Blueprism Project Demo part2|Mar13తెలుగులో IPoc Process|Telugu VLR Training 9059868766

Blueprism Project Demo part2|Mar13తెలుగులో IPoc Process|Telugu VLR Training  9059868766

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With his friends, will now be recorded. Bushings. 100. Outs you have just. Asked. Me just. Actually. Got a. Record using various fuselage. Areas are. Then. Just and, YouTube on it. I think. Hey. Justin. Okay. Alright. Like. Happening. I. Mean. Mcdonnen. Like. Spelt. Our. Intestine. In the dialogue is normally. Under. Manage a sauna process. Later Maya hey chespin che, gesture at. The final end. I. Was, gonna narrate them example. Ship synonym how can I be a JJ clavo do I take, the documented. Documents. As they say chillin you know, a. Sort. Of a power and temperature just a decoder general. Domino process template TSP achieved on Zahra are. We. Actually. Market. Development, period is III mostly. Undeveloped. At the process like and example. Under. Nine, ten applications for. I integrate. Interact. I was that is so I was a Pentecostal. Lengthy. Process to, watch. Generally. So, our. Type of cross-slide, community, around. The six. Months eight months Cora, what touch it, depends. Upon the complexity, of the applications, and, they blow nine applications, a sentence, in fact our and ten eight. Months allotment, affiliated, in shape with it so, dollar. Period, with G 8 months perpetual. Six. Months party ten, a monarchy, application. Three, four applications, tomorrow and fractals known for me and I suppose for example of. A web application operating. Excel. Operations, from my codename there about the next day okay windows application, Leto, can say be application about 3/4, of applications, nine colony, within. The three complete. A post monkey and then I'm. Gonna three months road development, completely. Live. Look and an open port of Milegi another. It, will take two months it, once. In the yep Monica crosses, once with all of chess in the Roja one, or different, values. The test just them under like the, or. Different. Test scenarios, different destiny, I resented your different, types of use cases. In. The possibilities, and the possibilities, with it just chases. Arthur once a bottle. Stable a rocker to each continues, yeah yeah cravat without ever monitor, vanity, control room is. The. Upper one like okay. Morgan, I am looking Moochie, okay so. If. Gerald. Anika at least Monica. Normal, application until, enough input. Application. Like, the process complexity, between. Morgan taken, can take Colton, general. De it. Will take around eight months or normal. Processes, means like it, will take around five, months portal. Development. It, is like. Total. All it, will take five months five to six months in. Right. So. A, process. A lot. Different yes turn into like a, sprint. Voice Sprint's. Rises sprint plan under the general. Releasing. Sprint plan before. All of me and. So, that they. Will. Attend, marquee, applications. Diverges his princess, princess. The, focus. Critical analysis Allah. Monica. Depends. On the applications, right. They're releasing the Sprint's. Okay. Market daily stand a pulse in a commoner, and then. Hamas. From British promised and his principal, and I have sprinkler neva neva Dunbar literally Chester so. In, some companies there here. Also 0 boot theropod, means like, zero. Tool. To. They are uploading, all the sprint. Lengths and, that they're highly. Track, just. JIRA is a tracking to write, about. Cracking through so they, are tracking, tracking. Our. Like. A memento, of chase on the Internet is done with the packages come to general. So. Mono tylium Menard, ideas anniversary, month on Luna update, just come on Owen Thoreau pain in the internet it G, reporter loved it just come up with just automatically, track, open. Right. Maximum. Two years bitter moon experiment. Yeah. In. Any, project, Ximena, Petrus. Romanus evil, Oh -, you. May. Suppose for. Example around. For process and a battle ended minimum minimum. Of minimum for cautious about touch and you can attack chipton, Amidala know six months six, months and Tara Walker process process. Combos a six-month button Allah, me to, yellow, to processes, P there for, Monica two years before. Cross Sinatra, you know so, that is mandatory. Banking. A quantum, link to your mountain under process, and the complexity, what I co-own today when, compared, to ensure insurance. So. Alignment, differential, in general de, in. Different in. Banking. Dominate a complex.

State Insurance. I said a complex taqua the, anima no differentiation independent, so, that is depends. On the applications. That is. Depends on the applications. When we are interacting right. So. Power. Applications, so interact in a fluent I suppose mainstream application, only so, a little bit complexity, complex. It is more and suppose. For example, yes. Occasionally. Elements. Capture. Awake only elements, capture of so, like, that okay, it. Depends on the applications, a qura an taken monarchy. Banging. Domain it the complexity is more and then incidence dominate the complexities less not. Like this because in, incidence no my also suppose we, are downloading. Some reports, we are reporting. On road chase in Theravada, some. Bows, here scanned, documents. Which endpoint was your kind of thing only so was here kind. Of thing unwanted so, the complex is more because sometime, the data is retrieved. Successfully. Or something so the data accuracy, is not good so. Further. Case we go with the region mode and then surface automation, and then we need to I'd it if a the fonts and, again. We need to like. For. Identification, trailmen. Thorough the forint, recognization, of want recognize really throughout the background color space Kali so even noon time matter so cover the money complicity. Is more compared. To anti-malaria. Depends on the applications. So. Dependency. Monica responsible, for tomography complex. Normal. Banking, domain type a monic a less. Complexity, a more. Complex tier and then incidents or - a less complexity, not, like that right. Got. It. Yeah. So. Uh a, Lamonica, ended incidence. Don't mind local applications. In complexity or masturbation spurred on thing suppose, for example. For. Example when so. Windows visit and eliminate from the anti like so, that is a, normal. It's. Not a normal, team elimination. Electrons. Interact. Or suppose. Propagation. Molar and then select. Application. I like application, I'd like, you know something I mean mostly it's not like, this so we are selecting mainframe. Application, directly and then directly we have we need to integrate. It and the mono directly interact about not, a blooper, example who you choose, then so just I will show you how. To interact, mean from affiliation. Briefly. Now, so this is a blue prism dual right. So. Here. So. This is studio. In, the studio we, need to suppose, for example I, will. Take. One process, oh I will take one object right. Yeah. I will. Create one business object, so, fast and then. Testament. Raymond but thumb. Test. Mainframe and then, click just be gone next here and then under. The description and. Then finish here and then. Double click on it. Here. We, have this. Is the objects. To do yet go to application, Malda how to interact medium application, so I will show you right, so this is just click, on next button so, here we have indicate what type of application you. Are using right so, our. Application is just, like consider mainframe. Application, just I am selecting, mainframe, application, right, and after, that just click on Next button. So here all the applications. Are available so, this is beep by. Default, we, have some. Differ some different kinds of, mainframe. Applications are, available here, like, the generic HLA P and then IBM axis, and then like microfocus. Roomba attachment, info connect reflections, and then. Open. Text. Hummingbird. And then. HP. Team talk so, like this we have different kinds of mainframe. Applications are, available here, alright so how to interact, this mainframe application, means so, just, suppose. For example I'm interacting. With, micro. Focus at each byte extra right so, that is nine point three so just I am just simply selecting, the application. And then, click. On Next button here. We need to give I didn't. Either session, identifier, we have we need to maintain session, identifier, so, just, queue the session identify, here and then click on next and then here. So. Suppose. For example here in the. Mainframe terminal, emulator we have some, type, of terminal.

Emulators Are available like the extra. Is there rallies. The fear is there here for hp's there he reminds the like that so. In the attacks made in the, attachment, we have different. Subtype. Of terminal. Emulators are available, so what are the terminal emulator slave. Attachment. Extra. Attachment. Here or attachment. Really, really. Liked. It and. We have different types of sub types of material, emulators within, the attachment. We. Have different types of terminal, emulators so just we need to select it and then, just, click on Next button and then, click. On next click on finish here so, just, click, on launch means it is launching, the application so, here, the so. I will show you, I. Will, just. Back. It move the back it and then I will, show you right. So. Attachment, is already expired I think so. Change, the. So. Evaluate, version on target. So. I think it, is. In. Estimate. In. Between I will put here, and then click on ok so, here just I launched the education, once. So. See here, so. The application, will launch here. So. See so this is the mainframe. Or terminal. Emulator, so this see ones this is attached but corporation so how to identify here, so this application just. See once so. This. Is the, click. On identify, here so, I am selecting. Here win32. Mode only not made framework there is no mainframe or actually there, is no mainframe world so we are in identify, the elements, with the help of, win32. Mode only but so. All the. Solomonic. A parent a mac mainframe mode only and i like so. We have different modes are available right in the application, model so. What are the absolutely one of the modes are available in the application model, so. Basically. We have five available most from 6.4 onwards but, before. Six. Six, hours before six like, a money, machine six can undo. Universal. And general, they pay for a four, available modes what are the available modes, win32. HTML. Bender, get, win32. Access multi-region, foreign-owned, a monkey 5, version fiber hood so but the version 6 onwards they are introducing one more mode so that is you I are Commission mode right so, like win32, more HTML. Mode we, are at emission more accessibility. Mode and then resume more but. So. What, are the available modes total, 5, available, modes are, 5. Available more sir available, in the application, more or less from. 6, onwards but, before 6 before, 6 means like, 6 Kahneman, diameter, Monica only for MA right so. But. How. To interact with mainframe application, means, like again, we are interacting, with the application by. With the help of win32, mode only window. Do two more only, so. See. I, will, just. Control. Suppose, for example I, want to spy. This I, want to capture this, element. I want to capture this text. Suppose for example attachment. Cooperation, right this, text, I want, right monarchy text cowl and put on this he is screaming Shimano new text name Ritter, age here and 10 years from net approach only control. Button a right click button right. Click code mat name what is the mode here this, is a grid. View grid. View this is grid view this, is a, we. Need to capture the element, yellamma no capture just so shown no Kanako when, i get on its contractor, listen, eNOS ternoon controller but cooling for controller you see one. Of freely select gesture control, would just, hold the control. Button suppose, I want. This this. Kind of. Control. And. Click. The let. Next water. So, see, sorry. I, just, identified one, more one, more time. Yeah. So this is identified. So this, is the what are the attributes. So. Java, or covenant an apron Amano mainframe applications in fact I want a compositor. They are asking this type of potion so what are the attributes you, are captured, in the, mainframe application, so if the mainframe operation you know what are the attributes, we need to captured here so and x and y field. Text field, type start, X star, fight so, these only attributes, we got okay. So, see, here I just. Click on apply and then highlight it means it is hydrating, it is a little this is grid view Eve you run amok Romano deadening, capture system, okay so, mainframe, mode antennas in this general the main frame warrant is normally, determined. In. Frame or Dante so we. Have separate, more. Is available for mainframe application, so that is mainframe, or no, not. Like that so we are capturing, with the help of win32. Mode only one, of in 32 modulus by gesture, win32. Modest pious in the rata it, reflects. Until like two just like in grid, view. Krishna. Okay so, this. Is what, is this application. Means so see here extra, extreme, 9.5. This, is the version. Mainframe. Version. So again. So.

Parramatta. Monica normal, JC in omona intagram, any normal of normal than a data analyst : fundo can I have a good state so. Dayton minora eternity. Retrace here you reach reach, your ante simply, we. Are taking our readers. And then. Double. Click on it and then drag, the element and then, he. Read field read. Field and then. Just. Data, item, store. It in the data item suppose for example just run it run, it means automatically, the text will be comes, in the red item store. In the variable, weight data data, item low to dead house and so on this. Is the. Shown. Negative current very low zone and this is the current value tia attached, for corporation. I like, this kind like this we need to. Retrace, the data from the mainframe, application, yellow monotonic literature's, goes one category. Attend a particular. Curriculum, on selected, scoonie author but you got textbook oxygen. That honey we, can get the data. Okay. Cool. Other. Than anything. Else. Really, yeah. Hello. Yes. Answer, yeah. So. All, of you. Hi. You. Have any doubts or it have any clarification, please us now so, like this we, can access. The mainframe application, a la mano main from opposition access. The shade it shows suppose for example job, application, so, unique, any kind, of java application, will java application also we can spy, the elements. Like. So, in Java mode in java American, spy, the elements before. Interacting. With. Java applications we need to install, some plugins like, Java. Runtime environment one. Plug-in and again. Zap zap means zawa, access but we need to install, the Java Exorcist it's our x-axis, bridge, so. Wait to find out the Java access but it means like. In, the blue prism portal that, plug-in is available, so, we need to download it in there so, that is dot and machine so we will install the Java, sample, installer, so that means it's our access, bridge so. We need to install the Java Java accessibility, and after that we. Need to interact with the application saw, application, so then it, will. Shows. The java mode now Monica application, model convertible, and, when. We are interacting, with the application then, only we, will see the java. Mode suppose when we are interacting with our application then, only chose the so when, we are interacting with mainframe, application, sorry s AP application so. Then only it, shows, the s AP mode ok. Here. So. Again in the SI pyramid also we need to set. Some settings like, we need to.

Write. Some script. On, the SAV, application, client. Sec right. Shepard, the Inka Inka Road, calendar, I will I will clarify it. Yeah. We forgot. One more modern than a voz expand, version key, UI. Something. Cheaper in the car. You. Have any questions or doubts I ask, now so this is an interactive session just, normal, in track position. So. Once, the, batch is finalized, and then, we will start the class as. Usual are actively. Hello. I'll, conduct the classes red clear process right. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Nathan. And then Prince sorry. And then Shiva. A. Month. Yeah. So. You have, any questions or clarifications. Please ask now like. Any, type of questions I will, answer so. I will ready to answer so just please ask now, otherwise. No. No no, Hammond, the your, voice is not so. Just. Hello. Hello. Hello. Amantha. Voice, is not audible this, text me are always, no. No. No, also your, voice is not audible. Hello. Hello. Son. So. Hammond the this, can you text me or other or, otherwise in the chart bugs so, whatever you. Have questions, so that questions, X. Me in the chart box I. Will. Answer your questions. Yeah. Can you please explain about, the, six more. Right, so that is a like. A you a I automation. More right user, interface. Automation. Mode so, you I, automation. Mode means, so. Yes, so, I will I will I will explain I will show, you so. What is that mode, means UI automation. Mode right so. So. Just, I'll take Gmail application. So. Then I, will launch application. And. Just. Run it. Yeah. Here. We. Need to find out the sixth, mode so, in. Any application we. Will identify the. Mode, of the application six the mode also six movements like this not animals not six mode that is a fifth, mode only not, six mode so, we have a window do two mode so, see one like. In. This, we. Have just, see. Go. To application. Modular right this is the add element, and then, click on identify, so what is the mode here, HTML. Mode right so, and again, I'll. Press alt, button so, it mean this is been 32 more again. This is UI, you. I oughta Lucian user interface, automation. Mode so. Actually. Sometimes. Elements. Are not, captured. Or not identified. In, like. Suppose. For, example code. Applications, around hundred monkey, of. A web application among, them like, what they windows appreciation. And. The aren't the elements in a money people name, identifier. Under, like the Monica. HTML, more Lotus now above the black with a maraca. HTML. Moon above app athenaeus, Thummim and again, just try with accessibility. So. Accessibility. More load prices Naboo and the accessibility, mode means it's a hybrid. Mode right hybrid. Mode means it's a mixer, mode mixer, mode means it is a combination of Windows. + web applications. Connie. Monica, College Rockland and the general gas. So. In the banking track and alike in the banking domain we. Have two. Applications. Are available, in. The. Same, window and a, wok a window low manatee split AC written, applications, converter and real time Vermont right so under work application, game the like just web. Application, entities and another. Application and, the same window Lorraine another application is it. Is just like a java-based. Application, right. Other than in Japan was, same window hello Monica who, applications, Kanda screens, will pay on time so, add that kind, of thing so we put nano he gave me identify here in an igloo so.

You Know web, application, identifier and HTML, mode on job applications identify. Here and take a chihuahua, Howard so. That is not possible is right so at the same time in the, one window in the, single window we have two applications are. Splitted. Right so, they have spirited to applications, like the one, is HTML. Application one is web based application. Another, one is java-based, application so, how to interact this java-based application with. The history ml mode no. It is not possible right so that's, why we, go with you a talk you I also mission more so, under Kennedy. Sixth version onwards introduced. Because. We. Are unable to identify the, elements, so. This kind of environment so, you type of environment, from an indent in yes not there I did. Element identifies. A lie both number so, accessibilty, more lonely out on it so uproot monomania so we go with you AI automation. Mode that means user. Interface, automation, mode so a, pramana UI, automation, mode key mono, welcome, like putting our automation. Mode on strim Monica later, under elements. Contain molecular or to a single. Window render, of the issues to interact Okinawa Ghani flag for that some elements are not, identified, properly in his, tml mode or win32, more are accessibility, mode then, we go for UI. Automation. This. Is the, advantage. And this is the usage of the UI, automation, mode this is the user interface automation. Mode okay are you, clear about this I think. Not. TF. I'm. Expecting. Yeah. Fine thank, you, so. If you have any questions. Or doubts regarding, the, this. UI automation mode or otherwise any, of the questions just, ask now I will clarify it. Hello. Yeah. Anyone. Anyone. Any. Questions, or any queries, or any doubts. Regarding. In blue prisms or RPA. Whatever. It is so, then just ask me I. Will. Clarify, it. No. Okay. There. Are no questions means, I will. Quit the session today yeah. Does, it have ordinal, value when we spying it yes it, is. Having ordinal I think so, we. Will see otherwise. Directly. So. We have ordinal, in ordinary, it's available. In, actually. Windows, Windows, applications. Like win 13, when 32 more ordinary is available, so, in. UI automation, mode also parent, ordinal is available, I think for, this we'll, see we'll see once. Is. Already interacted readiness. Correctly. And then. I'm adding a limit here and then click on identify, here and, then suppose. For example. Yeah. So see, here mass index, is there right so, massive next wave and then ordinal, right parent order new yacht class, name. So. Yeah, mass index is only available. Parent. Automation, ID and then, yeah just a. Minute Shiva. Is asking one more question I will. Clarify, it just, give, me a give. Me minute. Parent. UI a name. So. Ordinary, is available, for only win32. Mode or not for this. This. Is first match, index matching mass index is available, here because, this is so. Your automation mode of mass. Index is available, but. Ordinary. Is not available but in, accessibility. Mode it is available parent, ordinal is available. Observe. It right so, in, this way, automation, mode the.

Like. Depends. On the elements, also sometimes. Attributes. Are changing. You. See. Alt. Button right. Yeah. No. No. Like. You're. Asking like ordinal. No ordinal de are, available, in the UI, automation, so. Match index is only available, so. Just to put match index. Under. Like ordinal. Was aluminum ordinal, you chose for collect both in a match in HHS, coach, okay. So. Ordinal. Actually, basically it is in. Windows. Applications. Where, ordinal, is available, in the Windows applications, only just. The C ones windows, application of my element app such as them I want, to make clear theory on to this okay, so, just I will capture, the, capture. It in Windows application. So. See Windows texture. This. Is the ordinary ordinal. Value is available from available. Only for Windows applications. Not for accessibility, mode also parent order and is available, so. Just. Respite. One, more element I think. Yeah. This is parent ordinal see this. Is the parent, Dada, parent. Ordinal is available, for accessible, to model because it, is a Windows application like. Accessibility, mode means it is a combination of web press windows, of applications, so that is why there, and ordinal is available, for accessibility, mode but, there. Is no, ordinal. Fun like. What. Are the application, so what is the mode your automation, in, the UI automation mode there is no ordinal, right. And in. History ml applications. There is no ordinance hardener Monte. Windows, applications, ordinal no they again, accessibility. Mode no parent ordinal room ok, got, it up, yeah. Fine. Thank you and then, they're. Asking one more question like, Shiva. So. What is the test management tool used, where. We execute, our test scripts, just like here LEM is used eft, for for for, the most of the projects. Right so. Here, we, are not using any test management, tools right we, are not in using, s, manuals. Test management tools energy power, mu bottom and a general, de taper you have taken a Latium water now, know how to run. The test description, area and this. Is a process automation, right so, we know the process manually. First right manual. To process some puzzles from, start to end on record starts just occur, and just manageable the thieves monkey and a process. Natura start. Just a moon Mali process, record and out in the and Nico Dominic in each and every step correctly, the Monica step to correctly execute, open unfolding process character, successful. Around organism so a lock on exceptions. Granny Erina neither with Rajasthan pulled a Monica process, failure to nuts and together, and then, we are running the process by with the help of control room only right so, by using control, room we have to run the process right. So control. Room is ranging up to processes. Start when she and or whose so screw that online then one day so, mana and the different, test, cases under, different test inputs, mana is the already so, we are giving in the work you so, what are the work. Items we have so that total work items we are adding, in the work, you right, so the work you what what. The work queue is doing. Means. So. What can just mean money like there so, what you are, tightening money. Item. Like this coach a mic. Input Hindi she automatically, then fast just so. Like yellamma. Know our inputs and any Monica work items in my and I'm gonna run out they only put a running input successful, alumni the. Status will be completed, status or, otherwise the status, will be, exception. Status exception, status in the flag status will to the multi what you do one, how much you are suppose. Of case our knowledge is knowledge under they, know the exceptional, book and they read it close an error so, and it will be another case another, thing another, case pick just not another, test case our test input or input, whatever, it is write, another. Input piece couldn't throw the molarity of the arc is completed, they completed, ship from the black box all.

Right Again, exception, an exception or, whatever, it is so like that we. Are doing but we are not taking, any under. Test. Suppose. For example my. Promise and a tiresome, process until. I won, a dollar Jason, code in our test Jasper content so, first, two pages ranges, from page a successful, around later object phase, ranges of, the page successful there anything process, this process flow. Step-by-step, executes a spiritual stone process for successful yeah tonight, they, complete. Process of seven days shows the complete, process successfully or anything and again, goes to control, you know Rajasthan controller, successfully on an intake the process is running successfully. That's, it so, like that we need to test, the process, there, is no testers, Astros. On our own Monica. General de éstos. Alumna who Allah while Rosalind intense holy test places roster Rafa. So, Gordon. Molly just control room low successful or not the churches Shuster and up from start to yeah. Giving different testing. Puts a spell put spins again, they're passing, the test inputs with the by using work, use only they're. Giving them, testing. Routes in the work, you what. Kind of sad chase automatic, a contingent, on inputs, this court in general okay. So. I get you, have any questions asked. No there is no you have to do sir the we are not using any eft, tools are like, a, unit. Test. Yeah. So if you have any questions, please. Ask now or otherwise, today. I will quit decisions. Once, the batch is finalized, I will start the classes recklessly, right. No. Sir no questions are not going to any luck Athenian law session quick chat them, so. Once. Bags. Finalized, in one free mediator one. Or it leave the class and a status okay. Hello. Yeah. Shepherd. I haven't no. Issue hello, one. Is asking one more question so just a third question I will. Clarify. So. Can you please tell me the scope of the RTA yeah. Mana. Scope. Of the okapi, means so, are happy just like, Norton. So. Right, now oh they're. Using like, process. Automation, process. Process automation and then intelligent, automation also intelligent, automation, means. So, the arc, yeah, artificial, intelligence just like artificial intelligence, in so, ant a pramana k RP. N is the normal your parentage there you can month ago done decision-making. Ethel is and, Amana human. Dacians here on my and aganetha so we cannot automate that kind of scenarios. So. But. In. UK. They're introducing one concept so that place that is like deaf, hundred, that is decision. Enabled. And AARP at once with so. RPN to normal robotic, process automation, so in this is there, is notation, making this appear there. Is no human tations, we are not taking the human Dacians right so, untaken augmentation making, and complex. Decisions under, Miranda rule based upon gender, so. Can a decision-making. Cheney under addition, making certain human tations this costly foolish. Or club, human. Nation this goes with robbery nearly one on process name than a partial automation, an. Uncommon agenda so, can, a fully automated navigation, making, Cucina human days no Tina then handle you see automatic, removal and, a so, that was on UK Alden is in the UK market they are introducing. More concept like the depe therefore. Means decision. Enabled. Robotic, process automation. Decision. Is enabled, here so in this automation. The. What, are the decision. They. Have the, decisions, they have like, human. Tations they have so, that decisions. They are taking, with some. Decision. Tools decision-making, tools are available in, the market so what are the decision-making tools are available means, so, that this sapiens, sapiens, is, one of the decision-making, tool so. With the help of sapiens, they. Are taking, the. Human nation also under Iowa, is 410, sapiens. Team separate from to Linden Monica. Monica Monica process. New leadership general. De Manuel the process themself and the process start point a and point D in T a connector, additions of slave and Nevada mark Ilsa so, Dan, was some erroneous current agenda. Decorate. The human relations was now human. Destruction sorta, so, automatically. Assign it a whole, roster and it just like they. Are taking the decisions, they, are taking the human Dacians, and there. They, are developing, some core with. The help of sapiens, to sapiens. Tool you just finish whole dollop JC art than. Nikki integrate.

Shasta The entity and I suppose Kanako, process, are not only running. In the retardation making goats in the anti human Dacians is calling so 'ukraine both make process. Holdout in the old. Immediate, approval. ISM two Rangers in the sapiens. To the integrity until, interactive, approach tradition. These Kunene next. Step, a death on the the knee execute, just like. That they're, introducing. This concept so that is depe that fermentation enable robot across this automation right, so, like. This they're out, of it at the dominga then. A dynamic, mooyah parent like artificial, intelligence, in, 6.4. Inversion. 6.4, in. The blue prism tool they're introduced, a very. Little bit of artificial. Intelligence, a kind of thing right, so you know I think I, made. Through service world as a demonic. A blue Grissom flow 6.4. Low you could have a. Mnemonic. Introduce, yourself, introduce. Danger. Certainty, I will show you I. Think, it is not installed in my machine. Artificial. Intelligence the concept may introduce all. Stages. Yeah. So, I will show, in, system. Yeah. So this is this features of skills yeah this, is the skills management skills we, need to add here so, after that we need to show. The skills skills. Me it's, an artificial, intelligence II concept, so, this concept is introduced in, 6.4, only not in like. In. Any. Other. Version. 500, Gani Hodari. Skills. N isinot introduces. It artificial. Intelligence and it goes to our artificial. Intelligence, and. A manual artificial, intelligence II concepts could have broken integrates, a scanner and then in future LaMarca scope. To move our PMO's, -. Yeah. Artemisia. Is also, an. Take qur'anic agree on what is the use of is there like. Modern human, Dacians in Austria and Tay Zonday so our decisions, name Romano, integrates is good so by using with them of, skills. Skills. And, a feature which others offer me. A great choice for general, we, need to one like guineas a variable, so, up like you know Marquis de Carabas ended so, after, it should take. About, the general half. Each other I think, example. Not indicated in the name that never Chile the. Recently. Introduced Azure 6.4, niche Anjali not, in six. Version. Just it is, like. Enabled. For. Recently. It is enabled recently, only if. That it is still Pilsen. A feature, out they introduced, a sir this.

Is One kind of artificial, intelligence a concept right. In. The group a simple so, I will show that document. I. Think. They have. Yeah. I. Will. Show you I, will show another. Not. Available, here so. Make. A feature class so Chaplin is a tell. You. Actually. Skills. Currency shepherd or they oaks are introduced a said about that I don't. Know exactly what. It is but, I will tell you later. There's. An art fun. This. Is. Intelligent. Automation scripts, this is the the. They're introduced, this concept, intelligent. Automation skills, so. Here, in these hills packages. Management, skills knowledge, and site planning, and sequencing. He. Provide any placement after this course means I am not. Telling. Any, I am NOT giving any placements. Just. I will, suggest. Like just, like some companies may ladies I have like, a charming ladies directly you just contact with you, just read the foreword your resumes to the HR. Melodies but I am NOT assure. I am, NOT giving any placements, for after this course right. So. One of our placement. At the man said lamely than the general guy so that is the difference on the. Depends. On, your skills, and then, skillset. And then just, forward, your resumes, and then see, the market, so. Anti-putin, Mauna Kea time low Monica market. To market, shall go on they actually general in the window Feb, 19. April. And a year and in close of. Market. Saleh drastically. Is confidential, ominous shadow, underneath who captured and transformation. Throughout, the. Next. Molly. Molly. April Theravada and a mini April, rather. Is going to slow the market Molly Molly, June is Molly start okay and it, may April, May low consume. Slow and today mostly, homologate. June. July August connect, malabon another one in December the. Keyboard monitor Molly, markets low equal so, you choose, film on a time luminaries, in between you play, the calls at the Taliban my mother's Chara, in first lajja rupena evil, is absolutely. Generally. At least what recalls us no matter so. Just, put. Your resume. And then find. Out future right. Japonica. So. Okay. But it. Having. The scope of what the, next. Level yeah. Yeah. Karuna car what is the use of it yeah karai so, example. In ink of our culture is a new skill sets Madonna or ethereal is a general, recently, religious a devoted six. Point four low so them, to stun rusev ceramic a terrazzo gesture. Study. Material, in termina glass even the study metal genre provide just under the you know you just watch avoid right. You. Hello-hello-hello, Picasa. Yeah. So, today's I will put, the session today tomorrow. We, will continue, the class at the same time site okay. So. Once, batch is finalized they, will start we will start the classes regularly. One. Question soon. Hello. Right. Thank. You thank you so much for. Your valuable time. And. Have. A good day bye. Thank. You thank you so much I will put the session today, so. Once batch is finalized we will start the classes regularly right, thank you. You.

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