Blueprism Project Demo Online Session Mar12th 2019 తెలుగులో I VLR Training 9059868766

Blueprism Project  Demo Online Session Mar12th 2019 తెలుగులో   I VLR Training 9059868766

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This, conference, will now be recorded. Yes. Hi. Good. Morning all of you huh this is Vijay yeah, I'm, having around. The six plus years of IT experience, within that I'm. Having three. Years of experience as a our peer deliver, with. The blue prism tool so. This is my brief introduction, so. Tell. Me about yourself, briefly then, I will start the class. So. Barcia. Hammonds. And then within who, me and then, Prem's IE. So. Tell me briefly about. Yourself, so. Then I, will, explain. Today. Demo. Class like right like so. What are the content we, need to cover. In this in. This projects. And P versus batch. So. I will explain so. What are the contents, and then what are the domains we need to cover and then what are the projects we need to discuss so, all these topics. Are covered. Here. Yeah. I. Have. Until a. Month. My voice is audible or, anything. Or prim sahi are Barcia. Yeah. I should thank. You, so. Tell, me about yourself, lately like. So. Right, now what we are doing, so. You are working or not or, you have any work experience like. That. Your. Qualification. Yeah. Fremont. Blue. Prism train. And dew prism three months back so. I, need some project, explanations, it will be helpful to me because I am NOT a technical guy, okay. Cool huh the. PI then maybe to graduate. Sure. Thank you thank you from say, and. Then. Hamilton, done it in LA and then, Barcia, I. Think. So. No. One is there. Yeah. Fine not. Cool. Yeah. So, this projects, and P vs. mmm. Yeah I will start the class so. In the projects and P was his domain like. Program, so. I covered like domains. Banking. Domain and insurance, domain and finance, domain and manufacturing. And automobile, domain and then. Logistics, domain. Yeah. Amantha your. Voice is not audible so, just speak, loudly so, your voice is not audible here I. Think. You are. You. Think. So. Yeah. Hemant. This, yeah. Am. I audible - yeah. Yeah yeah I wish. I'm she know us and I'm working for Genpact, new, push so. I go trying to do presume on my automation anywhere six months by okay I got. An opportunity at noida or, unglue. Prism. So. I repeated that opportunity. As no it is very long from Hyderabad. So. I mean to what interviews. On blue prism even I attended one of the interview at impulse, recently, but. I know who takes OHS act. Because. Of there. Is no experience for me but. I would like to change my platform entirely, from, operations. To right, now I mean operation, semis to pudding okay. I would. Like to change my complete, platform to RP developer. Something. Like that so I, need this totally. How many projects we are dealing total, five projects. Domain. I, want to discuss. We. Have so. We have written. So. I will discuss the processes. Also I will, explain so, what I hope so, see first. We. Have different domains like in, banking, domain I will explain, different. Processes. First. I'll explain manually. And after that I will explain. Practically. So, like how, to. How. To, pour. With process, like how, to, start the process how. To start the process how to design in the process and then or. Based, on like PD. And then based on s duty we need to develop the process so, how to deliver the process I will explain so. Like, now. What are the steps we need to follow what, are the steps means like by. Using we. Have different. Templates, are available so, that is a blue. Prism they are given some templates. So, based, on the templates we need to develop, the process, so, like they. Are giving the basic level process template one process, template to advanced level like. Types. Of templates so. Based on the process projects we need to follow. We need to dollop the process. Right, so I will explain all these things and. So. How to create PDD and then how to create it SGD, that means solution design document, so, faster, based on our period, we didn't process definition document so. All, these things I will explain it in this process products and P versus program, okay, yeah. Me too thank you are we using any words in this project. Yeah. OCR, means like ah we. Need to automate that is in region mode that is surface automation, technique so, with the help of surface automation, that we need to automate like. In, the surface automation, technique I will, explain so, retakes, with OCR and recognize, text we have two options so, we have two, actions, so, by.

Using The, two actions we need to automate, that optical. Character recognition like. That, kind of so. How to automate, the OCR, kind of things I will explain so, that, means that is the already. We, have done in surface. Automation, but. I will I will show you so, how to automate, OCR. Kind of thing documents. Like. OSI a kind of in. Actions. By, using those here retexe, to go see we have two actions actually in, blue. Prism tool so that is a real text with OCR and recognize. Text so. How do you use retouch me both here and how to use I recognized it I will. Okay. Thank you Jim yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I will explain. He was is like the so, I. Will. Explain so. Different. Domains I will take like. Banking, domain so. What. Is my intention is like, so. Manually. I will explain banking. Domain in French women in. Banking domain I will lecture. Or five process, and, insurance domain I will explain around five processes. And. Finance. Domain and I will explain five. Processes, like that we have total five domains so. Around. In. And around around. I. Will explain. The. Banking domain I will explain, so. These are the process I need to explain that means in. The regime, you're. Putting some process right like, cross the mortgage loan, application, fraud betcha Harshad. Mehta see, what this, ordination. Cross. So. All our process. So. I will explain all these for all these kind of process right, so, in the incidence women I will explain all these kind of process so, but I'm. Not showing practically. Just, I am showing manually, only manual, I will. Explain this, process and how. To build the process and even, how. To develop the process, so these are the love, practices, for purpose, who, like the sales order creation material. Or decreasing travel, request processing order, management request, processing, is, possible, like that five. Kinds of processes. I will. Practically. Explain, that means yeah. Hands-on, we are doing kind. Of fuse. So. That means, in. The entry of purpose, interview purpose means like you, are going your, back wheel to you right so you, need to pack an interview back an interview means they're asking questions regarding. The all these acts of pulses how to start, the process so. How to build the process so, how do you develop the process they are asking these kind of questions so. Then you. Need to explain, so our way. To start, the process and way. To end the process like so. Faster. We need to we. Need to follow the, development. Cycle right software. Development life life cycle life cycle means SDL's, mode so, like the in. The software development in the RP, life cycle we, need to follow, some. Steps. You, need to follow some steps feels like the requirements, gathering and, then, after that like. We have, a, happy, life cycle, is a right so. We. Need to follow what. Are the steps we need to follow was step by step executed, right I will explain all these. Yeah. Sure. And. All. The options to be. Using. In the. Yeah. Yeah, I will explain so, wait to start the process and where, to end the process so, where to start. The process me oh we. Have different fridges in. The RP life so. Requirements, gathering crazy and then, after, that once, requirement, gathering is so, we need to. 3d. Offer creation, of BDD and then, we. Another. Documents, like I, think solution, to the dock and and. After that based, on the solution document, we need to follow some document. Standards and then we, need to start the development, once. The development, is completed again we, need to use. Acceptance, and once, you, and. I goes to be production and after that again. Like, it or like all. Kinds of steps we, need to I will. Explain all these kinds of way, to start, requirements. Cavalry and then. Way through the house AP reading so and how. To create STD, based, on the. Solution. Is a document oh so, all these things I will explain. One. By one. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you sure. Right. Now. Yeah. So here. Can. I continue the class, so. Once I will complete the class you. Asked any questions, or enough. Queries. You last right. So. This is a projects. And peers in. This program I will, explain banking, domain. Kind. Of projects, and. Then incidents domain and then, we cover like, a world like the finance.

Domain And then, automobile. Domain and then logistics, going so. In the banking domain what are the offices. I will cover means so. That is, processing. What. It is. All. Of you. So. Processing, the mortgages. Loan application. And. Then, so, in this process how. To create, mod, gage loans so, how to create, how to automate, the mod, gives loan application. Process and, then. Next, one is fraud, charge back processing, this, is one kind of process and. Mod. Gives, origination. And then processing, so this is another kind of process I will explain here and then. Credit. Card application, processing so this, is also one kind of different. Process I will explain here and then, unified. Methodology, for a new, account creation, so in the banking, domain so. Suppose. One, customer, is there so we. Need to create one new, account, for the customer, for, the particular customer, so. How to create how, to automate, this kind of new account creation I will, explain this process and. Again. In the incidence, domain. Reviewing. The property, and casualty insurance, claims, this is also one. Kind of process. Incidents, claim process, this is claiming. Property. Claim or cash flow quality claim so, whatever incidents. Claim is, so. That that. Process we. Need to explain here and then, dental. Insurance claim processing this is just like one kind of medical incidents so I will explain this kind of process and the, robot digestion, of new policy, creation and then, renewal, of policy so how to create, a policy. Creation. And. Renewal, of policy, renewal of policy me suppose. The, policy. Force. Is expiring, so at some. Due date so, again we need to renew the process, so, this, kind of process I will explain here and then, customer, profile updates and then automating customer complaint, processing, so all this kind of process I will explain here and then, finance domain related process means like like, Swift. Reconciliation, of financial. Process, automation and. Investor. Recording, record-keeping, and information, management system, this is also one kind of finance. Domain related process and, reconsideration. Of payouts management, process and customer. Profile updates, if. Any, customer, profile. Operations. Are required like address. Updation. Or mobile, number updation, our email. Ad impatient, our, permanent. Address operation. So all these kind of. Customer. Profile updates also, this. Kind this is also different kind of process I will explain so, by using CSAP. Applications, we, will. Update. The profiles. For, the particular. Customer so. How to automate. ASAP, application. So all. This I will explain in, this finance demand related process, and, again, automating. Customer, complaint, processing, this is also customer. Complaint, some suppose, customer, raisin, request raisin. Complaint, to the particular. So. Team, or otherwise, particular. Operations. Team or business team so they, will rectify, the they. Will. Resolve, the complaint so, by. Using automate. So, how to automate, this customer. Complaint processing I will explain and. Again. We. Have, like. Manufacturing, domain, this is the Ottoman automobile, domain related process automating, purchase order system like. Customer complaint person same same, this is financial, related. Domain, this is this, is in automobile. Domain domain and automated. Like. Expenditure. Report generation so we need to generate some reports, that is, like expenditure. Reports so, how to generate, means like we, have by, with the help of Excel, sheets so, we need to download that reports, so all these information. I will explain here in this process and then. Operation, plan driven procurement. Process and automation, for optimal, material management, in inventory so all these kind of cross I will explain so. These, four. Manual. Manually. I will explain not practically. Because there. Is no. Applications. The applications are. Not available so, I will explain all these process, from, start to end from, start to end manually, not practically. Right so, practically. What we have what we have to do. Means so, I will show you so, this, is logistic, domain so order processing system for shipment release and integration. Of document, with transport, management so all this process I will explain manually, so, and finally. I will. Explain for Piazza's for practice, purpose so, we need to practice practice it, right so, what are the processes means like sales, order of creation and material.

Order Creation and travel. Request processing, that, means. Blue. Prism they are given one, travel request so that is PP travel right so. Based. On the VP travel so how to create the flow, like, so, how to use the process, term how. To be a by using that process template, we need to dull the and air flow so in every organization, we. Need to, follow. Some standards. Blue prism standards, so. Given, already. Predefined. Process templates a blue. Prism that given, predefined. Process templates so. Based on the predefined, process templates we need to doll, up the code, so, I will show you I will explain, don't bother about that so. Based. On the process template, we need to, practice. It we, need to practice the four P versus for, practice, purpose like sales order creation material. Order creation travel. Request processing order, management and then, incidence, request processing right so. And. Again. Like. So, applications, what are the applications, we are interacting, so, these, are also very very. Important, here so what, of what kind of applications, we are interacting here means so web applications, windows-based. Applications. Excel. Operations, and then s AP applications, and then, mainframe applications and, then, Citrix, Center online so so, Citrix, environments. So. E criminai the chip in chile and undo, that because. Citrix. Environment is, not available, here right so but, so, how what is Citrix environment and, in the Citrix environment what we are doing so I will explain I will show you so. What. Is the difference between implant, and picked link so, thin client means like, the, our applications. Are available, in, the local. Machine or so sorry our applications. Are available in the. Citrix. In Iran main and. Like. A blue prism tool is available in, the local, machine so we need to automate the, within. The Citrix environment so applications, are available so. In the Citrix environment applications. We need to automate with, the help of the blue, prism tools so that means our tool. Is in the. Local machine our, like. Applications. Are available in the. Applications. Are available in the Citrix environment so. You permanent, share in the auto venture like, we. Need to automate so, with. The help of blue prism tool we need to automate the states. Within the Citrix environment we, have application, as well so. We need to automate that enough application. So how do automated, so. I will. Buy. Using with the help of surface, automation, technique or region. Mode we need to order with. The help of region mode we need to spy it and then, after. That we need to automate, the kind of applications. Right, so, thick. Line means, application. Is available, within, the Citrix environments, and the blue prism rule is also available in the, Citrix. In Iran that means local. To local both. Who, are in local are both are in Citrix, so that kind of, applications. Also we need to automate here, alright so that is a thick plant in Iran. So. Like all, these like, this kind. Of applications. I will explain. In future.

Classes. Like based. On web application, Windows application, nexor operations, as ap application mainframe. Applications I will show you how. To automate, mainframe, applications and, all. These kind of applications we'll discuss, in this classes. Right and, so. These are the contents so if you have any questions. Or if you have any queries please ask now or. Otherwise. I will show you some. Projects. So. How. To start the process and then how to this. Is the mod gates process automation, so, I will explain so, just. Please. Sir if you have any questions, or, queries. Please, ask now. These. Are the topics we need to cover in. This. Process. In. This projects. And reverses program. So. If you have any questions, you. Need to ask you. Will. Ask no, issue so. Or otherwise I will. Say. Actually in a cross project, if, you're getting any requirements, from that phase will be covering. Or. I mean require process. Like I mean in develop software development, project. Will. Have a different approach slate like what you have following. Are PA projects. Yeah. So that means our PA lifecycle, you want. Yeah. Exactly, yeah. Sure I will explain no don't bother about that our PA lifecycle, so so. Wait together all the requirements and then. What. Are the phases are involved, in the RP lifecycle, I will explain. Right. So we have I will explain today also so today. I. Will. Explain the RP life cycle, and tomorrow. Or will continue the classes. With. Like. You have any questions you asked today, I. Will. Explain. Okay. Yeah. Tell me. So. All like someone. Is asking, like in the chart. So. Thought. Programming, yeah so. The third programming means so there is no coding actually, here there. Is no coding so 90%, then be, a chance', so there is no coding 10%. There may be a chance of coding so that means like. That. Is also we have support. Team is supporting. Is are available, in in, every company, support, team are available, so, like support, team in there we. Have on VB, developer is there and then not at all across available, so, we are taking sub from the ice, and then we'll do it. Practically. Under. Moroccan encoder I also Chien and kun de automatic.

America Aaron supported, I support this kimono Rasta. So, are other ways we, need to write code in three languages a V, B or C, shop or visual, gesture so. III long ways from 108 Daniel in a ceremony for Rachel, so, we, have course tests we have four. Stages available, in the blue prism tool so, we need to take course tests and then, we need to select the long ways and we, are importing some dll's, and after. That we need to write code in the four states so. That means there, may be a chance of 10%, not. A 100%, so, we're means I will explain I will I will take so. Suppose, for example, some times of some, sometimes. The, data is unstructured format. So, this is a challenge. For challenge. In blue prism in blue prism so, unstructured, format, means there is no structure, like the suppose for, example one, web application, is there are one mainframe application, is there we. Need to retrace, some information, from the mainframe, application. Or we need to capture from, information, from the web application, so, just we. Are copying, copied. That contained that means we are retrieving that information stored. In the node, pad suppose, mira of our. Application. You change web, application, look a datum, of the nakaka change copies. In the rocket is coaching note of it notepad location, data, lost monkey unstructured. Format, that structure there is no structure like, there is no de a row and column format right there. Is no structure, there. Is no structure, means so, in, that, data. Suppose, for example of, customer, information, only, of our mainframe application, open yourself the Rosa Dan loan a date and Papa Heiser efficacy. Just, notepad a Victor, so. Notepad a bit emotional means the data is unstructured format. There is no structure. There is no row, and column, format so I want to I want, to retrain. Some. Particular, information particle, information, means particular, address fields are, particular. Mobile number are particular. Like, email, ad so. You need to retrieve. It we need to capture it suppose, it will not cool bulk up data and another. NASA particular, across a Cavalli like, for the particular mobile number hourly particular, I like. Put the email ad college so how to capture, that. The, kind of information. How to return that kind of information in that notepad. Application, so, how to retrieve means so, by using regular, expressions or. By. Using code, stays we, need to with. The help of pollsters, we need to retrain, the information. So, that means we need to just. Like. Put. It in the row in a table format, and our datum. And color only at the date on this collection.

Of Italy so in the blue prism we have collection. Collection. Stages. There so underneath these go to data collection, Lambert cinema that. Is a structure, format that means row and column format that is a table collection, is nothing but a table it contains. Rows. And columns, right so, mono data correction leprosy, this goes no automatic the monomial I can usually change right. So that, cost someone is not dead of course is your new Chalcis it so for that case we, need to use code, stays or. Otherwise. We, need to write a regular expressions, for, that right, so a, la mano Dan, Costner, and at the data on structural, loads in a loop structure, each item also one. Of course can you excels or route you adrenalin, lack both is suppose and. Web. Services for, web. Services and one of the web services you just not do de, attorney, extract. Just that, an expectation of the web service which data extract is in the raga so, the data will, be we, it is in the form of JSON, format, right. JSON, format JSON. Format, means it is one kind of format that means like the key. Value P key, value pair so, you see. Value pair means like just like suppose. Customer. Name, that. Particular, customer. Name. Customer address. That particular address customer. Mobile, number that particular mobile number like that so, that is one kind of J's the format is there so. We. Need to. In. The department. So. That data it. Is in the form of Jason, permit so, then we, need to. Convert. That, Jason, into collection. Jason. To collection, so, for, Jason, to collection, so. Actually. We have one vbu is there so that means a visual business object is available, in the blue prism so, that means Jason to collection, utility, Jason we, have one, vbu is available, but, what we are doing here means so, Monica. Could Jason to collection, ovb own learned it simple, camera avi be you just finish Jason its collection of it at on stage coach Connie. What. Is the problem is here means, this. Is a challenge actually, so, this is also another challenge, so one, our web service needs to die eternally recreation. Abroad a format lowest monkey, Jason, low-cost ended, Jason. Mention again we need to convert into collection, and the collection of, italic collection. Loop Italian day Monica. Already, work a video only what is the video utility. Jason's, you find, out it in blue prism to utility.

Jason Jason, is a collection of the data and each coach Connie, so. Economic a movement within, the Citrix, environment mana Citrix enrollment, flowcharts cannot do so. Jamelia. Marquis. One one plunking, is required we need to. Import. One planky and we need to import one, plugin so that plug-in is mutant, Jason, softer, so, opera, Marquis data is a JSON, format, ninja correction of us select the rather, okay. So Dan, also our plug-in installed and tamale again we need to ask permission. Permissions. From the client. Environment so. You've only lacunae even, nila Kunda Monica's, simple girl one. Of code you just need code stage you Jesse Russ the automatic, de Jason, in sheet collection located on stage coach so. Further. Kind, of scenarios, we, are using we are both we. Are going to use. Coarseness. Other, than so our particular scenario. Slow master Amano code, stage a tonic, a register. Meaning, 90%. There is no coding here in the blue prism -, right. That. Is the that. To, that. Of the major challenges, in the group, isn't right, so, under my a chronic or trials, whose theorist Amanda a decoder 10%, as, if or demonic a trials now son let's see people mostly. Raimundo. Kinda mono 90%, we. Thought Cody. We. Can survive. Right. Yeah. So, this is the thing here so some. People are asking like our PA live segment right today, I will explain what is arc pale I say in what it. Can takes so, this is the, happy. Life cycle here so see. I think. All are visible in. The, screen, are. You able to see the screen here. How. Our pH that means like these are PA life cycle so. In this RP a life cycle what, are the steps we, are in involved. Means so. First identify, the, need for automation, so, that means this is an identification, phase, identification. Phase means process. Identification phase we, need to identify the, process and a, process find, independent. A general. De. Semana. A kind of crosses automate, choo-choo a kind, of process automate a limb so. So. That means they, are identify, the process and, they are generally. Angel routine they gather. Like. The I and, the percent is my automate change how much percent is we can automate, here so that means that these comes under feasibility, first. Identification. In the identification phase means so, a data. Retrieval, engine the data. Uploading. Your sorry data retrieval and then in the RPM we have three kinds of processes mainly a data retrieval data, validation, and then, data, updation. Data. Retrieval, data. Validation. And then dat objection, three kinds of processes, mainly we, are doing in, our PA so. We need to identify the, process so I need to define the process and need for automation, identify. The process means first. We need to identify the, process so we so. Actor demonic a data updation acoustically, that's the data retrieval a critic who's looking that's, the data validation kind, of things say own name so then. Automate, chain galovitch a lemma so an ID first they are identified of, identification. Phase law the hour of Renoir over who are involving, in this identification phase means top.

Management, Top management means as a business, analyst a System, Architect or like. The project manager or seen, a project man, senior. Project minister they are involved in this identification, phase right. And. They added all upper half a dollar per we are not involving in the identification. Phase right so, once, identify. The process, identify. The need for automation, that means in the identification phase there, identify, the processes. So, what type, of process, we need to automate and what, kind of process we need to, under. Manage a process Newman automates, a column they process them on automate, a layman is it yeah I did a shoot a lot but I, did, if I just that and once. Identification. Is done so, and after, that they. Are checking feasibility. That is and second. Step is like feasibility. Analysis in the. Feasibility, analysis, so. In the feasibility analysis, what they are doing that, means so, how much percentage, make we are automating, that kind of process and the, percentage automate. Say hello and then, either 50%. Or 60%, and. The percentage, and return. On investment, there, they're. Verifying. Again, return, on investment, so under, Minori process math in the image. System Ali Monica return on investment antha one again djegal to know and they like a, profit. And thusly and then man, Fernando, who consume gigolo so all these things we need to cover. Here so so. We have in the feasibility analysis they, are checking like so, different. Issues. So I will show you so, what are the yeah so, current current, monthly volume of this work how much work is there and the off-peak, daily volume, work peak, daily volume work estimated. Annual volume increases, so, all these kinds of, calculations. They. Are checking in the feasibility. Analysis so, and I am among the resources funniest, nor a process. Me the manual, process method so, one of manual, process not automate Chester and in Minoan, Thor poo now written investment, in gain gauge so. Enter, time mannequins, emotionally, accuracy. Anthony so, one, of them. Load. And the burden do so evenly, coat a calculation is Jasper and then like in. The feasibility, analysis, how much percentage. We are are creating, that kind of process a process aluminium and the percentage automate. Gho and a, 50% so. 50%, means 50%, automate, chasing one of 50 percent MacNeill is just known and so that is not a good, thing right so, mono, max. 80%. Tiny'mon automate shaker is a 20%. Manual de arena input. Server and time on manual input, so much so, that is not a, problem. Right. So. Allah, monarchy in the feasibility, analysis in the feasibility, check, so, how much percentage, we are automating, so reckon, on with students in the Soraka our daily, volume and constantly and, they any resources, manam you. Utilize chess for now and, the work over, utilization factor, onthe, so, you only put a man on the Indo correctly calculate, data quality, along the so, average handling time entha so, what, about. Utilization. Patterns in the even Nikodim wanna calculate gesture in, this feasibility. Aspects, they, are taking in the feasibility. Of their whether. The process is feasible. To automate, also feasible, to automate or not like, I'm, gonna application, automate, gigolos a laser and a throughput process. 92 pages are ended honey next. Second step in feasibility. Analysis slow. Process. Oughta be taken only energy, feasibility, analysis to check Chester. Automated. Identification. Canid. On low circumstantial. Saturday but suppose for, example of, a process intended. Only. Purchase. Order downloading. Some. One kind of cross down, low Monica Vasya rake only under, real text with those who are you chase monotony.

Refreshes, Itself in the only major, part on the down-low some handwritten. Documents, on my handwritten documents, on int we cannot automate, right, so, and again, scanned, PDF so names can't be obscene one on hand on a date on these ditch college under it by using the text goes here Rita, Street, exit ocre accuracy Anthony scan, documents. Away. Less than three hundred dpi like, put the more. Than the three hundred dpi even, the calculations, and decoder all are come suppose, scone applications, in name suppose, some. Applications. Are like, Windows. And. Java. Applications and, the combined application, school on death at a bouquet, screen low market render speaker into Windows. Convert at M&T so. That. Kind of application Center applications, of course re-enter the elements fire book market, by using application. Under so, even Lakota the, aller comes under feasibility, analysis they are checking whether. The application, is feasible to automate, or not so, all this, comes under feasibility. Analysis so, once identification, process is done process, identify, the need, for automation, and second. What is the second step in, the second step they, are checking, the feasibility that means feasibility, are feasible so, feasible. Analysis. Feasibility. Analysis and once. Piece of feasibility analysis is done and after. That they are gathering, the requirements. So. In the feasibility, analysis also they. Are involving who are involved, means like top management, again, feasibility. Checking low out of Renoir was an intersystem architect. Architect, involve a third serrata. Solution, architect involve the solution architect and collector system architect, anthem and then, like. Business. Analyst involve, overture and then. But. Dolloping. Knowledge skills on done anyway, like it dolloping on it Jim dinegar than the feasibility chases, it I'm, on again power who change, element and say leave me when you put a soft chases in a max, a solution of that, this so leaders systemic, and business. Analysts business analyst actually requirements. Gathering a few more word but, a solution architect item, of from feasibility. Analysis no involve. A chansik, good name right and. After. That once, this, feasibility, analysis is completed, and we, have start gathering the requirements. Requirement. Second is gathers a storm and we have to gather all the requirements, means, like. We are gathering, the requirements, from the business. Business. Team anoche like for the operations. Team and they manually our at the process has Maura Maura technology, mano requirements. Diverges, from talk under yah guru who is the main person who, is the consent person like means SME. SME. Means subject, matter expert, so, we, are approaching, with, SME, and a mano a mano some business and literally are not a third really, requirements. However the green gallery is continent has significance, e sm, e ke prati and a business teaming approach a business. Team Donna operations. Team luenell at the business stimulant SME approach a automatic. The requirements, ending enemy, processing t we, process loan our requirements, are industrial and muthoni would occur annually my range aster step-by-step, execution. The. They. Are, they. Are gathering, all the requirements from the operations. Team from the SME, SME, they can each a requirements. And nick a disaster, so one sir requirements. All the requirements, gathered. Yeah, at moscow requirements, and knee galleria spinosa and tape, remark a steps in india first step what is the first step here so, that in the identification. Chris and in the identification phase they, are. Identify. The need for automation, and the second, phase is feasibility. Analysis and the, feasibility analysis. They, are checking the feasible, feasible, the application. That means whether, the application is feasible to automate, or not so they are checking so, that is also completed. That is the second phase that is the second step and the, third step is like requirements, gathering requirements gathering, means once, all the requirements gathered. And after. That they, are creating, documents. They, are creating, documents. What are the documents they are created, what, are the documents they are created, like pd. D pd. D means process, definition, document, so. What, is P D D I will show you I have, documents, P Diddy and dainty as Diddy, and painted documents not grown -, Kristen so, real, time we are in, a. Period. Document, along to the and is, video document along today I will show you right, in. Life so. So. Once a period, is created, process. Definition document preaches in the dynastic, any, way. Any. Pdsd. Devoid, e operational. Impact document, and so that means a. PDA. Object. Operational. Impact document, or front of the object design. Instruct, instruction. Document out front they allow some, documents, that are created mainly. We. Are following, in the real-time environment three, documents are mandatory what.

Are The three documents means. PDP. Process definition, document and, SGD. That, is solution design document, and. One, more document is there that is, like. The operational. Impact, document, oh I'd be an. Operational. Impact the document, so the three documents are, mandatory, in every. Organization right. In every organization and. Some. Organizations, they're. Following, PDA, Oda, all these things but that, are the. Documents are not necessary, but, three documents are mandatory, here so what are the three documents means PDB, based. On the PD they, are creating, another document, that is a solution. Design, document, that is STD. PDD. Means process, definition, document, by. Using the process definition document with the help of the process definition document they, are creating, another document, that is like solution, design document, once. Solution, design document, is done and then, so, they, will start the development. Based. On the PDD. And then based on the STD they will start the development, right. So, developers, already. Developers. Hundred. Dollar facility. Yes. You did document something based, on based on the PDD, and as judy they are developing, the stand. They're, following the blue prism standards and then, they. Will start that now that my development, already start just once. By. Using in. The development, phase knowledge as Dante, we. Have process, to do is it what, is the skeleton under, like, monic. Process start, mini and overcooked. Planeta. Ketil Sonali. So, mono a step said the follow through now any promotional, general. De exception. It pneumonia sponte by year. Vaca. Process template basically when, our queue sacred, aloo paratha, QA currently, lack, for the male sectors and clearly like with him on a steps follows no first, a steps need to restart just calm process name actor and just know once the photo Monica so we have one clear, picture like. In the PD, in, the STD, they are giving solution, so solution. This, document. Means just, like these the solution design document they're giving so, this is the solution this is a high level solution design diagram so, they are giving this kind of solution diagrams, so, way to start, the bottom nobod perform sanity check and then bought launches and then access for, the on SharePoint like. That they, are giving the solution. And. Bar in the next step and what, is the another, step like that they are giving solutions, here so. Ye, solutions, and Nia restaurant, America solution, architect is a systematic. Solution. Architect in Jasper entomology a when, you put a Monica provide, chase in the Appa based. On the STD we are following we are mmm. We, will follow the will, follow and then we'll start the development. Once. A entire development, is done with the help of objects, to do and process to you and then. We need to run. It right we need to run. In, different using. Different, test cases test. Cases you just wanna process. Name runs as come young nigga Romano object. Level low dollop, Chesney anaphora integrate chespin across this level low mocked, on the completed in terrassa one, of process for starting gender work or run off the little chick just need chase. In the other mother. Next danger zone what is the next step so once the entire development is done so. Control. Over of sarvagna so spot as, a as. A developer I perspective. On in our, control, room which put a character on Nellie the cheekiest mountain control. Room locota successful, alumni, pay -, Danine yes than them so then the, process will be forwarded. To you, a defense, so. We are releasing one build an time anomaly you a defense law any Ranma change openly environment. Change open and automatic. Aluminum URL, changes call so you need on mines variables when, I define use quantum I in your own mind variable slow our, URL same modification. Just come down Theravada mine I ingest them release finally release, just really. Chasing that our panel, so then, we. Have on another environment, is depth that is Q an ironic QA environment and, Monica. A. Unification. All time so QA QA new ROM images, in the Raza, QA. Low Monica Rodman is general de auntie. Faisal allotment, you ain't affairs no in Iran will change openly so automatically, monica, dot BP release went really just better a dot B P really spent money in purchase, from Tom import, chase in the Roja Monica, I know Ron went clock on Hakeem ozone. Full-fledged. You do Monica converts so. Mother, process converts Nakamura a summary again we are using we, are with the help of control, room only we. Are not using any, objects, to do a process to do we have to run the process, mana, process in a run Jade any objects to do Ghani put.

The Process. To train you chairman around the general Kenya stamina generally, we are using, with, the help of, control. Room only we need to run the process from start to end how. The how the process, is running we, need to observe we, need to give different, inputs like the different test cases different. Test cases we need to run in the with. The help of control room and then we need to observe, in the. Observe. The inputs. And the outputs in the queue only what you know monitor, outputs. And you grab the Ronco, ante a manic a stack, a normal guy demonic a control room low just, a completed. Status all as a terminated, or like put there yes, status ilysm running on the conversion. Durga Kali ma no. Like. A. Mana. To relented, and avuncular, marking, here gone from and offending all my items in the next petal spending, to know me that. Normal. Gah, Lak. Will a new neck Lac, with a for example, flagrant, a exceptional, Kindle night so, money, evenly but of completed items in your name and you put our observation. Data work you know right. So one sir this this is the adequate in the UAT phase also the process is running fine successfully. From, start to end there is no errors there, is no exceptions, then, we. Need to go. With another stage. That is pre-production. Pre-production. In. The pre-production environment also, we need to run. The process so, that is just like one kind of production, in Iran means similar, it to production in romaji same, as to production in allotment, antimanic. Production. Pre-production. Method, Crimea spa reflux. You open. Environment. Quran yes correct so that is that phases, we have we are we have in. The who we, have in the RPL, lifecycle right, so, this is about RP, lifecycle, today I will explain them I, already. All the stages. Like, identification. Phase feasibility. Analysis and, then, requirements. Gathering once. Requirement, gathering is done and then we need to create documents. Like a PDB, STD and then. Like. Operational. Go. Eddie and these. Are the main documents, and once the documents, are prepared and then, documents, are signed off and after, that. Saw. That all, of me and then that is the development test and once darkman field is done and then we need to go to your face. Once you ID faces with duck and in go to reproduction. And then pre products is done and then, goes to life. That means production, so. These are the steps you need to follow in the RP lifecycle, okay so this is the purest class so. If you have any questions or if you have any doubts to you guys know otherwise. So tomorrow we'll continue, at the same class at, the same time. Hello. Hello. We do yeah. Yeah. Miren avocado only. Theoretical. Explanation. And I mean manually. Explained USANA name mm-hmm. Only. A subject. Man I'm gonna explain, yourself, with their projects, explain. Years around in. The subject sent a car naked I'm Monica a products. And I gotta suppose, for, example mortgage, auto cross auto machine you can Indian they are location into Mitchell a new ally, blossom its women through. A library to blend our team I have a process sector is not just Imam and. Already. Attacking Joseph the. Applications. Interact in the Somalian Jaster of. Infinite, axial and it's very tricky live for, I really questioned it yes, tell me about yourself, Anantara, the next tell, me about your, project briefly, under compass at it so. There is a second quotation right they are asking black, for the project putting sharpened a process may process ASL, in process gurus briefly explain your indenter so. After a sales person and, a whether. They. Are working with him or not under the Accra and, they, can have already get personal second question intent a Genoa. Process. Good each x-men shipment ever conscious wouldn't change like. Faster. Startling check director Emma start open process, Mirek, render straight so, our steps Jeff Manto Gerald so, our steps no reflection, Jasmine okay. Yeah. Except. One trip on untape. Lumina crosses of. A. Mod, his loan processing unbound a hanumanasana, mod his loan. So. General the manual of gave me a procedure follows, the same. Mindset. When in energy open you know five process. One. Of B versus Omega the sales order creating you when you put a monitor based. On ICP application, and, you. An even amount of labor job it. Papa. Rasta, stuffers, funding, that already. I will show you six point. Like. I, learned. Based, on, temperance. Like. Illa, Allah Muhammad Allah just under a process a lot of justice for my. And. Then. Start. Is, this. There, is a login or launch or travel, and their travel. And then, this goes down face and then Q this is Q, populated. Q here I think. This we will. Write. Order. System. He. Is one one more example orders, right so, I will show. How to create this pages, and then there, is a large assigning, and all, these things we need to I will, explain here and, take you how to add. So.

So. P vs. you're. Going. To show like this one right. You. Know he was a standard n y la mano Java, he did all of just he, flows. Under. Like the. General. He. Looks. In. Base usefully, he, process temperate based his phenomena dollop just a crisis, of it Oh. So. Either adopt a rejecter. Suppose. Okay. Already. I. Mean. Objects. Okay. Like. A. Point septum resume Lapidus. Collar is similar a point spittle, it resumed, open. Manner. And a rose and response. Similar. Interprets, mirror is, our own modern together, explain, yourself. Nene, frame useful bit folding in a client's changes but it isn't an, editing. Process. Example. Applications. In. The application, limits, night if I CAS in the mouth. Is. Nothing but just. Q, actor follow early launch a purchase call log in a clearly so. I will check current era what. Then. Starting. This you, know. Finn, explained over Jason approve our salvation. The. Already. Execute, just manually. Execute, just from start. Manual. Operations. To move data. Requests. To not a request to respond is automatic. A request slow, the. Lodging ie. Information. Book. Information bad if it's hidden an access. Of information a, picture. It Internet. And. A very different, in the sense when they're already working formation doll which is called anitha so, that information, and then walk. A master, database of is. The new of the repository gonna, like photo she a point any whatever, it is so, complication, of multiple application, look at a town honey. You will generate any come where. The. Max, Lomax, of, operations, and mnemonic elegante general, add on literature to that adaptation. So. All these kinds of things and one and, a the data entry, or data validation. Three. Kinds of jobs mana, max Lomax a city you, could use it your it as. Are. They are manual, data operations. Romania's, from the manual adjustment, morenas, mega ultimate just no automate, shaytanic mana Akana. Like. A process, Nadal up just come on okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah yeah. Open, hello. Definitely. What. I have faced the introduced they would clean you first of all is the. The. One yeah. They, will not. Directly. They love the. Conclusion and. There. Are others like that. Experience. And a loss. Is. Very very important here we need to focus. On. The project. It. Is very important. For so. Okay now. Into. This I. Clarify. The all the elliptical. Butchers. Pickle, also I can explain something but, if, they ask me tactically. Thereof. Me show me thank you. What. Are the questions they're asked. Your interview, so, just to tell me so, just tell me so, I will explain so I will clarify, your doubts so. Don't, bother about that the. Gym preparation, and all, these things I will, explain. Right, don't, bother about so. Make a pushin you. Know general rocker a question said here are, like a question scale I are such, so. Be real are suggestible, named chance. Reducer, mirror. And. I'm nature. With. That clarifies a spoon, Miku. Ah yeah. A. Lot. Cheaper interview. Can ideological. In, Tribune, except the automatic, Baris. Paneer mean like. You. Know push, in varna directly, Miramichi. Prevail Oh untie me actually, I think I'm.

Expecting, The, experience. I. So. The unfortunate a, Mitch a p-wave different. Way love under the show public at the are the entertain out of it occur he'll, spot in the entire seminar. In. /a. Automatons. Donna. Mariana a deaf general, that's a severe an overtly Mitch you know. And. I be okay. Pastor. Donny Adi make a match, ever currently gives, you cancer female, you, know these crayons are pin will match over other so. That is a distribution right so. A matobo's, autocatalytic gesture. Implement. Emerges you did I possibly. Camacho, the indigent, and girl this, is canary regulation, Sega. Booty aftermath, nacho, it, translate the one. So. Alomar real-time. Low monocoque chassis character, chapo, delegate a Kanaka answer coincidences, lack without model operas. Enemy reject open you covered I eat a terminal job the problem is and was worried about this interview. Resume. Preparation another, resumes I cannot agree bulk resumes online ninokuni. Resumes, forward chest and at the same time roles. And responsibilities, forward adjuster Mirek you focus your. Responsibilities. And, at, the same time. Yeah. Like. The. Group. From the bar set to. 180. 190 members. Unleaded. Already, real-time channel. Mandela. Yolanda. Max watch a Sawbuck Mandela, Makena. -. I require figured in already contoured. Fingers. Automatic, response, any. Day. Sumac. Intrusion connect. You said I will. Mock and every stripe. Marketers. At the profit is better than you know. Tourism. All. Garden. Case. Yeah. So. Session, morning I. Mean. Actually. Not morning, 10. O'clock or Union, Ella a tender, autumn is although actually. My South Africa bank is not client cream. My. I. Don't need to learn a flow say for the evening, 8 killer in cross the net so. Ten. 10 nine to ten o'clock 9. To 10 or badge a routine they prove it so. Automatically. A. Personal. Morning. 10. O'clock Africa number 43. Because. Evening. And they come on the Cape I make Santa. Monday. Night replaced nor so that, morning. Morning. Yeah. In. 78, my. Mac so chilly morning just one session of this window 70, connected. Mostly. 7 to empower 7:30, to 8:30. Mogera, I think. In. Track position, towel in oven and 10. Already. Classroom. Which you know expression. Can. A cowering. So. Right if you have any cows are, you, have any modifications. Or, otherwise I will quit the session today, tomorrow. It can't be the class at the same time tomorrow. Or day after tomorrow. Once. A match is fixed right. Yeah. Sure. Okay. Thank. You thank, you. Thank. You thank. You. You.

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