Billy Crone: The A.I. Apocalypse

Billy Crone: The A.I. Apocalypse

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Today. Even. The technologists. Themselves, are afraid, of what, they're creating. And. Here, to talk about this, giant. Conundrum. About, high-tech, and what the Bible says about it in the latter days is pastor, Billy Crone Billy it's good to have you back Thank, You Gary it's always great to be on right. In front of me I have a book, with a funny-looking a robotic, creature on the cover, drones, artificial. Intelligence, and the coming human. Annihilation. Wow something. To think about, yeah, now where, should we begin on this because I think there's. A general consciousness. Today, people, are vaguely afraid, of what they see happening where, in the world is this all going yeah, well if you stick to the bottom you'll find out where it's going and frankly. It's gonna get way worse before. It ever gets better before, Jesus comes back at the end of the seven year tribulation, and of course Jesus, himself said, of the seven-year tribulation it's gonna be the worst time in the history of mankind so horrible, that, unless, God kept it to that timeframe basically. The entire human race would be destroyed and when. We began to go, down this route taking a look at the technology that's being developed on a global basis, combined, with an artificial intelligence, that can control, it all it makes, you wonder if that's in fact if you will a loaded, statement from Jesus what is really coming to this planet if God didn't keep it to the 7 years then you look at the technology that's being developed hey, you could see how. Literally. The entire human race could be destroyed this is not something. That's coming, it's technology, that's already here and most people have, no clue about it nor, do they understand the biblical ramifications. Now, Billy has produced, a set, of DVDs. Called attack of the drones with, a again. An. Artificially. Intelligent robot. On, the cover here, 14. Studies, seven DVDs, extensively. Probing. The. Details. Of, these. Horrors, that are on the horizon and by the way I've watched, much. Of this DVD set just, to prepare. For this conversation. We'd be having and a lot of it was very scary I got to admit. If. I did not have faith. In the Lord Jesus Christ, I'd be pretty scared right now yeah, well that's the premise that we try to people throughout the the documentary, is, if. You're not saved and you're watching this you better get saved, this. Is not make-believe it's really coming most people don't realize that basically, in a nutshell to give people a visual that maybe they're familiar with take. All your Terminator, movies when, you have everything gone, robotic, all types, of military vehicles, weaponry. It's, all unmanned, it's all automated. Even. A terminator. Robots, all that, being controlled, with brain chips and all that stuff and it's, being controlled on a global basis, and it has the potential to hunt mankind down all that that, Terminator. Movie, is becoming, our reality. And it's, not just the United States it's the militaries, around the world and it's, all happening. In fact they're verbage, is saying that, every, country within.

A Matter of just a few years are, going to have not just drones, but armed drones and we're talking about not just the classic, ones the Predator drones we see of all that stuff we're, talking about drones, that are in, the air drones, on the ocean, drones even under the ocean, on the, land they're, they're even creating drones that you won't even recognize that they're a drone they're, making them look like pick, any animal, in nature whether, it be a cheetah whether, it be a bird, whether. It be insects, like beetles and dragonflies, and even flies we even share actual. Video, clips from the military, themselves, showing a lot, of these unmanned, aerial, vehicles the smaller ones they're called micro, aerial vehicles, but, they're all being controlled and and, they even communicate, with each other so they can literally swarm, their prey in fact that's their terminology, that this, is swarm, technology, and that, these things are armed, and they could come and take you out we share one clip where a an, M a V looking. Like a fly actually goes into this. Area. The, guy didn't even see it coming in and it literally shoots, the guy in the back of the head actually takes him out this, is the military's. Demonstration. That. We show this is all happening and they're developing at the same time all of this stuff a Skynet. Scenario, and artificial, intelligence, that literally can control, it all and if, you look at the headlines even. In, the last few months. Pute, in the his made, the statement that whoever. Controls. And develops AI first. Controls. The world so. It's, not just unites, all these government and everybody, the, whole new way of warfare, is not, just coming it's already, started, on the planet let's, stop for a minute actually. Two minutes here and. Take. A look to. Get a little preview of what Billy, has done just give you an idea of the. Scope of, the. DVDs, he's produced. We're, learning more this morning about a near collision between a 50-seat, passenger, plane and a, drone see outside the military invasion, of drones the other area that most people are familiar with drone technology is. Actually in the private sector. Well, with many of us think of drones this is what comes to mind high-tech machines used by the military in, the war on terror but what many don't realize the, same technology, giving. Rise to military, drones is being miniaturized. Having. Said all that there. Is a real fundamental. Value. Issue here. Do, we want drones all over the place because some of them are going to be the size of mosquitos. And. That's the problem maybe. You shouldn't go this route maybe, you're opening Pandora's, box or is the movies calling. We. See anything in the media that, they admit they're doing like this robotic, shark, my, general, rule of thumb is this we're actually 20, years behind, the technology.

Was, Such a close call that, federal officials say that the pilot, actually believed that the plane had been hit. Wow. Does, that convince you of anything, I mean if you're not just shaking, in your boots a little bit right now you should be yeah. The. People Billy, I've heard this read at many places the people who are actually developing, our official intelligence, right now are afraid, of it yeah they're, afraid of their own invention. Mm-hmm this is amazing this may be a first in the history of the world yeah yeah. Well to me is uh if. That's. Not a big enough wake-up call for you I don't know what it's gonna take but when you have as. Far as I understand non-christians, secularists. You, got computer. Moguls computer, geniuses. Technology. Geniuses, people like Elon Musk who many people say he's, like a Tony Stark of today's technology and things that nature but, when you when he and we shared, the video clip the, interview when he uses term like this when he says in in regards to this technology, and development of artificial, intelligence when, he says that we are by, doing this summoning. Up a demon. But. You might want to take notice yes. All. Right it's really going on and and. By the way one, of the neat things about the documentary, is we, have almost, a hundred and eighty, video. Clips it's 14, hours documentary. Shot, in true documentary, style we interview military, analysts, and things that nature but. A hundred almost 180, video clips of evidence we're not just saying here's, the types of drones that they're developing here's. The Terminator robots, that they're developing not coming they're already being developed around, the world here's what the UN saying about this here's, what Russia is doing here's, what China is building we, share with you the actual, video, clips over and, over again because it's such a topic, people can like okay now you've gone off the deep in this. Is like are you serious the terminator reality, is really becoming our reality yes here's, the video evidence it's it's jaw-dropping. Evidence. And and believe it or not I think the Bible warns about that I think all this is going to come into play that, is the. Reason why the seven-year tribulation amongst. Other reasons is so, horrible. And why the scripture says you better get saved and you better get saved now cuz you don't even want to be there yourself let alone your worst enemy you know I've thought about the. The unveiling, of the Antichrist, many many times over the last few, years I've, studied the Bible and there, so, much has been written about the Antichrist but, in Daniel, he, is said to worship, with God whom, his father's, knew not, and, this is a very powerful strong, God you go to Revelation read, about what, he's able to do call down fire from heaven and so forth and so on yeah and it.

All Sounds like high technology. Controlled. By the Antichrist and, this God whom, his father's knew not could, that God be the god of, artificial. Intelligence maybe, a computer, God that. Comes into its own and appears to have its own life. Yeah. Something. Like that yeah, well, and what's interesting you look at the development with artificial intelligence and people need to realize this scary artificial, intelligence, is not coming artificial. Intelligence is already, here and it's, here in many different facets and forms there's a race to see who can get to the top like, Russia's, leader has. Forewarn but. You look at that and you go back to the Antichrist, you also go to Revelation 13 with the Antichrist and the image what is this image that people, will worship and some, are starting to wonder when you begin to realize behind. This technology, it. Could this be you, know could this be some sort of artificial, intelligence image. And one have you and you're, thinking well people would they really worship an image, well. Yes what's called the image of the Beast right exactly and but, you look at also not just the development of artificial, intelligence for the military but just in general we. Have people right now you, see their hearts wanting. A an. Antichrist. Worship. Scenario, they don't they don't want. There to be the. Christian God but, they do want to worship something right, now I think the guy's a Anthony. 11. Down ski he. Has created and this is in the headlines right now that he has created, the. The way. Of the the future he, is basically it's an AI Church. It's. Already registered, you could check it out with the IRS and, basically, they are he's, creating, the ability for this new, God and he says he, says well if something artificial. Intelligence, is billions. Of times more. Then, current, humans, what else you going to call it and then, even says stuff like this he says at least with their art if it their god artificial. Intelligence, that they want to worship they. Said. That you'll have the benefit of speaking, to this God and knowing, that they're listening hmm. I mean this is going on right now so you even you not only see the development, of this technology the development of artificial intelligence you, see the heart of the secular, society. That. Is anti-god. Anti-christian. 'ti wanting, a replacement, and this, technology gives, them that and people, are already jumping, on that bandwagon, hmm. And jumping. On it very, quickly at the rate that things are being developed yeah, DARPA, the government. Association, that brings, together technologies. Of all sorts, to produce military. Weaponry, yeah it, has been hot on the heels of, artificial, intelligence for years now and we all read about it around the edges and occasionally, we see movies, and. And you'll see it in in in Billy's DVD. Productions. You're going to see like, robotics. You can't even believe scary. Robot that's right yeah, well. You. Mentioned DARPA, the, section there because we deal with the history of drone technology and then. We deal with the history of artificial intelligence that was I watched it by the way it's very very interesting, we. All think about those drones up there being used in time of war but hey it's way more than you think it is yeah well and it's way more advanced in fact you can go it's its current headlines right now as we speak a lot of people they're more concerned about the economy or who's gonna win this game or that game then what is being developed right now right, now on our planet and right, now the UN.

And. The entities, they, are saying we need to stop this is their burbage not mine we, need, to stop these killer, robots. And, they're not just talking about the Predators people think you know that, that you. Know is, just talking about no we're talking about yes. In the sky but, every, piece of military, equipment you can think of is being drone out is. Unmanned, and we, documented, the, military videos whether it be a submarine, whether it be a Jeep a supply vehicle, fighter, jets anything, you could think we, don't need humans, anymore to fly them man thrown and they can control, it via. A Skynet scenario, it sounds crazy but it's all documented, with. That as well a mastermind. Is controlling, all of a military action, yeah and but it's it's not a human, it's a giant computer, yeah, they're. You know what can we say except. Skynet, I mean which. Brings me to the subject of sci-fi science. Fiction, you know is this generations. Palliative. If. You look at the movies that come one after another after, another superheroes. Super, inventions. We. Have. Stories. About artificial human beings, being created, with superpowers, and, souls. Being transmuted. Into other bodies, and, you name it it's been in sci-fi yeah. And we. Now have a generation, it's been absolutely. Spoon-fed. All, of this yeah so. They're ready oh yeah, and and. You go into this at, great length yeah, in fact we have a whole section there how are they programming, people to accept this you know terminator reality, really with, you got drones flying everywhere and you, know and all being controlled unmanned. All, automated, and controlled by AI and and we dealt with with the movies I really think that movies. Are not, just entertainment that's what we've been conditioned. To things for movies, are a propaganda, tool and, movies, are utilized, today, I believe, to, prepare, us for the future that is being built for us whether, we like it or not Google and so I go, back to the terminator thing but if anything they did a fantastic job of predicting. And showing, us what's coming and you're right you look at every, basic, superhero. Movie, scenario, that's going on right now whether it be Marvel whether it be DC Comics and all that stuff all that's, the biggest craze what are these people it's all about this super technology the Skynet scenario you could tap into this global system, you got artificial, intelligence, and and in, creating the super intelligence, that either becomes a threat or they then some would say it no it's going to benefit and you, have a whole generation of, people thinking this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, in fact, artificial, intelligence, right now is being pitched as well.

At The same time the military's around the world to use them it's, being pitched, as its. Going to usher in the greatest era of convenience. You can believe them there's so many different AI versions. And programs already out there right now it, could, help you find a new job it could help you to find a date it. Can become your date and that's a whole nother crazy, little topic oh yeah it, could improve, your life it can control, your home a can do all this stuff if you just accept, artificial. Intelligence, controlling, everything, it's gonna, bring this global, no it's gonna be a global nightmare, is what, it is it's this guy net scenario. Now you mentioned DARPA in, the in the section we deal with on the history, of artificial, intelligence I could, not believe what. I came across in, that discovery, because it was a learning curve for me of ok where. Did this whole idea of artificial intelligence come. From and how is it being developed well when we got into the, the 40s, and the 50s and the 50s of course is where they came up with what's called the Turing test from Alan Turing uh-huh that if how, do you know something's true artificial intelligence, well if it carries on a conversation just. And you can't just doing the issue it distinguish, it between a human, conversation, that's the test etc blah blah well around that timeframe you also had the development. Of an, entity called ARPA. ARPA. Okay. Is. The, ones who developed, what was originally, called the ARPANET. Right. ARPANET. Is the precursor to what we today call the internet. Whoo. ARPA. Then, changed, its name from ARPA, to. DARPA, but. D for defense yeah and so the same entity, that's working on artificial, intelligence is, the same entity, that was the birthplace of basically, the Internet all this, stuff it's been going on for decades and these, things are now coming out in the forefront and most people have no clue who's, really behind us let alone where, it's going and the dangers that lie ahead and. It runs deeply. Throughout, society the. Internet is is a much deeper than you think yeah and and things, are happening. On there that are not always comforting, to think about the. Book by. Pastor Billy Crone is called drones artificial, intelligence, on the coming human, annihilation. Which. Brings me to the book of, Yeah right after, we, begin to open seals, our, Lord steps up and begins to open the sealed book and, by.

The Time the fifth seal rolls around you, have. Millions. Of people who are killed right for the witness of Jesus Christ and they are beneath the altar of God and, right say how long O, Lord yeah, for you dispatch, the enemy effect if in, effect that's what theirs they're asking, in, other words we're. Headed for a time when there, will be literally, mega, millions, of people. Dying and I. Think probably through. The medium that you've described, here. Because. These things are dispensers, of death, oh absolutely well and Gary it's interesting that you mention them because that was my one, of my synopsis coming, out of this study myself was, like whoa wait a second, could, this in fact be the technology, that, is utilized, in, the seven-year tribulation when you look at the judgments, that are coming and you're right you did with the in the in the sealed judgments it says there one-fourth of the earth is in Iowa that's nearly two billion people yeah two, billion people we'll wait a second let's, go a little bit further you could, also I would say confidently presuppose, that people. Say well that's gonna be a nuclear warfare well maybe but if, you're gonna drop nuclear, warfare that's gonna annihilate two billion people. You're. Talking about nukes on a scale that's gonna create a nuclear winter and basically you got a shutdown right. Scenario, planet, Earth we're done but, that's not what you see in the seven-year tribulation you see, that. The Antichrist, continues, to go forward in the midway point he declares himself God the, rebuilt Jewish temple continues, in the second half and and, the mark of the beast the economy, is all tied together buying, and selling so all that's still going so I don't see that as a nuclear winter scenario, per, se so then the question is we, know it's going to happen how. How. Do you annihilate nearly, two billion people in a relatively.

Quick Amount of time without, using nuclear warfare when. You understand this technology one. Guy lytic, and put his finger on the button it's, all tied together like a Skynet scenario these things will hunt people down on an island because they're not just watching they're armed and they're equipped, to take people out and some, of them as you mentioned earlier look like insects, that can crawl and insects. Can sting you with poison. Little. Dragonflies, yeah. Humming, around by the thousands, yeah, and those things could be carrying poison, yeah but they also carry microphones. So if they fly up close to a group of people they can hear what the people are saying yeah, it's, amazing what's going on well, into. One. Of the we. Deal with the invasion of drones in the first part and part, of it is people are just getting used to having drones everywhere, whether, it be in the private sector the commercial sector Amazon's, a big one proponent, of that delivering. What we buy and sell and things that nature, transportation. Sector the media, it just drones of the panacea, for basically the English every television station now, has to have a drone cam or. More so when you go to the scene of a news event you want your drone yeah exactly it's up there filming right but there's something else that's going on with that same technology that technology, is, especially. For like the sports enthusiasts. And we document this if you, wear like a tracking. Device on your wrist okay. Then, these drones will, follow you they'll, follow that signal and, and, they will of course for, the sports, enthusiast is is too you know like that cool shot is you're doing kayaking, or you're skiing or right, in your mountain biking mountain it will literally follow you right and so, I'm going a little and selfie. Exactly. What it is that's really what it is Gary and but, it's video right it's not just a wrong you know that's right and you know who has time when you're riding down a mountain on a bike to take, a selfie it just doesn't work yeah so these this technology, is wired, to follow a signal, to, follow a person so I'm sitting like wait, a second, the Bible tells us in the seven-year tribulation what are people gonna get they're. Gonna get some sort of a marking. Device in their. Right hand or in their forehead right, now, there's. A lot of speculation bingo, you know where I'm going so I'm going like so you, not only get this device that apparently, the, mark of the beast okay, that these people accept, but. If you use a, technology, that also has the ability not only to make financial transactions. But. Also is used as a tracking device then imagine. Somebody gives an order. Imagine. Somebody finds out that you're not doing what they're saying which is what revelation 13 says. Antichrist, and false prophet, will make force, order cause people, to obey and, if you don't they're going to kill you it says it right there well, how is he gonna know where people are on the whole planet cuz that's a global context, well, with this kind of technology and then this monitoring, militarized. Technology, everyone the plan, just. Like the the, drones today they. Will know the. GPS, location, of every single person anywhere, on the planet right. And and and technically, even, today, without, having, a mark of the beast type scenario implanted, to track a person's, every move as well as make financial transactions, you don't even need that because guess what everybody carries with them today a cell.

Phone Cell phone cell phone is the biggest tracking device that. We've accepted on the planet everybody's gotta have a cell phone I mean everybody. Right from, the age of seven exactly, and so that's an identifier, so even that actual technology if they wanted to take somebody out they can find you and we, already have people being warmed up to, not just have these. Drones everywhere. And these drones equipped but drones following. You all that, is not coming it's already. In play and most people have no clue now, one, interesting thing you talk about that technology real, quick it's not just the militaries around the world that are developing this artificial, intelligence. Major. Corporations, are doing the same thing one. Of those corporations real quick is IBM. IBM has not just developed, artificial intelligence, they developed it for many years in fact they've named their artificial intelligence, it's called Watson look, at the TV right now commercials. Right now iBM, is promoting Watson, as the panacea he'll, do your taxes, for you he'll run your business for you do all kinds of stuff Watson. Even back as far as 2011. Would already, beat the two best, human, champions, on Jeopardy, okay, so it's been in play for a long time now, it just so happens, that IBM. Is also, the same technology. Mogul, that, has developed another technology called RFID, radio, frequency identification. Which. Is a tiny microchip, that can be as fixed to any product, anywhere around the world and they've been promoting this for many years that, they want to literally track, every, product on the planet and we. Even demonstrate, their own commercials, proving this is what they want to do then, we fast forwards like wait a second, I be what do you want to do microchip, people next yes. And we actually shared commercials. Where it shows people from IBM, where, they're going into a grocery store and the guys loading up his jacket with all kinds of stuff and and of course the conception, you gives like hey this guy's a thief he's stealing stuff he, goes through this checkout, line he scans mmm, and here comes this security guy and you think guys gonna get him now and the security guy takes, the receipt and says you forgot your receipt and then it says checkout lines who needs them right and, that's IBM, so the same entity, that's, developing. This. Tracking. Technology, RFID that. Can track every product apparently, they're going to have plans to do it in people - for, buying and selling and then, you're saying well why are they developing Watson, artificial, intelligence, well it put yourself in that revelation, 13 scenario how is one guy going to control and monitor, all the transactions, all the people all the planet that's superhuman. Technology, if you're gonna pull that off what do you need, superhuman. Intelligence absolutely. So the same entity, is developing all that technology right now and you know we think of a human being with maybe a 165. IQ, is being pretty, smart yeah but these machines. Machine.

Intelligence That. Would be a low IQ we're talking about an IQ of a thousand, or 1500. Yeah, and that, thing that would address, you as if you were a. Garden. Worm. Yeah, and it would it would be almost a god to, you yeah, well, and again you're seeing Society except that there's another artificial, intelligence, out there that's already in play given. If you will skin, Sophia. Sophia, saffice, Greek for wisdom right, Sophia, she's, not just out there communicating. That's. The danger, of this technology it's called singularity it spirals, out of control artificial. Intelligence creates, another version, of itself improved, and that improves. On itself and on itself and then on itself and it keeps improving exponentially, and seculars. Are saying that's, that moment when it takes over and the human era is ended and there's, so much more we, could go on another, two or three hours the, book drones. Artificial, intelligence, and the, coming, human. Annihilation. By. The way the, DVD. Set and here, we have. Seven. DVDs. 14. Messages I've, viewed. These in part haven't had time to look at the whole thing yet you will not believe the information you're gonna be getting out of this the. Book is. $25. Free, shipping by, the way anywhere in the United States the DVD, set. $65. With free shipping again. 14, studies seven DVDs a, package. Including. Billy. Crone's, presentation. At our prophecy, conference, on. Artificial. Intelligence and the coming, apocalypse a. Great, message by the way all, this together the. Package, $75. Free shipping anywhere in the United States that includes that bonus DVD. And. You'll, love. The information. That he packs so, beautifully, together so it's easily, assemble. Billy. Thanks for coming by thank you Gary it's always great to be on we've got to talk again yeah, I'm Gary Stearman a you keep watching, we. Are. Thanks. For joining us on prophecy, Watchers, you can find us on the web at Where. You can sign up for our free email, newsletter or. Follow, us at Slash. Prophecy. Watch in, the, meantime keep, watching, everybody, and we'll see you soon.

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