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We have to put, more passion, towards. Yeah I believe yeah you we have to be like radio, announcers, like you know really, yeah, like like wow I'm, so excited. Hey. Guys this is Mike, and make, we're, here to talk about tools, about your, products, one disclaimer before we start it's, not like we are all no mean girls here it's not like we know, everything. And we have a, patent. For, success. Or the right cause right decision, so just. To make it clear right. Away you, know your product way better than we will ever, absolutely. So. It's, vital that you know you take all of the feedback with this little. Bench. Of, yeah. We can be way off and you know to be honest but I think that's even a good sign for you when we tell you something and you know that it didn't work you, guys are on the right path it means that you've tried it already so we just want to give you just. While. You're on the toilet whatever, you want it's like you know a real time sort we. Have certainly some people that watch this being, so. Good. Okay. Let's get started guys we look. Through all the applications so how old thank, you all for volunteering your, websites that actually makes this possible suddenly, we've, got two really cool brands to start, this, episode, off with yeah but just a disclaimer all. The other websites. Will get mentioned well, get, reviewed, we will look through all, of them we, just want to have some sort of order so starting, with a company. Called Parma, nicely that. Provides, a better way. To schedule, your meetings, so a scheduling, nap yeah, and then we're gonna follow that up with the point Lea you're doing exactly the same thing so we get a great agree. Well I wouldn't say exactly, probably, not we'll find out in a second there are some problem. The French lady and yes. The, both companies would probably be unhappy, with putting. Them in the same they definitely both want to put calendly out of business I'm sure let's. See if they're gonna do it yes so I straight. Away I love harmonizing, the website, there's a signup. Form straight. Away you. Can see that, you. Know that there are lessons learned here, already. For. The in terms of conversion rate from visitors to trials we, had the same issue we. Improved, the number of our signups by putting. A simple, version. Of the signup form on the home page so you can just leave the email and then. Set. Up. A. Trial, version right, away I really love a hundred percent free to get started. No credit card required we. Know that this is a huge painful, pain. Point for some. Of the especially. Enterprise, level SAS products. So that. Line. Should bump, up the, conversion. Rates. It. Looks really simple, clean, you know straight, away that this is a web tool you can see there the. The, dashboard, so so that's that that's pretty cool you can see some of the logos that help to build credibility. Obviously. Those are non logos of their customers, or maybe not obviously but more like a platforms. That you can connect with you. Have all the. Let's. Say value proposition. There. Are some of the slogans. Here I I believe, like I would, refrain. From, using. Words. Or. Buzzwords. Like work, smarter, I mean every product can probably. Say, that you know work smarter it, sounds really good but it doesn't really tell. Any. And. If any. Value of for. Your product or convey. Any value towards the, actual, customer. I love, the testimonials. That are. You. Know there's there's more. Than one testimonial. And. The website I would love to see the logos. Of the actual customers, not only platforms. That you can connect. With but. On. All pretty, nice websites, I I like. The way that they push the words to sign up. I. Would probably. Encourage. Them to to, make this more, prominent, here and I know that sounds like a cheesy tip make the buttons, larger. It's. Like the. Easiest or, the. Worst ever. But in this case I I feel, like you could improve your conversion, by making them more, prominent. Yeah. I mean everything that you said I think you know I think even like I really, like that you've got the buttons at every stage of the website we we thought about this and other companies but it's. Vital, actually, because you never know which of those points is gonna pull the trigger for a user so, you want to make sure that you're they're ready, to take them at that point like you know yes, I not now schedule. Meetings was the key word that kind of got you. You. Know all. I can say is that you know even. With the value propositions, it's, a great way, for you to showcase the product I like that you've got the big screen shots but.

You, Know make sure that you don't just use space fillers so you, know the, first one is schedule meetings I feel, like that is a given, maybe at this stage and, you might be able to hear to put something like you know seamless. Integrations. Or you. Know never. Miss another appointment. I wouldn't. Put the obvious like sometimes, we're all a little bit kind. Of conscious of that and I think, the other thing to know is that, you. Guys it's instant, that we hit the home page we, have the pop-up from drift yeah now, this. Proper has pros and cons okay so the pro is we, get to see a real person's, face a real person's name it's. Not just John Smith we can see that it's Raphael from. We. Can read the bio which is you know very friendly. Very fun, I like that it's great the, only problem is is it's the main draw, the, instant, that you hit the home page you, want me to enter my email address and sign up for free but. The thing that you're actually asking me to do is to start to talk to you is that really, what you want to do you, know instantly. Especially. At this early, stage of the funnel when, people. Are not yet that engaged with your product, they're just. You. Know looking for your website, they didn't even sign. Up for a demo not to mention that you're, visiting pricing. Upgrade pager and yeah you know not getting to like business, you know tech startup, ISA you, know you guys work on a very. Low. Appoo. MRI no secures, a month right do. You really want to be put on your human resources out there second. One maybe, your team can be better spent talking. To people after. Signup who are more likely. To convert, putting. Yourself out there now is great for feedback as a beginning company, however, I, don't, really think you even want to be there at. This stage where. You'll get lots of questions that people are, only asking because you've, made it so easy to ask you, know I feel, like I should be typing, here something. Rather than put in my email addresses so so you want em to T - yeah you want to push this further, down line so you talk to quality, leads so you can really provide, valuable. Customer. Experience. -. Quality. Leads that you know, more about probably. Then they're. Just a visitor on your website, I totally get that in the beginning you want to be there for everybody as you. Know I know that you did when you run, 24 however, your, signups might be lower, literally. Because of this suddenly you might actually be. Hurting. Your your, homepage conversion, to trials so I would consider delaying, it 30 seconds, 60 seconds I'll put in it on a sub page putting, it after people scroll and pricing, page or so just, not first, about it's a it's, a great that you want to be there but you might actually it's, like when you walk into the gap and three, seconds in the store, no girls can I help you find something I.

Hate. You know the fake phone call like hello yeah so, just, give him a little bit of time that's all I would say hey, I know it seems that you might not do any harm but he actually could be a distraction do, you fake phone calls like that all the time. Nobody. Calls me like nobody. Calls me but, if I don't want to be bothered and, I'm in a crowded place you, see, somebody approaching, you and you feel like there might be a self underpass happen like yeah, yeah yeah hundred. Percent and they leave you alone it's awesome it has a hundred percent like, door boom. That's, another bonus tip for you guys if you see Mike on the phone you may not be. Here. So, anything else. No. I think I like. I. Like. Your tagline at the bottom which is ready to increase your conversion rates because, it's super straight forward and I think conversion, rates yes I am your. Tagline, at the top is a better way to schedule your meetings, those. Two a little bit conflicting, I kind of prefer the second, one are. You ready to increase your conversion rate I also, like, the one that's ready and the fine print here the, original meanings, without exchanging, unnecessary, emails, straightforward. To the point because the one thing that you you see this tells but you're aiming, an entry level user, here that's the way it feels you know first time user of of appointments it's great when. You say a better way to schedule your meetings. What. Is it better than I don't know for you know, avoid, unnecessary, emails increased, conversion, don't miss appointments those, are very direct, call, to actions that I instantly, my brain clicks with I don't, want to miss appointments that's right exactly what I came here for a better way to schedule meetings I don't. Know what you're better than so. I feel like they might defend that because. We, feel like we instantly, know that they're in a space of currently, and children. And other companies, available out there but, it, might be such a huge space that, they're actually trying to a me for first.

First. Impression, customer I mean the, customer that has the, first. Scheduling. App, that, they've met is harmonized. Ly and it's not they're. Not choosing between, I mean for me it's just a personal preference, it's that buzz word effect so a new, way to schedule, meetings the next way to schedule, meetings the better way I love. Tangible. Things I love you to tell me exactly why, you're better exactly, why you're easier right if you, are you. Know if, you are going for people that I've never scheduled. Meetings, online before you, know the. Best place to schedule, your online meetings. To. Never like, you said to increase conversion, rate right that, knife step because your subheading, is great but it's not it's very diluted, on this page it's very hard to actually read the shop header because, you've got a nice big bold then, you've got your call-to-action and you write you your chat pop pop up I'm not, actually getting to this stage where I read this on hand listen just as a first impression, right well, they're not I think it's great it's clean I, love. The screenshots that's exactly, what you want on this kind of tool I, would, just say remove, a little bit of the distraction, right the chat right what a nice a great great, plan and maybe a way to even. Enrich. The website would be to use animated. Gifs like you mentioned. Before. Especially, when it's such a low click environment, click, to set up yeah, I love, gifts I love showing people. Instead. Of having four screenshots, I have one gift I mean we don't do like a man we would like story all right yeah. It. All depends on what your USP, is you know are you gonna be easier cheaper better, faster I, feel, better, why are you better well you know. I would I would test, this tool that's the bottom line I like this tool it looks good. Okay. So let's try another one from, the same space appoint Li probably. Worth to mention that we know people. Responsible. For the project so we're probably some. Of our team have used a tool, we. Like the company from dying same as we often think you guys so we'll, try to be as impossible, actually you know because we know they, point the team I'm sure will be even a little bit more frank with them yeah. So. Let's. Start maybe with things we like, the. Same, set up so, the sign up straight, away from the homepage no, credit card required I, probably. Will I. Mentioned, before that. The. Trial period would could, be useful but this. Is a product that's freemium right so so you get a lifetime free account yeah. I feel. Like there's a lot of content here I feel. Like they, could use someone. Like a screenshot for, from the product to show that this is a. Desktop. App or web, app rather than the mobile app or something like that in. This space I feel people are very visual they don't want to read you, know again it's a low cost product, it's it's you. Want to get a really, fast tempo, to your website and get people going through the funnel quick right because you can't spend a lot of money on them because you don't get a lot of profit so yeah visuals, probably, a little, bit too much text here and the. One thing I would say is they you, have the no credit card required, if. You put it in brackets for. Me that means this is not really value, I'm pointing they say because I have to feel like small print on any shore it's like this is a benefit. Like yeah. Don't, minimize it give you someone give you some credit kind of thing so yeah so all those. The slogans. And all the data it's it's it's useful, it's just that I would put it further. Down the line somewhere, but somewhere below although I, love. The numbers I feel like they made the product more tangible, then they made the company more tangible, 32,000. Meetings. Scheduled. With the Abbott's it's it's super impressive, it is sort. Of a social proof, so it's a way for, new. Clients or potential new clients, to feel like they're part of the larger community so. I would double down on this even I would start talking about the number, of appointments that. Were not missed by clients, stuff like this you know like that's number of emails safe yeah number, of sales made with appoint Lee in the process, you know I there's, so many things that can be don't you estimate this probably yes clients, will give you some information. Give. Me the reason what, what are you how are you gonna increase. My business you know how we can help yeah yeah, sure, yeah. There's uh there's, a testimonials, including myself.

Again. Impartial. And, then we have the brands that schedule us so so the logos of their clients, and here. We. Are kind of a it's cool that there are logos of the clients, but it, looks, like there's, a specific, type of clientele. Yeah, I think you potentially, other you guys kind of fell into the niche that we all have done which, is pick. The most well-known, brands. We have in our area and let's, use them because people know who they are, the. Only thing is is I read this and I go are so you. Were to four universities, I'm. Not a university, maybe it's not for me when. Maybe most, likely your target audience is a much smaller organization. Right so, there's, not a brand here that, tells. Me you're. For me or even. Close to me and, we did, exactly the same around twenty four we did you, know IKEA Panasonic, Sony over and then, you think well it's, no surprise that the, small business from America, didn't think it was for them so. You have to kind of potentially, mix it up yeah, but, I also understand, that if you've. Picked the most visible brands in your portfolio, that might not be the thing that impresses your target audience they don't need to. Know that you work with the big one or it's good, to just have. A bowl like mix. Them up diverge you can have like Kia logo if you were Kia, to impress. Your. Potential, clientele but you should also, underline. That your. Your, product, is loved by, enterprises. And startups, alike so if. There's a small. Hotel or, trying to leverage. The, the appointee. Or harmonize, like this. They can easily, see themselves as your customer, by. The way if you. Know apparently may have an internal strategy that they really want to appeal to educational. Organization. Right that's great but then you've got to kind of double down right you've got to have that somewhere else in your homepage like the, perfect tool, for, professors. And students awesome you're going to have that in there at night now, it's, a very subliminal. Message, and now it confuses, sometimes. How to look poor I mean, it's in the right place. Love, the the link that probably, could have some more to. Entrepreneur, document, next probably have a little bit more attention yeah I would, put more exposure, for the being, featured octoprint, is a big thing so I would. I would probably highlight this more. Somewhere. On, the website more bigger, logo, again, and. That's the thing you know again you've got your. Brands which are like Harvard UCLA. But ready but, you're featured in the top 10 tools from Latin eyes in b2b, sales so, they almost contradict, each other again, the. I would drop in their a brand that is directly. Using the tool for sales thank. You. Right. So. Your. Partner I'm okay with the same stuff like that yeah it spread mopping and. If. You're a lawyer you can call me. All. Right so, what. Else this. Again, what we talked about before you. Guys have got a lot of white space here where you're trying to showcase the product you. Could really. Use a gif yeah in my opinion right really. You know you're, trying to you're. Giving, away the value it is ease of use that the, tool is easy few, clicks and you get your appointment let's. Use a gif like let's be visual, there's a lot of white space here that I have to scroll through to. See it and, the resolution, of the screen is quite small so it's quite hard I don't really get a feel for the dashboard and it's pretty, rudimentary design. I, believe, I'm. Afraid so. There's. Probably a way, number. Of ways you can you can design, this. More. In. Any more appealing, fashion. Yeah. All. Right so the. Difference is we, see between these, two, products. Or one. Of the, maybe. Mistakes, or some of the things that they could improve I found. Out that there's a little information about the company itself there's no footer here, and there's a little fuller on Harmonized, Lee so it's, apart.

From Social, it's pretty, hard to. Just. Build, the trust towards a company entity to, check. Their credibility and, if they're a real company, if they're alive or not, if. They, keep developing the product or if this is a product from. 2016. That's, semi. Dead or there's one, code, or left or something like that so this is those. Are the things that, clients. Look for because if, they invest time into getting to know your product and probably, integrating, it with your with their own organization. They, want to make sure that this is a product that will last so they check your social, which is good because you, promote, social all over the website but, you also have. To provide, some, of the. Information. Some, of the details some. Of the about, us to. Be, able to check. The credibility, absolutely. I think one thing that a point the team could do is you. Probably need to you have much, bigger button. But. You probably just don't have enough of them you you you could probably do with a cartridge somewhere, around the middle just. So you don't lose people, I. Think, that would be super helpful, and, one thing that I feel like more. Nice Harmonized, Lee and. For. Everyone I mean. These. Day sir I blame house domain, people. That does buy all the good domains and sit on them and auction them off from all, these although, I'll have to do Lee's on the end ugly as. Let. Me out right I, think, all of them. But. I feel like what you guys are both, missed out on is that, easy opportunity, to showcase your, tool in real life you. Could both have call to actions on your page which is to set an appointment to talk to us Wow you know that's actually a really good point another one it's. Two for me. I. Would. Showcase your tool envy your life you know you don't I mean you want people to sign up for a free account I get it but you you know appoint Lee you have a link to an email so I can email you if I want to talk to you harmonize, that you have a live chat but, neither of you actually have, an appointment setting, page that I can click and see because, I want to feel how it is from my, users point of view right in the end so I would, recommend that maybe you, consider showcasing. Your tool on the website as an option. Other. Than that I think that you know you. Guys have both got it right you know you're in a good space you've, kept a link lean and, one of you is talking about being better when it's talking about being easy I would maybe make those. YOUnique maybe, pick something that you're really stronger. But. Other than that you know we'd, love to hear about you, know how you guys have converted, from here what, the common problems are one thing that I noticed, on both websites and this is something that we tested right is asking. For business, email rather than email, address that's, a little something that might help you certainly, yeah if. Your business is like ours, business, email addresses convert way better than Gmail and Hotmail exactly. And you have more elaborate, and more points. Of discussion with the client you can learn more about them based, on their business email, so this is a small. Trick. Grove, hack and. What not to change this email address into i. I'm. You know we we need to be trended you know sorry, yeah it's a growth it's all the cool marketing. Tips. And tricks or non growth hacks that's. A point for you. Okay. I. Feel. Like we'll push away all the growth hackers, watch this. One, more thing because I didn't, see that that. The chat, here and we. Mentioned that harmonised, II was too rash and show, me all the full. Message right, away yep. Although. It's it's, really good that they have the chat in the first place and the, point is in the another, direction, they don't have the chat at all so I. Feel, like the, conclusion, is that there. Should be an. Option there, should be a way easy way for clients. To engage. With, with, one-click, hopefully. I mean, to either of the websites linked to FAQ because that can be you if you're not if you don't have the team or the resources, to be live chat on time, sometimes. That next best thing is a really good FAQ. Page, that. You know because. You both, wanted to be global you both got English websites, right so if you've got someone from Brazil signing up at 3 a.m. polish, local time you. One you not there to answer the chat. We, are not most mourners I like that second, or you how, can they ask questions so I would look at help, squeeze help scout super, awesome tool we pay like ten bucks a month those. Frequently, asked questions that you get invited chat I would definitely have a link to a knowledgebase right now just to back it up so Sonia, but, I mean live chat is great ultimately, is probably the future of interaction, for b2b businesses, of.

This Scale but. Timing, is everything you don't wanna be too rash you don't wanna be not there at all right you need to find that sweet spot for us it was a huge deal whenever, we implemented, all art which was our first live. Chat components, on on. Our website that, clients. Were talking, to us like crazy which was a good thing because we could pivot, we could tweak, our product, we could learn what they need and. So. Yeah so not having any option. For. For, one-click, contact. With your team. Is not. A good idea I believe, you could probably bump up the conversion, you could bump up the. Insights. From yes at. Least I would I would switch to a contact. With landing page I wouldn't, I wouldn't, have a link that pops into my inbox, because I have to do all the work I have to explain in the in the subject what I want to talk about then I have to fill it out and. You, know I would rather have a live live chat or you know we are not here right now leave your question make, it easy for them just to quickly type what they want rather than take them away from the website moreover. There's really, no person, on the appointee website I mean no human. Human face towards. The product and, they have such a cool team you like you exactly, right. There yeah you should be highlighted there somewhere, that I. Know you have a lot of content one of those sections should be the team or something, with just a simple photo the of. I don't know three people or five people or 10 people or, whatever, but it. Would. Definitely improve the conversion and build the credibility towards. Your product, because what. I really liked about harmonizing, is that we, see that you know the message, again it was rushed but still but still we, know that there's someone. And it's, called, brothel and it, builds some sort, of connection with the product at, least stronger, than with its justification if you if you're aiming for new. Users, to online, appointment, settings. They. Need, that little bit of you know somebody's. Really there behind the scenes you, know like so yeah again. I recommend. The same so alright. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, sorry I forgot our radio voices yeah. You, know, we. Learned that for, YouTube you have to be very, energetic. You know. To. Get, views, and, you know to, talk with passion, which, we, hopefully. Are, oh I'm, super excited it's, like the best day ever no no but, we, will be back it's, a mobile website we promise to cover everyone, that so yeah again thanks for sending your website send, more in the comment section if you like, the content. I don't, like it share it let. Us know if you don't like the content and if you disagree with some of the things you, know the idea, behind the shoals like this is to build the community to build a way to interact, and hopefully. Exchange, knowledge that will help all of us absolutely, if these companies are asking us to review them that means they want as much advice as possible for, people much smarter than me in you so if you saw something else or you disagree with something that we recommended, drop, it in the comments so that they can get your feedback as well all right cool.

Thank You guys and see you soon see you next time. Boom. Right. So. Is it my place.

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I’ve been following your videos for some time now and as a young new entrepreneur it gives me the momentum and education Im constantly needing! Please keep making these videos michal!

Great video guys. Real use cases are always the best. What about reducing text of testimonials and adding "icon+headline with number proof" to this? "Using helps us grow conversion rate and schedule effective demos. Highly recommend!"

That would be perfect. Turn use cases into numbers!

Great content! It's great that you are sharing some positive information, I do the same over in my videos. I hope you can benefit from the information that I have to share, I think it will be really valuable to you! :)

Thx Buddy! Really appreciate your kind words!

We are slowly preparing for the start:

Thank you, Mick & Michał! The feedback is great, we'll try to make our landing page better and better :)

There were some Universities mentioned as clients of and I was wondering about one case. Imagine I have a software for university workers. If they will buy personal licence for improving their work - but university don't know and care about it - is it ok (also legal) to mention on my leadpage that someone from XYZ University is my client? Let's say: "Join clients from such Universities: " and then I will show logos of A, B, C D, E Universities. Please let me know, that would be great recommendation :)


+Paweł Dobrzański bardzo dobre pytanie. Wszystko kwestia dopytania samego przedstawiciela uczelni - w tym przypadku profesora. Wbrew pozorom wygląda to bardzo podobnie do takiego procesu u nas. Jeśli B24 kupuje PR Manager dużej organizacji jak np LOT, to pytamy go/jej o zgodę. On/Ona pyta wewnątrz organizacji i daje odpowiedź. Nie spotkałem się z oficjalnymi zgodami na papierze. Z naszych doświadczeń wystarczy mail od reprezentanta firmy jako potwierdzenie :)

Michał Pozwól, że przejdę na polski, aby doprecyzować. Załóżmy, że mam narzędzie dla wykładowców akademickich (pomagające im w pracy ze studentami czy jakimiś zadaniami pośrednio związanymi z uczelnią). Powiedzmy, że wykorzystywane w pracach naukowych profesorów. Prace są markowane nazwiskiem profesorów, nie bezpośrednio uczelni. 1) Czy mogę informować klientów, że mój produkt jest wykorzystywany przez pracowników z takich uczelni jak np. Stanford czy MIT? Nawet, jeśli te uczelnie nie korzystają bezpośrednio z mojego produktu? Mam tu dysonans, czy aby na pewno mogę się powołać na pracodawcę mojego klienta, choć narzędzie nie jest wykorzystywane i polecane bezpośrednio przez tego pracodawcę. 2) Czy powinienem zbierać jakieś oficjalne zgody na wykorzystanie wizerunku pracodawcy mojego klienta? Czy to uczelni, czy urzędu, czy szpitala etc?

If you have a solution dedicated to universities it would be awesome to highlight them as clients :)

Thx Brianna! Comments like yours really keep my motivation high :)

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