somehow get the tech and the permission of society (maybe through corruption) to directly affect things like our hormones.... All hope of realistically resisting it is lost. If an advertisement for pizza can directly screw with your brain to make you feel like you're starving to death... How exactly are you going to resist buying a pizza? If advertisement for a dating site can interfere in your head to make you feel lonely and completely unloved, how are you going to resist. The reason why advertisement in this point in time is still benign is because they can only indirectly influence our feelings. But as soon as they can directly go to our brains and influence our feelings, all hope of resisting is lost. It is kinda naive I think to believe otherwise. So the only thing we can do is regulate advertising. Making laws that prevent advertisers to directly change our hormones or neurotransmitters.

Suddenly I want to buy an SFIA cup.

And here I was, thinking you were named after Arthur C.Clarke.

What's crazy is that it's not an invasion if you don't even know it's happening. If the madus operandi is omitted, kept outside of your perception, and never even brought up - how can you be aware of it? At least try to be aware of that. That you might be being controlled and influenced and you might not even know it.

post discontent combined with what started as a post scqrcity but kinda fell apart see time machine eloi.... leading the eloi to be aside from happy also perfectly beautiful but quite vacuous.

Are you really named after Chester?

Nice explanation of more technological options for mind control. As a former Marine I can tell you with certainty that exhaustion and stress are pretty effective too. :)

hit the gym oldman

Dual Consciousness would probably be better then Mind Control. You wouldn't have Glass Door situations when Mind Control hits its limit.

Dislike for Rick and Morty Come on dude

Mind control/thought synchonisation is my personal horror vision, that future technologies can lead to. For a introvert like me, this is one of the most biggest horrors imaginable. Heck, i even dislike Cellphones, Facebook and most social media for the same reason.

I really didn't like 1984. Sure it is kinda a required reading if your into this sort of thing. But as a book, i didn't like it and i really didn't like the main guy. But there are some great references, like room 101. Neal Asher has that sort of subtle reference (and sometimes less subtle) in his books. As always loving your videos and the regularity of them. But i do forget to like them these days. Hope that is not too detrimental for your channel.

This was, even for you sir, a really great and thought-provoking episode. This only scratches the surface of how technology can, could, and should/should not be used to affect thinking and choice; it's a deep mineshaft of inquiry, and I think it is one of those areas where, as a species, we have a lot of maturing to do. You commended a book (as part of a sponsorship, I understand that), so perhaps I will commend one in return: _The Abolition of Man_ , by my favourite author, C.S. Lewis; it is a nonficiton book that bears on this topic, regarding the interface between moral values and education. It springboards off of a seemingly simple and innocuous point to expound on the nature of moral values and how they are influenced by formal education. It's short, but weighty, like a bar of gold or lead. Good day sir, and hope to attend the first livecast, congratulations! +Issac Arthur

I love it when you plug a book or show, and it is what i am reading/watching. It happens more often than not. Favourite YouTube channel!

Well, I see there's only one thing I can do now. Vote for Hypnotoad.

1984 is SO 34 years ago :)

"Ahhhh, so that's how the EU did it!" - Your average brit

Religions have been practicing mind-control for centuries. They’ve been Gaslighting your merely ‘human’ reason in favor of ‘God’s Will’ which the Holy-Man will tell you all about.

Brainwashed is a very abused term. When it's used it often seems to be an ad hoc excuse to explain one's failure to get someone to agree with you. I guess comforting than admitting that admitting that you not be entirely right or the logic of your arguments may not be as airtight as you think they are.

Okay. I'm going to be inconsiderate and post this without reading the whole thread first. Digging through 767 comments to ensure I'm the first to say this is more than I'm willing to do. The thing about brainwashed civilizations as an explanation for the Fermi Paradox is it isn't absolute. At best, it creates another filter, rather than a hard wall. Some civilizations would get that far without conditioning their whole population into hodophobics. Heck, all it takes is a single subgroup that breaks the conditioning, and recreates or jailbreaks the technology without limiting it or themselves, even while the rest of the population wouldn't think of such an action. Further, the possibility of a suitably conditioned population breaking away by accident is non-zero, such as a trans-Neptunian population losing contact with the Mother planet until enough time had passed for memetic mutation.


I have this inexplicable urge for popcorn and soda one of the several things that flash on the screen during video(15:52), on a different note the background music is always good but for some reason I took particular interest of the music in this episode... it sounds too familiar but I can't place it.

LIVE-STREAM (?) "Sunday afternoon" - excuse my ignorance, but what time-zone-afternoon is that? ... have a feeling thats not gmt..(LOVE the show! ... Don't love the idea of your voice not coming from "outer" space/ "the future", etc, etc). Cant wait to see how u deal with this time-zone conundrum. and thanks alot, for The best show in universe! xxx

He said 2pm EST/1800 UTC. I suspect he meant to say 2pm EDT/1800 UTC, but I could be wrong. That would be afternoon for anyone in Eastern, Central, and Mountain time.

haha the intelligent (or better said self aware) vacuum cleaner reminds me of the butter passing robot in rick and morty^^ what is my purpose? hehe oh wait isaac saw it too ;P

An interesting example of sentient AI are from the Dr Who stories. The forbidden weapon from "The Day of the Doctor" which projects a representation to discuss the ethics of the weapons use or the Doctor's Tardis it self with a sentient AI which, over the many stories, is revealed that the Tardis chose the Doctor and the unpredictable landings in strange, unspecified locations being the Tardis taking the Doctor where/when the Doctor Needed to be. An example of a real and existing brain/behavior modifying invasive organism is Toxoplasma Gondii

Wait you didnt raise your child to be a vacuum? Well your missing out,their tiny dexterous hands are perfect for cleaning,though il admit i get far more use when i force them to repair the mining equipment,they can squeeze into those tight spots everyone else is afraid to get into(i know id sure hate to loose an arm!) Also they are packed with energy,perfect for those 18-20 hour work days! No im afraid children are perfect slav..ehem "work helpers" *wink wink*

If Hitler can do it so can somebody else.

Propaganda in my opinion is just a bad side effect of intelligence. Since you are a kid you learn to be a manipulative little shit to get your favorite toy, same goes for first time when you have sex, same goes for first interview and so on. Top never exists without bottom and top is always the same as bottom, so if someone pulling the strings on mass manipulation it better find a balance or else is going down with his manipulated apes.

Arthur my man, you should have 300 million subscriptions. Thanks for your hard work. Don't you ever die!

There are ultimately three things that drive human actions; sensations, emotions, and convictions. We tend to seek pleasure, happiness, and the sense that we've done right while avoiding pain, sorrow, and the sense that we've done wrong. Through a combination of receptors, hormones, and instincts nature has neer complete control over the first and major control over the second and thus has a level of mind control over us that we would never willing let a government have. Its impact is truly terrifying sense while nature isn't knowingly evil it isn't knowingly anything else ether. A charity banquet and a bar room brawl are all the same to it. The hedonistic tendencies drive overeating and drugs and alcohol and sexuality which directly cause obesity and cancer and overdoses and liver problems and stds and unwanted pregnancies. They also indirectly lead to all the things people do pursuing them, all the violence all the exploitation all the violation. As much as I hope people will resist the artificial mind control of the future I am even more desperate to see them resist the festering natural mind control of the past.

omg you have a face

Is it juste me or is your pronunciation problem slowly disappearing over time ?

All Hail Hypnotoad!

Gah! Who's that young guy at the end?!?!

Religion is brain-washing

Is the book still 1984? I might consider finally grabbing the book of the month :P

got to say i do look forward to these and this sound a whole lot like a show called Psycho Pass which deals with the for the greater good kinda


Did you lose weight issac? You look good

Look at all the narratives such as ‘pretty privilege’- used to divide and control people. Instead of rejecting the programming such as ‘societal beauty norms’ often determined via the corporate advertising of products, categories of pretty and not pretty are established and affirmed instead of rejecting the shallow base thinking. EVOLVE!

When I was 14 I realized I was being manipulated via TV, music programming, advertising etc, I went to my parents and told them “we are being brainwashed by the TV, music, etc, no wonder it’s called ‘programming’” and they looked at me like I was nuts. I’m so grateful I was awake enough to reject the programming. That was 1981. Brainwashing is now a sophisticated science and it’s on hyper drive!!! Even the clothing people wear is programmed for them. Reject the programming!!

Love the Bobiverse reference. Get busy exploring, or become garbage disposal bot lol.

i want an SFIA mug

I just watched the most mysterious live streaming of Isaac Arthur!

Dear Isaac, l hope you can spend a minute watching this clip from Electroboom. Your audio was like half a second late.

@ 2:52 I suddenly had an urge to share this video, and then six seconds later I made popcorn....

The search for the Manchurian Candidate... One quick local search... We expected this. When we began.


Allegedly, most of my forebears on the Arthur line have a Chester or Alan as middle or first name, though the genealogy to the man himself is a bit dubious. Family lore on such things generally is, but then I suppose it doesn't much matter.

Stop speaking like a retard. You’re not even trying

I didn't want to hit like, but somehow felt compelled to do so...

Can't remember if you have already covered it in one your videos, but i think i would be interesting to discuss how tidal heating opens up the possibility for life to emerge on moons that resides beyond the habitable zone. Or perhaps how a human colony could make use of it to survive. Big fan of show btw! man, have u heard about sesame credits? (6:44) Its pretty much the socialdarvinistic implementation what you are afraid of - ongoing in China as of now. Or if you want a good fiction on the topic check out psycho pass!

I tried brainwashing once but unfortunately they all shrank in the dryer and were rendered useless for implanting in my clone army

18:26 Mindyours XP will stop being supported in 2440.

Makeup is an attempt to influence the perceptions of men. Its not always easily detectable. Thus makeup is immoral. :P

Glued to a black mirror, a screen, a veil? Like zombies, unaware, lost, oblivious, in Hell? Unknowingly, worshiping, the entity BAAL Existing, in illusion, a matrix, under a spell.

Less subliminal messaging please.

Issac, don’t listen to the haters they’re jealous of you. I enjoy your videos more than any show on tv.

I decided not to watch this. Now who's boss muthfujakas!

SJW's perfect universe

On the topic of replicator is that you mentioned there is a company that built a drone that is also a 3-D printer that can print more of its own Drones

MrTeacup Who? One of the commentors? Isaac Arthur? Isaac has a lisp. If you had been watching back in the earlier seasons you would have heard him mention it, recommend turning on closed captions, and reference Elmer Fudd who was bothered by that "wascally wabbit".

MrTeacup you wouldn’t say that to him in real life

Raeed Chowdhury or maybe you’ve been brainwashed into believing that.

Imagine if Twitter could ban non-conforming politics from not only their service, but from the mind of every one who has engaged with it.

I imagine combining AI directly monitoring a subject’s mind combined with operant conditioning using both positive and negative reinforcement would be an exceedingly effective.

what's with the frog with leash at 4:41? is it subliminal messaging? are you trying to control the minds of your viewers? lol

I am very much against researching mind control. My reason is simple... those in authority can not be trusted with such power and will certainly end up using it for their own benefit and against the masses. So even though it might be helpful in some instances such as criminals, etc... it should not be allowed. My honest fear is that we are already deeply into research towards mind control and those in power might already be planning how to use it. Freedom isn't easy but is the most valuable thing in the world.

One problem with using propoganda or mind control, as opposed to, say, giant walls marked "sorry, we love you but you can't leave or we'll shoot you" to defeat discontent due to poverty, is that discontent encourages problem solving. Thus, societies which do this have just removed their impetus for further development unless staying competitive with other societies is a sufficient reason to develop technology not only to the state but to the public, for where does the pool of innovators come from if not the citizens?

High pressure advertising is a gravely antidemocratic and those who spend large sums on it it thinking it will work, for any purpose other than the advancement of those causes which seek absolute social and political equality of the people in a democratic state, should be considered enemies of democracy and enemies of the public.

*Enemies of the people?*

"In a society where mind control is ubiquitous and successful, you wouldn't really need a Draconian police state." This is interesting because it hints at why fascism exists. When the people cannot be kept in line by liberalism and pretensions of "democracy" and "freedom" that serve the interests of the already-powerful, other methods must be employed by those powerful people, including replacing the goverment with a dictator who tries to divide the subjects by nationality or whatnot.

"So far, no technology exists that can control what we believe." Maybe not forcibly, but even merely writing on clay tablets is sufficient to influence it in a predictable way.

I suppose that in any successful mind controlled society the first thing you would have to condition people for would be an acceptance of mind control. For a brainwashed society to work, the first stain you'd want to scrub from people's brains would be aversion to brainwashing. When I read _Brave New World_ I had some complaints. Then I tried (I don't claim success) to read _1984_ and suddenly felt like taking back any bad thing I'd ever said about BNW. I might give it another go, because it's referenced so much that, like the Bible, it's good to be familiar with it. My GF and I have a running joke that, whenever one of us does something dumb and later wonders, "what WAS I thinking!?!" it's because the global network of cats exerted mind control on us. Those furry beasts actually run the world. They only want us to think that it's lizard people.

"1984" is the second most lied about book that people claim to have read, but haven't. We had to read it when I was at school, but luckily I had read it before, as studying it at school would have put me off it. I've read 6 of the top 20, but did start at least 3 others.

1984 book is a really scary prophet book. It's almost like minority report. I read on college. After that We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. I dropped out college and removed liberal party in USA. I stop being friends with my liberal friends in high school and frienemies. I avoid making eye contact or communicate my liberal high school teacher. I fled NYC. but I would wear a white space suit created by the state and ignore sexual deviates. I saw the movie Elysium the movie. Jolie Foster order to shoot down the incoming illegal immigrant vessel. I was like wooah. that's what future looks like. I won't wear a designer's clothes such as GAP, jeans, Timberlake boots, etc. I had a person tell me that Asian can't drive. I would ride futuristic concept Self Driving Car created by State of the State. The person would get arrested and persecuted for saying something wrong -- Create more car accidents(sex,drugs,etc)., The minority report state police would do it. 1984 is real.

One of zour best

I believe that a whole 10 hr long series could be made from this video

Don't worry. The Feds are already on it.

I think AIs with behaviors associated with full-on consciousness and simulated human minds would all be philosophical zombies. Suppose we simulated a human by simulating all the protons, neutrons, electrons and other quantum objects for a human and his or her surrounding area. We would have a program that is running force calculations. It's just calculating a bunch of fundamental interactions and updating memory to reflect the new state of each particle at each step forward in planck time. At every point in time, all we have is data stored in computer memory. If there is something aware in there, I don't know where it is

Mind control is very desirable, as long as everyone controls their own brain.

Social technologies from persuasion to mind control are double-edged swords, same as all other technologies. However, " strong " methods like brainwashing should be banned or limited in developed civilization, for there will be the necessity for utilizing of people's wisdom

Weird and very un-scientific side note- modern “Wicca” (or whatever belief system someone would be brewing a supposed love potion in) is actually very aware and concerned about the ethics of love potions, since they are something believed to be effective in those communities. I looked it up at one point in an ongoing debate with a co-worker. (Have to pass the travel time somehow

The little meme about your name

"There's no reason to build a sentient vacuum cleaner" Highlight of the episode.

I think he's been conditioned to mention the Fermi paradox in every video :)

Arthur I have an irresistible urge 2 get 1984 through your Audible link even though I have one of my own. What did you do to me?

What is an example of a 3D Printed Doomsday Device that isn't an engineered disease?

the perfect brainwashing technique EXISTS and was around for thousands of years it's called religion. organised religion is nothing but brainwashing children are being showered with lies from birth and they have NO CHOICE and we're not doing a single damn thing about it

Supreme emperor Hypnotoad made my day.

If you want an idea of just how far it can go find a pdf "Super Scio" by The Pilot. It's a recounting of descent of beings down the chain of the prison-Universes. It's written from the point of view of Scientology, so hold your horses, tin-foils, and take it as a piece of sci-fi. It has a lot of complicated technical details, but intermixed are quite interesting stories about how different (or the same, depends on POV) civilisations used mind control techniques to enslave pretty much everyone. ps.: I did some cleaning of the text a while ago to remove the purely technical data. Available here:

All glory.

Anyone remember this drone with "behavior problems" which was kicked out of SC in "player of games"?

300k subs! Way to go! Superb material.

If you want an idea of just how far it can go find a pdf "Super Scio" by The Pilot. It's a recounting of descent of beings down the chain of prison-Universes. It's written from the point of view of Scientology, so hold your horses, tin-foils, and take it as a piece of sci-fi. It has a lot of complicated technical details, but intermixed are quite interesting stories about how different (or the same, depends on POV) civilisations used mind control techniques to enslave pretty much everyone. ps.: I did some cleaning of the text a while ago to remove purely technical data. Available here:

I caught your logo subliminal message. Maybe you intended it to be more obvious, but, in case you didn't, step your game up. ; )

So the Galactic Federation might be controling our perception of the universe in such a way as to prevent us from recognizing signs of other intelligent life. Until such time as we are deemed ready. "Hey that looks like a miles long spacecraft sucking plasma out of the sun"........minimal public reaction.

Isaac makes a surprise move from futurism to current affairs.

If we did not need mind control until now to keep crazy individuals in check, then we probably will not in the future. If someone really would like to wipe out humanity then he likely woud become a virologist and develop a deady virus. Apperantly we have enough survaillence to stop such behavior bofore it's to late. And technologie to conceal an endeavour of that sort will likely allways be less developed as the one to lay it open.

Amazing video. Bruh 27:08 you need to get a dedicated webcam mate, your mouth doesn't move at the same time as words come out :'D

Life is meaningless, there is no free will and I want to commit suicide.

Retard Right has been using brainwashing since the dawn of civilization with religion & cults.

Don’t think the Jews won’t figure how to exterminate humanity. I heard that the Jews want to pollute every star and galaxy in the Universe. Every single cell destroyed by the Jews in the entire Universe.

if brute force isn't working your not using enough ...thats funny ..peace out

I'm sure. Pray tell, how did you get so smart in such an environment? It must have been an awful challenge with religions dictating your every move. I can only envy such superb ability to classify - you knew that Martin Luther was conservative before the term existed, and that he was retarded. I bet you could give old St. Thomas Aquinas a thrashing, too. Science in nature? What a bunch of hogwash! If only we'd had people like you to burn them at the stake for heresy. Well, I for one, am convinced. I want to live in the godless paradise you build that lasts for millennia.  I understand you haven't managed to build a society like that yet, or even one that lasts for more than a few generations, but it's a learning process. You'll get there one day with such admiration for empirical evidence and your thirst for knowledge. Then the rest of us will see the error of our ways and be able to leave the Retard Right to become as intelligent as you.

If I were to have brainwashing powers, I wouldn’t use it to brainwash the population into thinking that second to nothing is plenty. I would use it to brainwash the military which would be helpful during a war. Having a completely loyal, effective, and efficient army.

I've sometimes wondered if one could exploit cognitive dissonance in an obviously ethically and morally way. Perhaps I mean in a "virtuous" way, in the same sense that there is no particular reason for the practitioner of a martial art to have good sleep and mental hygeine insofar as pure martial art is concerned (poor sleep encourages sociopathy cf something from a few decades ago whilst poor mindstate implies you won't be as creative as you would be either ie oh no she broke up with me pow pow i was defeated in my bout today). To elaborate: someone who you'd trust in situation A seems to have to defenses to the assaults of a popular demagogue in situation B. Expose them to B after some time in A, then forcibly return them to A and hold them there until their more primitive instincts won't claw them back toward fallacious thought patterns when they ruminate on their time in B. Ah, I'm being general, but you get the picture.

thumbs up from hypno-toad

What if we had a massive heavily armed monopoly running our education system and raising our kids? And they forced people to pay and go there. And when you got out you had little to no skills to survive outside their system, as well as loving the monopoly and treating it like a parent or supreme being. I know its farfetched...

25:20 Or Demolition Man

Wow, this episode is so deeply relevant in todays world. I can see how I've conditioned myself to binge watching new episodes of your videos every month.

I have (pdf) documented CIA Report made on 2003 on mind control:operation The Gateway Experience.I will send it to you at a cheap price



Everything is awesome about this video.

Your pictures flashing on the screen is a nice touch

Radio and TV are tools used in brainwashing. The news and movies are  "tailored " to work on human's emotions. Human emotions are the easiest to access and manipulate. People with limited cognitive abilities are the most susceptible . If you look at history you will see many examples where the majority of people got brainwashed by the media . We still have not found the WMDs that Iraq was supposed to have and it's been over 15 years. It was a good enough excuse for most people to accept the invasion of Iraq. 50 years ago when Lyndon Johnson interrupted TV broadcasts shortly before midnight to announce that two US ships in the Gulf of Tonkin had come under fire in international waters, and that in response to what the president described as this “unprovoked” attack, “air action is now in execution” against “facilities in North Vietnam which have been used in these hostile operations”. The Americans launched 64 bombing sorties, destroying an oil depot, a coal mine and a significant portion of the North Vietnamese navy. Three days later, both houses of Congress passed a joint resolution authorising “the president, as commander-in-chief, to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the US and to prevent further aggression”. Within three years the US would have 500,000 soldiers in Vietnam. Even today, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution remains the template for presidential war-making.

Notice how the CSPAN news source doesn't have an obvious agenda, and now notice which side Fox News and CNN lye. News was meant to be reported unbiased and truthful regardless of the damaging content of the news. It's more apparent now than ever that they have successfully divided the population in a social war between left versus right. To hold even your beloved news source to the standards of today's MSM you are already failing in being an educated voter.

All glory to the Hypno Toad

8:41 I don't know, if you don't have a nose or an instinctive aversion to human waste then running a sewage treatment plant could be a lot more interesting than drifting through empty space for centuries.

nick fike to jamie # text 1 # 2:50am # yeah I still have no idea what happened , something about, getting horny? said we were the last 2 humans on earth?


Wait... Isaac Arthur is your real name??!

Great video, does anyone have links to sources used to make it?

I think most of SF method for mind control may result in a fully hive mind without an hierarchical status of being free. Remember our model of society management is a construct from native human mind, the vary concept of have and have not revolve around our natural limitation as a species, these extreme measures of mind control will break the foundations where hierarchy can have any meaning in the process, perhaps it is possible the few in power would also been fooled by the system they create and been played by a force beyond their own understanding. Even if the few ruling member have their finger on the button, it is questionable how long their own free will will last, the motivation that drive a society to implement such a system will purity spiral result in more people taking the measure which will push this measure closer toward their ruling class. In a course of few thousand years all elite status will fade away in the system. The only way elite can eliminate drowning themselves is to contain the scale of such system which prevent many of the distopian outcomes.

uk doing this sick act. dna stolen. illegally implanted. dna experimental machines used. to so horrific deadly experiments. northampton corrupt police. caught doing favours for corrupt thug sexual pervert family up there. called mod un wash minds. didnt stop there. they could rape torture and murder on machines. so thats what they do. cyberkinetics. battlefield experiments. cloning. teleportation. the corrupt police. made money with corrupt mod officials. selling armed forces family on black market. they done horrific torture experiments on them. dna machines to mutilite. torture and murder. these phsycopaths. getting away with murder

We don't put people in prison to reform them.

How do you know that you haven't been hacked?

By gluing magnets onto your tinfoil hat mind control disappears overnight.

This one not that one. can't have one without the other! Know your universe I AM ❌

The conditioning for specific jobs actually turns up in Dune with the doctors of the Suk school who are indoctrinated to follow the Hippocratic Oath compulsively.

Lots I want to say here, but to sum it up (1) Robot explorer think for itself - I think do not hurt, harm, or demean others outside the scope of defense of self or others is a pretty starting point for discussion, if nothing else (hard for me to see where an entity can go wrong with that as its primary core programming), (2) Self-determination/brainwashing. In a sense, "nature" has shaped us in such a way that people have strong tendencies to value or disvalue others in certain ways, often put selfish motives over others well-being, and such -- and in ways MANY people deeply object to besides. I see the danger of oppressive limited brainwashing and neurohacking, and the slippery slope it is, but if we can improve on "nature", shouldn't we do so?

I love the subliminal frog emperor! super cute!

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