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Bitcoin Gold Silver & Taxes | Free Crypto Market Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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What's. Up everybody today is September, 15th 2018. We will be talking about Bitcoin. Gold. Taxes. The blockchain new, regulation, that was introduced, could be huge. For the crypto market for the financial, industry and for, a traditional reform. On the current. Private. Banker slave labor debt paper system. That we have known as the US dollar, stay, tuned thirteen minutes and Counting hit that thumbs up button it's gonna be a quicker video, Sunday. What is it Saturday morning. 2018. Get to get get, up and get crypto, get coffee get food get some soul get some money, yawns am gonna, smile on your faces the weekend let's have a good time 13 minutes and Counting hit the thumbs up button and we will be back pretty soon with, today's featured. Discussion. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. Alright. Alright what's going on everybody. How. You doing today. Me. This. Up real quick. Looks. Good looks good. Got. About 50 seconds left before. We finished. The countdown, we. Need. 40. Likes on the video. Before. This video is over somebody. Will, win, some, free, Bitcoin, live, on the air shout, out to everybody, rocking. Out with me on a Facebook. Live as, well. And. I think next time I'll send this through to a periscope, and. Twitch. Forgot, to do that this time so, you, guys get it first. All. Right. Let's. Do it. One. Second. Live. From the USA helping you get paid every day this is the dose, of Bitcoin, the crystal, of credo. It's your boy BK and if you don't like me, you must not like mine thank, you for joining me everybody it is September. 15th. Early. In the morning on that Saturday. Getting. That money and, then wrong with it today. We'll be talking about. Cryptocurrency. Taxes. Real. Money fake money gold. Slave. Labor debt paper and. You. Know. This. Stuff right. 1040. W9 10-qs, pin Ches, basically. Making short Big Brother and Uncle Sam get paid you, know for the continuation, of this caucus stock Rick capitalistic. Economy. Known. As the US dollar if. This is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became known as the crypto trader and I'm the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every, day I'm grace this microphone my voice is another day you get to profit as a result, today is no exception so, do yourself a favor smash.

That Like button we, got. 25,000. People, that need to hear these words seven days a week because the markers don't sleep and if you want Facebook, live hit that thumbs up button show, me some love I appreciate, you being, here as, well so. Without further ado, this is what we will be discussing. Today. While. I was driving, to get my coffee, this morning you. Know I came across a video by a truth, never, told silver, shield and. He. Was talking, about a new, bill that was just introduced. To, in taxation. On, gold, and silver. Now, you might be watching this video Sam BK you, know we. We trade crypto we trade Bitcoin we we live on a black chain you know why you over here talking about gold and silver in tact ain't nothing to do with us well actually it does. Because. It's an alternative. Currency. Insofar. As the. Status, quo is concerned, if you, just spend you know these little Fiat private. Banker slave labor debt paper notes your whole life you, probably won't get much as a result but once you, divest. I. Diversify. Yourself, into. Alternative. Forms. Of currency once, you change your values. Then, indeed, you can change. Your, worth and this is what we discuss, on. Multiple. Different. Occasions. I tell you you, know get to go get two silver, Bitcoin, it's digital gold and now you got some silver, you know to back it that's a win-win so, you know truth never totally so he does a lot of videos talking about you, know fiscal policy, macroeconomics. The transition. From you, know one form of value to another now obviously, he leans, more heavily, towards precious, metals I lean, more heavily towards. Blockchain. Digital. Assets. And technologies, but, I think they both have value. In the, market, and so when you, know the, bobble. Heads and CJ B's and you know the puppeteers, that they have the politicians. Working, for, your votes you, know over in a govern. Mints. You, know when they take action, we should understand, what they're doing and understand, how we can benefit, as a result of, those. Actions so real, quick you know just - I, always. Like to see what a snapshot sentiment. Is when you type in gold tax. You. Know into, a big brother this is what he, sends. Back to you right, none, of them really say anything about, this new law about, this new proposal, for. A law right, except. For this little one right there congressman. Introduced. Bill - in taxation and that's it right, that's. That's the only one they're talking about Argentina, and they're talking about you.

Know PJs. And New. York London. Relics. A barbarous, relic. Why would you why, would you hold such an ancient thing you, know when we have all these Fiat. Notes available. For your use you, know. So. We, actually went and looked it up you can just literally type in, HR. 670. 90 you, know into Big Brother and this, is what he'll tell ya. It's. That's. Not it right there that's not it at all. Let's. Try no periods, oh. Those. There. It goes HR, 670, 90 right. This. Is what it looks like. Internal. Revenue Code. Gain. Or loss on the sale of exchange, of certain, coins or bullion, right. Is exempt, from recognition. Basically, they want to make a law. That. Says, or this guy. Rep. Mony, Alexander, wants. To make. A law that. Makes. Gold, and silver. Bullion basically. Exempt. From sales, tax. See. The theory. Is. The. Debt was paid when. The, miners, went. Into the ground to. Bring. This to a surface that was the, value that was you. Know paid for, this thing to be produced, right, and it, now it's after, market, value, the first sale was made when this thing was taken out the ground and given, away to a distributor, somewhere so these are aftermarket sales, so how many times can they tax us for selling the, same, asset. Right, in addition to that. The. Video does make, a good point for, gold, right. This. Is from JM, bullion, who's I think their number one online vendor. For, gold and precious metals, keep, in mind I don't have you, know an affiliate account with these guys or anything like that they're, just the biggest in the game so I just typed in gold. Text and this, page came up to the top and. One of the things they talk about is, one. Of the more common questions when it comes to investing in precious metals, is you gotta pay taxes, when you sell it and the, answer is yes when. It comes to tax purposes the IRS classifies, precious, metals, as collectibles. Might. As well go out and buy some stamps or some baseball cards because the IRS use, them all the same and it. Can be potentially. Taxed at the maximum, capital gains rate of. 28%. Now. Here's. The sixty, thousand dollar question. That most people forget about, what. About inflation. So. If I bought this piece of silver, for. $15, in today's, market, value and I. Have this piece of silver. For. Say, five, years and then, I sell this piece of silver for say $30. Five years later. How. Much of that thirty dollars is actually, baked, into, inflation. In itself. That's. Where they, get to to where inflation, is actually, a text is a, regressive, text. To where that. Fifteen, dollars that yield that I made that's. Not necessarily, due to the, price that is assic on up that could be due to, inflation. And my money, being. Worth. Less than it was previously, so, now I have to pay more to get the same, asset. Right, and so this is a major, discrepancy. Within the traditional. Economic. Ecosystem, right. It's like a double, tax with press-ups oppressive, this is just ridiculous. People never win put it that way on, the now you wondering why you work in all your life it still ain't got nothing to show for it here it goes right here so, the question is. Should. We be, paying, taxes, on gold. Silver. And, digital. Gold right. Because bitcoin is digital. Gold right. Another. Consideration. Take into account is. Again. Bitcoin. Is, recognized. As an, asset. Which. By, definition when, it comes to capital gains taxes, is recognized. As, a collectible, right so you might as well go buy some baseball cards that Uncle Sam abused them all the same they want their cut along the game which. Is actually, a direct. Derivative. Of the, inflation right, you can't have one without the other um. And. So. Essentially this, website, talks. About the, sales tax, that is, appointed, to selling. Bitcoin. After. Market. And. I, say that most states don't have it in place I think it's just a backdoor for them to get more quote.

Legislation. For, them to enforce. To. You know extort, and extrapolate, as much value. As they can from the everyday common, folk but, again the, theory is that if you buy one, Bitcoin. For. Say six, thousand, dollars and two. Years later you sell one, Bitcoin for, sixty. Thousand, dollars then, the government, is do 28. Percent. Of that. Capital. Gains right. Now. Again. The. Question becomes, well. Do I get my inflation, back. For. All the people with say a thousand dollars or let's say you have you, know a hundred thousand dollars in your bank account and the. Government, goes and says you, know 2018. Inflation, rate three. Percent we. Did a great job guys three percent we only took away three percent of your average yield okay, so. You got a hundred grand in your bank account can. You go and get. Three. Thousand dollar credit on your taxes, because you lost that money you lost that purchasing, power alright. And so these, are the questions that are being proposed, these are the. Fundamentals. That are being challenged. And discussed, and, re-evaluated. Moving, into this new digital. Age, right. And they say itself. And be confusing, and, that. Is a system of design. Keep. The people dumb deaf, and stupid. To, the whereabouts of their. Own. Circumstances. Right, I just, woke up in a cage I don't know how I got here well, this. Is how it happens, slowly. And, surely. Over. Time so, this guy rep Moni Alexander, um I actually looked them up you know you got a little active Twitter account with the head Bible King Bible here right there on the front um but, you know I tried to email him any sake you're not one of my constituents I can't email you I'm too busy to talk to you, know everyday people, so I couldn't email the guy but you know it looks like he's, pretty good at introducing. All, these bills, I don't know how many he's actually passed. But. If we go through his little timeline here you, know he's got about. 470. Bills that, he's introduced, so this is just one of those bills right um, I don't see any of these you, know but it's getting passed, all the way down to become law you remember that one video to indoctrinate us with on this the bill and. I am only a bill, and. I'm sitting here on Capitol. Hill, right. This. Guy this guy is like the bill King I don't see no laws I see about two hundred seven bills you, know haven't seen one gray box passed all the way down but, you know oh crap. There go one, commemorative. Coins okay. Okay. You got one down you got one down one 400 well yeah we got 1% chance guys. Go. Politics. That's. About the success rate you got you. Know in this system Wow, okay. - okay, - % there you go there, you don't so, maybe we got a 2% chance you. Know of getting me getting all the way through so. Uh you. Know I just wanted to share this stuff with you guys this. Is this is the situation you noticed, this was proposed, I think it can, be beneficial for. Alternative. Investments. And currencies. Right. Because. If we know one thing we know that the status quo is broken. And so now we have to educate ourselves and, empower, ourselves to. Transition. Into other, units. Of value, there. You go. Doesn't, look like us I have the screen right, here it, doesn't look like we were able to get our. 44. Everybody, else do me a favor shout your country out I will. And. Then. We can also go, into our. Resources. That we have available we only got like 22 likes I'll give us one more as cool can't expect that much for Saturday everybody. Else still in bed you, know I'm saying I'm up here up here making. Content, helping people make money so, we got Bossa Bitcoin Kampf everybody, just, getting set up click, on free Bitcoin tools scroll, down see our communities, we got trading you Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter you, know 20,000 people and the number one Bitcoin group in the world type, that in on Facebook hashtag, one Bitcoin. Come. On in the doors are always open, you. Have to chart like a boss playlists, got about 17, to 20 videos there you know you really only need to watch the first two or three and you will be well on your way to making money in the, market and, then if, you want to make some real deal money jump on crypto trading products we have this available for you to profit package updated every every, month 35. Bucks if you want to get it every week it's. $100 a month and then if you want to get one-on-one access, with yours truly on our exclusive, private messaging, app with. Videos every other day of the market updates you know - BAM. Boss, alert, messages, is right there for you as well. Biggest, thing to note from today's video is that the there. Is indeed, you. Know transition, on the, horizon. Right. And so. We does need to be cognizant, of the players in the game what's, happening, what's the outcome and what, are the variables, that you know will yield.

Us The, best result. In the, future right so, there you go guys it looks like we got big shot. Holding, it down from Stanford, New, York, in the building India, me, yeah I've. Never seen India before let's, see it good to see you and. Um. See. If we get one mo normally. We get a Cali close as I was like normally, we get it Cali you don't say in logical fields boss, walking, on the, west coast with, that BSA it's that time of date, signing, out Bose. Boy, BK no matter where you stay, Brazil, Bay telephone, I ate all the, way back out through jerk, Monday, dinosaur. Gnostic. Warrior nollans. Rust, P. Thunder. From Down Under, you. Know I'm saying hit that thumbs up button for me one, time I do appreciate, it copy and paste the URL text, somebody you care about do. That for me you appreciate, mine till we meet again stay, cryptic y'all please.

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Congress Bill 6790: Stop Taxes on Precious Metals

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Gold coins struck by the US Mint are specially exempt from income taxes. Bullion & coins from other countries are not exempt. Interestingly enough, too, "shares" of bullion are treated as ordinary stock, such as the most popular ETF listed anywhere, GLD on the NASDAQ; therefore, taxable.

Here u have too pay tax on what u hold so how more u hold how more tax u pay and thats every year

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But there is a free range too 40000 euro if u have more then 40 k u pay tax a lot

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