Bitcoin Cash; Somebody is Propping Up a Dying Cryptocurrency!

Bitcoin Cash; Somebody is Propping Up a Dying Cryptocurrency!

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Bitcoin. Cash. Somebody. Is propping, up a dying, cryptocurrency. There. Was Bitcoin, and then Roger ver wanted, faster, transactions. And lower fees so, he and others, did a fork, of Bitcoin. That. Fork, was named Bitcoin. Cash, maybe. You have heard of it and heard. About the fork, and the debate about why, there should be a fork, it. Had to do with block, size. Transactions. Have to be processed and put, on the blockchain. The. Blockchain, is the record of all transactions. And this. Is why we no longer need, a bank to, be the third party in transactions. We. Trust a distributed. Ledger and everyone. Who has a copy, of the chain of transactions. Is the, new third, party. Nobody. Has, to trust any person. We. Now trust, the blockchain, instead. It's. Brilliant, and it was not possible until, Satoshi, Nakamoto. Invented, it you. May not realize it now but this is the new technology that will revolutionize money. And banking. Reflecting. Back on history recall. That there was movement. Of cargo by sale and Andrew. Carnegie, was, in the shipping business using. Sailboats, in the, Chesapeake. Robert. Fulton, rolls right past him with a steamship. And Carnegie. Knew that he had to switch to the new technology. And he went for ships powered, by steam a. New. Technology. Came along following. The Bessemer, process for. Making steel in large quantities. Very. Cheaply, and Carnegie. Sold all his steamboats, and opted out for railroads. Up, until then rails were made of cast iron. They. Were very brittle, and expensive. Bessemer. Improved, the strength of steel by, adding carbon. It. Could. Be made in large quantities. Very. Cheaply. With. Carbon, added to iron steel, was born and it. Was much more durable. Than cast-iron. What. Is the lesson in all of this and how, did Andrew, Carnegie, make so much money, he watched technology. And adapted. As the new inventions. Came along. He. Made money in all stages of his development and of course he was a very smart man, and worked, very hard he. Had a reputation for being honest, as well the. Technologies. In those days was, largely, adding, to one's muscle. Power. We. Are now in the information. Age and it's, about increasing, the power of the mind. What. We are capable of today, is far greater than, any achievement. Of the past and so it will pay for each of you to watch technology. Look. For opportunities, and make, a thorough study of, anything, before, you, jump off the high dive into the swimming pool. What. You see happening, in cryptocurrencies, today. Is a new form of gambling, not. Anything to resemble, investment. Gamblers. Kiss, the dice and investors. Ask thousands. Of questions, and never quit asking, questions, because they, want to make the best investment and, not just, buy, a lottery ticket. Know. The difference, between real. Investing. And gambling. Today. It's not about steel, or railroads. The, computer, is the bicycle, for the mind and the internet, links. Them all in series. Networks. Multiply. The strength, of the system. We. Are entering, an age of enormous, power and this power is going to change the world. Much. Of it will reside, in the hands of the people who take up the new technology. The. Dyeing system, defending. And they. Are going to fight, the development, but will lose in the end. They. Want us to continue bailing, out their failed banks, and supporting, their Fiat, system. They. Want total control over our currency, and they don't like the fact that they can't print Bitcoin, and spend it buying up all the best businesses, and real. Estate in the world. They. Will do something to gain control and further enslave, us so, we have to back the core developers, who, want to get our privacy, back and get government out of our business and our. Private, financial, affairs. They, have been using, terrorism. And drug-dealing, as their, reason, for intervening. In, our lives but, they are the drug dealers and the money launderers, and the terrorists. As the, evils, of hillary clinton come to light there, will be a revelation, that, government, is directly, tied to her, criminal, activities. And, DynCorp. Is closely, associated, with, her. Since. Congress, is part of the huge crime, syndicate, in Washington. And many. Members, of Congress have. Been photographed. Having, sex with children you, can be sure they will not expose, much. The. Blackmailer, sent members of Congress to a brownstone where. The kids are, members. Of Congress have sex with the kids and it's, all photographed. Jeffrey. Epstein is, directly, involved, in such, blackmailing. Techniques. And Bill. Clinton has made 20-plus. Trips, to Epstein's, Island, where kidnapped, kids, are kept. Kids. Disappear. From national, parks and the Department, of the Interior, doesn't. Keep track of, how many kids disappear.

Each Year, because they are part of the network and David. Pauley DS has done extensive work to find the facts on these disappearances. Government. Is evil and, there. Is a huge, apparatus, behind. Those puppet. Elected, officials, with. Many departments. And agencies with. Alphabet, soup names. They. Have budgets, that are illegal. Deeds. That. Are immoral. And, unconstitutional. And every, year their power grows, we. Must expose, them spread, truth and maybe, one day they, will be where Hillary, is facing. A long prison, sentence. Much. Of the country now sees that Hillary should, be sent to prison for, her criminal activities. How long will it be before the, deeds of these other nefarious, players. Are exposed, and prosecuted. Forever. Because, the, corruption, in Washington is, vast and, everyone. Is owned by some group and, that's how they maintain control. Bitcoin. Comes along and there, is hope at last. First. We must gain control over, the currency. Then. We need to get our privacy, back we. Have a huge, endeavor, to get back on the u.s. constitutional. Track but, I'm doing what I can are, you. Money. Is at the center of all the evil. Cryptography. Makes it possible to do away with banks, speed. Up transactions. And lower costs. Bitcoin. Is the leader and there are problems, the. Block size is too, small so. They are considering, segregated. Witness which means taking, some of the information, out of each transaction. And storing. It separately. That. Move effectively doubles. The block size. It's. Like you having storage in your closet, and one large tote, has shoes. And sweaters, but. You have too many shoes and too many sweaters and so you split, them up and now, your tote has much more room. Miners. Are processing. Bitcoin transactions. But the system, is flawed, instead. Of taking these transactions. In chronological, order, as the, system was intended. Miners. Are cherry-picking, the most profitable, transactions. And not processing, the smaller ones with, the small transaction. Fees. This. Destroys, one, of the most advantageous. Attributes. Of Bitcoin, the micro, transaction. If. You have a website and you want to charge one tenth of a penny and have viewers pay, in Bitcoin you, you could earn a lot of money if you're Justin, Bieber, and one, song has 2.3. Billion. Views. That's. Two three million dollars, and who, would object to, paying one tenth of a penny. Many. People, have ideas and websites, which could earn money. Some. People are funny and they might have a following, who would like to hear their jokes. Some. Are writers and they write science, fiction time travel episodes, and they want to get paid.

All. Of these new businesses, are possible, because of micro, payments, and. Bitcoin. Is a way to send value, over the internet, but miners, demand, a tip and if the tip isn't large enough they, refuse, to process. The transaction. You, could offer them $20. For a large transaction. And if they want $50. They don't budge this. Is too much power in the hands of a few and that puts, us right back where we started from, with bureaucrats, in Washington, gaining. Power and control, and using it to enslave the rest of us, minors, are slowing, down the rate at which transactions. Are being processed, and, they are trying to get rich off those, who transact, in Bitcoin. Too. Slow and too expensive that's, what bitcoin has become, that's. Why Roger Vera forked, Bitcoin, and he wants the block size doubled. And he thinks this will relieve the bottleneck. And stop miners, from being so powerful. Competitors. Are also doing, something else which, is unethical. They. Are spamming, the, mempool. The. Mempool, is comprised, of those transactions. Which, are submitted, but not yet processed. These. Bitcoin, cache aficionados. Are creating, fake transactions. And flooding. Them in so, that there seems to be a bottleneck, on Bitcoin which. Isn't actually. There this. Is dirty pool and it might be coming, from Roger Vera's, group, that's. What most of the cryptocurrency, crowd, suspects. Did. Roger Vera put them up to this I doubt, it, it's. More likely a rogue group that, is trying to make a buck on the increase, in price of Bitcoin, cash. Roger. Ver is respected. By many and hated, by some as a result. Of his position, against. High fees and slow, transaction. Time, the. Bitcoin cash fork, didn't, help he remains very, bullish on Bitcoin cash, and, he, was very clear about that in an interview, I saw. Shortly. After that interview, we see someone manipulating. The price of Bitcoin cash, and I, suspect, that Roger Vera is buying, up all the cheapest, bitcoin, cash tokens. To prevent the price from. Discovery. The. Term in a free market is price, discovery, which. Means the buyers and sellers. Set. The price by their own ask and, bid, system. But, when there is manipulation, someone. With deep pockets decides, to buy all the cheap tokens, drive, the price up and then, sell, when there is a stampede. Of buying and, by the way I suspect. This is going, on in all, 2000 cryptocurrencies. They. Are luring gamblers. And showing, a nice graduation. Of the price making. It a wonderful investment. And it's a sucker's, game just. Like Las Vegas. Suckers. Are going to get conned, I. Suspect. That the enemies of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are. Behind this because they can print all the money they need to fund this scam of the participants. It. Wouldn't, surprise me at all to hear that many of the new icos. Initial, coin offerings, are, created, and financed, by the Jamie Dimon, crowd and the Wall Street goldman, sachs crooks. Government. Today is a mafia, and all, the banks, are in this mafia. Government. Agencies, work for this mafia, and, you. Are the fool who, plays their game. They. Skin you alive and, it's like owning one of the casinos, in Vegas I, think. It's quite possible, to make 200 million dollars on each, ICO, and, if, you delve into this and study it you might also find, that. This is attainable, by the enemies, of cryptocurrencies.

They. Will do what they always do, commit atrocities against. The people and then come up with the solution. Which, is strict, regulation. On cryptocurrencies, which, means they, want to know everything you do every minute of your life they. Have asset, forfeiture. Laws in place to take what's yours if, you don't dot an eye or cross a tee. Government. Is a big, fucking, crook. This. Is not going to change I, see, two possible, paths, government. Wins and we all lose we. Win and the government, loses. We. Abolish, government, and take away all their power starting, with money, we. End all wars and live in harmony and peace from, this time forward. Bitcoin. Has a major role to play. But. We have people in Congress, like Charles, Schumer and Chuck, Grassley who, are globalists. Working, for the crooks the fascists. The totalitarians. The enslavers. And the Nazis. They. Are more likely to win but, I have hope, Roger, vir felt, that the fees should, be lower and the confirmation. Much faster, and I'm with him on that. Bitcoin. Is a great, invention and I feel that miners are getting greedy. One. Of the cryptocurrencies is planning, to do away with miners. It might be aetherium. The. Blockchain is another, great, invention. And we are seeing it embraced across the board by the Wall Street crooks, banks. And the dark evil, government. Everyone. Has a choice, go down with the Fiat Titanic. Or right up in the Bitcoin hot-air, balloon. Everyone. Who switches finds, riches, but bitcoin, is a long term investment. It's. Also a rollercoaster, ride, guys, that, will scare your socks off and for the ladies your pink pennies, so. Don't get your panties, in a bunch. All you Light beer drinkers, okay, like. Beer drinkers, are like what did you say I was in the bathroom pee something, about panties. Bitcoin. Is one application, of the blockchain but, you can bet your ass that this blockchain, technology, will solve many, of our problems, just as. Steel allowed, us to build expansive. Bridges, and tall buildings, the, blockchain will, have applications that, will transform. Our corrupt, government. If. The blockchain is used to tell us where all of our tax, money went, that would have an impact, on, our society. The. Civilization. Will advance now as a result of the blockchain. Does. That mean that every copycat. Of Bitcoin, will prosper. Once the ICO is launched, that's. A very interesting question for, you and everyone, else to, ponder, I have. Some ideas about that and you will hear them by the end of this video. You. Might agree or disagree but, the debate will leave everyone, buzzing. With ideas and. I can't think of a better way to kick it off and to make a video and tell you what I, here's. Where we are at this moment, Bitcoin came out. 3244. Days ago, since. January, 3rd 2009. Which, is, eight years ten, months two. Weeks and, four days ago. Bitcoin. Has been like the cat that was let out of the bag. Today. Is November 21st. 2017. And since, Bitcoin came out it has made a sensation. I've. Heard that if you put $100, into Bitcoin, at inception, your, $100.

Would Have grown to 300, million today that's, what they say but it's, not true. Even. At five cents, a dozen pencil, I did the math it. Comes out to just 16, million, 16. Million 340. Thousand, if. Bitcoin was a nickel, you would get two thousand, bitcoins, for $100. Today's. Price, is eighty one hundred and seventy, dollars so, that's 16. Million three, hundred forty, thousand, dollars, even. If bitcoin was only a penny at inception, that would only be five times more 81. Million seven. Hundred thousand. This. Tale that's being passed around doesn't. Pencil. People. Repeat, things and you must do the math that's. How you find out that they are wrong, let's. Summarize, the blockchain, came. Out and bitcoin was born with it everyone, thought that bitcoin, was the big news but actually. The blockchain was. The big news and bitcoin. Was minor. In. The future we will look back on all the disruptions. And see that it was the blockchain that, was the carbon, in the Bessemer, process for. Making steel cheaply. The. Blockchain was. The prize in, Cracker Jack it was the ethanol, in light beer, wait. Wait wait no. Scratch. That. Do. You remember the song by the coasters, poison. Ivy the blockchain, is like that part, that goes measles. Make you lumpy, and mumps, will make you bumpy, and chickenpox, will, make you jump in twitch I can, do that let. Me record, a few tracks. That's. It, good. Ok. I'm ready, here goes, measles, may get bumpy. And. Chickenpox will make you jump in twitch a common. Cold fool, yeah and whooping, cough can cool yeah. You're. Gonna need an ocean. Of. Calamine. Lotion. You'll. Be scratching, like. The. Man that you start to miss around. Poison. Ivy. Poison. Ivy. Late. At night while you're sleeping poison. Now becomes, a creeping, around. Please. Make, it lump it and moms will make your bumping, and chickenpox will make you jump into each the. Common, cold fuya. And whooping, cough can kouya but, poison, ivy lore don't make you itch that's. What the blockchain is like the, blockchain was, the real cryptographic. Innovation. And bitcoin, was the first application. Of this, new technology. Do. You see this as the new technology, that's going to change the world. Can. You correlate it with Robert, Fulton, and the steam engine. Bessemer. And carbon, steel and Andrew, Carnegie, with, his railroads. How. About the song poison. Ivy. Sing. It again with me now, measles, may get bumpy. And. Chicken pox will make you jump in twitch a common. Cold food yeah and whooping, cough can cool you. It. Pays to know the history because this. Is the new technology and, you must see it as a continuation. Of, our progress, as a species. First. There were the coasters, then, yackety-yak, then, Charlie, Brown poison. Ivy and many other hits as I recall. Before. That there, was Bessemer. Andrew, Carnegie, and his railroads, a lot of people got rich riding, the wave of innovation change. And new technology. Right now, we, have, a new technology to fold, into our culture, and it's, the blockchain. Here's. Something to consider when, the earth changes. Entire, groups of animals die, out, the. Ones that survive, are the ones most adaptable. And those who are gifted in some way they. Possess, something that makes the new conditions, just, right for them if you, knew how to program, in computer, languages, and you were a young person say, 25, or 30 years old. You were at the right age when Bitcoin came, along. You. Were over enough to see the possibilities. Of this new technology. And you quickly seized opportunities and. Study intensely. In order to keep up when. Someone like Trace mayor says he can't keep up that tells you something he's. A very smart guy and when he says he can't keep up that means we are in a steep, learning curve, with revolutionary. Ideas, sprouting. Everywhere as, you will see when I tell you what tres Mayer said, in just a minute get. A pencil and paper ready, so you can write them down I've. Been telling my friends, that I study around the clock and I can't keep up this new technology, has so many things happening, that I can't keep up it would be poor writing to say that without, some examples, so, I'll do my best to give you a clue, if you're.

Wise You, will research, each and master all of them in order to have the most advantage. In this new technology. Number. One sig. Witte. Number. Two Merck. Alized, abstract. Syntax, trees. Number. Three snore. Signatures. Number. Four the, lightning Network. Number. Five bimbo, wemble, one word. Number. Six, tumble. Bit. These. Are six cutting-edge. Innovations. As of late November. 2017. But, maybe soon everyone. Will be talking about them and they will become household, words like email. And malware. These. Are relatively, new words in our lexicon. Anyone. Who claims to travel, to the Future must bring back new words or, they are either liars, or they have been drugged and hypnotized, by the wicked, evil. Sinful. Iniquitous. Egregious. Heinous. Atrocious. Vile. Foul. Abominable. Odious, illegal. Depraved. Monstrous. Fiendish. Diabolical. Unspeakable. Despicable. Villainous. Criminal. Corrupt, unlawful. Obsolete. Dated, and dastardly, government. Can. You tell I'm an anarchist, I, hate. Government, I hate. Fascist, socialists. Communists. I hate, controls, and legislation. Based, on lies. Everything. About government. Is a lie. Everything. They put out is fake, false and felonious. We. Need government like, we need a finger up our ass when we try to board an airplane. Bitcoin. Gives us all hope for, a world without continuous. And endless wars invasions. And occupations. It's. Going to be the Battle of Armageddon but. We can't back down from this fight to, be free can, we. For. The first time, in history the people have a weapon, against, government, that just might be more, powerful than a standing, army or a nuclear, weapon. Government. Committed, two acts of treason against. Us and they used nuclear, weapons, in both one was 9/11. And the other was the, Oklahoma City bombing. There. Is strong evidence that tactical. Nuclear, weapons, were used in both false, Flags. Our. Government. Committed, terrorist acts against. Our people, and a, foreign government. Participated. In these attacks. That. Government. Is Israel, a country. That has been receiving, foreign, aid from us since, they killed 34. Sailors, on the USS, Liberty, in, 1967. There. Are too many people in high places in, this government with, the greater allegiance. To Israel, than to America, and Donald, Trump is one. Such, person he's a chump, Donald. Chump. If. We the people gain, control, of the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency. And, it becomes the world's, reserve currency we. Have, a lot, of power. We, could end all wars, and dethrone. Those who are now king, if. We wanted to it, is now possible to exclude, government. From any crypto, currency. Transaction. They. Sowed the seeds of their own downfall, by implementing, no your customer, laws or.

Kyc. Laws, we. Use the KYC, laws, to learn who, is behind, each transaction. And deny. Access to all those we deem our enemy. We. Could say this Bitcoin, thing is for the people not you, guys who, wage wars and, tax, us to death. We. Can make demands like we are opposed, to aid to Israel, and we're not going to allow anyone, who supports, aid to Israel, to be part of the Bitcoin, thing, we. Want a real investigation. Of 9/11, and we want, all nine, hundred, military bases, closed. Demand. For Bitcoin, today is too weak but there is a day when, demand will be very strong, and Bitcoin, will be worth millions, each. When. Oil deals are done in Bitcoin, we can demand, that only peaceful. Nations, will have their transactions. Approved. Any. Nation, that, is currently occupying. Any other nation, is excluded. Like. The miners who refuse, transactions. Because the tip isn't large enough the same miners, can boycott, any group that promotes Wars, invasions. And illegal. And unconstitutional. Occupations. Israel's. Terrorism. Will just have to end. We. Could let all the people become filthy, rich and close, out those who wage constant, wars of aggression. If. Bitcoin, rises. In price, 1%. Per day, $100, grows to over 5, million dollars in just three years if. We close out those with nuclear, weapons their, pile, of Fiat turns to dogshit as the, printing presses of the Federal Reserve ruin. The US dollar the. More. US Dollars there are the, less scarce, they are and that means that the value evaporates. Into thin air. Sorry. I couldn't help that the, Federal, Reserve notes, become, worthless and if that's all they have they, have nothing. The. Wealth has transferred, to the people, for a change a radical. Change. Piece. Breaks, out worldwide. Prosperity. Returns. All. The FEMA camps are closed. The. First time in history that we see a turnover, of power and control, from. Them to, us. They. Created a social security problem, by seizing. All the money in the fund and spending. It on Wars, we. Could require, them to put, it all back or they don't get in on Bitcoin. They. Have hundreds, of trillions, in unfunded, liabilities. Like Medicare, and we could require, them to stop, spending on war equipment, and channel, all that money into Social. Security and Medicare, so old people have, what, they paid for in, taxes. If. States, want to get in on Bitcoin we demand, that they stop dumping toxic, chemicals. Into our water, supply, here. Is something you may not realize, about cryptocurrencies. When. Money flows in, it's a small amount of money but it affects the value of all existing. Tokens, of that cryptocurrency, if, there are sixteen, point six million bitcoins, and, someone, pays nine, thousand, dollars for one the price of all sixteen, point six million rises. To. The new level. This. Is like fractional. Reserve banking only, this is under, our. Control, not. Their. Control. We. Are in the driver's seat and if they don't knock off all their bullshit, we're not going to let them in on our new, system. Of money, the, Satoshi, Nakamoto, invention. Satoshi. Nakamoto. Didn't, invent, Bitcoin. So they could continue, with their unnecessary. Wars and their fractional, reserve banking rackets. He. Had in mind to overthrow, them with a new currency, that they can't control, and, look at how popular this, new cryptocurrency is. It's. So popular that it has spawned. 2,000. Copycat, cryptocurrencies, that, people are calling alt coins. There. Are even, crypto currencies, originated. From the Bitcoin leader, and they are called Forks. We. Can tell the Fed to fork, off or go fork, yourself. I don't give a fork, Roger. Ver led the disciples, toward the fork known as Bitcoin, cash, and, it opened, with a bang the, price was about eight hundred dollars the trend line immediately began, to decline and the value slumped, to three hundred dollars there. Was intervention. By someone I suspect, Roger Vera with his three hundred thousand. Bitcoins, worth about two, billion dollars, now. At. Eight thousand one hundred seventy, they're worth two point four five 1 billion, dollars. Two. Billion, four hundred fifty, 1 million, dollars, he can afford to buy every, Bitcoin cash, token. That drops below a thousand, dollars and he can resell, it when the world sees, the rapid rise in value, of, Bitcoin, cash and he can make a profit, by propping, up his pet, cryptocurrency.

If. You own Bitcoin, what happens, when there is a fork, you. Own. The new currency, as well it's. Automatic. Anyone. Who owned Bitcoin. Received. Just, as many tokens, from the new fork. The. Year 2018. Is going to be the year of the fork according, to trace mayor I, agree. We. Already have 2000, crypto currencies most, of them copycats. Of the Bitcoin advanced and technology, and why do we have two, thousand, more alt coins, because. Speculators. Want, to turn back the hands of the clock and buy Bitcoin, in its infancy. Their. Reasoning, is faulty, and it goes like this if Bitcoin went from five cents to eight thousand, dollars then maybe just maybe one. Of these old coins will rise to such Heights and so, they put $100 into each to, me this is like kissing, the dice before rolling them, this, is gambler, mentality. Not investor. Mentality. Why. Because a real investor. Does his homework. What. Is the homework it's knowing. Which cryptocurrency. Is most secure. What. Is meant by secure. It. Has to do with hashing, power but. It's not my job to do your homework for, you if you're. Investing, your money, or your family's, money it's your, job to do your, due diligence on. The investment, I. Worked. With private, investors, for 25 years and it took at least 10 years of that for, me to understand. Security. If. You lend your friend money will, you get it back, not likely if your friends are like my friends. Ex-friends. I laid. One longtime, friend, fifteen. Thousand, dollars and he went back to Pakistan, and cut off all contact with, me. Apparently. The money was worth more than our friendship, ripple. Is based on lending, people money from. What I have read. This. Is why I never liked ripple and why, I feel, it won't last. I never. Liked litecoin, and I've seen it slip from being worth, 129th. As much, as Bitcoin to. What it is today one. 115. Bit. Coin is. 8170. And litecoin, is, 71. Bucks. Bitcoin. Used to be worth 20. Times as, much as light coin and now it's worth a hundred, and fifteen, times as much as light coin I have. Been watching this relationship. For four years, when I began, Bitcoin. Had 98, percent, of the market share and, litecoin was, number two with one and a half percent of market share meaning. Capitalization. All. Other, crypto currencies had just, one, half of one percent and, today they represent, about half of all capitalization. For crypto, currencies. Today. Light coins capitalization.

Market, Share is nowhere. Near one. And a half percent as, it, in. 2013. What. Is the future it's, clear to me that we are going to see a flood, of cryptocurrencies, each, one, a gamble, and so my opinion, is that this cryptocurrency, era is the, new gambling. Attraction. And in, this casino, the. Odds are, with the gambler, here's. Why if you begin a new cryptocurrency and, launch an IC, o---- or initial. Coin offering, you can begin with a price of 5, cents, just as Bitcoin did, and speculators. Will quickly come in and buy up $20. Worth of your tokens. After. The rush things, get quiet and the cryptocurrency is, going nowhere, so what do you do you, start buying up every token, that comes up for sale below, 10 cents. If. There are no coins for sale at less than 10 cents new buyers, compete. For those that are available and the price begins, to rise a rising. Price attracts, attention. People. Start investing. Like speculators. Gamblers. And those who buy lottery tickets, after. A while you change your strategy and by any token, offered at less than 15. Cents, and then 20 cents and then 50, cents, in a move to drive the price up. When. The public sees the constant, rise in price and begins, to jump into the up elevator, it's time to unload all those tokens you bought at 5 cents, 20 cents 30, cents, and 45. Cents and since, the current price is 50 cents you make a huge, profit on most of them since. You are hugely profitable, you, start five more cryptocurrencies, and do, the same it's. A cookie cutter and you repeat, it right. You're. Cultivating, suckers. Like, fattening, up cattle, by feeding them hey, you're. Going to cut their throats in the end, you're. A businessman. And your job is to make money, is there, any shortage, of gamblers, and speculators, in the world, just. Look at Las Vegas can, you get a room there the. Occupancy, rate is 98%. And, it's been that way for twenty years, when. There is a lottery, is there any shortage, of buyers. There. Was a fork of the Bitcoin, currency and, the first fork was orchestrated. By a group that felt, that the transaction. Fees were too high and the wait time too, long. They. Felt that something had to be done at once I. Sympathize. With that view and I feel that miners should be paid according to the design, of Satoshi. Nakamoto. And not be allowed to refuse transactions. Because the bribe isn't. High enough. Miners. Should be required to take transactions. In chronological, order. And cut out this discriminatory. Practice, of looking at the tips and only, waiting on customers, who tip the most I was. A waiter in college, and one day the owner of the restaurant barbecue. Heaven on Ventura Boulevard in, Studio City California said. To me these. People at this table do not tip and I want you to provide them service, anyway, I, said. Sure Silvia I'll wait on him for. Me it wasn't about money, it was about service. To customers. If. I like my job of waiting on tables, I'll do it for free if I can I, made. Plenty of money as a waiter and so I could easily endure. The hardship, of not getting paid on one table, I, enjoyed. Seeing the smiles of people who came to, enjoy barbecued. Sandwiches. And ribs I also. Remember. When I was just starting, out as a waiter and I worked at another restaurant where, my service, was not so good. The. Boss Adolph, fired, me and it was long overdue because, I just, wasn't cutting it as a waiter, in those early, days having. Just arrived, in California. I had owned clothing, stores in Illinois, and my mind was, trained, for that, being. A waiter was unfamiliar. Territory to, me and my customers, knew it I recall. One very, very nice attractive, sweet, and young Jewish, lady who was so sympathetic, and, understanding and tipped me in spite of my inadequate. Skills as a waiter, so. I got paid more than, I deserve, to be paid by that table and years later when, I was better skilled, I worked, for free on a table, where the patrons, did, not tip, it.

All Evens, out in the end I worked. In the loan business and got screwed out of many many, commissions. One. Of which was ten million dollars, a, casino. In Las Vegas was bankrupt, and they needed a loan of 40, million dollars, it was called the vacation, village, located. Just south of the strip at 67. 11, Las Vegas, Boulevard. The. Deal made no sense at all I applied. My skills, and. Restructured. The loan so, that it made perfect, sense. The. Vacation, village was located, on a 25, acre parcel, near the freeway, the. Owner was already bringing in holiday inn with 2,000, rooms on the front portion of the lot but, they had no plans for the back part of that lot, the. Idea of building timeshares. On the back is what, made the deal a winner. It. Was a cash cow and the. Property, would be worth based, on income. 650. Million dollars, I was. Very proud, of my, creativity, and skill as a loan broker and I deserved. To be paid, my. Share was part of ten million dollars, in Commission for arranging a hard, money loan of just, 150. Million against, the value, of, 650. Million the loan-to-value ratio. Was, mouth-watering. To a huge, investor. That was, August, of 2001. And before, the loan could be funded, the, government did a false flag known, as 9/11. The following, month killing. Our people on our soil. They. Also killed. My deal which, killed, me. Ten million dollar commission never happened, and I lost the biggest deal of my life, that's. Alright because things. Work, out in the end I, am. A veteran of many businesses, and I have learned, a lot working with private investors, here's what I learned, security. That, is return. Of, capital. Is much much, more important, than return, on capital. Most. Of you won't have any idea what I'm talking about but, there is one guy in the cryptocurrency field. Who, is very very sharp and he knows what I'm talking, about his name is tres Mayer and, in. One of his interviews he spoke, about security. And he most definitely knew. What he was talking about bitcoin, has it, Bitcoin, cash, will never, have, it, if. You see the price of Bitcoin cash, rising, it's not because, the cryptocurrency has, security. More. Likely it's the money people, jumping. In to defraud the public by pumping up a cryptocurrency, so, they can dump it when the flood of money comes in. They. Know exactly what they are doing and if you want to play with them be sure to sell too soon okay. You. Can come out ahead but you must sell, too soon. Sell. Before they sell and that will screw up their plan you. Walk away with a big bag of money that belongs to them, high-risk. High-return. So. I see, Bitcoin, cash which, was dead on arrival and now, it appears that things have changed, suddenly. Someone. With a lot of chips or money to blow is, taking, money out of Bitcoin, and putting it into Bitcoin. Cash. If. You, have a flat on the road what, would you do. Would. You fill the flat tire with air from other tires. Taking. Money out of Bitcoin, and putting it into Bitcoin, cash it's, like having a flat on the road. Your solution, is to take air from, a good tire and put it into the tire with a hole in it this.

Is Stupid, isn't, it you. Started, out with one, flat and now you have two is that, stupid. How. Are you going to get home with two flat tires. If. You have two billion, dollars, as Roger, ver has you, don't take air from one tire and put it into the tire with a hole in it. Somebody. Possibly. Roger ver is moving, money from Bitcoin to Bitcoin cash, and the price of both, reflects. This. Everyone. Knows that Roger, ver is the main actor, in this fork of Bitcoin, and that. Bitcoin cash was created, to solve two problems the. Time it takes to do a transaction, and lower. Fees. You. See Bitcoin can only do about seven transactions. Per second, and visa, can do. 25,000. Transactions. Per second, Bitcoin. Can't, scale, up. There. Was a large company, in Japan, as I recall that, wanted to bring in Bitcoin. And allow their millions of customers, to use it but the scaling, problem, prevented, it this. Is a bottleneck, for Bitcoin, and something, had to be done about it Roger, ver being a leader took, the lead and resolved. The issue but the public, didn't buy it we. Saw his pet cryptocurrency. Headed. Straight for extinction. Before he intervened, to save it if. He is the one who started, buying up all the cheap Bitcoin, cash tokens, then Roger ver turned Bitcoin, cash around and, the, price started, moving, upward. We. Know at the peak that there was a lot of volume and we know that it was coming from South Korea, as I, recall the peak occurred, at two thousand, three hundred ninety nine dollars and, it was a hundred, and fifty, one percent ahead. For. The past 24, hours, amazing. Coin. Market Capcom. Is where I got this as the, price was moving, toward the peak somebody. Pulled the plug and cashed, out was. That the Koreans. Likely. In the. Stock market, they call this taking. Profits. Human. Greed always, pushes, some to sell off and take profits. Nobody. Can control that and Roger Vera, seemed, to, be unaware, of this. He. Is new at this game and his, inexperience. Might have caused a big loss if I'm right I believe.

That, He is the one running, up the price of Bitcoin cash, through, market, manipulation. Market. Manipulation. Is quite easy with the cryptos and I suspect, the Wall Street crooks. And the Goldman Sachs crooks. Are in this creating, a new racket for themselves, I hope. So because if, they can scam, gamblers. They just might allow, it to exist. If. It exists, it's going to suck money out of everything they, own stocks. Real, estate bonds. Treasuries. And even gold. If. Bitcoin, isn't, dead yet it's, because Wall Street sees the chance to, scam billions. From cryptocurrencies. Now. Back to what I was saying, investors. Didn't want to wait until others took, profits and left, them holding the bag so. They sold out early, and cashed out. Roger. Vera could have used his, 300,000, bitcoins, to save Bitcoin, cash from collapse but, he might not have the experience to, know what, to do when a bubble expands, too, quickly and bursts. You're. Operating the gas pedal, and the brake pedal, at the same time. The. Gas pedal, is selling Bitcoin, and buying Bitcoin cash to support the price and the, break is when, you see a bubble, and you begin to unload, Bitcoin, cash at a higher price to avoid, bursting, the bubble in this way you don't lose. You. Avoid the crash as well you. Slow things down. Some. Sellers, might not sell. Because. The price isn't high enough yet. If. They wait no bursting, of the bubble. Bitcoin. Cash is not worth, twenty, three hundred and ninety-nine dollars to, those investors. Who felt it was time to jump ship with. All the gold, when. The stock market makes the big dive that has been predicted, by so many experts, you're, going to see all the insiders. Sell, off all their, stocks, just. Before, the big collapse. This. Leaves small, investors, holding, the bag of worthless, stock certificates. This is what happened, in 1929. Insiders. Bailed out before the crash a famous, trick on Wall, Street and that's what I'm going to tell you about later. The. Stock market, should, have already crashed. What. Prevented. The impending, stock market, crash the. Fed printed, money passed. It out to all the big banks and they bought stocks, with that stimulus. Money, instead. Of lending it to us. Some. Stimulus. The. Banks were instructed. Not to make, longs to us the, common people. If. They had we, would have seen a real, recovery, but instead the stock market, bubble, was puffed up much larger. And when it finally does, implode, a lot, of wealth is going to vanish before your eyes in, the biggest wealth vanishing, act ever. Bitcoin. Will very likely be the, safe haven. All. That money in the stock market that gets out early enough will, flee to safe havens, like gold, silver and Bitcoin, when. The crash comes the government, will have the perfect excuse. To call in all the gold and silver. Today. They have so much power that you will be lucky if they pay you anything, over, $20. Per ounce for your gold because, they, don't have to give you anything. Everything. You, own belongs. To them including you. They. Even own the rain that falls on your property. They. Can put their finger, up your ass at, the airport, because they, own you, you are their slave. So. People in the mill are fully aware that gold is not safe, silver. Is not safe, I don't, even think that bitcoin is safe because the. NSA, has, everyone's, passwords. For. Everything, and we have. Assholes. In Congress, like Charles, Schumer and Chuck, Grassley, both. Want draconian, laws, for, Bitcoin, and I think government, is already obsolete.

We. Need to look at ways to end. And let the people rule, themselves without, a totalitarian. Dictatorship, the. Bitcoin, wallet, armory might, provide, security. From the NSA, spy, agency. But I'm not sure. Armory. Has a way to do the transaction, offline, and then broadcast the, result to the blockchain for, inclusion. Is. This absolutely. Safe. Not. With the NSA, collecting, so much information on each of us. How. Does one allow for technology, that we don't even know about because, it's secret. There, is always, a way to hack, a computer I've, read. Can. The NSA, hack a computer, that is offline, they. Might be able to do that you, don't know. If. They can it might have something to do with smart, meters they. Installed, them for a reason, what. Was that reason. Was. It mind control, or was, it to pick up signals, from a nearby computer, even when it's offline. You. Need to talk to the folks at armory. About this. If. You plan to invest, in Bitcoin. You better know a lot. Security. Is more important, than return, on investment. Gold. Might go to $50,000. Per troy ounce but, if the government, calls your, gold in, they, might only pay, $20. Per ton for it and what. Are you going to do cry. That's. All you can do because government. Is force, and they use their force to, take from you and those, in foreign countries, who have oil gold. Or natural, resources, like lithium rare. Earth metals, and so on. China. Has a monopoly on some, rare earth metals. Those. Who own and, control the USA, would like to dominate China. So. You hear a lot about nuking. North, Korea, so, they can invade, and occupy, this strategic. Land right. There at the doorstep, of China. The. Plan is for world, domination, by, the fascists. And the Nazis and, China. And Russia are not cooperating with the take over, everything. You hear from the Ministry, of propaganda is. One, piece of the puzzle but few can assemble, the puzzle to, see the big picture. Bitcoin. Is screwed. If they do. The. Best hope we have, is if, bitcoin, succeeds. Because, it puts control, over. Money, into, our hands. And transfers, well from those who have it now to, those who have Bitcoin. Now. With all that said let's return, to what's happening, with Roger veers pet project. Bitcoin, cash. It. Was headed for extinction. As I said and just, before it, reached what I thought, was, the high point 2000. $399. Bitcoin, cash, will, never replace, Bitcoin. Because, it doesn't, have the one thing that all smart, investors, need security. I. Typed. It as a comment on a video I was watching, and I was getting a lot of comments under, my thread when kaboom. Bitcoin. Crash, cashed, out. Vid. Coin cash had. Crashed, at last all. Hopes, dashed. It, happened. In a flash people. Swapped their Bitcoin, cash for, cash in the crash it, went up over the top and then the big splash it, was that fast I was. Right and I'm not being brash, the, author of the video said, it, isn't going to end well and he was right he, said this when Bitcoin cash, was moving up briskly. People. Saw the move up and thought it would never end they. Didn't see Bitcoin, cash as risky. The. Discussion, I was having with the debating team was, about security. I said. Bitcoin has, it and Bitcoin, cash doesn't. There. Is that word again. Security. What. Is it. Security. Is hashing. Power security. Is the number of full nodes. Bitcoin. Has security. And Bitcoin, cash doesn't, and never will I sympathized. With Roger veer I want faster, transaction. Speed and lower, transaction, fees, for, the good of this new innovation. Bitcoin. And the blockchain I. Want. To see this new technology. Succeed. The. Details, I'm relating, to you are actual. And factual, but, my involvement, in the debate is intellectual. A. Lot. Of people are involved, in the debate, some. Top-shelf and, others second-rate. Some. Are core developers. Some, are spectators, with an interest in cryptocurrency. As a new, sport. Some. Are actively involved, in Bitcoin and, a few have made a fortune, the. Growth rate is 1% per. Day now and that can turn 100. Dollars into 5 million, dollars in 3 years. So. This is interesting, to say the least. There. Is another type of participant. And that's the cryptocurrency creator. Of an icy, old. Listen. Carefully. There. Is a huge, fortune, to make in that endeavor, and it involves.

Market, Manipulation. I will. Tell you about that in a few minutes when. You own Bitcoin, and there is a fork, you get an equal amount of the new cryptocurrency. Derived. Out of Bitcoin. But, with a new name. There. Has already been Vic. 1 cash Bitcoin, gold and I've been hearing about Bitcoin. Bronze. If. You owned Bitcoin. At the time of the forks you, got both Bitcoin. Cash, and Bitcoin. Gold, free. You. Owned them already, with more forts, to come. These. Two forts, effectively. Tripled. The. Tokens, held by Bitcoin, holders, but, neither of, the new Forks are worth as much as, Bitcoin, tokens. Most. Of the people who received a free gift of Bitcoin cash are selling, it and having, fun with the windfall profits. If. Too many of them do this is going to be fatal, to Bitcoin cash. Everybody. Will sell it's, just a matter of price, isn't, it. When. You look at the Bitcoin cash chart, it, looks like an endangered species. For, example California's. Kangaroo. Rat. The. Environmentalists. In California. Think, that they can keep the kangaroo, rat from, going extinct. By making each builder, pay five thousand, dollars in costs, associated, with tests. To, look for, the endangered species. Roger. Ver might. Be the one who, thinks he can save Bitcoin, cash from, extinction, I. Feel. That whoever, is doing this that is selling, off Bitcoin, driving, the price down and buying up Bitcoin cash driving. The price up is, taking, air out of a good tire and putting, it into the tire with the hole in it. If. You owned Bitcoin, before, the fork that created, Bitcoin cash, maybe. You have had thoughts of selling off Bitcoin, cash and using, the money to buy more bitcoins I. Honestly. Believe that there are those waiting. For Roger ver, to drive the price up so they can get more when, they betray him, watch. Them, cash, out at higher prices. How. Much is Bitcoin cash, worth, is. It, $500. Or. $1,000. Would. You sell if the price reached five thousand, dollars. There. Is one thing you have to know and that. Relates to security. There's. That word again, security. Are. You going to bet on the cryptocurrency that has no hope which, is like putting air into a tire with, a hole in it or are, you going to cash out and spend roger, Vera's, money. As. I said I'm not sure it's Roger Revere but he has. 300,000, bitcoins, and he said publicly that he is very bullish on Bitcoin, cash. His. Ego would be deeply, offended, if Bitcoin, cash failed. Clearly. He wants Bitcoin cash to succeed, would. He purposely, drive, down the price of Bitcoin by, selling, them and used the money to buy Bitcoin, cash to prop it up.

How. Much of Roger Vera's, money do you want when. Should you act, now, or when the price has been driven, back to 2000. $399. Roger. Vere took a high profile, he, does interviews, and the videos are on YouTube. He. Said he's very bullish, on Bitcoin cash, and I, just put all the pieces of the puzzle together to, hypothesize, that. He is the one who is Lea the charge to raise Bitcoin. Cash to where he thought it would be without. His intervention. Can, Roger Vere make it happen for Bitcoin cash or is, this the kangaroo, rat of Southern California. Doomed, to. Extinction. If. There is a buck for you to make in all of this should. You just sit it out and see what happens. I, don't. Have any advice for you other than to study what's happening in Bitcoin, and other, cryptocurrencies, because. This is the future of money one. Way or another. The. Bitcoin cat is out of the bag and a gigantic, wealth. Transfer. Is, taking place. The. Fraud Rovira owns, 300,000. Bitcoins, that's. Nearly. $8,000. So what's that worth, 2.4. Billion dollars. He. Owns another. 300,000. Tokens of Bitcoin, cash, at about, $1,100. As of November, 18. 2017. And that's another, 330, million, dollars. Bitcoin. Doubled, over the last 51. Days I calculated. From the historical. Record of coin market Capcom. And if Bitcoin doubles, over the next 51, days that puts Roger Vere, at four, point six, six billion. What. If it doubles again in 51, more days. Why. Would he gamble, it all on a loser. What's. Wrong with the guy I. Wonder. What the Winklevoss, twins are, thinking, about all this I read. That they owned one percent, of all bitcoins. Out there, some, sixteen. Point six million now do they own. 166. Thousand. Bitcoins. If. You want to know you. Have some research to do don't you, that's. It for this video oh wait, I want to tell you about the gambling aspect. Of altcoins. And the Ponzi, scheme model, that I see. Suppose. You want to duplicate, Bitcoin, and you come up with a blockchain, and a new name a, blockchain.

And, A new name that's, all you need you have, to have money to do this so don't think that anyone can do this you. Launch your alt coin and it's trading, at $0.10. People. Figure what the heck I'll buy ten of them here's, a dollar. A million. Buyers put, up a dollar or more. The. Guy who launched, the ICO, is watching. For any tokens, that sell under, ten cents and he buys them, what does this do it. Sustains. The price at ten cents, wait, a week, now. Start, buying everything, that is offered at ten cents, or eleven. Cents and what does this do it causes, a price, move up. The. Gain is ten percent in a week without, wild. Fluctuations. This. Gets the attention, of everyone, who has a few hundred dollars and, wants, to double it in a short time. Banks. Are paying. 0.3%. Annually. If. You could make ten percent on your money in a week what would you do. Would. You move it out of the bank and into, a new, cryptocurrency. What. Do you think others would, do, they. Would do what, you would do. You'd. Throw money into it and watch it rise wouldn't. You, okay. So it goes up 20%, in, a month, now. What do you do. Like. Any other gambler, for every dollar you have in, you make it to. You. Double down. You're. Putting your mother's money into, it and the money you had under, the mattress. You're. Selling your gold your silver and, a savings bond, that an uncle gave you 20 years ago and you're putting it all into, the, new altcoin. People. Hear about your six us the, genius of the investment, world and, others. Are moving money out of the bank and into your new, investment. Vehicle, -, what. Is the guy who created, the altcoin, doing, he's. Creating, tokens, which cost him nothing and he's selling them to suckers, like you, people. Look at the chart and they think this is the greatest thing since postage. Stamps, from Spain in the 1920s. That, was Charles Ponzi scam. And it worked so well that, he had a large amount of money coming in he. Had to use large, trash, cans to put all the money in. He. Was arrested, and sent to prison you, won't believe what happened next while in prison he received, another. $200,000. Can you believe this. Well. That's what we have today with crypto currencies. People. Find it easy to buy crypto currencies and every time a new one comes out, they put a little money into it and hope that one of them turns, out like Bitcoin, of course, virtually. All of them are going to end up like Ponzi. And his, scheme, altcoins. Are created, with billions, of tokens. When. There is any kind of crises, what happens. Billions. Of tokens, come back to be unloaded. To new buyers. There. Aren't any and that. Cryptocurrency. Crashes. What. Is a cryptocurrency. Actually. Worth. How. Does one put a price on it. It's. A great way to scam. 200, million dollars from spectators, hoping. To be part of the next Bitcoin. It. Is also a new form of legal, gambling but, not for long there. Will be a government crackdown on these cryptocurrencies, and, until, then those, in, the deep state will try to skim billions, from suckers, and they will allow it to continue as long as it appears, as a new tax, revenue, source for them. Those. Who create the new altcoins, can, use all the money they made on the first round to launch the next round and they can parlay a few million into, a few dozen, million in a single, year, well. Suckers, ever figure, it out is it, gambling, or is this a new kind of game to play I think. You have the idea now so. I will go thanks.

For Watching thanks, for lasting, to the end, thanks, for pondering, the ideas, I presented, see. You next time.

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Bitcoin was purchased for the Queen 2 weeks ago!

Wow! That's troubling! If big money buys in, the price is going to go sky high! There are only two choices for every human being; 1. get into the bitcoin hot air balloon or 2. stay on the ground, where there is a crash happening now, relative to bitcoin I have tried to confirm what you say and have been unable to do so! Can you cite your source, please? I found a 'Queen of Bitcoin' but that's not the head of the illuminati

It's been two weeks since I've been discovered you on YouTube. You are straight forward with all great great great advice. I wish to know you sooner but never tooo late to found you. Just to let you know I'm not a smart man. Im not a wealthy man. A man with beautiful wife and two beautiful kids. But I am precisely of what I'm intend to do something. Please allow me to follow your wisdom advices. I want to learn from you from the bottom of my heart and my soul sir.

Thanks! We can all learn a lot from each other, think! What kind of beer do you drink?

Thank you for saying what most all the other would be crytocurrency gurus keep failing to explain as they encourage you to subscribe to their organization or exchange and follow their lead. Funny how few of them explain or educate their followers or subscribers to the truth of currency and money and the intrinsic nature of both. You are a breath of fresh air.

Thanks, Noware Man! Since I am studying, I am obliged to teach and then I learn twice! It takes a lot of effort to write a script for a video and by the time it goes up, it's dated! That's what happened here! I think differently now about bitcoin cash! It might succeed, because Roger Ver is an extraordinary man!

Very instructive video as always. I used to like Roger Ver when i heard him cring over death of half milion of iraqi children after Albright expressed as it was worthy. I actually am very disapointed with his scheme like developement of bit cash occpying pretty confusing domain name like In the other hand, I couldn't put my finger on the reason why i don't feel comfortable investing bitcash or any other altcoins. But you pointed very well out that bit cash can never replace btc because of SECURITY. It's so very true and now i know exactly why i don't feel comfortable with other coins. Thank you

Welcome! You must know that I don't feel exactly the same any more about bitcoin cash! Roger Ver is very, very powerful and very determined! His faster speed and lower transaction fees are powerful. It gives bitcoin cash potential. Now he has to get all the miners to work on the cryptocurrency where they make a penny, instead of $1,000. A video by Roger Ver, recently said just that!

The genius man on the PLANET. I do appreciate you very much sir


BackToConstitution You know it. I grew up singing that song.

Did you sing the Coasters chorus... 'Measles make you lumpy, mumps will make you bumpy and chicken pox will make you jump and twitch'?

The Jesuit Order control The Banking System ! The Jesuits control most World Governments. Study the history of the Jesuits.

BackToConstitution The Rothschild's over the years have been rendering their services in banking, finance and money management to various corporations and empires over the years. However evidence points to the fact that the Rothschild's are merely bankers for the Revived Roman Empire. It's easy to see the Rothschild's are not at the top, and this is NOT a Jewish conspiracy with just a little common sense and some research: The Rothschild's have been honored for their services to the British Empire and to the Vatican over the years, notable honors include: -Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, current head of the Rothschild dynasty - awarded Grand Cross of British Empire (GBE), Order of Merit, FBA -Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild - GBE, George Medal, FRS, Venerable Knight of St. John -Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild - FRS -Nathan Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild - Grand Cross of Victorian Order (GCVO), Privy Counselor (PC) -Evelyn Robert de Rothschild - Knight Bachelor of the British Empire Rothschild's who have been Knighted by the Roman Empire include: -Carl Mayer von Rothschild - Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George -Amschel Mayer Rothschild - Sovereign Knight of the Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta (Knight of Malta), 1800. The Rothschild's have been awarded these honors by the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II being the current head. What can we therefore conclude when the Queen herself has a Vatican Knighthood ? She is Sovereign of the Venerable Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, this is the "protestant" branch of the Knights of Malta. Essentially part of the "Mutually Recognized Orders of Saint John", of which the Sovereign Military Order of Malta reigns supreme. Common sense tells us, if you are receiving a knighthood you are a subordinate of the person giving you the honor. Therefore if the Queen is herself a Dame of the Sovereign Military of Malta, she is therefore subordinate to the Papacy, and as we have already established the Rothschild's are subservient to the British Monarch, so by law of rank and association, the Rothschild's are subservient to Rome. It is clear the Rothschild's are nothing more than servants of the British Monarchy/Order of the Bath/Order of the Garter and Rome. As the Jewish encyclopedia states "guardians of the Vatican treasury" All recipients of Knighthoods shown in the video can be cross checked and verified via:

Adam is 100% right.

You could make a video and then we don't have to work hard!

Bitcoin core is and always will be KING..!!!

True, all people are technically potential sellouts, but not all are sellouts, see Roger for example, while Core developers are not rich people, they are easy to buy, Roger is not easy to buy, he is already rich, thanks to Bitcoin because he was the first to believe in it and support it with his own money and time and dedication. So while people can be bought out, not everyone can be bought out, and difference is now, Bitcoin is already compromised because we didn't know any better, and bankers managed to get control over the developers, Roger said this himself... not this won't happen again as we have learned from this mistake and wont repeat it again. The moment we see some developer(s) starting to prevent Bitcoin layer from scaling... we'll know what too look for and can be quick to prevent it. Bitcoin Cash is now in good hands... its in hands of miners that want to support it by mining it, users that believe in it and want to support it (me included in this category) and developers that are willing to make use of Bitcoin layer itself and not prevent it from scaling. The 5 teams that are now working on improving Bitcoin Cash are now on the right side of history, Core are on the wrong side. PS: don't talk to me about being immature, do you know how old I am, what I've been through in my life and what I stand for? You don't... judge the arguments I make and not the name calling I make toward those that are fighting against Bitcoin system. Me calling these people names it not me doing something wrong, I am called all kinds of names, I have a pair and I fight back any way I know... it'll be with arguments first but when dirt is thrown around, which lot of Core supporters do, I don't just stand buy and let it hit me... I fight back.

If bitcoin's core developers are vulnerable, then those of bitcoin gold and bitcoin cash are also vulnerable and will also be taken over by the bankers. I'm sure the bankers are putting a lot of thought into all altcoins to see how they can gain control. Stop calling people names! You appear to be too immature to write in this comments section! Nobody wants to watch the videos of someone who behaves like YOU! You don't belong on this channel! Find another! I went to your channel and noticed two things; 1. you have 265 subscribers and 2. you worship Adolf Hitler! I don't want to be associated with you! If you are a subscriber, UNSUBSCRIBE!

To chevs_710: Satoshi Nakamoto started the idea in 2005 under a different name. He collaborated with others to perfect it and on January 3, 2009, he released the white paper. Who owns bitcoin? Nobody! It's independent of all countries, states, dictatorships, people and artificial intelligence. If you ask me, it was telepathically sent by aliens, because it's far too clever and it is exactly what we need in order to have bloodless revolution! Nakamoto went into hiding, because he feared they would kill him or put him in a cage, as they did the owner of Liberty Reserve!

you should watch this video

Who Created and Owns Bitcoin??? WIKI don't give much info. Now there is a theory it was created by AI... Been trying to research Bitcoin last few days.

Since I wrote this, I heard Roger Ver admit that he's the one propping bitcoin cash up! I have changed my mind about bitcoin cash, after hearing that interview! He intends to bring bitcoin cash up to the #1 position and since he bet heavily in the past, I think he will do it! He argues that bitcoin cash costs a penny to do a transaction and he paid $1,000 to move $20,000 worth of bitcoin, recently! Bitcoin miners are too slow, too greedy and not interested in changing, so I'm worried about bitcoin's survival!


I hung onto your every word. Nice presentation. Amazed that you know & exposed so much corruption. Most don't know these facts. (I do bc I've been doing heavy geo-political research for 2 years. George Webb.) I only heard you mention Ethereum one brief occasion. Would like your take on ETH which I now own. Puzzled by the BTC vs BTH war. Because cabal players are now guiding the decisions about BTC (2X?) surely you know those on that elitist list. I believed they wanted to reduce block size to ultimately force the piggybacking of their products as a means to pay back their investors. Sounded very "criminal empire-ish" to me. (I am a major MAGA Trump fan, BTW.)

BackToConstitution: Oh, wow! So glad you said that. I'm 100% ETH. Happy there. No changes. Hodling.

BackToConstitution think what you want of Roger but he is never going to sell his stash of btc. He knows which version has the most potential

Nov 29, 2017 with 1,430 views, 56 up and 12 down My bitcoin videos are censored on YouTube! Try to find one in the first 25 pages of results when you search the term, 'bitcoin'

I hated Ripple and still do. I haven't like Ethereum, since I read that the number of tokens is INFINITE! Dogecoin and Infinitecoin are total scams! 99% of the altcoins are modern day Ponzi Schemes and a new form of gambling and the house is the ICO, which pumps by buying up all the cheap tokens to boost the price and then when the flood of suckers come in, they get loaded up with expensive tokens, there is a crash and the whole thing starts over again! Roger Ver will lose $1 billion on Bitcoin Cash!

that's just false i can give you the names of the current owners of most banks, media and various other controlling interests such as the israeli lobby, and they're all jews, however the "jesuit order" and catholic church at large has been infiltrated and subverted by the jews now for a long long time, see vatican 2 for obvious proof of that lol it's the jews though not catholics lol and it's not vague or esoteric, we know the exact names of the men and families who control most powerful investment banks and media institutions, you better wake up to the jewish question and knock it off with the bs jesuit and "illuminati" nonsense which is completely vague and emotion based. There is a serious issue, we don't need people muddying the waters and confusing the issue around jewish power and subversion. wake up out there, it's the jews stupid

Please do a video on how to keep from getting your Bitcoin stolen from your wallet?

has someone stolen any bitcoin from your wallet?

Kathy Hernandez: I don't like Ethereum and never have. The fact that there is an unlimited number of coins tells me that the value is nowhere near what people are paying for it. When there is a crisis and people dump those billions of ether, the price will return to its intrinsic value of zero! Ethereum is not better than the fiat!

BackToConstitution agree! There are a lot of coins, but none can match the security of Bitcoin. Hence its value.

Good point! I don't know much about POW. Some of the ideas in crypto are over my head. My IQ is 80 and you have to realize that much of the world is over my head! Your IQ is likely closer to that of Einstein, so you can comprehend this lofty stuff! I like Roger Ver! His decisions don't affect my admiration for a man who was a millionaire by the age of 25 and he did it on his own! I respect him, because I was in many businesses and I never got to $1 million by age 25! This is rare! Then, he's a billionaire with bitcoin, having seen the potential, early on! Now, he's betting on a horse that can't win, even though it's the fastest and cheapest, two advantages that should make it a winner! He doesn't understand 'SECURITY' and that's going to cost him $2.4 billion! I think he's smart and he will learn, but he has to go completely broke, first! Many billionaires went broke a few times!

BackToConstitution oh My friend been following trace since 2013. I dont think you get my point. Roger just talks junk, he says he does not want to sell his stash, Because of the risk. Well i sold My bcash right away, Cause i dont belive in a centralised coin. With no POW

diggindavid: You know nothing about network effects or security! Study Trace Mayer, when you have time!

chevs_710: No! That's not true! Artificial Intelligence did not create bitcoin and nobody owns it. Read the white paper! It's a distributed ledger! NOBODY OWNS BITCOIN and it's not a company! It's foolish and ignorant to say what you said! Get a mirror and I'll show you the biggest fool on earth!

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